The Pre-Teen Pussy Wax Spa, Part 1

[ FF/g, pussy wax, mast, photo ]

by Corn53

Published: 22-Jan-2011

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Dear Reader, Thank you for enjoying a vicarious adventure with me. If you enjoyed the story, please send me a note. Also, please share any fantasies, memories, suggestions, etc. It's how I get material for new stories. And of course, there is no way for me to verify if something actually happened or if it is pure fantasy. I'm not seeking any themes that involve violence, although mild coercion may be OK, as the naive, curious, protagonist progresses through her adventure. I'm not advocating doing any of these things with minors, although role play with consenting adults could be fun. The reason that many of my fantasy stories involve younger characters is that they are so curious about their own, budding sexuality, and they are easily seduced with compliments or "stuff," that is promised to them. The character is led through little steps and soon gets into very compromising situations.

Muriel and Charles had been friends for years. Although she was technically married, Charles knew she was a lesbian. He was one of her trusted friends who knew her secret. He had helped her set up trysts over the last 20 years so she could indulge her true passion for young women in safety and secrecy. She now had her own upscale beauty salon and spa. After several drinks, she confided another secret.

"Charles, my spa is in financial trouble. All this downturn in the economy, and spa treatments is one luxury that people, even top executives and their families can cut back on, without making too big of a difference in their lifestyles."

She told him that her business wasn't in danger of immediate collapse, but she felt like she was working hard with nothing to show for it. She said, "I've got a dozen people working in my spa, and they get paid, but there is usually nothing much left for me, after payroll and expenses. I need to either close or renovate my building and develop new customers."

They kept talking. No rush to go back in the main hall for the fund raiser dinner. Her husband was chatting up a young, thirty-something woman who was new in town. Muriel didn't mind her husband's affairs because it kept him from trying to have sex with her. They both suspected that he knew she preferred women, but he wasn't saying anything because he liked the setup. She looked into the main banquet hall and said, "Here's something new you might like to think about: the trend for pre-teen girls to get bikini wax treatments, and even full Brazilian waxes! There have been news reports that many upscale mothers take their pre-teen daughters with them to the spa and they let their daughters get many of the same treatments. They say that if a young girl gets full Brazilian waxes 3 to 6 times before she reaches puberty that it's likely she will never develop pubic hair! Skin soft, smooth, and hairless for the next twenty years, or maybe for life. Not enough research to substantiate that claim yet, but probably. Some spas advertise pre-teen waxing as a way to save thousands of dollars before the girl is thirty - money that can be saved from so many post-puberty Brazilian wax jobs! And not only that, many of the mothers reward their daughters who accept the brief pain of the wax job with massages, hair coloring, nail care, and so on. Some spas offer 'birthday party' specials for girls ages eight to ten, but they especially recommend starting the girls at age eight. I did some research on the internet under pre-teen wax treatments. The spa directors call it the 'virgin wax treatment,' for girls who have never shaved that area before. The pre-puberty hair is called 'velus,' and is so fine that it doesn't hurt nearly as much as if the girl waits until her teens or twenties. They tell the mothers that their daughters will be so sexy and bald there for years to come, maybe for life, with just a few special treatments, and those birthday parties get the little girls to love the spa experience - except for that few minutes during the actual pulling of hair during the Brazilian treatment. And since the girls' hair is so fine and sparse at that age it comes out with much less pain than starting as a teenager. The primary selling point, of course, is no shaving or unsightly stubble, when she is on swim teams, ballet dancing, aerobics, and so on. The unspoken selling point is that the girl's bald pussy is so much sexier for years and years to come. And most women know that most men prefer a smooth, hairless pussy to lick... which is more important because oral sex is becoming the favorite birth control method for many men, especially older men. But the spa managers don't verbalize that, except with vague hints."

Charles thought she might be telling him something with hopes he would read between the lines and offer to help her with remodeling her spa - meaning he would pay for the remodeling and then he could incorporate hidden, high powered cameras in the new areas. The idea appealed to Charles, so he said, "Yes, I know someone who would sponsor your company's growth in exchange for certain viewing rights."

She smiled at him, knowing he had caught her tacit offering. She said, "And I have several young 'friends' we could sponsor to take massage classes. Once they are licensed, they could work in my remodeled salon and give massages to all clients, but extra special massages to our new clients ages eight to ten. For your viewing pleasure, so to speak. With some special, post-waxing treatments, perhaps with a vibrator, so the little, waxed girls will want to come back for more of those special, 'don't-tell-mommy-or-anybody-else' massages. Even though the massage rooms may be in dimmed lighting, perhaps the new security cameras would work anyway. And the two girls I have in mind for the masseuse positions would know to leave a clear view for the new security cameras."

Charles smiled. "I'll speak to my friend. He has an architect he uses for special remodeling projects. And you'll start getting that additional income you need right away, and your off-the-record income will go up once you start serving that special clientele."

"And we must be very discrete with this. I'll warn the two girls not to do any overt sexual stimulation or fingering, at least no insertions. on the little girl's fist visit. They will use the vibrators on other parts of the body first, before incorporating the vibration treatments with the warm, oil massage of the thighs, tummy and of course, the area that just got the Brazilian wax treatment... as if it is standard procedure. The little girls will want to return, and they will keep their mouths shut about that aspect of their 'reward massages.' And I'm licensed to give Brazilian waxes myself, and I often assist with them."

Charles smiled, "And let me guess, you usually like to assist with any attractive woman under forty, and especially under twenty. Right?"

She laughed and nodded.

He said, "Yes, I'm sure my friend will get a nice check to you this week. Remodeling will start in a couple weeks. He will help you design a discrete advertising flyer about your new services. Perhaps even an off-site location for the follow-up services. The mothers will understand. And you'll also get more of your adult clients - those girls and ladies ages twelve to sixty - to take advantage of your new services, too, as you become a full-service spa.

The Waxings Begin

Three months after that conversation, Muriel administered her fist, pre-teen, Brazilian wax service to a cute, nine-year old, blond, named Laura. The girl complained, and even cried during the waxing, saying she didn't want to ever do it again. Then, after a soft drink and a candy bar, the girl's mother went over to the other side of the Salon to get her hair done, while her daughter got her first 'free massage' as part of the pre-teen package. Muriel had warned the Mother that her daughter might be upset at first, but she would probably be fine after the massage.

Muriel had sold the mother on the idea by talking about projected savings on future waxes, and also the swimming suit, modeling, or sex appeal angles - pointing out that rough 'shaved' stubble around the crotch of a swimming suit was almost as unsightly as hair. The mother said she hoped her daughter would do some modeling as she got older, so that would really help her daughter's possible career. That particular mother remembered getting teased when she was fourteen and some of her pubic hair was sticking through the leg holes of her swimming suit. She didn't want that to ever happen to her daughter.

How right Muriel was about Laura enjoying the massages! Laura complained to Ginny, Muriel's twenty three year old 'friend' and masseuse as she was led, wearing only a robe and paper slippers, into the massage room with the soft music. She wanted to put her panties back on, but Ginny said, "It's just us girls here, Laura. And panties would irritate the sensitive area. That's why your Mother had you wear a skirt here today, and why you shouldn't wear panties for the rest of the day. I have to put lotion on it now and work it in to help heal the tender and delicate skin there. You're a big girl now, and there are things to learn. I'm sure your Mommy wants you to continue with the treatments because she purchased our entire three-year program. The waxing treatments are only once in a while, like every three or four months, and it will make it easier for you to wear swimming suits for the rest of your life without having to shave and so on. It's much less painful to do these treatments now, while you have almost no hair, and it's so fine. And you're so pretty, that I'm sure that in time you'll have lots of boyfriends, and they will love your innocent look down there." Ginny pointed to Laura's pussy area, even though the girl was still wrapped in the white robe.

"It hurt." Laura said.

"I know." Said Ginny. "I get waxed every month or six weeks. It hurts much more as a grown-up, but I think it's worth it because every one of my boyfriends has loved my 'little girl' look. Let me show you mine." She lifted her apron and skirt, revealing her bald, smooth pussy. "You can feel it." She said. "I didn't wear panties today, because I wanted to show you - just to reassure you that lots of big girls and women get wax treatments. It hurts much worse when you're older."

The girl stroked a finger down the side of Ginny's pussy lips. "Gee. It's so smooth. Not all bumpy like some of the girls at the pool."

"But if they didn't shave, I bet the boys would tease them, wouldn't they?" Ginny was still holding up her skirt, letting Laura look at her own, bald pussy. Ginny felt her own tingles as Laura stroked a finger down the side of her pussy several times.

"Boys are so mean and nasty! And they are always looking at you there. And like at my bumps on my chest, too, which show through the swimming suit material. It's embarrassing. Even older boys look."

"Of course they look." Ginny laughed. "You're a very pretty girl. You are beginning to learn about your feminine power. You're growing up. Boys and men can't help but look at pretty, sexy girls like you. Be proud of how you look. Let them look, but pretend that you don't notice them looking. That's a secret for us big girls." She hugged Laura, and let her skirt drop back into place.

"Gee." Laura said. "I can tell they are looking at me there."

"Let's get your robe off now. You'll love the massage." Ginny said, "We keep it warm in this room, so you won't mind not having the robe. It's time to get your massage like a big girl, and this will take the sting away. We'll do another massage in a week, and then you won't get waxed first. That won't happen again for four months. If you think the massages really speed up your recovery, I might be able to talk Ms. Muriel into letting me give you one each week during your first year."

"I don't know." Said Laura, as she wiped away a final tear.

Ginny helped the seventy pound girl up onto the special massage table that had a cut-out under the pussy area. Laura laid on her tummy and let Ginny part her legs to the edges of the massage table. She was soon enjoying the feelings as Ginny massaged her back, shoulders, legs, and thighs with warm oil - letting Ginny open her legs wider to do the inside of her thighs. Ginny used the vibrator on the backs of Laura's thighs - pressing hard for deep tissue massage, to get the girl used to the vibrator. She accidentally let the big vibrator roll across Laura's pussy lips several times.

Ginny pressed the vibrator slightly harder against Laura's pussy while rubbing oil on her bottom and thighs and even on Laura's pussy lips while the girl was still face down. Laura jumped but Ginny said, "This is the sensitive area after your waxing. I know. But this oil will help soothe your skin. This doesn't hurt, does it?" Ginny had her hand cupped over the girl's pussy and was pressing the big, plug-in vibrator against the back of her own hand.

"No." Laura said. "It like kind of tingles and tickles, but it doesn't hurt."

"Open your legs more so I can apply more of the soothing oil here. Lift your hips a little too. That will help. Your Mother wants you to get the full treatment. You can even move your hips to help with the muscle relaxation."

Laura obediently opened her legs more and lifted her hips. Ginny gently massaged more of the warm, scented oil onto Laura's thighs and pussy. Her oil hand was followed closely by her vibrator hand. Laura was holding her bottom up off the table and moving her hips.

A minute later, Laura let out a soft moan as Ginny continued to massage Laura's pussy with her hand and the vibrator. Ginny said, "You're doing good, Laura. It helps get the tenseness out of your skin and muscles if you move your hips while I treat your tender area. It's just us girls here, and this is a medical treatment to speed your recovery."

Laura kept moving her hips while she moaned softly.

Then she placed a towel over Laura and helped her roll onto her back. She put a smaller towel over Laura's face, above her nose so she could breathe easily and not be bothered by the light. Ginny whispered in Laura's ear, "I'm going to finish your massage. We're about halfway. Just relax. I'm going to help you really relax, but it's important that we keep some of what we do for your massage just between us girls, and not tell anyone else about some parts of the massage I'm giving you, because we're not supposed to touch clients in certain parts, but I think it's necessary in order to get your muscles and skin to really relax, don't you?"

"Yes. I won't say anything to anybody, Ginny. I get to come back again next week? Unn."

"Yes, Honey. I think it's important for you to get a speedy recovery. OK?"

"Yes. OK." She said softly, not trying to move the towel off her face.

"I'm going to turn up the music a little louder, so you just relax. Nobody will be able to hear what we're doing in here."

But Ginny knew the video cameras were picking up the sound and video just fine. She turned up the lights and the music, and started massaging Laura's chest which was almost perfectly flat when she was lying on her back. There was a little more fatty tissue in her pale breasts - with the swimming suit tan lines outlining her tender, young breasts. Ginny arranged the fluffy towel across Laura's tummy, but keeping Laura's pussy and breasts fully exposed while she massaged the pliant nine year old with the vibrator and oil.

"Ohhhhh." Laura said, as Ginny massaged her breasts with her well-oiled hands and the vibrator.

She was soon down to Laura's pussy and thighs - using lots of oil. Ginny placed Laura's hands on her budding breasts and poured a little oil onto each one. "You massage your breasts while I work on your tender area. That will help get you relaxed and it's good for your breasts, too. I bet you'll even notice some grown men noticing the pretty bumps in your T-shirt."

Laura didn't say anything but kept massaging her own breasts - massaging, pinching and pulling them.

Each time Ginny moved her hands across Laura's pussy, the girl opened her legs wider. Ginny knew from Laura's flushed, mottled skin and the whitish cream forming in her virgin hole, that Laura was getting very excited. She expertly led the young girl to her first ever full climax, knowing just when to pull away before Laura got too sensitive. She kept massaging Laura's legs and tummy while she recovered. A teaspoon of Laura's white, gooey excitement oozed out of Laura's vagina. Ginny waited, knowing the remote cameraman was probably zooming in, before she wiped it off as part of the clean-up. Ginny didn't comment on the orgasm or the resultant goo. She helped Laura on with her training bra and hugged her as soon as the girl was completely dressed. "Our secret." She whispered in Laura's ear.

"I know." Said Laura.

Ginny led her back out to the waiting room. Her Mom had just gotten there, too, and she asked Ginny how her daughter did.

"She was fine, and I told her about next week. She wants to come back next week for the massage, and again in four months for her next wax and massage. I'll check with Mruiel about doing a complimentary massage once a week in the meantime for encouragement."

Laura's Mom smiled and handed Ginny a twenty dollar bill as a tip. She said, "Did you like the massage, Laura?"

"It felt good, Mommy. I guess I will come back for the next treatments."

Laura's Mom and Ginny both smiled. Laura's Mom said, "And I'll buy you some silky, sexy panties like we talked about, now that you're getting to be such a big girl."

Ginny hugged Laura. "See you next week."


After mother and daughter were out the door, Ginny said, "She'll be back. And you'll love the video. Probably her first orgasm. Very hot, little girl."

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