Forbidden Candy

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Published: 9-Jan-2013

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The majority of the stories posted on this site by A Purvversion were totally written by The Purvv. However, many are bits of stories originally written by others but massaged into a new story by The Purvv. In the vast majority of these, over 50% of the writing comes from the pen of The Purvv. They were intended for his private files, with no intent on taking credit for someone else's efforts. Thus, if now posted here, that should be considered.

The vast majority of these stories contain sex between an adult with an underage girl and are simply made up stories, much like murder mysteries; any real such activity should be condemned. It cannot be overemphasized that none of these 'purvverted' finished stories are even remotely true. I would strongly urge any adult who would even contemplate such demented actions as are depicted to consider seeking help from someone (clergy, doctor, police, etc).

These vignettes are not intended to be anything more than a peek through a window at a couple having sex. If such a quickie doesn't tempt the voyeur to masturbate, read elsewhere.

A Father Daughter Vignette

Growing up, she was a 'daddy's girl' and like in so many similar situations, father and daughter had a familiarity that was potentially dangerous. As with so many married men, the lust in Charles' marriage tamed as the years moved along; while at the same time, the female who gave him the most attention was his little girl. So often sitting on his lap or snuggling up to him...tickling fights...hugging and giggling together...bathing her until she was almost twelve, long past an age when he should have stopped.

Somewhere around the time his 'little pumpkin' turned twelve, he found himself noticing that she was beginning to bud, and occasionally caught himself looking at her where no father should, either at her blouse to look at those little bumps, or at her tight jeans where he now recognized that she was going to be attracting many a boy with that little bubble butt.

Soon thereafter, he occasionally had to break off one of their tickling sessions because he would find that he had gotten hard from touching her. The same thing happened on more than a few occasions when the youngster sat on his lap, squirming atop him. It was almost inevitable that Charles began to jerk off whenever that happened. What really made him feel ashamed were those nights when he got hard just thinking about his daughter and he jerked off while fantasizing about her.

He even found himself looking down the youngster's blouse and up between her legs, when she had on just a robe or on the rare occasions she wore a skirt.

That same year, Candice herself began to change. Those tickling fights with her Daddy began to excite her 'differently' than in the past, often causing 'funny feelings' between her legs. Her mom had recently explained to her about how she was physically changing and why and what the differences were between boys and girls and about sex, and she was also learning things about sex from the kids in school, so the youngster recognized somewhat what was happening.

Candy also began to realize that if she moved about while sitting on her Daddy's lap that his 'thing' would become hard. She knew that this was wrong, but it pleased her to know that he was hard because of her.

Around this time, she began touching herself; and shortly after, she began masturbating. It always seemed to happen after her father would cut short a tickling fight or one of those times when she felt him become hard under her butt.

Although neither father nor daughter even hinted to the other about their feelings, each of them sensed that the other might be feeling similar feelings, also.

Things changed soon after Candy turned thirteen, when panic struck her because she had missed a period. Frightened, she told her mother, and upon questioning, she admitted that she had had sex three different times with a boy down the street, first, during a 'medical inspection' while playing 'doctor'. The two times after that, it just happened because he wanted to and because she liked doing it with him.

That scare turned out to be a false alarm. Her mom took her to the doctor who examined her and assured them that she wasn't pregnant. He also advised pills for her erratic menstruation, which in reality birth control pills.

The next week or so at home was a horror, what with her mother in a state of total frustration, upset beyond the normal. At the same time, her loving Dad, who didn't verbally condemn her, nonetheless looked forlorn each time he looked at her.

Still, within the next month or so, things seemed to return to normal, although for sure Candy was no longer allowed to play with that boy down the block. Also, her Dad not only didn't look so sad anymore, she also noticed that he began looking at her body more and more...and she knew it wasn't her imagination, like she used to think. And once she realized that he couldn't stop himself from looking, she herself began to feel excited.

With father and daughter alone in the house every night, it was inevitable what was eventually to happen.


A stormy night...the shutter outside her bedroom snapped loose and the heavy winds had it banging loudly against the window. Hearing the loud noises and afraid that the glass was going to break, Candy hurried to her father's room, knocking on the door.


"Yeah, Sweetie? Come on in."

She opened the door and entered the semi-dark room; he had turned on the dim night table lamp. "Dad, I'm scared...can I...?"

"Sure baby girl. Here, scoot under the blanket..."

Only then did she become conscious of the fact that she only had panties on beneath the robe, no bra.

How could she...?

Do it fast, she told herself.

Shedding the robe, she then moved quickly to get beneath the blanket. She couldn't help but to see her father's eyes looking eagerly at her bare little breasts and, as she covered herself completely, she felt those feelings down in her cunny...

"Scoot over here, Toots."

Then she slid over until she was against him, putting her arm around his waist, while he put his around her shoulder.

The hearts of both father and daughter sped up, but neither had the nerve to do anything amiss for fear of how the other might react.

Charles fought to retain his senses. In spite of his fantasizing in the past, this was his own daughter.

Ten minutes later, both were still awake, thinking the other was sleeping. His daughter had moved from his hold and she now lay on her back, her head resting on his outstretched arm. He felt movement alongside of him. He heard her increased breathing. Listening intently, he suddenly realized what she was doing as he heard that faint squishing sound. She obviously thought that he had fallen off to sleep.

Charles felt his cock begin to harden. Raising up on his side, he suddenly threw the covers off her, and looked down at her. Candy's eyes turned to him and widened. The fiery eyes of his thirteen year old little girl flickered like flames under her eyelashes, her milky naked thighs quivered around her fondling fingers, which had frozen is place. Somehow, she had managed to shed her panties without his noticing any such movement. She was totally naked before his lusty eyes. The smell of a sex-hungry teenage girl permeated his nostrils.

Father and daughter looked nervously at one another. It was as if they both were silently acknowledging what had been happening between them for the last couple of years.

Candy nervously smiled as her Daddy reached down and drew her hand from her throbbing pussy and then shifted himself up onto his knees. Her heart began pounding when he then moved between her parted legs.

Throwing caution to the wind, Charles lowered himself onto his little girl. Happily, she welcomed him, her arms and legs eagerly twining around him, pulling his excited bulk lovingly close to her aroused little body.

They kissed. His little girl's moist pink tongue played with his, and the ribbed underside of his cock tickled itself on the soft fuzz hair of her gorgeous little slit. Candy moaned into his mouth as her hips instinctively brought their two forbidden parts together in their own private pole dance, and that ribbed underside became wet with the juices of his hot little daughter.

Breaking the kiss, both of them looked down at their incestuous writhing game, both of them rubbing each other as if they were both overtaken by lust, there was no doubt as to what was about to happen. With pre-cum covering his bulging cock-head, they were certainly not going to be content dry humping.

"Oh my precious girl," he exhaled, his one hand caressing the silky hair on the back of her head, the other cupping where her hot slender leg met her round little buttock, a finger stimulating the inside of the soft-skinned bump, ever so close to the tight spot, which his daughter made so vulnerable by rubbing her bent leg up his heated body.

Father and daughter were long past the point of no return. Her lower lip quivered, her mouth murmuring lusty sounds, more than gasps, as her daddy took his great cock in his hand and started to rub it all around the tingling moist lips of her warm pussy. It was months since she had had those encounters with the boy down the street and it had never been so exciting or as arousing as this. She had dreamed of her Daddy doing this for so long and now it was happening.

Panic raced through her head, knowing that she was not taking those pills the doctor had prescribed. Still, she wanted this so bad. She was afraid that he'd stop if she told him she wasn't protected. Not familiar with the prime time of fertility, the youngster was sure she couldn't get pregnant because her period wasn't due to arrive for another two more weeks. And even if it happened, would it be so bad to carry her own Daddy's baby? Maybe he'd leave her mom and take her with him.

Clamping her eyes closed, Candy eagerly began to kiss her father, her hot mouth launching into wild lusty tongue kisses, biting at his lip. Filled with overwhelming lust, Charles returned the kiss, at the same time as he pushed his flesh inside her, making his way deep into her tight pink channel, overpowering her tightness with his strength and the wetness of the throbbing shaft he penetrated her with.

He began slowly thrusting the entire length of his cock in and out of the child. Reopening her eyes for the first couple of her daddy's strong strokes, Candy's legs wrapped eagerly around him and pulled on his legs to make him know how good he felt inside her. Her writhing, thrusting, torso eagerly offered her little snatch, encouraging her Daddy's deep strokes, drawing his cock all the way in, then squeezing it back out to the rim of his glans with each exciting push in and out of her aroused being.

He began fucking in earnest, pumping his stiff shaft into her slick cavern with long rapid strokes. The feeling was incredible. "Oh Daddy..." she murmured, excitedly.

The crazed young girl could feel her narrow pussy-channel being stretched wider by her father's driving cock-stabs. His pace was quickening. He burrowed in deeply with his big, hard prick, throwing his ass in gear as he began to fuck her furiously. His strokes only gained in strength, as his balls began to bounce against her soft and hot ass mounds.

Her hands reached out to grip the firm round globes of his ass cheeks. She squeezed his taut ass, closing her eyes in sexual ecstasy as he rode into her with plunging, writhing cock stabs. She rolled her hips and thrust back at him, increasing the pleasure for both of them. She was lost in the feeling of her Daddy's bare cock filling her pussy, thrusting up against her unprotected womb. Heatedly, her body twitched and twisted beneath his. The youngster was unabashedly urging him on. Her body had instinctively taken over, doing what it had evolved over millions of years to do, trying to reproduce itself by impaling itself on a strong virile man's penis and fucking him until he filled her with his seed.

"Oh Daddy I love you...oh it's so good...Oh...Oh Daaaaad...ah mmmmm..."

Mewling and whimpering with excitement around her daddy's pistoning shaft, Candy wantonly threw her girlish pussy up to meet each of his downward plunges. She could feel her cunt spasming and her stomach muscles rippling the way they did just before that final flurry of hot clenches from her inner pussy sheath, when she played with herself!

Her pussy was a bubbling cauldron. As her orgasm began to hit her, an awesome, never-before-experienced, man-made passionate explosion erupted in the depths of her seething cunt and immediately built itself into a powerful, mind-boggling orgasm. She knew her Daddy's sperm was ready, ready to fill her up. She spread her legs wider, to allow him as deep a penetration as possible.

This was it! she thought. This was what it was all about - this was real fucking! Knowing her father was just a few strokes from spewing his sperm inside her unprotected pussy sent Candy over the edge. Her pussy started spasming around the same penis that had created her thirteen years earlier. Her body started thrashing, bucking against her father.

All of a sudden, Charles's throat emitted out a long, low, drawn-out animal-like groan that both frightened and thrilled young Candy, causing her to instinctively clench her vaginal muscles tightly, the constricting tube clasping hungrily at his throbbing cock, holding it in a vise-like grip of uninhibited passion and wanton lust.

"Ungh! Ungh! Ungh! Unghh!" he mumbled throatily. His body suddenly stiffened and he gasped out, "Ah Honey, here it comes! Daddy's ahhh cummmmnnng! HO-Oh-ld tight, Baby Girl!"

At that moment Candy loved her father more than at anytime in her life; right now he was the most wonderful man in the world. As his pounding, spurting prick was ramming deep into her horny pussy, the young teen writhed about, instinctively clasping her tight cunt-muscles around the spurting prick which began filling her pussy with baby making sperm.

Knowing that her Daddy was shooting his hot cum inside her, she fucked up at him hard and fast, humping up and down, bucking and writhing, moving back and forth, gyrating uncontrollably, meeting his cock-thrusts with her hot, slick pussy. The muscles in her cunt tightened and loosened quickly, responding instinctively to the wondrous feelings that welled up in her seething cunt.

Candy was floating on a sea of stormy passion, fucking and jerking her hips forward, milking her father's prick-slit with her clenching cunt-walls, sucking the cum out of his cock and taut balls, which automatically clenched beneath her slick, gripping pussy.

Her orgasm hit her like a ton of bricks. A powerful, wonderful, fantastic sensation wracked her body, causing her cunt to quiver.

"Oh my Daddy...! Ohhhh, Daddy, I think...I think I'm...cumming, too!" Her labia were swollen and tingling, her cunt spasmed and her thighs shook.

The girl's body stiffened as she shuddered, then cried out again as the orgasm overtook her. She flailed her head back and forth, whipping her drenched hair from side to side as she experienced her very first mind-boggling orgasm.

"Ahhhggg! Yeah, Candy! Fuck Daddy back, baby! Take it...uhnn take it...AHHH!" her father grunted lewdly as he pressed forward, impaling her cunt on his spasming, spurting cock.

Candy used all of her strength to tighten her muscles and continue to grip his turgid, spasming prick between her juicing cunt-lips, clasping down on his cock-shaft, knowing that his manhood was shooting his sperm throughout her insides, bathing her cervix and womb with his baby-making sperm. Her steaming, churning pussy was filled to the brim with his spewing liquid.

"Mmmm, Daddy," she gasped. "This is... this is so...good. It feels so good... soooo good!"

She writhed beneath his thrusting prick as the breath left her body and she lay quivering like a fish out of water. Her mind was dazed from the fucking. Her father's spewing cock felt so big and his cum filling her pussy made her feel like a grown-up woman.

In less than a month, she found out just how grown up she had become.

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