A Good Night Out

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Published: 7-Feb-2012

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Please note that this is an erotic story involving a preteen child and should only be viewed by adult readers. I must stress that the subject matter you will read here is purely fictional and is the product of my overactive imagination. In real life, the actions described here are considered child abuse.

DO NOT try to act out any of these fantasies. If you're tempted to approach a child for sexual reasons, PLEASE seek help. Your actions WILL ruin the life of that child and may also deprive you of your freedom!

My first experience with a preteen girl, the night I turned into a pedofile, happened about a year ago. Six of us guys from the company I work for flew out to a Midwest city for a few days for a conference. In truth, it was an excuse to drink ourselves stupid and chase tail whilst we were away from our wives as out of town conferences usually are.

It was the second night and we all went out to a local bar to check out the local women. I consider myself still to be a decent catch at 43, I keep fit and I still have a full head of hair and I'm usually pretty successful at picking up women for a good fuck.

On this particular night I noticed a pretty woman, probably in her early thirties, having a fun time with a couple of her girlfriends. I and a couple of my colleagues moved in to try our luck. I'm sure you're not interested in the details of the pick-up, but I can tell you I was successful and a couple of hours later I was in a cab escorting Mandy to her home in a cab.

Home turned out to be in a decrepit trailer park in the suburbs. I pretty much had to carry her from the cab to her battered trailer because she'd had so much to drink she could barely walk straight. She had trouble with the door key so I took it off her and let us in. I knew from chatting her up in the bar she was divorced and lived in the old trailer with her 11 year old kid.

We got straight to it having spent the 20 minute cab ride making out on the back seat to the leers of the cab driver. Clothing was hastily ripped off and discarded in a trail leading to her bedroom then Mandy and I were soon fucking like rabbits. It wasn't long before the drink got the better of her however, and she passed out. I wasn't too concerned, this had happened to me before and there is really something quite sexy in fucking a comatose woman. I have also put such opportunities to good use in the past to indulge in some ass fucking and shooting my cum in her mouth. My wife doesn't allow either of those things and finding a casual fuck that permits that kind of delicious depravity is actually quite rare.

So there I was, thrusting vigorously into Mandy's cunt in the spoons position and thinking about a slight adjustment to turn this into an ass fuck when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked over to the bedroom door and caught a shadowy figure quickly duck out of sight. Straight away I knew it must be the woman's kid. My first thought was 'Damn, I should stop now' and I did feel a pang of disappointment as my cock deflated slightly.

But then I thought 'What the fuck! If the kid wants to peek, let 'em.' My cock rapidly stiffened again at the thought of someone watching me fuck, an experience I hadn't had yet and the fact the watcher was a kid and it was the kid's mom I was fucking only made it sexier.

I continued shafting the mom whilst keeping an eye on the door without making it obvious. Sure enough, after a few minutes the shadowy figure returned. It was definitely the kid. I kept humping mom and ignoring the kid which made the kid bold enough to move closer to the door. The little bit of light spilling out from the bedroom revealed a young girl with dark hair a bit longer than shoulder length and a light colored nightdress with some kind of pattern that came down to her knees.

Deciding to put on a show for the kid, I pulled her mom's leg up hooking her foot behind my legs which exposed her wet pussy to her little daughters full view and of course, my cock sliding in and out of mom's cunt. I saw the girl's mouth drop open and the look of pure shock on her face. There was also a look of keen interest too and she stepped forward another 2 paces, practically inside the door.

I leant over mom, noisily sucking a big fat nipple into my mouth and kept an eye on the girl. To my surprise the girl lifted the hem of her nightdress and one hand slipped between her thin legs to rub the front of her light blue panties. 'My god, she's finding this sexy enough to masturbate.' I thought. I nearly came at the thought and had to ease up fucking mom until the moment passed!

The kid continued fingering her pussy and I watched her openly with interest as she vigorously pushed the light blue fabric into her young crack. I'd never thought about children in a sexual way before but I suddenly realised kids her age must be full of raging hormones making demands of their developing bodies they didn't understand. Mandy no longer interested me! I really wanted to explore her daughter's sexuality.

"Hello there." I smiled. "Why don't you come in, you'll be able to see better." The kid froze, her eyes flicking up from her mom's pussy and my cock up to my face. "It's okay, come on in." I waved her over. "You can watch if you want."

The girl quickly pulled her hand out from between her legs and smoothed the nightdress down. She took another couple of hesitant steps into the room biting her bottom lip nervously. Now I could see the patterns on her nightie were teddies. "That's good, it's all right, come in." I encouraged. "What's your name?"

"S... S... Sara." She stammered. "W... what are you d... doing to my mom?"

"Well Sara, it's nothing to be worried about. I'm just fucking your mom... I mean, I'm having sex with her." I explained. "Do you know what sex is Sara?" She shrugged non-committally. I guessed she did know because her mom seemed like the type who regularly brought guys like me home. She had probably spied on mom before. Sara stood next to the bed, eyes fixed on her mom's pussy. "It's something really nice and your mom likes me doing this to her a lot, but she's gone to sleep now."

"She's not sleeping. She's drunk again!" Sara announced.

"Ah, yes she is!" I agreed. "You can still watch me fuck her if you want to. Would you like that Sara?"

"I guess." She shrugged.

"Okay, come and sit on the bed then." I reached out and took her hand, the one she'd used to finger her own pussy, and gently pulled until she hesitantly slid onto the edge of the bed next to her mom. I rolled mom onto her back and slid my cock into her cunt kneeing between her open legs. Sara had an excellent view of the action and watched wide eyed.

"Does it hurt?" She asked.

"No, not at all." I replied. "It feels great and if your mom was awake she'd bee feeling really good now." Sara didn't look convinced though. "It feels just like when you were rubbing your little pussy just now by the door." Her face turned bright red and I smiled at her discomfort. "It's okay." I encouraged her. "Touching yourself is very nice, everybody does it." Sara blushed even deeper. "Go on, touch yourself again. I liked watching you."

The child squirmed uncomfortably on the bed. She opened her legs and I got a flash of damp panty fabric pressed into her crack, but then she closed them again making no move to touch herself. "Come on Sara, you'll really like it!" I brushed my hand up her leg with the intention of just lifting her nightie so I could see her panty covered pussy again. Her leg was very soft and warm to touch and she made no move to stop me, even parted her legs again.

Without thinking about it I continued the upward sweep of my hand and pressed my fingers into her crotch. Sara gasped and looked down at what I was doing. I could feel her soft pussy lips and the depression between them. I wiggled my fingers a little, pushing the fabric further in.

Sara let out a little moan that was full of suppressed desire. The sound shocked me! Suddenly I realised what I was doing. I was molesting an underaged girl! Deep feelings of shame flooded through me and I quickly moved my hand away. More confusing was the intense feeling coursing through my throbbing cock and for the second time I had to concentrate on not shooting my load too soon.

The look on the child's face was just as confusing. I read pure desire and also disappointment that the contact had stopped. Pushing all the objections to one side in my mind, I reached my hand out again to fondle her. She gave me a shy little smile. My heart was pounding, I could hear it beating in my ears! It was my turn to gasp!

Just then the girl's mom stirred and drunkenly mumbled something. Sara and I both froze and looked at each other. My heart leapt into my mouth! I gently withdrew my cock from mom's cunt, not daring to breath. "Better not wake mom." I whispered to Sara. "Lets go to your room." I stood and took her hand and she dutifully followed me out of mom's bedroom. Once outside, Sara led the way, pulling me along the trailers narrow corridor. My wet, rigid cock bobbed in front of me, chest high to Sara.

The kid's room was not much bigger than a cupboard. The space was pretty much filled with the single bed, a wardrobe and chest of drawers. Several teddy bears and dolls were scattered about along with discarded crumpled clothing. Once there, she didn't know what to do and just stood looking up to me. I didn't know what happens next! I fought back a momentary panic attack then with adrenaline pumping, squatted down in front of the child. I gently pushed her back onto her bed pulling her nightdress up in a bunch at her waist as she sat down.

Her panties were fully exposed now. I resumed fingering her and was rewarded with another shy smile. "Sara..." I said. "I want to do something really special for you. Will you let me?" She looked pensive, biting her lower lip. "It'll feel really nice and I wont hurt you." I encouraged. Sara just shrugged non-committally.

I hooked my fingers into the waist band of her panties and pulled them down. They caught on her ass and I tried to wiggle them down between her and the bed. Eventually Sara helped by lifting her ass up and the tiny garment popped free, slipping down her legs to join the rest of the discarded clothing on the floor.

I gazed in awe at her bald preteen pussy and experienced another panic attack. Pushing it aside once more, I opened Sara's thighs. Her nether lips peeled apart exposing her delicate inner labia and tiny clitty hood. I touched her again, gently exploring her secret folds with my eager fingers. Her skin glistened with dampness and when I carefully probed the entrance to her virgin cunt I released a little flood of girl juice.

Sara closed her eyes and sighed. I desperately wanted to lick her pussy. What would she think? Would that be a step too far? I guessed not. She seemed to be ready to explore her sexuality and I considered myself lucky I was in the right place at the right time!

I leant forward and placed my lips on her pussy in a soft kiss. I heard Sara gasp and felt the muscles in her leg stiffen. I felt her hands on my head but she wasn't pushing me away. I then started with my tongue, licking her crack from cunt hole to clit. She smelled faintly of musk and stale pee, she tasted slightly salty and bitter. I've licked quite a few pussies in my time, and a couple of them were shaved bald, but this experience was by far the best ever. The small size of her immature cunt lips was a perfect fit for my eager mouth. I was in heaven! The FBI could have stormed the trailer right then, guns blazing, and I wouldn't have cared less!

Sara was breathing heavily and making soft "Mmmm!" sounds. Her cheeks glowed red but not from embarrassment this time. I slipped an index finger under my chin and eased the tip into her little cunt hole. She was so well lubricated by a mix of girl juice and my saliva my finger slipped easily in. I couldn't detect any sign of a hymen, but then I didn't know what I was looking for! Sara was the first virgin I'd experienced. (I know now that most young girls do tear their hymens naturally, especially if they lead active sporty lives or they develop a liking for penetrative masturbation. Back then I was innocent of such knowledge!)

After gently exploring the depths of her cunt I partially withdrew my finger, curling it up just inside the entrance to a point directly behind her clit. This is a technique I use successfully on my wife and other women I fuck. The point just behind a woman's clit is her 'G' spot and stimulating that with your finger, especially whilst sucking their clit, drives them wild! I didn't know if little girls had 'G' spots though, but I was going to find out.

Sara certainly felt something! I felt her muscles spasm and she started humping her hips and grinding her pussy into my face. Her fingers curled into my hair and her moaning grew louder. Suddenly she gasped and nearly leaped off the bed! "Oh fuck!" She moaned. Oh fuck yeah!" I was blown away by the strength of her orgasm and figured she had probably discovered that joy a few times over through masturbation.

I was about ready to pop myself! My cock was as hard as It's ever been and throbbing intensely without me touching it at all. I knelt up and pulled the child closer so that her butt was perched right on the edge of the bed. I pushed my cock against Sara's wet pussy, ploughing along her preteen slit before lining my cock head up to her little virgin cunt. Her brow wrinkled with concern at what I was doing but there was no question of asking her now, I just needed to fuck her!

I pushed forward, my cock slipped into her cunt. "Arghh!" Sara squealed. She tried to pull away from the sudden intrusion but I grabbed hold of her thighs holding her in place. My thrusts were slow but firm, each one claiming a little more little girl cunt. Gradually Sara's tense posture relaxed and her expression turned to wonder.

I sat back pulling Sara with me so she slid off the bed and straddled my thighs. Now her weight aided penetration and I felt my cock almost fully enveloped in her tight cunt. I pulled her nightdress roughly over her head then eased her back so she was leaning against the edge of her bed. Her immature titties were just small swollen cone shaped bumps topped with tiny nipples and I leant forward to suck them into my mouth,

Her tiny titties really brought home just how young she was, and here I was fucking her! My excitement was growing fast, the pressure building at the root of my thrusting shaft. She felt incredibly tight and yet my cock slipped in and out with little friction. "Oh god yes!" I gasped. Suddenly I was past the point of no return. My cock throbbed with the delightful ache of orgasm and my cum shot deep into her young pussy. "My god Sara, you are a wonderful little bitch!" I cried. "Oh god take my cum you slut, take it all!" The pleasure went on and on, even after my load of cum had ended until I had to stop through exhaustion.

I collapsed on top of Sara panting hard and feeling my tortured cock slowly deflate until it eventually slipped out of the child's cunt. Sara wriggled out from under me and walked unsteadily out of the room, presumably to the bathroom to take care of the rivers of slimy cum running down both her thighs.

Sitting exhausted on the floor, surrounded by teddy bears and other child's toys, the enormity of what I had just done hit me. A wave of shame and fear washed over me. I returned to the mothers bedroom and saw with relief mom was still out for the count. I gathered my clothing and by the time I had dressed, Sara still hadn't emerged from the bathroom. I paused momentarily, waiting for her to emerge but I didn't have the slightest idea what to say to her. Overcome with guilt I slipped quietly out the door and walked rapidly away from the trailer.

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Hardly very reluctlant. There was too little preliminary playing, touching, foreplay.

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Excellently written exactly as the Style demands. A short story, with a believable short beginning and end. But it leaves us wondering; how does Sara feel about it afterwards? But that unknown is part of what makes the story. Would love to see it part of a series, same or similar man, different locales, different girls. Keep it up!

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