Everybody Loves Raymond: The Paper Girl

[ f-teen, ped, sitcom-parody ]

by Foxi


Published: 24-Jul-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It was truly boring for Deborah as Raymond and the kids went north to see the changing leaves. She decided to remain behind and catch up on sleep but even that was impossible. Deborah's first mistake was to put the tape on of her horse fuck. By the end of it she was masturbating like crazy and wanting so much more.

She looked at the clock and it read 2:30 PM. Time for the papergirl to make her rounds. Deborah had been watching the girl for at least two weeks. She was new and delivered the paper to them. She was so cute and about 13 or 14 years old with a nice body and long black hair down to her shapely little ass. The girl never met Deborah but always delivered to the Barone doorstep because Deborah left extra money as a tip.

This time she would answer the door. She wanted to meet this hot little beauty.

As Deborah looked out the window her hand automatically went inside her pants and into her panties which were already soaked. God she was so wet.

Soon she saw the girl riding her bike toward the house. She was wearing tight jeans and an even tighter t-shirt.

God she was incredibly hot. Her blue eyes and pouting lips made Deborah sink a few fingers deep inside her wet pussy.

The girl got off the bike and walked up the path to the front door.

Deborah quickly opened the front door making the girl stop in surprise.

"Well hello there." replied Deborah in greeting making the girl smile.

"I finally get to see the girl who delivers my newspaper."

The girl seemed quite shy and Deborah thought she saw the makings of a blush coming on. The girl reached out with one hand to shake Deborah's.

"Nice to meet you Mrs. Barone," came her sweet little voice.

Deborah grasped it softly and held it longer than normal.

"You can call me Deb honey. And your name?"

The girl hesitated then replied,

"Missy, Missy Daniels."

Deborah still holding her hand smiled back and asked her if she would like to come inside for a second.

"I have some nice homemade cookies I just made."

Still holding the girls hand she all but pulled her into the house. But the girl followed willingly.

After they got settled at the kitchen table with cookies and milk Deborah decided to find out what she could about this beautiful girl.

"So Missy what grade are you in?"

"I'm a freshman in high school."

"Really? You could have fooled me. I thought you were older."

Deborah saw the girl smile knowing full well that every young girl wants to feel older.

"Any boys interested in you honey?" came Deb's soft voice.

The girl blushed again and nodded no.

"Stop it. You're telling me a beautiful girl like you doesn't have a boyfriend?"

Again the girl shook her head no and looked down at the plate of cookies.

"You're so beautiful I'd think the boys would want to climb all over you."

At this the girl laughed. More like giggled. But Deborah struck companionship closeness with the girl.

"I wish." Replied Missy her long black hair falling in front of her eyes.

"Well I can tell you that if I were a boy I want to go out with you."

"Really?" Came Missy soft reply.

"Really. Any boy stupid enough not to see a really hot girl like you isn't worth going out with." replied Deborah matter-of-factly. God she was laying it on.

"You really think I'm hot?" Asked Missy her eyes looking deeply into Deborah's.

"You don't? Missy, stand up for me." Now was the time. This hot young thing was ripe for teaching.

Missy stood before her. Deborah stared at this cute morsel of sexual pleasure. Here standing before her was a beauty with tight jeans wrapped around nice tight buns and long legs. Her breasts were mere cupcakes but still perky for the hand to grasp.

"My god girl you look stunning. You should be a model. Turn around for me."

Missy turned showing her heart shaped ass incased in the jeans.

"Your just breathtaking honey. If I were a boy Id want to fuck you."

Missy looked stunned for a second and then laughed out loud.

"Deb you used a bad word. But I wish a boy really wanted to."

Deb went over and hugged her.

"Maybe all you need is a little practice on what to do with stupid boys."

Again Missy laughed and looked lovingly into Debs eyes.

"Can you show me?"

There it was. What Deborah had been waiting for. She was going to teach this girl everything. God she wanted to taste her cum so bad.

"Well I can but you have to promise to do everything I tell you to do no matter what!! Promise?"

The girl bit her bottom lip and smiled.

"Ok. Anything."

Deborah led her to the couch and sat near her with her arm around her shoulders.

"Were going to pretend that I'm your new boyfriend. Let's see what happens when we make out."

Missy's eyes went wide when Deborah moved forward and placed a kiss on her lips.

"Well one thing is for certain that you need to practice kissing if you want a boyfriend. Let's try that again."

Missy was overcome by the feelings she was getting from Debs closeness and her kiss. It felt so good and yet it wasn't anything special. This time she leaned into Deb as they kissed.

Debs lips mashed against hers as they kissed hotly. Deborah let her tongue slip into Missy mouth and felt the girl stiffen slightly them melt into her arms as they french kissed.

Deborah couldn't believe how soft and hot the girl's mouth was. Her hands moved easily over the young girls back and sides pressing her deeper into herself.

"Ohhhhh...." came the soft sensuous sigh from the girl as Deborah cupped her ass with one hand. Then slid it upwards till it rested on her small breast cupping it.

"Do you like what I'm doing to you Missy?" Asked Deborah as she broke their hot kiss.

Missy was so hot that she couldn't speak but just nodded and kissed Deborah again.

Deborah could tell the girl wasn't wearing any bra and the soft breast molded to her hand. She could feel the small nipple hardening quickly.

"Oh baby the boys are really going to like fucking you. I think even the girls are going to want to fuck you."

Deborah's hand made its journey down ward till it went between the girls legs her hand rubbing the wetness forming there.

The girl moaned softly as she felt Deborah's hand move back and forth over her jean clad pussy.

Deborah couldn't believe the response from this hot little girl.

"Ohhhhh Deborah it feels so good. Don't stop please....Ughhhhh."

Came the girl's soft sexy voice.

"I wont stop baby don't worry. Let's get these clothes off."

The girl let Deborah unzip her jeans and take her t-shirt off.

Soon Deborah was looking at this hot little girl in all her glory. Her breasts were small but firm with hard nipples pointing out straight. Her ass was round and firm with that perfect separation leading to her pussy that was lightly haired over. Her cunt lips were puffy with excitement and very wet. Her tiny clit was swollen too and ready for the right touch.

Deborah didn't waste time. She began to kiss the girl hotly while sending her hand between the girl's legs lightly brushing over the girl's clit making her quiver in excitement.

"Open you legs wide honey. When a boy or girl wants to fuck you, you want to give them easy access to your hot little cunt."

Missy obeyed quickly as Deborah saw the girl's cunt flower open.

"Oh baby your going to love being fucked hard by boys and girls."

"Yes I want to," came Missy's soft voice that was filled with a first time passion.

Deborah began to slide a finger inside the girl feeling the hot wetness tight around her digit. Missy moaned anew as the finger slid all the way inside her. At the same time Deborah's thumb rubbed over her clit making the girl cry out in pure pleasure.

God this girl was so ready to fuck. So ready for anything.

"I'm going to fuck you now baby. I want to make you cum so nice.

Your so hot baby girl."

Deborah french kissed her again as she slid another finger deep inside the girl. Soon she was fucking hard and fast making Missy cry out in her first orgasm by someone else. Little spurts of cum shot from her pussy as Deborah jammed another finger inside her widening her cunt with each thrust.

"That's it baby open up for me. You want that big cock inside you. You want girl's fingers fucking you. That's it push against me baby."

Deborah taught her as she went and Missy kept cumming hard. Soon Four fingers slid wetly inside the girl making sloppy wet noises. Missy kept cumming with gushes of hot pussy cream making her more lubricated for Deborah who wanted to fist fuck this girl badly.

"Oh yes Missy that's it. Feel how big that cock is?"

"Yesssss...ohhhhh yesss, " Came Missy soft voice as she felt Deborah's hand pushing into her wide open cunt.

"Yes baby like that. You're going to be such a good little fuck. Your going to love fucking and sucking everything. Id love to see you fucked by a big dog baby. His huge cock pushing into you tight pussy."

Missy loved listening to Deborah and got excited when she told her all the things naughty to do. God she wanted to please her. She would do anything for her. Even fuck a dog....God it was so hot.

Deborah's hand popped past the girls opening into her very wet cunt and made Missy cry out in pain. But soon the pain subsided and pleasure took over. Missy opened her legs even wider to accept the huge hand pumping away inside her. It felt so good she thought she would faint but Deborah kept fucking her into another cum.

"That's it honey. Take it all inside you. Show me how hot you really are. Fuck it baby fuck it hard."

Missy complied by bucking upwards against Deborah's hand and crying out in another orgasm that rocked her body. Soon streams of cum ran from her cunt onto the couch and Deborah's fist all but flew in and out of her.


After an hour of intense fucking Deborah lay beside the tiny girl who curled up to her lovingly.

"Well baby what did you think?"

"Nice. I want to do it some more."

"Remember honey you said anything I want."

"I'll do anything for you Deb."

They kissed hotly and Deborah whispered in her ear.

"Tomorrow you'll have to meet a dog friend of mine."

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Wonderful, wonderful! I do not usually enjoy parodies so much, but this one is so hot. Can't wait until the next chapter, and then for when the girls come home from the trip!



thank you for sharing that tale with us,want to read more, much.

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