A Pedo Union

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Published: 22-Dec-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It was early Sunday morning and my little girl was up early watching her favorite cartoons except this time, instead of being in her pajamas, she lounged around in only her panties and a tight little t-shirt that I had sawed in half for her the night before.

I had spent the entire Saturday afternoon and evening enjoying illicit incestuous sex with my little vixen and had climaxed six times during a 12 hour period yet my little penis was beginning to stir again thinking aboout the talk I was going to have with my pedophile neighbor.

Despite wanting to do so in the worst way, I had yet to penetrate any of my little daughters 5 year old orifices in fear of hurting her with even my little penis, but we had certainly indulged in almost every other form of deviant sexual depravity that a man can enjoy with a little child.

It was 10:30 a.m. and I noticed Ted's wife's vehicle was absent from thier driveway so I decided this was an opportune time to have a little chat with him.

I told Katie I was going over to get some milk from Ted and would she be okay for a half an hour or so and she said no problem, not realizing what malicious thoughts I had ruminating in my mind.

I knew after Katie's little stories about Ted, I could leverage practically anything I wanted from the skinny little computer programmer and the three things I wanted the most were his anorexic wife, his 5 yo daughter and his little 4 yo son and not in that particular order.

When Ted opened the door he was a little surprised to see me since we weren't particularly close but he invited me in anyway and asked me if I wanted a seat.

"Thanks Ted, because I have some things I need to talk to you about but I don't want you to get to alarmed, just be assured I am talking to you in strict confidence and if you are honest with me, it stays between just us two," I told him.

Frank appeared nervous but agreed and sat down.

I then began to tell him about what Katie had revealed to me, including the size of his little penis and the fact his wife fucked niggers and he enjoyed sex with little children. Ted sat stone silent as I recounted Katie's sordid tales of perversity

"So tell me, Ted, is it true. I don't know how a little 5 yo girl could make something up that sick and perverted do you? Remember Ted, be honest and it stays between you and I," I told him.

Despite being somewhat geekish and socially awkward, Ted wasn't a moron. He must have suspected there was some alternative reason I hadn't called the police and they hadn't come knocking at his door instead of me.

"I guess it's all true Frank, but why are you asking me instead of calling the cops. You certianly can't use this as an admission of guilt. What do you want, to beat me up," he asked me somewhat hesitantly.

I looked at him and smiled.

"Are you a pedophile, Ted," I asked.

"Yes, I guess I am. That's why my wife fucks niggers, because I can't get it up for her and even when I can, I do have a small penis and after two kids, she can't even feel me," he told me embarrassingly.

"Do you play with both of your children Ted. Are you sexually active with both of them, and is your wife aware of it," I asked him.

"Yes, yes she is. She is a pedo as well. You see, both of our parents played with us when we were young and allowed us to have sex with our siblings and other adults. The desires never left either of us. She really only fucks niggers because they make her feel slutty and trashy and make her cunt feel full," he explained.

"You know what I find strange Ted," I asked him.

"God no. What, that you live next to a couple of sick pedos," he asked.

"No, that three people so similar could live rignt next door to each other and not even know it," I told him with a smile. "What, do you mean you are a pedo too," he asked.

"Yes, in fact I even have a small penis like yours, you wanna compare," I asked him and stood up and dropped my shorts revealing my stiff little 4 3/4 inch penis.

"My god, it's beautiful and bigger than mine he told me as he dropped his own shorts and his own little 4 inch skinny cut penis popped out all shiny and red with an even smaller set of testicles than mine. It had a slender shaft and looked all the world like a 10 year olds.

"My god Ted that is so sexy, It is perfect for a pedophile. Lets put them together and let them kiss in a pedo embrace," I told him. Ted and I stood together and let our little boys heads kiss and caress each other sending pedo shcocks of pleasure coarsing though our bodies.

"On my god Frank, our little pedo penises look so good together. They are kissing like little fag boys. Are you fag Frank," he asked hopefully.

"Yes Ted, I am fag as well. You see I started with my stepdad at 9 and have always enjoyed cock," I told him.

Both of our little penises were leaking copious amounts of pedo precum and I knew it wouldn't be long until we were both spurting our sick pedo ejaculate against one another so I took a step back.

"Are either of your children here Ted," I asked.

"No, my wife took them to breakfast. Oh god I wish they were, you could fuck them both," he stated excitedly.

He noticed my disappointed look and grinned and asked me if I wanted to see the next best thing.

When I said of course, Ted took my penis in his hand and led me into his study.

"I was watching this when you knocked on the door. I can't stop thinking and masturbating to little children. I desire them all the time like most pedos do," he told me unashamedly.

Lets get completely naked and get queer and watch he said stripping his shorts and shirt off as I did the same.

Ted and I stood together completely nude and stroking one anothers penis as he made a couple of clicks on his mouse and a full scene of child erotica presented itself on the computer screen.

As it started to roll, I noticed a male in his 40s with what looked to be an 11 or 12 yo boy, two boys of about 8 and a little 6 yo girl. They were all, of course, very nude.

The man had a very sturdy looking 7 inch curved cock while the oldest boy was about my size but thinner and the two younger ones had little thin boyish penises of like 3 inches that the little girl was taking turns sucking on. All of them had wonderful smiles on thier faces as they enjoyed this illicit childish orgy.

The oldest boy was fellating the adult and was attacking his penis with vigor. His youthful slender penis stood up straight and excited over the act of pleasuring this adult cock as he stayed erect without even touching himself.

"My god Ted, this is beautiful and so hot. Do you have much of this stuff, I would love to show it to Katie eventually," I told him as our silky smooth penises caressed and grinded together.

"Yes I do. I have tons of it. I even have stuff of my own children. I have always wanted to share it with another pedophile like myself," he exclaimed grinding himself against me.

"God, that is so hot," I said, gesturing to the screen.

We both watched as the adult began to penetrate the older boy. His slender sturdy cock slowly disappearing up into the boys pussy which you could see was gripping and sucking on the nice stalk of pedo flesh that was invading his boyish pussy and enjoying the pleasures of feeling it milk his sick errection.

Beside them, the two boys were attacking the little 6 yo with thier tiny sexy erections from both ends. Her ass was up in the air as the little boy slid in and out of her baby fuck hole while she pleasured the other tiny erection with her childish smiling fuck face.

"I can't help it Ted, I have to come. I need to squirt my pedo snot. I love being able for us to call each other pedos, It is so beautiful to be so open with someone about my lust for little children who feels the same way as I do," I told him.

"Yes, please, squirt on my little pedo penis so I can come to. I love pedo sperm on me it makes me come," he told me as I began to spew another load of sick ejaculate while watching the man on screen saw in and out of the boys little tender faggot pussy.

Stream after stream of pedo goo spewed from my juvnile looking penis and no doubt the feel and the sensation of my ejaculate soaking his own little penis caused Ted to erupt as well. Both of our pedo penises locked in a deep pedo embrace luxuriating and enjoying the nastiness of this most taboo act and perverse sensation.

When we had both finally emptied our tiny balls sacks we disengaged and Ted turned the computer vid off.

"You are welcome to come over anytime and watch any vid you like, no matter who is at home. I will inform the wife of your desires, I think she will be relieved to know that there are other pedos like us. I feel very fortunate that I played with a little girl like Katie whose dad understands how a pedo feels. I can assure you my children will be accessible to your needs when you desire them," Ted told me.

"Well thanks for your generosity Ted, but until I say so, no more playing with my little Katie love," I told him.

"I understand, but please don't hesitate to use mine as you see fit." he stated.

"And your skinny skanky wife," I asked.

"Of course, she is no better than a nigger loving pedo slut and she knows it, but I love her, so what can I do," he stated.

We both enjoyed a little laugh together and after I got some milk I left for home, hoping my little Katie was still lounging around in her sexy panties and t-shirt.

I was already beginning to have childish pedo desires for my little daughter. I only hoped they would never end until she was at least 12.

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This is such a nice start.


great stuff. many thx for posting. love both the boys and the girls


I am REALLY liking this story line.


I love the story especially as neighboring families are pedos, I just hope you will continue with more. I will like them swapping there daughters or sons. but please don't emphasis on adults and adults. Rather stay on adult and minor_that will be better.


Nice start to what should be an exciting, sensuous story. You already had me cumming hard!


great start! keep up the good work!


ohhh, im so hard in my sexy panties


Well done; your stories get me hard every time. I also enjoy the cuckold angle too. Very hot.


This story is hot. 2pedos together - yummy! There's lots of delicious potential in this story. Don't stop.

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