Trouble With Internet Chat Rooms, Part 2

[ MMMMf, dog, ape/g, mc, spank, beast ]


Published: 19-Nov-2012

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This fiction. It only happened in my mind and is meant and written for adult entertaiment only.

Finally the bullmastiff withdrew his cock from 9 year old Mandy's cunt. Mandy was on her hands and knees her clit still quivering from her hard fucking she just had from the big dog. She was confused as she had just immensely enjoyed what had happened to her, but felt dirty and confused at the same time.

Mandy then heard Bob say over the computer speakers.

"Wow what a fantastic show bitch. Don't get up I want you to go lick his cock clean then suck it like a lollipop."

"Yuck!" Mandy replied.

"Don't fucking yuck me bitch do, as you are fucking told?" Bob shouted.

Mandy crawled over and started to suck the end of the dogs cock. It wasn't long before the dogs cock emerged from its sheath again filling little Mandy's mouth. Nature took over and the dog this time mounted Mandy from the other end. The dog pumped hard at Mandy's mouth choking as it reached her tonsils. After about five minutes the dog shot his hot doggie sperm into Mandy's mouth. Mandy spat the sperm out on to the floor.

"What the fuck are you doing bitch?" Bob asked. "Don't spit out his cum you meant to swallow it. Lick it up from the floor." Bob ordered.

Mandy crawled over to the cum and licked it up off the floor and swallowed it.

"Have you swallowed it bitch?" Bob asked.

"Yes sir," Mandy replied.

"Open your mouth wide and show me," Bob ordered. Mandy opened her mouth and Bob was satisfied that Mandy had swallowed the cum.

"Good bitch, now I want you to go to the kitchen and get a large carrot," Bob ordered. Mandy stood up and walked to the kitchen. A mixture of dog cum and blood from her hymen being ripped ran down her legs. About five minutes later Mandy arrived back from the kitchen with a large carrot in her hand.

"Very good bitch. Now I want you to shove that carrot up your cunt as far as it will go," Bob told her.

Mandy took the carrot and shoved it up her bald now slightly stretched preteen cunt so just the end was sticking out.

"Good little bitch you are Mandy. Now I want you to rub the dog's cock until it's big again," Bob told Mandy. Mandy reached her hand down and rubbed the dog's cock. After about 2 minutes the dog's cock came out of its sheath. "Okay bitch, I want you to get back on your hands and knees." Bob ordered.

Mandy got down on her hands and knees and the dog went behind the little half naked from the waist down preteen girl. He mounted Mandy and finding her cunt hole blocked his cock found Mandy's little bum hole. Shoving his ten inch thick cock into Mandy's tight little rectum which made Mandy shriek. He began to pump her hard. This hurt Mandy for a while, but she soon started to enjoy the feeling of the dog pumping her small rectum.

The dog pumped his ten inch cock in and out of Mandy's bum hole for about and he started to shoot his hot dog cum once more. This time his cock knotted and locked itself into her tight bum hole. The large gold coloured bullmastiff tried to get off, but alas Mandy and him where locked together. As started to drag her towards the open lounge door Bob shouted.

"Quick bitch grab your mobile." Mandy managed to grab hold of her phone from the coffee table as the dog dragged her into the hall way. Mandy felt the cold air and knew the front door must be open. Someone must have opened it, because she had shut when she had brought the dog back with her.

The dog dragged her out of door down the stairs and Mandy felt the carrot fall out of her cunt hole. He dragged her out onto the pavement and his knot loosened enough for him to get off. The dog swiftly turned around and mounted Mandy again. His ten inch cock this time finding her preteen bald cunt hole unobstructed and he slid it into her cunt. Mandy seemed to be unaware or not bothered by the odd person walking passed as the dog ground his cock in and out of her bald cunt. She felt huge wave after wave of orgasms. She almost missed the video call on her smart phone Samsung Galaxy Ace, but managed to answer it. The phone lying on the floor facing her she finally saw Bobs face. He was smiling at her.

"Are you enjoying the fucking you are getting from the dog bitch?" Bob asked.

"Yes sir," Mandy replied.

"I can see that. It's a great view I got here of his cock going in and out of your cunt," Bob said. "Do you mind him fucking you out on the pavement bitch?" Bob asked.

"I would prefer it be inside, but I don't have much choice at the moment sir," Mandy replied.

"Indeed you don't bitch," Bob said with a grin on his face.

Eventually after another ten minutes of the bullmastiff fucking Mandy very hard indeed he slipped his cock out of Mandy's bald cunt. He got off. Hunger was now his thought, as he ran off home. Mandy slowly got to her feet. There where claps and whistles from a few teenage boys.

"Quick get yourself inside bitch. I don't want any of those little twats fucking my bitch before I do." Bob told her. Mandy ran inside and locked the door. "Fuck me you look a mess bitch. You best go take a shower and clean yourself up. Go take a shower oh and take the webcam with you. We want to watch you having a shower, but not hot we don't want any steam damaging the camera." Bob told her.

Mandy went through to the bathroom took off her shirt and shoes and socks opened the shower door and all the men in Bob's flat watched, as she wet and lathered her naked preteen body. This really made Craig's cock hard and his trouser resembled a tent.

"Shit I'm really looking forward to fucking that lovely bald pussy. Sorry must go to the loo and have a wank." Craig said as he got up to go to the bathroom.

"That's always been your problem Craig. Not very patient. She will be here tomorrow. Oh don't use all the loo paper." Bob said laughing.

Mandy got out the shower. Drying herself off with a large bath towel she walked through to the living room, taking the webcam with her.

"Well that's better a nice clean girl." Bob said. "Lose the towel bitch we want to see your naked body." Bob ordered.

Mandy let the towel fall to the floor.

"So bitch you have been fucked in every orifice of your body." Bob said to Mandy. "Which hole did you least like being fucked in?" Bob asked.

"My bum sir." Mandy replied.

"Okay bitch, if you are very good girl. I will make sure no one fucks you there again. To be honest it was Craig who wanted you fucked there, not me." Bob told her.

"Oh thank you sir." Said Mandy.

"Which is your favourite hole to be fucked in bitch?" Bob asked.

"My cunny sir" Mandy replied pointing to her cunt.

"That's very good because I have a nice surprise for you. Go to the front door and you will find something waiting there for you. Go and get him and bring him back here"

Mandy went to her front door and opened it. There at the door was a fully grown chimpanzees. Mandy already realised what he was for and held out her hand. The chimp put his hand in Mandy's hand and Mandy led him through to the lounge.

"That's Harold the chimp. He is well trained at pleasuring little girls like you bitch and has acted in many movies. I want you to lie on the floor with your legs open and let Harold do want ever he wants." Bob ordered. Mandy lay back on the floor and waited. The chimp approached the naked nine year old girl and with his one hand spread open her bald cunt lips. He then took his other hand and licked his index finger. Then expertly he fingered Mandy's clit round and round in a circle. This quickly sent Mandy into a quivering wreck as her body exploded into massive multiple orgasms. The men all watched Mandy wriggle and squirm on the big television, as she moaned and groaned with delight. The chimp then licked her Mandy's clit which made Mandy's pussy juice gush out making the carpet wet. By now the chimp had a hard on and expertly got on top of Mandy and stuck his cock into her preteen cunt and began to fuck her hard and fast making Mandy shout out.

"Oh my god. Fuck me hard. Wow fucking great." Mandy then exploded into one humongous orgasm as the chimp finally ejaculated his hot cum deep inside her preteen bald cunt.

The chimp got off and Mandy just lay there for a while her cunt still sparkling with waves of mini orgasms.

"Get up bitch and bend over the arm of the sofa. Harold is going to punish your now for being such a disgusting little slag."

Mandy got up and bent over the arm of the sofa. Mandy waited then she felt Harold the chimp's hand come cracking down on her bum which made her kick out and scream. Harold continued to spank Mandy's bum hard until she was until the tears started flowing down Mandy's cheeks.

"Stop now Harold". Bob ordered over the loud speaker. The chimp stopped spanking Mandy.

"Okay bitch go clean your cunt and then go to bed. You got a long day ahead of you tomorrow and I still want you fresh when you arrive at my home." Bob ordered. Mandy got up and was about to leave the room. "Hey bitch you forgotten to say good night nicely." Bob said. Mandy turned around.

"Oh sorry sir. Good night sir. Good night Craig. Good night Mike." Mandy said.

"Come on you can do better than that. At least blow us a kiss." Bob said. Mandy turned and blew three kisses at the webcam. "That's better bitch good night." Mandy goes to the bathroom and washes all the chimps cum out of her bald cunt and then goes to bed.

The next morning Mandy was woken up by her phone ringing. Before she even looked at she knew who it was. Mandy picked up the phone.

"Hello sir." Mandy said answering the phone.

"Come on wakey wake bitch time to get up. It's going to be a busy day for you. Go get yourself some breakfast and be ready to leave by 8.30pm. Clean washed hair brushed teeth brushed, but stay naked do not get dressed." Bob told her.

"Yes sir." Mandy replied.

She got herself up went to the kitchen poured out her favourite breakfast cereal into a bowl covered it with milk. Mandy finished her breakfast went to the toilet had a shower and brushed her teeth and her hair. She got out of the bathroom at eight twenty five am. Five minutes later dead on eight thirty am the doorbell rang. Mandy went to the door and answered it. There was the woman that had pick her up from Harry's Odds & Sods shop.

"Come on Mandy lets go." The woman said taking Mandy by the hand.

Mandy followed the woman down the stairs to large white Ford Transit van. The woman opened the rear doors. Mandy saw what looked like gym horse bolted to the middle of the van floor. On the other side looked like hand clamps and foot clamps to the side looked like whip attached to some kind of arm connected to a red box. It was in fact a robotic spanker made by a company called robospanker.

"Get in there Mandy and bend yourself over the bench place your hands and feet where the clamps are."

Mandy did as she was told and bent over the bench and placed her hands and feet where the clamps were. The driver pushed a button on the dashboard that activated the clamps and Mandy was locked into position. The woman then strapped a dildo to the bench and slipped into Mandy's bald cunt and turned it on. The woman closed the back doors got into the passenger seat activated the robospanker and told the driver to drive on.

Whilst the van was traveling along the robospanker was whipping Mandy naked little white bum harder and harder. She did not know whether to cry or moan and groan as the dildo vibrating in her bald cunt was making cum. After about twenty minutes or so the van stopped. The woman switched off the robospanker and released the clamps on her hands and feet. The woman got into the back of the van unstrapped the dildo and removed it from Mandy's cunt.

"Get up and put your coat on. We don't want to raise too much suspicion." The woman said handing Mandy her coat she had left in the shop the previous day. Mandy got up put on her coat. The woman opened the van door taking Mandy by the hand.

"Come with me Mandy." The woman said. Mandy got out of the van and did not recognise where she was, but there where a row of shops with some flats above them and a second hand car garage on the other side of the road. The woman took Mandy into a shop called "Don's Tattoo Parlour".

Inside the shop there was a row of photos of various tattoos. A man with a bald head and a purple goatee beard covered in tattoos and piercings came out of a room at the sound of the bell.

"For fuck sake Wendy you told me you had a young girl you wanted tattooed I did not realise she was only a child. I thought you meant a teenager." The man said.

"Shut the fuck up Donald, you know I have enough evidence to revoke your tattoo licence for five years for tattooing under eighteen year olds. You will do this or I will start proceedings against you."

The man quickly moved to the shop door locking it and putting the closed sign up.

"Come this way quickly." Donald said to Wendy and Mandy going through the door of the studio. Wendy took Mandy by the hand and led her into the studio where there was a bench like medical bench and the bottles of ink and an electric tattoo needle.

"Take your coat off Mandy and lie on your back over there." Wendy said pointing to the bench. Mandy took off her coat and lay on the bench.

Donald moved over to the bench and looked at the completely naked 9 year old girl lying on his bench.

"You are fucking sick Wendy." Donald said.

"Oh shut the fuck up Donald. Just get on with it." Wendy said aggressively. Donald picked up his tattoo needle and started his work. About an hour later Mandy stood in front of the mirror in the studio and could see the words "My Fuck Hole" tattooed across her stomach and an arrow pointing down to just above her bald cunt. Mandy also looked at the words tattooed across her back saying "Spank me here" with an arrow pointing to her bum.

"Very nice job Donald now keep your mouth shut about this." Wendy said handing Donald a huge amount of fifty pound bank notes. "Put your coat back on Mandy. I'm going to take you to your new home." Mandy put on her coat and they left the shop.

Wendy went to her car that was parked in front of the white van. She unlocked the doors.

"Get in the front seat Mandy." Wendy said. Mandy got into the front passenger seat of the car. Wendy got in the driver seat and set off. After about ten minutes of traveling Wendy headed onto the M4 motorway. About 2 hours later Wendy turned onto a road in Bristol. They stopped at a small modern block of flats. Wendy parked her car. "Come on Mandy lets go meet your master." Mandy gets out the car and follows Wendy to the front door of the block of flats.

Wendy rung the button that said flat 54. "Hello." A voice said over the intercom.

"Hello Bob, I got your delivery here." Wendy said. They heard the electronic door lock release and Wendy pulled the door open. "Go in Mandy, this is where I say good bye." Wendy said. Wendy went inside and found flat 54 and her new sexual partners. That was to be the rest of her life.

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dog lover

Sorry was meant to be Mandy went in and found flat 54. That's what rushing an ending does.


Nice! Somebody who can write in the third person for a change. Keep up the good work.


sorry its just stupid story

dog lover

Everone is entitled to have an opinion lisasdad, but would be nice if you could tell me why you thought it was a stupid story. Oh and there is no need to opolagize.


Is there gonna be another part to this story


It's a charming idea to have the chimp fuck the little girl. I have often thought that would be a delightful sight. It would be nice if three chimps fucked her at once. I'll bet chip dick feels really good to a little girl like her.

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