Emmanuelle, Preteen Internet Model, Part 2

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Published: 6-Mar-2011

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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental, and unintentional.

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Raquel threw back the covers on her king sized bed and stretched, looking down at her nude body. Yeah, she thought, still in great shape, and very sexy at age 27. She better be, she thought, her living depended on her body. She was just barely five foot, about 90 pounds, at best, with a slim athletic body, flat stomach, great shapeley long legs, for her size, small, but shapely natural breasts, lovely soft nipples, a perfect mouthful, some boyfriends and girl friends had told her, a full mouth, but medium thin lips, . Raquel slept nude, as always. She was from an almost indeterminable ethnic background. Her mom and dad were each of different ethnic mixtures. Her skin was soft, smooth and a color between a dark and light tan, a beautiful light bronze color. Her eyes were jet black, sparkling, and she had long black slightly curly hair that almost reached her tight little butt in the rear. She knew she had some hot Spanish blood in her, together with Asian blood, Vietnamese, which gave her eyes just the hint of her Asian background, also Irish, Italian, and an eighth, or so, native American, Cherokee, together with an eighth Romanian Gypsy blood too, her mom told her. A wild combination, for sure.

Raquel was a little horny, as usual. She loved sex! With men, women, herself. She masturbated at least three to four times a day, ever since she could remember, maybe beginning at age five. Her parents were more than open about sex around her, and, in fact, encouraged her to masturbate at a very young age. Raquel masturbated even when she was getting it regularly, which she wasn't now . Her parents loved sex and had been in various sex businesses as long as Raquel could remember, like porno videos, escort business, nude dance clubs, porno video/book stores, and the like. Her great interest in sex came naturally. She too was in the sex business, and had been since she was 15, or so, with her mom's and dad's blessing. She really wasn't a hooker, never an escort, but she did modeling for the men's sex magazines, most all of them at one time or another, including a couple of lesbian shoots for Hustler where she really got down with the other model. Raquel had also done five or six soft porn movies for relatively unknown studios specializing in those kind of films, mainly for late night cable.

Finally, about six months ago she had begun live video cam broadcasting from her home through a big video cam website. She loved to masturbate and expose herself in very revealing sexy clothes, it was a natural. She had two cameras, one in her bedroom, and one in the bathroom. Raquel turned them on when she wanted, so long as they were on 4-5 hours a day, on average, though the website was lenient with her since she was very popular. The pay was good. Raquel would do sexy strip teases, masturbation, and with another female model friend of hers, lesbian shows. The viewers could ask that she do something and she would do it, like masturbating with a dildo, etc. Sometimes she chatted with the viewers online, and sometimes the viewers had a video cam themselves so she could see them. She'd had couples, women alone, men alone, the most frequent viewer, and even men together. It was pretty wild.

She glanced at the clock and saw it was pretty early, too early for her nine year old daughter, Gail to be up. She went to the computer near her bed, hooked up with the web site, and turned on the small video camera, then lay back on the bed, spreading her legs wide, ready to give her viewers a nice masturbation show. Raquel had a high quality digital video camera, high speed DLS Internet access, and a new high speed computer, all really needed to make the video going to the web site of the highest quality. She had a remote control and a large monitor high in the corner of her room facing the bed. By zooming in, panning, focusing on a small area she could vary what the customer saw. The customer could also zoom the picture too, but the quality fell off a lot. The video was very good for a customer with high speed access to the Net. She could also broadcast sound one way, her voice, and anything else the mike picked up.

Even if Gail did get up and come in the bedroom, she knew she had to be quiet while her mom was broadcasting. Raquel couldn't have kept this from Gail in any event. Gail resulted from a wild weekend she had had at age 17 with her 14 year old stud of a cousin, Vinny. Vinny couldn't stay away from drugs, became a dealer, got caught, and was doing long hard time in the joint, prison, now. He had long been out of her life.

Gail had much the same blood as Raquel, and a strong interest in sex, just as she had. Gail loved to watch her mom masturbate, and have sex with another girl. She'd masturbate herself as she watched. Her mom didn't mind at all, maybe even enjoyed having her watch as she had sex with another girl, or with herself, Gail thought. Gail was like a small version of her mother, small and petite for her age, same beautiful skin, long dark hair, and sparkling black eyes, together with a beautiful face. She was probably only four two or three and most likely under 60 pounds, but a stunning little girl that turned heads wherever they went. Some friends and relatives called them twins, they looked that much alike.

Raquel thought what a pair they's make, together, mom and preteen daughter, masturbating together, maybe more. Now that would be wildly successful, but land her in jail, for sure. Gail looked so luscious to her. She had never done anything with her daughter, but lots and lots of hugs and wet kisses, and touches, caresses. It would be so easy with them both living in this highly charged sexual atmosphere all the time, and both loving sex. But...No, that wouldn't be right, Raquel thought, or rather tried to convince herself of it, but not at all successfully.

"Hi boys and girls, especially girls. "I'm so horny this morning. Wouldn't you love to lick my smooth, shaved, little cunt? It looks like a little girl's doesn't it? You like little girls, don't you? That's why you're here, watching me, and getting soooooo hot!" Raquel said as she spread her legs even further apart, putting a pillow under her small, tight butt to elevate her vulva area, showing off her pudenda, her whole cunt area.

She pulled her small pussy lips wide apart, exposing the delightful mucous membrane of her inner cunt lips, and clit hood. She briefly zoomed in on her pussy, then back out so her whole body could be seen. She began rubbing her clit gently.

"I wish you were here doing this for me, rubbing my clit, licking it, licking my butt too, my pretty little rosebud." Raquel said sexily as she looked the camera directly in the lens.

She began to get excited, and got some Astro Glide, sexual lubricating oil, and oiled her cunt and clit. Then she got a small vibrating dildo, and with one hand held under her leg she inserted it all the way in her cunt, working it in slowly and gradually, then all the way back out, in and out slowly. With just the index finger of her other hand she rubbed her clit softly and erotically, making sure she didn't cover up too much from the camera, making sure the customers could get a good view.

"Umm....that feels so good! Don't all you girls just love to masturbate, love to have your man and woman watch you masturbate? Have them french kiss you as you masturbate? I love it all so much!" Raquel half moaned as her erotic feelings grew.

As Raquel was just getting into it nicely, getting her groove, the door opened quietly and her nine year old daughter Gail was in the entrance. She walked over closer, but still out of camera range and smiled at her mother. Her long hair was tousled and fell somewhat over her dark eyes, and down her back. She was wearing a little tiny see through pink teddy, a short nightgown, that just came down far enough to cover her butt in the back, and maybe an inch or two above her little girl cunt. Gail liked to dress like her mother in very sexy and revealing clothes. Raquel smiled back.

Raquel had left the door opened somewhat hoping Gail would come in and watch her. That was so erotic to her to have her own daughter watch her masturbate, and even more erotic when little Gail would masturbate too as she watched her. In fact, for Gail, it was just about the most erotic, sexy sight she had ever seen, her little preteen daughter rubbing her tiny pussy, her tiny clit and having an orgasm as she looked her directly in the eyes, obviously turned on too at the sight of her mother masturbating. God! Raquel thought, she is so tiny and sexy! Like she was herself to most adults, she figured, just this little bundle of sex.

Gail spread her legs, and put her two hands on either side of her little pussy, spreading the cunt lips wide, making sure the nightgown was above her cunt, and making sure her mom saw her spreading her tiny pussy lips, showing her delightful moist pinkness inside, and her tiny nub of a clit. Raquel smiled broadly at her daughter, and blew her a kiss. Gail stuck her tongue out and made a licking motion. There was no mistaking what she meant. She'd like to lick her mom, and probably wanted to be licked herself. Soooooooo sexy, erotic, Raquel thought. She immediately got even more turned on.

"Now, boys and girls, I want you to get off with me. You guys out there should be stroking your big dicks, and all you girls should be working your clits, fucking yourselves with a dildo. All you lucky couples out there, girl-girl, boy-girl, boy-boy, should really be getting into it now. That's it! Think sex, nothing but sex. Isn't it glorious!" Raquel went on lecherously.

Gail began to rub her preteen clit a little, then stuck her tiny middle finger deep in her equally tiny cunt, moving it in and out, getting it a little wet with her juices, her girlcum. She smeared her love juices all around and on her clit. Then she held the top of her pussy lips open, and began rubbing her diminutive clit again with the fingers of her other hand, doing it slowly, erotically. Sometimes she liked to build it up slowly, specially when she had a chance to masturbate with her mom, and they could look each other in the eyes. That was so sexy, she thought!

Gail wanted to be a model, and actress like her mom. In fact she'd like to be a preteen model, and have her own website like some girls did. Her mom hadn't given the go ahead on that, and she couldn't do it alone, of course. On the other hand her mom hadn't said no either. She was only nine years old, and couldn't do anything herself. Gail had been checking out the preteen model web sites. There were a lot of them, but none like www.EmmanuelllePreteenSuperModel.com. The site had a girls' masturbation and sex forum part of the site, a little like the now defunk www.allaboutsex,org where preteen and teen girls and boys could post their stories about sex, ask questions, and where you were not judged no matter what you said you had done, even having sex with your brothers and sisters, or parents.

At Emmanuellle's site though, Emmanuellle herself, a nine year old model, would talk openly about masturbation and techniques for it with her posts to the forum, and how it was great for little girls like her. She also said it was OK to have sex with your parents too. It was really, really hot. Gail had showed her mom the site and she thought it was hot too. Her mom didn't have any parental controls on the computer she used, and she visited a lot of sex sites. She was always thinking about sex. It was hard not to with her mom masturbating or having sex with another girl four to five hours a day for the web site, and since it was summer and she was home most of the time.

Gail was getting real excited now, listening to her mom, and watching her stick the dildo in herself and rub her clit. She started to rub her tiny clit even faster. She looked directly in her mom's eyes, and her mom looked right in her eyes too. It was so sexy, knowing they were both thinking about sex, about having an orgasm, cumming while masturbating in front of each other.

"Ohhh...ahhhh! It feels so good!" Raquel cried out as her orgasm neared. She wanted to prolong it as she looked into her daughter's eyes. Oh, she could just eat her little tiny slit all up. Her little girl slit, her pussy, her cunt. She looked so delicious! God! Was this erotic. Raquel stopped rubbing her clit, and oiled her little butt hole up, then switched the small vibrating dildo to her butt hole, easing it in slowly, then building up a slow fucking motion again. She returned to her cunt again with her fingers, and finger fucked herself slowly, making sure to rub her clit too as her fingers slipped in and out. She was so close.

Finally Gail couldn't take the high erotic feelings anymore, she needed to cum. She began rubbing her clit very quickly, still looking in her mother's eyes intently. She could see her mouth the words, "Cum, Baby, Cum!" to her, and she came suddenly with a big orgasm, stifling her cries, as normally she was pretty loud.

Seeing her daughter get off set Raquel off too, and she had a big orgasm as she let herself cry out, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Cum Raquel, Cum, cum, cum! Ahhh...ohhh, so good!" during the whole time she kept her eyes open looking in her daughters eyes, as she looked in hers as she cummed too. It was by far the best cum she ever had masturbating when she could do it with her daughter, albeit at a distance.

"Raquel's all tired out now boys and girls. Hope all of you had a nice cum. Cum back soon!" She said as she shut the video camera down from the remote control, then went to the computer and logged off.

"Come on, Baby, snuggle with your mom." Raquel said as she held her arms out for Gail. Gail quickly joined her nude mother on the bed, and they embraced and kissed. Their kisses had grown in passion recently, and they now openly french kissed each other, licking each other's lips, putting their tongues in each other's mouths, and licking and sucking each others tongues. After a few minutes of this they were getting excited again, and their hands were all over each other's bodies.

"Whew! Honey you get me so excited! We better stop now."

"Mom! Why do we have to stop? I know you love sex mom, and I'm like you, even though I'm only nine years old. I love sex too, but all I can do is masturbate myself. I want you to masturbate me, kiss me down there, lick me, and I want to do the same with you too."

"I know, Sweetheart, I know." Raquel said quietly. It's...society. It's illegal, a crime for me to have sex with you. I could go to prison, never see you again, and that would break my heart. You...you've been with some young girls your own age. There was Beth, I remember, but she moved away. And Tommy, your own age too. Didn't you and Tommy..."

We fooled around a little bit, but Tommy doesn't know what to do, and he didn't turn me on like you mom. Yeah, I really liked Beth. We'd 69 and everything, but she moved away a couple of months ago, and...I just want you mom. You know I would never tell anyone, never!"

"I know you wouldn't. Sweetheart." Raquel said softly, apologetically. I'm sorry, Hon, I truly am. I'm not saying never. I would never do that, but...well, you know."

"OK, Mom," Gail said, but not yet ready to give up her arguments.

You know the EmmanuelllePreteenSuperModel.com site I showed you? Emmanuellle and her parents are somewhere near here, in the Los Angeles area, like us. I'm sure happy about that. "

"Yes, that's such a sexy site. She's a real pretty girl, and the pictures are real sexy. Preteen girls can be just as sexual, just as desirable as grown up girls, maybe more so because of their youth. Well, to me, and many others too. That's why the preteen model sites are so popular. It's something special, sexual, only preteen girls have, that you have. I'm even a little jealous. Ha! And the girls' masturbation and sex forum on their site is something else! I said it was OK for you to ask Emmanuellle if you could do a shoot, a video with her. Did you send her some of your sexy pictures, in your short dresses, your bikini? Did she write back? Maybe you can be a preteen model and have your own web site some day. We'll have to see though."

"Yeah, mom." Gail said excitedly. "I sent her a private email and about four of the pictures. She wrote back last night I guess as I picked up her message this morning. She wrote me and her parents did too. Their names are Alain, he's French, and Adrienne, she's Vietnamese. You know Emmanuellle is half and half, a Eurasian."

"I know, Emmanuellle's Eurasian which means she's half European, and half Asian. But we're even better than that, we're a mixture of almost everything, including a little Asian, Gypsy, Spanish, and European too - Italian and Irish, and even some American Indian, Cherokee."

"Well, what did they say?"

"They thought I was very pretty, and very sexy too, exotic looking they said. Emmanuellle wants to do a photo/video shoot with me, maybe a schoolgirl one with those sexy short little plaid skirts, and white thigh highs."

"We got a couple of those outfits for you a few months ago. Remember?"

"Sure mom," Gail answered, upset her mom thought she wouldn't remember. She had worn them over to her grandpa and grandma's house a couple of times. They sure seemed to excite grandpa. Her mom knew they would excite her dad, and she just laughed about it.

"Maybe a wrestling video too, or a work out shoot/video. You know where Emmanuellle and I wrestle dressed in a tight leotard, or maybe tight little short shorts. Or work out, stretches, kicks."

"You've got those too, of course. Your leotards are cut real high up on your hips, actually above them and the thin material outlines your little girl pussy, and barely covers it up, specially if you don't wear any panties underneath. Then your tight little preteen butt is is outlined perfectly too. You can see your whole butt crack. You can see so much skin. You look so delicious in them, Darling. That would be sexy, wrestling." Raquel thought, envisioning the two little girls wrestling.

Gail smiled. She knew her mom liked her little body, a lot. "She said you have to write to her mom and dad and give them our phone number. They'll call and talk to both of us, and you to Emmanuellle too. If that's OK we'll meet somewhere, like at a restaurant, and if everything is still OK we can go do the videos/photo shoots. They say they have to be careful, and you'd understand. They said they's give us 25% of the sales."

"That's nice. It's their web site and everything. Well, little one, you're going to start making money with your body, like your mom does. You want to do that?"

"You know I do mom! It's in my blood, grandpa, grandma, you, maybe daddy too, Vinny."

"Your daddy was a sexy, sexy man, Honey. It's too bad he...that you don't have a daddy living with us. He'd eat you right up!"

"Mommy, if daddy lived with us, Vinny lived with us and he wanted to eat me, and I wanted him to eat me, and I sure do, would you tell him it was OK?"

"Yes, Sweety as long as I could eat you too!

Gail laughed. "GREAT! I want to be eaten so bad!" They both laughed and laughed.

"Well, let me write to them now."

"Good! But mom, can I read you a couple of posts to the girl's masturbation and sex forum from last night and Emmanuellle's reply? They're real sexy. And maybe we can talk about them."

"OK," Raquel laughed, but only if they're sexy."

"I printed them out. Just a sec." Gail said as she went into her room and retrieved the printouts.

Gail climbed back on the bed, and took off her nightgown, the sexy teddy, so she'd be nude like her mom.

"This is the first one, from Suzie, she's 11:

"one day i was was reading a mag in my bedroom and got horny so i stripped off my jeans and panties and sandals and started to finger myself i was feeling real good then my daddy walked in and caught me, i tried throwing the mag over my clit but i wasnt fast enough, after i put on a robe we talked about it and he said it was ok to masturbate and said he does it to so he took off his pants and started masturbating and said i should join so i ran and shut the bedroom door, took off my robe and finished fingering myself, my daddy let me touch his penis so i did and i let him touch my vagina all inside and my clit too so he did and it felt really good and we both cummed and got dressed and never said anything about it again but we masturbate together like 2-3 times a week together now for almost six months or so. I really, really like it!"

Emmanuellle answered:

"Suzie, your so lucky to have such a neat daddy! Having your daddy masturbate you, and his putting his finger in your little girl slit must feel so good! And you get to masturbate your daddy too. How lucky can you be?"

"See, mom, little girls fool around with their dads. Moms too. Let me read you another one. From Samantha. She was 10 when this happened, Gail said:

"One day after I got home from school, I really got the urge to masturbate. I had accidentally walked into the guys' locker rooms during P.E. that day, and I had seen some of the guys in the nude. I got all embarrassed and ran out quickly, but later I realized just how much the sight of the naked boys really turned me on."

"So anyway, as soon as I got home I decided I needed to work off some of my sexual energy. See, in my house, masturbation is encouraged, though generally we're asked to do it in private. Fine by me, I just knew I had to do it somewhere. I headed to my room but neglected to shut the door because I knew no one was home. My bedroom is at the end of the hall anyway, so I don't get too much traffic around my room.

"I got a vibrator from my parents bedroom, and was rubbing it around my clitoris and vaginal area. I was naked from the waist down. I had been going at it for about twenty minutes when my father walked in! He caught me totally off guard. I had gotten so absorbed in what I was doing that I didn't even hear his car pull into our driveway. My father was still married at this time, and I hadn't expected him or my mother to arrive for another half-hour. He just stood there for a minute, all red-faced, and kinda stumbled out of my room. I was relieved when he left, but I didn't think too much of it and 'went back to work with the vibrator. The reason I didn't think much of was cause he knew I masturbated, and told me it was just fine to do it."

"Later that day he told me that it was okay to masturbate again and I shouldn't feel guilty about it. My parents had mentioned this before, so it came as no surprise, and I just nodded my head. He also said that if I ever wanted to do it with him and my mom, and maybe even my older sister, that'd be cool. I thought this was great (not too many parents are that open about masturbation) and said that it would be interesting to try.

A few days later we all got together (Mom, Dad, sister, and I) and masturbated as a family. We masturbated ourselves, and each other. It's really an amazing experience. I had initially thought it might be uncomfortable doing it with family, but it turned out to be great. We even tried some oral sex on each other and that was even better."

"Now, five years later, my parents are divorced and I live with my Dad. My older sister has since gone off to college, but my dad and I still masturbate together, and give each other oral sex too. It's actually one of the few things we do together anymore, so it's a kinda special time for us. I really think I'm amazingly lucky to have such great parents who let us explore like that. And I'm even luckier to live in a country where web pages like this are allowed. Thanx!!"

Emmanuellle said:

"Samantha, are you a lucky girl, getting to masturbate with your mom and dad, and sister too. Having them masturbate you, and you masturbate them. Family fun! And oral sex too. How erotic, how sexy! And now you have your dad to yourself, and your very special time together is when you masturbate each other, and give each other oral sex. How sweet!"

"See, mom?" Gail asked.

"You're right Gail, those sure are sexy. Family fun! Oh, yes. I know what you're saying. If they can do it, why not us, just the two of us, a mom and her preteen daughter, masturbating each other and giving each other oral sex, licking each others' pussies, and butts. I'd love to Honey, but..."

"Well, I guess I tried." Gail said dejectedly. "Don't you think Emmanuellle's sexy? Think she's having sex with her mom and dad?"

"She sure is sexy, and more. I don't know if she is having sex with them, with her parents, but it sure wouldn't surprise me."

"Maybe we can have sex with them."

"We'll see. What am I saying? You've got me so turned on, Gail, my little preteen sex bomb, you!" They both laughed and laughed.

"Let's go and email them right now. I'd really like to meet Emmanuellle and her parents and learn more about this preteen model web site thing, and see just how into sex they are. Not only are Emmanuellle's photos very erotic, but that girls' masturbation and sex forum part of her website is so wild. No, she sure seems to like family sex. You know her parents must know how she answers the posts. They're from France and Vietnam, you say. They sure must have very liberal idea about children and sex. It'll be exciting to meet them, and watch you with Emmanuellle. You think she's pretty, Gail?"

"Pretty and sexy mom. Maybe we can, you know, play with each other."

"God, would I love to see that."

"I'd love to have you watch me and another little girl have sex mom, love it!"

Raquel wrote a brief email note to Emmanuellle and her parents saying she fully approved of having her daughter do a video/photo shoot of any kind with Emmanuellle, that she thought she was a beautiful sexy girl, and that she, Raquel, loved their web site, especially the girls' masturbation and sex forum, that she felt it was perfectly all right for little girls to masturbate, loved Emmanuellle's openness about sex, that they were thinking of doing a web preteen site too for Gail. She gave them their home phone number and said they could meet today, if they liked. It was Saturday and they didn't have anything else planned for the day.

Within an hour after Raquel and Gail had made some breakfast and showered The phone rang and it was Emmanuellle, and Alain, and Adrienne, her parents, all on the line, on separate phones. Gail quickly went to an extension so she could listen and talk too.

"Hi, Raquel?"

"Yes, this is Raquel."

"This is Adrienne, Emmanuellle's mom, and Alain, my husband, and Emmanuellle's dad is on the line too, as well as Emmanuellle. Thanks for giving us your phone number. We have to be careful, you know. Lot of nuts out there. Is Gail there?"

"Hi, this is Gail. I'm on the other line. Thanks a lot for calling!"

"Hi Gail, Raquel, this is Emmanuellle. "You're so beautiful Gail! You look small and petite like me, and my mom. Are you?

"Yes! Like my mom too. Some of our friends and relatives call us twins."

"Adrienne, you're petite? Me too, only about five foot or so and 90 pounds, a tiny girl." Raquel said, pleased they could relate to each other that way.

"Me too, just about the same size. Alain loves petite girls, little girls, don't you Alain? Adrienne laughed.

Alain a little embarrassed replied, "I sure do! It'll be a pleasure to meet both of you."

They all laughed. The ice seemed to have been broken.

"I'm glad you like our site. We weren't sure about the girls' masturbation and sex forum at first, but it's been real popular and we get far more positive feedback for having the forum, than negative feedback from parents." Adrienne said.

"We're very open about sex, about little girls and sex, whether with themselves, or with others." Alain went on. "We have a European/Asian outlook on it, and we feel sex is a very natural and healthy thing for people of all ages."

"We couldn't agree more with you." Raquel answered. "We're so glad you feel as we do." Right Gail?"

"Oh, yes. I love to masturbate, and it's so nice my mom approves of it. I don't feel any guilt at all."

"Me too!" Emmanuellle answered. "I can't wait to meet you, Gail, and do a video/photo shoot together. I know we'll love each other!"

"Well, that seems settled." Adrienne said, and they all laughed. "You said you're free today. We are too. Want to get together today?"

"Yes!" Both Gail and her mom, Raquel said in unison.

They made arrangements to meet early afternoon at a coffee shop restaurant near where Alain and his family lived, surprisingly only about a half hour's drive from Raquel and Gail's house, then they said their goodbyes.

After they had hung up, Gail said, "Oh, mom, this is going to be so neat! Cool! Awesome!"

"Yes, Hon, I'm sure it will be all of that. I'm excited too. They all love sex, I'm sure of that."

Raquel was turned on. She loved Alain's voice, that French accent. And that Adrienne was small and Petite as she was. Alain would be a good lover, French and all. Little nine year old Emmanuellle was so sexy too. Maybe they would all have sex. Maybe.

They decided to dress very sexily, erotically as twins. They chose a matching pair of backless summer dresses made of a translucent lightweight silk chiffon type material, in a light violet large flower pattern. They came way down their back and exposed just the beginning of their butt cracks as well as their whole back. Just below the hips the dresses flared out ending only four, or five inches below their cunts. You could just about see through the material, but not quite. It was translucent enough so that you could see neither of them were wearing a bra, and could easily discern Raquel's firm small breasts, and nipples. They each wore a tiny pair of white thong panties, with just barely enough of a semitransparent white silk patch to cover their hairless cunts. The material sunk in and outlined their slits perfectly. If they twirled in just the smallest amount the ultra short dresses would flare out, exposing their delicious looking crotches. All in all, sumptiously sexy, and erotic.

They brought several outfits for Gail, her school girl outfit, leotard, tiny bikini swim suit, and a couple of other sexy dresses too, just in case. Raquel put some make up on Gail. She thought it was sexy when little preteen girls were made up with lipstick, and some mascara, and eyeshadow. It was understated, but obvious too. Her little girl sure looked sexy, Raquel thought.

They arrived at the restaurant about 15 minutes early and to their surprise, Alain and family were already there. They had gotten a secluded table out in the patio.

Adrienne, as was her custom, was also dressed very sexily, as was little nine year old Emmanuellle. They wore matching soft blue semi transparent summer dresses, very short, with spaghetti straps, and it appeared they wore no bras underneath either, though Emmanuelle, of course didn't need one at all.

Each thought the others were very sexy, and beautiful, and told them. There was an immediate air of sexuality, and they didn't talk long, soon heading to Alain's and Adrienne's house. Raquel and Gail followed them in their car.

When they arrived, Alain and Adrienne showed them around the house, the swimming pool, and Jacuzzi, the rest of the large house, and finally the studio Alain had set up in the large family room. He had a couple of school chairs, and two high, director type chairs, a couch, and a section where he could set up various backdrops.

"You girls look so sexy, and beautiful together, all of you, dressed like twins, Raquel and Gail, and my own Adrienne and Gail. Do you mind if I take some stills, and some video too before we start with the girls' shoot?" Alain asked.

"That's fine." Raquel answered. "I'm a professional model, and actress, so I hope you don't mind if I don't give you a model release for these pictures. I just don't want them on the web site unless I approve. OK?"

"Of course, of course." Alain answered. And no model release for Gail either today. We want you to approve of the final pics we'll post, and any video we take today. We understand fully. We're very careful of what we post, and try to keep it all legal. You'll have the full right to approve anything, and don't have to sign a thing today. And we keep all photos/videos confidential. No "out takes" for anyone, except us."

"Thank you so much for understanding." Raquel said gratefully.

"We can twirl around for you, Alain. See?" Gail said as she twirled once around, showing off her delicious looking crotch to all of them. "Sexy, isn't it?"

"It sure is! Alain exclaimed, as he grabbed his digital still camera and started shooting rapidly as Gail continued to twirl.

Raquel laughed. "She sure is sexy, erotic. And you too, Emmanuellle. Let's you and I sit in the director's chairs. Your mom and dad, and Gail can see our panties. You're wearing panties, Emmanuellle?"

Emmanuellle laughed. "Tiny see through ones, see?" She said as she pulled up her short dress exposing her tiny white see through panties. Gail and Raquel could easily make out her little preteen pussy slit through the panties, could see her slightly parted slit and a little of her inner cunt lips, and the nub of her clit.

"You're so sexy, Emmanuellle, I could eat you right up!" Raquel said unabashedly.

They all laughed. Emmanuellle and Raquel sat on the director's chairs, and made sure Alain and Adrienne and Gail got some real great pussy shots.

"Ohhh....Adrienne said. I love seeing your pussies so. You both are so sexy, you too, Gail. I love girls. You're getting me all hot!" She said as she was really getting turned on and knew Gail and her mom knew it and wanted her to get turned on. Jeez! This was so hot!

"So much pussy and sexy girls are really turning me on too." Alain added as his excitement grew. After eating out his little nine year old girl, and having her eat him, he had really lost his inhibitions about having sex with little girls. These two were so obviously hot to trot and he wanted sex with each of them in the worst way. He was hooked, a "pedo pervert," and he knew it.

"I like girls too, Adrienne. A lot!' Gail exclaimed.

"Umm....you look so delicious, Raquel!" Emmanuelle added.

"You too, Adrienne." Raquek replied.

"Don't forget, Gail, mom and dad." Emmanuellle said. "I'd like to lic...taste her!" she went on, as she started to rub her clit outside her panties in her excitement, as Gail looked her in the eyes, pulling her short skirt up, and began to masturbate too.

"Ohh...umm...I love seeing the little girls masturbate. It's so sexy!" Raquel said as she too began to masturbate through her panties.

Adrienne walked over to Raquel. "Here Sweety, let me help you." She said erotically, as she reached down and replaced Raquel's hand with her own.

Raquel spread her legs even wider. "Oh, yes!" She said as she turned to kiss Adrienne, who kissed her passionately, an open mouth wet kiss.

Gail saw what was happening and walked over to Emmanuellle sitting in the director's chair. They kissed too, then Gail started to masturbate Emmanuellle.

"Do you like to have a girl masturbate you, Emmanuellle?" Gail asked.

"Yes." Emmanuellle answered. "It feels so good, Gail. So good. You ever lick a girl, Gail."

"Yes, my girlfriend Beth, but she moved away. Have you ever licked a girl?"

"Yes, a couple of times. But they didn't like sex like you do. You're so sexy Gail. I'd love to lick you, taste and swallow your sweet preteen girl juices!"

"Youi're so hot! And I'd love to lick you too, Emmanuellle." Gail replied excitedly.

They looked around and saw that Raquel was now masturbating Adrienne, and she her, as they continued to french kiss. Alain had gotten out of his shorts and was masturbating too as he looked from one to the next. Wow! He thought, four pussies here, four sweet pussies, and only one man, me. Pussy heaven.

"Let's go over on the couch and lick each other and kiss. The grown ups aren't going to mind, in fact will probably lick us too." Emmanuellle said, as she got down from the chair and led Gail by the hand over to the couch.

"You first. I want to lick you first." Emmanuellle said as she gently pushed nine year old Gail down on the couch. Gail quickly arranged herself, leaning back against one end of the couch, pulling her short dress up over her waist and spreading her legs.

"Want me to take my panties off?"

"No, they're real sexy. I'll do it." Emmanuellle said as she lay on top of Gail, french kissing her and feeling her cunt, Gail's slit through her panties, feeling it's warmth and moisture, that she was getting excited.

Emmanuellle slid down Gail's little body, getting between her legs. She kissed her soft smooth inner thighs all near her cunt, loving how she had such tiny thong panties that the front part only just barely covered her little girl cunt. She kissed the material, moving her lips all around, and feeling Gail's little clit. Emmanuellle pulled the panties aside easily, began licking Gail's slit up and down, up and down.

"Emmanuellle that feels so good. I love your tiny tongue. It feels perfect on my little slit. Here let me pull apart my pussy lips so you can lick deep in." Gail said as she felt herself getting very wet.

With Gail holding her little cunt lips wide, Emmanuellle licked the whole length of her tiny slit up and down up and down, all the pink mucous membrane of her inner lips. She tried to get the tip of her tongue deep in Gail's small cunt entrance, then up to her girlish clit, licking it all around, and sucking on it. It was all so small, just like her, she thought. Then she put some fingers in her cunt hole and could feel how wet she was, and open too, dilated. She was a hot girl! Emmanuellle began finger fucking Gail as she licked her clit. Gail was moaning and wiggling. She thought she'd have a nice orgasm, a climax soon. This was so great, giving another little girl an orgasm.

Emmanuellle sensed, and Gail saw Alain, Emmanuellle's dad walk over. He still had his shirt on, but he was nude down below, as he had taken his pants off. He was masturbating his long slender, and very hard dick slowly. Gail could see some fluid on the end of his dick. Her mom said when men got excited that fluid came out, it was pre-cum. She wondered what he was going to do, and hoped he'd fuck her. Umm...she was so excited. She wanted to cum, and then cum again and again. This was all so sexy!

Alain got down behind his daughter, Emmanuellle, and lifted her little dress, pulling her panties down. Emmanuellle spread her legs wide for her dad, hoping he'd fuck her. He hadn't yet. Alain started kissing his daughters tight little butt all over, them spread her little butt cheeks wide and began licking her butt hole, her cute puckered little anus, her rosebud, digging the tip of his tongue deep in the luscious delightful hole.

"Umm...daddy...That feels so good! So good." Emmanuellle moaned.

Seeing all this Raquel and Adrienne walked over to the couch too. Adrienne sat down, spreading her legs and began to masturbate. Raquel got between her legs and took off her tiny panties.

Adrienne stared intently at her husband eating her daughter's nine year old butt, and watching her daughter eat the nine year old beautiful, sexy, Gail. It was so incredibly erotic. She thought to herself there was nothing more sexy, erotic than seeing preteen girls having sex, with each other, and with adults. Nothing! She reached over and massaged her husband's balls, caressed his butt, and started working a finger into his butt hole wiggling it around. She knew just how he liked it. He began pushing back on her finger, and moaned in pleasure, as he continued to rim his daughter's delicious preteen butt hole.

"Oh...It's so sexy to see you girls enjoying each other. Emmanuellle, Sweetheart, mommy loves to see you lick Gail's sweet pussy, such a sweet, sweet, preteen pussy!" Adrienne groaned in her excitement.

"Lick her mommy, lick her!" Gail encouraged her mother, who needed no encouragement.

Raquel was so turned on by all the sex, seeing her daughter with another little girl, seeing the girl eat her daughter, and the handsome Alain eating his own daughter's cute butt, she thought she could almost cum without being stimulated. She loved Adrienne's small soft hairless cunt, fully shaved, as she was, and a tiny cunt like hers, almost like a little girls. She spread Adrienne's cunt lips and licked her cunt over, and over, and over, all the delicious, now wet inner part. She got three fingers in her wet dilated pussy and finger fucked her as she sucked her clit, and licked it over and over, flicking her clot with her tongue all around and up and down and sucking it all deep in her mouth asAdrienne fucked Raquel's face.

Adrienne was so turned on with all this she quickly had a great orgasm, shouting and yelling out Raquel's and her daughters names. This was quickly followed by Gail's orgasm, one on the best she ever had, and she was loud too calling out Emmanuellle's name and her mom's too. Both Adrienne and little Gail wanted more sex, more orgasms, and after a very brief rest of a minute or two were ready again.

Raquel now sat on the couch, and spread her legs wide, taking off her panties, as Adrienne changed places with her, immediately spreading Raquel's wet cunt wide, finger fucking it, and licking it rapidly, licking up her love juices hungrily.

Emmanuellle and Gail traded places too. Alain sat up on his knees.

As Gail got between Emmanuellle's legs, she said, "You'll lick me too, won't you Alain. I love to have my butt licked too, licked all over. I've never been fucked, but want to be fucked, bad. It's OK isn't it mom?" She asked her mother.

Raquel thought about it, but not for long. She wasn't thinking rationally any more. "Sure, Honey. Enjoy my little girl, Alain."

Alain didn't know about fucking the little girl. He hadn't even fucked his own daughter yet. He lay down between Gail's legs she had spread wide for him, raising her little butt up for his licking. He dove into his second little preteen butt, and found it just as delicious as his daughters, smelled the fresh scent of girl, and taste of girl he knew after tasting preteen snatch, fresh virginal preteen cunt, he could never again not want it, want it badly! It was so delicious! He wanted the little girl's cunt too, so he turned over on his back, and lifted her tiny pelvis up and let her cunt gently down on his mouth. What a sweet little cunt he thought. So smooth and fresh. Wet for her little girl orgasm. She wasn't at all tender, and more than happy about being licked some more, this time by a man.

He was gentle with her but licked deep in her little cunt, deep, getting the tip of his long tongue deep in her cunt opening and tongue fucking her. Gail wiggled and squirmed with her pleasure against the exquisite pleasure of his tongue, licking her cunt deeply over and over, then sucking her little clit. He even got a couple of fingers in her and began finger fucking her too.

This was almost too much for Raquel seeing her daughter being eaten so expertly by the Frenchman, and seeing her daughter eat the other little girl, licking and sucking her cunt furiously, obviously loving every second of it. She twisted her body, so she could reach her daughter's butt. Alain helped, and they all re-adjusted their positions so Raquel could eat her daughter's butt while Alain kept eating her too from underneath her, from her cunt side.

She was so delicious, her daughter, Gail, Raquel thought. She should have been doing this for a long, long time. God! Did she love her little preteen daughter's butt.

Gail took a few seconds to cry out to her mom, "That feels so good, mom, so good! I've wanted you to lick me for so long!"

Alain saw what was happening and was surprised Raquel and her daughter had not been having sex. He got up so Raquel could eat her daughter's cunt too, and got behind his wife eating Raquel. Raquel wanted to be fucked bad, and lifted her butt up for her husband. He quickly slipped his hard dick in her cunt from the rear, and began fucking her in earnest. His wife was so dilated and wet his dick slipped in easily.

Finally, Gail thought, her mom was eating her! She was so excited. She had wanted this for so long, so long. Her mom was underneath her, licking her like Alain had, but her tongue was smaller, more delicate, and she seemed to know just what to do, how to lick her to excite her the most. She loved it.

"Oh, mommy, mommy, it feels so good, so good!"

Now it was Emmanuellle's turn to orgasm. All this sex was so hot to her. She loved being eaten by Gail, just loved it! She couldn't hold back anymore, and let her orgasm engulf her, a really big one. She cried and moaned in her passion.

Gail slowed down her licking of Emmanuellle as she had her orgasm, and just began kissing her stomach, her legs, her cunt, and telling her how much she loved it.

Raquel had her orgasm just about the time Emmanuellle was having hers, a giant one too, as she moaned and cried out, squeezing Adrienne's head between her legs.

Alain too, soon shot his wad, exploding in a great orgasm, shooting wad after wad of his hot cum in his wife's cunt, causing her to cum again too. His cum dripped down his wife's thighs and she rubbed it on her hands and licked her fingers.

Emmanuellle got up, and Gail took her place, as her mom now could eat her from the front. She was almost about to cum again too. She sat on the couch, spread her legs widely, looking at her dad with lust.

"Fuck me daddy, fuck me!" Alain looked at his wife and she nodded yes. She sat beside her daughter, with her arm around her, stroking her hair, kissing her, and telling her how much she loved her.

Alain's dick had hardly gone soft at all, he was so turned on by all the sex, the four females, licking each other, especially the little prepubescent girls, one his daughter, his own daughter and their moms! What could be more erotic!

His dick was wet with his own cum, and his wife's juices.

"Come on, Sweety, lie on the floor, on the soft rug. We'll have more room."

Emmanuellle quickly got down on the soft rug, a few feet away from the couch, lying down, and spreading her legs wide, with her mother sitting beside her, touching her. Adrienne got a cushion from the couch and put it under her daughters little butt, lifting her vulva up for her father's fucking. He lay over his tiny daughter, holding his body weight up with one arm as he guided his wet dick to her small cunt hole. Emmanuellle helped him position it right.

"I love you Sweetheart," Alain said with deep love and emotion.

"I know you do, daddy, I know, and I love you too. I want it daddy, want you inside me, now. I want you to fuck me."

He leaned over and french kissed her for a minute or so, then, pressed his dick against her small pussy entrance. He felt the resistance, then pushed a little harder several times, back and forth, back and forth. To his surprise, his dick head slipped in past her entrance fairly easily. His nine year old daughter was so wet and dilated, and she wanted him so badly. He began a slow rhythmic fucking of her, going in a little deeper each time. Her little body jerking with each of his thrusts.

As her mom ate her Gail could see nine year old Emmanuellle being fucked by her dad. She wanted to be fucked too, bad. Having her mom eat her was heaven. She loved how she did it. She was about to cum again too. This whole scene was so erotic. Sex, sex, sex. Gail loved it, loved her mom for giving her sex.


Raquel lifted her head, and said, "I love you too, my beautiful little daughter, love you to pieces, love licking your sweet little cunt, just love, love, love!" She said with great emotion.

That was enough to set off Gail. She had a tremendous orgasm, gripping her mom's head between her head with an iron grip as wave after wave of erotic thrills surged through her preteen body.

Raquel was thrilled she was able to give her little daughter the gift or a beautiful orgasm. Who said little girls couldn't have great orgasms. She kissed her gently over and over and over, french kissing her lips. They kept telling each other how much they loved each other.

As they lay in each other's arms, they watched Alain fuck his daughter. Adrienne was caressing each in turn, french kissing each, loving them both as they neared their climax. Alain was now fucking his little daughter fast and furiously, and Emmanuellle was loving it all, loving his power and strength as his dick shook her tiny body up with a jerk with each thrust. Suddenly they both climaxed at the same time, and Emmanuellle felt his hot cum shoot into her time and time again. Finally their climaxes subsided, and Alain rolled off his little girl, lying beside her, caressing her kissing her, telling her how much he loved her as he breathed deeply trying to get his breath back.

Adrienne, kissed them both and licked her husband's cum out of her daughter's cunt, and off her legs where it had leaked out, and licked his dick gently to clean it too.

This was so exciting to both Raquel, and Gail. They each were getting a little horny again.

"I want to be fucked, mom. Could Alain fuck me?"

"You want a man, don't you Sweetheart? A nice beautiful man like Alain, that loves little girls?'

"Yes, mommy, I do, a lot!"

To be continued...

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