Yolonda Gets Tutored, Part 4

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Published: 18-Jan-2012

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This is Fiction

The next morning is Saturday and I wake up alone. I hear the TV blaring some inane cartoon from the living room. Yolonda may be an 11-year-old pedo's dream of a whore, but she is still a kid. I look around for my robe, but don't see it. So, I get up naked and go pee. SpongeBob is yelling at Patrick about some snail, I think, as I come naked into the living room. Yolo is wrapped somewhere inside my robe, peaking out at Mr. SquarePants & Co. However, my cock gets her attention and she molts out of my robe revealing her naked brown body. She is beginning to develop puffy nipples and half a mouthful tits, but she still has the skinny hips, bubble butt of a little girl.

I sit down next to her and turn down the sound a bit. My cock has risen to half staff as I hug my new little friend. She smiles up at me and kisses me, slipping me some tongue and grabbing my cock. This brings me to full staff as she strokes it, then breaks our French kiss and sucks my eager cock deep down her young but experience throat. I wonder how long she's been sucking cock? She was probably nursed on one. She gets down on her knees between my feet and I grab her head as she bobs up and down as SpongeBob watches silently behind her. I notice she is playing with herself as she expertly sucks my cock. I cum quickly, blasting my load down her eager throat as she cums too. I look up and SpongeBob is smiling. I'll never be able to watch SpongeBob with a straight face, or limp cock, again.

Yolo climbs into my lap and I put the robe around both of us. We watch the rest of SpongeBob, then I ask "What do you want for breakfast?" She just shrugged. "How about pancakes?" She grins and nods. There is no way I can manage pancakes on what I have in my cupboards and fridge, so we go out to IHOP.

But first, we have to get dressed. I show her her jeans and what's left of the ratty t-shirt she was wearing yesterday. "Sorry, it didn't survive the wash." I toss her the small pink babydoll t-shirt instead that was left by my last girlfriend. "Here," I tell her pointing to a drawer the t-shirt came from, "these were all left behind by my last girlfriend. You're welcome to any of it."

Yolo digs thru it all, coming up with all sorts of interesting things, including a vibrator. She flips it on and it hums away in her hand. She immediately jumps into bed to give it a try. I'm tempted to join in, but I leave her to her fun as I get dressed. At least that's why I started to do.

Watching this little girl fuck herself with a big vibrating dildo was too much for me. I drop the slacks I was about to put on and drop my boxers. Then I climb between her skinny little legs and, after using my last condom, pull the vibrating pink toy out of her gaping pussy and slam into her eager cunt. I fuck her hard and fast as she takes the vibrator and touches it to her clit, cumming immediately. I feel her juices flood her tight little cunt as she screams in pleasure. I grab her and roll over, putting her on top. I reach up and paw her developing tits, pinching her nipples as she moans, riding me like the pre-teen professional she is. The more I abuse her puffy swollen nipples, the more she moans and the faster she humps me. Cumming again, she slams down hard on my cock, grinding her clit between us. As she spasms and twitches, I grab the vibrator, switch it on high and slide it up her tight ass. She screams in pain then pleasure as it fills her completely with vibrations. My cock feels it vibrating just a membrane away sending me close to exploding. The invading pink vibrating monster in her ass fills her tiny body, making her cunt that much tighter. I flip her back over with me on top. I slow down and slide my cock up and down her slit. Each time it touches her little clit she cums. I slide my cock over her clit, bringing her legs together to leg fuck this little whore making her cum and cum and cum until she's had too much, moaning "no moa, pleez stop." Only then to I slide back deep inside her and fuck her hard and fast. She grabs the sheets trying to hold on as I drive her little body hard, her head banging into the head board. I don't care as I slam her hard, putting all my weight and adult strength into each savage thrust. Seeing this little black girl at my mercy under me drives me wild. She looks up at me in terror as I fuck her like some wild beast. The vibrating dildo in her ass seems to have almost numbed my cock and I fuck her harder and deeper than ever. I feel the condom shred from my savage thrusts, but I don't care, I can't stop. Finally my swelling cock seems to push the invading toy out of the way and I explode as it pops out of her ass, leaving only me in her tiny black body. I slam her cunt with spray after stray of cum as I pound my cock against her little cervix. She grunts with each violent thrust, like a little beast herself. I collapse on her, exhausted. I feel her pushing against me, but I can't move, completely spent. Finally I roll off her, my cock popping free of her cum filled cunt and fall asleep.

I wake to her crying next to me.

I pull her to me, but she resists, curling into a little ball, her back to me. I curl around her, throwing the covers over us. "I'm sorry, Yolo. I guess I got a little carried away." I hug her to me and she relaxes. My hand falls on her little tit and I stroke it gently. She moans softly and pushes my hand down between her legs. I whisper in her ear, "If we keep doing that, we'll never make it to the store." She smiles and nods.

We get up and take a quick shower with a minimum of groping and get dressed. The pink babydoll is too big for her, but it's better than going topless. As we drive to the mall, I keep peeking down her shirt and she keeps letting me, but I manage to keep my hands off her.

The mall is crowded with teenagers. I ask her where she wants to go, but she just shrugs. We head into the nearest department store. I tell her to get two pairs of pants, three shirts, underwear and a new pair of sneakers. After we find the Misses section, I let her wander. She doesn't like the clothes they have, which is fine by me because I don't like the prices. I hang back, especially when she sees some kids she knows. After her friends leave, I suggest "How about we try someplace else?" She looks a little disappointed, but nods.

After another McDonalds run, we end up at the Wal-Mart out in the boonies. She likes the clothes better and I like the prices, but best of all, no friends. I do get a strange look from the redneck cashier when I pay for it all in cash. We put it all in a new blue backpack. I ask why blue, but she just shrugs.

When we get home, I have her try on the clothes for me. Each time she strips down in front of me, I get harder and harder. Finally she notices and comes over wearing nothing but her new aa-cup bra and black thong panties. She sits on my lap and kisses me. I reach behind her and undo her little bra as she reaches down and frees my cock from my jeans. Leaning back, I suck first one little tit, then the other, she moans and reaches down to pull the thong aside as she slides my throbbing pole inside her slick wet cunt. I reach for a condom, but then remember I am out and didn't get any more when we were out. After this morning's accident it's probably pointless. I pick her up by the hips and slide her down on my cock. She winces a little but doesn't tell me to stop. I let her set the pace and just lean back and think of Africa.

I reach up and hold her by the chest, with my thumbs tickling her little puffy nipples. She moans as I do and I let her little thrusts also slide my thumbs over her nipples. This really turns her on and she picks up the pace moaning louder with each stroke. She cums quickly, slamming down hard. I feel her juices gush around my cock. I lift her up a little and fuck her harder and faster, slipping easily in and out of her dripping snatch. This sends my little 11-year-old lover into another then another orgasm. Her tight cunt spasms with each one and it quickly send me over the top, too. I slam her down on me and fill her tiny pre-teen cunt with my seed. My little Yolonda cums one last time with me then collapses in my arms.

I carry her to bed, where we collapse in each other's arms and dream the dreams of the wicked.

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