Pedo Park, Part 2

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Published: 31-Mar-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

What Susan and I saw was a sight that sent our respective minds reeling with true lust! Some twenty yards ahead of where we were standing were two huge oak trees, surrounded by freshly cut grass on all sides of it. Suspended from the sturdy branches of this mammoth tree, tied by heavy ropes at their wrists, were two kids, one boy and one girl, side by side, and totally nude. They both looked to be perhaps 6 or 7 years of age. The girl had soft, long brown hair down to her shoulders, and the boy's hair was the same exact colour, but far shorter. Susan and I quickly figured them to be brother and sister, and we found out a bit later that our assumption was correct.

There was a small crowd of about a dozen adults, and also six or seven children, standing in front of the tree, and two older men, both in their late 50's or early 60's, standing directly behind these two beautiful children. The two elderly men had thick leather brown belts in the right hands and they were busily engaged in providing powerful blows to the two kids bare asses, thighs and backs with terrific force while the many spectators watched with approval.

The two nude brats were getting quite a frenzied whipping and their screams and howls were truly wonderful to hear. Their howls and pleas increased in sound as Susan and I approached the scene closer, and soon we were standing alongside a man of about 40, who was grinning widely as he very slowly stroked his hard cock, which was extended outward from the fly of his trousers.

"Who are the two kids?" I asked him. "And why are they getting such a harsh beating?"

"My son and daughter," he replied with bated breath to me, never taking his eyes off of the tree where they were suspended. "The men whipping them are their two grandfathers. Nice sight, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is indeed," I admitted to him. "How old are they?"

"Nicole is 7 and Nicholas is 8," he responded, breathing even harder now as we watched the one granddad land an especially painful blow on the little girl's cute ass. She wailed out in protest and tears streamed down her pretty face now rapidly.

"Why are they being whipped?" I inquired again.

"Oh, no particular reason, " he moaned, pumping his cock with a bit more enthusiasm, "My dad and father-in-law are pretty sadistic, and they really enjoy whipping and torturing kids that age, so my wife and I go along with it. We feel it is the least we can do to help them have some fun in their old age."

"Makes sense to me, " I agreed. I looked over at Susan and she nodded her head in agreement. She too was enjoying the outdoor show. The whippings went on for another few minutes, then stopped when apparently the two older men had grown too tired to continue. Susan and I looked on as the two kids were cut down from the branches where their little bodies had been swaying. Both Nicole and her brother were marked up quite nicely. We could easily observe welts, cuts and bruises all over both kids backs, asses and legs.

The pair was then laid out on the soft green grass, and Susan and I watched excitedly as several men dropped their pants and shorts and made their way quickly over to the two suffering preteens. It wasn't long at all before sweet little Nicole had her legs parted by a burly gentleman of about 50. He burrowed his was into her tiny cunt with his fat prick and began fucking her hard. Another man, maybe the same age, knelt down by her head and forced his stiff dick into her small mouth and ordered her in no uncertain terms to suck it or else! She did as she was commanded to and let her petite hands raise to caress the man's heavy nut sac as she sucked him off.

Her slightly older brother was flipped rather roughly onto his hands and knees by a teen aged black boy and then savagely fucked up the ass as the crowd cheered madly. Poor Nicholas gave out with a deafening scream of agony when the black teen's cock initially entered his small butt hole. He was fucked very well and very brutally by the black teenager, and after that, still another boy, a white kid of maybe 13 or thereabouts, replaced the black and had a go at Nicholas's ass hole also. Two men knelt down and made Nicholas pump their pricks until both had shot off a tremendous amount of thick cum all over the lad's face and shoulders. Still another man empowered Nicholas to open his mouth and accept a cock to suck upon as he was ruthlessly being ass fucked. Nicholas sucked the man off as best he could under the circumstances.

When Nicole had finished the blow job she then had her cute face sat upon by an extremely lovely girl of about 15. The girl wiggled about playfully on the pre-teen's face, insuring that her teen cunt was licked to her satisfaction.

The father of the two abused brats was still moaning and breathing hard, and still very much pulling on his hard cock as he watched the sexy scene his two kids were involved in with obvious enthrallment.

"Would you like my wife to finish you off?" I asked him.

He turned his head towards Susan and smiled. It was the first time his eyes had shifted from his ravished children.

"Oh, yes!" he wailed, "God, yes! Would she?"

"Suck his cock for him, babe," I said to Susan. "Finish him off."

Susan nodded with a glowing smile, then dropped to her knees before the man. She took his hard dick into her mouth and sucked lavishly on it. It wasn't long at all before the guy was shooting his load down my wife's throat. I watched proudly as Susan swallowed heartily, not missing even one drop of the liquid offering. She then licked the head of his prick clean and rose up. She kissed me flush on the mouth and I could taste the man's cum, which thrilled me in a most perverse manner.

After everyone had had a go at the two kids, their dad asked us if we would like to clean them up. We readily agreed, and Susan and I made our way to where the two preteens were now laying side by side, spent and drenched with cum loads. The girl was on her back, legs still well apart, and her brother was alongside her, but face down.

I took the boy and Susan took the girl. I got down and got busy. I sucked Nicholas's well used ass hole for all I was worth, draining the massive accumulation of cum that was there. I ran my tongue clear up his sexy anal passage and did not stop until I was certain I had successfully removed all of it. I must have devoured at least a pint of mixed sperm from the many males who had just fucked him in the process.

Susan also did a proficient job on little Nicole, licking, kissing and sucking the young slut's cunt hole until she had all the spent semen that was there.

The crowd hooted, whistled, and cheered us on as we did this.

Once I was sure I had all the cum from Nicholas's anus, I flipped him over and began sucking his small cock, much to the onlookers consent. I cupped his delicate balls in my hands as I sucked him off. His cock grew stiff and hot inside my mouth and he rewarded my efforts with a fairly good sized does of his preteen cum, which I swallowed greedily.

The small throng applauded loudly when I at last pulled my mouth from his prick and got up.

The two grandfathers who had whipped the preteen angels approached Susan and me just as we were about to leave that area.

"You two are excellent cleaners," the oldest of the pair said to us.

"Do you have to leave now?"

"Well, we really should be going," I pointed out.

"How about sucking our cocks before you go?" he said in a tone that was more a demand than a request.

I nodded submissively, as did my wife, and soon the two of us were on our knees before the two grandfathers, sucking their sturdy old dicks for them while the people who were still there looked on.

The granddad I was sucking came off first, and I swallowed his load. I really had no choice though since her was holding my head in tow tightly. The second grandfather shot off in my wife's mouth a short minute later, and she too consumed the entire load that he had deposited in her sultry mouth. The two older men wiped their dicks across our faces, then allowed us to rise and leave the area.

On our way out of the park, we caught sight of a group of young black boys, all teenagers, viciously fucking two preteen white girls of maybe 7 and 8 years of age, while the white girls parents looked on breathlessly. We also saw a sailor in uniform having his large cock sucked on by a baby in a stroller, as the baby's parents, in the early twenties, watched proudly.

The final scene we came upon before departing the park's grounds was a very enticing 8 or 9 year old girl, with extra long blond hair, sucking the cock of a park cop on her knees, as a man, obviously her dad, jerked off wildly.

Susan and I talked about what we had seen at the park all the way home, and even after that. We couldn't wait to take Kara and Josh there, but figured it might be best to have Father Mike, the man we had met at Pedo Park, break in our two kids first. He had of course offered to do so, and we thought, therefore, we would take him up on his offer. We felt it would indeed be best if Josh and Kara were broken in by Father Mike and had some experience prior to subjecting them to the antics that took place at Pedo Park. So, that is what we did.

I telephoned the holy man the very next day and made the necessary arrangements. He seemed truly delighted and pleased to hear from me, too. He instructed me to bring both kids to his rectory that Friday at 5 p.m. and said he would bring them back Sunday evening to our home.

I dropped the children off at 5 p,m, sharp, not telling them in any way what was going to happen. I merely informed them that they would be spending the weekend with a "new friend' of ours. I gave Father Mike our home address and telephone number, then left his rectory.

Needless to say, Susan and I spent the next 48 hours in a most nervous and restless state. We had no idea how things were going with our two beautiful offsprings. Were things going well with Father Mike or were they not? We had no idea! The anticipation and anxiety was overwhelming for us both!

It was close to 6 p,m, Sunday night when our door bell rang. Both Susan and I raced for the door. It was Susan who got there first and opened it. There stood our two kids, smiling brightly, with Father Mike in the middle, holding their hands. He smiled at us broadly and warmly.

"Come in, Come in," Susan said excitedly.

We tried to act nonchalant but it was difficult. Father Mike sat on the sofa, with Kara and Josh on either side of him, and Susan and I sat opposite the sofa in our lounge chairs.

Susan got up and fetched some wine for herself, me, and Father Mike from the kitchen, and she got sodas for the kids.

"How ... how did it go?" I finally gathered the courage to ask.

"Very well, " Father Mike replied, with a huge smile.

"Are they ... broken in?" I managed to sputter.

"Oh yes, " he said quickly, then took a sip of his wine. "Very much so, " he added.

He then placed his wine glass atop the coffee table and looked over at Kara.

"Kara," he said boldly, "stand up, lift the hem of your pretty dress, and show your mommy and daddy your cunt."

Kara immediately did as she was told by Father Mike. She hiked her dress clear up to hear waist and her precious bald cunt was visible to my wife and I.

"She ... she's not wearing any panties," I said.

Father Mike laughed.

"No, she's not, " he confirmed. "I kept them in my office at the rectory as a souvenir after I deflowered her."

"So ... so, you did fuck her then, yes?" I asked in an excited voice.

"Of course," he chuckled. "Several times, in fact. And so did my assistant, Father Serge."

Kara was still holding her dress in place, and the sight of her adorable hairless pussy was causing my cock to rise to hardness in my pants!

Father Mike then pointed to Kara's pussy and said to her, "Kara, what is that you have there? Tell you mommy and daddy what that is?" "That is my cunt!" she said loudly.

"And what else is it called, honey?" Father Mike asked her.

"It is my cunt, my pussy, my twat, my snatch, my fuck hole, my slit, my piss hole ...."

"Okay, sweetie, that's enough, " Father Mike cut her off. "Now turn around and show your folks your back side."

Kara twirled around, still hold her dress up, until her inviting ass came into our view.

Father Mike reached out and touched her ass cheeks.

"And what is this, slut girl?" he asked her.

"That is my ass," she said proudly.

The holy man then wedged a finger between her cheeks, slightly parting her ass nicely.

"And how about this, you little whore?" he inquired.

"That's my ass hole, " she giggled.

"Very good, " he said. "You may turn around now, Kara."

My wife and I just sat in our chairs, quite mesmerized.

Father Mike then pointed to her cute little cunt.

"Tell your mommy and daddy what this is used for, Kara," he said to our little angel.

"It is used for pissing, and also for when dirty boys or men want to fuck me there," she replied matter-of-factly.

"Very good," Father Mike said. "And what about that cute ass of your's, you little bitch? What is it used for?"

"For when I have to shit, but also dirty boys and men can fuck me there too, if they want to," she replied dutifully.

He then pointed to her sweet tiny mouth.

"And what about your mouth, Kara?" he asked. "what is it for?"

"Well, for sucking cocks and licking cunts," she said with a big sigh.

"And what else?" he inquired.

"Uh .. for, for drinking cum when the cocks shoot their gooey stuff in my mouth like you and Father Serge did," she expounded softly.

"And what else?" he demanded.

"Uh .. mmm, I forget, Father Mike, " she whimpered.

Father Mike's hand rose and slapped her swiftly across the face. I wanted to say something but figured it best not to interfere.

Kara started to cry from the slap he had just given her..

"Stop your crying, you slut cunt, and tell us what else your mouth is for!" he demanded in a rough voice.

There was silence for a moment except for Kara's sobbing, then she finally stopped crying.

"Oh, for when people want to piss there!" she said aloud.

"That's correct, " Father Mike said, now patting her on the head.

Kara smiled through her tears, obviously happy she had finally remembered what else her sweet mouth was to be used for from now on.

"Now, go up to your room, Kara," Father Mike instructed her. "I want you to wash your pretty face, put on a pair of cute panties, and come back down here."

"Yes, Father Mike" she said obediently, and headed up the stairs to her room.

"Okay, slut boy," Father Mike said as he turned towards Josh.

"It's your turn now. Get up and strip naked, boy."

"Yes, sir," Josh replied quickly, standing up and beginning to undress.

As our son was disrobing, Father Mike explained to Susan and me that our son had been ass fucked by both he and Father Serge, and that he had also licked their nuts and ass holes while they had fucked our young daughter. He said too that both Josh and Kara had sucked their cocks and both had been taught to lick and suck pussy also. He explained that both kids had licked and sucked the cunts of a few of the holy nuns over the past two days, and had learned to lick spent cum from those cunts, too. He went on to inform us that Kara and Josh had also been used as toilets while in his care, and that both can now drink piss and eat shit rather well. Both Susan and I informed Father Mike that we were amazed at the progress he had made with Kara and Josh in such a short period of time.

Once Josh was naked, Father Mike toyed with our son's cock and balls until Josh became erect. He then stood up, and made Josh unzip his pants and extract his long, thick fuck pole.

"Suck it, Josh," he demanded. "Show your parents what a good cock sucker you have become."

Josh wasted no time engulfing the holy cock inside the warm confines of his little mouth, and Susan and I watched in awe as our six year old son sucked avidly on the old pervert's lengthy prick.

"Get it all, Josh, you cock loving slut boy!" Father Mike bellowed. "Show your perverted parents what a bitch boy they have in you! Play with my balls too, like I taught you to, you little fuck toy!"

Watching our preteen son suck this old fucker's prick caused me to unzip my pants and pull out my now fully rigid rod. I stroked it slowly as Josh sucked lavishly on Father Mike's big cock. My wife Susan began to moan seductively, and I saw her left hand go inside her panties, once she had hiked up her mini-skirt.

"Is .. is he sucking you good, Father Mike?" my wife asked him in a breathless tone.

"Oh, yeah, " Father Mike proclaimed. "Your son is one gifted cock sucker, honey. That's for sure! The men at Pedo Park will love him, and so will the black boys."

"Mmmm ... " my wife sighed in reply, now fingering her wet cunt as we watched Josh sucking cock.

"Suck him good, son!" I shouted out. "Suck his cock good!"

Josh slurped away with added vigor, perhaps encouraged by my words, knowing that his own daddy was in favor of him sucking cocks.

Just then our sexy five year old daughter came bouncing down the stairs. Father Mike spotted her first.

"Get over here, bitch slut, and lick my ass hole while your cock loving brother sucks my dick!" he exclaimed.

Kara obediently complied with his demand, and Susan and I groaned and gasped aloud when we saw our little cutie licking the hairy ass of this old lecher, while her brother sucked his prick.

Father Mike reached back with one fat hand and held Kar's smallish head to his sweaty ass, while with his other hand he pulled Josh's head flush against his prick.

"Your two little sluts are doing a fabulous job on my cock and ass," he announced to me and Susan, looking at us and grinning wickedly. "You will be proud to take them to Pedo Park, that's for sure!"

We just nodded in agreement, as we masturbated.

Father Mike ejected a fierce load down Josh's throat, locking his head in place so that our son could not possibly avoid the receiving of all of his cum. He them ordered both kids to lick and kiss his ass, balls and cock head before releasing the pair.

Awhile later, after Father Mike had pissed in Kara's mouth and let us watch, he then shit of Josh's face. He then had Susan and I hold Kara's spindly legs apart as he ripped off her panties, then had us hold her legs again while he fucked her tiny twat on our dining room table. He made Joshn insert his huge prick in Kara's cunny, then ordered Josh to lick his balls and anus while he callously fucked her bald cunt. Susan and I held Kara's legs widely apart for him as he screwed her magnificently. Father Mike gave me the honor of licking his cum from my now slut daughter's well fucked pussy, and I loved doing it so much that I came involuntarily while performing the task.

Before leaving that night, Father Mike gave both Kara and Josh a marvelous beating with his belt, and informed us that he would see us gain soon at Pedo Park. We now could not wait to take the kids there!

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