The Uneven Expectations of Fucking Bottom, Part 1

[ Mg6, ws ]

by Gesso


Published: 9-May-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

My fetish is not normal - but I don't think 'normal' and fetish belong in the same sentence. I have several fetishes actually.

It started when I was a kid - I was six, the girl next door was five - and we'd play doctor - she always kept her pants on - and I didn't know at the time nipples could be exciting - it was mostly about me trying to see her cunt, and not getting anywhere. But one time springing up and said 'I gotta pee!' - I followed her into the bathroom - she was kinda freaked, but I guess she had to go - she plopped down and pulled down her pants and panties - and there, for the first time, I saw her little slit - I was fascinated. Then she all of a sudden started to squirt. She peed like a horse - eyes closed.

When she finished I reached in to touch her - but that was a tiny touch - she got fucking mad and ordered me out of her house. We never played doctor again.

That was the start of it. When I was fifteen at some party, I was kissing and feeling-up a girl - and she said she had to pee. She took my hand and led to the line to the bathroom. When it was her turn, she dragged me in, shut and locked the door - and there I was with her. She whipped down her clothes and sat on the throne. I kneeled before her - she had a neat little cunt - and I watched her piss - fascinated by her wanting me to watch. And once she was finished, it just seemed like my job to lick her clean.

Another fetish is pissing in little girls mouths. This started when I was ten years old. The new neighbors had a two year old, still in diapers - they thought it was so cute I took care of her - and they left us alone once - I didn't know what cock-sucking was or anything - but I stuck my cock in her mouth, then started pissing - she cried at first, I felt bad. Then I was there like every other day - I pissed in her mouth at will - she drank it - she smiled huge. I enjoyed watching her pee also - I even drank her piss.

We got new neighbors across the street when I was thirteen - this family had six girls - two as old or older than my big brother - a girl my age, who I wasn't attracted to - and three girls down there in age. I was actually in love with another neighbor girl at that time - tall red-head - she didn't even notice me.

They had a swimming pool in the back yard, and I'd go visit - and Vicky my age, was trying to get all over me - but I just wasn't interested... and the older girls thought nothing of me, so I played with the little ones. (I met the two older sisters freakishly at some coffeeshop when I was in my thirties - and they told me how Vicky's crush on me really crushed her - I felt bad -but both of them were coming onto me something fierce - I paid our tabs and split, shaking my head).

Yes, I had some fun with the 8 year old daughter - Sarah. She liked showing her pussy. We were in swimsuits and shit - and I was still fascinated by pussy. A beautiful face - extra thick lips - and her pussy was just adorable - I'd guess later she'd turned into Angelina Jolie -She was interested in my cock - this had never happened before. I gave her full access, when I knew we'd be alone. This is the first time I fell in love. And we didn't know shit about sucking cock or anything - yo, I played with my cock - but what would that have to do with a girl?

I accidentally pissed into her mouth - she gagged - but then swallowed.

Jump ahead to me being 40 years old. I started dating this fucking stupid cunt - I don't mind it if women have children from earlier relationships - but I do mind it if they don't tell me.

Her name was Sarah, also. That's not her last name.

We were fucking like sheep - we were both happy with everything. Then her ex comes over to drop off her little girl. 'OOOps!'

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

"What the fuck?"

"We're having a great time aren't we?"

"Dudette, I could fuck you from now until forever - in the ass - and it won't explain the shit."

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry? Really? - That's all you got."

So I took her right there in the livingroom - I fucking ripped her clothes off, threw her face-down on the couch - right in front of her three year old daughter - daddy was long gone -and I fucked her asshole - her daughter scrambled and tried to pull me off her, then spanked me -there's too much fucking noise in this house. Another cunt to fuck.

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s


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