All In The Family, Part 1

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Published: 22-Mar-2012

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This story contains pedophilia and is a work of fiction. Don't read if you're offended.

Mary Williams had never felt more alone in her life. She just received the news that two of her cousins and two of her friends were pregnant. Although Mary is 27 and has time to have children, she's known since her 6th grade sex education class that she wanted to be a mommy. She wanted to have sperm shoot into her fertile pussy, impregnating her. She couldn't wait to feel the baby sliding out of her pussy. Mary's pussy lips hardened at the thought of pregnancy. She often masturbated to pictures of pregnant women, squirting into her panties. Mary promised herself that she would maximize her fertile years by fucking as much as possible sans protection.

Steven Jones, 28, is a diaper lover. He comes home from work and plays in diapers. He also has a breeding fetish. He wants to breed women, becoming a baby daddy. Steven's cock pops into full erection at the thought of seeing a child on the changing table, sitting in a wet, messy diaper, humiliated by bodily actions.

Mary took her troubles online. She found a few online discussion boards about her troubles. Mary, under the alias babymomma, typed her life away and developed a relationship with alias potentialdaddy, who happened to be Steven. Mary and Steven agreed to meet in person. They met at a local restaurant and spent the evening talking about their ideal love life. The date went so well that they decided on another. After a few months of dating, Steven and Mary decided to get married. Rather than dealing with the formalities, they went to the local courthouse and bought the marriage license.

Mary left her apartment and moved in with Steven. They fucked every day, sometimes multiple times per day. As much as they tried, Mary never became pregnant. She scheduled an appointment with her OB/GYN.

"Remember, do whatever you have to in order to get pregnant," Steven told her before she left.

Mary spent an hour with her OB/GYN, weeping uncontrollably. Sobbing, Mary told her doctor that she and Steven couldn't have a child despite unprotected sex. Her doctor prescribed fertility drugs, which would speed up her ovulation, and could potentially release multiple eggs. Mary drove home and told Steven. She took the medicine for a few weeks (the doctor said it would take a few weeks before she would notice anything). She and Steven began fucking again. Noticing her period was late shortly after fucking Steven, she purchased an EPT. Mary shrieked with ecstasy when the result was positive.

"Dreams do come true," she told Steven with tears flowing down her face.

Mary was so excited she called her friends and family to tell them the news. What she didn't tell them was that he and Steven were using fertility drugs and that they agreed on having seven children, 18 months apart.

Mary and Steven followed all of the cultural norms surrounding pregnancy: she had Steven went to her weekly appointment together; they started a baby registry; they had a baby shower. Finally, after nine months of waiting, Mary's water broke and Steven rushed her to the hospital. She gave birth to a baby girl, Natalie. Though the birthing process was tough, Mary loved it.

Natalie was a blessing for Steven and Mary. They didn't mind the crying, diaper changes, middle-of-the night wakeups, and feeding. As soon as Mary's OB/GYN gave her the okay to resume sex, she fucked Steven every chance they got. They often kept Natalie in bed as they fucked. Sometimes, Natalie was part of their intercourse. Mary would breastfeed her as Steven pushed his cock into her fertile pussy. Like clockwork, Mary missed her period and realized she was pregnant again.

Steven called his brother Jack to see if he would watch Natalie while he and Mary were in the hospital. Jack was a pedophile. Steven told Mary this, and she had no problem with it.

"She's got to learn sometime. She needs to be like her mother," Mary replied.

Steven and Mary dropped Natalie off at Jack's house before heading to the hospital.

"Have fun with her," Steven said.

"Don't worry, I will," replied Jack.

Mary gave birth to a baby boy, Anakin. They decided not to circumcise Anakin. Steven was circumcised, but he resented it. Mary was released from the hospital, and Steven picked up Natalie.

"Did you have fun?" he asked his brother.

"Of course. She drank from my bottle. Her pussy, especially when wet, was a delicious treat."

While Anakin and Natalie grew up, Steven and Mary continued their cycle of fucking and pregnancy. Jack took care of the kids every time Mary gave birth. Steven and Mary incorporated the kids into their sex life. Steven loved diaper changes. He videotaped and photographed the children as they lay on the changing table, humiliated by their bodily actions. Although Anakin and Natalie (and eventually their sisters and brother) were potty trained, Steven paid them to have accidents. He loved watching their white panties/ underwear receive yellow and brown stains. He also paid them to wet the bed. Mary bathed the kids, allowing them to finger her. She also fingered her children.

Steven and Mary had six children, four girls and two boys. Shortly before beginning number seven, Mary asked, "What about plan b?"

She and Steven wanted one child to come from a group orgy. Mary wanted her fertile pussy to be ripped wide open, filled with lots of cum. She wanted at least one BBC so she had a shot at an interracial child. She and Steven agreed that they didn't want a paternity test. They wanted to be surprised when she gave birth. Together they posted messages on Craigslist and other discussion boards. They received a tremendous outpouring, and decided to send the kids to Jack while they made baby seven.

Much to Mary's delight, two black men, one Hispanic and three white men (one of whom was her husband) responded to the messages and arrived at the house one Friday evening.

"The rules are simple," Steven told the group, "cum in her fertile pussy. No protection."

Mary lay on the bed; legs spread wide open as she was fucked. As the men came in her, she came. She knew she was doing something naughty. While Mary and Steven had their orgy, Jack had one with the kids. One week after her orgy, Mary took an EPT, receiving a positive result.

On Anakin's fifth birthday (which happened shortly after Mary's final pregnancy), Steven decided to give him a special birthday present. Steven took his son into the bathroom, rubbed lube onto his rock-hard cock and gave his son a lap ride. Anakin's small, five-year-old ass split into a wide "O' as his father's cock slid in and out. Steven placed a finger into his son's mouth, worming around.

"Daddy, I have to go potty," Anakin said.

"It's okay, buddy. Go in your underwear. If you do, you'll get a special present."

Steven withdrew his cock. He came in his son during the lap ride, so his cock had some leftover cum on it. He pulled Anakin's white underwear up, holding it as tight as possible. The BM had no trouble plopping out of his ass and into his white underwear. A brown stain emerged as the underwear grew.

"Good boy."

Steven massaged his son's ass, smearing the smelly poop around his little uncut cock. He slid the underwear down and took his cock and rubbed it against the poop.

"Lick it"

Anakin licked the poop and leftover cum off his father's cock. His father pulled the underwear back up and led his son to the changing table. He cleaned him up with baby wipes, applied cream to the genitals and put a diaper on his son.

"This is your birthday present. All good little boys stay in diapers," Steven told his son, emphasizing the word "good."

"Yes, daddy. I'll be a good little boy."

Mary also found ways to incorporate the kids into her sex life. She would breast feed two kids and have one lick her pussy. Other times, Steven was given a nipple and milk. She loved lactating. She loved squirting on her children. She loved giving them baths, especially when the kids peed in the tub.

She gave birth to another girl. Much to her delight, her seventh child was the product of her orgy, specifically the BBC part.

As the children grew up, Steven and Mary continued to fuck each other, incorporating the children into their sex life in myriad ways. Natalie was nearing her 13th birthday, starting to blossom into a woman.

"How about we start her off on the right foot?" Mary asked.


"Natalie, come here we want to talk to you," she told her daughter.

"We want to give you a special birthday present. You will take one of these every day," Mary said, handing her daughter the bottle of fertility drugs.

Natalie obliged. She took one pill a day for two weeks. Uncle Jack came over for her birthday.

"Come here," Steven told his daughter, his brother and his oldest son.

They entered his bedroom.

"Everyone strip," Steven said.

Natalie, Steven, Jack undressed. Steven took Anakin's diaper off him (he was 12 and still kept in diapers, and only mommy and daddy could untapped the diapers). "We're giving you a baby," Steven told his daughter, "but you're not going to know whose baby you're having."

Steven, Jack and Anakin all fucked Natalie, who laid on her parents' bed absorbing the cum.

"I've been fucking you since you were born. We're waited thirteen years for this moment," Jack told his niece.

The group got dressed and joined the rest of the family.

"How'd it feel?" her mother asked.

"Wonderful. I never knew daddy loved me so much."

After two weeks, Natalie realized she missed her period. She confronted her mother.

"Take this," she said, handing her daughter an EPT.

"Mommy, it's positive! I'm pregnant!"

"Good girl."

Mary smiled. She told Steven when he came home from work. He smiled, too. They knew the cycle would continue.

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Great Story got me very excited. I wish Steve and Mary were my parents. And the Daiper fetish i love that too Great story.

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