Down the Street

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Published: 21-Mar-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

Chapter 1

Dan had the house all to himself. He used his time to search the internet, looking at pictures and reading stories about underage sex. Mostly little girls getting fucked by their father, uncle, brother, or whatever. Many of the stories were graphic. Stories about guys inviting friends over to give their 5 year old daughter a cum bath bukkake. Sucking and fucking every hole on the little girl until they blow their loads all over the her and filling all her tight little holes with sperm. Some stories were about slightly older girls which were exciting because they added the threat of getting pregnant by the huge cocks fucking them when they lose their seed. Dan had an 11 year old daughter of his own whom he never purposely fantasized about. He loved thinking about fucking other little girls, but never of his own daughter and he'd be damned if he had other guys thinking about fucking his little girl either. Still, with her nearly a B cup already at the age of 11, he'd caught himself a couple of times watching her when she runs around the house wearing her skimpy little things. He knows better...but he still catches himself once in awhile. With her her nearly starting periods soon, he figured she was probably teeming with pheromones which were messing with his head too.

Dan had been reading a particularly sexy story about a father being seduced by his 8 year old daughter who had just had her first experience watching a porno film at a friend's house. She came home explaining what she saw and asked about it and asked her father to show her what it was like. He had a very difficult time resisting her. She's already begun growing tits because she started taking hormone pills when she was 5. The girl had dressed in some red lace bra and panties and was wearing a seductive looking pearl necklace. No. He didn't offer much resistance at all. Before long, his dick was in her sucking little mouth, covered with red lipstick. Then his huge adult cock was buried in her little 8 year old snatch. Before long, she was begging him to squirt his seed into her pulsating little pussy, which he did. As Dan was reading this, he was steadily leaking precum from his tool and stroking it a little bit here and there. He vividly pictured the little girl with the wet, red lipstick pressing her soft little lips onto her father's raging cock as it drooled precum down onto her soft mouth. He was had a super stiff boner as he read the last part of the story and was ready to get some lube and work himself to a massive orgasm when suddenly there was a knock at the door.

"Dammit...nobody is here. None of the kids are here and they can't play." He muttered to himself.

He opened the door expecting a much taller person that the one who was on the other side. It was the cute little blonde girl from a few houses up the street. She had the clearest blue eyes he'd ever seen and nearly white platinum hair framed her cute little pixie face. He small mouth lightly accented by her lightly colored pink lips. He had seen her over the past couple of years. He'd caught himself looking at her riding her bike with her cute little ass in the air or bouncing around, playing in the sprinkler in her cute little two piece swim suit. In fact, he'd sometimes imagined some of the girls in the pedo stories he read looked like her. It helped bring him to a strong climax on several occasions. The visual image of that cute little girl down the street taking a huge dick in her ass and huge loads of cum on her face.

"Hi. I'm Cindy from up the street?"

"Hello, Cindy. What can I do for you?"

"Well. My parents left me alone with my brother while they went to a friend's house. They said they would be back in a few hours. They said they were going to leave us some money for the ice cream truck, but they left and didn't leave any money for us." "Oh I see. Well let me look at what I've got." He said and she smiled at him, what he thought looked like a seductive smile, but thought that absurd considering she must only be no more than 6 or 7 years old.

"I'm sorry, Cindy. All I have is a twenty dollar bill. It only takes a couple dollars for the ice cream truck and I'm afraid I can't give away a whole twenty."

"Awwwwww...." she frowned and looked at him with her big blue eyes. "Is there anything I can do to earn the twenty dollars?" she said as she stepped just a bit into his house.

"Well, Cindy. I don't know. What can you do? Do you have things you normally do to earn money?"

"Yes! Let me show you."

And with that she turned around and started slipping the cute pink shorts she had on over her cute, plump little butt cheeks. He could see she wasn't wearing any panties and his eyes locked onto her tight little pink butthole.

"Woah!! Wait!"

"What's the matter, mister? Don't you want to see my cute little butt? Once you get a good look, you're going to want to stick your dick in something. Wouldn't you like to feel my hot little mouth on it? You can rub your cock all over my cute little baby teeth."

"Woah!! What the fuck? What the hell?"

"It's okay mister. I do it all the time for my Daddy and his friends. They all say I do a really good job. I make them cum huge all over me. They love it when I talk about their spermies swimming through my baby teeth. It always makes them cum buckets."

"Oh no. What are you talking about? What are you doing?"

"Well, mister. I do like this....and show you my cute little ass and little pink pussy. I stick my fingers in my wet crack and slide them around like this. Your dick gets hard like..." She reached over and felt his now rock hard cock through his shorts. "Yeah...just like that. Then I do this."

She pulled his shorts down, releasing his cock free of his shorts. She grabbed it with her little hand.

"Then I suck on it and you fuck it in my throat until your sperm shoots out into my mouth and all over my cute little face and in my hair and up my nose or I can swallow it all down into my belly if you want. If it will get me the twenty dollars."

Dan couldn't believe his ears. Or his luck. Here was the epidemy of his pedophilia desires. This perfect little girl about to suck the cum dry from his balls.

She opened her little mouth wide, sticking out her tiny tongue. She moved forward until the head of his dick his the back of her throat. Shen then closed her tight little mouth on him, humming and slurping hard as she pulled away. Dan held his hips and put his head back in delight. His knees grew week at the sensensation of this little second grader sucking his cock which was already ready to blow from reading all the pedo porn before she showed up just in time.

He grabbed her by her head and forced his cock deep into her mouth. She felt the head slip down her gullet and into her throat. He pushed the last 2 inches into her small mouth, his balls now resting on her petite chin. He pulled slighly out and back in, fucking her tight little throat.

"Ahhhh....ahhhh....fuck yeah...hold your breath. Good girl. Goooooood fucking girl...ahhhh fuck."

He felt her trying to breathe, forcefully sucking on his cock just in the right spot.

He could have cum right then, into her sweet little mouth and all over her tiny tongue, but he decided he had other plans. This situation he had her in right now may never come again in his life. He pulled his long dick from her throat and mouth. She gasped for air and finally caught her breath.

"You like?"

"Oh fuck yeah I like. I like other things too. Turn around, you little whore."

He reached in his shorts pocket and pulled out the bottle of lube he had been using to stroke his cock with. He squirted it all over his cock, stroking it in, making sure not to miss any part of it. He pulled her shorts down over her knees and her ankles and past her shoes. He pulled her thin white shirt off over her head. Now she was wearing nothing but her cute little white shoes and soft pink socks. He pushed her head over, sticking her cute butt high up in the air.

"Oh god. Are you gonna fuck me? Oh yes mister!! Oh fuck!! Please fuck me!!"

He squirted a generous amount of lube all over her silky smooth hairless cunt and ass. He forced two of his fingers in and spread the lube around.

"Ohhhh mister. That feels sooooo fucking good."

"Well if you like that, you're gonna LOVE this!"

He grabbed his cock and guided the head to her warm wet baby entrance. He pushed hard while using one hand to force her ass toward him. The head plopped in and he began to push. He immediately could tell this wasn't the first cock she ever had inside her little body.

"Ahhh fuck....not the first time you had a big throbbing dick in you, is it?"

"No. But the only other person that fucked me was my Daddy. He wouldn't let any of his friends put it in me. I tried to get him to let his friends, but he said no. You're alot bigger than daddy!!"

Dan sunk his cock as far in as it would go.

"Damn you're tight as fuck." He said as he sank down to the last 2 inches. He pushed HARD, but couldn't get in any further. He was deep in her guts. Her little womb pushing on the head of his cock. He pulled out and pushed back in HARD. He began slamming his cock into her tight preteen pussy like he would a full grown woman. He had both hands on her plump little ass and slammed her little body onto his cock and he thrust his hips in rhythm.

She was so tight and so wet and so good. He had to cum.

"Ahhhhhhhrr fuck fuck FUUUUUCK!!!!!!"

His cock EXPLODED violently in her little cunt. There was no where for the cum and sperm to go and it began pulsing out of her little hole and around his cock. It began pouring down her soft little smooth, pink thighs and down his balls.

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuck....fuck fuck FUCK so fucking good!! Good little kid pussy. God fucking yes!! I love your little fucking cunt!!"

He sunk his cock deep into her a few more times and pulled it out. She turned around and put it back into her mouth and sucked him deep into her throat.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......yes. Suck that fucking dick clean. Get all that cum. Turn around and bend over for a sec."

Dan pulled out his cell phone and took a picture of her smooth, cum dripping pussy.

She pulled him out and stood up. She used her panties to wipe her pussy, thighs and mouth. Then she handed him her panties. She grabbed her shirt and shorts and without putting them on, ran out the door.

"See you tomorrow, mister!!"

"Wait...your money. WAit!! Put your clothes on first!!"

"Keep it...I didn't really want any ice cream. I just wanted to fuck. Besides. My Daddy is actually home. He sent me over to see if you were interested in joining his club. I'll let him know you are. Bye!!"

Ohhhhh was about to change.

Chapter 2

Dan went about is business. Got something to eat. Sat to see what was on TV. About an hour passed when there was a knock at the door.

"Oh shit! Probably the cops!!" he thought. But no. Even worse. He opened the door to see Cindy's dad standing there with a very stern look on his face.

"Heard you had a good time fuckin' my daughter today."

"Oh uh...shit..uhhh...I."

"I woulda been over here awhile ago but you had her all slicked up and ready to go, I felt the urge to fill that little cunt full of my sperm, too!! You must be pretty good size there. The girl was a bit more loose than usual. Hahahaha!!"

"Hehe phew. I thought you were pissed or somethin'. Please come in. Have a beer."

"Don't mind if I do. Hell no I ain't pissed. Who'd you think sent her over here? We have some things to talk about, my new friend."

Mike from across the street took a seat at Dan's kitchen table and pulled out his cell phone. Looked to be texting or instant messaging.

Dan grabbed a couple beers from the fridge and sat down across from him.

"One quick sec here, Dan. Couple other guys confirming for tomorrow."

"Okay so anyway. How'd you like her?"

"Uhhhh well...I...I mean. No disrespect, sir, I uhhh..."

"None taken, Dan! Speak your mind! I really am interested in getting to know you better. Obviously you like to get your dick sucked by little kids and fuck little pussies. We know that much already!"

"Well, Mike. She obviously knew what she was doing. She was incredible. Never felt a blowjob like that before. Incredible."

"Yeah, them tight little mouths and throats will do that to ya!", Mike responded.

"Haha...yeah I supposed. And when I bent over and shoved my cock in her sweet little cunt, she was squeezing hard back on my cock with every jab. She had me spewing my load in no time. Such a tight sweet pussy she has. Amazing."

"Damn Dan. I just busted my nut and here you got me startin' up another woody just listenin' to ya. Well look I'm glad you had a good time. No harm no foul. Now listen."

Mike put his phone back in his pocket and leaned forward ever so slightly. Dan has his full attention.

"You only been livin' in the neighborhood for a couple years now. We had to keep an eye on ya. Get to know ya a little. I thought I knew a few things about you. Just had to send her over here to make sure."

"I don't get it," Dan said. "How could you know that I'm sexually attracted to little girls?"

"Well Dan. To put it bluntly." Your network isn't secure. I've seen all the pics and all the stories. Alot of great stuff in there too. I added some of those to my collection. Hope you don't mind."

"Oh shit. I'm glad the wrong folks didn't find that. Guess I better tighten up."

"Wouldn't be a bad idea. Just be sure to let me know if you find any good stuff, would ya?" Mike said with a smirk.

" got it, buddy."

"Hell. If things go well, you might have quite a bit of stuff to put in your 'secret files' folder pretty soon."

"Oh? How's that?"

"Okay listen. Tomorrow night, I'm having a few guys over. We hold these little parties over at my house down in the basement. I'm sure you've heard the music comin' from the house every now and then. Ever wonder why you never saw anyone? It's cuz we're all downstairs."

"Cool. What kinda parties are we talking about?" Dan smiled.

"Well I'm sure you already got some idea. Awhile back, me and a couple other guys got in on a deal with some Russians. This was back when we were in the army, see. We were over in Kosovo and busted in on what we thought was a weapons facility. Inside, the only 'weapons' were dude's cocks. We uhhh...'liberated' 15 young russian girls. Now we're talking young. Anywhere from 3 years old to maybe 11 or 12. I pulled out a gun to one of the guy's heads and told him he was a sick fuck. He told me 'please...please don't kill me. Fuck any girl you want!'"

Some of these girls were cute as hell. All dolled up with their lipstick and make-up. They made them wear sexy little outfits. I didn't know what I was doing but my dick sure as fuck did. It was hard as fuck. You gotta figure. None of us had had any pussy for months. The other guys were in another room. I grabbed a pretty little 8 year old girl named Sofi. I reached in and pulled out my dick and told her to suck it. That little bitch sucked so fuckin' good. Busted a nut right down her little throat. I told the guy to sit still and don't move. I went to check on the other 2 guys. I open this door, and there's Frank, balls deep in the tight little asshole of some 6 year old girl. Fucking the shit right out of her. He busted his nut right as he turned and saw me. Jizz and shit went flying out around his cock. Fuckin' amazing. I go to check on Ted, and there's that son of a bitch with his huge donkey dick buried in the tight little cunt of some 10 year old. Well we certainly came to an understanding with one another that day."

Dan had a raging cock now, listening to this story.

"So we all went back to talk to the guy in charge of the place. He seemed like he was the only asshole in that place that spoke english. He says 'we have many more places like this if you like. New ones all the time. All over world!'. So I say 'really. All over the world? Surely not in the United States.' He says 'oh yes. United States too. Very many in United States'. He goes on talking about how they set up these places in the states and went on about his contacts and about how the girls are moved around and whatnot. So I tell the guy that he's going to set up a place like that for me and my guys and in return, I won't blow the lid off this operation or kill anybody."

"Sounds like a good deal for him."

"And for us, more importantly. All the little girl pussy we could stick a dick in."

Mike continued.

"So we sat around talking with these guys for awhile. Little girls were walking around. Every now and then one of the guys would call to one of the girls and she'd come over and suck him off right in front of us or bounce her little ass up on down on his cock. I'll be honest. We got in on the action too. I had my cock buried to the fucking hilt in the tight little ass of what couldn't have been more than 4 year old girl. Sweet as fuck too. She was fucking gorgeous. I fucked that girl 3 more times before we left. Beautiful. I had her pussy, her mouth, and her ass again. Do you know my 13 year old daughter, Krystal?"

"I've seen her. Never knew her name though."

"Little secret. She ain't my daughter. She was the 4 year old russian girl."

"Holy shit!!"

"Yep...I liked her so much, she was the first one they sent over. See they smuggle the girls on ships and in cargo crates and whatnot. All fancied up though. Girls have TV, movies, plenty of food. They're just fine. They always have adults with them on the trips of course. Taking care of 'em. Gettin' 'em ready too, if you know what I'm gettin' at. Sometimes they're too young though and we have to teach 'em when they get here."

"And Cindy?"

"She came in 3 years ago when she just turned 3. Sweetest little darlin'. She is actually the little sister of Krystal, believe it or not. Word is the parents of them girls make alot of money sellin their pretty little girls off to be fuck slaves. Immoral fucks."

"So what's going on tomorrow?"

"Well. We're having a little get together with some of the guys that house the girls. Gonna be probably 10 girls over. Maybe 5 or 6 guys. These girls are ready too. No joke. Do whatever the fuck you want or can think of. So you in or what?"

"Well hell fucking yes I'm in. Goddamn I've never been more in goddamn shit ever in my life before!"

"Hahhaa...goddamn nice to see some enthusiasm. Tell you what. I'll see you tomorrow. You gonna be home?"

"Of course," Dan replied.

"Okay...I'll send Cindy over to get you when we're ready. Just try not to fuck her right away."

Mike reached into his pocket.

"Oh here...take these pills right now and don't jerk off before tomorrow. You'll see why."

"Sounds good. Cya."

Dan finished his dinner and spent some time on the internet and playing video games and whatnot. After jerking off, fucking his fake rubber lolita pussy he got in Japan, he went to sleep.

The next say, he woke up like a kid on Christmas day. He was eager with anticipation on what was going to be happening later. He was walking around all day with a hardon, but he didn't want to jerk off right before Cindy showed up. He was juicing precum all day. His balls were tight and loaded.

After a long day of waiting, at 5 o'clock on the dot, the doorbell rang. He ran to the door. There was cindy in a cute little school girl cheerleader outfit, sucking on a lolipop with her nearly white blonde hair tied in pigtails.

His dick grew immediately stiff. Cindy grabbed the head through his pants.

"Come with me." she said.

Dan eagerly followed her to the house. He could already hear the music going. He understood that was to make sure nobody could hear the noise from the basement. They walked the couple houses down the block do Dan's house and little Cindy opened the front door.

"Come on it, Dan!" said Mike, standing next to Krystal. Damn did she look sexy as fuck. Wearing a black tube top and little bity bottom. Hair and makeup all done. High heels on. She looked like a sexy as fuck grown woman. She was only 13, for crying out loud."

"Damn Mike. She looks great. Did you get fake tits for her? They're fucking nice."

"Fuck no, Dan! Those are real as shit. She's been on the hormones since she was 5. Had tits since she was 8. Been big enough to titty fuck since she was 10."

"Ooooo yeah," Krystal spoke, "I love it when you cum on my big fat titties, Daddy."

"Well then, Dan," said Mike. "Right this way."

Mike lead him to the back of the house to what looked like a closet door. Turns out it was an entrance to his basement on the floor. You would never notice it to look in there.

He opened the floor and right away, Dan could hear men grunting and shouting "fuck yeah" "take it all bitch" and the like. Little girls were screaming in both pain and pleasure. "I'm fucking cumming!!" one of them screamed. "Fill me up with your hot fucking cum" another one moaned.

Walking down passed the wall covering the view, Dan couldn't believe his eyes. The basement was split up into a few connected rooms. Different apparatuses and sex toys were all over the place. Some looked like custom made weights equipment, but no. They were for fuckin'. Ropes hung from the ceiling. Chains. Whips. Huge dildos. Gallon jugs of lube were here and there. Everywhere he looked, there was a little girl getting her brains fucked right the fuck out.

"Go ahead Dan. Take a look around."

He walked in on one probably 10 year old girl, tied from both wrists and both feet, hanging from the ceiling, her legs forced wide open. The man in front of her was holding onto her tiny little ass and ramming to the fucking hilt what appeared to be a 9 inch cock. His balls bounced and slapped her ass with each powerful thrust. Her eyes were rolled back into her head in pleasure, drooling, completely in the moment. The guy was straight up going to work on this little pussy.

"AarrrrrrRRRR motherfuck FUCK FUCK!!! I'm gonna CUM SO FUCKING HARD!!!"

He grabbed the little girl's ass hard and pulled him to her HARD and held her there.

"Ahhhh fuck...ahhhhhhhhhh fuck yeah. Take that sperm little girl. Fuck yeah. Sweet little fucking pussy."

He thrusted a few more times in and house and pulled out his spent cock and grabbed a towel to clean up. He looked up and saw Dan.

"Oh must be Dan. The new guy. Quite a fucking thing isn't it?"

"Fuck yeah. Can't believe this sorta shit exists."

"Oh it exists alright," the man said, laughing. "Go ahead. Look around. Alotta hot shit going on.

Dan went to the next room over where alot of noise was coming from. Inside was a site to behold. A dark skinned girl, maybe 6 years old, wearing red silky lingerie. Red fishnet stockings, red garters, red high heels, and fairy wings. Nothing else. She was standing on a piece of custom made equipment made for fucking. She was standing on two platforms with legs spread and ass high in the air, the perfect height for the large, muscular man standing behind her holding onto her ass. He was buried deep in her tight little shithole. He pushed slowly, grunting each time.

Suddenly Mike spoke up behind Dan, startling him a bit.

"That's Jess. Only 6 years old. She loves to take a nice big cock in her ass. She tries to shit out your cock while you shove it in. Makes the little girl cum. When she does, she makes just about every guy in her ass blow their wad in her. That'd Ted, by the way. One of the guys I was telling you about from Kosovo. He fucking loves cumming in little girl asses.."

Ted looked over at Dan.

"Oh hey Dan. Come on in. Welcome to the club. Glad you could join us. Man this bitch's ass is tight!"

Ted pulled out what must have been an 8 inch cock from the girl's tiny ass. He smacked it on her butt cheeks a few times.

"This little bitch loves the ass fuck, doncha, honey?"

"Yes Daddy. It makes me cum soooo good!"

Dan was surprised to see the dark skinned girl was all made up and had bright, clear blue eyes. Incredibly pretty faced girl.

"I'm just about done with her too, buddy. Stick around and watch the show."

And with that, Ted sank his cock back deep into the well lubed asshole of the little girl.

"Aarrrrgg fuck yeah."

He jabbed his cock in a few short bursts.

"Shit that fucking cock out bitch....woooP no you don't!!" as he shoved it back in hard.

"Fuck yeah....I wanna cum all over your pretty little face. When I tell you to, turn the fuck around and take my cum in your face, you understand, baby?"

"Yes Daddy."

He slid the full length of his cock in slow and deep and back out again a few more times, hissing and grunting.

"Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhh fffffuuuuck!! FUCK FUCK!! Turn around now!!"

The little girl turned around and got onto her knees just in time.

Ted's huge throbbing cock pulsed and jumped in his hand once, twice, then came the incredible cum gusher right on her pretty little face. It creamed onto her open mouth and lips and across her nose. The next shot splashed onto her forehead and her cheeks. The next shot completely covered her left eye. It just kept coming. She looked like someone threw a cup of vanilla pudding at her face. Dan's cock was sticking straight out now, leaking copious amounts of precum. He could feel his leg getting wet and sticky from it.

"See that Dan?" Mike asked. "That's what those pills were for. They'll make you cum more than you'll fuckin' ever believe."

The little girl put her mouth on Ted's cock and sucked on it hard.

"Oh yeah bitch...suck that shitty cock clean. Get all your shit off it. Swallow that shit and sperm cocktail. Hahaha!!"

She smiled and giggled. The little 6 year old girl loved it!!

"So what's with Jess? Dark skinned. Blue eyed?"

"Well her dad was hispanic or some shit. You see, this shit has been going on for quite awhile. He was a customer. He liked to fuck the older girls. By older, I mean 12, 13 year olds. Liked the girls with tits, but with tiny little asses. Anyway, when you get to fuckin' girls that age, and blowing your load deep into their tight little cunts, you risk gettin' 'em pregnant, which he did. This is his daughter. Pretty as fuck too. All the guys like to get a piece of that hot little ass."

In the next room, there was a little girl of about 5 years old. She wore white stockings and white high heels and an obscenely large pearl necklace and earrings. She too was all dolled up. Hair and makeup done. The full 9. There was an average sized man with and average sized cock desperately trying to force himself into her tight little entrance. The girl was well lubed up as was his cock. He was pushing for all it was worth, but it wouldn't sink in.

"Come on Frank! You can do it! Grab that dick and get it inside that little bitch!! Squeeze the head!" Mike said.

Frank grabbed the head and squeezed, forcing precum out the tip and forcing some of the blood from it. He pushed HARD, and PLOP in went the head. He looked back at Mike in triumph. He began slowly pushing deeper into the girl. He retracted a bitch, and sank back inside her. The little girl just watched with interest.

"We give the smaller girls pain killers before they get started. She can't feel any pain from her tight little pussy being stretched like that. Amazing isn't it."

Frank could only get about half his cock in the little girl, but it was far enough that you could see the outline of the head of his cock bulging from inside her belly with each thrust. The girl was little, even for a 5 year old.

"Goddamn that's hot as fuck." Mike said as he pulled out his cock. "Watch this shit. Open up, baby."

Mike squatted over the little girls face and forced his cock down into her little mouth. She could barely get her lips around the head at first. But he held her face and pushed deep into her throat.

"Ahhhh fuck yeah little girl. Swallow that fuckin' cock."

Frank watched the throat fucking with intensity as his strokes quickened.

"Oh fuck that's hot. I'm gonna fuckin' fill this little bitch's mouth up!! AHHHH FUCK! FUUUUUCKKKKK YEEEEEESSSSSSssssssss!!!"

Cum shot out around Frank's dick and down the little girl's ass crack.

"I'm gonna cum right in this bitch's mouth. Watch this shit."

Frank began pounding her face, his balls slapping her chin with each thrust. "Fuck yeah bitch. Here it fucking cums!! AhhhhHHHH AAHHHA AAAAHHHHH!!! FUCK!! AHHHHHhhhhhhhh yeah...fucking yes...goddamn. That's good as fuck."

The little girls eye's buldged and her neck expanded with each contraction of Mike's cock as he came. He pulled out his cock till just the head was still in, filling her little mouth with rope after rope of hot jizz.

Mike finally stood up, letting the little 5 year old recover. Her little 5 year old pussy overflowed with sperm. She opened her mouth and showed it to Dan. Her tiny hot tongue and little baby teeth were covered in swimming sperm.

"Well Dan. You're hard as fuck. Whatcha waitin' for? Find you a nice little twat to stick that big cock in, wouldja?"

Dan was so damn horny now, he was beyond being bashful. He looked around at all the little cunts getting fucked and cummed on. He pulled out his dick and started stroking it, looking around the rooms.

He came across one peculiar scene. A girl of maybe 7 years old laying spread eagle on the floor and a woman of maybe 25 years old between her legs, eating her out for all it was worth.

"Yeah Dan. Not all pedophiles are guys. We get quite a few different women in on this from time to time. This bitch here is quite a case. Her husband likes the kiddies too, but too chickenshit or whatever to fuck 'em. He'll jerk off on their faces 'n whatnot from to time but, but they're favorite thing to do is she'll eat out some little girl pussy while he fucks his wife and fills her pussy with his massive load a' jizz see. Then, she makes the little girl eat the cum out. Couple of these little girls are good pussy eaters. Make that woman cum a bunch a times. Fun to watch too. She'll squirt sperm and her own juice all over the little girls. Usually makes her husband stiff as fuck again too and makes his wife suck him off while the little girl goes to work. Quite the fuckin' site, I tell you what. Couple times, I sat fuckin a little girl while watchin' in the same room, just so I didn't look creepy jerkin' off. Hahaha..."

Dan couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed little Cindy, the cute little blonde pigtailed item of his lust, and put her up on one of the fancy pieces of equipment. It left her laying on her back with legs spread eagle, perfect height for a good deep fuck. Dan grabbed the lube and covered her with it. He grabbed his cock and rammed it home deep into her little 6 year old pussy.

"Ahhhhh motherfucker. Goddamn fuck fuck FUCK yeah."

"Easy Dan. Cindy. Do your thing."

Cindy started twisting her hips on his cock, shaking and wiggling her little ass on Dan's thrusting dick.

"Oh my fucking god" Dan said. His knees nearly buckled at the sensation. He fucked her harder and faster as she continued her relentless assault on his probing meat.

"Don't cum in her this time, Dan. Pull out and cover that bitch with jizz. Trust me."

Dan was pounding hard and began to sweat. He began to feel the cum releasing from his jerking testicles below. He felt the first pulse release from the tip of his cock. He yanked it from her tight little pussy and fisted it, aiming it at her as the sperm began to fire from his cock. The first shot went clear past her head, leaving a trail across her cute little face and chest. The second shot went right onto her smooth baby pussy. The 3rd, right back square on her belly. It just kept cumming and cumming.

"Ahhh fuck yeah....oh my god. Oh fuck ahhhhh..... shit."

Little Cindy was covered in dripping slimy semen. Her belly was covered from side to side. Her cute little face splattered.

Dan couldn't believe how much semen shot from his cock. The little girl looked so fucking sexy covered in jizz.

Suddenly Dan saw a flash. And another. He looked around. There was a guy holding a camera taking shot after shot of little Ciny covered in Dan's cum. He pointed up. He pointed to the wall. Both places, Dan saw video cameras planted.

"Yeah Dan", Mike said. "All this hot shit is caught on video." We make a fuckin killing off the shit too. Of course you get paid for your part too, buddy. See I told you were gonna have more shit for your collection.

"Holy fuck. Im still hard as a rock and my nuts are still swollen."

"Yeah those pills will do that to ya. Why dont you fuck her in the ass. See if that relieves some tension when you fill her sexy little ass with a gallon of jizz."

Dan lubed her ass up real good and shoved two fingers in. Then three to loosen her up. He then grabbed his still raging cock. He squeezed his cock head to force some of the blood out and shoved it through his hand and toward her tightly puckered butt hole. It began to steadily ease toward the goal. The purple head pushed hard against her sphincter. Pressure built on it as he continued to push and push until it finally gave way, allowing his purple monster to poke its head into her tight little poop chute. He squirted more lube onto his cock, allowing it to drop into his balls and down her ass and thighs. He inched his cock slowly the rest of the way in. Before hew knew it, he was balls deep in the 6 year old girl's colon. God he loved her tight shit muscle squeezing on his cock. He began pulling his cock out of her, making her ass muscles react by trying to push him the rest of the way out, but he stopped and sank back in, deeeeeep into her ass. Dan never realized how much he would love fucking little girls. He had imagined how great it would be to enjoy th sweet release of his firey load of semen into the willing mouth, pussy or ass of a beautifuly pixy little girl begging for his cock, but nothing he ever dreamt of was as good as this. His pace began to quicken. In and out. In and out of the tiny little girl's butt he fucked. She looked so obscene, her tiny little ass stretched around his slickened cock meat. So obscene. So fucking sexy. So fucking hot. He had to fuck his giant load of sperm into this sexy little 6 year old girl. He grabbed her hard by the hips and began slamming into her, shaking her little frame forward and back. He opened his eyes for a sec and noticed a beautiful long blonde haired girl, not more than 4 years old, hair down to her knees, watching and touching herself between her legs. Her little hairless twat dripping juices down her soft little thighs. Cindy motioned for the girl to come to her. The little girl walked over.

"Hi I'm Kate. But you can call me Ms. Fuck Doll. That's what the guys call me."

Kate layed down on her back and scooted herself so her face was under Cindy's hips. Cindy began to grind her little pussy on Kate's face as Dan continued to fuck her in the ass. Dan knew he wasn't going to last much longer with this going on.

"Goddamn these little girls are gonna make me cum hard as fuck!!"

Then another little blonde girl, maybe 8 years old with cute short platinum blonde with clear blue eyes appeared around the corner. Clearly dripping quite bit of cum down her legs. A rope of sperm had been slung across her nose which she still wore blissfully. Sperm splash remained on her cheek and chest as well. She climbed between Dan's legs and positioned herself. She raised her head and stuck out her tongue. Dan's balls brushed over her soft little tongue with each thrust deep into Cindy's bowels. Dan was in absolute heaven. Having a fuck fest with 3 beautiful little blonde girls. He could have never dreamt of anything like this. He pulled his cock completely from Cindy's ass and aimed it down at the mouth of the little girl below him. She raised her little head and he pushed, forcing his cock all the way deep into her throat.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhh fffffffuck yeah...fuck fuck FUCK yeah..." Dan exclaimed as he moved his cock in and out of the girl's throat a few times. He then pulled it back out and shoved it hard back into Cindy's cute upturned little ass. The little girl below him now was licking his cock with each thrust into Cindy's ass. Licking the shit taste off the bottom of his cock with each thrust.

"Holy FUCK I'm gonna FUCKING CUMMMM!!!!"

Dan slammed furiously into little cindy's bowels. His cock swelled to nearly twice its size as it expanded to accept the oncoming semen from his exploding testicles. His prostate BLASTED his semen through his cock and into the little girl's cute little butt. 5 great pulses of semen shot into the little girl before Dan pulled out his cock and aimed it at the little girl below. 4 more giant squirts of cum shot onto the little girl's face. Covering her left eye and shooting wildly into her hair and onto her lips. She parted her mouth. Sperm connected her lips in a string of DNA. Dan shoved his cock deep into her little throat one last time before releasing her.

"Oh my god...oh my god. Holy fuck that was fucking awesome. That was fucking perfect. Fucking perfect. Ahhhh fuck". Dan jacked the remaining semen out of his cock.

Dan pulled his pants back on and began to get dressed. Don came in from another room.

"Glad you're enjoying yourself, bud. Enjoy the show for awhile. I think a couple of the guys have a few more loads left to blow in some cute smoothe little girl vaginas. We have these meets 2 times a week. Wednesdays and Saturdays, but you're welcome to come over any time you want and get your nut off with little Cindy or whoever's here. Her little friends come over quite a bit. They're all trained. It's all good. And of course you know they make house calls...hehe."

"Great...fucking awesome. Thank you so much for all of this."

Dan looked around at some of the other action going on. There was a guy with what must have been a 12 inch cock laying on his back. He had 2 little girls stroking him, each with both hands and trying to put their little mouths on his cock head, flicking their little tongues on the piss slit.

One of the spoke. "He's getting sooooo big this time. I bet his cum shoots all the way to the ceiling. Rub it faster!"

The man's eyes rolled back and he layed his head down. You could see the veins in his raging cock threatening to burst. As if in slow motion, the base of his cock expanded and you could actually see the ripple of jizz shooting through his 12 inch cock. Like a fire hose shooting mayonaise, white liquid shot from the man's cock hole. No, it didn't reach the ceiling. But damn near! What it lacked with velocity it made up for in sheer quantity. Both girls were being showered in a storm of sperm blasting from the fountain of cock. Dan had never seen anyone cum that much for that long. There must have been 20 pulses of sperm shot from the man's dick before it finally started to slow down.

"I'll tell you what, Dan." Don said. "All the fuckin and ass fucks and tit fucks and cummin' in the world. The best thing in the world is to hold on to a little girl's pig tails while she looks up at you as you cum in her sweet, sweet little mouth while she swallows your sperm. Fucking sexy."

"Ok well I'll see you Saturday if not before then. Cya."

Dan walked home, adjusting his still semi hard cock a few times on the way. He noticed the front door was part way open. His daughter, Destiny must be home. He thought she would be gone most of the day. One of her friend's parents took them to the mall to buy some things. Dan had given her 100 bux to get whatever she wanted. He just wanted her out of the house the day honestly so she wouldn't know HE was out of the house. Busted.

"Hey Daddy. Where'd you go?" Destiny had obviously bought some new lipstick. Wet shine stuff made her lips look permanently wet. Dan couldn't stop looking at them. He imagined that's what her lips would look like covered in a thick coat of semen. He had to snap himself out of it.

"Oh I uhhh...I went over to Don's house uhhh..for a drink. He invited me over." Destiny couldn't contain a wry smile creeping from the corner of her mouth. She looked at him, slightly biting her lip.

"You...haven't been over there, have you?"

"Oh yes daddy. I play with little Cindy sometimes and I've even babysat for awhile while her daddy was busy with his friends downstairs."

"Is that all, Baby? Did you...see anything over there?"

"Ohh...please don't be mad at me, Daddy."

"I won't be mad at you Baby. Just tell me what happened."

"Well...I was upstairs watching TV. Cindy's Mom asked me to wait upstairs while she took Cindy downstairs with her. She was down there for maybe 30 minutes while I watched TV. I heard alot of noise. Screaming, moaning, laughing. Stuff like that. When Cindy came back, she was only wearing panties and they had a wet spot on the front. I asked her what happened. She said...".

"Go on" her father said with eager anticipation.

"Well Daddy...she said. She was from you."

Dan's eyes grew wide. "Oh God" he thought. "Busted."

"Cindy pulled her panties down and there was thick white cream coming out of her little pussy, Daddy. She said it was your "spermies". I thought maybe you were still there, so I went down stairs to see if you were there. I snuck past Cindy's mom and down the basement stairs. The noises got louder as I went. I knew I was headed in the right direction. There was a door at the bottom of the stairs. I opened it slowly. I heard so many strange noises coming from down there, Daddy. I was scared at first. Then a man saw me peeking through the crack in the door. He walked over and opened it.

"Hi. You're Destiny, right? I've seen you around. Dan's daughter. Welcome, Destiny. Don't be scared. Nobody will hurt you or make you do anything you don't want to. See all the other little girls? Everyone is having a great time. You can come in and see for yourself."

"I walked into the basement rooms. I think it's neat the way they have so many rooms separated like that, Daddy. Oh Daddy...I looked into some of the rooms. There were pretty little girls with grown men with them. Some of the men had their things INSIDE the girl's vagina! It stretched it so wide Daddy. I saw girls half my age with a huge penis inside their BUTTHOLE daddy!! An some girls were sucking on them like popsicles, Daddy. It made me feel really know...down there. Some of the girls were dressed up so pretty in costumes and lingerie and with real nice pretty make up, Daddy. One little 6 year old girl had alot of really pretty make up on and this man with a really big dick squirted his whit cream all over her pretty little face. she was covered in it daddy!!"

Destiny could see her Daddy had to sit and cross his legs to his the growing buldge in his pants. She giggled quietly.

"Daddy...I saw the first guy pull his big hard cock out of the little girl's pussy he had it in and he jerked it real fast for a second and some of that white creamy stuff that Cindy had on her started shooting out of it and all over the little girl he had be fucki-...I mean putting his thing in. He groaned and shook and squirted his white spermies all over the little girl's chest and belly. Some of it landed on her face. She looked like she loved it, Daddy."

"Then I was watching Theresa. She's in my class, Daddy!. The man was behind her, and her butt was really high in the air. He was pushing his dick into her butt really slow and easy. She was moaning and shaking her hips. He was holding her, squeezing her tiny butt together while he pushed into her, Daddy. She was wearing the cutest little fairy wings and shiny red high heels and stockings. I watched them doing it, Daddy. It was so exciting. I didn't even realize Daddy. I had my hand between my legs. I was rubbing myself Daddy. I was getting wet down there, Daddy."

"Then a man scared me from behind. 'Excuse me, young lady. You look like you need some help.' he said. I turned around and spread my legs to show him I was wet. I thought he was going to get me something to clean it up, but he put his hand between my legs, Daddy. He started rubbing me. He knew how to do it so good Daddy. I closed my eyes. He told me to follow him to one of the rooms. He sat me down on a nice pink fluffy kid's bed. When I looked up, I noticed his dick Daddy. His dick was really big and hard and it was pointing right at me. The man saw me staring at it with my huge eyes and open mouth. 'You can touch it if you want' he said. Oh Daddy, I did want to touch it. My soft little hands started feeling all over it Daddy. From the shiny mushroom head all over the shaft and down to his smooth balls. The man was only maybe 20 years old Daddy, but his thing was so big and pretty. He tugged on it a little while I played with his balls. They felt so good on my fingers, Daddy. I tickled them a bit and they jumped and his dick jerked when I did it. He showed me how to jerk on his "cock" he called it. I used both hands and started doing like he showed me, Daddy. He reached between my legs and rubbed my cunny while I jerked on his big hard cock. I could feel it getting hotter and hotter in my hands. The tip got even more shiny. I could almost see my reflection in it. He was swaying his hips, moaning, saying I was a good girl and he told me not to stop. I moved one hand to his balls and played with them between my fingers while I jerked him with my other hand. Clear stuff started coming out of the tip of his hard dick, Daddy. It wasn't like the white creamy stuff. It came out a little bit at first. I touched it and it was sticky but slick at the same time. I rubbed it on his cock head and it made it easier to slide my hand up and down his dick. It was throbbing, pulsing in my hand, Daddy. I played rougher with his balls and more clear stuff started coming out. It was dripping down his cock now. Some of it dripped onto the floor. It was bubbling out. He was moaning loud, Daddy. He was touching me, rubbing me faster, Daddy. He told me to use both hands to play with his balls so I did and he grabbed the head of his dick with his big hands and jerked it fast, Daddy. He jerked his whole body and grunted real loud and then it happened Daddy! His big pulsing cock started shooting the white creamy stuff!! It erupted out of it Daddy! It squirted on my face. It landed on my nose and on my lips, Daddy. I stuck out my tongue and it tasted salty Daddy. He kept shooting it on me, Daddy! It went all over my chest, getting all over my shirt and my neck. It just kept coming and coming. It started slowing down after little bit and oozed in pulses out of the his cock head. I put my hands in it and slid it all over his cock, Daddy. He liked that alot. It started to get softer and I put my fingers in my mouth and cleaned off all the spermies. It tasted good Daddy! Then I used my tongue and licked all over his dick, Daddy. I cleaned off all the spermies from his dick for him. I put my lips over the head and squeezed out the rest of his cream."

Dan was panting now. Mouth open, drooling, swallowing while he listened to his daughter talk about being drenched in a man's cum and sucking his dick clean. Even with his legs crossed, Destiny could see the tip of his dick poking up between his legs, making a tent out of his pants crotch.

"I was so sticky and wet Daddy. The man told me to take off my shirt and my shorts, Daddy, which I did. They were covered in spermies. He gave me a towel to clean off with. I saw another man in the doorway that had been watching us. He was a very cute man about your age, Daddy. Lots of muscles like you too. He was stroking his hard cock. I was standing there with only my white panties and my pink stockings on, Daddy. The first man had walked out to clean up and the other man walked in and asked me to turn around so I did, Daddy. He told me he wanted to touch my 'ass' Daddy. I bent over and put my hands on the bed and stuck my ass back up at him as high as I could like I saw some of the other little girls do. He started rubbing his hands all over my butt, Daddy. He said I had such a 'perfect little girl ass'. He said he saw me before at a Halloween party, Daddy. He said he saw me in my fairy costume and went home that night and jerked his dick until he exploded, thinking about my ass. He pulled my panties down, Daddy. Down over my pink stockings and to my feet. He moved his hands between my legs and felt how wet my cunny was, Daddy. He stroked his big hands between my butthole and cunny hole. It felt so good. I was starting to drip juices onto his fingers and down my hot thighs. Next thing I knew, he had both hands holding my ass, Daddy. Suddenly, I felt something sliding between my legs, Daddy. I looked down and it was his huge dick!! It had to be 12 inches long, Daddy and so thick! Poor man. He was too big. There's no way he could fit it inside any of these pretty little girls. I bet he would have put it in me if he thought it could fit!! I doubt he could even stick it in a grown woman Daddy!"

"Oh fuck, baby...'

"What's wrong Daddy? Are you mad at me?"

"Oh no baby...keep going. Keep going. Please...fuck yah."

Destiny smiled at her Daddy and looked at his crotch. Her daddy was rubbing his cock through his shorts.

"So he was sliding his big hard cock between my legs and along my butt and cunny where his hand had been. The head of his dick would brush against my 'fun spot' every time he slid it. It felt soooooo good Daddy. My little cunny was juicing all over the man's big hard dick. He started sliding it faster, holding onto my butt harder, squeezing it harder. He told me to put my legs together so he could 'fuck' my thighs. I used my legs to squeeze his big hard dick. I watched between my legs each time thrusted into the wet hole he was fucking, Daddy. His dick was so wet and shiny from my cunny juice. It was dripping down my thighs, all over my pink stockings while he pushed his dick through. I reached down with my hand and made circles around the head of his shiny dick each time he thrusted through. He started pumping faster, Daddy! And faster, Daddy!! His dick was so hard and shiny, Daddy!! My little pussy was gushing all over his big hard dick, DAddy! I thought he was going to push me over and stick his big dick right up inside my little pussy and shoot his cream inside me, Daddy!! Oh I thought he would. Oh I hoped he would, Daddy!! I'm such a dirty girl Daddy! The man started grunting real loud. He grabbed my little butt HARD Daddy!! He squeezed it and made it hurt, Daddy!! But it felt so good!! I knew what was about to happen, Daddy. I knew from the last man. I knew his white creamies were about to shoot out, Daddy!! Clear sticky juice started bubbling out of his dick head Daddy and then it happened!! The white cream spermies starting SHOOTING out of his dick!!!! It shot hard Daddy!! Oh Daddy!! Shot out of his dick, Daddy!! He shouted 'I'm cumming!!' and the spermies exploded between my legs and shot under my chin. I felt real funny between my legs Daddy! Then my knees got so weak, Daddy! I was cumming all over his hard dick Daddy!! I came all over him Daddy! My hot little pussy gushed all over him!! The second pulse shot upward right onto my naked titties, Daddy. I rubbed it all over my titties, Daddy. I rubbed his sperm all over my little titties, Daddy!! Oh Daddy! I pretended it was YOUR sperm, Daddy!! I'm getting so hot talking about it Daddy. I want to make you shoot your sperm, Daddy!!."

"His 'cum' he called it was pouring down my legs, all over my pink stockings. His dick was still so hard Daddy. I reached down and milked all of his creamy sperm out of his hard pulsing dick."

Oh Daddy! I pretended it was YOUR sperm, Daddy!! I'm getting soooooo hot and horny talking about it Daddy. I need a dick INSIDE me, Daddy!! I want to make you shoot your sperm, Daddy!!."

"Shit baby," Dan spoke up. "I really need to go to the bathroom."

Dan got up, barely attempted to hide his erection, and head down the hall and closed the door to the bathroom. He immediately fumbled at his belt and pants and pulled out his dick. He stood over the sink stroking it. He HAD to cum. His precum was pouring of his dick, lubing up his hand to slide easily over his cock.

"Ahhhhh....fuck yes....ahhh fuck yeah..."

"Daddy?" Oh shit. Destiny was right outside the door.

"Uhhh yes baby?"

"Some of the men there wanted to put their things IN me."

"What did you do, baby?"

"I told them I couldn't...because I wanted you to be the first man to have his cock inside me."

Dan pulled his hand off his dick and opened the door slowly. Destiny was there, completely naked save for the same pink panties that had been covered with sperm before.

"I want you to fuck me Daddy."

"Oh God baby...I want you so bad. But you're my own daugther, baby. It's not right."

"Plleeeeeese Daddy. I know you want it. I know you want my pussy. I could have fucked those spermy dicks but I wanted YOURS Daddy. Fucking you is MY special fantasy. PLEASE let me CUM so good on your cock Daddy. Pleeeeeese!! I'll make it feel sooooooo good on your dick Daddy. I proooommmise. You can let your cock explode inside me Daddy. I know it'll feel soooo good for you."

Dan grabbed his daughter and led her to her room and layed her gently down on her bed. He grabbed his dick in his hand and guided the tip to her dripping hole. He began sliding it through, but met with resistance at her hymen.

"This is going to hurt a bit baby. Have to take your virginity."

"Yes it Daddy..DO IT!!"

Dan pushed hard. Destiny screamed. Dan's cock sank deep inside her uterus. The tip of his dick smashed against her cervix.

"It hurts, Daddy! Oh hurts so...good."

"Shouldn' fucking...AHHH own...UNGH!!...daughter's tight fucking little pussy." Dan protested as he slapped his little girl's ass cheaks with his balls.

"Silly Daddy. You shouldn't be fucking 5 year old little girl's in the ass either. Which do you think is worse??!!" she giggled.

"Oh's soooOOOOOo big! It feels me up soooo perfect!! I wanna make it SQUIRT in me Daddy. Oh yesss I want to feel it SQUIRT inside me daddy."

"Oh makes me SO FUCKING HORNY thinking about it. Oh god..I'm...Oh FUCK I'M CUMMING!!! SQUIRT IN ME DADDY SQUIRT IT SQUIRT SQUIRT IT!!! FFFUUUCK! Fill me up Daddy!!"

"oh i can feel your cock daddy. Oh daddy its getting bigger. I can tell you need to squirt dont you. mmmmmmm yes daddy...let it explode Daddy. Let go, daddy! Squirt it IN me daddy!!!"

Dan couldn't take it anymore. The thought of his little girl covered in other men's sperm. Huge dicks fucking her little wet thighs and exploding all over her. His daughter's sweet sucking pussy milking his pulsing dick. Dan's cock jerked and jumped inside his little girl.

"Oh Daddy I can feel it!! It's gonna shoot, Daddy!! Yes Daddy!! FUCK YES DADDY!!! CUM DADDY!!! CUM IN YOUR LITTLE DAUGHTER!!!"

"Oh fuck!!...Ahhhh yeah...AHHH FUCK YES BABY. Ahhh much fucking cum!"

The mixture of their cum was bubbling out around his still thrusting cock, frothing down his little girl's creamy, pink thighs.

Goddamn I'm glad you're so fucking young. I'd be getting you pregnant as a motherfucker right now!! I'm gonna get you fucking pregnant some day doing this.....ahhhh ohhhhh fuck that's good."

"Daddy..ummm....I already started might be getting me pregnant RIGHT NOW Daddy!!"

Dan grunted and grabbed her little hips HARD and jammed his still spewing cock deep inside her convulsing, wet sucking little pussy.

"Can you imagine? Your little 9 year old Destiny with a huge pregnant belly from her own daddy?"

"Yeah Daddy. I'm gonna squeeeeze every little last drop of your cum into me. I could have your baby, Daddy. And when she gets old enough, you can fuck her too, Daddy."

Dan jabbed into her pussy at the thought, releasing another healthy dose of cum inside his daughter's tight hot pussy.

"Thanks Daddy. That was soooo good. Next time, if you don't want to take the chance of getting me pregnant, you should let me suck your dick. I can't get pregnant from you cumming in my little mouth!"

Dan's semi soft cock perked right back up again at the idea.

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