Rachel's Kidnapping

[ inc, pedo, fath/dau, nc ]

by Denial


Published: 25-Nov-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

I'm not sure what to think about my father these days. For the last few months he has seemed to pay more and more attention to me without any real reason. Like right now. I know he's watching me. I can feel his eyes on my ass as I walk from the white sand and into the waves. The water slaps at my thighs, and I know he's watching. I keep going, trying to sort it out.

My name is Rachel and I live in Southern Australia, on the coast near Adelaide. I've lived here with my parents since I was 9. We came from Turkey, but my father is Romanian. I don't have any brothers or sisters.

A small wave of warm, clear water hits my stomach, trying to push me back. I'll walk a little further before I dive in and get my hair wet. I can feel the hot sun on my bare back. I know he's still watching me from the beach.

It's December, six weeks after my 16th birthday. We're on Glenelg beach, just North of Somerton Park. My dad and I drove here after running an errand. I wore my favorite bikini, a high cut, black, two piece. I noticed my father watching my breasts sway and bounce, out of the corner of his eye, as we drove down Brighton Road. I've noticed him stealing glances at me a lot lately.

I dive over a wave and into the water, the sounds of the people around disappear. The underwater world of the ocean gives me a moment of peace. I swim on calmly, my head under water, my black bikini bottom bobbing at the surface as the next wave passes over me. The warm water permeates my skin and relaxes my muscles. I swim out slowly, exposing my head to breathe when necessary, but swimming under the waves. My long, black hair dances behind me.

I really didn't think anything of the added attention until last night. Late, at around midnight, I had come downstairs for a drink. I heard my own voice in the living room and when I looked in, shock froze me in place. My father was sitting in the dark on the couch. He had a light blanket over his lap. His right hand was underneath it, pushing the blanket up. I couldn't move. Then I saw what he was watching on TV. Me!! Well, my birthday party video from last month. I moved across the TV screen wearing my short, red, dress. I was talking to a friend. My father's hand moved up and down slowly under the blanket, his eyes riveted to the screen. I found it hard to breathe all of a sudden, my hand covered my mouth. I should have left, but I didn't. I watched him through the dark room, lit only by my image on the TV as the blanket rose and fell. My dad was breathing heavily. After another few seconds he leaned his head back, eyes closed, and started fisting himself under the huge tent on his lap. I turned and hurried back to my room.

I closed the door quietly and laid down on my bed. My mind spun. The image of my father 'perving' on my birthday video burned into my brain as I laid there in the dark. I knew what he was doing. I wasn't a virgin. Even though I've only had sex once, I have spent my fair share of quality time with naked men. I know what a cock looks like. I know what one tastes like. As a matter of fact, one of my biggest turn-on's is when I'm out on a date, sucking and jacking on a hard cock and the boy is grunting and telling me he's about to cum. I know it's dirty, but I like it when their cum squirts on my face and in my mouth. I don't share my sex (except for that one time - which wasn't very good), but I don't mind sharing my mouth and other parts with the guys I date.

This was different, though. This was my own, balding father pumping his cock while looking at images of ME! My mind visualized the scene under the blanket. I could imagine his hand on his shaft, the long stokes, his head and fist slippery with precum. I felt my nipples harden. I fought to free my mind of the image. I turned my mind everywhere else, anywhere else. I kept thinking, "Oh, my God!"

My body was unmistakably turned on. Not because he was my father, or because I was attracted to him. I don't know why it was. Nervous, sexual energy I guess. One thing about me is that the sexual part of me reacts even when my mind doesn't want it to. I felt the gnawing horniness grow. Later, when my heart had stopped racing, I slipped my fingers under the covers and into my panties. I started lightly rubbing my clit. Before long I was rolling over and reaching for the dildo I keep in my nightstand. I told you I wasn't an innocent. My dildo is my ever-ready companion. Before I drifted off to sleep, he had satisfied me again.

Now I'm out over my head in the surf. I swim strongly a little farther then stop to tread water. My father is a small image on the vast beach. I can't tell if he's looking at me still. I try not to think about it. But, I can't help it. Last night spread light on other curious little things that had happened recently - like my photo album. A few months ago I was looking at my photo album - remembering old times - when I noticed some of my pictures were missing. I flipped back farther and noticed two of the pages stuck together. I pulled them apart and they separated slowly, making the sound of pulling tape apart. There was a sticky line across the page. It took me a moment to realize it was dried cum! I scraped at it with my fingernail. It flaked off. The image entered my mind before I knew it. My father, sitting on the same sofa possibly, thumbing through my pictures with one hand while he massaged his cock in the other. I flicked some more dried cum off the plastic protector. That gnawing feeling returned to my stomach. I started cataloging which pictures were missing. Most were me in bathing suits and other tight clothing. All were recent, since I -shall we say - developed.

I guess you should know what I look like. I'm 5'7", 35CC, 24, 36. I won't tell you my exact weight, but it's a little over 100 pounds. I have long, straight, silky black hair, wide, brown eyes, and - according to the guys I know - a butt that stops traffic. I like to work out - aerobics and light weights. And I love to smile. I wear tight fitting clothes more often than not. I like the wayward glances and outright stares. I guess I like showing off, but if you were in my skin, I think you would too.

My picture discovery made me remember that a pair of my panties recently turned up missing. I don't know if he took them, but I also don't know where they are. And I'm not in the habit of losing clothes.

I start swimming back toward the shore, carried from time to time on the breaking waves. I don't know what I'm going to do, but I'm not the worrying type. The thought of my father sitting in the dark, surrounded by pictures of me while he fingers my silk panties is really sort of flattering. Plus, I have to admit that I have been teasing him a bit lately, rubbing up against him when we hug, brushing him with my tits when I have to squeeze by. It's fun to tease, just to see if I get a reaction.

As I walk the last 50 yards to the beach, the water slowly drops, exposing my wet body to everyone's gaze again - including my dad. I see him looking at me too. And, seeing him laying there sunning himself reminds me that he isn't a bad looking guy. Thirty-six, slightly balding, probably a few pounds over-weight, but solid, strong, tall at 6'1", and very determined. His towel lays draped over his lap and I begin to wonder if he had slid his hand under it while he watched me swim. The beach is crowed and seeing the towel makes me wonder just how far he would go. A tinge of fear sweeps through me, then quickly disappears.

I jog over the sand, feeling my breasts bounce heavily, water still sliding down my tanned, olive skin. I watch him the whole time. He tries to look nonchalant, but I can almost see my dad's mouth go dry. I pick up my towel from beside him and bend over at the waist, drying my hair, still facing him. He tries to look away, but can't. I finish drying off, teasingly. I'm just having a little fun with him, and I notice he isn't the only man watching.

I tell him I'll walk home - our house sits just off the beach - and I bound off. I remember the bikini contest at Heaven II (a club in Adelaide) is tonight. My dad expressly forbid me from going, though. "As long as you live in this house," he said, "you won't be in any bikini contest." I'm hoping the gift I buy him with the $5,000 first prize will keep him from killing me. I feel like I can win. (Everyone thinks I will.) He may never even know about it, but I have to take that chance, because becoming Miss Heaven is my only dream right now. I didn't have long to get ready.

I bounce up the stairs, stripping off my black bikini as I enter the bathroom. I look at myself in the mirror after I drop the wet suit in the sink. How could I not win? Some other girls in the contest may have bigger breasts, but mine are simply gorgeous. Firm, beautifully sized, well separated, slightly upturned and topped by very sensitive red nipples - that are always obviously erect. It's not because I'm horny all the time, they're just sensitive. My tits are another favored place for men to rest their eyes when I'm working at the sports shop in my tight, striped t-shirt. I love my body and the reactions I get. My father is just a man, and every man's eyes travel over my body when they don't think I'm looking.

I turn on the shower and hop in, tilting my head back to rinse the sand from my neck. The hot water pounds my chest, filling the room with steam. Taking the soap I run my slippery hands over my body. My nipples slip under my fingers like rubber bullets. I wash until I'm squeaky clean, shampooing and conditioning my long hair. Then I take the razor, and moving out of the path of the shower, start lathering up my pubic mound. Making sure I have a sharp blade, I slowly shave the short hair from around my compact pussy. I've seen other girls' and although I'm fascinated by how big and wide and full the lips of their pussies are, I always like mine best. It's small, smooth, and - I don't know -contained, I guess. I pull the smooth skin taut and continue shaving, the sharp blade exposing soft, olive skin beneath the foam. Propping my leg up I shave down between my legs, continuing down to my ankles, until I'm as smooth as the day I was born.

I rinse, dry and finish getting ready. In my bedroom I open my bureau and pull, from the back, my outfit for tonight. It's a daring, red, high cut, two piece bikini. I step into the bottoms and pull them up snugly. The thin fabric presses into my freshly shaved mound, slips between my legs and traces a path up the center of my firm ass. It isn't a g-string bikini, but it's close. The back is only a couple of inches wide. Perfect! I slip on the top. It contours my breasts beautifully, cutting low, showing my perfect skin. My nipples poke through providing bulls-eyes for the men. My dad's still not back, I slip out of the house and head for Heaven II.

I can't believe how crowded Heaven II is. The contest allows women 15 to 22 to enter. Most of the teenagers look too green to win, a few of the girls worry me. They're beautiful and sexy. I take a deep breath. It's going to be a long night. As the sun sets, the music thumps louder. Everyone's excitement jumps when the DJ announces the beginning of the contest to see who will be Miss Heaven 1999!! When it's my turn to take the stage, my heart's pounding, but my mind is calm. I can feel sexuality oozing from me. I turn it on and the guys go wild, screaming and whistling. I give them more, turning, bending, pouting my lips, sliding my hands over my exposed skin. I can feel my pussy get wet. I'm horny as hell. I show off my body while I imagine every man in the club fucking my holes. My body burns with the heat of a 400 eyes on me. God, this is fun!!

Then I see one man, not hooting and whistling, not pumping his fist. In the back, near a rail, 6'1", slightly balding, and very angry. It's my father!! Luckily I turn to leave the stage before my face goes four shades of red. I hurry off then stand shaking, trying to breathe, wondering how I'll continue. I never get the chance.

Thirty seconds later I see my father break through the crowd, heading toward me. I can't move, I go numb, it's like an out of body experience. He closes the distance quickly, in long, determined strides. His face is a mask of rage..... and something else. Two steps away I notice his eyes flick down to my nipples as they poke the fabric of my thin suit. Then he grabs my wrist in a steel grip and drags me toward the side exit. I half run, as he yanks me through the door quickly. Terror rises into my chest.

He doesn't slow down outside, storming across the parking lot with me in tow. He opens the passenger door and slings me inside before slamming it and storming around the front bumper to get behind the wheel. He tears out of the parking lot, narrowly missing a man who is heading in. The car bounces as he enters traffic on Burbidge Road. We drive. I hold my breath, waiting for him to start yelling at me. He won't even look at me. His eyes stare ahead, his jaw set, his knuckles white on the steering wheel.

I start to speak, but he thrusts his hand in front of my face, cutting me off, and continues driving toward the coast. Then, all of a sudden, he pulls into a parking lot and over to a pay phone. He gets out quickly, slamming the door. He goes to the phone and dials. I crack the window to hear him.

"Hey honey." he says calmly, he must be talking to mom, "Listen, I just got a call from a man in Ceduna. He wants to buy rugs for a housing development he's building. He wants me to come out and talk to him right away. I'll be gone until at least tomorrow night. Sorry, but I'll be home as soon as I can.... OK.... Yea, it should be a big sale.... OK, I love you... Bye. OH WAIT!... I forgot to tell you that Rach called me (Rach, is his pet name for me). She said she's spending the night with someone, I forgot who. They're going somewhere tomorrow with her family. Anyway, she'll be out too. I guess you have the house all to yourself for a while.... OK.... I have to run. Bye."

Confusion increased my fear. What is he doing? I sit still, waiting, as he climbs back behind the wheel. I want to ask him what's going on, but I don't dare speak.

He continues driving down Burbridge, past the airport. He turns North on the coast road and heads up, past all the beaches to Outer Harbor. I cower in my seat, slightly leaning on the door, watching him, my hands limp in my lap, covering myself. As we head up the coast I notice him glancing over at me. I feel naked under his gaze. It's dark out. It seems as if we're the only two people in the world. He still hasn't said a word, and I'm starting to get more nervous by the minute. I've never seen my dad act this way.

Upon reaching the outer harbor, he stops at a place called Blue Charter. Getting out of the car he says, "Don't move!" and he goes inside. After a few minutes he shows up at the door with another man. The man is pointing him toward a boat tied up at the pier. They shake hands and he comes back to the car. He drives over to the huge parking lot and pulls the car into a spot far away from any other cars, back in the corner, away from the lights of the harbor. He turns off the engine, then the lights. We're engulfed in darkness and silence. I hold my breath, biting my lower lip.

I'm cowering in the corner, frightened. I know my dad is mad, I keep hoping he'll just say something. Yell at me, ground me, something. A long moment passes, he looks like he's thinking, his jaw is still set. Then he takes a deep breath and says very matter of factly, "Are you a virgin, Rach?"

I gasp! I swallow, biting my lip harder. "Dad, I'm sorry I went to the contest. I never..."

He cuts me off. "I ASKED IF YOU'RE A VIRGIN!!" he says with authority.

I lower my head to my chest, tears welling up in my eyes, my throat tight. 'God, I'm in sooo much trouble', I think.

"N.. No, dad, I'm not." and I wait for him to explode.

He doesn't. "How long ago was it?" he asks, quiet again. He's still not looking at me.

"A year or so I guess," I say. "I only did it once and I didn't like it, if that helps."

He turns his head, looking at me. I keep my face down, hands in my lap. "Well, then you're going to have to help me understand how you can get up on a stage in that .... Thing, and show your body off to all the men in Adelaide. I saw you, Rach! I watched you show yourself off. I watched you lick your lips and bend way over, begging everyone to look down your top. I saw you turn and bend over with your legs spread and barely a thread covering you ass. I watched you gyrate your hips and run your hands over your body like you were having sex. But most of all, Rachel, I saw the look in your eyes. The wanton, lust filled look. You don't get that look from having sex once and not liking it! If you don't start telling me the truth right now, you may have to find another family to live with!"

I sat stunned! Another family? Surely he wouldn't kick me out of the house over the bikini contest! I couldn't stand to lose my family. Then, slowly, something started to sink into my mind. Was this just about the contest? I didn't dare ask.

He continued, "You tell me how you can look like a wanton slut?"

I sit, scared to death. My hands were trembling now. My lower lip quivering. I can't bear the thought of losing my family. I decide to tell him the truth. Hopefully it will be enough.

"I... I..." I don't know how to start, so I blurt it out, "I like sex, Dad! I don't go all the way because I'm saving myself now for someone I love and who loves me. But I do other stuff, and I know a lot."

His eyes stay on me, as if seeing me for the first time. I can't look him in the eye. "What 'stuff'?" he asks.

"You know... stuff... necking and touching stuff.. feeling each other... kissing and," I took a deep breath in, "sucking and stuff." The silence was physical.

I let my eyes drift up to look at him. His gaze is focused on my lips as if trying to imagine what they look like with a hard cock in them, pumping in and out. His face is like I've never seen it, the soft fatherly look was gone, replaced by a cruel, almost evil look. His eyes stay focused on my lips as he speaks.

"Tell me what it feels like when you 'suck and stuff'. Tell me about the last time you did it."

"Dad, I can't.." I start, remembering quickly who it was with and how I had an orgasm when he came on my face, calling me a slut.

He cuts me off. "Tell me!"

I start slowly, watching him focus on my lips. I lick them nervously.

"Well... we were, you know, messing around. He was horny. I was horny. We were making out. He had his hands up under my shirt. Under my bra. Feeling my breasts. I reached down and opened his shorts and pulled out his thing... his cock." I decide not to play dumb and to just tell him. "His tongue was in my mouth and I was really getting hot. I wanted to suck him, Dad. I won't lie to you. I like sucking guys off. Well, actually I love it. I love the way they feel in my mouth. I love the taste of them. I love dropping my jaw open and feeling them enter me, all hot and horny. So I did it. I pulled his cock free and lowered my head to his lap. I opened my mouth and I let him push his dick into it. It was hot. Anyway, I sucked and licked on him for a few minutes. Sucking him hard, making him want to cum. I was wet too, Dad. That's what does it for me. I orgasm while I'm giving a guy head. His hands were in my hair pushing me on him while he bucked his hips into me. I was cumming and he was calling me names, like whore and slut. I wanted him to cum, but I wanted him to cum on my face. So I pushed my head up and started jacking him off. It didn't take long, and he came on my face. Then he took me home..."

During the story I had closed my eyes, scared to see my father's reaction. I open them slowly. He's sitting there, staring at my breasts, rubbing himself slowly through his pants. He doesn't even notice me looking at him. He eyes are focused on my breasts. He's even leaning toward me. He seems oblivious to anything other than my bikini top.

Then his free hand comes up, reaching for the fabric between my tits!! I jerk back, but I'm already against the door. His finger hooks the top between my breasts. I twist to open the door and the thin material between the cups snaps. The top falls away, spilling my breasts out in the dark car. Oh My God! I cover them with my arms and stare at my father wildly. His face is awash with a blank, cruel look.

His hand goes to the back of my head, grabbing the thick hair at the base. He pulls my head down toward his lap. He says, "Show me" in a voice I've never heard before. Low, dark, evil. He's pulling me toward his lap.

I release my breasts and plant my hands on his thigh, pushing with all my strength. "No!!" I scream. "Don't!!" My breasts bounce around as I fight to keep my head up, my neck straining against his hand. My eyes wide when I see his free hand unzip his fly, his hand going in, pushing his underwear down, reaching for his dick. I can see the outline of it, hard, against his pants at his thigh. I fight harder. Tears start dropping from my eyes.

"Please, daddy!!" I sob. "Please don't do this!"

He pulls his cock out, large and dark in the moonlit car. Standing up straight, like a tree grew out of his jeans.

He pushes harder on my head. The head of his cock bounces against my cheek. It's hot. He's trying to push his cock in my mouth! Then my arms give out. I collapse, narrowly missing it, my head lands on his thighs, facing It. I'm sobbing, begging, staring at his cock in front of my eyes, unbelieving!

"Oh, God, Daddy." I cry, blubbering, my body shaking from my sobs. "Don't make me do this!"

He can't hear me. He doesn't hear me. The base of his dick in one hand, the base of my neck in the other, he pushes them together. The long shaft presses against my closed mouth. Hot. Tears stream across my face. He pushes harder, lifting my head. Through the fog in my mind I hear him say, "Open your mouth." I do unknowingly. I feel the hard shaft sliding across my mouth as he lifts my head, the end of it getting nearer.

Then it pushes the corner of my mouth from it's path and pops into me. I try to keep my mouth wide open, not letting it touch me, but he forces my head down now, the head of his cock pressing into the back of my mouth. Pushing deeper. I close my lips around it hoping he'll stop. But his thick shaft keeps sliding past my lips, the head pushing into the back of my throat, gagging me, then deeper. It stretches my throat wide, moving farther until my nose is pressed against the rough metal of his zipper. Then he sighs and lightens his grip on my neck.

I pull back, slowly, carefully, feeling the thick shaft slowly pull from my throat. When it finally clears my windpipe I gulp down air coughing and crying around his dick.

Then I hear him say it again in that awful voice, "Show me."

Terrified I close my mouth around him, feeling as if his cock is burning my mouth inside, and I start sucking my father off. I close my eyes, trying to take myself from this place, trying to wake up, but unable. I go into automatic pilot. My lips and tongue know what to do. Having done it before, many times. The feelings were the same. The hard steel shaft with a velvet smooth covering, the softer head pressing against my pallet and tongue. I suck hard, pumping my head up and down slowly, his hand simply guides me now. All of a sudden my nostrils fill with the smell of him and my pussy starts to tingle. I don't want it to, but I can't stop it. I fight to keep from making any noise. I just want to get this over with.

It doesn't take long. I can feel it, like a sixth sense. He starts pumping faster in little strokes. His hand on the back of my smooth neck, starting to tighten. I see his abdomen muscles tighten in front of my eyes. I don't know why, but I know I want to see it. I keep trying to pull my head off, but he won't let me. I have to see it!! I try harder, but he keeps forcing me down. Finally I blurt out, muffled by his cock but understandable, "Let me see you cum!"

His hand leaves my neck and slides down my spine, toward my ass. I pull my head up, my eyes focusing on his angry cock in front of my nose. My hand goes to his thick shaft and starts pumping. I pump my father's cock and I watch it, my face right above it, my mouth open wide.

"You're nothing but a slut!" I hear him say, "A little whore looking for a cum fix. You want me to cum on your face don't you, you slut!"

I didn't know why, I really didn't, but he was right. Once I felt his cum start to rise I didn't care who he was. I had to see it. I had to see him cum and feel it on my face. My pussy starts to gush, sending waves through me. I don't say anything. I just wait for it. He keeps calling me a slut and whore. His voice filled with cruelty.

I wait an instant longer, and then it happens. First a small squirt. I open my mouth wide, crinkling my nose. Then it comes!!! A blast hits me right in my nostril. I squeeze his shaft hard and move a little closer. Then gushing blast after blast pounds the back of my throat and tongue, down across my lower lip and chin. And then it's over. Just that quickly. He sinks back in his seat.

Almost at the same instant I swallow, my pussy still clutching, the tears come again in great heaps, and I collapse on his lap, still holding his wilting cock in my hand. I don't know what to think or do or say, so I cry.

My father doesn't pat me on my head, doesn't comfort me, doesn't say a thing. With me still on his lap, half naked and covered with cum, he starts the car, turns on the headlights and drives down closer to the now deserted pier. I stay on his lap. His hands bump my head as he steers.

He stops in an open slot across from a small cabin cruiser. Pushing my head down toward his knees he gets himself back in his fly. Pulling the keys from the ignition he opens his door. The interior light blinds me. My body is shaken as he gets out. I hear him tell me to cover myself and follow him.

I sit up quickly. Pulling the two halves of my torn top together and holding them with one hand, I scoot out the open driver's door and stumble after him across the pier. He steps onto the cabin cruiser, without turning back to give me a hand. I jump on clumsily, disoriented and off balance because I'm trying to keep my top on. The boat rocks with the small swells.

My dad heads strait for the pilothouse and immediately starts the motor. He steps down, releases the lines and goes back, bringing the boat out gently. I just stand in the center, on the bow, feet apart, staring up at him. Wondering who this man is, but knowing he's my father.

Once we clear the piers he picks up speed. I slowly work my way to the pilothouse to get out of the wind and be close to somebody. Dad doesn't speak, he focuses on his driving. It's only 10:00 at night, but I fall asleep in the chair next to him, my hand dropping from my top.

At midnight I wake up to the sound of an anchor chain sliding over the side of the boat. My dad is dropping anchor. We are somewhere out in the Golf of St. Vincent or maybe even the Southern Ocean. I think I see the dark shape of Kangaroo Island blocking stars off in the distance, but we are, for all intents and purposes, alone on the surface of the sea. All of a sudden I remember the phone call he made to my mom. "You have the house all to yourself for a while..."

I shudder and am instantly wide awake. The first thing that goes through my mind is, "That wasn't a dream."

My father, finished with his task, heads back up to the pilothouse. As he walks past the open door he says, "Follow me!" and continues back into the interior of the cabin cruiser. Pulling my bikini back together I follow, my knees feel like they're made of rubber. I rub my hand across my face, clearing off the caked cum streaks.

I descend a small flight of stairs and come immediately to the berth - a small, bedroom with a low ceiling and bed. My father is inside waiting for me. On shaking legs I enter slowly. Once through the door I notice what looks like a little bathroom with shower off to the right.

My father is sitting on the low, double bed and taking off his shoes. The cruel look in his eyes is joined by unbridled lust. I don't know what to do. I stand at the door holding my bikini top tightly in both hands, shifting nervously.

Once his shoes and socks are removed he stands and passes over to a cabinet. Opening it, he reveals a small bar full of liquor. He takes a bottle and pours two tall glasses. He comes toward me, carrying both.

"Have you ever drank before?" he asks. I nod. "Good, then drink this. You'll need it." Then he drinks his down in a single pass. I stand there shocked. My glass trembling.

Looking over he sees I haven't moved. "Drink It!" he commands. I press the glass against my lips and swallow. It burns my throat, but I continue until the entire tall glass is empty. It tastes like bourbon. It's warmth leaves a trail through me.

Standing at the foot of the bed, my father watches me drink it, and then, with a gesture he calls me over. I move over slowly, my eyes downcast, afraid of what's to come. It doesn't take long. The commands are succinct and forceful.

"Let go of that top."

I look up, my eyes begging. His face shows no mercy. I let go, my hands dropping, hanging at my hips. The bikini again falls open revealing my round, upturned breasts. My nipples, as always, are hard. He stares at them, his shorts growing instantly. He continues staring for a long moment. Then he speaks.

"'No daughter of mine will enter a bikini contest.' That's what I said, isn't it?"

I just nodded dumbly, humiliated by my own body and wishing my nipples weren't hard.

"Well, Rach, my sweet angel, if you want to play the adult, then I'll stop treating you like a child." He pauses for a moment as if finishing the speech in his head and then says, looking up into my eyes, "You can't imagine how long I've wanted this!"

My mouth drops open. What I did was wrong, but this is too much!! "LOOK!" I say "I know what you've been doing at home with my pictures and video and I'm going to tell Moth..."

I never saw it coming. Stars exploded in front of my eyes and the next thing I knew I was on the floor looking up at him. He had slapped me. I can't stop the tears from welling up. I clinch my teeth and swallow hard, trying, but I can feel them flowing down my cheeks. I get up slowly.

The commands continue.

"Take off the top!" I immediately let it drop to the deck, salty tears dropping off my chin and onto my quivering breasts.

"Now the bottom!" I sob as I bend over pushing them down my thighs, my chest burning, shame permeates my body. It takes me a long 30 seconds to stand back up, knowing he's going to see. As soon as my head clears his line of sight, he see it.

My pussy is smooth, bald, hairless. He knows now what kind of a slut I guess I am, with a shaved pussy, that already has a glistening sheen along the slit. I put my hands over my eyes weeping.

I feel his hand touch me between my legs. I gasp from shock. His finger slips into the top of my slit and across the hood of my clit. I keep my eyes covered. I know he feels the wetness. IT'S NOT MY FAULT!! my mind screams. MY BODY JUST DOES THAT!! But I know he doesn't care. He just knows I am wet, and shaved, and beautiful.

Breathless he says, "Take off my shirt, Rach."

I take my hands from my eyes and try to detach myself from my own body as I reach for the buttons of his shirt. His chest is hairy and broad. I push his shirt off his shoulders.

"Now the shorts."

I reach down for his belt as I step a little closer.

"KNEEL!" he commands.

I kneel down. His belt is now directly in front of my face. I reach up and slowly unfasten it. He pulls it from the loops, holding it in his hand. "If you disobey" his eyes say.

I open his shorts and start unzipping his fly. There's no question where his dick is, because it makes a grotesque bulge down the leg of his shorts. I open his fly and push his shorts down. Then, swallowing, I push down his underwear. He steps out of them.

I try to look without seeing, but I cannot. My father stands before me, the dark hair of his broad chest making a 'V' down to his belly button and then spreading out again as it moves around the base of his cock, before engulfing his balls in a furry coat. The tip of his circumcised cock glistens with precum. I can start to feel my head get light from everything; the situation, my nakedness, his powerful body, fear, the liquor. I lick my lips subconsciously.

"Suck it again, Rach - this time in the light!"

Without waiting I reach out and take his balls in one hand and pull his ass toward me with the other. I can suck a man off in 10 seconds flat. With any luck this won't last long. Little did I know.

I suck with abandon, squeezing his hairy balls and pumping my head toward him. He toys with my hair as he lightly grunts and fucks my face. At one point I even take my nipple between my fingers, pinching. My stomach burns. My pussy is dripping. This will be over soon, so I let my body do what it wants.

I've always gotten off on giving head. And, once the liquor took effect, this was no exception. Feeling his cock pound against the back of my throat sends fire through my pussy. Once again I fight to muffle my own cries as my pussy sends out little waves of ecstasy. This time, though, he stops me before I can make him cum.

He pushes my head back. I'm stunned. I look up, my mouth opened, my tongue out. I want him to do it, to jack off and cum on my face again, only this time with me kneeling in front of him! But he doesn't. He just looks down at me smiling. My nipples are extended, my pussy dripping, my mouth open. I'm practically drooling for my dad to cum on me, but he doesn't. Instead he says, "Get up on the bed on your hands and knees."

I sink to the floor, my ass hitting the deck with a light smack. My face drops into my hands. "Can't I just suck you off Daddy? Please? I'm sorry I went to the contest, OK? You can cum on my face. MY GOD, I even WANT you to!!! But don't fuck me Daddy. Don't rape me like that, please," I beg.

His hands reach down and he lifts me and pushes my shoulders toward the low bed behind him. "You're a woman now, remember?" he says in a cruel voice as he pushes me up onto the bed.

"Well, if I'm a woman, I don't have to take this shit!" I scream, jumping from the bed and running for the door. Inside two steps he grabs me by the back of the hair and yanks me toward him. I spin around, our bodies smash into each other. I freeze for an instant and his mouth drops onto mine, forcing his tongue into my mouth. I fight instantly, viciously, slapping at him, trying to kick him or claw him or something, but he pulls my body hard into his, smashing my tingling nipples against his chest. His hot cock burns my stomach where it presses me.

Oh, my, god, his hands are everywhere, pulling me to him. His fingers dig into my ass and he lifts me off the floor, pulling me up his body. My hairless pussy slides up against his hairy thigh, making my stomach burn more. He's sucking the air from my lungs with his mouth. His tongue is exploring every soft corner of my mouth. My body wants to wilt, but I fight it. He pushes his leg up between my thighs and lowers my weight. My clit grinds against his wide hairy thigh, the weight of my body pushing down on it. I cum instantly and unexpectedly, leaving a slippery patch that grows by the second. My strength starts to wane.

He turns, carrying me back over to the bed. He pushes me down onto it on my stomach, my knees near the edge. Then he pulls my hips up even with his pelvis and he thrusts home. He cockhead hits the smooth skin of my asscheek and slides over, feeding him into my small, slippery pussy. The fat head spreads me open and then drives into me, filling me up. I scream with all my might, thrashing my head. The tears come again, but I am helpless. I already feel the heat rising in my belly.

My father thrusts into me deeply emitting great groans of satisfaction with each violation. I'm screaming, almost waling, as my pussy stretches to accept him deeper and deeper with each thrust. The heat is rising to my chest. I can feel my titties flush as it rises toward my neck. Then it starts again. Oh how I wish it would stop. This is what frightened me more than him raping me - my body enjoying it.

A scream of ecstasy escapes my lips. He pounds me harder. My body shakes under the barrage. His heavy balls slap against my inner thighs and clit. I rise up onto my hands, pushing back into him harder with each powerful thrust. I'm moaning now. The cum is rising in me. The orgasm racing from my hot belly to my fiery pussy. I open my mouth.

"Please Daddy, STOP!! OH, please, please, please, please... OH, God, please noooo."

I didn't cum so much as my body wept out of my pussy. It's as if he cleaved me in two inside and every ounce of emotion poured out of me at once, running across his balls and down my thighs. With each thrust after that, my soul spasmed, my heart broke, my father took me as his own. I cried uncontrollably.


Each time he thrust into me I came. Each time I came I cried louder. My mind felt sickened, violated, aghast every time my body reacted to the invasion of my own father's raping cock. Orgasms wracked me. I fought just to breathe between the waves. It seemed to go on forever. He fucked me faster and faster, harder and harder, jolting my body from my ass to my breasts with every stroke. I gasped and came and wept. Then, as his grunting grew their loudest, he pulled his cock from inside me. He reached over, grabbed my arm and spun me around on the bed until I faced him on my hands and knees. His cock and balls were dripping with the cum from deep within my soul.

I was weeping loudly, but I knew what he wanted. He started fisting his huge slimy cock as he pointed it at my face. Tears streaming down my cheeks I opened my mouth wide and put out my tongue, waiting for it.

"That's right!" he said, "You're a good little slut aren't you?"

I nodded slowly, looking up at his face, into his eyes as he came. I never took my eyes off him. His mouth screwed up, his eyes squeezed tight, his face turned red, and then I felt the first hot, stick glob shoot against my cheek. I stayed perfectly still, watching my father's face as he came on me. His cum shot wildly in all directions, leaving at least a dozen thick, white lines across my face and hair. Then he collapsed beside me. I collapsed too, my head hanging off the bed. I don't know which of us passed out first. We slept head to toe, naked, above the blankets, covered in each other's juices.

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s


One of the best stories I've ever read! I'm not into forced sex persay, but this was very detailed, and made me come hard! Great Job!!

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