Coming Home to Emma, Part 2

[ MMFF/gg, inc, pedo ]

Published: 10-Feb-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Early on Saturday morning, Gary quietly opened Emma's bedroom door and sat on the end of her bed. The five-year-old had thrown aside her duvet and so he was able to freely gaze at the loveliness of her unformed body, dressed only in a thin, knee-length nightdress. He slid a hand under the cotton nightie and gently probed her warm, moist vulval slit for a while until she drowsily lifted her head from the pillow and smiled at him.

"Hello, Daddy! I like it when you play with my pussy - it makes me feel all nice and tingly and ... "

"Horny?" suggested Gary playfully.

Emma nodded shyly. A few weeks earlier she would have had no understanding of what her father meant but recent events had taught her much about the nature of sexual love and she had proved to be a fast learner. Only three days ago he had taken her virginity under the lustful eyes of two Child Protection Officers and she was now eager to experience as many varieties of sexual activity as possible.

"I'm pleased to hear it. Russell and Kate are coming this afternoon and you know what that means, don't you?"

Emma giggled and shook her head.

"Yes, you do. It means I'm going to sodomize you, so that you can show them what a good little slut you're becoming. You do know what 'sodomize' means, don't you, sweetie?"

"Yes, course I do. Mummy told me all about it and showed me lots of pictures. You're going to put your big, hard cock in my bottom and squirt lots of your cream into my, into my ... "

"Rectum, sweetie," said Gary, helping her out. "You have the most deliciously fuckable little cunt and I'm sure fucking your tight little asshole is going to give me just as much pleasure. It'll be just as pleasurable for you, Emma, though you may not believe me at first."

"Will it hurt, Daddy?"

"Hopefully not too much, if mummy does a good job of stretching your bumhole before I bugger you."

"Mummy had her finger up my bottom for ages last night while we were watching cartoons on the telly, 'cause my pussy was too sore to play with."

"Are you still sore down there?"

The five-year-old nodded. "A little bit. I can't wait till mummy says it's alright for you to fuck me there again."

"I'm just as eager for her to say the word. I want to try and get a couple of more inches in you next time and give you a good hard pounding!"

Emma's eyes opened wide at this but she only laughed delightedly in response.

"Are you and mummy going to play with Zara when Russell and Kate are here?"

Gary paused for a moment or two before answering. "Why do you say that, sweetie."

"Because last night I heard mummy tell you that she wanted to do sex stuff with Zara, and you said she was a filthy pervert and you loved her for it."

"You weren't supposed to hear that, Emma. Would you be upset if we did do sex stuff, as you put it, with your baby sister?"

The five-year-old shook her head and sat up, taking hold of her father's hand and pulling his finger deeper into her pussy slit. "Can I do naughty things to Zara as well?"

"We'll see about that later, you little perv - for the time being could you please get showered and dressed?"

"Mummy says I've got to wear my little top and short skirt so I look really sexy for Russell and Kate. I like looking sexy!"

"So you should, child. Pretty little girls should always try to dress as provocatively as possible - I think you look really hot in that short skirt and I'm sure Russell and Kate will agree."

- - - - o o O o o - - - -

In the event, not only Russell and Kate appreciated the charms of the scantily-clad five-year-old when she walked into the living-room with her parents later in the day. With them were a young couple, introduced as Nick and Stacey Coleman, who did nothing to hide their admiration of the alluring little girl.

"As you know," said Russell, "Kate and I are here primarily to see if little Emma can submit to being sodomized by her father without it being too much of an ordeal for the sweet little thing."

"However," added Kate, "Gary and Jenny have also expressed their desire to show their love for Emma's baby sister in a sexual way. Nick and Stacey here are clients of ours who have been through the same experience with their own child, Maddie, who's just had her second birthday. That being so, it would seem a good idea for them to share their understanding of the various processes available to parents when they decide to lovingly molest their baby."

"The Colemans' experience," said Russell, "has persuaded Kate and I that allowing you to similarly molest little Zara is a viable proposition. When we came to see Zara yesterday, it was apparent to us that parents with such a strong pedophilic tendency could hardly be expected to leave such an enchanting child unmolested."

"We don't believe," said Kate, "that Zara will be harmed in any way by having a sexually intimate relationship with her parents - indeed we consider that that relationship will be mutually pleasurable if Zara is introduced to sex in a loving and considerate way."

"That is the point, of course," said Russell. "As Child Protection Officers we always put the children we are involved with first. We will always fight against extreme sexual abuse and cruelty, but where we believe a sexual relationship between an adult and child is likely to be a rewarding one for both of them, we will be fully supportive."

Jenny smiled at Stacey, a demure-looking young woman of twenty-two with a slender girlish frame which made her seem even younger than her years. "I take it you're not only attracted to babies, given the way you're looking at Emma."

Stacey blushed becomingly. "Nick and I both love little girls up to the age of about ten, as long as they're still flat-chested. I love little boys as well, though I do prefer girls."

"Could we make a start on opening up Emma's bottom," asked Gary, slightly impatiently, "while we talk about Zara?"

"Certainly," agreed Russell. "I can see you're eager to sodomize her, and who could blame you? No doubt Emma is just as eager to feel daddy's big penis in her lovely little bum."

- - - - o o O o o - - - -

A few minutes later Emma was naked on the sofa, squealing with delight as her mother and Stacey determinedly set about stretching the little girl's anus in preparation for her first experience of anal sex. The two excited women took turns in working their lubricated fingers into the 5-year-old's tight sphincter, encouraging each other to probe as deeply as possible into her rectum.

Gary looked on with keen interest, urging his wife and Stacey to open up Emma's bottom sufficiently for him to get his rapidly-stiffening cock inside her. At the same time he was listening intently to Nick's informed advice as to how he Jenny should set about the molestation of their baby daughter.

"First of all," said Nick, "although what you and your wife are planning to do to little Zara would be considered as perverted acts by the conventionally-minded, and so to be abhorred, I would qualify that opinion by saying that they're gloriously perverted acts, which you should be proud of. Stacey and I love our two-year-old beyond measure and it's because of that that we involve her in sexual activity with us - we can't conceive how love between parent and child can be expressed without a strong sexual element."

"I understand what you're saying" said Gary, "but I suppose my main concern is deciding what sex acts Jenny and I can perform on an eighteen-month old girl without causing her undue distress."

"Undue is the pertinent word. At first you should be content with lots of kissing and fondling, paying particular attention, of course, to Zara's pussy and bottom. Also, you should encourage her to handle your cock and suck on the tip of it. If she enjoys the taste of precum as much as Maddie does, she'll be well on the way to delighting in the experience of being cummed on by daddy."

"I've long fantasized about filling Zara's mouth with cum, but I guess that may be too much to expect of her at first?"

"At that age they tend to choke on it, if you're not careful. With Maddie, I used to cum on her pussy and belly and then scrape it off with a spoon and gradually feed it to her, to get her used to the feel and taste of it in her mouth. That was almost a year ago, though. Nowadays she loves me to give her a good mouth-fucking before I squirt a load of jizz down her throat."

Gary paused for a moment. "I take it that Maddie's mouth is the only hole of hers that you fuck at the moment?"

"Yes, unfortunately, though Stacey and I are actively preparing the little one's pussy and bumhole for the day, hopefully not too distant, when they'll be able to accommodate my prick. It's an important question, though. If you tell yourself that, because Zara is only a baby, you have no intention of your sexual activity with her including vaginal and anal penetration, you're deceiving yourself."

"You do finger-fuck Maddie, though, I imagine?"

"All the time, and I'd suggest you do the same with Zara as soon as possible. She needs to get accustomed to having her tight little babyholes probed by daddy's and mummy's fingers, something which, if she's anything like Maddie, she'll enjoy enormously!"

"I'll go and bring Zara down from her nap, shall I?" suggested Jenny, admiring the reddened, distended anus of her five-year-old daughter, the result of the vigorous finger-fucking it had received. "Keep up the good work, Stacey - the little slut will take as much of that treatment as you care to give her!"

- - - - o o O o o - - - -

Jenny returned a few minutes later with one-year-old Zara in her arms. The sleepy-eyed child smiled happily at everyone, seemingly unconcerned by being the focus of all eyes in the room. She was a flaxen-haired, pretty little girl with vivid blue eyes and a pleasant disposition, looking delightful in a short flowered dress and white leggings.

"Emma!" she giggled, pointing at where her naked five-year-old sister was lying on the sofa, resting between bouts of forceful anus-stretching.

"Yes, it's slutty little Emma," said Jenny, "getting ready for her first ass-fuck. I wonder how long it will be before you're in the same situation?"

"Sooner than you might suspect, I would suggest," said Russell smilingly. "That very agreeable prospect is for a future time, though. For now, I advise a more gentle introduction to sexual play for Zara. Would you like to undress the child, Stacey, and then you and Jenny can give her a kiss and a cuddle before perhaps moving on to acts of a more indecent nature, which she'll hopefully submit to without any fuss."

"If she's anything like her sister, she will," said Jenny. "The more indecent an act is, the more eager Emma is to give it a go!"

"Speaking of which," said Gary, "would you care to have a pretty, five-year-old girl suck on your cock, Nick?"

"What do you think," laughed Nick, glancing hopefully at the previously supine Emma, who was now sitting up with a look of keen expectation on her face.

"Look at the horny little slut!" said Gary. "One minute she's prostrate after having her arsehole given a somewhat vigorous fingering, the next, after the promise of a cock in her mouth, she's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed."

"Get in there, Nick," said Jenny. "Emma's only just learning how to suck cock, but what she lacks in experience she more than makes up for in enthusiasm."

Nick hastily pulled his semi-erect cock from his unzipped fly and offered it to the five-year-old, who promptly took the bloated glans into her mouth and greedily sucked on it. Occasionally she took her lips from the cockhead and circled the tip of her tongue around it, a technique which her father had taught her and which quickly had Nick groaning with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Stacey had briskly undressed baby Zara and was sitting with her in an armchair, fondling her naked body with a thoroughness which soon had the one-year-old gurgling with pleasure. Jenny sat on a stool in front of the chair, joining in the molestation of her baby daughter with a zeal which brought an understanding smile to the lips of the head CPO.

"Take your time, Jenny!" said Russell. "There's no need to try and do everything at once to the little one - the delights of sexually using a baby girl should be appreciated gradually."

"You're right, of course," said Jenny. "It's just that I've so longed for this moment that now it's come, I'm quite overcome with desire for Zara."

"On this occasion, It's extremely important that Kate and I are satisfied that Zara is able to tolerate fingers and tongues exploring her genitals and bottom, without too much discomfort. Perhaps, Stacey, you could gently probe her anus with a fingertip while Jenny licks her pussy?"

"Later on," added Kate, "if they're up to it, we would like the gentlemen to ejaculate on Zara, an experience which hopefully she'll find pleasurable."

"If she reacts positively to being ejaculated on," said Russell, "we can think about how best to get her used to the feel and taste of semen in her mouth."

"Well," said Nick, as Emma continued to suck wetly on his pulsing erection, "I, for one, will be happy to oblige, though it may take me a little time to recover after I've unloaded my balls down this little slut's throat."

"Same here," said Gary. "My load, as you know, is destined for Emma's sexy little ass. Perhaps Russell could help us out, if that's not against professional protocol."

"It most certainly is," laughed Russell, "but if your wife has no objection, it would be an honour for me to ejaculate on such a captivating child."

"No objection at all," said Jenny. "The more of you cum on my baby girl, the happier I'll be. What better sight could a loving mother wish for than that of her naked one-year-old liberally splattered with globs of creamy spunk?"

"I've got the tip of my finger up her ass, now," said Stacey proudly, lifting Zara's legs up so that her bottom could be more clearly displayed.

"So you have," said Jenny appreciatively. "I wondered why she had that funny little smile on her face! You like having Stacey's finger up your bum, don't you, you dirty little slut?"

The one-year-old smiled up at her mother. "Nice, Mama!"

Jenny laughed. "Well, she doesn't have a very extensive vocabulary as yet, but she knows what she likes. Why don't you try and probe her ass a little deeper, Stacey, while I stick my tongue into her juicy little twat?"

She pulled apart the one-year-old's delightfully plump pussy lips, feasting her eyes on the moist pinkness of the inner labia and the tiny opening of her vagina. "It's going to be a lot of fun opening you up for daddy's big cock, you sweet little slut!"

"Try and work the tip of your tongue into Zara's vaginal entrance if you can," suggested Russell, not even attempting now to hide his growing erection. "She may as well start getting used to the idea that from now on her orifices should always be available for the pleasure of the adults in her life."

"Including you and Kate?" asked Gary with a grin.

"If you and your wife wish Kate and I to be intimately involved with Zara, I think I can speak for both of us and say that we would both be delighted to."

Jenny held Zara's legs apart and began to suck noisily on her plump little mound, before thrusting her tongue into the one-year-old's tightly-closed slit, causing her, after initial wide-eyed surprise, to giggle with excited pleasure.

"Could you give Emma's bottom hole a thorough tonguing now, Nick, if you please," said Russell, "ready for the insertion of her father's penis."

"I'm just about to cum in her mouth, if you can hold on a second. Here it comes, Emma, darling!"

With a grunt of satisfaction he spurted several streams of hot spunk between the little girl's parted lips, which she swilled around her mouth before swallowing it with relish and then licking clean his cum-oozing cockhead.

"Let me get to your sweet little asshole now, Emma," said Nick, gesturing for her to re-position herself.

The five-year-old lay back on the sofa, licking her cum-smeared lips, and lifted her legs high and wide, lewdly displaying her pouting pussy lips and dilated arsehole. She pressed her fingers around the pinky-brown sphincter and pulled it as widely open as possible as Nick approached her.

"Her anus is already sufficiently relaxed for her to be sodomized," said Russell, "thanks to the good work of the ladies, so I would ask you to make sure that it's also sufficiently lubricated with your saliva."

Nick nodded his understanding of the CPO's request and promptly set to work on Emma's asshole. After licking thoroughly between her pert little buttocks for a while, he wriggled the tip of his tongue into her sphincter and thrust it in as deeply as possible, feeling the anal ring open slightly under the pressure. He probed the five-year-old's hole with urgent intensity, spitting into it occasionally, until his tongue ached and he decided that his part in the taking of the little girl's anal virginity was done.

"Over to you, Gary," he said. "I reckon you'll be able to get your cock pretty deep into the sexy little whore."

Emma pulled her bum cheeks apart and proudly showed her reddened anus, sticky with saliva, to her father. Gary had already stripped and now knelt before his young daughter and nudged his cockhead into the welcoming embrace of her partly-open sphincter.

"Daddy, fuck my ass now, please," cried the five-year-old eagerly, prompted by memories of the hardcore child porn videos her parents had shown her recently. "Fuck my ass really, really hard!"

Gary was more than willing to satisfy his little girl's desire, but he was aware that her first experience of anal sex needed to be marked by controlled intensity rather than all out forcefulness. Nevertheless, he intended to sodomize her with a good deal of vigour, even if he had to restrain his urge to fully penetrate her.

"Yes, Daddy, yes!" cried Emma, as she felt her anal sphincter forced open by the urgent probing of her father's thick shaft. Being ass-fucked was already proving to be just as sublime an experience as her mother had told her it would be.

"Open up for me, sweetie," said Gary, struggling to penetrate the five-year-old as deeply as he wished. " Try and relax as much as you can and let me into your sexy little ass."

He grunted with the effort of forcing his rock-hard cock into the warm, velvety depths of the moaning Emma's rectum. He wasn't sure if the little girl's moans were the result of her painfully stretched anus or of sexual pleasure - or a mixture of both - but that didn't matter now. He had promised his little girl a good, hard buggering and he was determined to make good that promise.

"Oh, Daddy, Daddy!" moaned the five-year-old. "I can feel more of you inside me now. Push your big cock all the way into my bum!"

Emma's sphincter was at last opening up under the pressure of her father's thrusting cock and her persistent attempts to relax her tight anal ring. Her hand moved to her hot, moist pussy and she rubbed herself feverishly as Gary, with almost five inches embedded in her rectum, proceeded to ass-fuck her with short, stabbing strokes.

"Don't hold back, Gary," said Russell, when the five-year-old began to quietly weep, tears running down her flushed cheeks. "Bugger her hard, just as she begged you to do!"

"Let me do that, darling," said Kate, sitting by Emma's side and energetically masturbating her as Gary pumped his cock even harder and faster into the whimpering child.

"I'm nearly there, honey," said Gary breathlessly. "Daddy's going to fill your gorgeous little ass with his special cream. Are you ready, Emma?"

"Yes, Daddy," cried the tearful five-year-old. "Please fill my bum with lots of your lovely juice!"

With a rapid series of pistoning thrusts, Gary reached a powerful climax and unloaded his cum-heavy balls deep into his little girl's bowels. Emma let out a piercing squeal of pure joy as she felt the hot squirts of semen deep inside her, already yearning for the next time her daddy would sink his engorged cock into her little bottom.

"What a beautiful sight!" said Jenny, as her husband pulled out from their little girl's bottom and his thick, creamy cum began to slowly bubble from her distended anus.

"Let's put that lovely stuff to good use, shall we?" said Kate, looking to her superior for approval. "I'm sure baby Zara would like to become familiar with daddy's semen while the gentlemen are preparing themselves to ejaculate on her."

"Good idea, Kate," said Russell. "Come over here, child, and we'll give your baby sister a taste of what's to come!"

to be continued ...

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Hey David,
You are probably the only writer who runs in the line of depravity as me. For years I've pictured a large room about 20' squared with large platforms around the perimeter. In the center of the room is another large two tier platform. All platforms have a heavy duty quilted mat type surface that is firm but soft to the touch. Amyl Nitrate and 420 would be put into the air vent system. In this room I would find men, women, boys, girls and infants of all ages. I would also add some pregnant girls ready to pop.(and popping) Total play with all bodily fluids including shit and piss. and some young being taught how to fistfuck. total disregard for all size holes everywhere.


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