Watching TV

[ Mgg, inc, ped, voy ]

by BTate

Published: 6-May-2013

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

My daughter Sarah and I have always watched TV in the evening together since she was about 5 until now at age 11. My wife is not a TV person and spends most of her time reading books in bed upstairs.

Tonight was business as usual my wife cleaned up after dinner and Sarah and I sat down in my recliner to watch some TV. We argue back and forth over what we are going to watch which was a nightly ritual for us both. Grabbing the remote we would change the channel back and forth until I gave up and we ended up watching Hannah Montana. Whilst I put up a fight it was more for show as I didn't mind too much watching the young beautiful girls on that show. As you can imagine I loved prepubescent girls, I love the way their breasts started form, their puffy nipples and tight little bodies. Whilst I have this love I always manage to control my urges with my daughter, I am a looker not a toucher.

There we were watching TV with Sarah snuggled sideways on my lap with a blanket over us as the night were getting chillier as we got closer to Christmas. My wife likes to keep the heating bill down so we snuggle under a blanket which is fun for both of us.

After Sarah's show is over I get my turn and we watch SVU, tonight's episode happens to be about a child pornography ring. Whilst Sarah is a little young for this show most nights its not too bad as she falls asleep on my lap and we try to be open and honest with Sarah about everything in life. I try to take the time to explain things to her so she understands. We don't believe in sheltering our child from everything we prefer to have an informed child.

Tonight is different Sarah is wide awake and really into the episode we are watching. It made me feel a little self-conscience having her watch such a show with in sitting in my lap. Then it happened about half way through the episode I started to feel more and more tension. My mind was racing trying to wish my cock from reacting but it was too late as my cock started to harden in my track pants. It was not helped by Sarah squirming in my lap her little butt pushing against my hardening member.

Sarah turned and looked at me with a quizzical look, "Dad what's child pornography?" seemingly a little confused regarding the show.

"Maybe we should change the channel you're a little young to be watching this" I said in a half panicked state of mind.

"No I'm not I am 11 years old and I want to know" she demanded.

As we had always trusted Sarah to be mature enough if we took the time to explain anything to her I gave in. "Well Sarah its movies or pictures of children in sexual situations" I cautiously explained to my 11 year old daughter.

Sarah turned and to look at me as she seemed shocked and more than interested in getting more information from her own father on the subject.

"Like what?" she pushed me for more information.

"Um, Um, maybe you should ask you mum," I chickened out trying to pass the buck.

"No daddy, you're here so tell me, don't treat me like a kid," she argued.

"OK, here it is. It pictures of kids your age or younger they can be nude or performing sexual acts." I started my explanation with as little detail as I could get away with. Al the time my cock is throbbing in my pants.

"Yeah like what," she pressed me for more details.

"Well having sex, oral sex, masturbation or anal sex, it can be anything at all" I gave in and thought I might as well tell her the lot. I went into detail how the different combinations could be.

"They may be by themselves on film masturbating or even just posing. They could be other kids or even adults doing different things. It can be boy and girl, or girl and girl or boy and boy. It can be also groups of boys and girls in various combinations and is usually called an orgy. In an orgy you get to have sex with different combinations."

Sarah sat and considered what I had told her and then looked back to the TV, "So what's so wrong with it daddy. The people on TV are in trouble" she asked innocently.

"Well honey it's against the law," I informed which shocked her by the look she had on her face.

"Why?" she asked incredulously.

"Because people feel that kids can be taken advantage of and are not old enough to decide for themselves about sex," I replied.

"Why not? I am old enough to know what I want," she argued.

"You may be but a lot of kids aren't," I countered.

She sat for a few more seconds and then asked, "Who makes the child pornography dad and who buys it?"

"Well men and ladies make it and other men and ladies watch it" was as simple an explanation as I could think of at the time.

"Why do they watch it daddy?" she asked turning to straddle my lap, she was serious about getting some more answers.

"Because it excites them honey, you know sexually. They like to watch young people, boys and girls having sex. Some people watch older people in porn doing it others like to watch younger people, I guess," she said.

"Oh, have you ever seen any Dad?" she asked with almost an excited look coming across her face.

"No, of course not" I lied. I had seen some by accident one night as I surfed for porn and it had really turned me on. Until that time I had no interest at all but it was like a switch had been flicked on inside me and I had to have some more.

"Why don't you find kids attractive?" she asked as she repositioned herself on my erection. As she did her hand "accidentally" touched my cock as she steadied herself.

"Um Um It's not that honey it's against the law" I spluttered as I was totally flustered by her touch.

"Did you think I am pretty enough for someone to want to watch me daddy?" she asked battering her eyes, her hand still on my cock. As she asked I could have sworn her hand gripped my cock slightly before releasing it.

"I am not sure that is a question I should answer honey," I replied avoiding her answer and her look as I refocused on the TV.

"Why not don't you think I am pretty daddy," she continued to tease me pressing me to admit what we both knew.

"Sure I do honey but I do not want to think about other people looking at you like that" I replied as I looked back at her.

"How do you know if you have never seen it daddy. Can we find some on the net so I know what you are talking about" she asked shocking me to my core and excited me to the point I almost came in my pants.

"No way Sarah, now let's drop it," I argued as my face went bright red from embarrassment.

"Come on dad you always said we had to be honest," she pushed me with my own words.

"OK but not a word to anyone about this I can get in a lot of trouble" I gave in quickly as I was beyond controlling myself. Watching porn with my daughter had me going a million miles an hour.

"Woo hoo daddy come let's do it now," she said impatiently

She jumped out of my lap and pulled me to my feet. As she did she spied my erection in my sweat pants and smiled. Grabbing my hand she dragged me off to my office. I headed over to my chair and turned on my computer. Sarah closed the door behind us, we could hear anyone coming down the stairs, but she locked anyway. I looked at her quizzically.

"Just in case daddy we don't want anyone especially mommy to barge in on us" she informed me before coming over and making herself home in my lap again. She wiggled her little bum causing my cock to settle between her sweet cheeks.

We loaded up some P2P software and I typed in a few search words and phrases. A few seconds later a large assortment of files appeared. We scanned through them together with Sarah pointing out a few which I selected. One was an assortment video files.

Finally a few downloaded and we were both trembling with excitement. I clicked on a picture file and a picture of a girl around 11 years old appeared. She was standing in front of a nature backdrop with her hand out in front and her yellow shirt open just covering her small pert breasts and no bottoms showing her bald mound. Her little mound was so pronounce on her slender body, her breasts were just swollen flesh on her flat chest with the sweetest nipples.

"There you go," I said in triumph to Sarah.

"Do you think I am pretty than her?" she asked

"Yes of course," I replied and this time I was not lying. Whilst the girl in the picture was sexy as hell Sarah was far sexier.

"That seems pretty easy to do, how much do they make?" She asked.

"I not sure honey" I replied as I had no idea and had never really considered if and what they were paid.

We clicked to the next file, it's a picture of a young girl sucking on a boy's cock. Both were naked preteens and looked like brother and sister. The sister was on her knees in front of him his little hard cock in her mouth, he had a huge smile on his face and who could blame him.

"WOW LOOK AT THAT" shrieked Sarah.

"SSSHHH you'll wake your mum," I warned her as I covered her mouth with my hand.

"She's sucking his pee pee dad," Sarah said in utter amazement.

"Yes honey but is called a penis or sometimes a cock or a dick. What she is doing is called oral sex."

The next file was of a grown man licking a young girl's pussy. She was a little red head with freckles all over. He too was a red head. The girl was lying on a bed he legs draped over his shoulders her hips up off the bed as his tongue looked buried deep inside her. Her eyes were closed as her hands clinched the bed clothes on the bed her mouth wide open. She looked like she was in the middle of an orgasm.

"Wow is that her dad doing that?" asked Sarah as she turned to look at me.

"Probably baby," I replied not really knowing who the hell he was nor did I care.

"OHMIGOD I can't believe that, but she seems to like it doesn't she daddy," Sarah was excited by what she was seeing.

"She sure does baby. You know what they are doing is great fun," I replied.

"Have you ever done that daddy?" Sarah asked.

"Yes of course" I replied looking smug.

"With someone my age," she asked looking a little hesitant.

"No" I replied quickly.

"Why?" Sarah was shocked I hadn't.

"I don't know," realising it wasn't such a stupid question.

"Next one daddy," she demanded to see the next file.

Next we clicked onto a movie file and it was a series of short clips of girls having sex with men.

Sarah relaxed and leaned back into as we watch the movie unfold.

By this time my cock is raging hard and Sarah's butt is nestled right on it. The heat between us is almost flammable.

As we watched the next scene, the girl in the movie is on a man's lap with his cock buried deep inside her. She is grinding on his cock as the man played with her pert little nipples. Sarah suddenly sits up right and the pressure on my cock grows. Sarah is mesmerised by the video we are watching and slowly she starts to mimic the girl's actions and starts to grind her crotch on my hard cock. Slowly back and forward she moved until a little moan escapes her lips.

Enjoying the sensation of my daughter's crotch grinding on my cock I placed my hands on her slender hips and guided her actions applying a little more pressure.

There we are in my office watching kiddie porn with my wife 20 feet away and I am dry humping my 11 year old daughter. I was far too gone by this stage and couldn't care less and continued.

"What's happening to me daddy. I feel all fuzzy" she whispered looking back at me.

"Your cumming baby. Just relax and let it happen you'll love it" I whispered back in her ear.

I then licked her ear slowly and kissed her long neck. Sarah turned her head to the side and lifted her hair out of the way to give me better access. I proceeded to give her long wet kisses.

"OHHHHH" she moaned.

I decided to go for broker and I now move my hands to the hem of my daughter's nightgown and lifted it over her head. Sarah felt the material move and raised her arms as I removed it from her body and let the garment fall next to us on the floor.

My hands now moved to around her body to her young developing breasts. My hands were shaking in anticipation of feeling her for the first time as a lover. My hands cupped both breasts massaging them until I felt her nipples harden under my palms. I licked my fingers and returned them to her nipples rolling them between my fingers.

Sarah let out another deep sensual moan as her whole body shuddered at the west sensation on her nipples.

Sarah was getting close as was I and we pick up the pace, our hips moving in perfect harmony. I was close now and leaned over to tell my lover "Honey daddy's gonna cum baby."

Sarah turned her head and kissed me, her mouth opened and she sticks out her tongue out looking for me to suck on it which I do. We kissed passionately for a few minutes as Sarah rested back against me once more.

"Mmmm daddy you were right this is fun," she cooed.

With my left hand playing with her nipple my right hand slid down to her panties and pushed under the elastic. My hand pushed further down finally finding the top of her wet slit. With my index finger I rubbed her hooded clit.

That was it for my daughter, she went down hard and fast. Her legs spread wide either side of my legs giving her father full access to her jewels. Her developing chest was heaving up and down as her breathing became was ragged.

"Aaauuuuuggggghhhh" she screamed as her back arched up of my chest and her hips thrust forward hard on my hand. My little girl had her first ever orgasm.

It was enough for me to blow my load all over the inside of my pants. As the first spasm relaxed her hips thrust back and forth out of control as her orgasm removed all my daughter's bodily control and I had to grab her from falling off my lap.

After we recovered her little chest was still heaving for breath, "Holy shit dad is that what sex is like?" she asked with a renewed enthusiasm.

"Oh better baby," I replied. "That was just foreplay. What you do to excited for sex."

She lifted her little butt up of me and pulls down her panties kicking them off next to her nightgown. I thought all well I might as well join her before I was asked. I signalled Sarah to lift up and as she did I pulled down my track pants kicking them off and then shucked my shirt into the same pile of clothes.

Sarah lowered herself back down as she did she look down at my cock before coming to rest right on top of it.

It didn't not stay soft for long. The heat from my daughter' pussy and the next video we watched was of a young Russian girl and her father. She was directing the action on the video. The gril really liked seeing herself on video and loved having her father fuck her.

"Shit dad your cock is getting hard against my pee pee," complained Sarah jokingly.

"It's your vagina, cunt or pussy Sarah not pee pee," I corrected her.

"Well your cock is up against my cunt dad" she said with a naughty smile.

"Is it annoying you?" I asked full well what the answer would be.

"No I like it. it feels great," she replied wiggling her bum from side to side.

Again Sarah started to grind, this time it was flesh on flesh with our bodily juices make for a wet combination. Sarah started to thrust her hips back and forth, I was in heaven as I played with my daughter immature breasts.

"Hey why don't you turn around and we can watch like that. It may feel even better" I whispered in my daughter's ear and licked it with my tongue.

I turned the seat side on so we can see the monitor as Sarah standing up on the chair as I turn changed her position and quickly returned to her thrusting.

As she watches the monitor I use my hand to turn her head to face me. I moved closer to her and my daughter her on the lips. She pulled back and smiled and then moved back for more. I kissed her again this time with more intensity and passion. I then slipped my tongue out forcing my way into her mouth which she opened to greedily. Our tongues perform a sexual ballet in our mouths as Sarah continued to grind her bald cunt onto my hard cock.

Back and forth she moved, fast and fast as our juices continued to lubricate our flesh. During one thrust the head of my cock pushed up entering my daughter virgin pussy for the first time. Sarah pulled back and stopped. She looked at me as if she is in trouble and I just smiled and kissed her once more. Sarah then reached down and grabbing my hard cock with is slippery with our juices and positioned it to enter her properly.

Sarah the lifted herself up before lowering slowly on my rigid cock. The walls of her immature vagina enveloped the shaft of my cock.

She continued to lower herself down inch by inch until I am all the way inside her young body. "What she is not a virgin" I think to myself.

"Sarah you're not a virgin?" I asked looking at her suspiciously.

"Yes I am daddy," she replied with a hint of being offended.

"But your hymen?" I was still in shock.

"I busted that with my brush last week daddy, I did not want this to hurt too much and ruin our night" she boasted her plan.

"What you planned this, how?" now even more in shock.

"I looked at the TV guide and planned it when I saw what tonight's episode was about" she informed me.

"Fuck me," I said in disbelief.

"I am daddy" she laughed out loud. "That was the plan. So how about you finishing fucking me daddy."

We returned to our incestuous fucking as we slowly rocked in unison. I loved sucking on Sarah's cone shaped breasts. They were so sensitive every time I touch her nipples Sarah had a mini orgasm.

10 minutes later I was about to burst and I went to pull out, Sarah pulled me back into her. "In me daddy I want you to cum inside me."

"But I don't want to risk you getting pregnant, I know you started your periods a few months back," I argued again trying to pull out.

"I don't care daddy, I want to feel your love enter me. I want to feel that sperm that made me, in my cunt. So do it daddy fuck me hard" she demanded.

That was enough for me, I made a few deep thrusts then erupted a mountain of incestuous seed into my daughter. There was so much cum it started to leak out on the chair but by then I did not care I was in heaven.

"AAGGGHHHH FUCK ME DADDDDDYYYYY" she groaned as my daughter came once more as she felt my sperm splatter against the walls of her fertile womb. Her whole body shook as we came as one on the chair in my office.

We sat like that entwined, my cock still buried deep inside her pussy for over half an hour before she finally spoke, "Thanks dad, that was great, do you think next time we can film it and put it on the net for other dad and daughters to see how great fucking is?"

"Sure honey as long as we hide our faces so we stay safe" I replied the thought excited me even more as my cock started to get hard once more.

"Do you want to take sum photo's now daddy," she asked.

"Sure why not, I get my camera" I said reluctantly.

Sarah pulled up gingerly as my cock eased out of her cum covered cunt. The pressure was so much it was almost painful to pull out of her. Finally my cock popped free with an audible "pop".

"I'll go get cleaned up and get ready," Sarah said running out the run.

I went and checked on my wife and she was sound asleep on her sleeping pills again.

Back in my office I set up the camera and Sarah returned in a set of pale blue lingerie that included a bra, panties, suspender belt and sheer nylons. "Fuck she looked great,"

She sat on the floor and started to pose for the camera and I started shooting away.

She did a few provocative poses looking back over the shoulder and the like. She then got serious and started to slip the strap of her bra off her shoulders making sure it stayed on. The result the bra remained but her lovely tits were visibly. She tweaked her nipples a few times to make them hard and then removed her panties.

Sarah then turned her act up a notch and pulled out her mother's black dildo. I just smiled and shook my head. She licked the head of the dildo and brought it to her recently fucked cunt and pushed it in and out.

She must have a ton of lubricant in their after the fucking I had just given her. The head of the cock shaped dildo disappears up my daughter 111 year old cunt inch by inch, Sarah just stared at me the whole time as it entered her body.

After few minutes of masturbating with her mom's toy she started to orgasm. I zoomed in for her facial expressions. It is amazing how an 11 year old's face contorts when they cum.

"Fuck this, I want the real thing dad come and rape me. Do it for real for the camera," she demanded.

I was shocked by her language but I walked over to her leaving my post next to the camera. I had the remote control and started taking more pictures. Sarah jumped to her knees as I came over to her and immediately reached out for my cock. She leaned in and opening her mouth took the head in. I grabbed her by the hair and force her hard on to my cock as I face fucked my 11 year old daughter for the first time.

She pulled off my cock and looked up at me. "Fuck me hard daddy like you're raping me. Do it for the cameras," she pleaded.

I grabbed her turning her around onto all fours. I lowered myself down behind her and I quickly entered her from behind. Sarah pretended to fight for the camera but I was too strong. My cock glided into her preteen tunnel and started on its path to her womb. I thrusted my hips forward into her a few time and Sarah started to respond by pushing back into me.

Still in the act I then change tact and pulled my greased up cock out of my 11 year old daughter and took aim at her puckered virgin butt.

I plunged deep and hard into her ass and Sarah let out a stifled scream into the back of her hand. I continued to pound her ass and taking photos at the same time with the remote. Sarah finally relaxed and lifted up giving access to her tits.

"Is this what you wanted you fuckin slut," I spat out playing my part in the pretend rape.

"Please mister I'll be good, don't fuck me any more please," she begged.

"Fuck that I am going to get you pregnant bitch," I scowled.

With that I pull out of her sodomised ass and back into her tight 11 year old cunt just in time to blow another load into her womb.

I collapsed next to her as she lay there panting from her own orgasm. There we were father and daughter naked after making our own kiddie porn pictures.

From that night on till she left for college we did our thing in the office whilst her mum slept 20 feet away. We made our own videos and sold them through networks we came to know. The money funded Sarah's college and paid off our mortgage.

Soon after she finished college my wife passed away from a heart attack. Sarah returned home to look after me.

I met her as she came in the door, Sarah ran into my arms and kissed me passionately like the old days. It had been a while since we had kissed like that. We had agreed that she need to go to college and try and meet some people her own age.

This had worked and for all but one time we managed to keep our relationship purely father daughter. Soon after arriving Sarah was home sick so I gave in and made an excuse to visit her without her mother. That night we made love in my hotel room all night. The next day we ventured out after almost getting caught by the hotel maid. Sarah showed me around campus and even introduced me to some of her friends.

She then showed me her dorm room. Whilst there we kissed as lovers until again almost getting caught by her roommate. After that time I managed to stay away.

Now she was home and my wife was gone and I was all alone.

Sarah set herself up in her old room more for show just in case anyone ventured by and poked around. Every night she slept with me as we made love over and over again.

The inevitable happened and Sarah became pregnant. She was scared when she came to tell me.

"Daddy I, I , I think I'm pregnant," she stuttered.

"What?" I was stunned.

"I'm late daddy," she replied

"It's mine?" I asked.

She just gave me the stare.

"Of course it's mine I'm sorry honey," I quickly said correcting myself.

"Well I'll support you in any decision baby. I'm here for you" I told her as I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her close.

"I think I want to kept it daddy. We made this baby and its so special for me that we did" she told me in a hushed tone.

"That's fine my darling we can raise our baby together," I replied lifting her head to face me.

"Daddy can we have a night like we sued to when mom was here," she asked.

"What do you mean honey?" I asked a little unsure.

"You know watch some porn, the stuff we liked and make love," she replied.

"Anything you want baby," I agreed as my cock jumping in excitement.

For the rest of the day and night we made love watched our favourites from my extended kiddie porn collection.

Seven months later Sarah and I had a healthy baby girl who we called Penny. My greatest regret was not being named as father on her birth certificate.

Sarah and I had agreed to wait until Penny was old enough to tell her the truth but in the meantime we raised her like I had Sarah with the truth on everything else.

Sarah by the time Penny was four had moved into her own room so we could avoid the question by grandad was fucking her mother and my daughter. At night Sarah would sneak back so we could make love. Our most exciting time was when Penny had a camp or sleepover.

Those nights we had our real fun. Watching our ever growing porn collection and make love all over the house. One night we even fucked in our daughter's bed. We left some much fluid on her bed we had to wash all her bedding.

This went on year after year until she turned 11 years old and Sarah came to me.

"Daddy can we talk?" she asked siting down next to me on the sofa. "Its about Penny."

"Yes honey what is it?" I asked a little concerned.

"Well you know how we agreed to tell Penny everything when she was old enough well I think its time" she informed me.

"Oh" is all I could muster. I certainly wasn't looking forward to telling our daughter I am her father and that I am having sec with my own daughter and her mother.

"Oh" I said again. "If you think it's the right time."

"Yes its time daddy," she reaffirmed her decision.

"What now?" I asked.

'Yes, right now," she replied.

"Penny can you please come down here Grandad and I have something to talk to you about" Sarah screamed out loud like a public address system.

A few seconds later trotted into the room in her nightgown ready for bed. Immediately my mind flashed back all those years to the night Sarah and I first made love.

"Yes mom" she said looking a little scared she was in trouble.

"Um I'm not sure where to start. First off you're not in trouble so relax," Sarah started.

Sarah tried and tried to start the conversation but stumbled into a dead end each time she started. Time and time again she tried so I tried as well with the same success. How do you tell you're grand-daughter she is also your daughter?

Sarah tried again, "Well Penny its about your father," then stopped looking for me for support.

"Well we thought it was time you knew who he was," I tried to continue.

"Yes," Penny replied looking at me and her mother.

"Well umm" Sarah started again.

"Oh for god's sake mom you want to tell me grandad is my real father. That you and grandad have sex." Penny spat out frustrated at the conversation not going anywhere.

"What how?" is all Sarah could manage. Which was more than I could, I just sat dumb founded.

"For Christ sake mom I not dumb and blind. I hear and see things," she replied.

"What things?" I asked

"Well grandad or should I say daddy, I woke up one night and caught you and mom having sex in your room. From what I could see and hear you did it all the time" she explained

"Why didn't you say anything," Sarah asked.

'Well I thought you would tell me sooner or later. Although I thought it may have been sooner," she replied to her mother's question.

"I'm sorry honey we should have told you sooner, but we were scared it would freak you out" Sarah explained out reasoning.

"Freak me out why I think it's great. You love each other so much, it's nice to know I was made by two people who loved each other and not someone who happened to knock up my mom," Penny told us.

"So you're ok with it then? You don't mind grandad and I living as husband and wife when we are at home alone?" Sarah asked our daughter.

"No mom I don't mind. I'm just a little pissed you have kept this and other things secret" she replied and as he did she reached over and hugged us both.

"Umm what other things," I asked curious what she was talking about other secrets.

"The movies. They look so good I get really excited every time I watch them when you're out" she replied.

Sarah and I were in shock. "What movies honey," asked Sarah looking at me with a concerned looked.

"The ones on grandad's PC, with the kids and adults fucking" Penny tried to sound grown up but it seemed so unnatural hearing words like that from her mouth.

"Penny where did you hear that language" her mother scolded her.

"From you and daddy when you make love you tell him all the time to fuck you and also on your movies," she replied defiantly.

"Oh you did, did you, Well make sure you don't use it outside this house then" I conceded the point to our daughter.

"I was wondering now everything is out in the open can we watch one together" Penny asked excitedly.

Sarah and I looked at each other communicating silently. "OK but this is a major family secret and no one must know OK," Sarah relented to our daughter's demand.

"Goody," she screamed.

We now had the movies accessible on the TV in the lounge so the girls huddled together and selected one to watch.

I was seated on the sofa waiting as the girls selected the movie. They then sat either side of me on the sofa.

The film was of a young family swimming in their pool. There was a young girl called Ella about 10 years old and a son Chip aged 13. Their mom was Louise or Lou as they called her and the father Jim.

The kids splashed around in the pool with their mom their father was obviously filming the scene as he talked to them from behind the camera.

"Go on kids get mom," he told them. The kids were all over their mother as she struggled to get free from the wrestle.

Soon her top was ripped free and her breasts small and firm sprang free. The son stopped cold in shock as his hands were on his mom's breasts.

"Oh that's the way you want to play," she said as she reached down and pulled his shorts from his body. She raised them in the air in triumph "Woo hoo I won" she hollered.

"Mom give em back I'm naked," he complained trying to hide his privates under the water.

"Let me see," said his sister diving under the water.

"Hey no fair" he complained at his sister's actions.

She re-surfaced, "hah ha Chip's got a woody mom," she laughed pointy at her brother.

He turned bright red.

"Oh let me see" said the mom diving under the water.

"Mommmm," he whined.

"Mmmm that's a nice cock you have son," she complemented him when she resurfaced.

"Mom please, I'm naked" he continued his pleas.

"Well so am I well nearly," she replied before reaching down and removing her bottoms throwing them out of the pool. "There ya go now I am too. What about you Ella."

"No way" Ella replied trying to get out of the pool but her mother caught her.

Come on Chip help me strip your sister" she said turning to her son with her arms wrapped tightly around her daughter.

Chip waded over to them as he approached his sister kicked out at him. "Now, now sis, it's only fair."

He reached out and pulled the arms straps of her one piece down her shoulders as she struggled.

"Please don't Chip," she pleaded.

He ignored her pleas and with both hand exposed his sisters budding breasts. "mm nice tits sis," he moaned out loud.

Tired from the struggle Ella gave up as her brother assister by her mother stripped her naked. The three huddled together in the pool their naked flesh touching each other.

There was some whispering as they all turned towards their father. "What about you Jim you're the only one clothed" said his wife.

"Ok I'm game Ella come and strip daddy," he offered.

Ella turned to her mom for support, "Go on you heard your father strip him naked," she told her daughter.

Ella smiled and waded out of the pool and walked over to her father. She swayed her slender hip from side to side as her thin frame walked over to him with a huge smile on her face.

She reached her father and sank down on one knee. Looking back up at the camera she smiled and blew a kiss as she reached up with both hands to the tops of his shorts and began to pull. Slowly the shorts came down and his large hard cock sprang free.

It shocked Ella who fell back on her butt her hand over her mouth in shock at seeing her father's erect cock for the first time I assumed.

"Oh my god daddy its so big," she cooed as her head moved from side to side examining her father's cock.

"Thanks darling," he replied.

"Holy shit," exclaimed Ella as she turned back to see her mom's reaction.

Jim swung the camera back to the pool to find mother and son making out in the water. Chip was frenching his mother his hands all over her firm breasts. His mother hand her hands under the water which looked like she was pumping her son's cock.

"You two right there," Jim asked.

"Mom you're kissing Chip. Oh god that's so nasty mom he's your own son," Ella moaned in mock disgust.

"That's not all sis mom's pumping my cock as well" replied Chip breaking off his kiss with his mother.

"Oh god mom you're such a slut," hissed Ella.

"And loving it dear. You should try it," her mother countered.

"Mmmm I don't mind if I do mommy" she replied as the camera swung back as her hand reached out to her father's cock. She gripped it in both hands and leaned in opening her mouth enveloped the head in her mouth.

"Mmmm nice," she muffled around the head of his cock.

"Oh fuck Ella that feels so good baby girl" moaned her father.

Back on the sofa my cock is so hard it is tenting in my shorts. Sarah and Penny are both trying to look at the screen and my cock at the same time. I looked at both my daughter and they smiled back at me.

"Do it daddy show our little girl your cock. The same cock that made both of us," encouraged Sarah.

I lifted up and eased my shorts down allowing my own cock to spring free.

"Oh fuck," squealed Penny jumping up and tugging her feet under her excitedly.

"Go ahead," said Sarah. I looked at her and saw she was looking and talking to our daughter Penny.

I looked at Penny and she looked confused. "Do it Penny. Touch it you know you want to" encouraged her mother almost daring her to touch her own father's cock.

Penny reached out and touched the shaft and softly gripped it rubbing it up and down. Her finger then slid across the top collecting pre-cum as she went. She lifted it to her nose and smelt it and licked it hesitantly. She considered the taste and smiled back at her mom.

"Go one try it direct baby. Suck on daddy cock," cooed Sarah.

Penny leaned over and licked the head of my cock as her mother leaned in and encouraged her take me in her mouth. "Do it baby take daddy in your mouth" she hissed.

Penny obeyed and slowly opened her mouth allowing my cock to enter. Her tongue bath the head as I turned back to the screen. The father had now afixed the camera and he and his wife were side by side on outdoor lounges making love top their kids.

Chip was in the missionary position between his mom's legs thrusting his cock deep into her pussy. The daughter Ella was impaled on her father's cock as she rode him hard. The mother and son came first with him sending his seed deep into his mother's womb, the same one from which he came.

The father and daughter changed positions as he got her from behind and fucked her as she looked into the camera. Her face was full of lust and passion as her father pushed deep inside her. She came hard screaming her back arched up as her father pushed deep as his own seed coated her young womb.

Back on the sofa Penny was greedily slurping on my cock as Sarah pumped my shaft with her hand. Sarah had stripped herself naked and was about to do the same to our daughter. Penny was laying on her stomach stretched out on the sofa her face in my lap. Sarah reached under our daughter's night gown and pulled down her white cotton panties.

She then gathered up her night gown as she did our daughter's bare bum came into view. Oh god it looked so cute I could kiss it all day. Penny lifted up allowing her mother to pull the night gown higher and higher all the time still sucking on my cock.

"Baby?" Sara whispered hinting for her to break off her fellatio and allow her to bring the night gown over her head. Penny bound to her knees to Sarah pulled the garment off our daughter's slim body. Now I saw her little breasts nothing more than raised flesh with two dark puffy nipples. Sarah and I had the same idea as we both reached in and sucked on her nipple.

"Mmmm suck em mommy suck em daddy" cooed Penny her hand wrapped around our heads pulling us tight against her chest.

Penny then pulled us off her chest and kissed both me and her mother. As she did her tongue slithered into our mouths as were both frenched our own daughter. Soon she was back sucking on my cock with her mother. They took turned sucking on the head the other lapping at my shaft and pumping it with their hands.

"Baby?" Sarah whispered to her daughter.

"Mmm" was all she could respond with her mouth full of my cock.

"Do you want daddy to fuck you? Do you want to feel his big cock inside you? I promise you'll love it" she cooed.

Penny pulled her mouth off my cock exposing it to the cool air. "Oh god yes mommy I want his cock in me" she responded excitedly.

"Sarah are you sure about this?' I asked. Happy to comply but I didn't want to hurt my daughter either.

Sarah never replied, Penny did as she straddled my lap facing me, "Fuck me daddy fuck me now," she demanded.

I looked at Sarah for support, "You heard your daughter fuck her."

"Ok let's do this then," I replied.

With Sarah help she guided Penny up and helped her ease herself down on to my cock. Her virgin cunt resisted at first but with a little encouragement and brute force it gave way and the head of my cock entered my 11 year old daughter. This time the only difference was her hymen as intact.

Again with Sarah's help we managed to destroy that in a matter of seconds. I not sure who was more in a hurry Penny or Sarah. Finally my cock was deep inside my daughter as her and her mother kissed each other passionately.

Penny was still getting used to my cock inside her, "Daddy can you fuck me in my room and in my bed," she asked.

"Sure," I replied as I stood still impaled deep inside her tight cunt. Penny wrapped her legs around my waist as we walked to her room followed by Sarah.

"Oh god this feels so good daddy every time you take a step you go deeper inside me" she moaned her head buried on my chest.

"Like this" I asked as I held her hips and thrust my cock up a little more inside her.

"Oh fuck yes. Oh do it again daddy go it again," she begged.

I pushed her against the wall and started pumping my cock in and out of her glove like cunt. It felt so warm and velvety.

"Aaaggghghhh" she screamed as an orgasm tore through her young body leaving her panting for breath her legs dangling either side on me. I continued our journey to her room and we finally arrived I laid her on her back and proceed to fuck her hard. My cock was sawing in and out of her preteen cunt. Each time I bottomed out Penny would let out a grunt as all the air was expelled from her lungs.

"Oh god daddy I'm cumming again. Oh god I can't take too much more," she moaned her eyes closed her brow covered in sweat.

Sarah was now sucking on her erect nipples and even dangled her own in our daughter's face as she reached up taking her mom's nipple in her own mouth.

"Oh fuck honey daddy's gonna cum soon" I groaned as my thrust slowed and became deeper and deeper holding myself each time.

"Do it in me daddy cum inside me. Please," she pleaded.

Again I looked to Sarah for guidance. Getting one daughter pregnant was bad enough but another and at this age?

"Do it daddy I want to see you cum inside her so I can eat it out later," she almost laughed in excitement.

I grabbed Penny's hips and pushed in hard and deep a few time and then held myself deep inside her womb as I came ahrd. I could feel shot after shot of sperm fire into my daughter' body.

"Oh fuck I can feel ya cumming daddy. Oh again and again oh god I love it more daddy more" she egged me on.

Finally I pulled my shrinking cock free as I did I was replaced my Sarah who lapped at the juices flowing form our daughter. She and Penny quickly got into a 69 position and ate each other out to another orgasm or two. I'm not sure how many I was too exhausted by this stage to keep count.

In the after glow we were in my bed snuggled together both girls playing with my cock as we talked.

"Thank you daddy for making love to me," whispered Penny as she kissed me.

"You're welcome honey," I replied.

"Umm daddy can we do it again sometime," she asked.

"You better ask your mom," I replied deferring the decision.

"Mom can I," Penny asked lifting up to look at her mom.

"I think we can do better than that. How about you join daddy and me in our bed each night" she replied.

"Really?' Penny asked making sure her mom was serious.

"Yes really. I think we can all have some fun then" Sarah replied as she straddled me my cock sliding deep inside her body.

That night I made love to Sarah twice and Penny once more as we started our life together. From there each night got better and better.

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This is one of the best stories I have ever read in my young life.


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Try proof reading before publishing, that way you will make sure all the words are present and not miss any. The grammar and tense is lacking. If you want to publish use the spell checker and get someone to proof read if you can't be bothered yourself.

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