Photo Shoot Too

[ fF, ff, teen, oral ]

by Funfla


Published: 26-Apr-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I slept soundly. I was so relaxed and content in my blanket of sensual bliss that Laura wrapped around me. As I woke in the morning to chattering sounds in the other room, I relived the experiences of the night prior. I found myself getting excited instantaneously as my mind wondered to the events of my deflowering. My pussy was warm and moist as I relived the details of Laura breaking my cherry. My thighs and pubic area was sticky and I felt my bum sticking to the bed sheets.

Incredible sexual bliss!

"Good morning my little lover girl." Laura said walking into the bedroom naked carrying a glass of juice and breakfast.

"Morning." I whispered getting up.

I was famished and it showed as I devoured the food she brought in. "My, my, Kathy... aren't you a sticky little cum girl." Laura toyed with me as she leaned back from a sensual kiss.

As I pulled my 13-year-old body from the sticky bed sheets I giggled that I was really all that dirty. I smelled of a pungent sex aroma. I looked at my lover's 26-year-old ultra fit body and saw that she was extremely wet between her legs. Her sexy body was hypnotizing. I wanted to touch it. In my stare, Laura could see that I was focused on her bare pussy and the contents within.

Smiling, Laura stated that she had fingered herself to several rather intense orgasms while watching me sleep on the bed.

"I can't stop my pussy from releasing my juices." She said coyly. "You have me so hot that I am constantly moist. I'm gonna have trouble at this morning's photo shoot with my pussy constantly leaking."

She laughed as she said it. I laughed because I felt so special that I was the cause for her predicament. Looking at her watch, she jumped and ushered me into the shower. Joining me she told me that she had phoned my parents and told me that I needed to stay the week and I would be extra compensated for the time. As she soaped up my breast she explained that we would only be working a few days and the rest would be 'play' time. I was too excited to care when I went home. Our shower was rather brief since we needed to be on the beach with the others. Within 15 minutes, we were on the beach with KC and Trina as well as a couple other women. Laura explained that the women were the customer from France and needed to fill out release forms and record our vitals. I listened to the other girls giving their information. The older woman was confirming everything from Trina first. "Age: 15; Height: 5' 1"; weight: 102lbs; Eyes: light brown; Hair: shoulder length, blonde; Body Stature: Slim; Breast size: 34B..."

Trina nodded to each stat and smiled endlessly. It was the same for KC except she was staring at me the whole time.

"Age: 13; Height: 5' 0"; weight: 96lbs; Eyes: vivid brown; Hair: shoulder length, curly, sandy blonde; Body Stature: Slim; Breast size: budding with large areolas..."

KC blushed at the last statement but didn't try to hide it. It was my turn and I stared at KC and Laura at the same time. I wasn't sure why, KC was giving me warm feelings.

"Age: 13; Height: 5' 0"; weight: 100lbs; Eyes: brown; Hair: shoulder length, sandy blonde; Body Stature: Slim; Breast size: budding..." The woman looked me over and grinned. "And she has a firm buttocks." "Yea!" KC sound out loud accidentally.

I think we both turned a nice shade of crimson. With all the basic formalities complete, the ladies chatted with Laura for a second and were gone. We were back to doing the photo shoot with Laura taking us all over the beach in several outfits. Changing on the beach wasn't an issue since it seemed so natural. We were just finishing up the morning session when KC whispered in my ear.

"Laura plucked your cherry last night?"

It was more of a statement than a question and I wasn't embarrassed at all. KC and I seemed to click together. She was feeling me up during most of the sessions and I let her.

"Yea, she is so incredible. She made me... a woman!" I replied back proud of her and myself.

"She took mine too. Four months ago. It was the most amazing experience I ever had." KC said proudly. "I enjoy her so much. She means the world to me."

I wasn't sure if I was upset or jealous about this information. I think it was more surprising that KC confided in me so soon. Actually I found a sisterhood-feeling in the idea of being Laura's harem of JC and myself. I wasn't that naïve to think that I was the only one, but she did make me feel very special; and KC did seem very sincere with me.

We went to lunch and Trina was the talkative one. Laura was busy chatting with others but kept looking over at me and giving me sultry eyes. I was feeling it all over. Of course, KC's subtle grabs at my body didn't help. We all went back to the beach house and changed into different outfits for the afternoon session. When we did the topless session, Laura added a flair with KC and I imitating kissing each of Trina's breasts. It was hard to be serious enough for pictures while KC and I were holding hands behind Trina's back and we were feeling up her bum. KC was instigating but Trina was humping our hands. Laura was shooting a ton of shots and we were getting horny by the second. Eventually we finished for the day and I had Laura to myself. We were in the shower in a flash and locked together on the lips.

I was so looking forward to this time with Laura. I wanted to show her my appreciation for her caring pleasure she gave to me the night prior. My excitement couldn't be held in as I forced myself onto Laura's lips and pressed my tongue deep into her mouth. Well, not too deep since I was new at it and my tongue wasn't all that long. And like the tender lover she was to me before, she helped guide me to make my passion very sensual and effective. Her hands were on my face gently guiding my face, lips and tongue just right. My hands were on her breasts and down around to her bum. She was so soft! It was beautiful getting so lost in the shower. I don't remember ever getting cleaned up as we were chased from the shower by the cold water. Drying off was a blur as well since all I could think about was making love to her on the bed.

We made it to the bed and Laura spoke softly to me telling me to take my time and pleasure myself as I was pleasuring her. I didn't understand what she meant by that but I figured it would come along as I made love to her. It was really amazing when my lips left Laura's succulent face and went to her ears and neck. I finally realized that I didn't know how to proceed.

"Let yourself go Kathy... don't think, just follow your instincts." She called from her relaxed position on the bed.

That may be okay for experience at this, but I was getting cold feet that I wouldn't be good at it. I looked up into her eyes and read the sincerity in her. She mouthed, 'take your time and just enjoy' to me. Accepting that I wasn't going to be very good at it, I proceeded to kiss and lick my way to her huge breasts. Her faint red areolas stuck out like pencils. Her nipples were very hard, yet soft-skinned. As my mouth moved over her left nipple, she moaned. I brought my lips to enclose on her and she gasped and called out my name. Feeling confidence warming in me, I proceeded to suckle on her breast. It was almost like nature was taking over and I was being guided on how to suck on her breast.

"OH, Kathy.. Ooohhh, yes! That is sooo good."

My hand found her other breast and I was rubbing it softly through my fingers pulling slightly on her pert nipple. I was salivating profusely as I sucked and even nibbled on Laura. It was beautiful. The sounds of my sucking, the feeling of my hands on her other breast and her pleasurable moaning; lost me in the experience. I barely felt myself change places to suck on her right breast. It was pure melody in motion. I could feel the moisture between her legs as my lower half of my body fell into the valley of her sexy legs. She was SOOOO wet!!! I was actually sliding with ease around her legs/thighs. Her pussy mound was so smooth, feeling really nice on my tummy. Caught up in the excitement of everything I was doing and feeling, I was stunned awake when Laura let out a squeal of delight. I opened my eyes and looked at her writhing in bliss from my ministrations to her breasts. Sensing it was time to move down to her cum soaked valley, I slid down between her legs slowly allowing my tiny breasts to feel her skin as I made my way through her firm supple thighs until I came face to her drenched pussy. The scent of her sex was alluring and made me smack my lips. Her parted thighs, smooth pubic mound and her pussy looked so inviting. I never ever thought I would find a woman's sex to be so tempting and tantalizing. For the first time ever, I found my face inches from a woman's pussy and I was more excited than I had ever been. I wanted Laura to know how much I cared for her and how happy I was. Her parted legs opened her pussy just enough to clearly see her red lips exposed calling out to me. This was a moment frozen in time. I was staring into the sexual abyss of pleasure and I was listening to Laura's soft guidance telling me that I was on the right track and how much she cared for me. At thirteen years old, I knew I was impressionable, even gullible at times, but at that moment, I felt for the first time, I was doing the right thing and letting all my feelings out. I glanced from my beckoning vertical target to Laura's face, which showed an innocence that I never saw before. She looked almost child-like. Her eyes glistened, her cheeks had little dimples and her smile showed her bright white teeth. She almost looked like a child begging. Sort of like my face when I really wanted something from my parents. It gave me a feeling of control. It gave me a newfound strength. I was feeling it build within me... I needed this... I wanted this... I had incredible focus as my mouth opened and my tongue curled into the parted lips finding the ruby red honey pot of my older lover.

"YES! Oh Kathy! That is sooooooo nice."

My tongue slid through her pussy tasting the fruits of my sexy playmate. There was barely a taste to the juices that I licked in. It went beyond the mere taste, it was more animalistic desire and fervor. Letting myself go, I placed my lips over her pussy and opened my mouth wide to allow my tongue to flicker through her sex. I could feel the waves in her thighs as she practically wrapped them around me. I could hear her panting labored moaning coaxing me on. Nodding my head up and down, I licked through her lips over and over. I was possessed. Something guided me to what I was doing. Yes, Laura's squeals of guidance helped, but it was like something in me had me moving through her pussy and even down to her bum. It was at that point that she let out a scream of orgasmic bliss that let me believe that I gave my love a good hard orgasm. That only fueled my desire to create more. I continued to lick and suck harder on her pussy. "OOOOhhhh, eeerrrrgggggggggggggg ahhhhh...."

I felt waves of passion swell inside me as I rode Laura's orgasm with my face buried in between her thighs like a starved child devouring food. My hands had wondered to my dripping pussy to play. I had both hands humping my pussy and my face fucking her pussy as I was totally possessed.

"OH MY!!!!!! Ffuuuuuccccccccccccccccccckkkk..." Laura screamed waking me out of my revelry.

I was practically biting down on the top of her pussy area around her tickle button. My tongue must have lashed her tickle button causing her to convulse in utter ecstasy.

"KKKKKKKKKaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttthhhhhhyyyy..." She screamed as I flicked her button over and over.

It fueled my eruption and I came and pulled back from her pussy to squeal my orgasmic rush out.


Laura's legs went limp, her saturated body melted on the bed and I rode a blinding wave of intense joy for several minutes before collapsing onto the lower part of my lover. The fog of the sexual bliss in the room was only enhanced by the sounds of the ocean. My eyes closed and I was off to dreamland.

It wasn't all that long before I regained consciousness from my nap. I heard this 'sloshing' sound close to my head. Not sure what it was I looked around and found Laura sitting upright, legs spread open and lost in the powerful moment as she fucked herself with a huge rubber... thing. The purple thing was disappearing and reappearing fast as her hands worked it in and out of her happy pussy. My face was so close when I turned to see her pussy being stretched. The sounds were rhythmic as she rode the thing. I looked up into her face to see her moaning words and her eyes were closed. Positioning myself a little better to enjoy the erotic dance in front of me, I could hear Laura moaning my name.

"Yes, Kathy... fuck me hard. Oh yes... stick that dildo deep in my hungry pussy. It wants you. Oh Kathy... fuck me, please. Fuck my begging pussy."

Her words were panting and rather quiet, but she was very determined. My hands cupped around hers as she was pumping the purple thing in and out and she woke out of her stupor. She glowed at me and coaxed me to help fuck her. I pushed and pulled her dildo as best as I could, but it was incredibly awkward. It didn't seem to matter to Laura as she let her hands go and humped hand hands and her thing. There was gooey cum all over and it seemed to pour from her pussy each time I pulled the dildo out. I tried my best to keep it up but I my arms were getting very tired and I was losing my balance. I felt her legs spasm just as I slipped and lost my hold on her purple dildo and I landed in her lap which pushed the thing as far as it could go. "Arrrrrrrrgggg... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... KATHY!!!!!!!!!"

Her arms whipped around and hugged me tightly pushing my body tight with hers. The dildo was between us and pushing harder into her. By the sounds she was making, it felt good to her... but I didn't know if it from the way her body was contorting around mine. Then, all was silent. We were wrapped in her arms and mine. We sat still enjoying the heat being shared. I could feel her heart beating aggressively. Her breathing was labored, but it was so calming to me. Our sticky little cocoon held us together for a long time. Time stood still as I savored Laura completely. The sunlight in the room darkened causing Laura to stir.

"My little lover girl, it's time to go have dinner." She spoke as we entangled ourselves. "Let's take a real shower together and dress in those little naughty sundresses I bought."

Unsticking ourselves, we found our way to the shower and cleaned up. Laura's caring hands washed me so softly that I was losing myself in the experience, again. Somehow, we finished our shower, dressed, and went to dinner. At dinner we met up with JC and Trina. The four of us had a pleasant dinner and then went to the beach to enjoy the evening. As we walked along the beach Trina pointed out a couple a little further up the beach that were having sex out in the open. We could hear them grunting as the guy came. With that, he got up and the woman was still lying on the sand unfulfilled. Laura laughed about it and told the three of us how guys are just interested in getting off and disappearing. I could tell there was resentment in her words. The naked woman saw us as we walked by. She was a rather young woman that wasn't all that attractive. Smiling as best we could about the awkward situation we pressed on down the beach. I didn't realize it until then that I was holding hands with JC. I looked up at Laura who beamed at me. It was like she was encouraging me to spend time with JC. I was a little confused. Sensing my confusion, Laura rubbed my back and whispered in my ear, "It's alright! You two are beautiful together."

I did kinda like JC. She did make me feel very happy around her. But it wasn't like Laura. It was a lot for me to take in. The whole incredible experience was a lot for anyone, especially a young teen girl. After an hour or so walking hand in hand around the romantic setting of the beach, Trina and JC disappeared into a cottage; not before I gave JC a quick kiss. Her eyes beamed and then she was gone. As we walked back, Laura was very affectionate with me and she explained that she cared for me very, very much. She also felt that there was something growing with JC and I. I was about to protest when she explained that it would be really awkward to explain our relationship since we had to keep it very quiet, however, a relationship with JC was a different thing. And it would help grow our relationship as well. I asked her about JC to which she explained that she has been intimate with JC. Both each of us had special feelings that we shared with her.

"Don't be jealous. Both of you offer me a very special relationship that I couldn't ever get elsewhere. You both compliment each other with me and I love you both for that."

She went on further to explain it all making more sense each passing moment. By the time we were back in the beach house, I felt exceptionally special. We were naked and on the bed in minutes. We made love into the night several times over and over.

The next morning I awoke to naughty thoughts... not of Laura, but of JC. Smiling at the comfort I had in those thoughts, I got up, showered and went out to the beach in my birthday suit. It was so sensual to feel the morning's rays caress my body. I went in for a quick swim. The water was bath water warm and I felt exhilarated. I was totally surprised when a pair of arms wrapped around me. I spun to come nose to nose to JC. Our mouths became one and we lost ourselves together. Falling to our bums in knee-deep water we continued our making out together for twenty or so minutes. It was like kissing Laura all over, but more innocence. I really, REALLY liked it.

The sounds of the resort waking stole the intimacy of the setting from us and we got up. I looked in the door of the beach house to see a naked Laura glowing with unbelievable admiration. Hand in hand we walked into the awaiting arms of Laura in the beach house. After several kisses we were ushered into the shower and the three of us played naughty games while cleaning up. Nothing sexual, just naked fun. The photo shoot for the morning actually lasted a lot longer than all of us expected. The weather wasn't cooperating and the wind was blowing our hair around. Lunch was a quick affair under the camera tent. Unbeknownst to us, the two pitchers of fruit punch we were drinking were actually filled with rum punch. We never knew what hit us since Laura was drinking Red Stripe beer and leaving the punch to the three of us. It was quite comical as we started to slur and babble. It wasn't till the tail end of the second pitcher that Laura tasted it and stunned us with the news. We laughed it all off as our drunken state really effected the photo shoot. Laura called it a day and we all went to pass the time in the beach house. Within minutes, Trina, KC and I passed out on the sofa and floor. It was disgusting as I found my lunch all over my stomach. I ran to the bathroom to finish my puking into the toilet. I was a mess. I fell back on the floor still sick but not heaving anything as JC came running in and started her praying to the toilet as well. Even in my sickened state I couldn't help laughing at her since she looked as green as I felt. I got next to her and just rubbed her back offering subtle encouragement, with a little giggle here and there. I looked out into the sofa wondering where Trina and Laura were. Since JC was still taking my attention, I decided to cater to her and wait to find the others. After almost an hour on the floor, JC and I had the strength to get up and remove the stained bathing suits. We climbed into the shower and washed away the sickness from each other. Drying off, we wondered out to the living area to find a note from Laura. Apparently Trina had a very back reaction to the rum and was taken to the hospital. Laura was planning to spend the night with her at the hospital while Trina recovered. The last sentence was an open invitation to JC and I.

"... you two can spend the night in the beach house. Behave yourselves... well, try to behave."

JC giggled and hugged me. Since we were still feeling horrible, we made a plan to take a nap, grab some dinner and then let the night take over. We fell asleep almost immediately in each other's arms listening to the rain outside the window. After an hour or so, we awoke to find ourselves being a little naughty... tickling, giggling and feeling each other up. After playing around, yes a little naughty play as well, we dressed and found our way to dinner.

Dinner was especially nice since I was sharing it with JC. We were kids enjoying each other's company. Afterwards we wondered the beach hand in hand enjoying each other. It wasn't about sex or how I was going to sleep with her, it was about being close friends and desiring to be closer. The weekend so far has been full of erotic fun and sex with Laura; and JC had her sexual experiences with Laura as well, but the reality of it all was that we were still rather innocent about sexual and sensual exploration. It was feeling nice to be a kid with JC. It was a little weird that this small resort had not kids aside from us and we rarely saw anyone else. But I guess that is why Laura loved this place. We walked for a long time before getting stuff from JC's room and heading back to the beach house. Dropping her stuff in the bedroom, we found a comfortable seat on the sofa and cuddled together. It was peaceful as we listened to the sounds of the ocean just outside while holding each other gingerly. In the warmth shared between us, it was inevitable that our lips found each other. I loved the taste of JC. I also loved the fact that our blissful kissing was somewhat awkward as we weren't all that experienced. I could tell that JC was always enamored with our inexperience. After several playful kissing moments JC jumped up. "Can I take your dress off and you can take mine?"

This innocence of the question made me wet. It was so cute because I was thinking the same thing. Aside from our playful bantering during the photo shoots and the naked experience in the water in the morning and shower, we were approaching new territory. Nodding I smiled my approval. Not that it would be too long since the sun dress was all I had on, I expected things to really get warm quickly. Admiring my dress as she pulled it over my head, JC cooed at the sight of my naked form in the low light of the room. We had seen each other naked but she was acting like it was the first time. I went to remove her sundress in the same manner and found it to be rather compelling that I was unmasking her body sensually. It was majestic to feel the intimacy of the moment. Reality was that we shared almost the exact same body shape, tone and color. Aside from her areolas being rather large and pronounced, we looked like identical twins. But there was something about seeing her body like this that made me gasp. JC's cheeks blushed at my stare and gasp but it was more of a playful color. Spinning me around, she grabbed my bum and squeezed a little butt cheek in both hands. It felt good to have her hands on me. "Such a cute bum!" She whispered in my ear from excitement.

"And your boobies are cute!" I fired back.

"Yea, they are REALLY sensitive too." She giggled turning to face me. "At the photo shoot when I was rubbing them on you and Trina, I was getting soooo wet."

"Well, I was wet the whole time just about." I muttered back since we were nose to nose. "You were really being so naughty to me." I feigned annoyance.

"Maybe you should spank me." JC mocked me.

"Maybe I should"

With that my lips locked onto hers and my right hand swatted her bum cheek. She jumped with a little surprise from my spanking but it just brought her in closer to me. Her hands wrapped around me and both my hands found her bum cheeks and latched on. It was picturesque. Our newly found friendship was meeting together with our newly found sexual experience. I gripped her bum tightly which brought our bare pussies together. There was a little girl juice between us that coated both our mounds as they gyrated together causing pleasurable feelings. Our tongues were going back and forth in each other's mouth trying to mimic what Laura taught us. Somehow we ended up on the sofa with me on top of JC. JC's legs parted as mine melted between them bring our pussy lips closer together. It was at this point that I could feel her getting very wet. We parted lips and I took that to try some of the things I learned. As I shimmied my body down to come face to breast, I could feel the juices oozing out of me. My face was mere inches from JC's breasts. Her areolas were really big and seemed to be the only part of her chest sticking out. The darkish skin had a mesmerizing attribute that called out to be tasted. So, I did. I licked her right nipple and it was a very weird sensation. Unlike Laura's breast that was firm to my touch, JC's nipples felt like it melted into her body; almost too soft. But the effect on JC was very pronounced.


It made her very sexually tense. I licked again and this time brought my lips over her breast. It made her moan more; also her nipple tip got rather hard. Enjoying her moaning music I licked her while my lips stayed latched on causing her to grip me with her hands and press me into her breast bumps. Her hands gripped my head with a firmness of holding a glass jar. She guided my mouth along her breasts back and forth letting me lick and suckle her growing boobs. She was panting so hard that she was slightly spraying saliva as she groaned louder.

"Oh Kathy, this feels really good... you are soooooo good. Kathy... oh. Oh... Kathy!!!"

Then she went into a squeal. I don't think it was an orgasm since she didn't writhe in passion it was more like that feeling when you are trying to cum but can't hit the pinnacle of the wave. I hit that many times in the past when I learned about playing with my pussy. JC was still riding high but singing at a higher note. Taking this as she was close, I opened her honey flower and let my fingers dance across her pussy. Her cum-laden pussy accepted my fingers and I pressed a finger into her. It was immediate as she came hard.


Her orgasm wasn't a loud scream but a satisfying moan of joy and satisfaction. She held it for a few seconds before her tightened body relaxed and let me loose. It was so peaceful as I sat there and watched JC come down from her shuttering orgasm. The tenderness of body made a nice pillow for me as I reveled in her glow. It was a long time of pleasant contentment as we just held each other. Basking in the radiance of our intimate friendship I felt myself slipping into a soft slumber...that was until JC giggled profusely and whispered to me.

"Kathy... I think it's time for your 'Cooze' licking."

'What?' I thought. 'Cooze'???

It became clear as she positioned herself between my legs placing her nose right into my pussy. I have heard it called a few things, but never cooze. I guess it was just another term for pussy, kitty, etc... It tickled as JC's nose tip parted my lips as her head bobbed through my folds. I was rather dry and it made for parting my lips a little rough. It felt weird when she ran a finger along my semi dry lips. It was rather uncomfortable. As she kept doing it, I felt awkward. I finally whispered to use her tongue. It was rather outspoken of me, but she seemed so focused on pleasing me that I needed some relief. She obliged. Her tongue slid in and it felt so much better. Damn, it felt great. I closed my eyes and let her tongue lash me. Her tongue felt more like sand paper than I remember from Laura. I was rolling my eyes back trying to feel the wave of pleasure all over my body. It was nice to have my pussy licked and I really cared for JC, but she wasn't doing a good job of it. One tongue lick felt really good, then the next was barely felt. I moaned a little and JC tried harder to please me. She was giving my pussy a bath but just not hitting it right. Her fingers were playing around my pussy as well. It wasn't until her finger slid to my bum hole that I jumped in pleasure. "Wow!!! Ooohhh..."

That told JC to try it again. She ran a finger over my bum again leaving it right on the hole and I squirmed as the orgasm came down on me. The combination of her finger on my bum and her poor pussy licking finally sent me over the edge.


It was a small orgasmic feeling similar to the quickies that I gave myself at night in bed. But at least I came for her. She cuddled up to me and smiled in an afterglow. I smiled and kissed her. I couldn't tell her how it felt. I wanted her to be happy.

"I know I need to learn to do that better. It's only my second time." She spoke with a hint of remorse. "I hope that you'll let me practice on you."


I wanted her to practice more on me. I would just have to learn that we are novices at this and it was going to take time to learn. Maybe I wasn't that good either. It really didn't matter, I was very, very happy and JC was too. We slipped into a comfortable position in each other's arms and fell asleep.

It was no surprise that Laura was back in the morning before either of us was awake. Considering that it was close to ten and we were suppose to be on the beach for nine. Laura wasn't mad since she told us that she just got back from sending Trina home with a mild case of the flu. It was a quick shower for JC and I while Laura got ready. We were out on the beach back to doing our photo shoot. It definitely felt much different. I had such an intense attraction to JC now that Laura seemed to be second fiddle to my feelings. I think Laura picked it up as well. She appeared very happy for me; and JC. The day went along and we made it through it all. We share lunch and dinner as a trio but when it came to night slumber, I was confused. I came her with Laura and she was teaching me...things. But I wanted to be with JC. JC whispered in my ear,

"Have fun with Laura tonight... learn everything and then you can practice on me... a lot!" Her grin was genuine and I was warmed by it. Laura and I went off to our beach house where both of us were naked and on the sofa in seconds. We made love on the sofa for hours from subtle kissing to intense oral pleasure. I was enjoying it so much, but the back of my mind was on JC. In bed, we made love again with me taking lead on most things. It was clumsy and awkward at first but it was like a light went on and I found Laura's passion point over and over. The heat between us melted into soft slumber and a very quick sunrise.

The next few days were more of the same. Photos in the morning and afternoon and then night time with Laura. I did get some private time with JC every now and then. It was hard for us to keep our hands off of each other as I told her more that I learned. By the last day, my pussy hurt. Well, just about everything hurt. My pussy, my mouth, fingers, bum,... everything. It was such a life altering experience that it felt almost surreal. The flight back was laced with sexual naughtiness. Laura was paying a lot more attention to JC on the return flight. Since we only lived a couple towns away from each other, JC and I made plans to get together often. Laura even offered her home as a 'play place' for us if we ever needed it. The silent words spoke loudly between us that Laura was very happy for the two of us, since she really set us up as a couple. I was the happiest girl on earth.

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