My New Family

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Published: 13-Aug-2012

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All people and events in this story are entirely fictitious.

It's been tough raising my son as a single dad these last five years. His whore-of-a-mother is doing hard time for possession and sale of crack. I divorced her two years ago while she was rotting away in the county jail, probably spending most of her time eating pussy to stay alive.

Ryan is now eight years old, but he looks like he's about eleven or twelve. He's tall, already five feet, six inches and well on his way to being a good six feet in height like me. He and I both have light, grayish eyes, something girls notice right away. My son is definitely a young heart throb. He has this boy band cuteness about him, long locks of brown hair, and the start of an athletic physique. These combine to drive the little tweenie girls crazy. He's always getting hit on, but when these girls find out his real age, they cannot believe it. I just chuckle each time.

Given the amount of attention he's been getting ever since his first growth spurt six months ago, I decided it was time to have "the talk." The last thing I needed was for him to stick his pecker inside some hot-to-trot thirteen-year-old cumslut and draw the ire of her father or mother. One good thing we've always had is an open, honest ability to communicate, and we never dance around "proper" words. A penis was a dick or a cock, and a vagina was a pussy or a cunt.

Ryan took it well, and like most kids these days, he seemed to know a lot more about sex than I gave him credit for. I was relieved to learn he was still a virgin, but he told me he's turned down more than a few offers to fuck. He even said one ten-year-old girl told him he made her panties get damp. Fuck, that actually turned me on to hear!

During our chat, he had a few questions and a handful of misconceptions that I needed to clear up ("No, Ryan, your balls won't dry up if you fuck a girl more than once!"). When we were finished, he asked me something odd, a sly grin on his face.

"Dad, is it normal for a guy my age to have a big dick?"

I looked at him crossways. I hadn't seen his cock since he was about five, and it seemed normal back then.

"What do you mean by big?"

"Really big, and the guys tease me about it all the time in the gym showers."

I held my right index finger and thumb apart, about three inches. "Like this big?"

"No," he shook his head.

I stretched them a bit more to around five inches. "This big?"

Again he shook his head. "No, dad, REAL BIG."

He unzipped the fly on his jeans, and when they fell I could see something huge swinging in his boxers. He slid them down and I was greeted by a semi hard eight inch cock. I swear that damned one-eyed salami gave me a wink as if to say, "Yeah, I'm the fucking boss around here!"

"Holy shit!" I gasped. "That's a veritable monster cock for your age!"

"See what I mean? It gets bigger when it gets hard, when I think about girls and all."

"BIGGER?" my mouth was agape in sheer awe.

My mind reeled. I was eight inches when I was hard, and that was arguably bigger than average. His cock was also fairly thick, like a deli-style dill pickle in diameter. He had the potential to be a porn star with that battering ram in his pants.

"Son, I'm glad we had this talk. I got to tell you, between your good looks and that Godzilla cock, you are going to be very popular with women all your life. Just don't rush into it. Take your time, okay?"

He grinned from ear to ear. "Okay, dad. Say, wanna go to the park and play catch?"

"Sure, Ryan. Let's do that!" I said with a sigh.

I was so relieved he wanted to do something more normal for an eight-year-old boy. Playing catch would be a welcome step back into reality for my budding stud. I needed to grab the hands of time and slow them down. Playing catch seemed to be a good start.


Hampton Park was literally across the street from our house. That made our father-son bonding time awfully convenient. It was a beautiful afternoon, and for close to three hours we tossed a football around and had a great time. That took my mind off my son's rush into manhood.

"Hey, buddy, how about we get some sodas," I suggested, panting after he had whipped my thirty-five-year-old ass.

"Okay, dad! Race you to the concession stand!"

I tore out after him, headed to the small kiosk where they sold hot dogs, sodas, and other snacks. It was on the other side of the park closest to the playground. He disappeared in a tornado of dust, his feet like two small turbines kicking up the pathway's dry dirt. When I caught up, he was smiling with two Pepsis in hand.

"Don't have a heart attack on me, old man!" he teased.

I put an arm around his shoulder as we walked toward a bench near the swings. A woman sat there all alone. She was in her early-thirties with jet black hair, greenish eyes, a slim build, and an ample set of tits that she proudly displayed in a tight, light blue top that matched her skirt. My dick thumped in my jeans when I drank in every curve she offered from a few feet away.

My budding Romeo didn't even notice her. I suppose he was back to being all-boy for the time being, which was quite fine with me. He gulped down his soda and tossed the cup in a trash can as he meandered to the swings. I just shook my head and grinned over his level of energy. I strolled closer to the woman and smiled.

"Mind if I sit here while my son plays?"

She gave me a warm, welcoming grin. "That would be nice. I'm watching my daughter, Heather. That's her on the swings."

I looked over and saw an adorable girl about seven years old wearing a yellow sundress and brown sandals. She was slender like her mom, with long, spindly legs, and long black hair. Her face was pale with touches of natural, red blush on each cheek.

"She's very pretty, and I can see where she got her good looks," I said, flirting. I had already scoped out the woman's ring finger and noted its lack of a gold band.

"Oh my, that's very kind of you. I'm Rachel Honeycutt," she said extending her hand to shake.

"Simon Brady, and that's my son, Ryan over there...apparently pushing Heather on the swing!" I chuckled, seeing my son gently pushing Rachel's pretty daughter while the two of them chatted and giggled.

"He's a handsome boy, like his dad. Where's Mrs. Brady?"

I looked down, feeling ashamed and embarrassed. I couldn't easily hide my sadness.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry..."

"No, it's okay. I need to move forward anyway. Ryan's mom is a crack-ho, doing time. We're divorced---"

She took my hand as she cut me off. "We all have sad stories in our lives. My ex is in jail too, but for something far worse."

I looked in her eyes and was about to ask what happened when Ryan and Heather walked up holding hands.

"Hey, dad. Heather wants to go for a walk. Is that okay?" Ryan asked.

I looked at the little doll a little more closely now. She was really gorgeous, with a full set of pouty lips. I figured if I had been Ryan's age I'd be chasing her skirt too. There was a natural sexiness about her that was hard to describe. This girl had an obvious crush on my son already. She held his hand and stared up into his eyes like a puppy dog. I laughed and looked at Rachel.

"I'm okay if you are."

She nodded her approval. "Stay only on the trails you know, Heather!"

When the kids had walked off she turned to me, still clutching my hand. "Don't worry. Heather knows these trails well. We come here a lot."

We talked for probably an hour during which Rachel told me the most incredible and disturbing story about Heather and her father. Apparently he began fucking her when she was two, and by the time she was four, he pimped her out to a lot of men, turning tricks for $500 at a time. Rachel worked in the neighboring state, so she was gone all day while her loser husband rented out his daughter's mouth, pussy and ass to hundreds of men. This went on for a year and a half before he was caught and thrown in prison. But apparently the damage was done. Heather was a nymphomaniacal toddler, as Rachel called her condition.

"Heather is now six and is learning to deal with it, but we're using an unconventional therapy method." Rachel said, giving my hand a tight squeeze.

"Oh? Tell me..." I asked, unsure where this was headed.

Part of me was afraid to find out what this therapy was all about, but another part of me - the part in my pants -- was incredibly turned on by what Rachel had just told me.

She had a sexy grin on her face. "It's getting late, and it's going to be dark soon. Maybe we ought to go retrieve our kids."

I guess I must have pressed it too much with her. It sure seemed like I may have hit a nerve, but her smile was hard to decipher. Dumbass! I chastised myself in silence.

"Okay, that's a good idea," I mumbled, standing and helping her up as we held hands. I looked around, unsure what direction we should go.

"Don't worry, Simon. I think I already know where they are," she said, leading the way.

We reached a row of bushes that walled off the trail at a distant point in the park, far and away from the service roads and the streets that formed the perimeter beyond. When we stopped, she leaned in and kissed my lips. "Don't be alarmed, Simon," she whispered.

Rachel pulled a few branches of the bushes aside and put her finger to her lips. "Shhhhh," she cautioned.

When I looked into the small clearing, I felt the blood leave my body. Heather was naked on a tattered blanket, on all fours, while Ryan was busy fucking her pussy from behind. He had a grip on her hips with one hand as he plowed that enormous cock in and out of her bald pussy. Heather had a red ball gag in her mouth with a set of black leather straps that Ryan tugged on like a leash with his free hand. She was moaning through the gag, but it was muffled. My cock stiffened instantly as I watched my son fuck this six-year-old pussy with all he had. He was grunting as he pounded her hard.

"Take that, you fucking cumslut! You know how much you like to fuck, you fucking baby whore!"

I gave Rachel a stunned and worried look. She reached down and caressed my rock hard cock through my tight jeans. "Let's join the kids," she smiled, taking my hand.

I was on autopilot. I hadn't been laid in months, so my cock brain was making all my decisions, bad ones as usual. We entered the clearing, startling Ryan, but not Heather. She grunted through the fucking she was getting, not letting Ryan pull out for even a second. I held my hand up and signaled to my son that everything was okay. He grinned, and began slamming his prick into that young cunny harder than before.

Rachel got on her knees next to her daughter and pulled my cock out. I stood next to Ryan and looked at him as my cock came out, feeling the rush of cooler air on my raging hard prick. He smiled.

"Her pussy is tight and wet, dad. She told me to fuck her, so I couldn't help myself," he whispered.

"It's okay, son. I can understand why."

I reached down and felt Heather's bare ass, running my hand down and around and feeling my son's powerful cock as he slid in and out. That tube steak had to be a good nine inches now, rock hard and soaking wet. I sniffed my wet fingers, dying to know how sweet Heather's six-year-old pussy smelled. I had never even seen a nude girl her age, let alone got a whiff of a young muffin. Fuck, her juices were sugary and floral scented.

I ran my fingers all around Ryan's cock, really wanting to explore Heather's mound. Her pussy was stretched and hairless, and her little asshole was smiling up at me. Everything I touched on her was warm, and she responded by smiling back at me as her ball gag moans grew louder. Suddenly, I felt Rachel's warm mouth wrap around my prick.

"Ohhhhh, fuck yessss! Suck my cock baby, suck it hard," I moaned as I began fucking her mouth like it was a wet cunt. She reciprocated by sucking me as deep and as fast as she could, fisting and jacking my cock.

This woman was a gifted cocksucker the way she worked my prickstick down and into her throat. Every now and then she would catch her breath and suck my nuts, her wet tongue lapping them lewdly. I was so turned on by all that was happening. Not just by my surprise blowjob, but by my son's amazing cocksmithing. This kid was slamming the living hell out of this six-year-old, and she loved it. This was an insane scene I found myself thrust in, so lewd and taboo. I could feel my cum boiling.

I looked down at Rachel. "Baby, I'm gonna nut off soon!"

She smiled up at me and picked up her pace, sucking and jacking me like a robot on high speed. I smiled at Ryan who was bucking into this girl hard.

"Have you ever cum," I whispered.

"I dunno. I don't think so, dad," he shrugged his shoulders.

He continued to ride that sex toy until I saw his eyes roll back in his head. He began heaving and grunting, his hips moving so fast they became a blur. His little fuck slave started to cum with him, and once she let the ball gag fall from her mouth, she moaned louder than most women I've been with.

"I'm cumming! I'm fucking CUMMMMMMING!" she screamed. "Fill my pussy with all your cum!" she demanded.

Ryan lost it. He moaned over and over that he was cumming too. I saw him slam into her with a few more strokes before he finally pulled out, panting. His cum was dry, but I wasn't surprised by that considering he was only eight. When I witnessed that tiny preteen girl cum; however, it was all I could take.

I shoved my dick deep down Rachel's throat and shot my load. I had saved up a good month's worth of cum, and in the space of three seconds, I unloaded every drop. That woman sucked and gulped my spunk as fast as I could pump it. My nuts literally ached in soreness from the effort they made to express all my goo into her mouth.

"Oh, fuck. That was hot," I moaned, pulling my semi hard cock from her mouth.

She licked a few drops of cum from her lips. "Hmmm, yes it was! You have a yummy cock."

Heather was on her back now on the blanket, fingering her pussy with her legs wide open. "Hey, where's your cum? You didn't fill me up, Ryan!" she protested.

I looked at her mom and slowly explained why. When she realized Ryan was just eight, she nearly fainted.

"Are you shitting me? This kid has a horse cock, bigger than most men!"

"Yeah, and before meeting Heather I was a virgin," he said, acting somewhat embarrassed.

"You fucked me real good," Heather moaned, standing up to kiss him. "I like your cock a lot. You can fuck me anytime you want," she said, leaning up and tongue-kissing his mouth hotly.

As Rachel helped Heather get dressed, she started to explain her daughter's unorthodox sexual healing therapy.

"She's in a program for sexual abuse that is a lot like how people quit smoking. Cold turkey never works, so she's still getting fucked on a regular basis, but we are easing her off cock a little at a time."

"That's fucking incredible! Is that why you bring her to the park?" I asked.

"Yeah. We pick up men who fuck her in that clearing. She's down to fifteen cocks a week right now, a big improvement over when we started almost a year ago."

"How often was she getting it back then?"

Rachel laughed. "Seventy dicks a week. Yeah, her little holes were getting used hard."

"Sooooo, I take it this blanket and ball gag are a permanent fixture in the park?"

"Uh huh, mister. They belong to me. My momma got me that ball gag because I like to moan and scream a little too loud, so she doesn't want nobody catching me that shouldn't," the tiny tart giggled.

This was unbelievable. My brain tried to wrap its gray matter around it all, but I had lost all commonsense and reasoning the second I saw my son fuck a six-year-old. It was getting noticeably dark now.

"Maybe we ought to get out of here. We live across the street. Want to come over?" I suggested, stuffing my prick back in my pants.

Sometime during the last half hour, I had determined I wanted more of this, whatever "this" was.

Rachel and Heather could not agree fast enough. We all left the clearing, Rachel clinging to my arm while Ryan and Heather held hands like two young lovers.

My cock pulsated in my pants as I opened the door to our home. No one said a word for moment, and our silence hung like a taboo mist surrounding us all, locking us into a fate the future of which carried so much uncertainty. Once the door closed, Heather walked up to me and reached her arms up for a kiss. I leaned down and found her tiny mouth locked on mine, her tongue playfully probing inside. I was so aroused. I could not believe how hot this little fuck was.

"Mr. Brady, do you want to fuck me?" she whispered, pulling away just enough to gaze into my eyes.

Her breath was sweet and inviting, the watermelon gum she had tossed out on the way to our home left its scent behind.

I looked at her mom, who nodded. "Only if I get to fuck this young stud!" she smiled taking Ryan's hand.

My entire body trembled as I lifted Heather in my arms, carrying her to the master bedroom. All I could think about was how, in mere moments, my adult cock would be buried inside an elementary school cumslut. Her mom and Ryan followed, and when I looked back at them at one point, she was caressing his hard bulge in his jeans as they walked.

We didn't say anything at all as we undressed. My cock was rock hard, precum coating my head with its salty lubricant. Heather slid to the edge of the bed, sat up, and took my prick into her mouth as I stood. Her hot little tongue jabbed in and out of my pisshole, something no grown woman has ever done for me. Fuck, it was nuts. I moaned in pleasure as this little girl gave me a pornstar quality blowjob.

Ryan was on his back getting his huge prick sucked by Rachel. Her head was moving up and down like a fishing bobber on a wavy lake. Rachel lay alongside him as she sucked, letting me see for the first time her hot soccer mom body. Her tits were firm, full and each had dark pink areolas with taut nipples. Her pussy was shaved bald, and it looked like a mommy version of Heather's hot little fuck hole.

Our four-way silence turned into lustful moans. I grabbed Heather's hair and held her face against me, but there was no way this cum-hungry whore was going to run off. She craved cock. Ryan humped his hips into Rachel's face, holding her head in place, nearly choking her. He was getting a little rough, but it also seemed she enjoyed that.

I finally pulled the little vixen from my prick. "I need to fuck you now, honey."

Heather licked her lips and lay back, her legs open obscenely, inviting me to penetrate her baby pussy. I knelt in front of her and rubbed my cockhead up and down her warm, wet slit. I pushed in a few inches, forcing a high-pitched gasp from her throat.

She leaned up, put her arms around my neck, nibbled my ear before whispering, "Fuck me hard, daddy!"

I went berserk. I had never been inside a child's pussy before, but I knew at that moment it would not be my last. I fucked this girl raw, deep and hard. Her pussy was tight and wet, and no matter how much I stretched her open, this little erotic elf fucked me back just as hard. My balls were soon slapping her ass as she so eagerly took my entire eight inch cock into her womb.

The moaning from the other side of the bed caught my attention. Ryan was on his back while Heather's mother rode his cock. Her exquisite tits bounced as she fucked him, and my son did not fail to feel and massage them, a smile on his face bigger than I had ever seen.

Mom and daughter were grunting as Ryan and I fucked them harder. My little princess was bucking up under me, digging her nails into my back as I brought her to another climax. Rachel was slamming her pussy and ass down into Ryan so hard I thought the bed might collapse. Our grunts became screams as we all started to cum. I filled Heather's tiny fuck hole with a ton of cum. Although Ryan could not deliver anything but good intentions inside a pussy yet, I figured it would not be long before his body caught up now that his sexual Pandora's box had been opened. He'd be shooting gobs of hot potent cum soon enough.

I collapsed on top of the little first-grader, my cum still seeping inside her. Rachel slid off Ryan, panting hard. She pushed me aside and lowered her head into Heather's baby slit, licking my creampie from her. That was fucking almost too hot to watch. My cock grew hard seeing mom clean her own daughter. I slid up behind Rachel and entered her MILF fuckhole from behind. Ryan took his cue and shoved his cock down Heather's mouth as we all got each other off yet again.

That night I slept with Rachel and fucked her ass before we fell asleep exhausted. Ryan took Heather to his room, and based upon the sounds I heard all night, that little girl got the snot fucked out of her.


"Good morning, sleepyhead!" I smiled at Heather as she walked into the kitchen wearing one of Ryan's football jerseys.

"Morning, daddy," she giggled. "I sure got all my holes fucked nice and hard last night," she moaned in my ear when she kissed me, teasing my mouth with her hot, horny tongue.

I was making breakfast, but seeing this sexy tart walk in like that made me turn the burners off in a hurry. I was pretty much done anyway. My cock was hard again in seconds as I thought about how sweet her pussy was. I knew I had to have some more.

I lifted her up onto the kitchen table and raised up that long shirt, revealing her raw clam. It was a little red from the pounding we gave her.

"I just have to fuck you again, sweetie," I said as I rushed to get my clothes off.

She scooted her little ass to the edge of the table, spread her skinny legs, and put her feet up on my shoulders.

"Fuck me anytime you want, daddy," she smiled, grabbing my cock and leading it inside her.

Until that moment, I guess I hadn't realized how many times she called me daddy since the night before. I must admit, it was fucking turning me on! I slid into that bare mound right on the table where we all would eat breakfast soon. My little fucktoy did not disappoint. Since I had cum so many times last night, I was not going to cum again anytime soon, no matter how tight the pussy. I took my time with Heather, fucking her nonstop, slow and dirty for a good forty minutes or more. She gasped and mewed, moaned and grunted, something new and sexy with each thrust. Her long black hair spilled all over the table and swung wildly as we fucked.

I was looking down at my wet cock as I slid in and out, admiring her hard clit, the only part of her pussy that wasn't stretched like a rubber glove around my dick. I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder.

Rachel and Ryan stood there nude, grinning. "What's for breakfast, dad?" he smiled.

I laughed as I fucked my darling as casually as if I had been interrupted while reading the paper. "How about you learned how to eat some pussy? That would make a fine breakfast."

Rachel agreed. She hopped up on the table next to her daughter, legs splayed wide. Ryan knelt next to me and began licking that sexy mommy cunt, making Rachel groan like a hooker. It was the most intense, fucked up scene I had ever been in. This went on a little longer, my balls slapping that six-year-old ass, when I began to feel Heather start to push up more into me. She wrapped her feet on my hips, leaned up, and moaned something into my ear as she started to cum.

"I don't want this to ever stop. I wish you were my daddy for real. FUCK ME DADDY! FUCK ME!"

Something inside my brain snapped. I realized I never wanted this to end either. I looked into her eyes for a moment, and then I gave Rachel a smile as she began cumming from Ryan's tongue. I have never been the impulsive type, but at this moment in time it was all I could be.

"Marry me, Rachel. Marry me and we can fuck and suck each other forever. No more park sex for Heather. She can have my cock and Ryan's all she wants. You too."

She gasped as she came, sending a jet of warm cum on Ryan's face. Her head shook from side to side for a moment, but then she began to nod. She grabbed Ryan's face and yanked it into her throbbing clit.

"Yessss! Yessss! I'll marry you, Simon!" She looked down at Ryan who was already nodding agreement. "Suck mommy's pussy, son! Suck and fuck mommy forever!" she screamed.

Heather climaxed so hard, she rolled through it for a good ten minutes. I filled her sexy baby cunt with so much cum, it poured from the table to the floor.

"I love you, daddy," she moaned in my ear as her pussy muscles milked my prick dry inside her.

"Daddy loves you too," I smiled back.

I gave Ryan a wink as he stood and pressed his mammoth prick deep inside Rachel on the table next to us.

"I'm going to enjoy fucking mommy's pussy every day," he grunted as he began long stroking Rachel hard and fast.

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I hope there is a part two. Say, set a few years into the future.


excellent story, would luv to hear about the cum slut in an orgy. god im f****ing hard now


I love it. Especially the happy ending. Not too many of those on this site unfortunately. Keep them coming!


This story started off quite well until the part in the park, when they catch them fucking, the fathers reaction is unrealistic even for these types of stories. An how can an 8 year old talk so dirty if he hadnt been taught that which was never stated he was jus knew a few dirty words.???????


Answer to Kitty - Heather the cum-slut told Ryan what to say. And I don't agree that the dad's reaction is unrealistic. He's been expecting his son to start enjoying sex and he's learned that the little girl he's walked off with is experienced - there is some surprise of course at just how!

Loved this story of a thrown together incest family!

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