Free at Last!

[ pedo, con, inc, rom, father-dau, teasing, ero, f16, g9, Mg ]

Published: 17-Dec-2011

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This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental, and unintentional.

I welcome comments of all kinds and will answer your emails. Copyright 2011 by Charles Dodgson

Sam was very nervous. He had planned it all out going over all the details a thousand times. It should work, but the big unknown was Ali, his gorgeous nine year old daughter. Would she go along with it? The clothes he had gotten her were so sexy, sooooooooo sexy, so tremendously erotic! Would she wear them at all, would she wear them around him? That was the plan, of course, for Ali to wear the revealing clothes around him when her mom, his wife, Edith wasn't around.

Edith was so fucking overbearing. Sam knew he wasn't any great catch. He was uncomfortable around women, not that good looking, prematurely balding, short, a little pudgy. Sam had an ordinary job with the county as a building inspector, no great prospects there. And all that at age 26 when he had met Edith at one of those giant born again Christian churches he went to just to try and find a date. She was really into it, all the morals stuff, the Bible, all that, but not Sam. Oh, he believed in God all right, but not the vengeful God of the old testament like Edith.

Ten years later he still worked for the county as a building inspector, hadn't even been promoted to management. He was now almost completely bald and had put on more weight. Sam would have been gone long ago if it wasn't for Ali. He would do anything, anything to not lose Ali. Sam didn't want to risk losing Ali in a custody battle if he divorced Edith. He loved Ali with all his heart, and hated Edith with an almost equal passion.

A little petting in the car, but no sex before marriage, the iron lady, Edith, insisted. Edith was slender then and had a nice body. He was super horny all the time. They got married. Biggest mistake of his life. She hated sex, thought it was nasty, barely tolerated it at all, always telling him to hurry up and get it over with. She soon ballooned to over 200 pounds when she got pregnant with Ali, and never lost it, probably just to turn him off. Be just like her. They hadn't had sex in over three years, just fine with Edith, and now with Sam too. They couldn't pay im enough to fuck her now. They now had separate bedrooms in their modest tract home.

Edith worked as a hostess at a family restaurant, owned by "Christians" she had known at the church for over ten years. The one good thing about her job was she had to work odd shifts sometimes, sometimes dinners not getting home until after ten at night, and worked some weekends too. That gave him time alone with Ali, time he treasured. He and Ali became very close, often acting in conspiracy against Edith. Ali loved her dad, didn't know how she could survive without him, couldn't bear to think of living alone with her mother. Edith's coldness and constant criticism of her daughter had had its effects on Ali. She was a quiet girl, like Sam, always tried to keep a low profile, not arguing with her mom, but at the same time doing whatever she damned pleased, if she could get away with it.

Sam didn't run around on his wife. Oh, he would all right, if he could find a women, but he couldn't. He tried prostitutes a couple of times but that was a disaster, so he just did without, except for masturbating. Over the years he seemed to get more and more interested in younger and younger girls. Now he was turned on more by preteen girls Ali's age, than even teenagers, much less adult women, fabtasing about their hairless little pussies, boobless chests, etc. He loved it when the little girls wore skimpy clothing, particularly sexy little panties. He joined a number of preteen model sites on the Internet, and easily got himself off looking at the scantily clad girls. They weren't porno sites. It was the skimpy skirts, dresses, and tiny panties on the preteen girls he got off on.

He guessed the last time he had seen Ali nude was when she was four. Edith made sure Ali knew never to be in any state of undress around her father, to always keep the bathroom door shut, etc. Didn't want to tempt daddy. The Devil was always at work. Jeeeeeeeeeeeezus! Edith was formidable, and long ago Sam tired of the fight and let her have her way.

Edith was working the dinner shift tonight so she wouldn't be home until late. It was summer, and Ali was going to a church day school where they studied religion, of course, arts and crafts and theater. She'd be bussed home around five. Sam took off work early and was at home by four, a little after Edith had left for work.

Sam slipped into his best pair of silk boxer shorts. They made him feel so sensual, as they were silky soft, and seemed to massage his skin. Over the silk boxers he put on a pair of medium length tan cotton shorts, and a loose pull over golf shirt. He liked those best as they kind of hid his bulging tummy, not that he was really fat or anything, but a little soft, pudgy. He got the two outfits he was going to give Ali that night, as well as a pair of sport shoes from his secret hiding place in the tool shed. The outfits were in a large plastic bag prominently marked with the store's name, Abercrombie & Fitch and the sports shoes were Sketchers. He had gotten Ali a number of outfits, panties, stockings, sleep wear, sports shoes and slippers, all of them from Internet sites. Sam took a shower, and waited for his little darling in the living room, sitting on the couch with the clothes and shoes on the floor beside the couch. He also got his expensive digital camera read y so he could take pictures of Ali in her the short skirt and sexy panties he had gotten her. He wasn't sure how he was going to approach that, and hoped it'd be Ok with her, he more than hoped, he prayed. Got to be a little girl lover up there somewhere, right? He had an old Frank Sinatra Capitol days records album, now on CD, and he played it softly on the stereo. His hands were shaking, and several beers didn't help much. What was he doing? Would she think he was a pervert, hate him? He turned on MTV on the TV, a channel Ali was forbidden to watch. Sam loved the very sexy dancing, but hated the music. He kept the TV sound off.

Sam heard the front door open.

"Hi, anyone home?" Ali called out.

"Daddy's here, in the living room."

Ali walked in and looked around. "Mom here?" She asked, then laughed. "I guess not, you have MTV on. Neat!"

"No pumpkin, mom's not here, dinner shift tonight. Just you and I for hours, alone together."

"Just you and I? Awesome!" She said as she walked over to her dad, bent down and gave him a quick hug and kiss on the cheek.

"Yes, awesome!" Sam agreed, breathing deeply to get the scent of his little girl.

Just looking at her face was enough to take his breath away. She was truly beautiful, for nine years old, for any age. Ali had deep blue eyes, dark brunette hair, silky and thick, cut in bangs across her forehead, and falling softly, and slightly curly to her shoulders. She had naturally dark eyebrows, and eyelashes, full eyelashes, a broad forehead, cute nose, full wide lips, medium lips, and perfectly even white teeth. Ali was tall, slender, long legged and had an athletic body, about four five and 60 pounds. Her neck was long and shapely, and Sam had always wanted to nuzzle her there, kiss her.... Edith made her wear full length loose jeans, a training bra, though she needed none, and a modest loose cotton top.

'Honey, sit down. Daddy's....I've got a present for you."

"Oh, daddy, you're so good to me", she said as she sat down next to her dad. I don't know what I'd do if it wasn't for you."

"I wish things could be different. You know that. I wish I ....well, you know. I couldn't bear to lose you. Your mom would fight me tooth and nail if we divorced to keep you from me, to hurt me, as she knows you're the most important thing in my life. I'd die for you. And I wouldn't risk you having to stay with her alone. I'd divorce her in a minute if I could be sure we'd live together."

"I'd die daddy if I had to live with mom alone. She suffocates me. I can barely stand it as it is."

"I know Sweety, I know. It's the same with me."

"I want us to start doing things together when we have the chance, things mom wouldn't approve of, like maybe going to movies you want to see, R rated movies if you want, to the beach wearing a tiny bikini if you want, going out to the mall, to McDonalds, to Disneyland, amusement parks dressed like other girls your age in mini skirts, short dresses, you know. Being with your friends at school, not the summer day school at church, but regular day school dressed like them, wearing a little make up, getting your ears pierced, wearing earrings, listening to any kind of music you want, watching anything on TV, including MTV, all that kind of thing. Just being normal, you know."

"Oh, daddy! Can I really do that? What if mom finds out?"

"If you're willing, so am I. I'll stand up for you. Fight her like a tiger. I won't let her hurt you. Never, ever. But, for awhile, anyway, I don't think she'll find out."

Oh, daddy! Daddy! Daddy! I love you so!" Ali said in glee, hoping against hope all he said would be true, become true. She gave her dad a huge hug, and a kiss on the lips, all too brief for Sam.

"To start out, I thought...well, you'd like to wear something cute that shows your...that's real attractive on you, makes you look like the grown up girl you're becoming. I bought several outfits you can wear. We can hide them from your mother. I made a special place out in the tool shed. If you like them we can go to the mall tonight, walk around, see other girls your age and how they're dressed, have supper at the food court. For this first time we'll go to the Brea mall. That's a way away, and we won't run into anyone we know. Ok?"

"Let me see dad. What did you get?" Ali said anxiously in anticipation, not directly answering her dad just yet, not knowing if she'd want to go to the mall dressed in what he got her.

Sam took the plastic bag from under the side of the couch and the shoe box, placing them on the coffee table, then opened the Abercrombie & Fitch bag first, taking the clothes out. He picked up the skirt first. It was what Abercrombie called a Jordan pleated denim mini-skirt. It was ultra-short, maybe 10-11 inches from top to bottom, or less, medium blue cotton denim, white stitching, with a tiny white hem, the upper half plain, and the lower half flared out, and was pleated, maybe 20-25 pleats all around the skirt. He held it by the waist in front of Ali. He'd love to see her twirl around in it. Oh, yes!

"See, a little denim mini skirt, pleated. By Abercrombie and Fitch. They're known for their clothes for little girls. Real high class store."

"Daddy, they're so neat. They're pretty, sexy. I've never had anything like that, ever!"

"I know, Sweetheart, I know."

Ali took them, stood up and held them against her waist.

"They're so short, daddy, so short."

Sam took the skirt gently out of his daughters hands, and held them against her waist, this time a with the waist a little lower, under her hips.

"You wear then just under your hips, like this, see. That makes the skirt a tad longer."

"You don't think they're too short, daddy?" Ali asked.

"Not for me." Sam answered as he said to himself, no such thing as a skirt or dress for a preteen girl that's too short. "You never get a chance to wear cute little outfits, so you're not used to them. You can wear them around me until you feel comfortable going out, if you want."

"If you like them daddy, it's good enough for me. What else?"

Sam got red in the face as he picked up the panties he got for this outfit, a pink and gray bars patterned, stretchy cotton, side tie string bikini style panties, hemmed all around in pink, with just a small triangle of cloth to cover her preteen cunt area, though a larger piece of cloth in the back to cover her tight little butt. He held it up, his hands visibly shaking.

"The skirt is sexy, so you want to wear some sexy panties underneath. I thought these would look pretty on you, specially if someone saw under your skirt. You can't see through them, or anything, really you see more on the beach these days what with the thong bikinis."

" OK dad?" Ali asked noticing her dad's shaking hands.

"Of course, Sweety, of course. Just a little nervous, that's all."

Ali took the tiny panties and held them up, then stood up and held the front panel against her crotch, seeing just how small they were.

Ali laughed lightly and smiled nervously. "This is a big adventure, isn't it dad?"

"The biggest of our life together."

"It'll be Ok dad, you'll be with me, right? Do you want me to wear the little panties?"

"I just think they'd look so pretty on you, so pretty. You don't have to wear them if you don't want. I'd never ever make you do anything you don't want. And I'll be right with you always, protecting you. You know you'll look sexy for boys, and men too. You'll be noticed, looked at. And I know girls/wpmwn will look at you too. You're desirable!" He mumbled.

"Oh, Daddy!" Ali exclaimed embarrassed somewhat by her dad's ardor.

"It makes me kinda excited, though, thinking about wearing them, specially out, having boys and men and girls too think there goes a sexy little girl. Mom would kill me, us."

"Don't think about mom!" Sam said sternly. Think about us, about you. This is not about her."

"Sorry, daddy. You're doing this for me, I know. I want to make you happy, and me too, of course. It's all so new to me." Ali said remembering what her mom said about if her dad ever saw her nude or anything he'd have lustful thoughts about her. That means sex thoughts her mom said.

Mom said all men were that way. All they thought about was sex, and they didn't care who with, even their daughters. It was in the Bible. That was why she never could give her dad a chance to think about her that way according to her mom. These were real sexy clothes. Would they excite her dad? Ali wanted her dad to think she was pretty. Would it be wrong if he thought she was sexy too? She felt just a little tingle of sexual excitement. She knew that feeling as she was having it more and more, and what the girls had told her to do about it, masturbate, but her mom and dad had never talked to her about it. She had touched herself as the girls told her, and knew that rubbing her clit made her feel even more excited, but she never had a cum, had an orgasm. She had also put her fingers inside herself, and a pen, and a little toy, and it felt good to go in and out, in and out, or to put her pillow between her legs when she was nude and move her cunt against the materi al, humping it. Ali liked doing that.

"What else dad?"

Sam held up the top he picked, a scoop necked, short camisole, "cami" Abercrombie called it, made of mostly thin, clingy cotton with some spandex, aquamarine in color, with tiny spaghetti shoulder straps. It was very soft.

"See? It's a real pretty color, a cami, like all the girls wear. don't want to wear your training bra under. It''s better if you wear nothing underneath."

"I love it dad, but my nip...nipples, well, they just got a bit bigger, more, well..." Ali struggled for words, her face getting red. "They might show through. My breasts haven't started to grow, but I guess my nipples are getting a head start. "

"That would make you look even more pretty, sexy, Ali."

"Not trashy?"

"You could never look trashy, just ...uh...modern. Look, try it out, see if it's ok."

"You have shoes, daddy?"

"Yes. See, Sketchers." He said as he opened the shoe box. They were a sandal type of sports shoe, for little girls. "They're pink, to match your panties." Sam laughed a little nervously.

"Match my new panties?" Ali asked jokingly. "The skirt's so short I guess some will see my panties if I twirl around, or even sitting." She laughed some more, feeling more excitement as she thought of people looking under her skirt.

"Probably will, but that's ok these days. Don't worry about it." Sam tried to assure her.

"Dad, you don't mind if people can see my panties?"

"'s...kinda sexy. "You're so pretty. It'll give people pleasure seeing you. They'll give you big smiles, you'll see." He managed to say, immediately thinking it was dumb, but what was he to say?

"I'm sure glad you'll be with me. I wouldn't want to be alone."

"No one will bother you. Want to put your new outfit on?"

"Yes! I'm dying to see how I'll look in it."

"Oh, one more thing, some very light orange lipstick, just a little glossy. Here, it's yours. Mom never lets you wear lipstick. The orange will set off your outfit. You know how to put it on?"

"Cool, dad! So cool!" Ali said in excitement. "Oh, I love the color," she said as she took the top off and twirled the bottom to get the tube of lipstick to stick out.

She had always wanted to wear lipstick. "Sure, dad, at summer school, in the theater classes they showed us how. I'm going to change now. I'll be right back." She said as she gathered her outfit and walked quickly to her room, first shutting the door, as she was accustomed to whenever she changed, as her mom drilled into her. But, screw that, she thought. She opened the door halfway. If her dad saw her, well he'll see her. She wasn't going to be like a puritan prude the rest of her life.

Ali stripped out of her clothes quickly, hanging them as she always did. She looked briefly at herself in the mirror. He knew she was pretty, but she was a little girl. Her dad would want a woman for sex, wouldn't he? Ali knew her mom and dad didn't have sex any more, or at least she was pretty certain as they never kissed or hugged, they had separate bedrooms, and she never knew of them being together in either bed. Men need sex her mom said. What was dad doing about that? She looked at her nipples, just now beginning to blossom in enlargement, pretty and pink, and sticking out, now just a bit hard as she felt that sexual excitement in her groin. Her breasts were flat. Her little nine year old preteen vulva was slightly puffy, and her girlslit slightly parted its entire short length, with some of her outer pussy lips visible through her slit. Her clit hood protruded a bit at the top. Ali glanced at herself sideways, seeing how small and tight, and rounded her but t was.

She first figured out how the side tie panties went on, then put them on. She didn't tie the side ties very high up, and the front panel was a little loose. She didn't think they'd fall off, and guessed they'd be all right. She put on the skirt and blouse, and as she thought, the thin clingy material cami showed her nipples clearly sticking out. The scoop neck exposed a lot of her bare chest too. Pretty sexy, for a little girl she thought as she twirled once and the little pleated skirt flared out showing her panties. Her next to last step was putting on the new sandal Sketchers . They fit perfectly, everything did. She wondered how her dad got it all right. Finally, she stood close to the mirror and put on the light orange gloss lipstick, being careful to not to put too much on, just enough to cover all her lips, but her lips only. She smoothed it all on scrunching her lips together, then wet her lips with her tongue. Geeeeeeez! Did she look sexy! The orange lip stick was just perfect!

Nine year old Ali felt a little nervous as she walked out to the living room after changing into the sexy outfit her dad gave her, but her eyes were sparkling with excitement.

"Well, dad, what do you think " She said as she stood in font of her dad , twirled once lifting the ultra short, pleated denim micro skirt up more than high enough so her dad got a great view of the tiny front panel of the side tie bikini panties. He'd want to see her panties, she knew, and well, they were sorta like a bikini bathing suit, still it was a thrill as she saw her dad's eyes get big as he stared longingly at her panties. Wow! Her own dad!

"I'm...speechless, Honey." Sam managed as an erotic thrill coursed through his body and his dick began to grow.

"The orange lipstick makes you sooooooo sexy, so erotic!" Sam blurted out. "You're so beautiful, and now we see your beauty. The outfit really, really looks good on you. Ah...your panties are a little loose. You need to tie them up higher, pull them tight, and they'll look better."

Ali thought for just a few seconds. "Can you do them daddy?"

Another, bigger sensual feeling hit Sam. "Sure, Honey." He said, trying to sound confident.

Ali walked the few steps to stand right in front of her dad, her legs between his, her knees touching his inner thighs. She looked down and pulled her short skirt up all the way, fully exposing her panties. Resting his hands on his daughters bare skin, Sam pulled the bow tie loose on one side, and holding the front panel at the top edge pulled it towards him, then up tight, and re-tied it tight in a bow over her hip. When he pulled the panties out towards him, he could look right down to her sex, seeing her nude little preteen slit not more than a foot and a half from his face. He could see his nine year old daughter's parted slit, her pussy lips protruding, and her clit hood too. Sam took a deep breath. It had been at least five or six years since he had been treated to that sight. As Ali was looking down at what her dad was doing, she saw her exposed nude vulva too and knew her dad had seen it, as he paused just a couple of seconds and she saw his eyes brighten and get large as he stared at her sex. He quickly glanced up into her eyes to see if she saw him staring at her. She had a knowing look, not mad or disgusted, but knowing.

"Uh...sorry..." He mumbled, as his face turned red, and he looked down again quickly.

Suddenly Ali felt sorry for her dad. She loved him so and he was trying to do everything he could for her. What did it matter if he saw her sex, her vagina, her cunt as the girls at school called it, her pussy, her twat. It gave her a thrill to see her dad looking at it, her own dad. She hoped it gave him a thrill. A warm erotic tingle went through her. Ali loved that feeling.

"It's Ok, dad, I don't mind." She said as she caressed her dad's neck. "I don't mind at all. Take your time. The other side needs to be done." Ali urged her dad while still caressing his neck while holding the skirt way up with the other hand. His bare hand felt warm and comforting against the bare skin of her thighs and lower stomach.

"Thank you!" Was all Sam could muster to say.

He had a raging hardon by now with Ali's easy acceptance of the intimacy, even carresing him. Sam was in heaven.

He undid the other side, and pulled out the front panel as before holding it by a corner, but this time lowered it more, and pulled it downward first, fully exposing his nine year old daughter's twat, then pausing at least 5-6 seconds, he pulled it up tight and re-tied it tight above her hip. The thin, soft material now molded into her girlslit so he could clearly see it through the grey and pink colored large horizontal bars on the tiny triangle of the front panel.

"See, Sweetheart, a little better now." Sam said, not even looking up at Ali, but continuing to stare at her little girl pantie covered girlslit, wanting to drink in every last moment of the sight he was seeing, a masturbatory vision that would last him for many months.

"My slit shows through. Is to you, dad?" Ali boldly asked still holding her skirt up, and not moving away from him, looking down at her dad who was obviously engrossed with the view of her slit covered by the panties. She was amazed at her own daring, talking to her dad about her slit, using the slang word.

Sam's bursting pecker was straining against his pants. Ali saw it, and it didn't frighten her, just made her more excited.

"Umm...yes! You're so sexy, so erotic. excitement me so much......" He said quietly, knowing it was more than true, but almost mortified he was saying it to his little preteen daughter.

Ali hoped he'd say it. She knew it, but wanted him to say it. She turned around, still holding up her skirt, and looked over her shoulder at her dad. "Feel how soft the pantie material is on my butt, dad." She said surprising herself at how adventuresome she was, but she wanted to feel her dad's warm, loving hands on her little butt, feel his hands massage her, touch her, make the feeling she had in her groin, deep in her cunt, and in her clit more intense.

The back panel was much wider and covered maybe three quarters of Ali's cute hard butt, still in the pink and gray bars design, and leaving lots of bare skin at the sides, and the bottom half of her butt. Sam held his preteen daughter by the waist at first, as he slowly rubbed her butt with the flat of his hand around and around in little circles, then as she spread her legs for him a little, he rubbed her bare skin just outside the panties with his fingertips, as he continued to use the flat of his palm on her panties covered butt. Finally, delicately, tentatively, with his first and second fingers Sam traced the outside hem of her panties from the top nearly all the way down to the bottom of her little slit, pausing in the space between her anus and her preteen girltwat, and gently massaging the erotic area, pushing in against her flesh, and rubbing, massaging in little circles.

"Ummm...ah...daddy, that feels so good!" Ali half moaned as the erotic feeling intensified more and more. She didn't want her dad to stop, wanted more.

Emboldened now, and so hot he thought he was near cumming, he used his middle finger to massage her crotch, moving lower and lower, until he could feel her slit opening under his finger tip, pushing it in, feeling the warmth of her virgin hole, and it's yielding to him. He kept tracing the length of her opening on top of the panties, pushing, massaging his finger in deeper and deeper, but oh so gently and softly, then rubbing her clit in little circles, around and around, all on top of her panties. He leaned forward and kissed each of her butt cheeks on top of her panties gently, softly.

" good, daddy." The little girl moaned, as she was nearing her first ever orgasm. She leaned forward, spreading her legs even further apart, and put one hand on her knee to brace herself, and with the other still held the tiny skirt up, giving her dad more access to her crotch.

The feelings were so intense for nine year old Ali now, all she could think of was she didn't want this to stop. She just didn't care if this was wrong. Her dad was making her feel so wonderful.

"Turn around, Sweety." Sam told his daughter.

Ali straightened up, and turned around, still holding the skirt up.

"Let the skirt go. I'll just put my head under your micro skirt." He said calmly, suddenly feeling in charge of himself, and the situation. It had been a long time since he had felt this way.

"Yes, daddy." The little girls said obediently, liking the change in her dad. More in charge, as a dad should be.

Sam put his head under the little skirt, holding his daughter around her butt with one hand, and with the other on her lower stomach he used his thumb to massage her pre-pubescent clit, all around and up and down. He was in heaven! About all he could see was her blue denim skirt around his head, her bare legs and stomach, and the tiny pink and gray front triangle panel of her panties. It was just where he wanted to be, had seemed always wanted to be, under his preteen daughter's sexy short skirt, his head right next to her skimpy panties, a place he never thought he would ever be, would never be, and now, it was in fact his own daughter, the only thing he loved in the entire world, in fact, Ali was his world. He smelled deeply of her little girl scent, fresh, clean, virginal. He'd never ever get tired of that scent. Sam began kissing all her bare flesh he could reach, her flat lower tummy, just underneath the cami top, her inner thighs right next to her delicious sex, her front thighs, then ran his tongue under the hem of the little panties all around, pushing his nose against her pantie covered slit, into it, feeling it's warmth, its smallness, it's yielding to his ministrations. Just the sight of her tiny panties was nearly enough to send him over. Little girl heaven. He was there. There was a heaven on earth!

Little Ali was breathing heavily now as wave after wave of increasingly intense sensual feelings wafted over her. She had never felt this way ever before, and she loved the feeling, loved it!

"Daddy, daddy! Oh...yes, so good, make Ali feel so good. I love you, daddy, I love you!" She murmured passionately.

"Daddy loves you Sweetheart, more than he can ever tell you." Sam answered, pausing just a second in his nuzzling, nosing, licking.

Out of nowhere the little girl's first ever orgasm was upon her, a giant explosion of carnal feelings, raw eroticism, almost an electric shock deep in her little preteen virgin pussy, in her loins, her thighs in her clit, so intense she had no idea for a few seconds what was happening to her, and it continued and continued, as she spasmed uncontrollably for what seemed to her a long, long time.

She cried out, "No, yes! Daddy! Daddy! Ah....ohhh....ah...!," as she clenched her thighs together with an iron grip on her dad's head.

"Yes, Honey, cum for daddy, that's it my baby, cum for daddy, cum Sweetheart, cum." He urged his little love on.

Finally her orgasm subsided. "I've never felt that way ever before daddy. That was a cum, I had a cum, a orgasm?"

"Yes, Sweety, you sure did, and a big one, a really big one for a little girl."

"And you did it for me, daddy, you did it."

"Oh, Honey, you got to help daddy out now."

"Sure, daddy, anything!"

"Here, my precious, lie down on daddy. That's it." Sam said as he lay down on the couch and drew his little girl down on top of him.

"Kiss." He said, and lifted her little body by the waist further up on his chest, so they could kiss.

The orange gloss lipstick on his preteen daughter turned him on even more if that was possible. It was so erotic, lipstick on a preteen. Their lips met. At first he kissed her gently, but her kisses were passionate, open mouthed, and he soon returned them with equally passionate kisses of his own. He took the lead, knowing Ali had probably never french kissed before. He licked her lips, pausing slightly as she licked his, then put the tip oh his tongue in her tiny mouth, and she immediately put her tongue in his mouth, then sucked his tongue. She was so passionate, and now, just minutes after her first orgasm, her first cum. She was going to be something else all right, something else.

Ali had never french kissed before, and she found it tremendously stimulating, sexually exciting to be french kissing her dad while laying on top of him feeling his hard dick pressing upward against her tiny body. The strong erotic feelings she was having never really stopped, just subsided a bit, and were now building up again. She wondered if she could have another cum. She wanted to, wanted to cum and cum. She loved the feeling, knew instinctively she could never live long again without a cum, many cums. Her dad would make sure she had lots of cums, she was sure he would. Wouldn't he?

They frenched kissed passionately, sloppily, for a long time, Ali now taking the lead, learning how to kiss like that. While they were kissing she pulled, pushed her dads loose golf shirt up to his neck, and pulled her cami top up, so their chests were naked against each other. She felt his chest all over, and his nipples, rubbing them gently between her fingers, then leaning down and licking them, sucking them. Sam lifted her up higher, and found her delightful slightly protruding nipples to lick and suck and kiss, pulling each one in turn into his mouth. And all the surrounding flesh too, then flicking the hardened nipple all around and back and forth and up and down.

Ali moaned, "Uh...oh...daddy! Daddy! I'm getting that feeling again, you know the feeling I'll cum. I want to cum. I want you to give me another cum, daddy." She nearly begged.

"Pull up your dress sweety. That's it. Now straddle daddy's penis, his oh so hard dick. Put your sweetness, your preteen cunt on it, right on it. Good! Perfect! Now, we'll fuck daughter. I won't be inside you, but you'll feel me rub your clit, your luscious girlslit." Sam said as he began to hump his nine year old little girl and she fell into his rhythm and fucked, or rather dry fucked him back. The silk boxer shorts increased his pleasure immensely as they slid back and forth on his un-circumcised raging stiff cock feeling, well, soft as silk. Soon they were in a good humping rhythm, the little girl pressing down and into her father's dick as he thrust upward lifting the little girl a few inches with the violence of each thrust.

Ali wished her dad was inside her doing this, but it still felt so damn sexy to be humped by her dad. She wanted him to cum too, to give her dad an orgasm. Suddenly she heard her dad cry out as his orgasm exploded.

"Oh, yes, Oh God, yes....ahhh....oh...Ali, Ali, Ali!" He screamed in his biggest orgasm in years and years. He thrust against his little girl's pussy again and again and again as wad after wad burst out of his swollen dick, spending itself in his silk shorts, and wetting his shorts a little.

Tiny Ali couldn't hold back any longer and also had another big cum, this one even bigger than her first. The pleasure was so intense she never ever thought it could be this great.

"Daddy, daddy, daddy! Again, daddy, again you gave me a cum, an orgasm. I love you to death for that, love you, love you, love you!" She said in gratitude and love. "You had a cum too, didn't you, daddy"

"Yes, Pumpkin, I sure did, a huge one. You gave it to me my little one, you, my preteen sex goddess, you, the love of my life."

"Oh, daddy! I wanted to so bad, to make you fell the way you made me feel."

"You did, you did. I love you so!" He said nearly cring.

"Me too, daddy, me too. I love you more than anything in the whole world."

They rested, wrapped in each others arms, basking in each other's love, and in the orgasm afterglow of good sex.

"Want to go to the mall, Pumpkin?"

"Sure! But, can we get back in time to, you know, have more sex, before mom gets home."

"You want more sex?" Sam playfully asked his nine year old daughter.

"Yes, that's ok, isn't it. Don't you?"

"You bet I do. I'll never get enough of you, never ever."

"Me neither dad, me neither. We're like boy friend and girl friend now, aren't we dad?"

"Yes, we sure are! I've got to clean up and change. You Ok?" Sam asked.

Ali sat up, then stood up and looked at her dress and panties. Everything looked Ok, even though her panties were a little damp from her girljuice. She didn't want to change those.

"I'm Ok, dad, but I'll clean up a little too."

"Ok, see you in a minute." He said as he headed towards his room to get another pair of silk boxer shorts and tan shorts. He also wanted to change his golf shirt. He took a real quick shower, cleaned his teeth, gargled with mouthwash, and put on some expensive shave lotion, just a tad though. He didn't know what to do with his cum soaked boxer shorts as he didn't want Edith to see them, so he put them under his bed.

Ali used one of those moist towelettes and wiped her wet cunt all clean deep inside and out, and her butt and anus too, then washed her face and hands, cleaned her teeth and gargled with mouthwash too. She had some toilet water for little girls that had a fresh flower scent, Jasmine she thought it was. Her mother at least let her have that. Ali put it on her neck, behind her ears, under her arms, on her nipples, and smilingly on her cunt too. Well, she smelled nice, like a little girl and she was a little girl. Then as a last touch she redid her orange lipstick and wet her lips with her tongue to see her dad.

They met in the kitchen, and embraced.

At nearly the same time they both said, "You smell so nice." And they both laughed.

"Daddy, will you re-tie my panties."

"Ohhhh...I love doing that!" He said gleefully as he kneeled down in front of Ali, and she pulled up her skirt, and Ali laughed.

This time after he had untied one side, he pulled the front panel of the panties all the way down, fully exposing her hairless, parted, preteen slit.

"Your little preteen cunt is so pretty, Ali, so pretty. I love how its parted and your tiny clit sticks out, maybe just for me." He laughed and leaned forward, kissing her clit, then licking her little slit up and down a few times, slipping his tongue part way in her slit. She tasted wonderful! All little girl. So fresh, so clean!

"Oh, daddy, I love it when you do that. licking me there in my special private place - it feels so good!"

"More of that, a lot more when we come back," he promised as he finished re-tying her string side tie bikini.

They went out to the car in the garage, Sam opening the door for Ali, and she making sure she showed he dad her little panties, spreading her legs wide as she slowly got in the front passenger seat.

"Oh, Sweety, Sweety, Sweety, showing me, Nothing, Nothing could be finer!" Sam laughed as his daughter smiled at him seductively.

The mall was about a 20 minute drive away. It wasn't long before Ali reached over and fondled her father's dick, something she hadn't done yet. He soon had his hand in her crotch. Her little fingers felt so good on his dick through his pants, so tiny, so gentle. Ohhh!

He knew this was dangerous. "Honey, we better not, not while I'm driving. Ok."

"Ok" Ali replied, knowing her dad was right. She just wanted more and more sex from him. This whole sex thing was unimaginely pleasurable to Ali. She instinctively knew that she wanted a whole lot of sex from now on in her life, and especially from her father.

They decided to walk around the mall for awhile, window shop, people watch, then get some pizza in the food court, a large circular area with chairs and tables in the middle, and maybe 20 different fast food type and casual food restaurants all around the outside. They held hands and both noticed all the men and some teenage boys staring at Ali's micro denim pleated skirt, and her very visible nipples sticking through her clingy cami top. Women looked too. Some smiled, some frowned. Ali loved the attention. Her eyes sparkled, and she looked the men in the eyes and smiled. This was sexy. Every now and then she twirled around showing her dad her panties, but knowing others could see them as well, wanting others to look at her panties.

Sam just smiled, and it was becoming more and more evident he had a real preteen sex kitten for a daughter, a natural exhibitionist for sure . Sam could easily tell she liked showing off her panties, twirling every now and then, her eyes sparkling, making eye contact with the men, and a few very old ones. What a girl!

They both saw a new lingerie, intimate apparel shop coming up. It seemed like a Victoria's Secret, but it wasn't. As they stopped in front of the display windows, looking at the see through panties, sheer teddies and the like, Ali saw a small sign in the bottom of the window. "New Preteen Section. Ask for Jenny."

"Daddy, see the sign? Can we go in, see what they have for little girls like me?"

Sam paused for a minute. Taking a little girl in a shop like this. What would people think? He looked around. Hey, he thought, this is an upscale mall, perfectly legitimate. Right?

"Uh...sure, Sweetheart." He said as still holding hands they walked in the store.

He saw a young, pretty girl obviously one of the clerks standing by and they walked over to her.

"Is Jenny here?"

The girl looked at the two of them, and smiled. "For the preteen section?"

"Yes." Sam said his face reddening.

"She's in the back. You can't miss her, the most beautiful girl you've ever seen."


Sam thought that was an odd thing to say. They walked to the back of the store, and looked around. There didn't seem to be any clerk there, then a girl walked out of the back room with a man older than he was, and a girl a little younger than Ali, dressed as sexily or more than Ali, all laughing and joking.

The clerk was right, this girl was absolutely stunning, long dark hair, large dark eyes, maybe five two five three, dark complexion, maybe 100 pounds, probably less, with perhaps the most beautiful face, perfect features he had ever seen, perfect white teeth. Her body was a 10 . Slender, long shapely legs, absolutely flat stomach, small, but perfectly shaped breasts. Sam started to get an erection. She was wearing a lace see through black teddy, very short, just barely covering her tight, perfectly shaped butt. He could see her whole fully upright breasts through the teddy, as well as her beautiful nipples. She wasn't wearing any panties either as he could make out her fully shaved slit through the lace. It wasn't all that too outrageous as the teddy was very black, and the holes in the lace not that big, but the overall impression was she wasn't wearing anything. She looked to be 16, maybe even 15, still very young.

The man and the girl left, and the girl walked over to them.

"Hi, I'm Jenny. May I help you." She said pleasantly and with a smile that would melt any man's heart.

"Yes, the preteen section."

"My speciality. I'm only 16, but as a preteen all I wore were sexy little clothes. My daddy loved me to wear them, as I did too, and still do!" She laughed. "Father and daughter?"


"Good! You're such a pretty girl. What's your name?

"Ali. My dad got this outfit for me and I love it."

"Your dad has real good taste in sensual clothes for little girls. I love and adore your short little pleated denim skirt. I bet you have some pretty tiny little panties on underneath. Your daddy would make sure of that, right dad?" Jenny said immediately being cery familiar with him, calling his dad. " We'll go in the back where our preteen section is and you'll have to show me your panties, Ali." Penny said taking Ali's hand and leading them both through a door and into the back, and finally into a smallish room through another door where all the preteen clothing was, together with one dressing room.

The room was very neat and clean, but packed with all kinds of erotic clothing for little girls, and other things like small vibrators and lubricating oil. What he really liked were the full size little girl mannequins dressed in see through panties, sheer teddies, sheer dresses and the like. They were fully detailed down to even having little girl slits. They were really erotic.

"You'll have my undivided attention while your back here. No one else will be coming in until I go get them. Well, what do you think?" Penny asked.

"Ohh...very, very erotic." Sam answered.

"Cool!" Ali added.

"This is my domain. My dad and a partner own the store, so dad let me create this. I think it's a first, recognizing that preteen girls are very much sexual beings. Don't you agree, dad?" Jenny boldly asked, calling him dad again which was erotic to Sam.

"Oh...I don't think I'll get into that, but we're here."

"Now let me see your panties, beautiful." Jenny asked getting down on one knee in front of Ali. The teddy Jenny was wearing was very short and when she got down on one knee both Sam and Ali got a full view of her sexy nude pussy.

Ali glanced at her dad, and he nodded yes. Ali pulled up the short skirt, showing Jenny her panties.

"Great, dad! Soft cotton side tie string bikini panties. I bet they're comfy on your sweet little pussy, right?" Jenny said as she quickly felt the front panel of Ali's panties, moving her middle finger up and down Ali's little slit, obviously feeling her up.

It all happened very quickly, too quickly for Ali to respond. Ali dropped her skirt back down, and looked at her dad. It was very erotic to Sam to see this gorgeous girl, nearly naked in her lace teddy feeling up his daughter as Ali held up her short skirt. But it wasn't right.

"Coping a feel, Jenny?"

"Sorry, dad, Ali's just so pretty. I love little girls like some dads do, if you know what I mean. Ok, Ali?"

Sam knew exactly what Jenny was saying, and that was that she was a little girl lover too. God! This is so fucking erotic!

Ali thought that Jenny was so pretty, and she had a hard time not looking at Jenny's nude slit as it was right in front of her. Jenny had touched her softly, erotically, and it felt good.

"It's Ok, Jenny. I like it to be touched."

"So do I, Sweety, so do I." She laughed.

"Dad, Ali, how about a black lace see through teddy like I'm wearing? I've got one right here that'll fit you perfectly." Jenny said holding up the teddy.

"I like it dad, do you?"

"It's really pretty. Let's get it."


"Not so fast, dad. We need little Ali to try it on for you, model for you?" Jenny said

"Yeah, dad, I want to do that."

"Done." Jenny said and took Ali by the hand to the dressing room in the corner.

Sam trailed the two over to the dressing room. It was one of those that had a half door on it, a swinging door, where you could see under it about knee high, and over it above five feet or so. The two went in and closed the door. Sam could hear them talking quietly but not make out the words. He saw Jenny kneeling, leaning forward for some time, then standing up.

When they closed the door and Jenny hung the child's black see through lace teddy on a hook, she said, "Let me take your clothes off, Sweety." And without giving Ali any time to respond she took Ali's cami top up over her head, then knelt down, again fully exposing her shaved cunt to Ali, unhooked the velcro tie in Ali's skirt and let it fall to the ground where Ali stepped out of it. Then Jenny quickly undid the two bow ties on her string bikini and pulled it away from her body, leaving Ali completely nude in front of her. Ali was getting that erotic feeling again, looking at Jenny's nude cunt, and now being nude herself. Jenny was so beautiful, her body so perfect...

"Oh...Ali...your preteen snatch is so luscious, so eatable." She said erotically as she held Ali's butt cheeks and drew Ali's crotch to her face, licking her little slit over and over, then with her fingers spreading Ali's pussy lips wide, she buried her tongue deep in her little slit.

It all happened almost before Ali realized it. At first she wasn't sure what to do, but it felt so good, and Jenny was so beautiful, she didn't want her to stop, and she didn't. Jenny licked her clit next, licking it all around with the tip of her tongue, then sucking it all in her mouth and flicking it. She felt Jenny's finger on her anus, moving it all around, and pushing it in just a bit. Ali put her hands on Jenny's head, stroking her long beautiful hair.

Quietly Ali murmured, "Oh...that's feels so good."

Jenny kept it up for maybe two minutes and Ali was getting more and more excited, then as quickly as it started, it ended, and Jenny stood up, and got the black lace teddy and slipped it over Ali's head.

"I hope your daddy does that for you, Sweety, you taste so good I could eat you all day! Let's go turn on your dad." Jenny said as she took Ali by the hand out to show her dad how sexy the black lace teddy was.

When Ali walked out with Jenny he could see the sparkle in her eyes. Seemed like they were in there for a long time. He wondered what they were doing.

"Like it dad?" Jenny asked as Ali modeled it for her dad, turning around in it, teasing him by pulling it up just a bit to give him a view of her nine year old little girl hairless pussy, although he could see it pretty clearly through the lace.

Sam was starting to get an erection, and he knew his growing member was showing.

"Dad likes it fine!" Jenny laughed, patting Sam's dick on the top of his pants.

Sam couldn't believe how bold this beautiful girl was.

"I love it, daddy." Ali said.

Sam got the black one like Jenny's and two more, one in pink, and one in violet. With Jenny's suggestion and Ali's approval he got Ali several pairs of see through bikini panties, lace panties, and thong panties too. Ali begged to wear the pink see through bikini panties now, and with Jenny's encouragement he let he do it. Ali went back in the changing room to put her outfit on with the new panties.

Jenny just talked about how well the new preteen section in the store was doing as Ali changed.

"You're all set," Jenny said, "Except maybe Ali needs a small vibrator for when dad's not around. How do you like this one, Ali. It looks like a lipstick. But see?" She said as she turned it on, and boldly lifted her teddy up and put it on her own clit. "See how you use it, Ali, on your luscious clit like this. feels so good."

"Can you buy it for me dad?" Ali asked.

"Sure, little girls need to masturbate."

"Big girls too. Right, dad?" Jenny joked.

Jenny got a new lipstick vibrator for her and threw in a bottle of sexual lubricant, Astro Glide for free. Sam paid cash for the purchase.

As they were getting ready to leave Jenny said, "I'd love to see Ali again, and you too, dad. Here's my card. It's my cell number. Call me anytime." She patted them both on the butt and led them out of the store.

They next went to the food court and got some pizza, sitting at the tables outside the ring of restaurants. Ali made sure to sit where she was facing the people walking around the food court, and spread her legs a bit so everyone could see her panties, and if they looked close enough her nude girlslit.

Shortly after they sat down and started to eat Ali said, "Dad, Jenny licked me in the changing room."

"I thought something was going on. Was that Ok with you?"

"She's so beautiful, dad, and it happened so quick, but after she started I didn't want her to stop. Was I bad, she's a girl and all."

"No! No! I love it that Jenny licked you, and that you liked it. Yes, she's gorgeous. What girl wouldn't want to be licked by her, and to lick her."

"Thanks, dad, it didn't feel bad. Would ...would you like to lick Jenny?"

Sam thought for a minute, then decided not to lie. "Yes, she's...she's stunning...gorgeous, and she is what you call a little girl lover, a person who likes sex with little girls. That's very, very erotic. That doesn't mean I don't want you. You know that."

"I think so dad, just as I liked Jenny licking me doesn't mean... doesn't mean I don't want you to lick me. It's...It's confusing."

"Sex, love, it can all be confusing, Sweetheart."

"Would you want to be with Jenny and me, dad?"

"Quite frankly, Ali, I'd love it."

"Me too, I'm pretty sure. Let's go home dad and have more sex before mom comes home."

"Yes, right now!" Sam said as he got up, joined by Ali who held her dad's hand in her tiny one all the way to the car.

When they got home Sam had Ali put on the black see through lace teddy, and small see through matching lace panties. They went in his bedroom, and he took off his shirt, shoes, socks, and shorts, but left his silk boxer shorts on. He had Ali lie in the middle of the bed, her head on a pillow, her hands behind her head, and legs spread very wide. He got between her legs, and took in the tremendously erotic view of his nine year old daughter in the see through teddy and see through lace panties. The teddy was so short his little girl was all legs, legs and pre-pubescent cunt. He kissed and kissed her sweet preteen pussy through her panties, licked her panties, pushed the teddy up and sucked her little nipples, kissed them and kissed them, and licked and licked them

"Oh, daddy, daddy...please, please lick me." Ali begged as she was being teased beyond all belief by her dad's fetish, fixation on her panties and sexy teddy. She was so hot.

Sam pulled her little panties off, and lay beside her, leaning over holding her head, drawing her mouth to his. He met her eager mouth with his, and felt his daughter's small tongue on his, licking his tongue eagerly as he licked hers. It was like an electric shock to Sam, still, a shock of eroticism. His dick grew even harder. He reached between her legs and ran his fingers all up and down her slit then curled his middle finger in her small wet hole, and began finger fucking her, and with his thumb rubbed her clit. Then with his middle finger in her he curled it towards himself, and rubbed it downward against the wall of her vagina searching for her G spot.

"Ali, Sweety, feel that? Your G spot. It;s a special place girls have."

"Ummm..." Ali sighed in pleasure, "Yes! Love it!"

Waves of amorousness, intense erotic feelings spread all over his loins and legs and lower stomach. He was masturbating and french kissing his nine year old daughter while she was masturbating him and french kissing him passionately in return.

Then he got between her legs again, and put a pillow under her tight butt, and pushed her legs up high so he could reach her whole crotch area with his tongue. He began with her tiny puckered anus, licking it and licking it, then sticking the point of his tongue as far in the tiny opening as he could, then to her short slit, licking its little length up and down up and down, and spreading her cunt lips wide he furiously sucked and licked her nub of a clit.

All this was divine to little Ali, the best feeling yet. She loved the feeling of her dad's tongue in her butt, loved it, and in her slit, and specially all over her clit. Wave after wave of the most erotic feelings yet overcame her and she screamed out as her giant orgasm overcame her.

"Oh..ahhh...eeeee....Yes! Yes! Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" she cried, sobbed.

Sam was so tremendously turned on now he was beside himself. His six inch dick was like a rock, dripping pre-cum, he was involuntarily squeezing his PC muscle that controls orgasms and peeing over and over making his dick jump up an down, up and down. He knew his nine year old was wet with her girljuice, and dilated in her great sexual excitement. He just had to fuck her, had to. He slipped out of his shorts, put Ali's legs up high and braced himself on top of her with his hands on the bed beside her and her legs in front of his arms. He looked down in her eyes.

"You need to be fucked, Ali, fucked by your daddy. Your daddy needs to fuck you right now." He said with conviction leaving no doubt whatsoever in Ali's mind that he was going to do her right then and there and she had no say in the matter. Awesome! She thought. Her dad was finally being a dad, not the pussy whipped man she had come to know. He was a real man.

"Yes, now, daddy, now!" She urged her dad on.

"Sweety, I haven't felt much of a hymen on you. That's a flap of skin that could be in the way. Do you...ah know anything about that?"

"A doctor told mom that I didn't have one that would be in the way. Mom didn;t want me to tell you. She didn't want you to get any ideas." Ali giggled.

"No, certainly wouldn't want that would we?" Sam chuckled.

Sam looked down at his dripping dick and with one hand placed his dick head on her virgin preteen cunt hole, and thrust strongly, and, surprisingly, to him, his dick head slid past her nine year old cunt entrance. She was ready.

Sam tried to start fucking his little girl gently, but his raging passion for her, his need to fuck and fuck and fuck after his long drought wouldn't permit him. He fucked Ali hard, very hard, and she took it all, loving the violence of his love making. Her tiny body jerking with his powerful thrusts in her. He filled her completely and then some. He felt wonderful in her. This was the real thing. This was what it was all about. Ali knew that. She fucked him back, falling into his rhythm, looking up into his eyes and he deep into her eyes. They fucked and fucked.

Soon they were both in a daze, a sexually induced trance, where they joined the universe, became part of God, and He of them, in the oldest dance of the universe, the dance to propagate their species, the dance God ordains. It was mystical, their joining with each other to be one, their joining of the universe. They fucked and fucked and fucked, merging with the universe, each needing the other, each needing to mate, each needing the other's love. It was more, much more than either could have imagined. Not just sex, much more than that. All their beings screamed for each other.

Finally they both exploded in huge orgasms, each yelling and screaming in their pleasure. Sam shot wad after wad of his hot sperm into his little girl. It ran out of her and down her thighs. Ali felt his cum go deep in her, all the way in she felt. Their gyrations slowed to a trickle, then ended. Sam collapsed on top of Ali, his whole weight on her. She wrapped her arms tightly around him. They both gasped for breath. Finally Sam rolled off his daughter and lay beside her on the bed, holding her hand. Finally they caught their breath.

"It's never ever been like that for me before, Ali, never."

"Me too dad, never. Of course I've never done this. We're lovers now, aren't we dad?"

"Yes, lovers." He said softly squeezing her hand

Finally Ali recovered a bit.

"Dad, maybe you can use the vibrator on me, the lipstick one we got from Jenny, and that oil, the slippery stuff."

Sam looked at the clock on the bedside table. Time had gone by so fast he didn't know it was so late.

"I'd love to Honey, love to! And a whole lot more all night long, but your mom will be home in a half hour or less. We better get up right now and get ready for her."

Ali looked down at her chest and didn't move or say anything for a few minutes.

"Honey, I know how you feel. I feel the same way. We gotta get ready for her now."

"Let's leave." Ali said quietly.

"Leave?" Sam repeated questioningly.

"Leave" She said more firmly still looking at her chest.

"What do you mean 'leave'? She'll be home soon."


"Go?" Sam asked.

"Yes, go, run away."

"Run away? Where, Sweetheart, where?"

"Anywhere, dad, anywhere we can be together without her."

Sam thought a minute. It was tempting, but adults don't run away, well, responsible adults don't run away, and if he was anything, it was responsible.

"'s just not...not what we should do."

Finally Ali looked up at her dad, looked him directly in the eyes and said emphatically, "Dad, after today, I can't live with mom for one more minute. I want to be with you all the time, without her. I want to wear sexy clothes for you every minute of the day. I want to make love with you whenever we want. Don't you feel the same?"

Sam was taken back a minute at how strong his nine year old's convictions were. Yes, he wanted exactly that. It'd be hell sneaking around Edith all the time, worrying about getting caught, being miserable having to live with her as he had these past nine years.

"Run away, anywhere?" He asked softly.


His little daughter was right. Why be miserable one minute longer. Everything had changed now, everything.

"Yes! We'll run away right now, not one more minute with that miserable bitch, not one more minute!" Sam almost yelled.

"I'm only going to take my sexy clothes, nothing more." Ali insisted.

Sam got a medium sized suitcase out, put a few of his clothes in it, and his toilet articles, and his check book and savings account book. Despite what Ali said, he added some warmer clothing for her. She put her toilet articles in the bag too and all her sexy clothes. Sam got three or four other outfits he had bought for her out of the tool shed and packed those too. It took them less than ten minutes. They left a very brief note for Edith telling her they were leaving and wouldn't be back. They both signed it. Then they went into the garage and into the car without looking back. Ali had dressed in the outfit Sam had first given to her.

They were quiet, not saying much. Sam decided to head north out of Los Angeles on highway 101, maybe Washington, Oregon, even Canada, Alaska, somewhere far, far away. He stepped on the gas. Suddenly he felt a huge burden lifted from his shoulders. He was with the love of his life, they were headed north for a new life, one to be sure of much love making, adventures. He was alive again, truly alive.

He shook his fist in the air and screamed out at the top of his lungs, "THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, I'M FREE AT LAST!!! FREE AT LAST!! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, I'M FREE AT LAST!!"

Ali was startled from her thoughts and looked at her dad screaming. She smiled, shaking her tiny fist in the air too.

"We, dad, we."

Sam looked over at his daughter and winked, and they screamed in unison, ""THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, WE'RE FREE AT LAST!!! FREE AT LAST!! THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, WE'RE FREE AT LAST!!"

The End

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very nice story. loved the way he rejected his fat wife in preference to his little nine year old daughter.loved the unselfish way he let jenny also use his little girl. i thought the way he tongued her little ass and pussy very erotic. well done, great story,i'd love to tongue a little girl like that.

Charles Dodgson

old perv,

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Nothing finer than a cute little immature hairless pussy, one that has never had any hair whose owner yearns for it to be licked, sucked, petted and loved, especially by her dad. YES!

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I liked very much the descriptions of those pieces of skimpy and sexy lingerie! Thank you!


Story seems to develop at a nice pace. There is more to be written such as g/g and Mg/g. All is belivable in development. Good work


Great story! As stated by someone else, your work is fast paced (and many stories get caught up in too much prose). Good twist with the lingerie store; that added a lot to the story. Best of all, you left off where more chapters can be added; who are they going to meet in their travels? More young girls? Maybe another dad/daughter couple?


your stories are amazing, I can't seem to manage to get to the end though ;) The pacing is perfect, not too fast or too slow. I love the sense of realism and the attention to detail

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