Telling How To Seduce Moms With Kids, Part 2

[ inc, Ffb, pedo, rom, mother/son/daughter, gay, oral, anal ]

by Binky


Published: 23-Jan-2012

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This work is Copyrighted to the author. All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.


I did exactly what Bob told me to do.

Equipped with five ready-rolled sinsemilla joints, three Viagra tabs, two bottles of Californian champagne and a bottle of cognac, not to mention a $100 bill as a tip for Betty, I met Bob as prearranged. We dropped our Viagra tabs, keeping one for young Jake.

"Not that Jake really needs Viagra. He's only eleven but he gets as stiff as a ramrod in minutes," Bob said with a laugh.


Binky was visibly trembling with excitement when we arrived at Betty's place and rang the bell. I reached out and gently squeezed his cock through his linen trousers. Binky giggled like a girl, feeling a man's hand on his prick.

"This dick is in for a good many treats today," I said. Binky grinned in nervous anticipation.


A huge patchwork quilt was covering the floor of the living room in Betty's modest apartment. It was obvious that Betty and her kids were ready for a lovely long sex session.

Betty, the 32-year-old Appalachian Mom, is a tall redhead, big-breasted and big-hipped. Both she and nine-year-old Mary-Jo were wearing loose kaftans.

Mary-Jo, Betty's nine-year-old daughter, is red-haired like her Mom, pigtailed, freckled and gap-toothed, an urchin with a wicked grin and a throaty laugh.

"Two big grown-up cocks for me today," Mary-Jo squealed.

"And for me, too!" Jake added. Jake is redhaired, slender and as freckled, impetuous and lascivious as his sister. He was dressed in khaki shorts and a T-shirt.


Without further ado, Binky knelt and tugged Jake's khaki shorts down. Jake's lovely young cock was semi-hard in anticipation.

"Suck him well, mister," Mary-Jo sniggered. "My sexy brother loves his dickie being sucked."

"That's enough talking, Mary-Jo. Lick Jake's bummie while Binky sucks his prick, darling. Let your brother feel two tongues at the same time," Betty said quietly.

Betty disrobed quickly, exhibiting a luxuriant ginger bush surmounting a thick-lipped cunt. Her nipples stood out proudly from dark aureoles. I reached out to caress her.


Having Jake's cock in my mouth was an exquisite sensation. It had been a long time since I'd savored the thrilling moment of sucking a young boy's dickie. That had been on a beach in Thailand and the kid, a wickedly mercenary boy of thirteen, had squirted five jets of delectable semen into my eager mouth.


Jake shivered with delight as his sister pulled his buttocks apart and kissed his bumhole loudly and wetly before starting to rim and ream him with adroit skill.

"My daughter's really good at anilingus now, Bob," Betty said with maternal pride. "She's good at everything. She's so supple and flexible that she can lick her own clit."

"Oh, that's so cool!" gasped Jake, relishing the delightful twin sensations of fellatio and anilingus.

While this was happening, Betty was undressing me. "Missed us, haven't you, Bob?" she whispered. Mary-Jo was counting the hours and minutes waiting for you two."

"No! No more! Stop it you two! I don't want to come yet!" Jake wailed after a minute.


I reluctantly relinquished Jake's stiff young penis and stood up. Then I gave the boy the Viagra tab, which he unquestioningly swallowed.

"Take your clothes off, mister. Let me see your cock!" Mary-Jo demanded.

I obeyed the lascivious nine-year old girl with alacrity.

"Nice stiff prick for me and Mom!" exclaimed the girl.

"And for me, too!" Jake added, falling to his knees and embracing the head of my cock with his mouth.


"Binky has a special request, Jake," I said. "He'd like to watch you fuck your Mom. So would I, for that matter."

Jake stopped sucking and sprang to his feet. Betty smiled at her son and spread herself on the quilt.

"Ram me, my sweet boy!" she cooed. "Fuck Mom's cunt real hard!"

With a squeal of unfeigned delight, Jake mounted his Mom and a moment later his poker-stiff young cock was engulfed in the cunt which had given birth to him.

"You could try licking Jake's bottom-hole again, Mary-Jo," Binky said with a merry laugh.

Mary-Jo wriggled between her brother's legs and applied her tongue to his exquisite pink anus.

"And you could let Mary-Jo have the same treat, Binky," I suggested.

Binky sprawled on the quilt, pulled Mary-Jo's slender buttocks apart and began licking her bumhole like a man possessed.

To Be Continued

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