Tina Younger/Older: Julie and Jennifer - Sibling Rivalry, Part 1

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Published: 8-Jan-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

The following is a fanfiction that takes place in the fictional universe of the "Tina Younger Older" series. I am not the original author of the Tina series. I don't think many people know who the author is, who remains unknown. However, I consider it among the most seminal child erotica stories ever written and have waited years for sequels to be written. My stories are meant to be stand alone episodes featuring many of the characters introduced in that series. However, the focus will be off of the main character, Tina West. This is to honor the tone of the original story, which was more about grooming an inexperienced, virgin girl into child sex.

Instead, I'll focus on the various girls (and others I'll introduce) that Tina met in part 4 of the series at the birthday party of one of the girls. Unlike Tina, those girls are much more experienced in adult-child sex and are more compatible with my writing style that will feature much more graphic, extreme forms of sex and fetishes. Warning, this is not for everyone, even child lovers. If this is not to your liking, there are probably many other stories that suit your interests. However, if you'd like to read about little girls drinking the semen of dozens of men, having sex with various animals, or attempting to fist another small child, then you might want to read on. This volume features two sisters, 10 year old Julie and 9 year old Jennifer. I have another volume in the works featuring 8 year old Trisha and her sexual adventures at the Grand Canyon, and possibly more depending on feedback and suggestions.

Again, I have no intent to steal from the original source. This is a fan fiction.


"Daddy, this is taking forevvvvvver ...", 9 year old Jennifer complained from the back seat of her family sedan.

"Oh hush little girl, you know it's gonna be worth the wait" said her mother Evelyn, who was in the front passenger's seat. Her husband, John, remained silent in the driver's seat apart from the huge grin that he had on his face for the past hour his family has been on the dark, rural road. Little Jennifer had a right to be in a grumpy mood. Both her and her 10 year old older sister Julie had been fasting since the morning and it was getting past 9 pm. Neither of her parents had explained to them why they were put on a fast, other than that there was a big surprise waiting for them later that night. She and her sister were being kept hungry. Were they on their way to a big feast?

Obviously both girls, being seasoned veterans of Jim Phillip's kiddie porn empire, weren't completely naive. They guessed that they were maybe driving to meet one of Jim's contacts to film a short. The enemas that their mother had them take was a dead giveaway. So they were off to shoot an anal scene? Strange though, because her parents usually told them about upcoming scenes so that the girls could rehearse their lines or prepare.

Jennifer knew that Jim himself wouldn't personally be at their destination. This was because it was the second week into their summer vacation and Jim Phillips has been in Arizona for the past 3 days with their little 8 year old blonde friend Trisha to film Trisha's first feature at the Grand Canyon. A little over a month ago Trisha had won one of Jim's "contests" during Jennifer's 9th birthday party and her prize was to become his next big kiddie porn star. Trisha couldn't wait for the school year to end, and beamed with excitement at the thought of filming at such an exotic location.

Speaking of Trisha, Julie, who was sitting next to Jennifer in the back seat, was actually facetiming with Trisha on her parents' iphone. On the smartphone's screen her bright smile and signature blonde pig tails could be seen. She was beaming with pride over having completed that day's scene. Spots of what looked like dried, crusted semen could be seen on her cheeks and chin.

"I told ya it would be salty!", cracked Julie. "It was, and not only that he can shoot way more than a man, even your dad Julie!", Trisha yelled back. Julie was proud of little Trisha, who sucked off her first donkey earlier that day. Whereas Julie already had ample experience having sex with dogs and horses, among other animals, this was Trisha's first exploration into bestiality. It certainly wouldn't be her last, now that Jim Phillips knew how easily she slipped into her role without resistance.

"Julie, I couldn't really suck the penis because it was so thick, so Jim mostly had me suck on the tip where the sperm comes out like a milk bottle and lick the sides up and down. And when the scene ended the guys asked me if I was an expert cum taster. I said 'yes', and one of them yelled 'prove it' and brought two tiny glasses. You know those little ones grown ups put their whiskey in? So this guy cums into one of the glasses and the other is filled with leftover donkey cum that collected on a tray Jim put under me while I was sucking it off, so any that dribbled off my face dripped onto the tray. Then they blindfolded me and had me drink both glasses and guess which came from a person and which from a donkey. SO EASSSSY!!! I guessed right and all the guys, plus Jim, gave me a big ovation!"

"I'm so proud of you Trisha! That's actually a game where I'm the current champion. The grownups blindfold you and make you drink either cum from different guys, or from one guy and all these different animals. The little girl has to correctly guess which sperm they're drinking. Human and donkey is pretty easy, but wait till you try goat and bull semen! That's where past experience matters a lot if you wanna win! Anyways, looks like with a little more practice and you and I could go head to head. Can't wait!"

"What time is it over there?" Trisha asked. "It looks all dark. The sun's still up in Arizona and we're gonna go get dinner soon."

"It's past 9 over here. Mommy and daddy are driving us to a 'surprise' but it's somewhere we've never been." - Jennifer butted into the conversation from the seat next to her sister.

"Well, I hope you have as much fun as I had today! Bye Julie and Jennifer! I miss you guys and wanna play with you when I get back!"

"We miss you too Trisha! Make lots of sexy scenes out there and we can't wait to watch them. Jelly!! (preteen language for 'Jealous!!')" - yelled Julie. With that she hung up and quickly began a round of playing angry birds on her phone. It wasn't until Trisha talked about grabbing dinner that Julie herself heard her stomach grumbling mercilessly as she had been fasting alongside her sister all day.

"We're just a few minutes away, girls." - said Evelyn while checking the GPS. As the family approached their destination, a large farmhouse could be seen in the far distance. When they pullled in to the private property, they realized they were likely late arrivals as more than a dozen parked cars and vans could be seen behind the barn. The vehicles were parked so as not to be seen from the road leading to the farm. It was obvious that the attendees did not want it known to outsiders that such a large gathering was occurring. Both little girls looked at each other and knew without a doubt that some major adult-child sex would be occurring this night.

* * *

When the car was 5 minutes away, the father, John, was the first to speak. "Okay girls, so this is your surprise. You know how you've been complaining for weeks that nothing much was happening lately other than 'boring' Mgg and gg'?"

Jennifer complained, "Yeah, ever since my birthday party last month how come we haven't gone to any other parties?"

"Well girls, that's because one of Jim's contacts has been organizing something big and special for you girls for the summer. It's gonna be a tournament featuring 8 of Jim's most popular girls competing in multiple sex categories. One of you will be crowned the title of kiddie fuck princess by the end of the summer!"

Julie asked, "Oh wow, really dad?! I heard about that from Shelley, you know that 12 year old from Florida I did gg with earlier this year? Wasn't she a past crown winner?"

"Yes darling, but because Shelley turns 13 in August, before the tournament's over, she won't be eligible to become a repeat title holder."

Along with the routine kiddie porn that Jim Phillips shoots in his neighborhood, as well as the high-end features that he makes several times a year (one of which little Trisha is taking part), his people also organize various "competitive" sex games for their child actors to participate in. The main goal, of course, is to continue filming them in various acts of hot illegal child sex. The other reason though, is that he found by making sex into a competition, he lights a certain fire in the bellies of some of his best child stars, who he feared may be becoming bored with scene after scene with the standard oral/vaginal/anal sex. So he makes these sex events test the limits of the girls' sexual endurance and open-mindedness. All of them WANT to win. They love the attention, the bragging rights. Spots were only reserved for his "all stars" - meaning any girl that shows hesitation, anxiety, or just aren't experienced enough wouldn't qualify. His youngest participant ever, was a 6 year old nymphomaniac, who although finishing a disappointing 7th out of 8, made up for her lack of performance skills with sheer enthusiasm.

The tournament has age restrictions and only girls 12 or younger can compete. Shelley the former crown holder, won her title at age 10 a couple years ago. She did not compete during the summer when she was 11, due to her being loaned out by her parents to a pedofile Saudi prince for $500,000 who wanted exclusive rights to have her in his harem all summerlong. John and Evelyn had waited until their daughters were 10 and 9 before entering them for the first time this summer. This was because past winners tend to largely be of that age and those who start too young can "burn out" and lose their fighting spirit if they go on a continued losing streak.

The "kiddie fuck princess" was the granddaddy of all titles. There were less prestigious ones, such as "deepthroat princess", "cum taste princess" (Julie is the current champion in that category), and "anal princess", but nobody really remembers those winners. The "kiddie fuck princess" is your olympic gymnastics all-around champion, so to speak.

Jennifer squealed "This is so awesome! Thank you daddy, I love you!!! Are Tina and Mary (West) gonna be in it?"

"No honey, neither of the West sisters has nearly the experience required to compete. But don't worry, uncle Jim's not forgetting about them, no way. In fact, word is soon enough their 7 year old sister Lisa will join them in on the fun and the two of you can start partying with the three of them. Imagine that daisy chain, huh girls?"

It was Evelyn's turn to speak. "So what's the field look like this year sweetheart?"

"Well, other than our two young fuck athletes here, I heard that the others are Melissa (11) from DC, Katie (8) from Boston, Karla (9) from Vegas .. you know that adorable Mexican girl we watched on dvd last week? And .. another sister pair, Tiffany (10) and Tori (9) from LA. Oh, and a last minute fill-in because the original 7 year old girl got chicken pox and had to drop out, is this tasty little Asian from San Francisco named Hannah (10). Hannah may look like she's only 7 or 8 but is actually 10 and the boys say could be the dark horse."

John had just listed the current superstars of Jim Phillips' kiddie porn stable, although Hannah was the only relative newcomer. Anyone who is a consumer of his child porn movies has seen at least 1 scene featuring each of the girls listed.

Evelyn gave her analysis. "Tiffany is in it? Fuck, that girl scares me the way she fucks and sucks like she's possessed by the ghost of a porn star. She's one to watch out for."

"Don't worry, mommy" reassured Jennifer. "We're ALL porn stars, and I'm gonna give that bitch serious competition!"

"Hey don't forget about ME, little sis! I'm the only one in this car that's an actual title holder, remember?!" - Julie said, obviously insulted at the fact that her little sister finds Tiffany to be a bigger threat than her. Deep inside though Julie knew she had to fuck at her absolute top level, as she too has seen some of Tiffany's movies and know how gorgeous and sexually ravenous she is.

"Well I heard this thing's way harder to win than just guessing whose cum you're drinking, Julie." - Jennifer remarked. "And you're alawys going on and on about your title when I was first runner up to 'anal gape princess'"

"Runner up isn't a champion!" Julie teased, although she was secretly impressed and a little jealous that her little sister, who is younger by a year, is a more skilled anal actress than she was. It's true, Jennifer nearly won the anal gape title but narrowly lost out to an older 12 year old whose asshole had been fucked possibly thousands more times during her additional years on earth being an anal kiddie porn actress.

"So here's the format girls. Tonight is round 1 of the east coast regionals. Melissa and Katie will be joining you tonight where the four of you will be performing the first of three competitions over the next 14 days. Your scores from each night will be added up, and the top 2 finishers move on to take on the top 2 from the west coast regionals, whoever they may be. You will meet in the semifinals in San Antonio, Texas where each of you will go heads up against another in a seeding format. The little girl with the highest score from round 1 competes against #4, and #2 against #3, in 3 different sex acts on the same night! Then the winner of each head-to-head meets in the championship the following weekend in Las Vegas for a chance at the Ms. Kiddie Fuck Princess crown! The finalists in the championship will take turns each drawing a random sex act from out of a bowl. Those two sex acts are ones that you've already taken part in earlier in the competition, so its important that you learn from the earlier rounds and try to improve on your performance. And don't worry. Even the 'losers' in each round will continue to accompany the ones moving on to act as fluffers and clean up girls."

"Did I hear right that this is the first year that the tournament is being streamed live to subscribers?" Evelyn asked.

"That's right honey, and in the event of a tie, word is the internet 'audience vote' will break that tie so it's important to play it up for the cameras my little girls!"

"Oh don't worry daddy, you know us and cameras!" - Julie chirped, and with that both girls giggled.

"What are some of the events?" - asked Jennifer.

"Well, they won't tell us until the morning of the competition, but there's a total of six of them. The ones in the final round will be repeats. But I have a feeling, even though they try to change some year-to-year, that there's definitely gonna be an anal element as well as a cum drinking one. Maybe bestiality."

Julie protested - "But that's not fair daddy. What if the first three are ones where I'm weak, and they don't get to cum drinking until the semis, but by then I would've been eliminated!"

"Nonsense. You're not weak in ANY event sweetheart, but you're right. There is a bit of a luck factor to the tournament. The organizers though made sure to make the first three events as diverse as possible so as not to give any one little girl too much of an advantage."

"So what's tonight's event?" Jennifer asked.

John cleared his throat. "Well, so you know how you were whining all day about why your mother and I put you on a fast? We needed your little baby stomachs as empty as possible. Tonight's event is called 'piss gokkun."

And with that Evelyn, Julie, and Jennifer looked at each other and their eyes widened like deers in headlight.

* * *

John's daughters needed no education on sex. They've taken part in some of the most depraved sexual acts known to man, both privately within the family as well as on film with strangers. Each little girl knew what watersports were. They've been pissed on by grown men and women and also pissed on each other (both for fun and also sometimes in an act of sisterly passive aggression). They also knew what gokkun meant, where girls open their mouths to numerous cumshots and hold all the cum in their mouths until finally swallowing. As a matter of fact they've watched Hannah, the Asian girl, performing one on film recently where she took load after load in her mouth, spitting it into a beer mug when her mouth got full, and waited until the mug was about half full (8 ounces of pure male semen) before drinking it down.

"YES YES YES YES YES!!!" clappped Julie, knowing that cum drinking played to one of her major strengths.

However, neither girl has ever heard or seen a situation where piss and cum would be combined. So what exactly was 'piss gokkun'?

Their father explained. "Tonight you'll be drinking both cum and piss. How much, they didn't tell me, but did say it would be a good idea if neither of you have eaten. Supposedly Chris, Jim's contact, rounded up close to 100 of his most loyal subcribers in the region to come tonight and donate their sperm and piss. These guys, supposedly started drinking nothing but water and beer an hour before we got here so I'm sure there's plenty for them to give you. They all came carpooling the best they can so that explains the vans that you see."

Now the girls weren't so sure. Semen was no problem. They've been fed a steady diet of their father's and other men's cum ever since they were infants, so drinking cum was like milk for them. Piss was another matter. Being pre-teen little children, they both still had a sweet tooth so anything bitter, like alcohol or piss, did not go down as well. Although both girls were allowed to drink at home, they only did so when asked to by Jim. Julie's drug of choice was cocaine, whereas Jennifer's was milk chocolate (she didn't really do drugs). Both have incidentally drank some urine during past watersports scenes, but nothing like the volume they anticipated they would have to when hearing there would be 100 participants tonight (well, split among four little girls). It made sense then that they were made to become so hungry, as both girls were starving by this point and amazingly enough, were even looking forward to being pissed on straight into their open mouths by an endless line of pedophiles.

It was just then that Chris, the man who organized tonight's event, approached their car as they parked and stepped out. "Now who are these absolutely sexy little kittens we have here tonight?" - he said while stroking Jennifer's chin and grinning at Julie.

"Welcome, all of you. Melissa and Katie's families are already inside and the girls are on the makeup chair getting their hair done. You guys better join them quick, webcast starts at 10 eastern!"

Evelyn looked down at her phone and saw that it was already 9:35. "Oh shit, will we have time Chris? Wouldn't be fair if those other girls were made up and my daughters weren't, especially because I hear there might be an audience vote component?"

"Oh don't worry Evie, the makeup is mostly just for when each girl is introduced at the beginning. In no time their hair is gonna be awash in fresh piss so after that it's their natural beauties that will shine."

"Uncle Chris, where are the other four girls tonight?" - asked Jennifer.

"Well Jen, since you guys are the east coast regional, the west coast girls will be meeting in Phoenix for their live competition tomorrow night."

"Hey, that's close to where uncle Jim is!" - chimed Julie.

"That's right cutie, and he's driving down from Flagstaff (near the Grand Canyon) to supervise the event himself. Tiffany, Tori, Karla, and Hannah will take part in the identical piss gokkun portion, with their 100 or so volunteers. Come on, while you're in the makeup chairs I'll explain the rest of the rules."

The family walked into a side entrance to a narrow hallway and were led to the guest bedroom and bathroom of the farmhouse. Inside were Melissa's mother and father and Katie's mother, watching a random loop of child porn on the TV as their daughters were getting made up by Chris's people. Murmurs could be heard from outside the bedroom and all particpants knew there were 100 adults in the living room outside waiting to piss and cum on their small, juvenile bodies.

After Julie and Jennifer sat on their chairs and the makeup girls (female pedophile friends of Chris) went to work, Chris continued his role as MC: "Like I said girls, the west coast girls will do their performance tomorrow night - exactly the same thing. You girls are gonna compete to see who can drink the most cum and piss, but there are specific rules."

He continued, "Ahem. First of all, it's not strictly an oral event. The four of you will lie against a couch on the floor piledriver style, and during the first few minutes four volunteers will stretch your assholes by fucking you anally until you can sufficiently gape." (Both girls remembered now why they had to take their enemas).

Upon hearing that ass fucking would be involved, Jennifer raised her eyebrow at her older sister, as if to say "Ha! Looks like this won't be a runaway win for you big sis!"

Chris continued "The ass fucking continues until the little girl can gape to at least the diameter of a penny while the cock is outside. This means the fucking might go on longer for some girls than others. There's an advantage to gaping earlier though, because that's when the girls can get up on their knees and start sucking off the men, trying to get them to cum as fast as they can. The guys will cum into their open mouths, and after 5 consecutive cumshots the girls can spit into a glass they'll be holding with one hand. After 25 total cumshots she can take a break until all the girls reach that level. Then, in order of which girl finished first, that girl will have a choice of dumping the cum in one of the four glasses into the asshole of a girl of their choice who will then drink the cum in her ass through a clear tube which extends from her asshole into her mouth. This will be done back in the piledriver position. Each girl will be timed how quickly she can drink all the cum in their own ass."

Evelyn interrupted "I guess I understand the point of sucking off your 25 men the quickest. That way the first girl can select the glass with the most cum in it and pour it in the ass of who she finds to be her biggest rival. Then the second place girl will do the same, and the fourth place girl has no choice but to designate the glass with the fewest cum into the ass of her competition, giving that other girl an advantage."

Chris added "Right, so it's not enough just to work fast girls. You have to use your brains. Who do you perceive to be your biggest threats? Make them drink the most cum. Not only will that take longer to drink, but will fill their bellies more before the piss portion of the games."

Jennifer knew exactly whose asshole she would want to pour the glass with the most cum if she won - her own older sister, Julie. Although biological sisters, the two had a strong competitive rivalry between them. She knew that because she gaped relatively quickly during anal sex that she could finish her 25 man blowbang the quickest.

Meanwhile, Julie was sizing up her competition. Melissa was a beautiful sandy-blonde 11 year old with a great tan. Although she lived in Washington DC, she was originally born and raised in sunny San Diego until about 2 years ago, when she moved near Maryland to be closer to Jim Phillips' local kiddie porn operation. Having played at beaches all her childhood (and also where she was 'discovered' by one of Jim's contacts at the age of 7) explained the tan. 8 year old Katie was a curly-haired brunette and just the opposite; her skin was porcelain white from having grown up in cold New England. Both girls had absolutely no tits and their pussies, like Julie and Jennifer's, were as bald as the day they were born.

The makeup quality on each girl was professional, as was expected on all of Jim's special shoots. Except for the fact that each girl was completely nude, their faces resembled one from those semi-legal child modeling sites from the early 2000s (before many were shut down). Julie and Jennifer both stripped in no time (they were only wearing tank tops, shorts with no panties, and flip flops) and took positions on their chairs to be made up to look like breathtaking child models.

Chris continued explaining the events of the night. "So as I was saying, as each girl is drinking the cum in her ass through a clear tube extending into her mouth, they will be timed until no more cum comes out of their assholes. The girl with the fastest time earns 3 pts, the slowest 1 pt, and the middle two (in any order) 2 pts. Next comes the piss competition. This requires both endurance and strong will. Each girl will be on their knees and a man will come forward to piss into their open eyes. The girls can pry their eyes open with their fingers if they'd like, but once the sting becomes unbearable they will have to blink at some point. If noone blinks by the time their first man finished pissing, another will step forward and continue the flow. If noone blinks by the end of the third man we call it a draw. Same thing, first through fourth place, 1-3 pts. The winner will have to drink the piss of only 20 men while fourth place drinks 30. 2nd and 3rd drinks 25 each. Again there's some luck involved since some men may not piss alot while another might piss like racehorses. And the final twist? The pissing occurs straight into their gaping assholes and they drink through the same clear tube. But since a little child's rectum can barely hold one full grown man's bladder full of piss, any overflow will be collected in a jar and drank at the end, when all 20-30 men finish pissing. Having said that, Chris produced a 1 liter stein used for drinking beer at Oktoberfest. The girls knew then just how much overflow piss can be collected from two dozen men."

Melissa's mother raised her hand to ask a question "Chris, I think you mentioned before, but what if a girl throws up during all this? I mean, it is a shitload of piss we're talking about!"

"Did Melissa fast all day?"

She answered, "Yeah, just like you said."

"So her stomach should be completely empty, except for maybe some stomach acid and the cum that she will have drunk earlier. Tammy (Melissa's mother), it's expected that the girls will throw up at some point. There's collection jars for that. But to discourage vomiting, at the end of the night the three nonloser girls may get to insert the piss/cum/vomit cocktail into their assholes, and the girl who vomited the most will go from asshole to asshole and suck up four ounces of cocktail from each asshole through a straw. Then the remaining cocktail will be cumfarted simultaneously all over the girl as she's lying down. Anyways, once again the girl who finishes drinking the piss of her men the fastest will earn 1-3 pts, to be added to the point total from earlier. The top two with the highest totals after two more events, to be performed in future weeks, move on to the semifinals to face the top two west coast girls. In the event of a tie, the internet audience decides. So girls, remember that you're not just competing, you're performing. Flash those brights smiles as your getting ass fucked. Beg for more while a man is pissing in your open ass, WIN over the audience!"

None of the four girls needed to be told to play up the cute factor to make the raging hard ons of the pedos watching them live on the internet any harder. They were all Jim Phillips' all-stars and were among the very best in global child pornography. Rather than being intimidated or coerced into kiddie porn, each girl relished her popularity and gladly looked forward to ending any doubts that THEY, and not the cunts sitting next to them, were the best child sex objects, at least in North America. They didn't know whether similar competitions were held in other global child sex rings, such as the Ukranian ring, the Tokyo, or Dubai operations.

Melissa spoke for the first time - "Man, after all this sucking and drinking I BETTER get some pussy fucking in the next event!"

Chris smirked "Be careful what you wish for child, be careful what you wish for."

Katie added - "I'm so starving I'm actually looking forward to the piss. When do we start uncle Chris?"

Just then the door opened an in entered an extremely obese man that both Jule and Jennifer instantly recognized. It was Howard, Jim's fat friend and who nearly suffocated to death a poor six year with his thick cock at Jennifer's 9th birthday party. Julie and Jennifer squealed and leaped out of their chairs to go give Howard a big hug. Howard, himself completely naked, engulfed both tiny preteens with his large belly rolls.

"Do you know how they pick which guys get to piss on which girls, Howard?" - said Jennifer, giddy with excitement. "I hope you're mine!"

"It's all done randomly Jen. I think we draw a name from a hat or something. Man, I hope I get to piss in at least one of you girls and cum in the other."

"Hey, what about us?!" - Melissa and Katie both joined in, jealous that the sisters were getting all the attention. Both had "worked" with Howard on prior occassions, and Howard, being the charmer that he is, always tells whichever little girl he's fucking or licking at the time that she is his favorite.

"Aww, sorry Mel, sorry Kat. I'm the luckiest man on Earth tonight no matter whose ass, I mean, name, I draw, heehee. I do know though that some lucky girl's ass is getting gaped tonight, courtesy of yours truly."

"WHO???" - all four girls asked at once.

"Haha, it's a secret. I won't tell until it's time." Secretly however Howard knew he volunteered the first minute he found out the ages of the four participants tonight. Being especially attracted to the youngest children, he immediately volunteered to gape the asshole of little 8 year old Katie.

"Anyways, I'm here to tell you that the cameras are in place, lights set, and volunteers ready to soak these lovely kids."

John and Alex, Melissa's father, gave each other a fist bump. Though merely observers tonight, each loved the thought of complete strangers violating their daughters in the most perverted ways imaginable.

The three mothers were no different. Evelyn and Tammy squeezed each other's hands in eager anticipation, while Janet (Katie's mom) reached under her panties to start rubbing her clit.

"Game time girls! May the best kiddie cum piss drinker win! Gimmme three!"

And with that, each girl put her hand out to join the others' and shouted "One, two, three!!!" Kiddie porn!!!"

To Be Continued


Author's note: Many of you will notice a difference between this story and the original TYO, specifically dealing with anachronisms. The orignal presumably takes place during the 1990s, with references to VHS tapes and such. My story, although chronologically taking place 6 weeks after the events of TYO part 4, makes references to smart phones and GPS navigation, clearly products of the 21st century. Well, if the James Bond franchise can thrive while being set in different eras, hopefully my stories might as well.

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The original 'Tina older/younger' story might have been inspired by the erotic novel 'The Autobiography of a Flea'. Whose main character Bella is 14 and goes thru similar situations as tina.


More please. Great story there are not enough good sex game stories out there.

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FYI they also made a movie adpatation of Autobiography of a Flea in the 70s.

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