Summer Camp For Bad Girls

[ MMFF/ggg, anal, finger, photo, oral, spank ]

by Corn53

Published: 13-Apr-2011

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Dear Reader, Thank you for enjoying a vicarious adventure with me. If you enjoyed the story, please send me a note. Also, please share any fantasies, memories, suggestions, etc. It's how I get material for new stories. And of course, there is no way for me to verify if something actually happened or if it is pure fantasy. I'm not seeking any themes that involve violence, although mild coercion may be OK, as the naive, curious, protagonist progresses through her adventure. I'm not advocating doing any of these things with minors, although role play with consenting adults could be fun. The reason that many of my fantasy stories involve younger characters is that they are so curious about their own, budding sexuality, and they are easily seduced with compliments or 'stuff,' that is promised to them. The character is led through little steps and soon gets into very compromising situations.

Getting Chosen For Camp

There were thirty of us girls, from what they call "rough parts" of town. Actually we were from different cities - all within two hundred miles of Baltimore. The counselors were all girls, too, about college age, but I think most of them were from the rough parts of their towns, too, because they talked like us. They didn't have many tattoos though, like the girls that age who lived in my trailer park.

My Mom said I had to go, because a friend of the judge talked to her about me. I had been in trouble for skipping school and shoplifting, and then got caught with a friend spraying paint on the school. The lady who talked with Mom told her that I could go to camp free and would get tutoring to help me do good in school, and if I did good in camp then my Mom would get six hundred dollars this summer, maybe more, and that I might be selected to be in one of their weekly tutoring programs during the school year next year, and that I would also be gone one weekend night each month, like for a Friday night and most of Saturday, for like tutoring and to help them with projects. She said if I did good in the program, we would be able to move to a nicer place and I would go to a different school and that they would help her get a better job after we moved, too.

The lady told my Mom that if I followed directions at the weekend tutoring sessions, then my Mom would get a hundred dollars for each weekend I was gone, plus tips if I did a good job helping them with their projects and if I got good grades in school. She told Mom that maybe there would be other field trips I could go on with their group and she would get a stipend for every field trip. A 'stipend' means Mom would get money to make up for me being gone since I couldn't help her around the house. Mom told me to do everything they said and I would be such a big help and I was getting to be a big girl, and things like that.

And the lady told Mom that when I got a little older, like ten or eleven, I might stay until Sunday afternoon and then Mom would get two hundred dollars if I was gone two nights in a row for a tutoring field trip, and some months it might be two different weekends. It was some kind of special opportunity for selected 'at-risk' kids, but one of the requirements was to not talk about it with other kids or parents, or anybody, because they only had spots for a few kids since they were just testing the idea, and I was one of the students they picked. I remember when I met the lady before I was selected for sure, and she took pictures of me and had a private interview with me while my Mom went to the store with some money the lady gave her. The lady asked me all sorts of embarrassing, nosey questions while she took pictures of me.

Before I met that lady, I came in our trailer and Mom had an envelope in her hand and was smiling as she looked in it. She introduced me to Ms. Sparkle and said, "You do everything she tells you, and let her ask you questions about everything. Give her honest answers, Nancy, and let her take pictures. Do everything she says and this is our secret. Nobody else will see the pictures except some of the camp directors or sponsors, so do whatever she says. This will be a big help and it will help you do good in school, too, and you'll get to go to summer camp and be in plays and do acting practice, and go swimming, and boating, and having parties, and things like that. Do everything she says." Then Mom left.

Ms. Sparkle seemed especially interested to know if I could keep secrets, even from my mother. After I assured her that I could, she told me I would probably be selected for sure and she said I should undress and let her take more pictures of me, and let her get my measurements for some special camp costumes. So I think that is why I got picked, and I didn't tell Mom about those embarrassing pictures or about being measured. She kept taking pictures while I got undressed and then she had me pose in funny positions, like to show how limber I was and doing handstands, or the splits, or backbends and things like that. I liked showing people how limber I am, but it was embarrassing to get in those positions when I didn't have any clothes on! I had to tell the lady about some games I had played with a neighbor man the year before - before the man moved away, and she wanted to know if I was still a virgin, but said it was OK either way. Ms. Sparkle said that even some of the 8 year old campers are not virgins. But she seemed glad I was still a virgin even though I had been touched and fingered and that I had seen a man squirt his cum out. She laughed when I told her how it squirted out all over me, and she confided that it had happened to her, too, lots of times, when she had been about my age or maybe even younger. She promised me that my secrets were safe with her and that the man wouldn't get in trouble. When she was taking pictures and measuring me after our talk she asked if she could slip a finger up me to see how tight I was and to prove that I was still a virgin, and that then I would be guaranteed one of the high-paying camperships.

Ms. Sparkle said, "All the girls' Moms get nice stipends. But some of the cutest and most cooperative campers get even more, especially the virgins. I'm sure you could be one of those, Nancy, since you are already doing good at telling me things, and posing for pictures like this, you know, with your legs spread wide apart so I can see how limber you are. Now if you let me finger you, I can guarantee that both you and your mother will get even more money, and you'll have a great time in camp. Lie back again and open your legs for me if you want to be in our advanced group. Good girl."

So I laid back and spread my legs for her. She took a few more pictures, like close-ups of my open pussy, and then she pushed a finger all the way up my pussy. Her finger felt pretty tight, and I was surprised that I was so wet with a woman taking pictures and touching me. That man used to tell me he liked it that my pussy was 'extra juicy,' was how he said it. She said my pussy was nice and tight, but that since I was so wet it wouldn't hurt. She had to push her finger in me five times to make sure. She smelled her finger and said I was clean and fresh and as tight as a virgin should be, so I would definitely be picked for the advanced program. She said other people would examine me, too, when I got to camp. "You have a very pretty, plump and almost bald pussy that gets very wet when you're excited. You did good posing for the pictures and can really spread your legs wide apart. I'm sure the counselors and instructors will love you, Nancy. And I'm sure you'll have a great time in camp!"

When my Mom got back, Ms. Sparkle told her that I had been selected for sure, and then she gave Mom another envelope with "a little something" for letting me attend the camp and the extra tutoring, and for the way she encouraged me to be so cooperative. I didn't know what was in the envelope and Mom wouldn't tell me and she said not to ask her again, and not to talk about camp with anybody and that she wasn't going to ask me questions either. I could tell she was happy to get whatever was in the envelopes and she was really glad I had been accepted into the program.

Ms. Sparkle said, "When Nancy gets a little older, because she's such a cute little blonde, you'll have older boys start hanging around, and our program will keep her busy and out of that kind of trouble, too. We teach the girls how to deal with those situations so they won't get in trouble, or anything like that."

My Mom nodded. She said, "I know what you mean. It happened to me when I was her age. I want Nancy to stay a 'good girl' as long as she can. Time enough for those things later."

"Our camp and tutoring program will keep her out of those kinds of temptations. We want Nancy to remain a virgin at least until she's twelve or thirteen."

Mom surprised me. She said, "Good. I wish I could have stayed a virgin until I was twelve, or at least ten. I'm glad she will be going to your camp and getting the extra tutoring all year. She's such a pretty girl. I don't want her doing those kinds of things with boys until she's at least in Junior High."

"We'll teach her how to be safe, and also how she can do fun things without getting into trouble or getting a bad reputation with boys. Maybe in a year or so a little battery toy would help her keep the boys off her mind so she can concentrate on her school work easier."

"Yes, that would be a good idea. I'll let you teach her those things. I didn't know how to talk about it. Thank you." That night she took me out for pizza and we went to the thrift store and she bought clothes for me to wear to camp. Then we went to a real store and she bought me some fancy panties.

Three weeks later they picked me up for camp. I was sitting in the front seat of the van and heard Ms. Ginny, who was the Camp Director, talking with one of the Moms waiting in a parking lot near a public housing project. We were in a plain, white van without any words painted on the sides. I didn't know the three other girls in the van. Ms. Ginny told that Mom that the program would last six weeks and we would learn new skills and get tutoring for school stuff, while we were at camp which might help keep us out of trouble with the courts. She told her that they had developed a few friends in the court system and that's why her daughter was referred and then selected for the camp program. She said that they didn't have to pay to send us to camp because we all had sponsors, like it said in the phone calls that all the moms got. Ms. Ginny said, "In fact, if your daughter does a good job with her chores and the vocational skills, and if you can keep our program a secret, then each of you Moms will get a hundred dollars a week stipend while their daughters were in camp this summer. That means each of you Moms will get 600 dollars cash at the end of the camp session if your daughter is cooperative and helps out at the camp. And some of the girls may do additional things to earn money and you'll get bonuses for that, too. And if your daughter is selected to go on any of the special field trips, then you'll get another nice bonus because she would be helping out some of the camp sponsors." I saw Ms. Ginny hand the girl's Mom an envelope, and whisper something to her, but I couldn't tell what she said and I don't know what was in the envelope. The Mom smiled and scooted her daughter, who looked younger than me, into the van. She said, "Do everything they tell you!"

It looked to me like all the girls selected to take part in the camp were between eight and twelve or thirteen years old, and that we all lived in what Ms. Ginny called "at risk" neighborhoods. I wasn't sure what that meant, except it probably meant we were at risk of getting in more trouble with the law somehow. I was surprised that all of us girls were white, and the other girls were cute, too. None of us was fat like some of my friends. Ms. Ginny was pretty, with short, dark hair and a trim, athletic look, like a gym teacher. I guess she was about thirty or forty. She told one of the Moms that the girls would do lots of team building activities.

There were six girls and two counselors in our bunk cabin - barracks, as we called them that first day. All the girls in our cabin were nine years old. Each building was named after a different kind of tree. I was in the nine year old group in the Osage Orange cabin. Besides studying math and reading in our morning class, we were supposed to learn about trees, boats, swimming, animals, doing chores, building campfires, making craft projects, and things like that. It sounded like fun, and the other girls seemed nice.

We all giggled when we had to kiss each other. Our counselors were nice, and they kissed each of us, too. We had to practice kissing each other before we went to dinner that first night. We introduced ourselves and then kissed each other in pairs. We kept doing that until we had kissed everybody in our cabin. The counselors didn't mind that we kept laughing, because they kept laughing, too, and said we would have lots of fun.

Feeding Our Partner At Dinner And A Girl Gets Spanked

After kissing all our cabin mates, we did more team-building games that first night at dinner. Each of the cabins sat at their own table in the big lodge, which was also the dining room and recreation room. We each had a partner and we weren't allowed to feed ourselves. The six of us nine year olds and our two counselors were at my table. At the eight year old girls' cabin, there were only four girls and the two counselors. The ten year old table had eight girls sitting there. There were six eleven year olds and six twelve year olds. Our partner had to feed us. It was kind of funny, and also pretty messy, but we got better with practice. Our two counselors - Gina and Mary had to feed each other, too. We were laughing a lot. Ms. Ginny didn't seem upset by the noise or the mess. She laughed along with us. One of the counselors was like a photographer and she was going around taking pictures of us while we tried to feed each other. Then we used bananas for more practice. I had to peel the banana half way back and then let Sandy lick it and suck on it, to see how much flavor she could get without actually biting it. The photographer counselor got lots and lots of pictures, and we had to change the position of the banana while our partner kept licking and sucking on it. We were really laughing, too.

Then Ms. Ginny clicked on the microphone and talked to us and we all had to be quiet. She said, "Now you can see why we didn't give out your T-shirts yet!" We all laughed. "Each cabin will get a different color T-shirt for you to wear here at camp. The eight year olds are pink, the nine year olds are yellow, the ten year olds are lime green, the eleven year olds are red, and the twelve year olds are purple."

One girl at another table kept talking and she was taken out on the porch by her counselors and we heard her get a spanking. I heard her counselor say, "Pull 'em down! All the way. Now take them off. Put your feet apart and hold your ankles." Then we all heard several smacks. It got real quiet in our dining room and I think everybody was listening to the spankings, even Ms. Ginny.

Ms. Ginny said on the microphone, "It's OK, Girls. Nobody will get spanked too hard. It's part of our discipline here at camp. I bet every one of you will get spanked at least a few times while you're here, and it's OK. Sometimes it's just for practice to see how good you are at following directions, even though you are doing everything right. The spankings won't hurt, and I bet...." It got real quiet while we waited for her to explain what she was talking about. Then Ms. Ginny smiled and said, "And sometimes you'll get a spanking as a reward. We'll explain more as we go. Like tonight, for instance, you learned to feed your partner. We have other trust-building strategies we'll be teaching you, too. Everybody here will have a good time and you will learn to trust yourself and each other. And you'll learn to keep our camp secrets. Sometimes we'll let you see things, or hear things, but you should pretend you don't notice anything unusual, even though you are allowed to watch anything you see going on. Just do your jobs and mind your own business. You'll learn more as we go.

"Tonight there will be two girls from each table who will clean up the table and two other girls to wash dishes and help in the kitchen. We'll all have jobs here at camp. And I wash dishes sometimes, too. Your mothers know this and it's partly why you get to come to camp for six weeks and it doesn't cost your family anything. Some of you will get to go on little trips - maybe overnight, or maybe longer, but it's all our own business and nobody outside of our camp needs to ever know about some of the things we do here. Not your Mothers, not your friends, and not your teachers, or anybody else. This is all part of our trust-building. You can talk about swimming, crafts, tutoring, paddling our canoes, but not paddling your bottoms..." Ginny laughed, and then we all laughed, too, before Ms. Ginny continued, "And some of the things like that, but not about most of our activities. You'll all catch on. All of you will know just what you can talk about and what you can't talk about with anyone outside of our camp. And you will each send a letter home each week, telling your Moms about the crafts and tutoring and you'll tell her that sometimes you do extra things like washing dishes. And I will include a note with a checklist of the extra things we can talk about, and some 'extra money' for your mother if you have done a good job in our private things. You'll all catch on. This will be fun and you will learn a lot. And I also hope each of you will do better in school next year, and you will get tutored on school work every weekday here at camp, and even once a week when you get back home. And be extra nice to your tutors, not just with the school work. We want you to get good grades and stay out of trouble so your Moms will let you keep participating in our program. In fact, most of our counselors started off not too many years ago as campers themselves." The counselors clapped when she said that. They were all smiling.

While Ms. Ginny was talking in the microphone, we could still hear the spankings outside on the covered porch, but the spankings were not continuous. There would be long breaks between the smacks. Then Ms. Ginny said, "Bring Rachel back in now."

We all looked over to the door as the counselors led Rachel back in. Rachel was carrying her shorts and panties in her hand. She was smiling and blushing as she and the counselor walked up to stand next to Ms. Ginny. Ms. Ginny said, "Rachel was helping us with a demonstration. She wasn't spanked very hard, just hard enough so all of you could hear it. I told her before dinner to keep talking and making noise when I started talking. You'll see and hear lots of spankings here at camp, and sometimes it's for real and but usually it's just pretending - like spanking for fun. You just mind your own business and don't interfere, but it is OK to watch. You need to get used to following directions and doing things while other campers, counselors, or sponsors are watching, and even if there are cameras aimed at you. Just carry on with what you're doing and don't pay any attention to the cameras or people watching you. We can all trust each other here. Rachel and a few other girls were here last year, but most of you are first time campers. This week you will sit at your table with your cabin mates. Starting in a week or so, you will be moving around - to other cabins, other tables, other activity groups, and on little trips - so that you will all get to know and trust each other."

Ms. Ginny had Rachel turn around so we could all see her bottom. She was blond and had a nice tan, and we could see that the backs of her butt cheeks were reddish where she got spanked. She already had tan lines from her two-piece swimming suit. Then Ms. Ginny had Rachel turn back around to face us. Rachel must have been eleven or twelve and was just starting to get blond pubic hair, but it was just like a little, thin bush above her crack. Her lips were still bald, just like mine. I would have been embarrassed to stand there in front of everybody, just holding my shorts and panties in one hand, but Rachel was just standing there, almost like she was showing off, like she wanted all of us to look at her bare pussy. I felt a tingle zing through my own pussy just thinking about standing up there like that.

Ms. Ginny put her hand on Rachel's back and pulled her right beside her, so her arm was around Rachel's shoulders. Ms. Ginny wasn't real big, but Rachel just came up to Ms. Ginny's neck. Ms. Ginny said, "Rachel volunteered for the assignment to get spanked and to be part of the demonstration. In a few minutes..."

One of the counselors, sitting at the table by the stage, took a picture, and then another, as Ms. Ginny stood there with her arm around Rachel's shoulders. She had Rachel turn around and bend over so the counselor could get a picture of Rachel's bottom with the red spanking marks. Rachel had to bend over with her feet apart and hold her ankles for a more pictures. It got real quiet in the lodge while Adrian took the pictures. We were all staring at Rachel's bottom. We could see her bald pussy lips from behind.

Ms. Ginny said, "Thanks, Adrian. Adrian is one of our camp photographers and she'll be taking lots of pictures and video. And some of them are very private, like the pictures she just took of Rachel while Rachel wasn't wearing her pants or panties. That's part of the "obedience-training" - to let Adrian or one of the other counselors take pictures of you. Anytime. Anyplace. No matter what you are doing. It's OK to be embarrassed, but let them take the pictures or get video clips of you, even if you're not dressed. These pictures are only for use in our camp and to show our generous camp sponsors. We won't share these photos videos with your mothers or anyone else not connected directly with our camp. What we do here in camp stays here."

Then she turned to Rachel and held out her hand. Rachel handed Ms. Ginny her shorts and panties. "You did great tonight, Rachel. Thank you for your help with our opening night demonstrations. Here is a gold skirt, so you won't have to do any chores tomorrow, and you will get to go on one of the overnight trips this week with two of our counselors. And tonight you get to sleep up in the main house with me. We'll watch a movie and have extra snacks, and maybe play some fun games - just the two of us. Then you can sleep late in the morning. You earned this special privilege. Good job, Rachel!"

Everyone started clapping. Then Ms. Ginny held up her hand for us to be quiet and we all got real quiet. Ms. Ginny said, "Did you enjoy the spanking, Rachel?"

Rachel said, "Yes, especially since I'll get another spanking from you and some special treatments from you later."

I didn't know what she was talking about, but everybody started clapping for her again, so I clapped, too. But I kept wondering why anybody would want more spankings, and I wondered what kinds of "special treats" she was talking about. I wondered what Ms. Ginny was going to do with Rachel when they went to bed together.

We kept clapping as Rachel went back to the Sycamore table. That tree sounded neater than the Osage Orange cabin, because I never heard of an Osage Orange tree. Our counselor said it was also called a hedge apple tree, but it was tough wood that was used for fence posts in the old days.

I had to help clean off the tables after we sang a couple songs. One of the counselors could play the piano. We were going to learn a new song every night. It was fun.

When I got back to the Osage Orange cabin, the other girls were getting their stuff in the locker boxes under their beds. There were three sets of bunk beds for the girls around the edge of the room, and bigger beds for the two counselors that were just single beds. There was also a bigger bed - both longer and wider - right in the center of our cabin. Gina, with dark hair, was in our cabin, laughing and helping the girls get their stuff into their lockers. She told me I was in the top bunk, over Sandy, another skinny nine year old. Gina gave me a big, sleeveless T-shirt with the number 27 on it. She said that shirt would be my pajamas while I was at camp. The sleeve holes came almost down to my waist and it was very short on me, like not quite long enough to cover my panties.

Washing Our Partner In The Shower

Then Mary came back from the showers with the other two girls in our cabin. Mary was carrying a camera. The girls - also both nine years old like the rest of us - had on their sleeveless, short, pale-yellow, sleeveless T-shirts. All of us Osage Orange girls had pale-yellow T-shirts with numbers. Rita was the tallest kid in our group and her T-shirt only went down to her belly button, and didn't cover up her pussy and she wasn't wearing panties. She kept trying to tug the front of her shirt down, but Mary teased her. Then, to make us feel better I guess, our counselors put on their pale-yellow, sleeveless T-shirts. That's when I noticed that Mary, the blond counselor, was shaved. Her pussy was completely bald! Gina's lips were shaved but she had a little, dark bush above her crack. Gina's lips looked bald like mine, even though she was eighteen or twenty or something like that.

Mary said, "Don't be so shy, Rita. It's only girls in the camp and we all wear T-shirts like this. All the girls and counselors in all our cabins. We will all see each other. It's OK, like we're all sisters."

Gina said, "Let's get a group picture on our first night at camp." She called out to Adrian who was walking around the cabins. Adrian came in and had us line up for the Osage Orange picture. Gina and Mary were on the ends. Adrian made sure our T-shirts were pulled up and back so that we were all exposed in front. The camera would see everybody's pussy - plain as day. It was kind of embarrassing and most of us were giggling. Adrian started taking pictures anyway. A few minutes later we were all standing in a line and she took our group picture. It was funny.

Then Mary motioned for me and Sandy to go with her to the showers. We had all changed into our T-shirts for the pictures, so we closed our lockers; and followed Mary. When we got to the shower cabin, Mary had us hang up our T-shirts on hooks outside the big shower area, and flip our flip-flops against the wall under our shirts. She took us in and said we would also learn to wash each other, but she would demonstrate first. She had her T-shirt off, too, and said, "Here Sandy, I'll wash you first, and then I'll wash Nancy, and then you can take turns washing me and then wash each other."

I noticed ropes hanging from the ceiling and two other ropes tied to one-foot diameter, plastic hoops lying on the floor. She had Sandy hold one of the ceiling ropes in each hand so her hands were stretched up over her head. Sandy put her hands around big knots near the bottom of the ropes hanging from the ceiling. Then she had Sandy put one of her feet through a hoop on either side, so her feet were spread about three feet apart with an ankle through a hoop on either side. That kept her legs spread apart. Sandy was giggling because it seemed so funny. Mary adjusted the ropes. She said, "This way you'll keep your arms and legs stretched out so I can wash you easier. One of the shower heads was on the end of a piece of hose and the water was nice and warm. She got Sandy all wet from the shoulders on down and then used a big, spongy thing full of soap suds to wash Sandy all over, especially her armpits, breasts and pussy and bottom. Sandy giggled when Mary washed her armpits, but she held on to the ropes even though she was wiggling around.

Mary said, "Don't get soap up each other's pussies, but wash her bottom real good. I want each of you to wash me first, and then you can wash each other. We'll eventually each wash all the other girls in our cabin. It's a good team-building practice. Then we'll trust each other. Just don't get soap up the other girl's pussy, but be sure to wash her between her lips and all over on her bottom. Use one of these little washcloths." She pointed to a shelf near the door with stacks and stacks of small, white washcloths. "Get a clean washcloth to wash off your partner's anus. Get it warm and soapy and wash it off and then rinse it." I giggled and then Sandy started giggling, too. When we stopped, Mary said, "It's OK to giggle and have fun, girls. This is camp. It should be fun! Just be sure to keep these kinds of things to ourselves when you're not in camp. You'll get used to it. All the girls and counselors do this."

It was bright in the shower room, and of course everything echoed when we talked. It felt funny to wash Mary. She wanted us to spend extra time washing her pussy and breasts, so each of us did. She had me practice washing her breasts three times. She said I should be a little rougher and kind of pinch her nipples once they were all soapy. She had me put my finger a little ways up her pussy, just so I would get used to fingering another girl. "That's it, Nancy. Wash my pussy real good. Do my lips feel a little like sandpaper where I shaved?"

"Yes, like when I rub one way, but your lips feel smooth when I rub from front to back."

"Very good, Nancy. Keep washing between my lips but don't put your finger up my vagina. Keep washing my clitty part real good. That's it. You're doing good. Can you feel that it's starting to get a little stiffer?"

"Yes, kind of." I said and kept washing it. I was getting tingles from washing her bump. "It feels harder. Should I keep washing it?" I was squeezing and twisting her bump with my thumb and first finger - just rubbing it around and washing it.

"Yes. Keep washing it. You're getting it nice and clean for me. Unnn. Yes. You're doing good, Nancy. I like how you're washing me. Try to wash Sandy's clitty the same way. Be firm but gentle. Good. That's a girl. Unnn. Yes. You're getting it so clean for me. Thank you."

Mary was holding onto the ropes and had each ankle through a hoop that was on one of the floor ropes. Then Sandy handed me a wet soapy washcloth and I washed Mary's bottom real good. She encouraged me. "Good job, Nancy. Get it nice and clean. Reach up and wash my clitty again. That's it. Reach under me and wash my clitty button. It's almost close enough. Let me move my hips while you wash it. Maybe a little faster. Good girl. A little longer. Good."

When I washed Mary's bottom she arched her back, sticking her bottom out. She said, "When you're done washing it off with the washcloth, put your finger in me just a little ways. That's it. Can you feel my anus?"

"Yes. Here it is." I pressed my finger up her about an inch.

"Good. Just push in a little ways to get it nice and clean with your soapy finger, and then keep washing up and down and even reach under me to wash my pussy a little more. You're doing good. Will you wash Sandy's clitty this way, too? Get it nice and clean?" Mary was moving her hips while I washed her.

"Yes." I said. It felt so funny to keep washing her breasts and pussy and bottom and touching her with the warm soapy sponge and my fingers. I went up and down her arms and legs and then rinsed her off, and then did her clitty one more time. It felt stiffer to my fingers as I washed it for the last time that night. It was giving me tingles. I had never touched another girl that way, even when I played doctor with my friend at home.

Mary said, "Sandy, watch closely. Keep your knees spread apart even wider so Nancy will be able to get your clitty really clean. Let her wash it like this. OK?"

Sandy was watching closely. "Yes. I will." She said.

Then I had to wash Sandy the same way, spending lots of time washing her clitty. It felt funny to wash her, but I did a good job. It was getting me tingly when I was washing her private parts. Her small breasts were about the same size as mine, and I washed them while standing in front of her and again while I was standing behind her, reaching around to her breasts.

Then while Sandy was washing me, Adrian came in and took pictures of us. She got pictures of Sandy washing me, and then more pictures, and some video of me washing Sandy. It was really making me tingle with Adrian there taking pictures and Sandy washing me all over, especially between my legs with my ankles in those plastic hoops that kept my legs spread apart, while I was holding on to the ropes hanging down from the ceiling. When Sandy was washing my pussy and bottom while standing behind me, I squirmed around and said, "Oh, that tickles, Sandy."

Then Mary got her hand soapy washed the front of my pussy with her fingers. She said, "It feels like your little clitty bump is swelling up and getting stiffer, too, Nancy. Better let Sandy and I wash it a little bit longer." Then they told Sandy to wash me between the legs for another minute, while Mary looked at the second hand on her watch. Mary said, "Does her clitty bump feel stiffer to you, Sandy?"

"Yes." Sandy said.

Adrian was kneeling in front of me, like getting close-ups. "Wash it real good, Sandy. That's a girl. It's easier to get her clitty all clean when it's stiff. Did your clitty feel like it was getting stiffer and swelling up when Nancy washed you there?"

Sandy said, "Yes. It tickled. You know, like with tingles."

"Good." Said Adrian. "That gets your clitty nice and clean for us, and for the other girls. We'll show you other ways to wash each other over the next six weeks. Just relax and enjoy having somebody else wash you."

Then Mary showed us on her finger, "In the back, be sure to push your soapy finger in your bath-partner's bottom, up to between the first and second knuckle on your finger. Try it a couple times. Get her bottom nice and soapy first. If you are the one getting washed, be sure to arch your back and stick your bottom out to make it easier for her to push her finger in to get you all clean. Keep your legs in the ropes and hold on to the hand ropes to keep yourself spread open so it's easier for your partner to wash you back there. That's it. Good girl. That's the way to stick your bottom out, Nancy. And Sandy, push your finger in half way. OK?"

"Yes. See? It's half-way in."

It felt so funny with her finger in my bottom and Adrian and Mary watching closely. Adrian kept taking pictures while we practiced washing each other. We had to pose so Adrian could get a close up of my finger in Sandy, and then with her finger in me. It was embarrassing and tingly at the same time.

Then we got all rinsed off and let Adrian take pictures of us since we were all clean now. After the pictures we put our T-shirts and flip-flops back on. We held hands with Mary as she led us back to our cabin. Two other girls from a different cabin were going into the shower room as we came out. Their T-shirts were real short, too but their T-shirts were purple, so those two girls must be twelve. Adrian went in the shower room with the girls and their counselor. Mary said, "You girls did great. I thought you would catch on to things here at camp. Tomorrow morning after breakfast, we'll do our first school tutoring and then archery. After that we'll all go swimming."

While Mary was talking to us, we walked past another cabin. I think it was the eleven year olds because the girl had on a red T-shirt. One of their counselors was sitting outside on the little porch with the camper lying across her lap. The counselor said, "Spread your legs, Julie. I need to check something, and I also need to make sure you are obedient." She smacked the girl on her bare bottom. I thought it looked pretty hard, like it would hurt, but the girl didn't seem to mind. Right after the smack, she raised her bottom again by arching her back.

Mary walked us up to that cabin and started talking with the counselor while that counselor was feeling the camper between her legs. Mary said, "Sandy and Nancy, you can watch, but just mind your own business and don't interfere."

I couldn't help but watch as the counselor kept feeling all around on the camper and then I think she put a finger up the girl's vagina, between spanks. I wasn't positive, but I think so because the camper started saying, "unnnn," every few seconds when it looked like the counselor pushed her finger up the girl. The counselor kept doing that and pretty soon the camper started moving her hips and making little moaning sounds. The counselor said to Mary, "This will help her get to sleep, don't you think?"

Mary said, "Yes, she'll probably go right to sleep when you're done helping her relax. Most of the girls really like the deep, abdominal massages. And your fingers do it especially well, I remember." The girl kept moving her hips and moaning while she was getting lightly spanked and fingered. I felt some tingles in my pussy while we watched them. The girl looked right at me, but didn't stop moaning or moving her hips.

The girl was looking right at me and said, "Oh, unnnn."

The counselor said, "Jamie is learning to let people watch her cum, especially new girls. You're welcome to stay and watch if you want. In fact, you could each give her a few spanks. She would like that. Jamie is really wet already. It won't be long before she cums."

Mary asked if either of us would like to help Jamie cum by giving her a few spanks. Both of us said we would be glad to help. So we went up onto the porch and Jamie arched her back so her bottom was sticking up towards us. Even in the dim light I could see that her pussy was gooey wet. The other counselor told me to smack her hard three times on each cheek, so I did. Then Sandy gave the girl three smacks on each cheek.

The counselor pulled open Jamie's ass with both of her hands - opening Jamie's pussy towards us. "Oh, see? She was embarrassed to have two younger campers see her bare bottom and give her spankings. Your spankings and the little extra embarrassment have gotten her even wetter. I'll get her to cum much faster now. Thanks for your help." We saw the counselor push her finger up Jamie's vagina.

My own pussy was really tingling as we watched the counselor continue to spank and finger Jamie. Jamie was making little noises and moving her bottom while the counselor kept spanking and then pushing her finger in her.

Then Mary took our hands and walked us back towards our cabin. We heard Jamie moaning louder as we walked away. We listened for a little bit. Mary said, "Sounds like she's cumming. Bet she'll sleep good tonight."

After we got back to our cabin, Mary took two of the other girls over to the showers.

Counselor Mary Has Sandy Sleep In Her Bed With Her

About a half hour later I heard counselor Mary whisper, "Sandy, are you asleep yet?"

Sandy whispered back. "No, not yet"

Mary said, "Come over and get in bed with me now. I want to show you some things. We'll start with more kissing practice, so you don't get the giggles anymore when we do that."

I knew better than to talk or ask questions. I could feel my top bunk move as Sandy got out of the bottom bunk. I could see them in the moonlight as they both got into Mary's big bed at the side of the cabin room. Then I saw Mary take off Sandy's T-shirt, and pull a sheet over them as they laid down in Mary's big bed. Pretty soon I heard sounds like kissing, but then it stopped for a minute and started again, but sounded different. I'm not exactly sure what it was. The sounds kept going, like kind of wet, slurpy sounds, and I heard Mary's bed squeaking. Mary whispered, "Just relax, Sandy and let me do this. You're all clean here, so just relax. It doesn't hurt, does it?"

I heard Sandy whisper, "No. Unnn." Then Sandy started making little noises as the wet, kissing sounds kept going, almost like a slurping noise.

Then I heard Gina walk barefooted over to Mary's bed. Gina whispered, "How is she doing, Mary?"

"Very responsive, Gina. A Good girl. She is doing fine at kissing now. Tomorrow I'll see that she gets a gold skirt to wear."

Gina said, "A good choice, Mary. You two can sleep in in the morning. Take her out for pancakes later. You can use my car."

"OK." Whispered Mary. "She's keeping fairly quiet, too. I'll try to help her have two or three gasms. Then she'll sleep really good. Good night."

A little later I heard the wet sounds get louder and Mary's bed was squeaking. Sandy was making those noises again - kind of a moaning, but like a "feels good" moaning. She got louder and the squeaking was louder, too, and then it stopped. A few minutes later, I heard Mary whisper, "Good girl, Sandy. I'm glad you trust me. Did that feel good?"

Sandy whispered, "Yes. Really good. Oh."

It was quiet and I was almost asleep, listening to all the crickets and frogs outside through the screen door and screened windows, when I heard Mary's bed start to squeak again. I heard more wet sounds, and then a buzzing noise. The buzzing noise changed pitch and would get louder and then muffled - again and again - and then Sandy started moaning louder. Mary whispered, "That's a girl, Sandy. Very good. Keep your legs open for me."

Then, as the squeaking picked up speed again, I heard Sandy breathing and moaning louder. I heard Mary whisper, "That's it, Sandy. I've got you all slippery again. Pull it open when you feel my finger against it. If you pull it open wide for me, then I'll push in and buzz your clitty at the same time. Ready?"

"Yes." Sandy whispered back.

I heard the buzzing and could see that the covers on Mary's bed were moving, and the buzzing changed a little bit. Sandy said, "Unnnn." A little while later I heard Sandy say, "Unnnnnnnn, unnnn, ohhhh, ahhhh." And then the buzzing stopped. I heard them kissing while Mary whispered things to Sandy, but I couldn't tell what she was saying.

The next morning, Gina got us all up, except for Sandy and Mary who were asleep under the white sheet on Mary's bed. We went to the shower room, with the bathrooms on the other side of a wall from the showers. We brushed our teeth and went to the bathroom, and then went back to the cabin to get dressed for breakfast.

It was cold cereal, fruit, and little doughnuts, like we had at school. I had three glasses of orange juice, because we hardly ever had it at home. Then, after we got the dishes cleared and helped clean up the kitchen; our cabin went to the archery range.

Gina said, "You girls did good this morning about not asking questions. Very good." I wasn't sure exactly what she was talking about, but I think she meant we weren't asking questions about Sandy and Mary even though we probably all heard them whispering and making noises. It was fun shooting arrows at the targets on the bales of hay.

Some of the cabins went to the craft area, and one cabin went to the canoes by the little lake, and one cabin went on a creek hike. There were so many fun things to do. After archery, we went back to the cabin to get our swimming suits on, Sandy was just getting out of Mary's bed. She didn't say anything, but blushed when she looked at us. She put on a gold skirt but no panties and then she and Mary walked up to the house near the main lodge. I knew they were going to get pancakes and they would probably see Ms. Ginny and Rachel, the girl who got spanked when they got to that house. There were a couple fancy cars parked by the house that weren't there when we walked to breakfast. But none of us said anything. I was trying to be good at not asking questions. My Mom always said I asked too many questions, but I wanted to be good at camp.

Going Swimming

It was fun swimming. For one of the relay games, half of us had to take off our swimming suits - like shirts and skins for teams. While we were horsing around and doing the relays, a couple grown men in nice clothes came over to the pool area with Ms. Ginny. Half of the counselors weren't wearing their swimming suits either. I saw two naked counselors go over to talk with Ms. Ginny and the two men. I could see that the counselors had shaved their pussies because they were bald there, just like us little girls. The men were smiling and laughing with Ms. Ginny and they all walked in to the pool area. Ginny had a few of the counselors bring some of us girls over to meet the visitors.

The counselors took us two at a time over to meet the men. The first couple pairs of girls were naked, and held their hands in front of them, but I could tell Ms. Ginny told them to put their hands down, because both girls would put their hands down at the same time and then turn around. Then the two men would each give a girl a big candy bar. I watched for a while and then saw them take one of the girls who was still wearing a swimming suit. When they got to Ms. Ginny and the two men, Ms. Ginny had the girl take off her swimming suit and then turn around for the men. Then both of those naked girls bent over and then stood back up and turned around again for the men. They got their candy bars. A couple of the girls got real embarrassed and wanted to stay in the water, so they didn't get a candy bar. But all the girls who went up to meet the men got candy bars and a pat on the bottom.

I heard Ms. Ginny tell one of the older girls that the men were two of the sponsors who paid the scholarships for us to go to camp there and we all had to be extra nice to them.

I didn't have my swimming suit on when Gina called me to come over with her, so I grabbed my towel and held it in front of me when I went up to them. I wanted to get a candy bar, too. It was kind of fun showing off to the men. I was holding my towel in front of me, but Ms. Ginny said to put down my towel if I wanted a candy bar, so I did. The men were looking at me and I could tell I was blushing, and then I started tingling again. After we all talked for a little while, one of the men asked one of the girls to show him her cabin. Ms. Ginny was standing with one man and one of the twelve year old girls. I didn't know her name yet. The man had the girl turn around and stand with her back up against him. He put his hands on her chest and said, "Ginny, this little girl has such cute tan lines. Let's have her keep her swimming suit on during your pool sessions. OK?"

Ms. Ginny said, "Certainly, Sir." She took my hand and the four of us walked over to the basketball area, a little ways from the pool. I saw some girls in the pool watching us, but the counselors didn't bring them over to where we were standing over on the basketball court.

The man kept massaging the girl's breasts and telling Ms. Ginny that it felt like she was developing nicely. "Little, pointy, pale cones of flesh with such pale, pink nipples. Let's make sure these stay pale and that the rest of her gets extra tan. Pale titties and bottom and pussy area. Tan lines are great for videos. I love the cone-shapes, too. They stick straight out." He was really squeezing the blushing girl's breasts. The girl had a little bush of light brown, curly hair above her crack.

Then Ms. Ginny pulled me stand with my back up against her. Ms. Ginny started massaging my breasts the same way that the man was massaging the other girl's breasts. Ms. Ginny said, "And this cute, little girl is Nancy. She's nine and seems to catch on to things quickly." She pinched my right nipple, making me giggle. She said, "Nancy is a light sleeper evidently. Did you hear anything last night while you were trying to go to sleep?"

I said, "Just the crickets and frogs. I didn't know frogs made noises, but then finally I got to sleep." I wondered if Ms. Ginny knew I kept looking over at Mary's bed to see the sheet moving on top of Mary and Sandy, and that I kept listening to Sandy's noises.

Ms. Ginny said, "See? I told you she catches on quick, John."

The man Ms. Ginny called John kept looking at me. I guess he's about fifty because he has some gray hair, but he looks in pretty good shape. John said, "She's very cute, Ginny. Plump, firm lips, and naturally bald. Or did you shave her already?"

"No." Said Ms. Ginny. "We haven't shaved any of the girls yet. We won't do that until next week, if we need to for some of your videos."

John said, "Well, perhaps Little Nancy would like to come to one of the first special evening sessions. Maybe tomorrow night with the visitors. And of course, the practice session tonight." While he was talking to Ms. Ginny, he kept squeezing the other girl's titties which were really pointy - sticking straight out about three or four inches - pale and firm. Then John asked the girl her name.

She said, "I'm Tammy."

"I like your figure, Tammy. Would you like to learn some special games later on and get extra prizes?"

"Yes, that would be fun." Tammy said.

Ms. Ginny said, "I'm sure she would like to join your first little crew, John." Then Ms. Ginny pinched both of my nipples at the same time. "So, Nancy and Tammy, would you two girls like to go on a special, overnight, camp out one of these nights? Then you can sleep in the next day and get a big, fancy breakfast. We'll need four girls tomorrow night. Tonight we'll practice. So, Nancy and Tammy, would you two like to come to our special practice session tonight and then go to the party tomorrow night with two of the other girls? We'll get you all dressed up. High heels, make-up, cute dresses, and garter belts and hose. So fancy!"

Tammy nodded her head. I said, "Gee, that sounds like fuuuuuun. Oh. Uhh." When I had started to say, "fun," Ms. Ginny pinched my nipples and pulled them out, stretching my titties. It gave me tingles, especially with John and Tammy standing right there watching what Ms. Ginny was doing to my titties.

Adrian, the photographer-counselor and the other man, and the girl he was holding hands with, had just left so the girl could show the man her cabin.

Ms. Ginny kept feeling me - like on my tummy and bottom and down my arms and the side of my neck and back to my titties. It was kind of embarrassing, but nobody said anything. I think that was part of our pretending-not-to-notice-things practice.

Ms. Ginny asked, "Did that hurt, Nancy? Did I pinch your nipples too hard?"

"No, Mam. It kind of tickles." I was squirming my hips around because she kept pulling and twisting my nipples. They felt really hard and tingly. I was watching John feeling and squeezing Tammy's bigger titties at the same time. Tammy was starting to squirm around, too. We were both squirming and making little noises while John and Ms. Ginny kept squeezing our titties while they talked.

Ms. Ginny laughed. "See, John? A precocious nine year old. Very responsive and catches on quickly."

"And still naturally bald. That's a plus for our videos, too." He said. "I bet she is delicious."

Through the fence, I saw Adrian, the other girl, and the other man head into the woods, a short cut back towards the girl's cabin. They were all laughing and talking, while the girl was telling the man about the morning's arts and crafts activities. I heard her say, "And tomorrow we're going to do body painting."

John said, "You know, Ms. Ginny, both Tammy here and Nancy have beautiful bottoms. Turn around girls. Let me see your bottoms. Touch your toes. That's it. Very good. Feet wider apart and bend down as far as you can so I can see your bottoms. Hold this position." He knelt down behind me and squeezed my bottom with both of his hands. He pulled my bottom open, then let go and jiggled it, and then pulled it open again. Then he did the same thing to Tammy. "OK, stand up again. You girls are doing so good at following directions." Then he had Tammy and me kiss each other. We had to practice several times. I noticed some of the girls in the pool were watching us.

John said, "Good. Nice kissing. They will need more practice, but with those beautiful bottoms, I can think of several video roles for each of them, Ms. Ginny. Let's leave Tammy's little bush alone for a few days. Maybe a little trim. It will emphasize the different ages, especially with Tammy's larger, and very pointy, firm titties. I can imagine some great videos - like sleep-overs, naughty school girls getting spankings, and scenes like that. Would you girls like to get some acting lessons while you're here at camp? We'll pick out two other girls for our practice session tonight and for the party tomorrow night."

Ms. Ginny said, "I've got two other girls in mind, and these two will be excellent choices to start with, John." She turned me around to face her. Tammy was looking at her, too. She said, "How about it girls, would you like to be in our practice session tonight. John and I will teach you some new things, and then we'll drive to a little party tomorrow night in town, after we get you all dressed up."

Tammy and I both said, "Yes!"

Then Ms. Ginny called my counselor, Gina, over to us. Gina still had her swimming suit on. Most of the other girls were now back in the pool, playing and splashing. Ms. Ginny said, "Gina, take Nancy up to the house for a little while. Mr. Jackson is up there talking with Sandy and Mary. Sandy told him how much she likes her bunk mate, Nancy here." She patted me on the head. "And he really liked the pictures of Nancy so far, too. Still naturally bald but starting to get a figure. Perfect for his videos and games. So take her on up to the house. Maybe Nancy could earn a gold skirt. Then come back here and trim Tammy. We won't shave her all the way for a few days, but trim her up so her pretty lips will be visible to the cameras. She might get to be in a video later on. And we want Tammy to always wear her swim suit when she is out in the sun to keep her titties, pussy, and bottom extra pale. OK?"

Gina said, "Yes, Mam. Of course. And I'll tell the other counselors, too."

Then Ms. Ginny said to me, "You're doing good, Nancy, about not asking questions and minding your own business and I heard that you did a good job washing Sandy last night and letting her wash you. I saw the pictures. Keep up the good work, Nancy. You'll learn some high-paying vocational skills here at camp, so you won't get in trouble with the police for shoplifting again."

"Yes, she did a very good job, Ms. Ginny. She did a good job washing me, too." Said Gina. Then Gina took my hand and led me up towards the house.

Ms. Ginny said, "And tonight, I'd like you to have Nancy sleep with you, Gina. And work with her on kissing techniques and teach her a couple new pleasures, especially in back, but nothing big. OK?"

Gina said, "Yes, Mam. My pleasure."

I heard Ms. Ginny tell John, "Gina especially likes the nine year olds, and is very gentle with them. I'm sure you'll be able to use Nancy on lots of special assignments. We'll see how she does here at camp. She'll probably be entertaining some of the other sponsors within a week or two, and enjoying every minute of it. Gina will start her special, ass training tonight."

I felt pretty nervous and a little scared and wanted to ask Gina so many questions, but I wanted to keep doing good about not asking questions, too. So, I grabbed my towel and we walked up to the house. Gina squeezed my hand. She said, "Well, you've made a hit on the first day of camp, Little Nancy. Ms. Ginny herself picked you out to talk to. You'll probably get lots of special trips and I bet your mother will get the full amount for your work-study bonus, and maybe even some extra money. Keep up the good work. You can sleep in my bunk with me tonight. My bunk is bigger with a better mattress than your little bunk beds, and I keep a box of toys handy. Would you like that?"

I had more questions about everything, but knew better than to ask, so I just said, "Yes, that would be fun." I was really curious about what Mary was doing with Sandy in her bed last night. It sure sounded like Sandy liked it, whatever they were doing under that white sheet. They were still covered up with the sheet when the rest of us went to breakfast this morning.

Gina asked me if I had ever seen a boy's or a man's penis. She reminded me that what we do in camp is our secret but that when we are in camp we can talk honestly about our other experiences, and they won't ever get anybody into trouble. I was surprised when she said, "I think all of you girls probably heard Mary doing loving things with Sandy, but you all did so good about not asking any questions!" Then she said, "I started doing it with a neighbor man when I was your age. I got into trouble doing something else, and that's how I first met the people here in the camp. It was so much fun here at camp, and my camp experiences lead to a high-paying career. Now I'm paying my way through college by helping out here at camp and with a few weekend appointments during the rest of the year. It sure beats being a waitress!"

I asked her if she meant what I thought she meant by "doing it" with a neighbor.

Gina said, "Oops. You just asked a question!" She laughed. Then she said, "He started fingering me when I was eight and by the time I was nine we were having sex a couple times a week in his apartment after school while he was babysitting me until my Mom got home. Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night. We did lots of fun things, but mostly just in my mouth or pussy."

I said, "Well, a neighbor man used to give me money if I let him undress me and touch me. About the third time we played that game, he took his pants off and wanted me to touch him. It was so big and it was kind of scary, but I knew he wouldn't hurt me. I touched it and then even licked it." I giggled. "That was really gross, but he liked me to do that. And then he rubbed it again himself while I kept my legs open so he could see me, and he wanted me to rub myself between my legs while he rubbed himself. And then this white, sticky, warm stuff squirted out of his thing and got all over me. Like five squirts of it. He said he was sorry he squirted it on me, but he couldn't help it. Then he cleaned me off with his sock and gave me twenty dollars. He really liked to lick me between my legs. That made me really tingly down there after he did it a minute or so. At first I thought he was kidding around, but he really liked doing that, and it felt good, too. We did sex games a few more times before he moved away. After a couple times he started getting some of the wet, slippery stuff out of my pussy, you know, that sort of whitish creamy stuff that oozes out, and he would rub it on his thing and then stroke himself. Once he even put some of it in his mouth so he could taste me while he was looking at me. He gave me twenty dollars each time and wanted me to lick him a little bit more each time and even suck on it. We did it different ways, like sometimes I would be on my knees and shoulders and with my bottom towards him and I had to pull my bottom open so he could see it, and then his stuff squirted on my bottom. And one time he squirted it all over my pussy and thighs. Another time he rubbed my gooey, slippery stuff on my titties and then he squirted his white stuff on my titties, too. But he always cleaned me up."

Gina said, "Yes, I used to do things like that too. It was so exciting. Did he ever put his finger in you?"

"A couple times he did, but his finger was big, and I didn't want to get germs from his hands inside me there because his hands always looked dirty from working on cars. So usually I didn't want him to finger me. Like he was babysitting but it felt like I was the boss because he wanted to touch me so bad. He begged me to let him look at me and touch me. Then I would pretend I didn't want to let him and he begged even more! It was funny."

Gina patted my head. "You're catching on."

Then I said, "And one time, I was in his apartment, and he washed his hands, and then he licked me between the legs and fingered me at the same time. It felt really good. I was getting that really, really good tingly feeling and he stopped and knelt up and that's when he squirted his sticky stuff all over my pussy while I was holding it open. But he washed me off good."

Gina hugged me, and then we walked up around the side of the house.

I felt funny walking to the house with just a towel around me and my flip-flop shoes. Gina knocked on the front door. She leaned towards me, "No matter what is going on or what you see, just act like everything is cool. OK?"

"Yes, OK." I said, almost whispering. This was exciting, like the big girls liked me and wanted to help me. "This camp sure isn't boring!" I thought to myself.

We heard music coming through the door. I said, "Umm, Gina, I feel funny about not having any clothes on."

Gina smiled. "Just wait on the porch. I'll go in and see if you need to wear something. If so, I'll bring you something to wear in a minute. OK?" She hugged me. "And don't worry. You'll have so much fun at this camp. I was a camper when I was your age. I never had so much fun. I still like coming to camp!" Then she kissed me on the lips. I didn't know what to do, so I just let her. Then she kept kissing. She stopped and said, "Kiss me back, Nancy. You're so cute. Just go along with everything. At least open your lips a little bit for me. We'll go inside the house in a minute." She started kissing me again and I tried to kiss back as best I could, but it felt funny to be standing there wearing only a towel in broad daylight with an older girl bending down and kissing me. Then she started feeling around on me while we kept kissing. It was starting to get me tingly again.

Meeting Mr. Jackson

We heard the door open. We stopped kissing and looked at the door. A man was opening it. I stood behind Gina so he could only see my face. He said, "Hi, Gina. What a cute little friend you have." He looked at me. "Well, come in. Don't be shy. And I like your swimming suit, too, Gina. Let me feel it." He started feeling around on Gina's chest and even between her legs. Gina opened her legs while we talked. She acted like everything was fine, so I tried to act like everything was fine, too.

Gina said, "Hi, Mr. Jackson. Ms. Ginny sent us up to the house. This is Nancy. Isn't she cute?"

He held out his hand to me, and kind of pulled me out from behind Gina as we shook hands. "You're very cute, Nancy, just like Ms. Ginny and Sandy said." He looked at Gina and said, "And why don't you take your swimming suit off, Gina, so I can see you, too. I remember the good times we've had at camp over the years."

Gina smiled. "Sure, Mr. Jackson. I'm glad you still like to look at me."

While he was shaking my right hand, I was holding the towel closed with my left hand. I felt myself blushing and smiling. He was really staring at me, up and down my whole front. I was embarrassed, but glad about what Ms. Ginny and Sandy said about me. The way he was staring at me was making me blush and tingle. He had me turn around for him. Then he asked me if he could touch me. Gina said, "Of course you can feel her, Mr. Jackson. Nancy knows that we have to be especially nice to all of our camp sponsors. You can touch her anywhere you want. And if you want, she can take off her towel so you can see her better."

I really blushed when she said that.

Then Mr. Jackson started feeling around on me, especially on my breasts through the towel. Then he slid his right hand inside the towel and felt my tummy and pussy, and my bottom. While he was feeling my bottom with both of his hands - pulling my cheeks apart and letting them spring back into place and then jiggling them, and patting them, Gina said, "She is going to sleep with me tonight, Mr. Jackson, and I'm supposed to teach her some new pleasure things. Ms. Ginny especially wants me to see how sensitive and responsive she is with bottom stimulation. So she hasn't been trained yet, but I bet a light spanking might help get her ready for tonight's training in my bed."

"What an excellent idea, Gina." Mr. Jackson said as he knelt down in front of me so our heads were even with each other. "I just finished giving Sandy a very stimulating spanking with a little buzzing. She's resting now. Does Nancy know about the buzzing yet?"

"No, not yet. So I'll teach her a little about buzzers tonight, too. But you can demonstrate on me if you want. I love how you spank me and buzz me."

"Excellent. Nancy will enjoy her time here at camp, the way you did not too many years ago, Gina." Then Mr. Jackson slid his hand between my legs, under the towel. He said to me, "Put your feet apart, Nancy. You're so cute. I want to touch you." He kept feeling me between my legs, from my bottom up and over the front of my pussy and around on my tummy and then back under me. He said, "Feels bald and plump. Just perfect. So cute and firm. Open your legs wider, Nancy. That's a good girl." Then he started sliding one finger across my clitty and through my slit. He kept doing that and I couldn't stand still.

"Unnn." I said as he tickled my clitty. Then he pushed a finger part way up me and I said, "Ohhhh. Unnn. That tickles, Mr. Jackson."

Mr. Jackson said, "She's getting juicy already, Gina. You used to get juicy so fast when you first started camp. Remember?" He pulled his finger out and stood up.

"Yes." Gina laughed. "And I still enjoy my activities at camp and then all year long with our sponsors. We have to keep our sponsors happy!" Gina kissed him, and we walked into the house.

"So let's see..." Said Mr. Jackson, "For tomorrow night's party, we'll have Sandy and Nancy, and who else?"

Gina said, "And another new girl, Tammy who is twelve with bigger titties, so now we need one who is completely flat. Ms. Ginny will pick one out. I hope all the girls get to attend some of your parties, Mr. Jackson."

"We've got six weeks, Gina, so all of the girls will get to play games at several parties. And I think we now have seven boys to help us with the training and with the videos. So each of the girls will probably get to play with each one of the boys, at least a few times."

Gina said, "The girls don't know about the boys yet, Mr. Jackson."

He said, "Two of them will be here in about an hour, Gina, so little Nancy here will get a preview! They're bringing lunch. Pizza and pop. Ms. Ginny wanted me to slowly expose some of the girls to the boys they will be role playing with."

Gina said, "Good. We'll have two more girls playing with us this afternoon and they should be here pretty soon. We'll get them dressed up before the boys get here."

"What boys?" I asked, before I caught myself. "Oops. Sorry. I know I shouldn't ask questions."

Gina laughed. "You'll see, Nancy. And you'll have fun. The boys probably won't see you though, at least not right away. But we'll see. They like to help out, especially with the new girls. They will be blindfolded when we introduce them to the four of you girls. They will feel each of you all over and kiss you all over, too, so that when they finally see you, they will be able to guess your names just from feeling you before they see you. The boys will eat lunch in the kitchen and then get blindfolded before they officially meet the four of you girls. And you'll get to feel and undress the boys while they are blindfolded, so later, when you are blindfolded and feeling one of the boys, you'll be able to tell which boy it is, just from feeling, and kissing, and sucking on him."

I said, "Gee."

Mr. Jackson closed the door behind us and led us into the living room. It was a big room with lots of stuffed furniture around. There were cameras over on one side, and a big TV. It looked like a fun place. There was carpeting on the floor, and even a fancy rug on top of the carpeting. I saw Sandy sleeping on one of the couches. She was on a big, white sheet on top of the couch, laying there naked with her knees open, sound asleep. Mr. Jackson put his finger up to his lips to remind us to be quiet so we wouldn't wake up Sandy. He whispered, "She fell asleep after a really hard cum. I used my mouth and finger and a vibrator. She was really noisy when she came. It was exciting to help a nine year old cum that hard."

Gina whispered, "I heard her last night when she slept with Mary. I think we all heard her pleasure moans. Did you hear anything, Nancy?"

It looked like Gina was shaking her head 'no' without being obvious about it. So I said, "No. I didn't hear or see anything. I fell asleep listening to the crickets."

Gina went over and put a thin blanket over Sandy. Mary walked out of another room. She was naked and carrying a white plastic thing that looked like a flashlight, without a light end on it. She was wiping it off with a paper towel. Sandy rolled over. Mary said, "Go on back to sleep for a little while, Sandy. We'll have lunch in about an hour." Sandy snuggled back into the pillows on the big couch. Mary walked over to us. She said, "I was just washing off this buzzer, Mr. Jackson. Sandy was gooey wet! You got her so excited! And I got excited just from watching you." Mary turned to me. "Hi, Nancy. So you'll be one of our girls this afternoon and tonight?" Then she bent down and kissed me on the cheek. She whispered in my ear, "Let your towel fall off, and put your hands down, Silly. It's OK if Mr. Jackson sees you. He's one of our sponsors."

That's when I realized I was holding the towel tight around me. I blushed and dropped the towel and put my hands down at my sides again. Gina came back over to us. "Mr. Jackson is going to give Nancy a fun spanking. Looks like you got that buzzer clean just in time!" The three adults laughed, so I laughed, too.

Mr. Jackson said, "I'm going to take her into the side room for her fun spanking so Sandy can rest. Would you two ladies like to help me stimulate her?"

Gina and Mary both wanted to help Mr. Jackson stimulate me. I wondered what they were going to do and felt kind of nervous as we went into a smaller room that also had a big couch and a big TV. Gina put over-size, beach towels on the seat of the couch.

Nancy Gets Blindfolded And Has An Orgasm While Getting Spanked, Fingered, And Vibrated

(Mr. Jackson wears a mask and Nancy is blindfolded. Two teenage boys come in to finger her anus and vagina while she is spanked and vibrated until she reaches a noisy orgasm, but Nancy doesn't know that the boys are fingering her until after she cums. One of the boys has a finger all the way up her anus, and the other boy has a finger all the way up her wet pussy when Nancy cums. But Nancy knows they are making a video of her first spanking and buzzer treatment.)

Mr. Jackson said, "I'll sit in the middle of the couch, Nancy, and you lay across my lap. I'll get you positioned in a minute while the counselors get some things ready. You're going to enjoy this. Meanwhile, you can see a few of last year's campers having fun at camp if you want. Would you like to watch a few video clips, Nancy?"

Gina said, "Once you have been a camper here, Nancy, you're a member of our secret club - the Sisterhood of the Trees, and we all keep each other's secrets. Only a few of our biggest sponsors, like Mr. Jackson here, know about our secret sorority. They are our biggest sponsors - even sponsoring us counselors. I told you a few of my secrets already and you told me some of yours. We'll be taking lots of pictures and getting interviews with you and the other campers, and you'll get to make videos - but only to share with our other trusted sponsors or fellow Tree Women. So if you want to, you could see some of the things we did with some of the girls in last year's camp program. You can't talk about what we do at camp with anyone outside of our camp team. Well, you can talk about the canoeing and archery and swimming and the songs, but you know, not about any of our sex games or swimming without our swimming suits on, or the games you'll play with the counselors or sponsors or the visiting boys. OK? Can you keep our private things private?"

"I won't tell anybody!" I said. I really wanted to know more about the boys, and I also wanted to see last year's videos! And I hoped Mr. Jackson wouldn't spank me too hard.

Mr. Jackson pushed a button on the remote and the two counselors went into the other room. I was lying across his lap. He took off my flip-flops and tossed them on the floor over by the TV. Then a blond girl about my age was on the TV screen. She said, "I'm Joanie, and I'm ten. It's so much fun here at camp." Then she took off her clothes, and pretty fast too. She turned around, smiling for the camera. She had tan lines around her titties, pussy, and bottom. She was cute and got in several positions for the camera, even bending over and pulling her bottom open towards the camera. Then another girl came on and did the same thing, and another and another. Every one of them undressed all the way as she introduced herself. He pushed a button to stop the video when Gina and Mary came back in the room. Gina was naked now, too. She was carrying more towels. Mary had the buzzer and a little box full of bottles. She said, "These are special oils and lubricants, Nancy. This will help you relax while you're getting your first hot-pleasure spanking. I bet you'll love getting this kind of spanking. All the girls last year just loved getting spankings like this. You'll see. Ms. Ginny just came in the house, and she wants me to blindfold you."

They had me stand up and then put some kind of rubber, hat-like mask that fit over my head like a stocking cap, with just my nose and mouth and ears sticking out. I couldn't see a thing, but could breathe OK. It fastened under my chin. I said, "This feels funny."

Gina made sure I could breathe OK, but couldn't see anything. She said, "This will help you focus on the feelings and sensations while you get spanked and stimulated. We won't hurt you, and I'm sure you'll love it. You can watch more of the videos later." They helped me stand up. They walked me around a little bit and I felt lots of hands rubbing oil on me. Somebody turned on soft music.

They laid me back across Mr. Jackson's lap and pushed my feet apart. Mary said, "Put this mask on Mr. Jackson, so we can get all this on video. And, Nancy, spread your knees wide apart, and raise your bottom. That's a good girl. Try to keep your ass raised up and as open as you can get it without using your hands. That's it. Try to open it by arching your back and keeping your knees wide apart. Very good. Some of the spankings will sting a little bit, but that just makes your bottom more sensitive, so try to open up again right after a hot spank." She patted my bottom and then let her fingers slip down my oiled-up bottom to my pussy and pushed her finger all the way in my pussy.

I said, "Unnnnn."

Gina was near my head. She said, "Don't talk, but we want you to make little noises like that if something feels good. Some of the spankings might sting a little bit, but then your whole bottom will start to tingle. We're going to lubricate your bottom now."

"Unnnnn." I said, as someone - probably Mary or Mr. Jackson pushed something cool that felt wet and slippery into my bottom. Mr. Jackson reached under me and around on my bottom and I could tell his hands were bigger and rougher, so it must be Mary's finger that was pushing into my anus.

Gina was rubbing slippery oil on my titties and tummy and chest. I lifted up a little bit on my elbows so she could reach them easier. It felt good the way she rubbed and squeezed them and sometimes pinched and pulled my slippery nipples with her fingers. I heard a buzzing sound down near my knees.

Then a smack hit my bottom and another. Gina said, "Lift your bottom again right after a spank so you'll earn your little treat."

I lifted my bottom, not sure if I should complain that the spanks were too hard. Then a finger pushed into my bottom and I felt something that was vibrating press against my clitty. It really tickled and I lifted my bottom to move my open pussy away from it. I even tried to close my legs, but I couldn't because Mary was sitting against one ankle and my other ankle was under her knees on the front edge of the couch. Mary said, "Let your pussy enjoy the tingles, Nancy. The vibrator will tickle it faster than you can imagine, and it will feel wonderful. That's your treat for lifting your bottom right after your spanks."

Then Mr. Jackson smacked my bottom again with his hand. I started to lift up again, but another smack hit me. It did sting, but only for a second and then I lifted my bottom. A finger pushed into my bottom and the buzzer pressed against my clitty at the same time.

They kept doing that - two or three quick, hard spanks and then a finger pushing in my bottom and the buzzer pressing against my clitty. I noticed that I was making louder noises. My pussy was starting to really tingle, like it was going to explode. Sometimes Mr. Jackson would smack me and sometimes he would pull my bottom open even wider so Mary could plunge her finger up me. It felt like more hands on me but I couldn't be sure because they kept moving around.

After they did that a few times, I felt a finger push up my vagina at the same time that one went up my bottom and the buzzer pressed against my clitty. I went, "Unnnnnnn, ohhhh!" and felt myself cumming. I kept cumming for lots of spasms. The buzzer pulled away when I came, and a little later the fingers pulled out.

I heard Ms. Ginny say, "Very good, Nancy. I could feel the contractions in your pussy gripping my finger. I bet that felt wonderful, didn't it?"

I was still trying to catch my breath and didn't answer. Then I heard a different voice, which sounded like a boy's voice, say, "She's a hot one, Ms. Ginny. Her tight, little asshole was squeezing my finger when she came."

And a deeper boy's voice said, "She is so cute and sexy. Really loves getting her ass fingered and spanked and her pussy fingered and buzzed! My God, she's hot for a nine year old!"

I tried to close my legs but couldn't because Mary was still sitting against my ankle. Gina said, "Stay open, Nancy, and let the boys look. We'll let you rest a minute while they look and then I'll let them take turns licking you. You're really oozing out a lot of your slippery excitement. I know they want to taste you and who knows... you might even cum again. Don't talk. We'll get you in position. Just relax."

Ms. Ginny said, "Did you like the spanking, Nancy?"

"Yes." I said, but was wondering about the boys. They saw me cum! And I think one of the boys even had his finger pressing up my bottom when I came!

Ms. Ginny said, "Very good. Just relax. You are really oozing and I know the boys want to taste you. They liked seeing the pictures of you washing Sandy and letting Sandy wash you between your legs last night. And they really enjoyed watching you get some spankings and having a good, hard cum. We'll get you in position so they can taste you. Just relax and enjoy the feelings."

They flipped me off Mr. Jackson's lap and onto my back on the couch with my head against the back of the couch. Somebody was holding onto each leg and they bent my knees with my legs wide apart, so they were holding my bottom just over the front edge of the couch. My feet were up close to my bottom and they held my knees wide apart which opened my pussy wide open. I saw some flashes through the blindfold-mask and knew they were taking pictures of me down there. I was naked except for the mask. Then I felt somebody licking my pussy. It was really sensitive since I had just cum, so I tried to wiggle away from his mouth, but then it started to feel good and I started trying to wiggle closer against that mouth. Then he stopped and must have stood up because the voice sounded like he was standing up in front of me. Another mouth started licking me and I felt myself ready to cum. Whomever was licking me pushed a slippery finger up my bottom and kept licking me - all around on my open vagina and on my clitty. I knew I was going to cum again. Then I did. "Unnnnnnn, ohhh, ohhhhhhh."

The deeper boy's voice said, "Wow, she is really hot like you said, Ms. Ginny. I could feel her ass squeezing my finger when she came again. She tastes good and is so creamy wet! Like gooey."

Ms. Ginny turned down the music and said, "Yes, she is hot like most of our girls, but Nancy here is especially hot. Now you two boys run on into the kitchen. The other girls will be here soon, and I'll go wake up Sandy. We'll get all four of them ready for your blind-folded examinations. I want to see if you'll be able to tell them apart after you take off your blindfolds later." When the boys were out of the room, Ms. Ginny took off my full-head blindfold.

Two other girls came into the house. Sandy was awake and had her swimming suit on again. Tammy was smiling when she came in with John. The other girl was with Adrian, the photographer-counselor, and another man I didn't meet yet. All the grown-ups were dressed and Tammy, Sandy, and the other girl, Susan, had on their swimming suits. They had the four of us girls stand in a line facing Adrian while she took pictures. I was the only naked girl, so I put one hand in front of my breasts and one hand in front of my pussy. It was embarrassing with the three other girls and all five adults were dressed and I was naked.

Sisterhood Of The Trees

Ms. Ginny laughed, "Put your hands down, Nancy. We're going to practice what the boys will be doing to us a little later this afternoon, and there will be four boys doing it tonight. Different boys. Each of you girls will have a turn being "it" so just relax and have fun because all four of you will do what we're going to do with Nancy right now. Tonight, each of you girls will have a turn to undress in front of the four boys and then let them touch you and kiss you all over. They you'll get dressed again, and another girl will have a turn. There will be a few of the sponsors and counselors watching, too, so don't be shy. Just enjoy the feelings."

Sandy said, "You mean we'll get to play with six different naked high school boys?"

"Don't ask questions yet, Sandy." Gina said and patted her bottom like a pretend spank. "Or you might get a spanking in front of the boys like Nancy just had."

The three girls looked at me and I blushed.

Ms. Ginny said, "And it felt good, didn't it, Nancy?"

"Yes, Mam." I said.

Then Ms. Ginny continued, "And while we're at it, we'll do our very first initiation ceremony with you four girls. Hold hands, and repeat after me."

The four of us held hands and said the same words Ms. Ginny said. "I promise to keep these ceremonies and special things we learn at camp a secret. I won't tell any parents, friends, teachers, or anybody else about the sex games we play at camp."

Ms Ginny said that was fine. Then she said, "Nancy, since you're already naked, you can just close your eyes and stand still while the other three girls feel you and kiss you. And girls, don't be timid. You may touch her or kiss her anywhere. We'll practice on Nancy and then each of you will get a turn. Remember, the boys will be doing these things to you later. And it's OK to put your finger all the way up her vagina, in fact, I recommend it as a way to get to know each other and to know how hard it will be for the boys to tell you apart. When it's your turn to be it, stand still with your feet apart and your hands at your sides and your eyes closed while they kiss you, feel you, and finger you. Go ahead. We'll see how well Nancy follows directions."

I had to stand with my feet apart - wider apart than my shoulders. She said, "Nancy, stand still and let them touch you and finger you. And kiss back when somebody is kissing you. Keep your eyes closed."

Then I heard Ms. Ginny tell the three girls, "I want each of you to kiss her on the mouth, for at least a minute, while the other two girls are feeling her all over and fingering her. Only put your finger up her pussy now. We'll do each other's bottoms another time. The boys might do it tonight, but they would get you all lubricated and slippery first."

I heard Adrian say, "Stand back a little more, Ms. Ginny, I don't want to get you in this video. These introductions are always so hot, as the girls feel each other and kiss and get to know each other."

I couldn't see who was kissing me, but I thought it was Tammy because she was a little taller than me, and I felt her titties touching my chest just above my own titties - like hers were pressing against me. Sandy was about the same height as me, 4' 8", and Susan was the shortest and she was also a little heavier than the rest of us, but not fat. She had chubby titties with dark nipples and short, dark hair. I kept kissing Tammy while she was feeling my stomach and titties. She lifted my right tittie with her hand and rubbed her nipple against my nipple - like back and forth. I heard me Ginny said, "Good, Tammy. Tease her titties with your titties. I'm glad you were watching my signals. Very good. Keep kissing, too. Put your tongue in all the way." Tammy kept rubbing our titties together and kissing me, like really deep with her tongue.

Adrian whispered, "She's doing great, Ms. Ginny. I'm getting some good video of their titties."

I felt somebody push a finger up my vagina. It was hard to concentrate on the kissing and with three of them touching me. I put my feet farther apart so whoever it was could put her finger in easier. I think it was Rita's voice that said, "She's really wet and slippery."

Adrian whispered, "Keep doing that. Let me get a close up. Push up her as far as you can. That's it."

I went, "Unnnnn, unnn." as she pushed in again and again.

The girls kept feeling me between the legs and around on my legs and tummy and bottom. Tammy was putting her tongue in my mouth, kissing me hard, like Ms. Ginny had said. She kept kissing me and I was kissing her back while the other girls felt me. Then a finger was sliding around in my pussy which was still real gooey wet because I came twice before my brief nap. Different hands kept moving around on me, feeling me all over, and then a finger started going up my pussy, like all the way in and then out while Tammy was still kissing me. As soon as she stopped kissing me, another girl started kissing me, and I wasn't sure who it was but we kept kissing. Somebody else was fingering me now and she kept doing it - going up and then out and then all the way back up my pussy.

A few minutes later, after all three of them took a turn kissing me, Ms. Ginny led me over to the sturdy coffee table and laid me on it with my knees apart and my feet on the floor. Ms. Ginny said, "Now girls, so you can join The Sisterhood of The Trees, you will take turns kissing and feeling Nancy here. Try to make her feel good. Love her. And I want each of you to lick Nancy's pussy for a full minute in front of our video camera. Look up at the camera for a few seconds while you're still licking her."

Tammy said, "Oh, gee. That sounds gross. Do we have to do that?"

Ms. Ginny said, in a more firm tone, "Yes, you must do it, and you must enjoy doing it and giving her pleasure. I'm going to do it, too. In order to be in our Sisterhood you will each lick every other camper and every counselor and even me. And I will lick each of you. Every counselor and camper will lick you. Then you will officially be in our sisterhood with all of its advantages for the rest of your life. This is our secret and you can't tell anybody outside of our Sisterhood. And I know what you're thinking, that we're going to show these videos to the sponsors and some of them are men. Yes, that's right, but they don't know about our secret agreement and they won't see pictures of me or the counselors licking each of you. As far as they will know this is just part of our camping activities!" Then Ms. Ginny laughed. "Let me demonstrate. Adrian, turn off the camera for a minute while I lick Nancy. You girls watch. I'll go two minutes, twice as long as necessary, or until Nancy cums, whichever comes first."

It felt really good the way Ms. Ginny did it. She was really good. She started fingering me at the same time and I was almost ready to cum when she stopped. She said, "Watch this girls. Nancy is ready to cum. I can feel it. I'll keep fingering and licking her until she cums, and then tomorrow night, after our party with a few of our sponsors and a few boys, when Nancy sleeps with me up here in the house, I'll lick her again, and then she can lick me until I cum. Tonight Gina, her counselor will teach her some other pleasures, and we will practice some of those tomorrow night in my bed. Then Nancy will be in our Sisterhood."

It was quiet in the room. Everyone was standing still. Ms. Ginny said, "Another initiation rite you will each go through - you will each get to dance and undress in front of a small group of men and women, and then you will be blindfolded while they play with you and help you cum. But, you will still be virgins. That exercise is to help you get ready for future assignments. Once you are in our Sisterhood, you will have good income for the next twenty years, and probably a college education, too."

Ms. Ginny started licking and fingering me again. It was embarrassing with the other girls and counselors watching, but Ms. Ginny was so good at it, that I came. She waited and pulled her finger out and licked the opening to my vagina.

Ms. Ginny said, "Nancy here is very responsive. And since she just had her third cum for the day, I'm going to give her pussy a little rest. While we're here... let's see, Tammy, why don't you take off your swimming suit and put the mask on next and we'll begin with licking and fingering you. I want you girls to get used to licking and fingering each other. No need to share this with the other girls in camp just yet. They will each have initiation ceremonies here in the house with me over the next two weeks." She helped me sit up and take off the mask.

Gina fastened the mask-helmet on Tammy and they laid her on the coffee table with her knees wide apart and her bottom right on the edge. Mary put some kind of wide straps on Tammy's wrist that fastened with a buckle. There was a metal ring sewn into each of the heavy, black leather, wrist straps. Ms. Ginny put ropes through the rings and fastened her to the table so her arms were pulled up above her head as she laid on the towels on her back. She said, "Now, Tammy, the girls are going to love you and feel you and kiss you and finger you for a few minutes. They will each take a turn licking you between your legs for a full minute. I want them to play with your titties since you have the biggest in the group. They will be pulling, sucking, pinching, and massaging them for you. Just enjoy it. Keep your knees open wide so they can lick and finger you, and open your mouth when they are kissing you. I want you to kiss back. This will all be on video for our generous sponsors. I want all of you girls to really get into it. You are the first initiates for this summer session.

Susan started kissing her mouth, and Sandy and I were feeling and fingering her pussy. While Sandy was licking and fingering her pussy, I moved up to play with her titties. This was really fun and I liked feeling her titties. They were firm and pointy and longer than mine. I started sucking on them when Gina suggested it. A couple minutes later it was my turn to lick her pussy while somebody else sucking on her titties or kissing her mouth. She laid on the big coffee table with the blanket and pillow on it. I liked licking her. She tasted good, like kind of fresh but slippery. Her clitty wasn't very big, but it was stiff, like a little bump. Then I started fingering her vagina while I kept licking her clitty and I could tell she liked it because she was kind of squirming around, like she was about ready to cum. I could tell she liked what I was doing.

Next we did Susan. Her clitty was really big and you could see it even when she was standing up straight with her legs together. It looked like she had three lips. Finally it was my turn to lick her pussy while she was laying on the coffee table, and it was fun sucking and licking her big clitty. It got pretty stiff, too. Her pussy smelled a little bit like roses. When I started fingering her vagina at the same time I noticed it didn't feel as tight as Tammy's, like her vagina was bigger.

Then we did Sandy. She came while I was licking and fingering her. Ms. Ginny took me aside and whispered to me that I had a good touch with the other girls and she could tell that the other girls really liked what I was doing and that I enjoyed it, too.

I said, "Yes."

She whispered, "Did you like sucking on Susan's big clitty?"

I said, "Yes. It felt big, and kind of stiff, too. And she smelled sort of like roses."

Ms. Ginny was looking me over while she whispered to me. "And I hear you've already tasted man cum, and I could tell how much you enjoyed your spankings today! So many possibilities for you. Tonight after dinner, and after our other games with the boys, I want you to practice more of your licking and fingering techniques on me. I'll give you some other hints to help you get the other girls off. Would you like that, Nancy? Just you and me?"

"Oh, yes, Mam. I would like that!"

After we each had a turn being it, Ms. Ginny told the counselors and the other man to get us dressed so we could undress the boys and play with them for a little bit while they were blindfolded. Then we would be blindfolded and the boys would undress us and compare us by feeling, kissing, fingering, and licking us one at a time. The other man and John said they would play with the girls who weren't being examined by the boys, so it would be like a little party. The new man said, "You might get to attend other parties throughout the year, and your mothers would get money while you came to our tutoring sessions. Your mothers are already hoping that you will be selected to participate in our special tutoring sessions so they will get paid while you're gone on a Friday night and all day Saturday. Wouldn't that be fun?"

We all said yes, and Sandy and Susan both giggled. Tammy said, "Would there be boys at the parties?"

The man said, "Yes, sometimes. But there would always be men and at least one woman. She will get you ready for the different sessions and coach you on what to do. And right now, we'll let Gina be your coach. So get dressed!" He laughed, and gave Ta

My Introduction Video

On our third day in camp, right after breakfast, Adrian took my hand and led me to their studio building. I was glad to be missing the tutoring class, because we were mostly going to review our times tables and play math games. It was more fun than school, especially with those silly spankings during class - bare bottom spankings in front of everybody, but it was fun and everybody got at least a few spankings, like one girl would have to pull down her shorts and panties and bend over with her feet apart and then the teacher would pick five volunteers to each give the girl a few spanks. Once she had all of us getting spankings in like a big circle. That was funny because she told all of us to take off our shorts and panties and get in a circle, then half of us would spank and the rest of us who were bent over with our feet apart. And there were like six sponsors in there that day taking pictures. We were mostly laughing the whole class. Then we practiced all saying some of the times tables after the teacher while we spanked to the rhythm. "Six time eight is forty eight!" and we said it ten times with a harder spank when we said the answer.

For seven times eight, we did front spankings with paint stirring paddles. It was funny. We were in the big crafts cabin with lots of tables, just the eight and nine year olds, and while six of us laid on our backs on a big table with our feet and calves over the edge of the table and our knees apart, the other girls would tap on our pussies as we recited some of the eights and sevens tables. The sponsors were taking pictures of us while we did that. I thought it would hurt, getting a front spanking, but since we were just tapping, it felt kind of tingly - especially with so many light taps right on our pussy with the visitors watching and taking pictures. Then the visitors wanted to give us front spankings so they put away their cameras and then they took turns spanking us. It was so funny.

But still on that third day of camp I wanted to go with Adrian. She said it was to make my introduction video. "And we'll show this video, which is mostly legal stuff, to our sponsors and some possible new camp sponsors, and then, hopefully, they will all want to buy your whole, private DVD when it's available at the end of the camp session, and they will also want to schedule private sessions with you, which we call field trips, during the school year."

"What do we do on the field trips? Like where do we get to go? How long will my video be? Is anybody else going to be in it with me?" I was kind of skipping to keep up with Adrian who was holding my hand. We were both laughing.

All she would say is, "You'll see." When we got to the building, she got out a key and unlocked it. All the other buildings, and even Ms. Ginny's house, and the lodge, and the crafts building and our cabins were always unlocked, so I wondered about what was in this building.

Adrian said, "You'll get to be a little actress today. I'll coach you for each step because I want lots of men and women to want to have sessions with you and to get your DVD when it's ready. Today's shoot is mostly legal, and by that I mean I'll get you dressed up and then you'll dance and undress while you talk, but you have to keep your panties on while you talk and do things. That way it's legal."

I kept asking her questions, like holding up one of the magazines or books, "What does this say?"

"I'm not sure what it says, but it's in Slovak, and the date is about ten years ago. That way it will look like the video was made back when it was more legal to make these kinds of videos. It's also why we have some pictures on the wall, and even European electric outlets, although they don't work. It's like a decoy, and you, Little Nancy, my cute, hot, Little Nancy, are like a spy-actress. It's why we trust you to not talk about these things or about our sponsors, and you trust us to keep your identity secret. I'm going to fix you up with a wig and glasses, and I'll coach you on pretending to have an eastern European accent.

While she put make-up on me, we practiced my accent. Then she said my blond hair is long enough so she didn't put a wig on me, but brushed my hair out into two pig tails and put ribbons in my hair.

Then we started. It was funny, so I'm glad Adrian said it was OK for me to be nervous and to giggle sometimes while I danced and undressed, While I was dancing, I picked up some different objects, like little paddles, blindfolds, or handcuffs, and showed them to the camera. I playfully spanked myself on my hand and then on my bottom with one of the paddles.

I said my name and age and talked in Broken English like Adrian taught me, and tried to pronounce the words funny. "I nine yahr ald." I said, instead of "nine years old." I mostly danced and undressed, and then the fun parts, when I got down to just my panties, after taking off the short, black, velvet dress, was to spank myself on the back of my white, lacy, thong panties and say, "I like zspankz. Ohhh! Vas too herd!" I did spank myself pretty hard so it made a noise. Then I said, "I like spank, mit zzzzzzz zound at zame time." Meaning the buzzing sound the vibrator makes.

Adrian said I would be the first of this year's campers to also give myself front spankings with a paint stirring stick, like we used in our math classes. I opened my knees with my feet up near my bottom, and tapped my panties - right on my pussy - with the little paddle, saying, "nick zo hart. Owwww." Instead of saying "Don't spank me too hard on my pussy." But I kept spanking myself on my pussy through the semi-sheer, white panties, and I flinched each time I hit my clitty with the little paddle. Then I would open my legs wide again, and spank myself another time.

Next I pretended to ride the arm of the stuffed chair like it was a horsie - rubbing my pussy up and back on the arm of the chair while I sucked on one of my fingers. Then while I was still riding, I pulled out my wet finger and rubbed it on my nipple - kind of pulling and pinching. I smiled at the camera and said, "Unnnn." Then I did it to my other nipple.

I stood up and pulled my panties up real high so that the thong was between my lips and I pulled them to the left and then to the right, making my lips move around. Adrian thought that was really cute. And then I pulled the panties down in front - just a little bit - just to the top of my crack and looked into the camera before I turned around and pulled them down a little farther in back. Adrian said, "Just so we don't show your pussy crack, but this way they can see that you're still bald, and it's OK to show the camera the top half of your ass, just not your actual butt hole."

And next, Adrian gave me a banana and I stroked it with my hand and then peeled it and licked it. I put the tip in and out of my mouth and said, "I like tast. Ummm. I swallow it. Ummm." And then I swallowed a little bit of the banana goo, and licked my lips.

And then I did some stretching exercises to show how limber I am. Adrian had me lay on my back over a coffee table with towels on it so she could show how big and plump my pubic mound is. She said some guys like to see the big mound inside the tight panties like that, so she moved the camera all around me while I laid with my feet apart with the pillow under my hips to make my mound look even bigger. Then I got in a shoulder stand and let my knees go apart and down close to my head. Adrian said that way the customers, or sponsors as they call them, could see the edge of the narrow brown ring of wrinkles, and just a peek of the edge of my pink anus, my "hole" as she liked to call it. I patted my bottom, and said, "use lubbracent on yur fingar." But Adrian said that might get edited out of my intro video. She said they would also put some clips of me in my swimming suit, or in a dress playing on the swing set in my intro video."

She said, "I'll ad a few other clips to your Introductory Video, too, like when you were practicing kissing Tammy. That was really cute. Men like watching things like that, and so do I, really. And when you were in the bubble bath in Ms. Ginny's house, with just your top half sticking out of the bubbles. That was cute, too, when you washed off your chest, trying to make your titties jiggle."

After getting me dressed up again, this time with purple panties, she vibrated me for a minute to get me nice and wet. That's what she said, but I think she just liked dressing and undressing me and touching me. She said, "Buzzing you is one way to get you to stop asking questions for a few minutes. You know, I'm supposed to give you a really hard smack each time you ask a question, but this is so much fun. Tell you what, you can keep talking, but don't ask questions. Then I'll help you cum with this buzzer when we're done with your video." She said that after she had buzzed me for a little while, getting me almost ready to cum and then she stopped. She did that three times and called it, "getting me to the edge." She promised to help me get off by licking and buzzing me right after I finished undressing and dancing again so she could get more video to put in my introductory video. Adrian said, "And it really turns on our sponsors to see that the little girl star has wet panties. That means the girl gets really turned on."

I wanted her to help me cum, so I didn't ask any more questions, but danced and undressed. After I took the training bra off, I pinched and pulled my titties for the camera. Adrian said, they might edit out the pinching and pulling, too, but it was really cute and they might leave it in.

Then Adrian smiled and had me lay on my back on the edge of the little girl's bed that was set up in the little girl's bedroom studio. Then she pulled off my wet, purple panties and put her lubricated finger in my bottom and licked and buzzed my clitty until I came, which only took a few seconds. She wasn't smiling or laughing either, but kept staring at my pussy as she lubricated her finger. I could tell she really thought I was cute. I spread my legs extra wide for her and pulled my lips apart and up so she could lick me right on my button.

R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s - R e v i e w s


Nice story about the little girl lesbians. I would prefer a story about some dirty old men running a daycare for toddler girls, but nine year olds are hot too. The idea of taking advantage of poor little girls really turns me on.


An excellent storyline! I'm looking forward to seeing more of it. I'd have Loved to go to such a summer camp!

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