Always Daddy's Girl

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Published: 13-Apr-2011

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

This is a story of incest between a young preteen girl and her step father. Some of it is true. As little Sara soon learns, her young body is like a magnets to older men. She was just seven years old at the start of her relationship with her step father and eight years old when he first took her. He was into taking photos of her naked little body as he lavished her with new gifts and clothes. As time went by, she grew to love his attention. Sara learned quite a bit as she went from masturbating to her dad.

My mom had married my step dad and we moved into his big house when I was about six. They had their bedroom on one end of the house and mine was on the other end, far away from their room. I am not too sure as I look back, but I believe he had designed the house that way so he could slip into his daughter's room while mom never knew what was going on.

I remember the first time he came to my bed. I had a sore knee and mom had told me to lay down and keep my weight off of it. That night after mom had went to sleep, he came into my room to "check" on me.

He sat on the edge of my bed as he pulled the cover back from my legs, exposing my little panty clad pussy as he took my knee into his hands. He began to massage my leg, working from my lower calf upwards to my inner thighs, well above my little sore knee.

"Daddy just wants to make it feel better for you. Do you want me to kiss your knee so it will feel better?" he asked as his hand continued to rub the inside of my young thighs. "I can kiss the pain away."

I nodded my head yes as he smiled at me. I was still sort of afraid of him since he and mom had not been married but a year or two. He lowered his mouth between my thighs as he began to kiss all around my sore knee as his fingers began to creep upwards towards my smooth little pussy.

Soon his lips were on my inner thighs as he kissed them, massaging my little ass as he held my thighs apart. I was so exposed to him and tried to hide my little cunny from his view.

"It's OK baby. I have seen your sweet little thing before and you don't have to hide it from me." He said as he moved my hand away from it and planted a big, lingering kiss right square on my little twat. "See. I even made your little thingy feel good too, didn't I? "

I told him that it did feel good and he just smiled at me and patted my little butt as he got off the bed and started to leave my room.

"Don't tell your mom that I was in here with you. She might get mad at both of us. OK?" he said, "And be sure and don't say a word about me kissing on you. Do you promise me not to tell?"

"I promise I won't tell, daddy." I said as he closed the door behind him and went back to his room with mom.

One night I had gotten out of bed and went to get some juice from the fridge as I thought I heard sounds coming from their room. I eased towards their door as I heard them inside, mom moaning loudly as if she was in pain. I eased closer to listen more as I got to their door, inside I heard mom and dad talking and moaning again.

"Oh, Baby! Lick my pussy! I want to suck on your cock as you eat my pussy!" I heard mom saying. "I love your hot cock! Give it to me. I want to suck on it while you kiss my pussy."

I knew that they were having sex and I also knew what the word pussy was. I did not know what a cock at that time. I eased back to my room and went to bed that night, wondering how he could eat my mom's pussy.

Two nights later, I was asleep as he came back into my room. He woke me up as he sat down onto my bed beside me. His hands went back to my knee as he asked me how my knee was feeling.

"It is a lots better now." I said as he uncovered my little sheer panties.

Then his hands tugged at my gown as he worked it upwards, exposing my little panty clad pussy even more.

"See. I told you I could make if feel better, didn't I? I am going to kiss it again so it will feel a lots better tomorrow." He said as his head went between my thighs as he spread me wider.

I felt his hot breath on my inner thighs as he kissed on them, rubbing my little ass as he began to work his lips higher. I was expecting him to plant another kiss on my little cunny but he had other ideas. As he held my little ass in one hand, he took his other hand and moved my panties to one side as I felt him kissing on my smooth little pussy. I just stay still as I then felt him take his tongue and ease it to my smooth little puffy lips.

Oh, that was feeling so hot and making my little pussy itch as he gave me one, long lick, as he licked my slit all the way from the bottom to the top as he pulled away from me. It had felt good to me and I was surprised at him getting up from between my legs.

"Later, baby. Daddy will make it feel so good for you. You didn't tell Mommie about last time, did you?" he asked as he got up to leave.

"No, daddy. I would not ever tell on you. You know you made me promise not to tell and I would never tell anyone if I promised you." I answered him as I saw him smile.

"Good! The you promise never to tell about tonight either, OK? We don't want Mommie getting ad with us, do we?' he said as he leaned over and kissed me good night on my cheek.

I lay there after he had left and could feel the glow in my little pussy that he had started with his kisses and his tongue. I did not know much about masturbating but that night I dropped my little fingers inside my panties to rub my itchy little pussy. The more I rubbed, the better it felt as I put both hands into my panties to play with my smooth little pussy. That was my first time to really masturbate, even if I was too young to have a climax, it was till feeling good to me as I went to sleep with my hands inside my panties.

A couple of nights later, daddy came back to visit me after mom had went to sleep. He told me how pretty I was and asked me if I would let him take a few pictures of me, if he bought me some new sexy clothes. I was all for the new clothes so I told him yes, he could take pictures of me when he got my new clothes.

He lowered his head to my thighs as he parted them, giving me a big kiss right on my little pussy once again. This time, I grabbed his head and held onto it as my little pussy worked upwards to his hot kiss. He knew then that I was going to be his girl at that point.

"What is a cock, daddy?" I asked him out of the blue as he kissed on my little pussy.

"Well, what kind of cock, baby? There are several kinds of them." He answered as he looked up from my spread thighs. "There is a rooster, like a chicken and other kinds. What kind are you talking about?"

"Oh you know what I mean, it is like pussy. I know what a pussy is, but I don't know what a cock is." I said to him, my little pussy itching now.

"A cock is a man's thingy. Like mine." He said as he pulled his hard cock out of his pants for me to see. "This is a cock, baby. It is what a man has where a woman has a pussy."

"Oh, Daddy! Yours is so big!" I said as I saw my first cock.

He laughed a little as he got up and asked me yet again, not to tell about him coming into my room, making me promise never to say a word to anyone about it, I did as he asked and promised him I would never tell about him in my room. Having said that to each other, he left my room as I lay there with my little fingers rubbing on my smooth little pussy once again.

The next time he came into my room, he had a big sack of new clothes for me. He told me that he wanted me to model them for him. I was very excited as he opened the bag of clothes. Inside was several pair of panties, three short nighties, and a school girl outfit. They were so pretty with most in red and one in purple.

"I am going to take some pictures of you so, do as I ask. I will want you to show off different parts of your hot little body for me as I take the photos." He said as he held them up for me to see, "But remember that we can not let Mommie know about our modeling clothes or me taking your pictures. If you keep quite, I will buy you lots of pretty stuff. Promise me before we start that you will never say anything about this as it will be just our little secret. Do we have a deal?"

"Yes, daddy I promise. I have told you before I would never tell about what we do. I want to know if you are going to take sexy pictures of me?" I asked as he kissed my cheeks, handing me the bright red nightie and matching panties.

"Yes, baby. I am going to take some sexy pictures of you. Put this on, baby. Then I want you to lay down on the bed and raise one knee so I can see your lovely thighs." He said as he helped position me on the bed.

Then he started to take photos of me in different poses as I still had all my clothes on. But then he whispered to me as his voice seemed to shake.

"Daddy wants to take a few pictures of you with your panties to the side. I want a couple of poses with your smooth little thing in them. I hope you don't mind too much" he said as I reached down and slid my panties to the side.

"Like this? Do I look sexy. Daddy? Is this what you want me to do?" I asked as I saw him getting closer with his digital camera. "Tell me what you want me to do."

"Spread your thighs so I can get a close up. Then lay back and hold your puffy little pussy lips apart for me." He said as he knelt close to me. "These are the best kinds of shots for me to take. You are so sexy, baby! Daddy would love to ravish your sweet little body one day."

He had me spread my smooth little pussy for him as he took several pictures of me laying there with my thighs spread wide, my panties drawn to one side. Then he asked me to roll over and get on my hands and knees as he began to take pictures of my little rounded ass as he lowered my panties. I felt so sexy as I did what he wanted me to do, showing my cute little ass to the camera. I was modeling my hot little body for my daddy and it was turning me on as he did.

Then he had me model the purple ones that he had bought me. I did all the same poses for him that we had with the red ones. I got to noticing that he seem to have a big bulge in his pants as he took my pictures. Had I gotten him too excited? Did his little girl make his thingy bigger?

I saw him as his hand began to rub his thing through his pants, as I continued to look sexy for him. I wanted him to think I was so sexy and believe me, he did!

It wasn't but a minute or two that he laid the camera aside as he got onto the bed with me. He reached over to my bare little pussy and rubbed his long finger over my tiny slit as I saw him take his big cock out as his hand wrapped around that huge thing.

"Just stay there like you are for a minute, baby. Daddy needs to rub your sweet little pussy while I play with my cock. I hope you don't mind too much. I promise I won't hurt you." he whispered to me as I lay back to enjoy the feeling he was giving my smooth twat. "Oh, baby! You have such a nice little pussy and you have daddy so hot! See how you make my cock get so big? I love you and I want you to like me doing this just for you."

"OK, Daddy. I love you doing that too. It is making me feel so good down there." I said as I watched him stroking his big cock as he rubbed his fingers along my tiny slit.

"Daddy is going to cum, Baby! Oh, what you are doing to me! Watch me shoot my cum for you." he said as his hand got faster stroking his big cock. "You are making me cum, baby! Here it comes, just for you! Oh, OH! OH, YES!"

I lay there as he rubbed my little pussy, watching as I saw the white, gooey stuff shoot from his cock as he caught most of it into his palm. It was sort of hot to see him cumming as he then removed his hand from my little pussy. That was my first experience with seeing cum.

The very next night he brought another sack with him as he crept into my room, me waiting for him as I knew he would be coming back that night. He lay the sack on the bed and reached down and kissed, this time on my lips.

"I've brought you a few more things." He said. "And I think you will like them. I have something special for you too. I bought you a small vibrator, one just like your Mommie has."

He opened the bag as he handed it to me. I saw the pretty blue panties and top as he smiled at me. Then there was another red one with a skimpy little top with matching panties. Also in the bag was a small vibrator that I knew nothing about at all. He then reached into his pocket and gave me a necklace and a bracelet as he held them out to me. They were so pretty as I tried them on.

"We need to get changed so I can take a few more pictures of you." he said, "There are a couple of new poses I want you to do for me."

"Yes, Daddy, Anything you would like. Thank you for my presents." I told him as he laid out the bright blue outfit for me. I quickly shed my clothes as he helped me get undressed, patting my little ass as he placed me onto the bed.

"Tonight, baby, we are going to take a few action shots of me and you. I am going to ask you to do some things you might not want to do, but you know I would never hurt my baby girl, don't you?" he said as he began to lower his pants. "I am going to get on the bed with you and show you what I want you to do. Is that OK with you? I am just going to take pictures of us together, nothing else, just pictures."

He began by taking my panties and moving them to one side as he exposed my bare little pussy once again. Then he asked me to take them off all the way while he took more pictures, telling me to go real slow so he could get some good shots as I removed my panties for him.

He had me lay back and spread my little pussy wide open for him as he took several more photos. I was feeling so sexy now as he lightly touched me as he positioned my hot little body for more shots.

"Baby, Daddy is going to lay down and I want you to get on top of me. Then I want you top hold that sweet little pussy open as you lower yourself to just touch the head of daddy's cock. I want it to look like I am going to put it in you. But I am really not. Not right now." He said as he rolled over and took me on top of him. "Just remember these are just pictures and nothing else. I promise I won't try to put it inside you, just to your puffy little lips is all."

He held my body with his hands as he helped lower me to his big cock. Then with one hand he held his cock to my tiny pussy as he told me to spread my puffy lips for him. As he held his cock to me I felt the heat from his cockhead against my little pussy as he began to take pictures of his cock touching my pussy. It was feeling good to me but he did as he said and after a few pictures, he had me get off of him, his cock sticking straight up now.

"That was good, baby! Those will be so great! Now, I have just a couple more sots to take of you. Just remember what I said. I will not hurt you and will not put it in you, even though you might think I am at the moment." He was telling me, "Now. Baby. I want you to lay down on my thighs and take my cock into your hand. Be real slow so I can get good pictures."

I did as he asked once again, taking my small hand and wrapping it around his thick cock. He was so big in my hand as I felt the heat from his cock. It was so soft and silky to the touch. He had me stroke it a couple of times as he took his shots, my hand wrapped around his big cock.

"One more pose, Baby. I need this one bad. I want you to open your mouth and put it over my cock. I know it is big for you, but you can do it if we take our time, OK?" he asked as he took my head and placed it to his groin, his cock at my mouth as I opened wide. "That's it, Baby! Make it look like you are sucking Daddy's cock. You are doing great, just try taking a little more in your mouth as I take our pictures."

I had his big cockhead in my tiny mouth as he raised my chin up to take more pictures of me. I was sort of liking this as I loved the feel of his silky cock in my hot little mouth. He held it there as I felt the heat from his cock, my little mouth so full as I tried to suck on it a little, just like I had heard Mommie saying that night. As he took the last picture of me sucking his cock, he took my head and held it as he slowly pushed me a little further down on it. He must have been liking it because I heard him moan as he lifted my head up, taking his big cock out of my mouth.

"Oh, Baby! I think that is enough of that for now. I promised you I would not put it in you or hurt you and I am going to keep my word." He said, "As bad as I want you, I will keep my promises."

Two nights later he came back to me, as I was laying there in the short, red nightie he had bought me. As he came closer to the bed, I took the sheets off of me as I slightly parted my thighs. I was trying to look so sexy to him as he sat down beside me. He leaned down and gave my little pussy a kiss as he then took my panties and moved them to the side.

"Baby, Daddy is going to taste you tonight. I want to make love to your hot little body as I lick you all over." He whispered as he began to rub my inner thighs.

"Do it, Daddy. I want you to do it to me. I love the feel of your hot mouth on my little pussy." I said as he lowered his head between my out stretched thighs.

Daddy took my ass into his hands as he pulled me to him, his hot tongue slowly licking my slit as he parted my plump little pussy lips. I took his head and pressed it to me, my hot little ass coming off the bed to meet his probing tongue. He had me so hot and I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted his big cock in me.

"Daddy, please do it to me. I want you to put your big cock in my little pussy." I moaned to him as he licked my swollen lips. "I am a big girl now and I want to feel you in me. See how wet I am? You have me so wet!"

I could feel the fire deep within my little baby pussy, it wanting to be extinguished as his tongue parting my lips, dipping the tip of his hot tongue into my tiny cunt. My little body was trembling as something so warm seem to flood over my body, my little pussy quivering as I experienced my first climax.

"OH, DADDY! OH, DADDY! You have made me feel so good! I LOVE IT!" I was saying as he held my tight pussy to his hot tongue as I came so hard. Then my little body went limp as I collapsed, my little pussy so satisfied for now. "Did I cum, Daddy? Is that what cumming feels like? I love it!"

Daddy took my young pussy and kissed it as he tasted my sweet young cum as my pussy was so wet. I knew he was hard too and needed some relief so I eased my hand to his cock as I felt him stroking on it.

"Can I help you cum, Daddy? I want to see that white cum again. Here, let me do that for you." I said as I began to work my tiny hand around his big cock.

"Oh, Baby! You are doing it so good. Put both your hands on it as you stroke it for me." He was saying, "I want to cum on your little pussy too. Would you like Daddy to shoot his hot cum on your smooth little pussy, Baby? I want to so bad!"

I was laying so his big cock was at my lower stomach as I shifted my pussy closer to his cock. He took his hands and placed them over mine as he showed me how to stroke his cock as I felt that huge dick start to throb in my tiny hands. I knew he was ready to cum as I aimed the thick head towards my wide open pussy.

"Oh, BABY! I'M CUMMING! I'm cumming on your hot, little pussy!" he shouted as his big cock swelled up in my hand as I watched his white cum began to shoot over me, his hot cum coating my little pussy as it covered my smooth little lips.

"Cum on me! Cum on my pussy, Daddy! Your cum is so hot to me!" I told him as I held his cock and watched the last of his hot load shoot over my smooth little pussy.

As he finished cumming, he pulled me to his chest as he lifted my mouth to his and gave me a grown up kiss. His lips were on my mouth as I kissed him back, then he began to kiss my neck as he whispered to me.

"I love you so much. You are my little girl. Daddy wants to make a big girl out of you soon." He said, "Would you like for me to make a big girl out of you?"

As I answered yes, he told me to start playing with my pussy using the vibrator he had bought me. He told me to try putting it into my hot little pussy as it buzzed and that it would help me get big enough to take his cock in me. Then he got up and stared to wards the door.

"Oh, one more thing. I am buying you a computer to put in your room." He said as he smiled at me. "I have another surprise for you when we get it in here. Good night and remember, I love you very much."

I did as he said as the next few nights I used the new vibrator on my young pussy, making it feel so good as I did as he had told me. I lay there and opened my puffy cunt lips as I inserted that buzzing vibrator. I started to cum as I played with my pussy as the vibrator brought me such joy. I used it for three nights in a row as all I could think about was Daddy putting his big cock into my tiny pussy.

My computer came in after a week and he and Mom came to my room and hooked it up. Mom had found the new clothes daddy had bought me and was asking him why he didn't tell her about it. He told her that he just ran across a sale and decided to buy them for me and had just forgot to tell her about it. I don't think mom believed him as she tilted her head to one side and gave him a dirty look.

"We will talk about this later." She said, "I think out little girl is starting to grow up on us anyway, don't you daddy?"

Later that night, daddy came to see me, waking me up as he rubbed my curvy little ass. It was real late and I knew he had been fucking my mom as I could smell the scent of her pussy still on him.

"I have something to show you on the computer, baby. Get up and come see what daddy has for you." he said as he helped me out of bed.

We went over to the computer as he turned it on, letting it warm up as I stood by his side. He seemed so excited as he took me and sat me on his lap, placing my little ass directly onto his cock.

"I want you to see yourself on the internet. I have some good picture of us." He said as he sifted my ass around a little bit. "I also have some pictures of me and your mom if you want to see them."

As he went to a site that showed little girls being fucked and sucked, I saw him click on a site called, "Daddy's Girls". When he opened the site, there I was! I was on this computer as he had placed my pictures on his site. It was showing me with my little pussy spread open and then with his big cock at the entrance of my tiny pussy. Then he showed me the one where I had his cock in my mouth as I felt his big cock rising between my thighs. He had made those pictures to put on the internet!

The pictures of me were making me wet as I watched them, my little pussy tingling now as I felt my daddy's cock rubbing my swollen lips through my red panties.

"Let's slip your panties off now, baby." he said as his fingers went to my waist band. "I think you are about ready for some of my cock. Have you been using your vibrator like I asked you too? I sure hope you have."

I told his yes as I felt his hard cock rubbing against my puffy pussy lips. I wanted to feel it in me as I eased my little ass over his cock and started to wiggle around as he grew bigger. At last, I was ready for daddy's cock!

"I am going to put it in you so when I get the head inside you, I want you to do enjoy it so you work your sweet little pussy down onto me as it slides in, OK?" he said as he held my wet pussy lips apart as I sat on his lap, facing away from him as I sort of bent over. "That's my baby. Now I am going to put the head in and it will hurt a little but it will feel so good when you get it in, I promise."

I felt him as he reached down with one hand in front of me and spread my puffy lips apart as he took his other hand and guided that fat cock to my slick little pussy. I felt the big head against me as he kissed my neck, telling me how sexy I was as his cockhead slipped into my tiny pussy, taking my breath as it entered me.

It hurt a little, just like he had said but I soon became accustom to the big head in my small pussy. He had my tiny cunt spread so wide with his big cock as I felt my young pussy start to open up for him.

"OH, DADDY! It hurts me a little!" I said as he just held his cock in me, "But I want it! I want you to fuck me so bad."

I then began to work my little pussy over his big cock, feeling it spreading my inner pussy walls as it went deeper into me. I began to love that feeling as he clasped his hands around me, feeling of my little clit with one hand and my budding little titties with the other as he let me work it deeper in me. It was feeling so good as he began to slowly fuck me.

"Oh, Baby! You are so tight and so hot inside! Daddy has been wanting this moment for so long." he was saying as I took more of his big cock into my tiny pussy. "Now, watch me and your mom as I play it for you."

As daddy slowly fucked me, I saw mom and him on the screen, her on her knees as she was sucking his big cock, taking it all the way into her mouth as she sucked on his cock.

Then as I worked his cock deeper in me, I saw daddy as he put his big cock up my mom's ass. Mommy was loving it as she shouted loudly for him to fuck her harder. I watched as he slid his big cock in and out of her big ass as he held onto her wide hips and filled her with that cock. The other one showed mom and dad with another man, mom on her hands and knees as she took dad's cock in her mouth as the other man was fucking her doggie style.

I could see a little blood on his shaft as it worked in and out of me as I looked down to see his huge cock fucking my virgin pussy. I was so wet as I felt my pussy began to twitch, knowing I was close to cumming as daddy began to fuck me a little harder now, making my cunt feel so full as he pumped his cock in and out of his baby's little, hairless pussy. My daddy was fucking me at last and I was loving it. As my young, incestuous pussy was taking his big cock, he was taking his daughter's sweet little cherry as we fucked.

Then I felt his big cock start to swell inside my tiny pussy, the big head so deep in me as his cock began to throb inside me. Daddy was ready to cum in me and I was on fire as his cock began to spurt his love juice to my smooth, little pussy. I felt his hot cum as he started to fill me, that hot nectar shooting me full of his juices as he came.

I too, was cumming as I rocked back and forth, ramming my little pussy down onto his big shaft as he thrust into me and held his cumming cock tight to me as his cum flooded my young cunt. My pussy was so hot inside as he filled me and I was cumming at the same time. What a glorious feeling it was to me as his incestuous, hot cum filled my tiny pussy. His cum was running out of me as I slammed down so hard, working my little hips to get the last drops of his cum. I had just had my first climax with a cock inside my young pussy and I LOVED IT!

After we finished, daddy told me that he and mom had discussed me. She had told him that she thought I was ready to learn more about sex and that she wanted him to be the teacher. She also told him that she wanted to be there with us as he fucked me for the first time so she could help him out, that she wanted to kiss my young pussy too as he put it in. Daddy told me to be sure and tell her that this was the first time for us and never to mention to her that we had already been fucking each other. I assured him that I would do as he asked. But I am daddy's girl but maybe mom has other plane for me.

I was daddy's girl then and I am his baby girl now, I will always be Daddy's Baby Girl, even if mom joins in.


This story was written by me, a man and does have some truth to it. I hope you had a good time as you read this story and I would love to hear your comments so email me and let me know how you liked it. I would love to hear about you too so email me at and I will answer you.

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Good story about a sleazy old man molesting and photographing his seven year old daughter. I would like to see the pictures of the little kid sucking her daddy's cock. I like how there are elements of truth to this story. Would like to read the next part of this.


Children love attention and so I try to spend as much time as I can with my daughter. I live in a fantasy world ever since my baby came crying because she hurt herself on our backyard playset. I was working in shorts only when she showed me the scrape on her leg. She had to lift her dress up and when I saw her panties stretched half way across her pussy I knew her pussy was still hairless.. I didn't even see the scrape.. I just saw her aroused-pussy.. but the scrape markes were red and must have really hurt her. Mom was out with the car so I carried her to her bed and went to get the Vaseline.

'Maybe we better take your panties off so I can see where to put the medicine.'

She whimpered softly as she told me it really hurt and then without hesitation she pulled her panties down to her knees..

'Just lie back, sweety.'

..and i lifted her legs one by one to remove her panties all the way.

The scrap went up her inner thigh and close to her pussy... and I just stared at her red and puffy labia and the strip of pink.. Her clitoris was swollen and extended... I could see her pussy lips were more than an inch spread open.. It looked like she had been 'riding' the monkey-bar in self-pleasure.. I saw her doing that once before but I thought she was too young to masturbate like that... I knew it must have felt good cuz another time I watched her 'humping' the rug as she watched the TV cartoons.

My baby was learning what felt good to her. She learned that rubbing her pussy was something really satisfying.

I opened the jar of vaseline and scooped out a finger-full.. and then started moving down the scrape and up along the side of her pudendum.. as I lifted her leg she let it fall to the side and now her butt was up in the air and I saw the redness down along her perineum.... I didn't hesitate.. I had to touch her more and so I rubbed... massaged.. that little strip of sensitive skin...

When I heard her 'sigh' it made me feel even more excited... and when her other leg moved up and out I knew she was really enjoying this. Her little ass-hole excaped the damage but just to be sure (and for my own excitement) I ran my finger back and forth across her 'pucker' and then up the full length across her clit.. She sighed again and put her arms around my neck and I bent closer to let her hug me tight ... my finger masturbating her all the time....

I don't know how long I laid beside her but I needed 'relief' really bad and so I did as I had seen her do.. I 'humped' the bed and shot off in my shorts... Jizz leaked out the top of my shorts and my belly was sticky when her hand touched me there...

It's OK, honey... it's just a little Vaseline..

..but she held it to her nose and said it smelled different... I took a finger-full myself and sucked it clean... and she, being curious, took another finger-full and put it in her mouth.... and when I smilled ...'good?'... she smiled also... and so I knew she'd like sucking cock one day...

I live with that fantasy... when I fuck my wife I have to remember not to call her by my daughter's name... and there have been plenty of nights I look at the open bedroom door and think I see her standing there watching her Daddy fuck her Mommy.. Mommy is sure to get my second load when that happens.

Your story inspired me... My daugher is curious and on several occations has climbed in my lap at bed time.... 'Cum tuck me in?' My hand reaches down to lift her up my her ass-cheeks only to find she wears no panties at night... I try to peek in her room to catch her masturbating but no luck so far.. I have seen stains that look like cum in her panties.. It smells like girl-cum.. it tastes like girl-cum... and when I jerk-off into her panties I have to hand-wash them before adding them back in the laundry... Maybe I should start doing the laundry... I'd love to cum all over her pretty things.

Anyway... I really enjoyed your story.. I wear a condom when I read Lolliwood.. My Daughter and Wife are close to my computer... and that's OK. I can look at my sweety as I rub my cock against the desk...




loved your story, very well written.


very hot! cant wait for more


WOW great story, I wish I could see that site with the girls and their daddys.


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Great story! Love to read stories from the little girls point of view. Well written and very hot.


Hot story. He should have made his daughter really suck him off when he had his cock in her mouth and got her liking the taste of sperm. I like how he takes pictures of himself abusing his little girl. I hope the true story had a lot more sex in it, as this is kinda lame just teasing the girl and finally fucking her as she watches daddy do mommy. The story was well-written and I like the action. Perhaps describe the little girl more so you can make your readers hot for her.


Very nice story. More please. Thanks.


Ahhhh sweet memorieso similaar fun loved it
Greg & Brenda


So fucking hot...just what I wanted to do with my step daughter!


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i am an old man and have not cum in two years. I stopped reading and started to masterbate. i have cum twice and I now have an erection again b the way its almost 8 inches. please write more thanks jay

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