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Published: 4-Aug-2012

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Daddy watches out for his daughter.


"Yes Daddy?"

"You were sitting out there a long time, with Billy, weren't you?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Yes Daddy."

"Did you let him kiss you?"

"Only on the cheek Daddy."

"That's good. Did he do anything else?"

"Well, he put his arm around me."

"You stopped him, didn't you?"

"Well. . ."

"Oh Margaret, what am I going to do with you? You didn't let him do any more, did you?"

"Well, he tried to put his hand on me here, but I stopped him."

"Very good Margie. Maybe I can trust you after all. What did you tell him?"

"I told him, that if he didn't keep his hands where they belonged, he'd have to go home. I don't like to tell him that Daddy, he's a really nice boy. How come I can't let him touch me Daddy?"

"Because I'm afraid you'll go too far."

"Too far?"

"I guess I'll just have to show you. Come here, and sit on my lap."

"OK Daddy. You mean, like I'm not supposed to sit on Billy's lap?"

"Uhuh. Oh, wait. First go change into your red dress, and top."

"The SHORT one Daddy?"


"But Daddy! You told me never to wear that one."

"Uhuh. I'll show you why I don't want you wearing it."

"If you say so, Daddy."

"I do. And Margie?"

"Yes Daddy?"

"Don't wear any nylons, or pantyhose either."

"OK Daddy."



"How's this Daddy."

"Mmmm. Very nice, but you're still wearing your bra."

"I thought I was supposed to."

"Not with THAT outfit. If you're going to look like a slut, wearing a bra kind of spoils the effect."

"Slut, Daddy? Isn't that a bad name?"

"Slut, tart, trollop. They all mean sexy little girl, and you ARE sexy."

"Thanks Daddy. . . I think."

"Now go back, and take off your bra, this time."

"But Daddy, you'll be able to see my nipples through this thing."

"That's the idea."

"I thought I wasn't supposed to let anyone see my nipples."

"Not when you go out. As long as it's just around the house, and nobody sees you, you can wear whatever you want."

"What about you, Daddy. YOU will see me."

"I'm your father."

"Oh. If you say so."

"Where are you going?"

"Back to my room, to take my bra off, like you said."

"You don't have to do that. Just take it off here."

"But Daddy! You'll see my titties, and everything."


"But you said. . ."

"I said you shouldn't let anyone ELSE see you. Like I just said a minute ago though, I'm your father. It doesn't matter what I see."

"You mean I don't have to go to my room to get undressed, when it's just you and me?"

"Uhuh. You don't even have to wear clothes, if you don't want to, as long as nobody else sees you. Now hurry up with that top."

"Ugnh. Oof. How's that Daddy?"

"Sexy. Very sexy. You know, I've got an idea. Perhaps I've been a little too strict. From now on, you can wear that outfit all the time, but only in the house, and only when we're alone. In fact, I think maybe you SHOULD wear it all the time."

"ALL the time Daddy?"

"Except when Billy, or someone else comes over. What do you think?"

"Well OK, Daddy, if you say so."

"I do. From now on, I want you to be wearing that outfit every night, when I get home."

"EVERY night, Daddy? I can't wear it every night! I mean, it'll get dirty."

"You're right. Still, you should learn how to wear sexy clothes sometime. I'll tell you what I'll do. I'll order you several outfits from "Victoria's Secret" if you'll promise to wear them around the house, all the time, except when we have guests. Promise?"

"Ooh! Promise!"

"OK. Just remember, that most of these outfits have their own panties or bra, and some of them don't have anything else. I don't want you 'adding' to the outfit, when it isn't intended to."

"But Daddy, how will I know what to wear with them?"

"I'll show you. Now promise you'll wear them the way I tell you to, even if it leaves you almost naked."

"Naked Daddy? You don't mind if I'm naked in front of you?"

"No. In fact, it might even be nice, to have a cute little naked girl prancing around the house in a negligee."

"Oh Daddy, I'm not THAT cute."

"Oh yes you ARE. In fact, you're quite sexy. Almost too sexy, in fact. That's what I'm going to show you, in just a minute. Now come here, and let me feel you."

"Ooh Daddy. That gives me the shivers."

"Me too Honey. Come here, and sit on my lap. I'm going to show you why you shouldn't wear clothes like this around boys, and why you shouldn't Let Billy kiss you, or feel your titties."

"Oh really, Daddy? Will you show me everything?"


"Ooh Daddy, I'm getting goose-bumps."

"Looks like more than just 'bumps' to me."


"Nothing. Here, come sit on my lap."

"OK Daddy. Mmmm this is nice, but you've got a lump in your pants."

"No shit? Well, we'll get to that later. Now kiss me, like you wanted to kiss Billy."


"MMmmm. Mmmpth."

"Daddy! You stuck your tongue in my mouth!"

"Uhuh. I was supposed to. Did you feel me rubbing your titties?"

"Uhuh. It felt weird."

"It'll feel even better in a minute. Now kiss me again, and this time open your mouth when you kiss me."

"OK Daddy. Mmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmm."


"Mmmmmm. Daddy! Your hand is clear up under my top!"

"Uhuh. Doesn't it feel good?"

"Yeah, it sure does. How come I can't do this with Billy, Daddy?"

"That's why."


"Because it DOES feel so good."

"But Daddy!"

"Shhh. See how good it feels, when I rub your titties like this?"

"Huh, huh, huh. It feels REAL good Daddy."

"Uhuh. And I bet you don't want to stop, do you?"

"No hoh hoh Oh! Oh Daddy!"

"See. Once you got started, you probably wouldn't even object, when the boy slid your top up, and rubbed your bare little titties, just like this."

"No I. . . I. . . IeeeEE! OH Daddy, what are you doing?!"

"Licking your titties. Do you like it?"

"I don't know, I. . . I. . . Oh Daddy!"

"See, once you start, you can't stop. Guys know this. They'll keep on getting you hotter and hotter, until they get in your pants."

"Get in my. . . Oh Daddy, what are you? . . Oh!"

"See. I bet you've never had a finger up in there, have you?"

"Oh God, Daddy. Your finger is right up inside me. Oh Daddy."

"Feels good, doesn't it?"

"Uhuh. Oh God, don't stop. Oh Daddy. I like this. What's wrong with doing this, if it feels so good?"

"'cause that's how little girls get pregnant."

"Pregnant, Daddy?"

"Have a baby."

"Huh. Huh. Ooohh! Huh. Do it Daddy. Huh. Oh that feels good."

"See what I mean?"

"No, hoh hoh. Umph! Daddy! Don't stop!"

"THAT is what I mean. Once you start, you won't want to stop, until your tummy is full of baby-juice. Here, I'll show you what I mean."

"Oh Daddy, please?!"

"Here we go. Slide those cute little panties off, so I can. . ."

"Oh Daddy, what are you? . . Oohh! Oh Daddy!"

"Here, wait a second, 'til I get MINE off too. Ungh! There!"


"Like it? See, once you get started, you're not going to want to stop, until you get off. A man knows he can put his cock in you, and squirt you full of his sperm, and you won't even be able to object, until it's too late."

"Sperm, Daddy?"

"The stuff that makes babies. Here, let me show you."

"Oh Daddy I. . . Daddy! Ow!"

"See. The man put's his cock inside you, and slides it in and out, until the next thing you know, he's coming in you."

"Coming, Daddy? Oh. It's starting to feel good. Oh! Oh Daddy!"

"Squirting his sperm inside you. Go on, wrap your legs around me, and make it good for me."

"Oh Daddy, do it. It feels so good."

"Get ready Honey, here it comes. Daddy's going to show you what it's like when a man comes inside you."

"Oh Daddy, Daddy, Daddy."

"Ungh! Oh! Here it comes! Daddy's squirting his sperm inside you, Honey. Feel it?"

"Oh Daddy, Daddy, Daddy."

"Oh God, Daddy's squirting the thick sticky white-stuff that makes babies in his little girl. Take it Margie, Take Daddy's sperm up inside you."

"Oh Daddy. Oh. Oh. Oh. It feels so slick! Oh Daddy."

"Oh Honey. Aahh. Do you like that Margie? Do you like the feel of Daddy's sperm squirting inside you? Huh? Daddy wants his little girl to feel good."

"Oh Daddy! It feels so warm and creamy! I like it Daddy, do it some more."

"Just one more squirt. Aaah. There! Now you've got it all inside you, how's that?"

"Mmmmm, I like it Daddy. Can we do it some more?"

"See. I told you it would be this way. Once you start letting a man feel you up, you won't be able to stop, until the next thing you know, you're lying there with your legs spread and a man is between them squirting your tight little slit full of baby-juice. Now you know what it's like."

"Oh Daddy. It felt so good. Even when you squirted your sperm in me."

"Uhuh. It felt good to me, too."

"Thanks Daddy."

"You're welcome. Hooo! God that felt good. Did you like it?"

"Uhuh. It felt real good."

"So, now you know why I don't let you kiss boys."

"I do?"

"Uhuh. I just explained. It starts with just a kiss, then a feel, then he's rubbing your titties, and the next thing you know, your panties are down around your ankles, and he's squirting your tummy full of baby-juice. Then, two or three months later, you've got a big tummy."

"Daddy, I'm worried."

"Oh shit. About having a baby?"

"No, silly. About Billy. Well, actually about Billy, and having a baby, I guess."


"You see Daddy, I liked doing this a lot. So much so, that I don't know how I'm going to stop. Next time Billy comes over, I'm liable to let him do this to me, just like you did, and then I'll end up pregnant."

"Then stop seeing Billy."

"I can't do THAT, Daddy, I LIKE Billy."

"Then you'll just have to restrain yourself."

"I don't know if I CAN. Daddy?"


"Can we do it again?"


"I mean, next time Billy is going to come over, can you. . . Oh what's the word?"


"Can you fuck me, before Billy gets here, so I won't want him to?"

"Uh Margie, I don't know. . ."

"Please Daddy? That way, I'll be able to stop Billy from doing it, so he won't get me pregnant. Please Daddy? Promise you'll fuck me, and squirt your sperm in me, so Billy won't have to."

"Ahh. Margaret. . ."

"Please Daddy?"

"Well. . ."

"Thanks Daddy."

"Oh boy."


"Now what?"

"I don't know how I'm going to make it 'til tomorrow. I wish Billy was coming over again right now, so we could do it again."

"Uh Marjorie?"


"You don't have to wait, if you don't want to."


"If we're going to be doing it anyway, you don't have to wait each time for Billy to come over. All you have to do, is ask me. If you really want to, we can practice making a baby, any time you feel like it."

"You mean it Daddy? Any time I ask you, you'll feel me up, and kiss me, and put your thing inside me, and squirt the stuff that makes babies up inside me, and everything?"

"Well, we can't do it just ANY time. For one thing, we can only do it, when we're alone. Some people don't like it when a girl does sexual things with her own father, and we could get in a lot of trouble, if anyone found out."

"What about Billy?"

"ESPECIALLY Billy. Promise you won't tell anybody?"

"OK Daddy, if you promise I won't need to."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Oh Daddy! I won't tell anybody. I mean, that if you make sure I don't NEED anything from Billy, then I won't even want to let him even try."

"OK, I guess."

"Ooh goody! Daddy? Can we do it again?"

"Right now?"

"Uhuh. Right now. I'm getting so itchy, thinking about how good it felt, when you rubbed my titties; then stuck your thing up inside me, and squirted that creamy white stuff in my tummy; I could almost scream. Please Daddy?"

"Well, I guess I DID say, that you just had to ask."

"I'm asking Daddy, I'm asking. Show me again, how a man wants to feel my body, and squirt his sperm inside me. Please Daddy?"

"OK Honey, if that's what you really want."

"I do, Daddy, I do. And I guess you do too, huh? Your thing is all big and hard again. Do you want to squirt that white-stuff up inside me again?"


"I guess you do. Fuck me Daddy. Slide that big old thing right up inside my tummy, and squirt your sperm in me, so I'll know how a man makes a baby in a girl. Please Daddy? Oooh that feels good, when you slide in and out like that."


"Thanks Daddy. Mmmmm, that's nice. I feel all nice and creamy inside."

"Puff. Puff."



"When can we do it again?"

"Oh shit."




"Hi Daddy."

"Hi punkin. Mmmmm. That negligee looks nice on you."

"Thanks Daddy. The bra itches a bit though."

"Why don't you take it off then. You're young enough, that you don't really need a bra anyway, and that outfit would look sexy with just the panties and top."

"Oh, can I Daddy? I know you don't like me to change the style of these things. Oooh. There, that feels better. Do you really think my titties are sexy, without the bra, Daddy?"

"Ugn. Just as soon as I, ugh, get these pants off, I'll show you how sexy."

"Oooh, poor Daddy, he's had another 'hard' day at work, hasn't he?"


"Who wouldn't be hard, thinking about his little girl at home, in a sexy outfit like that, just waiting to get fucked?"

"You really think it's sexy?"

"Come here, and I'll show you."



"Oh Daddy!"

"Oh Margaret!"

"Oh Daddy! You'd better get that thing in me, before you waste it again."

"Oh God. Here, before I. . ."


"Ooooh. Oh Honey, that feels good."

"I like it too Daddy. Are you going to squirt your sperm in me again?"

"Do you want me to? I mean, I could always pull out."

"Don't you dare!"

"Sorry Honey, I just couldn't resist teasing you. Here, slide up and down like this."

"Huf. Huf. Huf. Oh Daddy."

"Oh. Easy honey, you'll have me cumming, if you keep squeezing me like that."

"I can't help it, Daddy, it feels so good. Are you going to cum in me?"

"If you don't stop, I will. Would you like that, Margaret? Would you like your father to squirt his sperm inside your tight little tummy? Huh?"

"Oooh Daddy, do it. Squirt the thick sticky white-stuff that makes babies up inside me. I want it. Please Daddy?"

"Oh God. I'm going to do it. Daddy's going to squirt his little girl's cute little tummy so full of baby-juice, she won't be able to walk."

"Do it Daddy. Cum in me."

""Oh God Margie, here it comes. Oh. Oh. OOoooh!"

"Oh Daddy, it feels so good, when you squirt your sperm in me. Oooh, I wish you could get me pregnant, like Billy could. Ohmigod, DADDY!"

"AAaauuuugh! Oh Honey! Ooof. You mean that? You really want Daddy to knock you up? Oooh. Oh. Ah, that feels good."

"Uhuh. I've been almost tempted to let Billy do it to me Daddy, just so I could have a baby. It wouldn't be as nice as if you did it, but. . . Oh Daddy. You're shaking so hard! Gosh, you squirted a lot of sperm in me."

"Oooh. All for you Honey. All for you. You like feeling Daddy's sperm in you huh?"

"Uhuh! It makes me feel so warm and creamy inside, just knowing your sperm is working it's way up inside my tummy, is SO sexy."

"Hooo. Mmmmm. Margaret?"

"Yes Daddy?"

"I've got an idea."

"Daddy, do you mind if we just sit here while we talk? I like the feel of your penis stretching me inside, even if it's no longer hard. Besides, that way your sperm will have a better chance to soak in."

"It'll get a little messy."

"I don't mind, Daddy. Now what did you want to talk about."

"Oooh. Here, let's straighten this thing."

"Aaahh! Thanks Daddy."

"You're welcome. Oooh, that feels good, when you do that."



"Sorry, Daddy. It just feels so good to have your prick holding your sperm up inside me, I just couldn't resist."

"Well OK, but we were supposed to talk, not make me start squirting baby-juice up inside you again."

"OK Daddy, what did you want to say?"

"Ooof. Umn. Mmmmm. Ah. There! Huf."


"Sorry, I was just trying to keep from cumming in you again."

"Why didn't you? I wouldn't mind."


"Sorry Daddy, I keep forgetting. It's just that I LIKE it, when you squirt your sperm in me. Just knowing my own daddy love me enough to let me feel him squirting the stuff that made me in my mother, in my tummy, is SO exciting. Yeah, I know. You're not as young as I am, and if I make you squirt your sperm inside me now, you won't be able to fuck me properly later. Sorry, Daddy. What did you want to say?"

"Aaah. Squeeze me a bit, Honey. There! Ah. Thank you. It's about Billy."


"Your boyfriend."

"I know THAT Daddy. What about Billy?"

"He's been very nice, hasn't he?"

"Uhuh. Sometimes I feel guilty, for not letting him at least kiss me."

"Well, maybe I've been wrong."

"Huh Daddy?"

"Maybe I've been wrong. Maybe you should LET Billy kiss you, and other things."

"Oh Daddy, you don't mean? . . ."


"But Daddy, what if he. . . You know. What if he gets all excited, and wants to put his thing up inside me? After knowing what it's like to feel you squirt your sperm in my tummy, I wouldn't be able to stop Billy from doing it."

"Let him."

"But Daddy! I might get pregnant!"

"Well, we'll just have to see to it, that he CAN'T get you pregnant, won't we."

"Can you do that Daddy? Can you really fix it, so that I can fuck Billy, without having to worry about having his baby?"

"I'm pretty sure I can arrange it." chuckle "It may take a few months though."

"Oh Daddy! I can hardly wait. When are you going to start doing this?"

"I've already started."

"You have? Oh Daddy! Mmmmmmph!"

"Easy Honey. Don't get so excited."

"I can't help it Daddy. Just thinking about being able to fuck Billy, without having to worry about him making a baby in me, is SO exciting."

"I thought you just said you didn't mind having a baby."

"Oh Daddy! That's YOUR baby. It's too bad you're my father."

"Well, maybe we'll take care of both things at once."

"Daddy! Stop teasing me. It's not fair! I want to feel your baby in my tummy so bad, I can almost taste it. Sometimes I almost wish you weren't my father, so I could get pregnant by you, like I could by Billy."

"Who knows? Maybe you can. I might NOT be teasing, you know."


"OK. OK. We'll just have to see. Mmmmmm. I'm getting hard again."

"I know Daddy. I feel it. Ooooh, that feels good."

"Huh. Huh. Oh Baby! Slide up and down, just like that."


"Huh. Huh. Yes? Huh. Hu-Honey?"

"How will I know when I can fuck Billy?"

"Oh Jesus. Do that again. Huh. Huh. Uh, Margie?"

"Yes Daddy? Huh. Huh."

squeak squeak

"You know what your period is?"

"Uhuh. Huh. Huh. It's when I get all bloody and messy between my legs, isn't it? Huh. Huh."

squeak squeak squeak

"Uhuh. That's how you know your body is ready to make a baby. Huh. Oooh!"

"You mean, when I'm bleeding? Is that why you don't fuck me then, Daddy?"

squeak squeak squeak

"No, hoh, hoh. It's just that you're too messy then. I didn't think you'd like it."

"I wouldn't mind, Daddy. Oooh. I like that."

squeak squeak

"No, the time you might get pregnant, is about a week BEFORE you get your period."

"Oooh Daddy! You mean, like right now? Huh. Huh."

"Uhuh. Does that excite you? Thinking you might be making a baby right now?"

"Oh Daddy! Don't tease me like that. It's not funny."

"I might not be teasing. When I cum in you, I might be getting you pregnant right now."


"Ok. OK. Why don't you just imagine it then. Think about your own father squirting the thick sticky white stuff that makes babies right up in your sexy little tummy, and getting you pregnant with his baby. Excites you, doesn't it?"

"Oh Daddy I. . . . IeeeeeeEEEKK!"

"Oh God. I'm doing it. I'm squirting my sperm in my own little girl. Oh Margaret. Feel it? Feel Daddy's cum going up inside you? Daddy's making a baby in his little girl. Oh Margaret, I love you so."

"I. . . love. . . you. . . too. . . Daddy."

squeak squeak

"Ooh Daddy, that was fun. Can we do this more often? I like pretending you're making a baby in me. Please Daddy?"


"Oooh. You like Daddy's sperm wriggling it's way up inside your tummy, so it can make a baby huh? Whooo."

"Uhuh. It's too bad we can't do it 'for real'. Still, it was fun pretending."

"Oh god, it sure was. Well, Margie, if you want to, we can keep 'pretending' all you want to. At least, until your period stops, anyway."

"Oh, that's right. Once my period stops, I won't be able to get pregnant, will I? Darn."

"It excites you, thinking about having Daddy's baby, huh?"

"Uhuh. I've got the shivers, just thinking about it."

"Looks like you've got more than that, to me. Looks like you've got a whole bellyful of Daddy's baby-juice in your cute little tummy."

"Mmmmm. I do, don't I? Thanks Daddy."

"Thank YOU, honey. Mmmmm. Margaret?"

"Yes Daddy?"

"You'd better get up, and get cleaned up. Billy's going to be here in half an hour, and you've got to be cleaned-up, and dressed decent, before he gets here."

"Yes Daddy. Oh, Daddy?"


"Can I give him a hint?"

"You'd better not. You both might get carried away, you know."

"Yes Daddy. Rats."

"Still. . . Margaret?"

"Hmmm? Oh God Daddy, You sure made a mess in me." giggle

chuckle "I sure did, didn't I? Margie?"

"Yes Daddy? Yuck!" giggle

"Seeing as you're going to be fucking billy, in a month or too, and he's been so nice about it, perhaps it might not be too bad, if you let him kiss you."

"You mean it Daddy? REALLY kiss him? Like you and I do?"

"No, not that much. Just on the lips, and you've got to keep your mouth closed."

"OK Daddy." sigh

"It won't be so bad, and I'm sure Billy will really appreciate it. And Honey?"

"Yes Daddy?"

"It won't be that long, before you can do the rest. In the meantime, you can give in a little more each week, until your period stops."


"I mean, this week, you let him kiss you on the mouth. Next week, you let him put his arm around your waist. The week after that, you let him touch your tittie. Touch it, mind you, not rub it. After that, you open your mouth a little. You don't let him tongue you though."

"I get the idea Daddy. A little bit at a time, but never enough to get me too excited."

"Right. and make sure HE doesn't get too excited too. It's not fair to him."

"OK Daddy. I'd better hurry, or I'll still be dripping cum, when he gets here."





"God Daddy, who would ever think that a flouncy dress like this, could be so sexy?"

"It is, isn't it? And those panties!"

"Yeh. If you didn't know, you'd never imagine there was a slit right here, that you could slip a finger into."

"Or a cock." snicker

"Daddy, you're incorrigible."

"And you're sexy."

"Daddy! If you don't watch out, I'll be fucking you, and still wearing this dress, when Billy gets here."

"That's not a bad idea."

"Daddy! You can't be serious."

"Oh can't I? It's about time that boyfriend of yours knew what a sexy little thing you are, especially if he's going to be getting in your pants tomorrow. So, I think you SHOULD wear that dress tonight, while he's here."

"Oooh. You mean it Daddy? I should TRY to excite him? Right in front of you? That's kinky!"

"You think that's kinky? Listen to this. I think you should fuck me, right in front of him."

"DADDEEE! You said he mustn't EVER find out about us. I can't let Billy see me fucking my own father!"

"I didn't SAY let him see it."

"Huh? But Daddy!"

"Here, I'll show you. First, I take off my pants, and slip out of my underwear. Then, I put my pants back on, but leave my zipper unfastened. How do I look?"


"See, if I'm careful, he'll never know. Now come here and sit on my lap."

"OK Daddy, I. . . Daddy! Your thing is sticking up between my legs!"

"That's the idea. Just lift up a little, and move. . . a little to the left, Honey. That's it. Oohooh!"

"Oh Daddy. It went right up inside me!"

"Easy Honey. We don't want to make me cum, until he's here."

"You want to cum in me while he's right here?"

"Uhuh. See, he can't see a thing. Just a cute, sexy little girl, sitting on her father's lap, with her dress covering up the two of them."

"Daddy, you're crazy."

"But I can tell you like the idea."

"How can you, Oooh, tell, Daddy?"

"Your cunny is squeezing on me, like a milking machine. Get up now."

"Do I have to?"

"Ahh, Unh, OOof! Whew, just in time. I almost came in you."


"Who's the spoilsport? If I had squirted my sperm in your tight little cunny, we wouldn't be able to pull this off. What do you think?"

"I still think you're crazy."

"But you'll do it?"

sigh "I'll do it. I must be as crazy as you are, but the thought of fucking my own Daddy, and getting him to squirt his baby-juice in my tummy while my boyfriend sits right next to me, and doesn't know, is just to sexy to resist."

"I thought you'd like it."

"Daddy, you ARE kinky, but I love you."

"I know, I. . ."

Bing bong

"Oh God, he's here! Get your pants together. . . There. How's my dress?"

"Sexy. Bend over a little. Good. You can see your panties, but not the crack in them. Make sure Billy gets a good look, OK."

giggle "If you say so Daddy."

"If he thinks this is sexy, wait until he sees the outfit I've got for your date tomorrow."

"OOooh. I hope he likes it."

Bing bong

"Oh, I guarantee he will. Get the door, Honey."

"Daddy your pants! There. Maybe you'd better stay behind me."

"It's OK. . . Hi Billy."

"Hi Mr. . ."

"Billy! You don't have to be so formal with Daddy!"

"Call me Bob, or Uncle-Bob, if that makes you feel more comfortable. After all, your mother's sister. . ."

"Uh. Uncle Bob. You wanted to see me about something?"

"Daddy! Billy's scared to death. Come on in, Billy, Daddy isn't going to bite you. In fact, he's got some good news."

"Uh Marge? You're sure it's OK? He's not mad at me? I mean, last week, when I. . . Oh. Sorry."

"Hi Billy, you like my new dress?"

"Unh It's. . . Oh my gosh."

"Oh Darn paper! Hold it a second, Billy, while I pick this up."

"Unh. Unh. Marge, your dress. . . It's. . ."

"Yeh, isn't it cute? Daddy picked it out."

"You did, Mr. . . Uncle Bob?"

"Uhuh. Doesn't Margaret look sexy in it. Too Bad you can't see, but she's got matching red panties to go with it."

"I. . . Uh."

"Oh, you did see. What did you think?"

"Daddee! You're embarrassing Billy."

"Sorry. Let's go over and sit down."

"I'm sorry I peeked at you Marge."

"It's all right. Don't worry about it. Ok? Now sit here."

"Huf. Uh, where are YOU going to sit?"

"It's OK. I'll just sit here on Daddy's lap. Ung!"

"Something wrong?"

"No, I. . . Unh. Ow! It's just. . ."

"Here, Honey, lift up and move over a bit. . . There!"

"Oooh! Huf, huf. It's OK Billy. It's just that 'something' in Daddy's pants stuck me." giggle

"Ungh! Margaret!"

"Sorry Daddy, I couldn't help it. Unh. Is that better?"

"OOooh. Just fine Honey."

"Uh, Margaret?"


"Sorry. Marge. Are you sure you're OK. I mean, you could sit over here with me, if you wanted to."

"Unh. Oooh. No. It's OK Billy, I'm comfortable here."

"Well, if you're sure. Uncle Bob? You look like you're sweating."

"It's just this damn chair. Here Honey. lift up a bit, and I'll. . . Aahh! That's it."

"Oooh. You're right Daddy, That's a LOT better."

"Aaah! Now, young man, I want to know just how serious you are about my daughter."

"Uh. Gee, Mr. . . I mean Uncle Bob. I'm not sure what you mean."

"I think you do, but never mind. Do you like Margaret?"

"Uhuh. Of course I do."

"Do you like her a lot?"

"Well, I uh. . . I guess so."

"Do you think she's sexy?"

"Uh. . ."

"Oh never mind. Of course you do. Margaret?"

"Uh. Uh. Uh. Oooh! Uh, Yes Daddy?"

"Do you find Billy sexy?"

"Oh yes Daddy. He's almost as sexy as you."

"Good. I don't want you going out with someone you don't find attractive."

"No Daddy. I like Billy a lot."

"Well, I guess that answers that. I. . . Uh. Hooo. Easy Honey."

"Sorry Daddy."

It's OK. Now Billy?"


"Do you think I can trust you alone, with my daughter?"

"Alone? With Marge? Uh. . . Geee, I. . ."

"You'll see that she doesn't get hurt?"

"Hurt? Nobody's going to hurt Marge, if I can help it!"

"Good. Glad to hear that. Now I've been a little restrictive with Margaret and you, and I want to make it up to both of you."

"Uh? Uncle Bob? Me, and Marge?"

"Uhuh. If you two will do me a favor, I'll do you one."

"What's that DaddeeeeeEk! Oh! Oooh. Huh! Sorry Billy, I just sat on something I shouldn't have. It's OK now."

"You're sure? Both of you look like you're sweating."

"Huh. Huh. It's OK, really. What's that you wanted us to do, Daddy?"

"Well, You know the cabin down by the lake? Remember how it got trashed, by those two bums. . . Well, OK college-students. They acted like bums."

"Uhuh. Oooh, that feels. . . Sorry Daddy. Huf. Huf."

"Well, I wondered if you two would clean it up for me. I'd make it worth your while. Oooh."

"You Ok Mr. . . Bob?"

"It's OK. Well?"

"I don't know. What exactly is the deal?"

"Well, If I drop you two off down there this weekend, there's One-hundred dollars in it, for each of you, if you can have it cleaned up, by the time I pick you up Sunday night, at about 10:00. What do you think."

"Uh, Gee, I don't know."

"I'll supply the food, and you can both use the boat and hot-tub. How's that sound."

"It's more than generous, but I don't know."

"What's the trouble? Got another date?" snicker

"Daddy! You know he's not dating anybody but me."

"I know, Hoooo. Huh. That's what I was giggling about. What's the trouble son?"

"Uh. It's Marge. And me. I mean, where are we going to sleep?"

"Oh don't worry about that! There's a pull-out bed down there, and a BIG sleeping bag that fits right on top of it. I'm sure you two kids will do just fine. Is that all?"

"You mean, you want me and Marge to sleep. . ."

"Inside the cabin? Of course! That's why I'm sending you down there with her. You never know, with some of the men around here, what they might do to an innocent little girl like Margaret. That's why I want you to go down there with her. I want you to promise me, you'll stay as close to her, as you can. Promise?"

"Uh. OK. If you say so."

"Good. If you're there, I won't have to worry about Margaret sleeping alone."




"Nuh, huh, huthing. I. . . I'm Ok."

"Uncle Bob? You don't look so good either."

"Oh, Daddy's OK. Believe me, Daddy's doing just fine! Hooo!"

"Yes. . . Hoo. As I was saying, 'You never know what some horny guy might do to a little girl like Margaret here, if left alone with her.' I want you to make sure she gets everything she needs, while she's down there. Promise?"

"Uh. . . I guess."

"Good. I knew I could trust you. Just last week, I heard about this man, who left his teenaged daughter alone, and some guy came along, found the little girl alone, and next thing you know he was on top of her, pumping her tight little slit full of baby-juice. He must have fucked the little girl every day, for over a week. The kid didn't object, 'cause how was SHE to know you weren't supposed to let a man squirt his stuff inside you? The parents came home a week later and before you know it, the kid has a big belly. Oh, Sorry Margaret. I didn't mean to shock you."

"It's Ok Daddy. I've heard of this kind of stuff before."

"You have? Oh. Sorry. So you see why I'm sending you along with my daughter."

"Uh. . . I guess."

"I don't want some strange guy coming along, and knocking my little girl up. You'll see to it, that doesn't happen, won't you?"

"No strange man, is going to get MY girlfriend pregnant."

"Good. Then you'll do it?"

"Do what? . . . You don't mean. . ."

"Clean up the cabin, what else? Oh. You don't mean. . . Oh, haw, haw, haw! That's cute! Hey Margaret, your boyfriend thought I was asking him to. . ."

"I know, Daddy. You're embarrassing him. Please?"

"OK. That's settled then. Do you drive Billy?"

"I'm sixteen."

"OK. Tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning, I'll have the Jeep packed with food and gear, and you two can take off. Margaret knows the way there. I'll be down there Sunday, about 10 o'clock at the earliest, and 11 at the latest. If everything's spick and span, you both get the $100. If everything is BETTER than I expect, you get an extra $25. Agreed?"

"I guess. About Margaret, sir. . ."

"You just take good care of my little girl, and make sure she gets whatever she needs. OK?"

"OK, I guess."

"Daddy, I've got to go pee."

"Oh. OK. Let's all get up and go then. OOooh. Ooof."

"Aaahh. Thanks Daddy."

"Margie, Why don't you give your boyfriend a kiss good night, while I take care of something in the bathroom."

"OK Daddy!"

"C'mere, lover."

"Lover? Uh Marge, I dunno. . . I. . .Mmmmmmmmph. Oooh.." smack

"Uh Margaret?"


"Your father. It almost sounded as though he wanted me to. . ."

"Yeh, it almost did, didn't it. Don't worry about it. We've got two whole days together, starting tomorrow, to think about this."

"Uh. . ."

"Oh kiss me, idiot, then go home."

"Mmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Hooo. Well, I guess I'll see you in the morning."

"Good night Billy."

"Good night, Margaret."


"Sorry. Good night, Marge."

"Good night."


"Whew! . . . Oh my God! I'm leaking!"

"Is he gone yet?"

"Uhuh. Move. I've got to get to the bathroom. . . Oh God, what a mess!"

"I must have squirted about a gallon of cum in you."

"Two gallons, from the feel of it. God, that was so sexy. Feeling you squirting your sperm in me, while Billy didn't even have a clue."

"When you came there, I didn't have any choice. The feeling of your tight little slit squeezing on me, would have been enough to make a statue squirt sperm, and I'm no statue."

"Hooo. I guess it's a good thing my periods have stopped."


"With all this baby-juice you squirted in my womb tonight, I probably WOULD get pregnant, even if you ARE my own father."

"Well, why don't we just go down to the bedroom, and test that little theory out?"

"Daddy! You sound like you WANT to get me pregnant."

"So, would you mind having your father's baby, growing in that tight little tummy of yours?"

"Of course not, Daddy, It's just that you. . ."





"Daddy? Do you think he'll like it?"

"If he's male, believe me, he'll like it."

"It seem so simple though."

"That's the idea. Sometimes the simplest things are the sexiest."

"But just a shirt?"

"Not just a shirt. A long COTTON shirt. One that is almost as long as most mini-skirts."

"But shouldn't I be wearing a sexy bra, or something?"

"No. With this shirt hugging you, your nipples show right through the cloth. Believe me, that's sexier than any bra."

"but no earrings, or makeup?"

"No. They spoil the image of sweet innocent little girl. The same thing with high-heels. You want to look like you're completely unaware of how sexy you look. You just think it's 'cute' to wear only a shirt and panties. You don't even know, that men like to look at your body, so you don't care if they see it."

"Like a nudist, Daddy?"

"Somewhat. More like a 5-year-old girl, who takes her clothes off in front of the family, when she gets caught in the sprinkler, and her clothes get all wet. She doesn't know, or even care that the men in the family are staring at her naked little body."

"Daddy! That sounds awfully familiar! Just who is this 'supposed' little girl you are talking about?"

"You of course, when you were 5 years old, and your cousin Billy was over for the first time."

"Ohmigod! You don't suppose that was why he's been chasing me all these years?"

"Could be. I know that just the memory, still give ME a hard-on."

"Ooooh, You DO have a hard-on. Too bad we don't have any time to do something about it."

"Yeh. It's a shame, isn't it."

"Daddy! You came in me three times last night, and twice this morning. You're just a horny old goat!"

"I'm just trying to make up for you being gone this weekend, Honey."

"I'm sorry, Daddy. I'll make it up to you, when I get back. You'll feel like a whole harem of schoolgirls were sucking and fucking you."

"How am I EVER going to make it until Sunday."

"Daddy! we just can't!"

"You're right. sigh C'mon, lets get this stuff put out there. You got everything?"

"Soap, towels, two bikinis, six pairs of panties, one lacy bra, one pair of short socks, toothpaste, a book to read. Yeah, I think I've got everything."

"No blouses? No pants? No dresses? No shirts, except the one you're wearing?"


"Good. What's your excuse?"

"They were in the dryer, and I thought YOU packed them."

"Good. What about sex-things?"

"Letsee, a porno-book, that I just 'found' lying around the house." giggle

"What else?"

"K-Y lube, that I 'borrowed' from the bathroom, and a six-pack of condoms."

"Good. Hopefully, you won't need them."

"I know. I've got them hidden. They're only in case he's scared of getting me pregnant, and won't do it without them."

"Good. Did you prepare them?"

"Uhuh. Just like you told me to. The first one is OK. All the rest, I nicked the tip with a razor. They won't tear, until he's all the way up inside me, and hopefully won't notice until he's already filled my tummy with sperm. I figure after squirting in me a couple of times, he'll decide why bother?"

"What if he brings his own?"

"I substitute mine."

"Good. I fixed the sleeping bag, while I was down there. It's impossible to separate the two of them. The one zipper is stuck."

giggle "What did you use?"


"Heh. I like it. He won't have a chance, will he?"

"Not if you do your job."

"Think I'm capable of seducing a man?"

"Want me to show you?"

"Daddy! He's almost here!"

"Well, don't tease me like that."

"Sorry Daddy. I wish we DID have time for you to take me in the bedroom, and give me one last little squirt of incestuous Daddy-cum. But. . ."

"But if nothing else, you don't want to smell like a whorehouse, when he gets here. Right?"

"Right. Sorry, Daddy."

"Me too." sigh

"Daddy! He's coming!"


Bing bong

"Daddy, quick! Get that out of sight. If he sees that. . ."

"Got it."


"Hi Marge, ready to. . . to. . . Wow!"

"Like my outfit?"

"LIKE it? Wow! Are you sure Your father doesn't mind?"

"Don't be silly. Daddy picked it out. See, matching panties."

"Ohmigosh. Marge!"

"Yes Daddy?"

"Those aren't the same panties you. . . you. . ."

"Uhuh. Why?"

"Oh, never mind. You don't have time to change now, anyway. Got everything?"


"Uh Marge, is that all you're going to wear?"

"Why not? It's warm out, and there's nobody else to see, except you. Oh. The rest of my clothes are in the bag. Daddy and I packed this morning. C'mon, let's go. I want to have that place cleaned up by this afternoon, so we can spend the rest of the day on the lake, or in the hot-tub."

"Hot tub?"

"Didn't Daddy tell you? It's a redwood tub, and just big enough for two to four people. And wait 'till you hear the tub-rules, for what you wear. . ."


"Hoo Boy."

"You're kidding!"



"Oh God. I hope I don't regret this."

"Hi kids! Ready to go?"

"Hi Daddy! Just a sec, and I'll grab my stuff."

"Well Billy, did you take good care of Margie?"

"Uh. . . I think so."

"good. She certainly doesn't look any the worse for wear. How about you? Did Margaret take good care of you too?"

"Did she ever! Oh, Sorry M. . . Uncle Bob."

"Good. Here's your money. You two did a bang-up job. I'm even throwing in the extra $25. OK?"

"Uh. I really shouldn't. With Marge here and all, I. . ."

"Don't be silly! You both worked hard, and Margie gets her share too. Just because you both had fun, doesn't mean you don't get paid."

"Uh, yes. . . fun."

"You did have fun, didn't you? I'd hate to think I stranded the two of you out here, and you didn't like it. Did you try the hot-tub?"

"Uhuh. Uh, Margaret told me. . ."

"Haw, haw! Don't tell me Margie gave you that old chestnut about the rules calling for no clothes in the tub, did she?"

"Uh well. . . Yes she did."

"I thought so. Every so often, somebody falls for that one. It's OK son, Margaret's pulled some fast ones on me too, sometimes. At least YOU didn't fall for this one. Huh, huh."

"Well I. . ."

"I thought so. Remember, don't tell the next guy. Sometime I'll tell you about the first time Margie used the pool."

"She already told me."

"Oh. Well, OK. Now why don't you take the Jeep back home, and I'll take Margie. Heck. You two did such a good job here, maybe we'll stay the night, and head back in the morning."

"Uh. . . The bed. . ."

"Don't worry about it. If the bed isn't made, Margie and I will make out fine. You two did, didn't you."

"Uh, yes but. . ."

"Oh go on. We'll see you tomorrow. Go on, get in. I can take care of Margaret."

"Oh. Yeh. That's right, you can. Sorry, I wasn't thinking."

"Why don't you come over tomorrow night for supper, and maybe stay the night. We'll put you up someplace."

"You won't mind? Really?"

"I'm sure Margie will mind, if you DON'T come, if you know what I mean."

"Yeh. Margaret really does have a mind of her own, don't she?"

"Uhuh. Now you know why I've been so picky about who she sees. You coming?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Believe me, you won't regret it."

"Oh I believe you, all right. See you tomorrow."



"Bye Billy!"

"Bye, Hon."



"Hon, huh?"

"You don't mind, do you Daddy?"

"If he DIDN'T have some term of affection for you, after this weekend, THEN I would mind."

"Oh Daddy, I love you."

"Well, if you do, let's go inside, and you can show me. I've got about enough sperm bottled up in me, to knock up half the county, if it gets loose."

giggle "Well, we'd better make sure that only the right girl gets this load of baby-juice then, huh Daddy?"

"And which girl is that, Honey?"

"How about ME, Daddy, won't I do? Wouldn't you like to stick that big nasty prick up inside your little girl's hot little hole, and squirt her full of the thick sticky white-stuff that makes babies?"

"Oh God Margie! You're just too sexy for your own good."

giggle "I know it, Daddy."


"Oh shut up and fuck me. Stick that nasty old baby-maker up in your little girl's tummy, and give our little girl her own father's sperm to swim in."

"Oh God, MARGARET. Oh. Oh. Oooohh."

"How about it Daddy, want to make a baby in our baby?"

"Oh Jesus. Oh. Oh. Ooooh."

"Feel's good to squirt your sperm in your pregnant daughter. Huh, Daddy?"

"I get the point, Margie. I'm not dense. You know huh?"

"Isn't it obvious?"

"I guess it is. What's the matter? I thought you WANTED my baby. Didn't Billy fuck you?"

"Oh Daddy. We were fucking before we got two miles down the road."

"That quick?"

"Uhuh. That shirt-outfit was something! When Billy found out I didn't mind having his arm around me, we pulled over to smooch a little, and one thing led to another, and before you know it, he was fucking me right through the same hole in my panties that you fucked me through the other night. We never even got undressed, or out of the car. 'Wham, Bam, Thank-you-Mam!' It was so quick, it was almost funny."

"Wow. So, what IS the matter?"

"Daddy, you lied to me."

"Huh? Margie! WHEN did I ever lie to you."

"Oh Daddy, stop it! It's bad enough that you lied to me. I don't mind that so much, though as far as I know, you never did before, but to deny it is too much!"

"Suppose you tell me, just where I lied to you, and if I agree, then I'll not only apologize, I'll do everything in my power to make it up to you."

"Daddy! Oh well, you asked for it! Let me tell you what happened next, and then maybe you'll understand."

"I'm listening."

"Well, after Billy first fucked me, it was almost comical."

"Huh? He wanted to do it again, right there?"

"Oh no, Daddy. Billy was scared to death."


"Billy was scared that he might have accidentally knocked me up (Not like YOU, Daddy.) and was apologizing all over the place, for not using a rubber. It was just that he got so excited, he didn't even THINK about them, until it was too late. I tried to tell him, that he needn't worry, but he kept on and on. He seemed to think I didn't know ANYTHING about sex, or how babies were made, and he told me in explicit detail."


"Oh, is right. That's what I thought. Before I knew what was happening, I asked him why couldn't fathers get their little girls pregnant, and he asked me, 'Who told me that?' By the time we got to the cabin, we BOTH knew I was pregnant, and who had done it."

"Oh boy!"

"Yeah. That's what I thought. It was only when I told Billy that I WANTED to have your baby, that I was able to keep him from heading down to the police-station, and having you arrested for incest, statutory-rape, sex with a minor, sexual-assault, child-abuse, endangering a minor. . ."

"Huh? How's that?"

"Getting me pregnant. . . child-neglect, running a house of ill-repute, and who knows how many more charges."

"How did he figure that last one? I mean. . ."

"Oh That! He figured you were giving ME, as payment for cleaning up this dump. I put him straight on that one FAST. Nobody GIVES me to anybody. And I let him know it, in no uncertain terms. Then, I set him straight on the rest of it."

"How's that?"

"I told him first of all, that you never forced me to have sex with you, no matter WHAT he thought, and if he tried to accuse you, I'd deny everything. Then I told him, that I WANTED your baby, and had been disappointed up to now, that I couldn't. It took quite a while, to convince him on that one. In fact, we started picking up the trash around here, while we talked, and were finished, and had eaten lunch, before I managed to make him understand. It took me the rest of the afternoon, to convince him that both you and I really did like him, and you weren't setting him up to be the fall-guy for me having your baby. You weren't were you?"

"Oh my God, NO! Though I can see why he might think so. Oh Golly gee-whiz! I'm going to have to tell him. . ."

"Don't worry, daddy, I already did. After dinner, I managed to get him loosened up enough to get in the hot-tub, and things went easier, after that."

"That old gag still works, huh?"

"Yep, he fell for it, hook, line, and sinker. Daddy?"


"We've got to get a sign for the tub: 'No clothing allowed.'"

"Too late Dear, I already let the cat out of the bag."

giggle "I meant, for the NEXT sucker."

"Oh. OK."

"So, the rest of the weekend, was almost one long orgy. When billy found out about the bed, and the zipper with the super-glue, he laughed so hard, he almost got a hernia. By that time, Billy knew about the whole thing, and he got a big laugh out of each part of his planned seduction. All wasted of course, since he wasn't as shy as we were afraid he was, by a long shot. He snickered over the 'missing' clothing, and my selection of clothes that I DID bring. Billy wasn't shy about fucking me, once he knew I wouldn't get in trouble, if he did. He's almost as horny as you, Daddy. Then we both read the porno-mag, and duplicated everything we saw in there."


"Everything! How cum you've never fucked me in the ass, Daddy? Billy did, and we both liked it."

"I didn't want to hurt you, Honey. You know that."

"It didn't hurt. We put some of that KY jelly on his prick, and on my ass, and it went in easy! I almost came, just from feeling him in my ass. Then he fucked me properly afterwards, and it was GREAT. Will you fuck me in the ass sometime, Daddy?"

"I guess, if you REALLY want it."

"I do. Maybe tonight?"

"We'll see. Is that all?"

"Mostly. Today I spent most of the day 'modeling' the bikinis and other sexy-ware I brought along, until Billy couldn't get it up any more. Then we went swimming for a while, and had lunch, and then Billy fucked me a couple more times before you got here. Billy doesn't squirt as much sperm in me as you do, daddy. Still, he can get it up almost as often. He's not quite as good a fuck, 'cause he doesn't know what I like so much, but he's learning fast. I guess, that's it."

"Well? Where is it?"

"Where is what, Daddy?"

"You said, you'd show me where I lied to you. I didn't hear it."

"Daddeee! Damnit! You told me I couldn't get pregnant by you! Satisfied?"

"I never told you that."

"Yes you did! You said. . ."

"Think about it. Did I EVER say, 'I can't get you pregnant.', or even, 'You can't get pregnant by your own father.'"

"Uh. Well, maybe not in so many words, but. . ."

"Think it over CAREFULLY. Remember, this is a serious charge you're making. Did I even IMPLY you couldn't get pregnant by me? . . . Well? Remember the day before you left? If you'll think about it, I kept TELLING you, you could get pregnant by me, and you kept making it into a fantasy."

"But then how did I. . . You MUST have done something!"

"Yes I did, and I'm sorry. When you got the idea at first, I didn't correct you. In fact, I even encouraged your mistake by deliberately NOT correcting you, when I could have. It was kind of sexy at first, thinking about sneaking a baby in your belly, when you didn't even know you could get pregnant. Then later on, when there really WAS a chance you might get knocked-up, you started telling me how much you wished I COULD. I just couldn't resist seeing how far it would go, before you found out that not only COULD I make a baby in your tight little tummy, but I already HAD. Sorry Honey. I almost got us all in a lot of trouble. Next time, I'll know better."

"It's OK Daddy. I'm not mad at you, though I was, for a while. I was so busy keeping Billy from going overboard, that I didn't have TIME to get mad at you, like I wanted to. Then afterwards, I didn't dare. I mean, if Billy found out I was even slightly annoyed at you, for getting me with a fat-belly. . . Whooo!"

"I guess that'll teach me to neglect my kid's education, huh?"

"Yeah. Can you imagine going to jail, just because you forgot to tell your little girl how babies were made? Anyway, that's over. I'm still a little bit annoyed about one thing though."

"What's that?"

"When you got me pregnant. I missed out on knowing you were doing it. I wanted to FEEL it, when you made a baby in my tummy."

"I don't know, it seemed to ME, like you felt it every time!"

"Oh Daddy! That's not it, and you know it."

"You're right. Sorry Margaret."

"It's OK Daddy. And Daddy?"


"I want to apologize for accusing you of lying to me. You don't know how much it hurt me, to even THINK you had lied to me."

"Uh. I'm afraid I DO know. Someone I trusted very much, once lied to me. That's why I promised myself, I was never going to lie to you. No matter what. So far, I think I've kept my promise."

"Oh, who was it, Daddy? M. . ."

"Sshhh. Let's just say it was someone I trusted with my life, and I was betrayed. I don't want you getting mad, when you don't know the whole story."

"Daddy? Will you tell me some time?"

"Well. . . Maybe when you're 21. . . If you still want me to. Maybe then, you'll be old enough to understand. Maybe not. I still don't."

"Promise Daddy?"

sigh "OK. OK. I promise."

"Thanks Daddy. Daddy?"


"Can we take a nap now? All this serious discussion has made me tired."

"You just want to go to bed with your old man."

"That too, Daddy." giggle

"Hoo boy, you two must have had quite a time of it in this poor old bag."

"It was fun, Daddy."

"Well, I sure hope so. Here, move over, so I can. . . Ooof."

"Oh Daddy, you've got another hard-on."

"Well, what do you expect, no sex for two days, then slipping into bed naked, with the sexiest female in three states?"

"Daddy! I'm not THAT sexy."

"Ever look in the mirror? Or ask Billy?"

"Billy is prejudiced."

"And so am I? I suppose so. So, what makes you think that kid in your belly is a little girl?"

"I don't. Oh Daddy, that feels good. Push it up inside me, so I can sleep with you inside my tummy."

"Might not get much sleep."

"It's OK, Daddy. You can cum in me. Just don't take it out, OK?"

"OK. If that's what you want."

"Uhuh. I want our little girl to get familiar with her daddy's big cock."

"Oh SHIT! Oh shit! Oh shit."

"Ooh. I bet our little girl likes that. Feeling her own Daddy's sperm, when she's still in her momma. Daddy, promise me something?"

"Hoo. After a cum like that, how can I refuse you anything? I can't afford anything expensive right now, Kitten."

"It won't cost much Daddy."

"Well, what do you want?"

"Daddy, I know this baby might be a boy, even though I hope it's a girl. I've already told Billy, that I expect to have at least two babies by you, before we get married, and he says he's willing to wait."

"So what do you want? My blessing on you two? You already HAVE that. And you don't have to have any more babies by me, if you don't want to. I'll understand. I mean, Billy is a VERY nice boy. Strike that. Billy is a very nice MAN, and I don't want to come between you two."

"Daddy, YOU don't understand. Billy is going to have to wait, 'cause I told him so, until I am finished having as many babies by my handsome father as I want. I want at least two, and possibly three or four. Maybe even five or six."

"Oh God! And Billy went along with this?"

"I told him he'd better, if he ever wanted to see me again. Besides, it's not as if he won't get to fuck me. I might even marry him, if he's willing to wait for his turn in making a baby."

"Wow. No wonder Billy called you strong-minded."

"Daddy, I'm not forcing him to stick around. He wants to. I'm not going to make him 'beat his meat' all the time he's waiting though. Especially, now that he's felt what the real thing is like. Even you. I won't FORCE you to get me pregnant, if you don't want to. . ."

"Oh, I want to. I want to."

"I thought so."

"So, if it's not Billy, and you already know I'll give you all the babies you want, what is it?"

"You know what I said about our little girl getting to know her father's prick? . . . Oh! I see you do. Mmmmmm, it's getting stiff inside me again."

"No shit! What do you expect, with a fantasy like that?"

"That's the idea. I don't want it to be just a fantasy."

"Margaret, I CAN'T fuck our own baby, while it's still in your womb."

"Oh don't be silly Daddy, I don't expect you to. You might even hurt the baby."

"Then what DO you want?"

"Well, if it's a girl, I want you to promise you'll fuck her."

"I'm not going to rape my own kid."

"I didn't say rape her, Daddy. I said fuck her. Do just like you did me. Feel her up, rub her titties, put your finger in her little cunny, and squirt your sperm up inside her, just like you did to me. Only I want my little girl to be luckier than I was. I want my little girl to at least have a CHANCE she might be carrying her own father's baby in her womb, as soon as possible."

"God Margie. You know how young YOU were, when you started having periods. . . Do you realize how young she might be, if I started the first time it was possible? Why she. . ."

"I know, Daddy. I read the articles too. When I think of how many kids we MIGHT have had by now, I almost want to cry. I don't want my little girl to miss out, like I did."

"My God, you're serious."

"You bet your boots I am, Daddy. Just think how tight she'd be inside. Oooh, That got you, didn't it? Making babies in little girls turns you on, huh? Promise me Daddy. Promise me, and you can make three or four babies in me. Oh! That's it! Squirt your sperm in me Daddy. Give our little girl a taste. She wants it. Please Daddy, Promise?"

"OK. OK. Huf. I promise. On one condition. . . Well, two."

"What's that Daddy?"

"First, she's got to want it. I'm NOT going to force her, or even ASK her. She's got to come to me, and ask."

"That's easy. I wouldn't expect anything different, anyway. However, I'm NOT going to hide how much I like sex from her, and she's going to know I like getting it from my own daddy. I don't think she'll wait as long as you might expect. What's the other condition?"

"That if it's a BOY, you agree to do the same thing with him. I STILL have wet-dreams about my mother, that I wish I could make real. If you don't want your little girl to miss out, neither do I want my son to."

"Now THAT is a promise!"


"Night dear."

"Night Daddy. Push it up in me a little more. . . There. I don't want it leaking all over the bed. Thanks.

"Sweet dreams."

"Mmmmm. . ."


"Damnit. She's snoring again. Oh well, if I can't sleep, what CAN I do? I guess I'll figure something out. Heh. Heh. Cute little baby girl, with her own father's prick stuck up inside her hot little hole, squirting sperm into her tight little belly, to join the kid he's already planted in her. . . Oh God, I. . . I. . . Oh Jesus, that's good. Hooo. . . NOW what am I going to do? I don't dare pull out. I'll get cum all over the sleeping bag. Oh damn, I'm trapped."


"Oh boy."

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