Importing Penny, Part 1

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Published: 25-Jan-2012

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This is Fiction

Penny was a beautiful little four year old when I adopted her. She was from a little village near Nanjing, China. I didn't get her thru the normal adoption agencies. I don't meet the standard profile, unmarried and too old, but I'm rich so it just cost more.

I've done the whole Cambodian thing, but they all seemed a little too well used for my taste. I had fun while I was there, but I was always a little nervous. Payoffs had been made, but I was worried about blackmail and kidnapping. I decided I needed to control the environment. I did have one pimp try to sell me a six year old Cambodian virgin for $1000 US. She was a virgin with a nice hymen, but I had had her mouth and ass, and from her skill and reactions, I wasn't the first. I passed, but it got me thinking.

When I got home I talked to my lawyer, Harry. He was an interesting fellow that I met in a bar in Phnom Penh. Since we shared certain interests, I trusted him more than anyone and he'd handled all of my pre-nups and divorces. Harry said he could get me a white girl from the hills, a black girl from the ghetto or a Latina from the barrio fairly cheap, but I have thing for little Asian girls.

Her full name is Ping Ni, but I shortened it to Penny. It was my little joke, because of how much money she cost me. She didn't speak English when I got her, but that was fine. I wasn't interested in conversation, at least at first. Harry handled getting her from China and introduced us at his office. He had me sign a few papers, paid Harry a huge 'fee' and Penny was mine.

On the way home, Penny looked nervous, but smiled when she saw my big house outside of town. When we got home I showed her around. She liked her room, with a big double bed with lots of stuffed animals. She was clinging to a little cloth doll that was all she had brought from China. I show her the closet full of clothes I had bought for her and she seemed stunned. I picked out a cute little dress for her and laid it out on the bed. Then I took her by the hand to the bathroom.

Not even 40 pounds, Penny really was a tiny thing. She was thin and bony. Dirty, too. It had probably been a while since she had a proper bath, if ever. As I undressed her, I didn't find anything unexpected except a little birthmark at the top of the crack of her ass. I threw her dirty ragged clothes directly into the trash. As she stood there naked, she looked up with her big eyes and said something in Chinese. I didn't understand, of course, but she will learn English soon enough.

As the water got hot in the tub, I got undressed, too. She watched, at first afraid, then fascinated as I dropped my shorts, reveling my already hard cock. I picked her up and put her in the tub, then got in with her. I sat her between my knees facing me. Her hands fell to her lap hiding her little cunt. I put her hands on my knees then spread her legs, revealing her to me. Everything looked in place, including a little hymen, but I'll give her a more thorough inspection later. I had made specific instructions to Harry I wanted an intact little girl and he came through. Harry definitely earned his fee this time.

I start at the top and wash her hair. She has a short bob, which I will let grow out into a nice set of pigtails. I check for signs of lice or other vermin, but don't find any. Harry had assured me she had a full check up, but I'm always thorough with my purchases. I wash her face gently with baby soap and rinse her off with shower massage. Next I let my soapy hands roam over her body tickling her armpits and ribs until she giggled. Then my fingers circled her flat chest and tiny nipples. She grew quiet as her BB sized nipples grew hard as I played with them. Dropping my hands to her crotch, she said something in Chinese which sounded like "Booya pung wa," to which I replied, "It's ok, baby, I'm your Daddy now."

Sliding one hand down her front and back, my fingers met underneath her. As I slid my soapy fingers up and down her ass and beautiful bald pussy, she started to moan. Focusing my ministrations on her little clit in the front and her little rosebud in the back, she started to moan. These feelings seem new to her as she grabs my arms as if to hold on. My finger on her ass rubs around her tight little rosebud as it slowly relaxes and admits my finger. Penny gives a surprised "Eep," followed by a loud groan as my soapy digit violates her ass and she cums shuddering. As she spasms, looks of surprise and pleasure war across her face. I feel each spasm tighten around my invading finger. Finally, she relaxes, looking up at me with a profound question on her face that transcends all language, "Nee sho lewa?" she asks.

I smile and lean down and kiss her and put her hands on my aching cock. She hesitates but I put my hands on hers and make her stroke my cock. I let go of her hands and she continues. I slide my hands down to her clit and stroke it gently. She begins to moan again as she strokes me with both of her little hands. It doesn't take much of her tender touch and I am moaning too. I love it when I can make a little girl cum, especially for the first time. Our moans rise in a chorus as we play with each other. I feel myself getting close, so I slide a soapy finger up my little girls ass again. She lets out a long groan as she cums again, shuddering.

Making my own little girl cum pushes me over the edge. Huge ropes of cum shoot out of my cock all over Penny. She jumps back, surprised, letting go of my cock, but I grab her hand in mine and stroke myself with it as I shoot again and again, covering her from head to pussy in my seed. I haven't come this hard or much for years. I let go of her hand and she strokes my cock as it pumps out a few more dribbles over her little fingers. My hand is coated with semen, so I bring it to my mouth I lick it. "Yum, yum, yum," I say and smile as I lick my fingers clean. She gives her fingers a little lick and makes a face, making me chuckle. I lean down and give her a cummy kiss both from the spunk we've both tasted and a splash of cum across her lips. I must admit it is an acquired taste, and she will acquire it.

I stand her up and wash my cum off both of us. Then I lift her out of the tub and rub her down with a warm fluffy towel. I put on a robe and carry her to her new room. I tuck her in and kiss her on the lips. I think we've had enough fun for her first night. We have plenty of time for more fun later.

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Nicely told - sweet story!

More please!


Just exquisite!

Nicely told - sweet story!

More please! Dadddy needs to lick his delectable new daughter./

When she learns a little English, she'll certainly want to be licked for very long periods - she'll say 'Do it s'more!' when Daddy's lips and tongue begin to tire.

Will Daddy keep Penny all to himself or does he know a mature - and depraved - woman with two young sons who'd love yo meet an exotic playmate a little younger than they are?


Great story please post more

Dirty minded50

Write more please. This is a great story. I mean what if it were possible to adopt a girl, then teach her what a man likes, wow fantastic sory!!!

dirty minded50

Wow please write part 3, i'm looking forward to it.


good story got me well hard


Nicely written story about a toddler. How about some more about your little Aisan wonder.

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