Help us fix bugs, improve Loliwood PHP code and Database and add new features

This guide is recommanded only for people who are knowledagble in PHP and MySQL.

You can download Loliwood Studios PHP code here and then create your own database for testing it or you can join our Sourceforge community and help us test and develope the code. For any other files or question please contact Arin.

Open Bugs

  • Stories on Updates, Titles and Author indexes should be sorted by their publishing date however some stories are out of this order. Possible bug in the database or the way stories are entered.
  • Top 50 page skips random stories on the top 50 list for example 1,2,3,5,7... requiring missing stories to be entered manually.
  • Author names starting with numbers don't get listed on their common author index 123.html. Instead the new index is created named after the first number of the author's nickname, for example 777.html for an author named 7someguy.

Code Improvments

  • Add an option to export only new and changed files instead of the entire database.

  • Improve the speed of exporting Top 50 page.

  • Implement HTML entities in PHP.

  • Create system for recognition of duplicate authors and titles during creation of a new databse entry.

New Features

  • Link author names from individual story pages to their listing on the Author indexes.

  • Group stories by series and common title on the Title indexes.

  • Create Tabs leading to consecutive chapters on story pages with multiple parts.

  • Turn Top 50 into Top 100.

  • Differentiate between new and already read reviews by changing Reviews link colour using cookies or some other means.

  • Generate eBook (ePub) files for stories with over 15000 words and link to them from Updates, Author, Title and Dates indexes.