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Nasty Habit - by Juanwildone - Bill sees something. Bill does something. Bill does that something a lot. (MF, voy)

Nat - by Kewtieboy - A guy in his thirties with a much younger boyfriend, discovers that he loves watching him having sex with other guys and sets about to make it happen. (MMm, mast, oral, anal, intr, voy)

Naughty Neighbor - by Anon - Man loves peeking at others without their knowledge and gets to see things that most of us only dream about. (M+/F, MILF, oral, anal, orgy, intr, voy)

Neighbor And Friend - by Janna - This story involves a female in her 40's who has always wondered what it would be like having a black cock. She finds her neighbor quite interesting. (MF, voy, intr)

Neighbor Obsession - by Hagar - A voyeur's obsession about the next door neighbor and the show she puts on for him. (MF, exh, voy)

Neighbor, The - by VindictiveMax - Neighbor observes some very kinky sex through the bushes. (MF, voy, ws, oral, bd, tor)

Nephew Comes For A Visit - by Wifewatcher - My nephew comes for a visit. During a conversation he tells me that he has a problem when it comes to making sex last. So my wife and I devise a plan to help him out with his problem. (MMF, voy, wife-sharing) Part 2

Never Trust Your Friends - by Bossman - We took in an elderly work mate in for a few weeks and it didn't take him long to seduce my wife and fuck her while I spied on them. (MF, wife-sharing, husb-voy, cuck)

Never Would Have Believed It - by Teeman2000 - My boss shows a surprising side to her personality. (MF, voy, mast, work)

New Home With Promise - by Dr. D - A young boy finds that his new stepsister can take care of his needs. (bb/g, b/g-toddler, inc, nc, voy)

New Years Eve - by Dirty Jim - It was a black tie black affair New Years Eve. (MMF, voy, wife-sharing, intr)

Newsstand Nookie - by Studs Manly - A gal working at a newsstand gets off watching pervy men reading dirty mags and playing with themselves. She gets so turned on watching that she can't help getting involved too. (MF, mast, oral, anal, voy)

Niece Comes To Stay - by Bossman - My niece comes to stay with me. First I catch her masturbating, then I watch as she gets gangbanged by my buddies. (M+/f-teen, reluc, inc, voy, gd, bd, alcohol)

Night Ferry, The - by Anubis31 - A hot wife gets banged on a Greek ferry. (MMF, wife, voy)

Night Of The Pregnant Cheerleaders - by Beating Off Bob - Lost in a storm, they could only keep warm one way. The football team manages to knock up every one of the cheerleaders, including the sponsor. (MF-adults/MF-teens, voy, reluc, orgy, 1st, preg)

Night My Wife And I Got Closer Then Ever, The - by J.R. - Her biggest fantasy came true right in front of my eyes. With just a small push from me. (MMF, wife, voy, swing)

Nite Lite - by Steve-O - Being a late night jogger can have benefits if you know where to look. When the jogging path takes you behind an apartment complex, you simply look for the lights in the windows. (Mf, ped, voy)

Norman - by Anon - A woman fixes up a male lover with another guy and gets to watch them at it. (MMF, 1st-bi-expr, voy)

Not In Vitro - by Grumpy - A story about a couple trying to conceive and inviting another to help out, only to find a couple that are willing to do more than just help. (couples, voy, swing, preg)

Not Really Cheating? - by Author Obscure - A woman likes to control the situation by playing the "sex card" even though she doesn't really want to cheat on her husband. (MF, voy, mast, cyber)

Novice - by Anon - A summer drive this night had been spur of the moment, a lark, a first time. They had driven around here and there in his dad's truck, bantering, flirting and laughing at almost everything, and come home to her place. One of those rare times when fantasy becomes a reality. (MF-teens, voy, mast, oral)

Nude Beach - by boomboomer911 - A hot looking woman likes to be watched while at the beach. She's proud of her body and enjoys the looks of envy from the other women and the looks of appreciation from the men. That is until one day a big well-endowed black guy decides she's nothing but a cock-tease and teaches her a lesson. (MF, nc, forced, mast, voy, size, d/s, intr)

Nude Beach First - by Jfors - A straight young man visits a nude beach, finds the gay section by accident, and emerges questioning his sexuality. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, anal, voy)

Nude Cruise - by Happy Husband - Wife fianlly agrees to go on a nude cruise and has more fun than she thought. (MMF, wife-exh, husb-voy, reluc, oral, anal)

Nudist Family - by Anonymous - What happens when a mother catches her daughter giving head to her 13 year old son. (F/f, ff-teens, voy, oral, inc)

Nudist Family - by Peter Handler - I've been naked most of my life. My parents were die-hard nudists who introduced me and my sister to their lifestyle. (mf-teens, M+/F+, voy, mast, oral, inc)

Nursing School for Hal - by Anon - Hal's girlfriend was going to nursing school and he felt that was why she was so good in bed, she knew about male anatomy and how to manipulate it. But what Hal didn't know was that she was also a bit of an exhibitionist and had agreed with her roommates to let them watch her and Hall making love. (MF, FF-voy)

Observation - by Kevin - It all started when I was given a telescope for my fourteenth birthday, I had been doing a science project on astronomy and wanted to look at the planets. (F/m-teen, voy, mast, 1st)

Occupation - by Wollstonecraft - A man let's his wife be taken by a soldier who is staying with them for a brief time, against her will. (MF, wife, nc, rp, voy, intr, preg)

Oedipus in Pakistan - by UR Null - According to Freud the Oedipus complex is a subconscious sexual desire of a boy for his mother. My name is Q and this is my version of this desire. (Fm, ped, inc, 1st, voy)

Office Play - by Pallidan - Fired secretary gets revenge on her female boss on the last day of work and her mistress the bank manager at the next building. She can see a new career and a move up. (FF, dom, voy, anal-play, huml)

Officer Tim - by SxyRedGrl - A women notices movement in the window of an apartment building across the street from hers. (MF, mast, voy)

One Black Night - by Anonymous - A married white couple meets a young black stud at a rest stop. Watching his wife with a black man had always been his fantasy. That night it became her reality, in more ways the one. (MMF, wife, voy, intr, size)

One Helluva Road Trip - by CrazedJack - Late night road trip with masturbation by a hot woman and ends with a blowjob of epic intensity. (MF, voy, mast, oral)

One Hour To Go - by Etiene - One hour to finish then I must leave. Patty, my wife, has been on the road for almost two weeks. It’s not so much that I miss her, I crave her is more like the real issue. Sometimes I don’t even know where she travels. Yesterday, when she learned I didn’t update my daily journal, she nearly blew a gasket. (MM, MF, cuck, bi, dom, voy, swing)

One In A Million - by The Ratt in the Hat - An English teenager helps his mother by performing the ultimate favour in front of her class of female biology students. (F/M-teen, 1st, voy, mast)

One In The Oven - by Cindy - I knew that my husband had cheated on me before, but after the last time I caught him at it things had become much better between us. I learned to trust him again and thought those bad old days were behind us. That is until one night I desided to reward him with a sexy surprise and went to his place of work unannounced. (MF, cheating husband, voy) Part 2

One Last Time - by Ps2geneve - A friendly neighbour says good bye to her retired neighbour who is heading to the country. It turns out he has a very special talent. (MF, voy, oral)

One Night In Tokyo - by I am the Philogynist - While stopping over in Tokyo a dominant husband introduces his Japanese wife to sex with several men at the same time. (MMF, wife, voy, mc, orgy, asian)

One Spring Day - by Anon - I took a leisurely walk in the park and came upon a young girl and her large dog... (f-teen/beast, ped, voy, mast)

One Thing Leads To Another - by Anon - A married couple decide to expand their sex-life by taking on extra lovers. (MMF, wife-sharing, voy, swing)

On Hungerford Bridge - by Jezza - Wife fucks stranger she meets on train. (MF, wife-sharing, husb-voy)

Only For My Husband - by Karen Kay - A younger wife and older husband begin a journey together having the young wife tease men up to the point of actually having sex until one day she meets a young black stud. (MMF, voy, inter, rom)

Only On Mondays - by Rusty Peters - A cheating wife has a weekly rendezvous with a well hung black stud. (MF, wife, cheat, intr, voy)

On Safari - by Black4Blond - While a young couple on Safari are camped by a nice little lake. They get some company from locals. (M+/F, nc, rp, v, oral, anal, intr, voy)

Oops, Party Wife Got Knocked Up - by Sally Tart - Her husband played a little trick on her and his friend knocked her up. (MMF, reluc, wife, voy)

Open Marriage - by Karen Kay - A middle age white couple are bored with their marriage decide to try an open marriage. The wife begins a relationship with a black man while the husband finds a married red head. (MF, swing, voy, intr, rom) Part 2

Oral or Manual? A True Story - by Tanya Simmonds - When Janine booked a male stripper for her friend's batchelorette party, she didn't know that the show came with extra services. What followed led to a lasting relationship that endured. (MF, mast, oral, exh, voy, rom)

Oral Sex: A Satire - by Peter Duncan - A young boy confesses to a priest that he and his sister have been engaging in "oral sex" since watching their mother and father, after coming home from a New Year's eve party and having sex on the couch in the living room. (mf-teens, voy, inc, oral)

Other Side of Richard, The - by Kewtieboy - Richard is recently married to Tina and is the only man in her life but he hides a secret. Richard has been very promiscuous both at high school and college, and he secretly wants his new wife used by other men and sets out to make it happen. (M+/F, reluc, wife, bi, intr, bd, voy, drugs, alcohol, orgy)

Our Domineering Slut - by FIN - A husband and wife are interrupted during sex and then joined by a domineering slut. (Fdom/FM, voy, bi, oral)

Our First Experience - by Karen Kay - Candice is a knockout blonde wife who surprises her husband by making a date with a hung black man. This is a husband's account of what he experienced that night. (MF, intr, exh, voy, rom)

Our First Swinging Adventure - by Robert Marks - I arrange for my friend to come over one night so my wife can finally get in his pants. (MMF, wife-sharing, oral, anal, husb-voy, toys, asian, preg)

Our First Threesome - by The Pack - After many years I finally see my wife fucked by my best mate. I also try something new and wow! (MMF, wife, bi, voy)

Our First Threesome - by Ritestuff - After fantasying and role playing for so long, my wife and I bring a young neighbor man into our bed. (MMF, voy, bi)

Our Grandma's Pony - by Flinders - Brother and sister are tutored in morning delights by their Grandmother. (F/mf-teens, ped, inc, toys, mast, voy)

Our Second Threesome With Steve - by Ritestuff - After our 1st night with Steve, my wife and I invited him over again so we could enjoy another round our sexual pleasure with him. (MMF, bi, voy)

Our Wildest Dreams - by Tiny Tim - A husband and wife on a vacation experience their most exciting fantasy. Or was it just him? (MF/m, bi, reluc, husb-voy)

Our Young Neighbor - by Viper Xtreme - A horny couple "do it" in the backyard even though they know the neighbor kid is watching them through the fence. (MF, wife, teen-voy, exh)

Outdoors - by Silver Fox - Husband and wife are nature lovers and go for a naked hike. Another man comes along, and she gets two cocks to service for the first time. But not the last. (MMF, wife, voy, 1st, oral)

Out Of The Frying Pan - by Timmytwo - A young married couple finds themselves enlightened from their sexual prudishness. (MMF, reluc, bi, oral, voy)

Paint Job - by Bhuralund - We were getting our house painted. I was at work but returned early only to witness how a harmless incident turned out to be an erotic eye-opener for me about my wife's rather submissive behaviour. And of course one after another "painter" got the benefit of her doubt. (MMF, wife, husb-voy, bi, intr, size, orgy)

Painting Mom - by Callisto - Bringing friends over to help my mother finish the basement leads to some fun and her submission. (MMM-teens/F-adult, nc, rp, inc, voy, gb, orgy)

Pale Blue Swimsuit - by Lake Zuric - Rick, a boy away at summer camp, catches a glimpse of campmate Claire that he shouldn’t have. But later on she shows him more then he ever thought he’d see of her. (mf-yteens, voy, 1st)

Park & Ride - by Anon NixPixer - A guy pulls into a car park during a trip and gets more than an eye full. (MF, voy)

Partners - by The Stork - John lives with his wife, his sister, and his teenage daughter. When his suave black business partner Calvin moves in, will John be able to keep the women in his life out of Calvin's bed? And out of the maternity ward? (FFM, voy, swing, intr, cuck, preg)

Party, The - by FIN - A wife has a sex-toy party with her girlfriends and her husband walks in on the fun. (F+/M, voy, bi, swing) Part 2

Party Game - by JetLag - A young couple attends a party. The group engages in an adult game of strip musical chairs. Husband watches as wife engages in sex with multiple partners over the course of the evening. (MMF, wife-sharing, exh, voy)

Party Girl - by Silk Miniskirt - A woman is talked into going to a costume party as a hooker. (MF, reluc, voy, mast)

Pastor Bob's Halloween House Of Whores - by Johndough - Instead of being at risk outdoors on Halloween, a church's Pastor throws a little Halloween party for 8 of his flocks most fertile and ovulating teens where their costumes are barely non-existent and they play out four stories from the Bible. His 12 to 15 year old charges get to know the Pastor quite biblically and they find the enjoy begetting. (M/ff, ped, 1st, orgy, voy)

Paul's Holiday - by Kewtieboy - An ordinary married, thirty-something homophobic guy, with racist tendencies, takes a liking to a young girl he sees while on holiday, only to find out things are not as they seem. His taste in sex takes a decidedly different turn. (MMM, 1st-gay-expr, voy, mast, oral, anal)

Payback Is A Bitch - by JeepGuy - Husband cums on his wife's face when he knows she hates it. Then she pays him back tenfold. (MF, voy, oral, cuck)

Payback The Bitch - by Mikes49 - A man finds his wife having sex with another man and arranges a payback for her, and discovers a new reward for himself. (M+/F, wife, nc, bi, voy, oral, anal, orgy, alcohol)

Paying For The Ride - by Spoonbender - A woman needs help and thinks she's getting some, only to find out that help has a price, one she might not be willing to pay. (MF, huml, rp, nc, voy)

Peeking At Sister's Tattoo - by Beating Off Bob - Joey peeks at his sister and her friends and finds out about his sister's new tattoo. He gets caught with a boner and the girls want to see it. Turnaround is fair play, but when the girls get bare, Joey can't control himself and he takes them all. (mf-teens, youths, nc, rp, inc, 1st, voy, rough sex, preg)

Peephole - by David - A man watches his pretty wife cheat with the neighbor's son while she thinks he's away on business. (MF, teen, wife, voy)

Peephole - by E.O.F. - One of the most stimulating sexual turn-ons for me and my boyfriend is to tell each other about the sex we've had with other people. Jim is never more aroused than when I relate in graphic detail my sex with another man. I, in turn, get off listening to him describe how he fucks other women. (MF, voy, glory)

Peephole - by Kristen - This story is a little embarrassing to relate because some of the things that Carmen and I did could be considered perverted. (FF, MF, voy, exh)

Peeper - by Anon - A boy's coming of age story. It all started one day when he found out about the pleasure of masturbation and then shared that knowledge with the boys and girls in his neighborhood. (mff, youths, bi, voy, 1st, orgy)

Peepers Paradise - by Mona - Pretty Sandi gets peeped at by a voyeur, who watches her without her knowledge. (voy, dog/f, bond)

Peepers Pay - by Lisa & Sharon - It was in Bobby's car that Becka had surrendered her virginity. (MF, voy, group)

Peepers Treat - by Sunset - A randy teenager begins a routine of peeping at a neighbor when he gets more than he bargained for as she flashes him and gives him a special treat. (m-teen/F, voy, 1st, oral)

Peeping Blonde - by Anon NixPixer - A divorced man moves into an apartment complex and finds out that he has an inclination toward peeping at his neighbors. He is attracted to the pretty Latin woman across the way and ends up buying a telescope just to see her from a distance. (MF, voy, frustration)

Peeping Cop - by Kristen Marie - Steve comes home from his 3-11 shift and remembers that the garbage needs to be taken out to the curb for morning pick up. As he walks through the narrow space between his house and his neighbor to retrieve the trash can, a light comes on in a bedroom in the neighbors' house. What happens next is the basis of this story. Read on! (Mf-teen, voy, mast)

Peeping Husband - by Anonymous Author - Husband follows his wife and finds her in the bed of an old high school flame, reliving old times. (MF, wife, cheat, voy)

Peeping Jane - by Kristen - Jane jumped over her backyard fence as usual on her way to study with her friend Brenda. Only this evening she noticed loud music coming from Rob's room as she crossed the back lawn. Rob was Brenda's brother, and he didn't normally play loud music in the evening. Out of curiosity she peeked into his bedroom window. (mf-teens, voy, mast)

Peeping Mom - by Rachael Ross - Janey comes home early and discovers her son and daughter indulging their teenage curiosity in the basement. Rather than spoil their fun, the meek housewife decides to secretly indulge her own forbidden desires. (m/f, m/F, f/F, underage, rom, cheat, inc, oral, anal, creampie, mast, voy)

Peeping Pals - by Anon - Carolyn's brother catches her peeking into their parents' bedroom, and they both get off watching their Mom and Dad fuck. By the time the show ends though, both siblings are so horny that she drags her brother back to her room and into her bed. (MF, voy, inc)

Peeping Pop - by Anon - Todd and Lisa's father suspects that they are fucking when he's at work. So he decides to spy on them. (MF, inc, voy)

Peeping Tom - by Sidney Payne - I am a peeping tom.. and this is a true story of what happened tome, on June 25, 1990. I have neighbors that are renting the house next door, and the curtains don't cover their bedroom window very well, and... (mf, voy, mast)

Peeping Through The Window - by - Husband decides to go home for a quickie at lunch, only to find his wife already occupied. (M+/F, wife cheating, intr, voy)

Personal Assistant - by Hardy - An attractive married woman becomes a personal assistant to the CEO of a manufacturing company. She soon discovers that her boss has expectations beyond her job description. (MF, wife, reluc, husband-voy, cuck, work)

Personal Assistant - by Tobias Equinox - A few months ago, my wife hired a new personal assistant at her office, someone to help her get organized and deal with daily minutia. Susan had graduated from an exclusive New England women's college where she'd majored in business and minored, evidently, in sex. (FF, MFF, voy, work)

Persuading Lucy - by kewtieboy - I found the young lad at work really cute and when I found out he fancied my girlfriend I found a way to get in his pants. (MMF, bi, mast, oral, anal, voy, swingers)

Persuading Sally - by Anon - Husband has urge to watch his wife having sex with another man. (M+/F, wife-sharing, husb-voy, intr, orgy)

Pervert Neighbour - by John Eastmann - A father gets a shock, he's been too busy climbing the corporate ladder to notice his family. Then a chance encounter on the internet starts his climb down into perversion with the assistance of the Pervert Neighbour, a master of perversion and corruption. (M/f-teen, ped, intr, exh, voy, v, 1st)

Pete And Cindy - by GM - In the three years since he'd grown aware of his feelings for Cindy, Pete had never once let his mask slip. He'd mastered his libido with a will of iron, affecting the facade of the doting older cousin. But all that was going to change tonight. He'd waited long enough. He was ready to play. (Mg, ped, inc, voy) Part 2

Paying For The Ride - by Spoonbender - A woman needs help and thinks she's getting some, only to find out that help has a price, one she might not be willing to pay. (MF, huml, rp, nc, voy)

Phil's Web Cam Mistake - by Sirbosk1 - One day on one of his many trips, Phil met and was seduced by a Dominant male and thereafter served his Master via his web cam until his submission is discovered by the one person he least wanted to know about his service. (MFM, MM-bi, reluc, oral, anal-play, voy, cream-pie)

Phoenix Debris Snatchers - by Thane KlenS - A man tells of his ventures with his voluptuous swinger Indian wife who likes to seduce and be taken advantage of by young boys at Comic Con and Anime Festival conventions in her cosplay outfit. (Fm, underage, wife-exh, husb-voy, rough, intr, cuck, indian)

Photo Blackmail - by Wife Watcher - A flashing wife gets more than she bargained for when boys photograph her asleep and naked. (F/m-teens, nc, voy, blkmail, wife, gb)

Photographer, The - by Logman - A fashion photographer has his way with a young girl and her mother. (M/Ff-teen, voy, 1st, ped)

Photo Shoot - by Starfire Mayo - Wife gets carried away at a photo shoot and fucks the photographer. (MMF, wife, voy, threesome)

Photo Spread - by Megan Luce - Seeing myself in a magazine and knowing that thousands of guys will be drooling over my picture, thinking about how vulnerable I look sprawled on my back with myself exposed, imagining themselves fucking me is such a huge turn-on for me. (MF, exh, voy, public)

Pictures Of My Wife - by Hotcouple - My wife's longtime friend has asked multiple times for nude pictures of her. We finally decide to not only give him some, but let him be in them with her as they're being taken. This is a true story. (MMF, wife, mast, exh, voy, bd, swingers)

Picture Perfect - by JW - Every preditor needs a lure. (FF, voy, reluc) Part 2 - Part 3

Pigging Out - by Helen - A woman discovers her boyfriend fucking sows and joins in. (MF, beast, voy)

Pinocchio - by Jack Rabbit - In this parody of the movie, the Blue Fairy's effort to change Pinocchio into a live boy look at the puppet's dealing with new experience of sexual arousal. In addition, the Blue Fairy also answered another one of Geppeto's wishes, to overcome his ED disability. (MFmf-teens, ped, 1st, voy, fant, rom, movie-parody)

Pit Pass - by Lyndon Brown - A man is hurt in a racing accident and his wife makes him quit. Then he discovers a secret about her, and gets to do whatever he wants. (MFF/m-teen, inc, orgy, wife-cheat, voy, cuck)

Planning For The Future - by Pallidan - A young black woman working for a company decides she's had enough of the white boss woman. Discovering her secret, she decides to take control of the situation and starts her planning for the future. (FF, voy, blkmail, intr, reluc, dom)

Play or Pay - by BBW lover - A whimpy husband owes money and it's his wife that pays for him, at a cost to him. (MMF, wife, intr, voy, nc, cuck)

Playing for Keeps - Alecia D - About a month ago we were at Annie and Jeff's place. It was a typical evening and around midnight things seemed to have slowed down to a crawl. I don't know who started it, but somehow we decided to play strip poker. (M+/F+, orgy, oral, anal, voy)

Playing the Game - by Phil Phantom - Charlene is an attractive 17-year old high school senior who has serious doubts about the new man in her divorced mother's life. (MF/F-teen, underage, nc, rp, inc, anal, 1st-lesbian-expr, voy, ws, scat)

Please Fuck My Girlfriend - by Anonymous Author - This is the story of a young man who has fantasies about his girlfriend having sex with other men, and once his boss declares his intentions to fuck his girlfriend, events lead to him watching her screwing his boss's massive cock and stealing her from him. (M/F, wife, voy, asian, cuck)

Pleasing An African Client - by KarenKay - Hubby arranges for a black man from Africa to meet an white American woman, only he arranges for the man to meet his wife. (MF, voy, wife, intr)

Pleasing Her Boss - by Karen Kay - Frustrated wife decides to look elsewhere for satisfaction. (MF, intr, cheat, cuck, voy)

Poking His Wife While He Watched - Tom Parker - A guy gets the opportunity of to live out his fantasy when friend of his offers to let him fuck his wife, so long as he can watch him doing it. (MF, wife-share, husb-voy, oral, anal)

Pony's Special Bench - by JIMBO2 - Two women at a "Dude Ranch" find special pleasure in houses and get some extra attention from one of the ranch hands too. (FF/horse, MFF, voy, beast, anal)

Porn Movie - by RC - Two good girls decide that they needed to treat their boyfriends to a porn movie in the hope that they would be satisfied with that. (FFF, 1st, voy)

Post-Nuptials - by Ed Rider - A man leaves his uncaring wife only to find out that she's been carrying on a lesbian relationship through most of their 10 year marriage. He hires a female friend attorney. You can expect twisting and turning in the plot before this story is over. (MF, FF, oral, anal, voy)

Preacher's Wife, The - by JW - This is the story about a minister's wife who has a ravenous sexual appetite. Her preference is for teenagers but she's willing to share with her uptight hubby. (M/f-teen, ped, bi, voy, reluc, 1st mast, oral, anal) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Pregnant Selfies - by Doytal - A woman finds her hormones betraying her on a cock she thinks is too drunk to cum. (MF, impreg, voy, alcohol)

Pretty Jogger - by Lucien al - A young guy helps a pretty jogger in distress. (MF, voy, nc, v, oral, lingerie)

Primeval Business Man - by Cowboy - A business man looking for a specific woman. And he was willing to pay well for the right to fuck her. (MMF, nc, bi, voy, oral, orgy)

Prim Wife Submits Fully - by MichelleXX - My name is Michelle; I live in England with my hubby Mike. I'm 35 years old, 5'2, blonde(ish) hair (sometimes), and have 34DD boobs, blue eyes, nice legs (so am told) and am reasonably pretty, rather than knock-out beautiful. This is my TRUE... First time with another Man story. (Mdom/MF, wife, husb-voy, d/s, cuck)

Private Party - Part 1 - by Snake - Hello friends. Here is the first part of a work in progress for you to enjoy. Believe it or not, this story is based on a true experience. My beautiful wife encouraged me to write about it. (MF, group, voy)

Private Party - Part 2 - by Snake - Here is the second part of a work in progress for your reading pleasure. I've received so many nice comments about the first one so I decided to speed up the writing. Believe it or not, this story is "loosely" based on a true experience. My beautiful wife encouraged me to write about it. Enjoy. (MF, group, voy)

Private Party - Part 3 - by Snake - Note From the Author: Hello friends. Here is the third and final installment of the West's odyssey. Believe it or not, this story is "loosely" based on a true experience. My beautiful wife encouraged me to write about it. Enjoy. (MF, wife, group, voy)

Privacy - by Frank McCoy - A mother catches young daughter peeking at her older brother masturbating, and disciplines the daughter. (mf, inc, voy, ped)

Problem Child - by Phil Phantom - Beverly marries a studly man after years of being with a wet noodle of a man. Her daughter hates the guy imediately, and turmoil rains supreme. Then Beverly comes up with a way to sway her problem child. (MF/dog/f-teen, ped, voy)

Professor's Aid - by Mikk - A young wife loses her "marriage virginity" to her boss while exploring her sexuality. All with the encouragement of her husband who gets his wildest fantasy fulfilled. (MMF, reluc, wife-sharing, voy)

Prom Date Cheater - by Crass - A guy reminisces about his and his wife's high school prom date. (M+/F, teens, bd, voy, gb, oral, anal, huml, cream-pie)

Prom Night - by Alex - An experienced couple teaches a teenage couple about the joys of lovemaking and erotic role-play. (couples, exh, voy, orgy, swing)

Protection - by Ed Rider - A program that teaches teens about safe sex, the hard way. (F+/M-teens, nc, enemas, oral, anal, bd, voy)

Psychologist, The - by Pallidan - A woman psychologist is turned on by a young girl who controls everyone she meets. (FF, voy, mc)

Public Service - by Lance Stallion - My wife Carol and I would like to tell you about some of her experiences with other men. The number of men who have had her increases all the time. (M+/F, slut-wife, voy-husb)

Pulling A Train - by Peg - The plan was for all of us to get as many men as we could, and give a gangbang party at Janet's house, with our friend Karen as the main attraction. (M+/F, FF-bi, voy, orgy, bg)

Punishment For Joanne - by Richard - Joanne's addiction to black men causes problems with Carla, a black femdom. (Fdom/F, voy, intr, spanking)

Pussy Show, The - by Emerson Laken-Palmer - A brother and sister working at a carnival find out what's really important in life. (MF, ped, bg, inc, M-voy, prost)

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Relative Temptation - by Lunaris Victoria - Left home alone during a storm, Luke and his older sister Desiree are set to spend the night doing their own things. When the storm knocks out the power, however, their own things start to involve each other. (Fm-teens, inc, reluc, voy, mast, oral, anal) Part 2

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Rose Lane - by Kristen - In the Ninety's I lived in a great old Victorian house on Rose Lane in Bend Oregon. The huge old house had been converted into apartments, and I had the small one at the very top with my own balcony. Life was good, if a little humdrum. But when Peter and Carmen Mallory moved in next-door things got very interesting. (FF, MF, MM, swing, voy, exh)

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Sister Peeping 5 - by Cameren Diaz - "Horny Peeping Sister" Part 5 - Jim watched his daughter move her food around on her plate, arranging it into little piles and then smashing them flat. Obviously something was on the girl's mind, and he wondered what it could be. All the time she and Tom had been spending together lately had not gone un-noticed by their usually quiet father. (mf-teens, Mmf, ff, voy, inc)

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Sister Peeping 9 - by Cameren Diaz - "Horny Peeping Sister" Part 9 - When his children told him about what he'd missed, Jim forgot his fears about going out spying. In fact, the more he thought about it, the more anxious he became to hit the streets again as soon as possible. (mf-teens, Mmf, ff, voy, inc)

Six Months To Live - by DG Hear - A man has six months to live. He blames God for his situation and decides to go out, having sex anyone he can, whether they want to or not. (M+/F+, reluc, voy, orgy, swing)

Skating Rink - by Horny Lisa - Some fun I had working at a skating rink when I was seventeen. (Fmm-teens, youths, bi, voy) Part 2 - Part 3

Skooldaze - by Eros - Afterwards, Tammy Spencer would say that she had no choice, she just had to do it. Her motives were perfectly decent, after all. She hadn't meant to spy on anybody. It was just that she needed to use some of the books in the reserved section of the Clinton High School library, so she hid under a study table and remained there after closing time. Tammy knew it was against the rules, but she really didn't see how it could hurt anybody. (MF, f-teen-voy)

Slave to Black Students - by dale10 - Carla Birch is a twenty two year old white teacher at a high school with mostly black children. (F/m-teens+, voy, nc, rp, v, tor, huml, intr, orgy)

Slimming Pills - by Wife Watcher - My wife had taken Slimming Pills, and when we had a drink, she got really stoned. Whilst I was getting a taxi, some men took advantage of her drunken condition and I let them. (M+/F, wife, bi, intr, alcohol, husband-voy, cuck, cream-pie)

Sloppy Seconds - by Drummer - Man gets sloppy seconds after his wife is seduced by his lesbian secretary. (FFM, voy, bi, oral, anal)

Slumber Party - by Vixen*Ice - A Group of long time friends, get together after being apart for almost a year. College takes an interesting turn as each of the girls start telling stories of their sexual past, present and future... and what happens late at night behind closed doors, one man got to see purely by accident... (FFM, voy, orgy, rom)

Slut - by Tyson - A Catholic schoolteacher becomes a Tijuana whore. (MMF, exh, wife-exh, husband-voy, intr, oral, anal, prost)

Slutty Joyce - by HamburgerJones - A husband is talked into letting his wife screw strange men and finds that he likes it. (M+/F, wife, voy, orgy)

Slutty Marriage - by HamburgerJone - A husband lets his wife act out her wildest fantasies with strange men. (M+/F, wife-exh, husb-voy, cuck, oral, anal, orgy)

Slut Wife Does My Friend - by R Taylor - My number one fantasy has always been to see my wife pleasure and be pleasured by another man. Recently she has been fantasizing about being taken by a man while I am forced to watch. After much thought, I decided that the timing was right to make both our fantasies come true. (MMF, wife-sharing, voy)

Snake In The Grass - by Anon - Marianne and Christopher. Good looking, successful students. Introverts. Lead a quiet life. Perfect for each other. But there's a snake in paradise. What would you do if your grandpa is after your girl? (MF, inc, voy, size, cuck, huml)

Snow White Chronicles - by Jack Rabbit - Snow White writes letter to Mother Goose telling of her erotic adventures with the seven dwarfs. This wasn't part of the original movie version. (M+/F, voy, orgy, 1st, fantasy)

Some Happenings to Warm the Cockles of Your Heart - by Evermore - A sixty-year-old man who is a voyeur has some fun and games. (M/ff-teens, ped, inc, oral, voy)

Someone Was Watching - by LaPetiteMort - Salina and her two daughters were hiding out in a rented cabin in the mountains. She felt "Someone Was Watching." Maybe her hermit-like, mysterious neighbor could help. Then more bad news came, her crazed ex beat their address out of her sister and would soon be on his way to kill them all. (FFM, mast, oral, rom, cum-control, voy)

Something Fishy In My Numb Wife's Pussy - by Bhuralund - When my wife and I went to buy some fish on a Sunday; we realised we were late. Even so a masculine and barely dressed fisherman and his attendant were more than willing to sell us some fish till the fish in question accidentally landed on my wife's pussy. (MMF, bi, wife, intr, voy, size, creampie, india)

Smoker's Club - by Anon - When we read some of the stories in your archive about animal exhibitions and it brought Jim and me back to one of the most erotic experiences of our lives. (MF, beast, voy)

Son's Internet Mistake - by Callisto - Son leaves his instant messenger logged in on my computer. I chat with his gorgeous little girlfriend in his place. (MM/mf-teens, underage, reluc, inc, voy, mast, oral, anal)

Sophia - by William DuPain - She caught him masturbating and couldn't forget it. (F/m-teen, ped, voy, 1st, mast, oral)

Spanking Sarah - by Anonymous - Going back to school can be fun and arousing. (MF, voy, cd, spank)

Sprucing up the Male Model - by Cupideros - Neal, a construction worker, goes into Sheryl hair and beauty salon to be spruced up. But he finds himself distracted by the environment. Can Sheryl help him get spruced up for his modeling gig? Read and find out. (MF, con, exh, intr, oral, voy)

Spying On My Sister - by Anon - Older brother spying on younger sister and her friend while they do the "nasty" with each other not knowing that he was spying on their activity. (gg, b-voy, youths, mast)

Spying On My Stepdaughter - by Softwind - Until lately, I honestly thought that 'peeping' was a past time that was only practiced by weird guys that couldn't find a regular sex partner, and who needed the risk of getting caught before they could get it up. I for one, would never have dreamt that I could or ever would get any kind of a thrill watching somebody without them knowing I was watching. That is, until Kathy came to stay with us. (MF, voy, mast)

Stag Night - by kewtieboy This story is about having sex with both my boyfriend and a straight friend of ours, while they both slept. It's true and still excites me even now! (MMM, nc, voy, oral, alcohol)

Stallion Stable - by Karen Kay - Linda caught her husband Terry cheating. He begs her not to leave even telling her he'd rather become her cuckold. After months deciding what she should do she finally agrees to her husband's wishes. She joins a club called Stallions Stable. Linda feels like a little girl in a candy store with all the hot studs waiting to take their turn with a new wife. (MF, wife-exh, husb-voy, intr, rom, cuck, cream-pie)

Stepmother By The Pool - by Spenser - My father divorced my mother and married this gorgeous girl closer to my age than his. Everything this beautiful, sexy woman does turned me on, but she used my desire for her against me and made my life miserable. A story about the most sexually tormented summer of my life, and how I turned it around in the end. (MMF, reluc, voy, oral)

Steven And The Mystery Girl - by Eager46 - Fourteen year old Steven Miller falls asleep while sunbathing nude in the long grass of a nearby field. He is surprised when he wakens to find a girl lying in front of him, playing with herself, unaware that he is there, and is shocked to find the mystery girl is his sister. (mf-teens, voy, inc, 1st, mast)

Stolen Fidelity - by The Cryptkeeper - Husband and wife arrested on false charges. Devoted wife is repeatedly raped in jail. (MF, nc, rp, voy, oral, preg)

STORY 1: Perfect Voyeur Setup - by Greyeagle_12345 - Spying on the office help. (F-solo, voy, mast, work)

STORY 2: Perfect Voyeur Setup - by Greyeagle_12345 - Spying on my girlfriend. (F-solo, voy, mast)

Strip Poker And Fantasies - by Watcher - A true story of a husband whose fantasy comes true with the next door neighbors. (MF-cpls, swing, voy, orgy)

Strip Search Interview - by Deputy Duffy - Deputy Duffy interviews one of his arrestees. (MF, voy, reluc)

Submission - by Timid Tim - A young boy is introduced to bi-sex by his older cousin. (m-teen/b, youths, ped, reluc, 1st-gay-expr, voy, oral, inc) Part 2 - Part 3

Subway To Hell - by Jessie15now - A weekend shopping trip to Manhattan ends with a perverse subway ride. (mf-teens, reluc, v, 1st, mast, voy)

Summer Boat Trip - by pBrand - I was 15, it was summer school break and our friend was going away on his yacht for 3 weeks. He was about 45, a nice guy and a friend of the family. (Mm-teen, ped, 1st-gay-expr, voy, anal)

Summer Cum - by Silver Fox - Young man finds older woman for masturbation and finally sex during summer job. (Fm, voy, 1st)

Summer Term - by BigK - Teacher in English Girls' Public School gets up to various sexual exploits that he shouldn't. (M/f+, ped, nc, rp, voy)

Summer Vacation at My Grandparents - by Anonymous Author - Young man discovers there's more to a woman than he thought last summer. (Fm, voy, mast)

Summer with Mom - by Gentlemaster - A story of a summer with my mom. The years leading up to that summer and the years after. (Fm, ped, inc, 1st, rom, voy)

Sunny Gets A Job - by Heatheranne - Sunny is your basic, sexy young thing who takes a job with an older, rich, powerful Hollywood type. There's a casting couch, a beautiful friend, the friend's handsome dad, the friend's friend and a wife with a fetish. Stuff happens. (MFF, dom, mast, voy, size)

Surprise - by The Looker and Beth - This is a story about the night I was taken by surprise by another man in my bed, and was really turned on by it. My husband, Mike, has written one other story before about my first "hot wife" affair and it was his idea for me to write about this night. The more I thought about it, the more I knew I wanted more to read it myself when it was done than write it. My name is Beth and I'm 28 years old. (MMF, reluc, husb-voy, wife-share, sleepy, wife)

Supermarket Quickie, The - by Sue D. Nyym - Newlyweds can't hold it and take a sidetrack to the restroom while at their local supermarket. (MF, rom, voy)

Surprise Sex On A Business Trip - by LonelyHusbandTom - Stuck in Anaheim on a Friday night with an early morning flight home, I end up picking up a young female at a mall for some fun; later, her boyfriend joins us. (MMF, bi, oral, voy)

Susan Get's Some - by GeorgeSmiles - It's about both a husband who wants his wife to get fucked by another man and the wife who knows who she wants to fuck her. (Mdom/F, wife-sharing, husb-voy)

Susan's Island Man - by Suewatcher - Wife goes native on vacation while husband watches. (MF, wife, rel, voy, cuck, intr, preg)

Susan's Life - by Scooter UK - A young girl has a lesbian affair with her Aunt. She marries and while her husband is away in the military she stays with his parents on their farm where she is raped by a dog and impregnated by her father in-law. (Ff, ped, MF, nc, rp, 1st, oral, anal, voy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

Sushil's Wife Entertains Guests - by Tony Tiger - A middle-aged Desi-wife decides to expand her sexual experience when male visitors stay at her house. Her husband learns to accept his changed but now sexier and happier spouse. (M+/F, wife, swinger, org, voy, ws, india) Part 2

Susie's Rape - by Anonymous Author - For whatever reason I have this fantasy about my little wife being raped by a large man, little did I know it was about to come true. (MF, voy, rp, bd, beast)

Sylvia - by William DuPain - A story of incest between brother and sister and son and mother. (mf-tees, Fm, ped, reluc, blkmail, inc, voy, oral, anal) Part 2

Swapping Cousins - by Beating Off Bob - Family reunions in the Bracklin clan seem to generate a lot of babies. It could be because the adults are talking too much and the kids are allowed to sleep wherever they want. (MF-teens, inc, voy, reluc, 1st, mast, oral, group, preg)

Sweet Revenge Gone Crazy - by Anon - A husband's revenge on a selfish wife. (M+/F, nc, drugs, voy, oral, anal, orgy)

Sweet Sixteen - by Tash - Nikki a 16-year-old finds her dog Rex to be quite the turn on, then her father joins in. (M/f-teen, underage, inc, mast, beast, voy)

Sweet Smell Of Adultery - by Karen Kay - A husband suspects his wife has been cheating when she returns home smelling of sex. (MF, wife, cheat, intr, voy, rom)

Swing Your Partner - by BigStudlyDude - I try to spice up my sex life by bringing my hot wife to the home of a pair of swingers. A thick cocked man and his hot wife. (couples, voy, orgy, oral, swing)

Sylvan And Kelly - by Bronson McGee - A semi-true story about the strange events surrounding the mysterious infliction with Kelly. Very short, but to the point. Those who know about the background of the story will enjoy it more than others. Sequels are coming which will provide more character development and plot. (MM, rom, voy, mast, fant)

T. P. ing - by Newtonguy83 - This story start with Halloween pranks and ends with one hell of a treat. (Fm, ped, nc, 1st, oral, voy, ws)

Taking My Wife - by John - A wife's black co-worker dominated her husband while escalating his affair with her... and him. (MM+/F, wife-exh, husb-voy, intr, bi, oral, anal, huml, cuck)

Taking Sheila's Pussy - by Giovanni - Wife gets raped, and loves it! (MMF, wife, forced, husb-voy, intr, swingers)

Taking The Plunge - by Drummer - A man seduces woman while her husband watches. (MMF, voy, oral, anal)

Tales From The Late Night Library - by Foxbat - It started quietly, but, as the volume grew, I became certain I was hearing the sounds of fucking. Wild fucking. I got up from my desk, and followed the sounds up the old rickety staircase, down the aisle, peaking through the shelves to see where it was coming from. (MF, anal, fisting, voy)

Tami's Story - by Tami Dugan - Tami ends up having an affair with her brother's girlfriend Kim and then finds out that it was planned so he could watch them going at it. Of course that isn't the end of the story. (MFF, inc, bi, 1st, voy)

Tapes - by Deirdre - Four people who enjoy one-upmanship end up playing and bondage and voyeurism, sometimes even a little blackmail to get their way with each other. (MF-cpls, reluc, bi, anal, bd, voy, blkmail)

Taught By My Big Sister - by Frank McCoy - His older sister instructs her younger brother just entering puberty in the ways of sex. She convinces their younger sister to "play" sex with her bother and watches her siblings doing "it" just about every moment they can get away with it. (bg, inc, ped, voy, preg)

Teacher, The - by Izzy Dednow - A nubile young virgin asks an older man to "teach her" all about sex. (MF, voy, 1st, role-play)

Teaching Isn't Everything - by Bossman - Female tutor temporarily moves in to instruct a young teen but ends up being taught a lesson by him and his father. (Mm/F, nc, rp, voy, intr, preg)

Teacher's Pet - by FIN - A couple with an adopted daughter play games with their daughter's teacher. (MFf, exh, voy, inc, orgy, bd, ws)

Tech - by Deirdre - Two nurses decide to have a little fun with their patients. (FF, FM, anal, mast, voy)

Teenage Years Are Hard - by Edipus - A boy spies on his neighbors and gets drawn into a bisexual, foursome. (mf-teens, 1st, bi, inc, voy)

Tempest And Tryst - by OscarPaco - Sometimes when I watch Joanna having sex with Marcus, I can't believe she's my wife. Or better said: I can't believe it's the same woman who sleeps with me every night, who lives in my house, who takes care of our child when I am away at work or on a business trip. But it's her alright, and the videos tell me plainly that she enjoys the time she spends with Marcus. (MMF, wife, cheating, voy)

Temple of Dreams - by Drew Corlett - Drew's stories are delirious and figmental... a sequence of petrified images like the frames from porn that stick in your mind. Porn is better when its a series of images rather than a narrative, which they manage in spite of their written form. Like any other good porn; They also exist outside of time or significance. (FF, rom, voy, reluc, mc)

Terry's Brother - by Pskao - Fred finds his sister Terry after 20 years, and with her husband's encouragement and her own willingness, makes her pregnant. He turns her into a whore, shares her with her sons, and shares her with their (Terry & Fred's) father too. (MMdom/F, inc, voy, prost, preg)

Thank You - by Emil - I'm not quite sure how it began, but the scene and the ground rules were clear: Cindy, Sharyn and I were in Cindy's apartment and the two women were willing partners for just about anything. (FF, MF, voy)

Teenage Dick Slinger - by Long Boy Slim - A young black teenager turned on by nude photos of his friend's mother and grandmother, ends up fucking them both and another relative to satisfy his carnal lusts. He continues to fuck his friend's mother for years until she moves away. (Fm-teen, ped, nc, rp, voy, rom)

Tempting John - by Obsessive John - John is required to go the week without cumming while fighting off his sex starved wife, ambitious secretary and others for the sake of impregnating his wife. Can John succeed? (MF, rom, voy, preg)

Term Paper - by Old Bill - A boy's pretty sister uses him as a model for her human sexuality research paper. (mf-teens, youths, voy, no-sex)

Thai Bargirl - Can't Take The Bar Out Of Her - by Starfire Mayo - I fall in love and marry a Thai bargirl. We settle down in Bangkok but she soon falls back into her bad habits. Back in the bar she decides to carry on working picking up men for money. She discovers new pleasures with a black man. (MMF, wife, husb-voy, swing, intr, prost, asian/black, cream-pie)

They Grow Up So Fast - by 1000 Monkeys - Alice, a housewife, working at night cleaning a public recreational center, stumbles upon a preteen girl after hours in the locker room who unknowingly gives her a voyeuristic show that Alice won't soon forget. (Ff, F-voy, g-exh, ejac) Part 2 - Part 3

They Helped Themselves - by Wife Watcher - My wife liked me to secretly finger fuck her without anyone noticing in public places. But when our play did get noticed, the men just "Helped Themselves" to her lovely body. (M+/F, wife, reluc, husband-voy, intr, cuck, cream-pie)

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They Were Letting Me Watch - by Charlie "the drifter" - Tired after a tough week at work a man is relaxing on a Friday night at home when he notices a movement out of the corner of his eye. He stares out his window in disbelief as his neighbor's wife and daughter put on a lesbian show just for him. And of course one thing leads to another to prove that his nubile female neighbors are more bi-sexual than gay. (MFF, bi, voy, inc, cheat)

Third Wheel Takes Over - by Ryanj41015 - My hot date was going great until he showed up. (MMF, reluc, bi, voy, oral)

Threeway - by Anon - A man fantasizes about his pretty waif with a strange man while he watches, then one day his fantasy is realized. (MMF, wife-sharing, voy, swingers)

Thrills And Torment - by Winker - Happily married couple experiment with husband's fantasy. Some predictable results; some not so predictable. (MF-couples, voy, intr, swing, cuck)

Through the Window - by Colleger - While going for a late night swim, a girl is caught off guard as she looks into her neighbor's window. (FFM, bi, inc, mast, oral, size, voy)

Tied Up Aunt - by Val Marrick - What started as a voyeuristic indulgence turned into perverted sex between a mature Aunt and her young teenage Nephew. (F/m-teen, inc, oral, anal, beast, huml)

Time Share - by Hoosier Bob - A man traveling alone checks into beachfront lodgings in Florida and finds the manager and his hot wife more than eager to make his stay memorable. (MMF, M-bi, slut-wife, voy)

Tim's Horse Cock - by George - A husband's obsession with seeing his pretty wife screwing another man becomes a reality when he finally convinces her that it might be fun. (MF, voy, wife-sharing, size)

Tina's Troubled Life - by dale10 - Tina is trained to be a real slut by her father and brothers. Her life is nothing but fucking and sucking. (MMf, ped, exh, voy, nc, rp, v, beast, huml)

Too Late - by Karen Kay - A story about a young white couple having trouble conceiving a baby. Hubby has to serve in the middle east and has arranged for a black man to knock up his lovely wife. Based on a true story. (MF, intr, wife, voy, rom, preg)

Tom, Louise And The Bargain Holiday - by Kewtieboy - Tom and Louise can't resist a last minute holiday bargain with the resort picked by the tour operator. They are horrified to find it is a hotel used by the "teen and twenty" holiday operators. However they soon find that their holiday had a lot more to offer than they originally thought. (MMF, voy, bi, orgy, mast, oral, anal, intr, swing, cream-pie)

Tommie And Maggie's Cousins Visit - by Mtnman - The kids receive a visit from their two girl cousins and Tommy and Maggie have to share a room. When things heat up, they get caught by their cousin and decide to bring them into the fun. (b/g+, voy, ped, inc, ws, orgy)

Townie's Senior Year - by Fatman George - He used to sneak out the hour before midnight until the very smallest hours of the morning and fog around town, his cock and balls hanging out of his short cut-off and raggedy jeans/pajamas. T-shirt and sneakers made up his remaining nighttime foray uniform, plus a black and bulky hoody. (MM, voy)

Too Horny To Wait - by Socraith - Jeff and Laura get excited thinking about what they want to do to one another. The tension builds and they pull into an adult store for some fun. (MMF, voy, reluc, oral)

To Serve And Protect - by SueNH - A traffic stop turns into a hot sexual encounter and ultimately, no ticket is issued. (MF, oral, anal, voy)

Tracking Taboos In Texas - by UR Null - A Texas housewife gets fucked by her teenage son accidentally. From then onward it was difficult to stop doing again and again. They are so absorbed in their nasty game that they are unaware of the fact that someone was watching them. (MF, M-voy, inc, ws)

Tracy Has Her First Rub - by Eager46 - As 12 year old Tracy looks down from her bedroom window at her 16 year old brother and his friends playing in the swimming pool, she experiences new and exciting sexual feelings. Strange new urges grow in her young body and as she begins to touch herself. Then her hormones take control, leading to her first ever masturbation. (g-solo, mast, voy)

Travis And Allie - by Nicolas Neal - Story of a brother and sister falling in love and beginning a grand adventure. (mf-teens, youths, inc, voy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Tree-stand Bonus - by Ricky Manchild - Deer hunter gets a bonus show. (f/beast, m-voy, mast, beast)

Trevor Grows Up - by Alex Hawk - My little brother Trevor learned about sex from watching my girlfriend and I. By the time he turned 14, he was ready to experience it too. My girlfriend Gayle was more than willing to oblige. (Fm, ped, voy, 1st)

Trials Of Annie Blake, The - by Belshon - Twelve year old Annie Blake has her first sexual experiences watching dad and mom. Goes quickly to hidden cameras, getting stoned at her neighbors where she loses her virginity, to getting fucked by dad in the kitchen where she discovers her dad is possessed. She is convinced to change her previous ways. (Mg, nc, ped, inc, voy, 1st, bd, tor, oral, anal, drugs) Part 2

Trick Or Treat - by Too Much Time - Henry got stuck walking his little sister Trish around for trick-or-treat, one Halloween night. He didn't really want to do it until, at one of the stops... (m/F, 1st, voy)

Trio: Dana, Teri, and Mike Naked in School - by Pseudorandom - A Naked In School story with three protagonists. This takes place a decade or so after the NIS Program was first introduced (appropriate, since it's written a decade or so after the first NIS story) and takes advantage of several innovations of later stories -- in particular, elements developed by Brooke, Orblover, Dr. Bill, artie, and whoever it was to first mandate towels for everyone. (mf, ff, mff, teens, NIS, naked in school, exh, voy, v, rom, high-school activism, strong women, wheelies)

Trip To The Beach - by Cumfreak1952 - A son becomes secretly excited looking at his mother. Mother and Son go to the beach allowing him a chance of a lifetime. (FF/M-teen, inc, mast, voy, rom)

Trips To The Cinema - by Rachel Childs - Rachel has an experience with an older man in the cinema and returns again for more adventures and experiences kinky passion. (M/f-teen, reluc, voy, anal)

Trish's Night - by Jake - A College girl is molested in a club. (MF, voy, nc, college)

True Sharing Wife Story - by Bill Jones - My wife picks up a stranger in a bar and brings him to our motel room where they fuck while I watch. (MMF, bi, wife, voy, cream-pie)

Turkish Evening - by Bossman - While we were on holiday in Turkey, my wife became easy prey for a couple of Turkish guys. (MMF, reluc, wife, voy) Part 2 - Part 3

Turning Her Into A Whore - by FOXI - A husband, who's wife is shy and inexperienced in the ways of sex depends on him to teach her. But he has other things in mind, like making her a slave to his desires. (MF, wife, reluc, voy, mast, oral, beast)

Turning The Tables On Spying Brother - by Negative Creep - Brother spies on sister's sleepover and ends up being watched himself. This is, with apologies, adapted from the opening premise of Peeking At Sister's Tattoo by Beating Off Bob but heads off in another maybe more plausible direction. (mf-teens, youths, voy, inc)

Turning Wife's Fantasy Into Reality - by Lonelyhusband - My wife told me once that she had a fantasy about being taken in front of me by several black guys so I set it up without her knowing. (MMMF, nc, rp, bi, intr, wife-exh, husb-voy, cream-pie, oral, anal, preg)

Twenty-One Today - by Entusko - Chris is now legal to buy alcohol but his friends are not. Trying to celebrate with them puts him between the law and the manipulation of a convenience store owner. (MF, reluc, anal, voy)

Twins, The - by LJJ - Fourteen year old twins, fuck several young females and then they get their dad involved as well. (mf-teens, MFmf-teens, ped, inc, voy, orgy)

Twisted Desire - by Ed Rider - Wife places husband in a compromising situation to get his attention. (MMF, nc, bi, anal, cd, voy)

Two Boys and the Swim Coach - by Raiderboy - Sixteen-year-old Rob came home after school and walked in on his thirteen year old brother having sex with his swim coach, a well built college co-ed. It was obvious the young boy was sexually experienced, and Rob wanted some of his own. As it turned out, the swim coach Candice was more than willing to cooperate. (F/mm-teens, voy, 1st)

Two Companions, The - By Rondori - Using the characters and setting of the TV series "Firefly" and the movie "Serenity" Post BDM: in which Inara teaches a couple of novices the tricks of the trade. This is the story of a very high-class courtesan set in a far off solar-system called the 'verse' which was settled by Terra-forming colonists who arrived in vast colony ships two centuries before when earth's ecosystem failed. (FFM, bi, intr, swingers, voy, sci-fi, parody)
Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4

Two Guys - by LikeToWatch - I enjoy watching my wife fuck other guys; however, I also like it when she fucks them without me being there but with the understanding that she then tells me the graphic details after the fact. (MMF, wife-sharing, voy)

Two Neighborhood Girls, The - by Stam - A man watches his buddy next door screwing his daughter. Then he decides he should fuck his buddy's daughter too. To his delight, he finds it is a very easy thing to do! (M/f-teen, ped, voy)

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Unable To Move - by herhubby - I'm unable to move as someone ravishes my wife beside me. (MF, bd, voy, reluc, wife)

Uncle Bill's Little Girl Katie - by Sir Edward - Before I started sneaking in through Katie's bedroom window, I hooked up with her at her Daddy's Labor Day Barbeque. She was a bit young but she more than made up for any lack of experience with natural talent. (mf-teens, inc, oral, voy, rom) Part 2 - Part 3

Uncut - by Urs - A soccer-mom gets raped inside her home by two teenagers from the neigbourhood, no less. (m+/teen/F, nc, rp, v, voy, intr, bd, huml)

Uncomfortable - by Ed Rider - Winnie's husband Bert has a new female boss. Margie his boss is attracted to Winnie and to help her husband get a promotion she decides to go along with an indecent proposal from Margie. (FF, 1st-esbian-expr, wife, reluc, v, huml, d/s, voy)

Understanding Sarah - by Kewtieboy - A teenage schoolboy with a crush on a girl at his school discovers that, far from being the demure young girl he thought she was, she has a secret life that he soon joins and enjoys too. (M+/f-teen, mf-teens, ped, voy, bi, 1st)

Unfaithful Filipina Wife Give Sloppy Seconds - by Starfire Mayo - I marry a Filipina care-giver but soon find out she is cheating on me. Things take on a new twist when my wife is open about her attraction for a colleague and she invites him home to fuck her. I watch my wife being fucked then eat her out afterwards. She has a baby and it turns out to be another man's. (MMF, wife, husb-voy, intr, size, cuck, preg, cream-pie, asian)

Unimaginable - by Sera - A hot mom with a sexy 14 year old daughter meets a man who changes everything. (M/Ff-teen, ped, inc, voy, bi)

Unimaginable II - by RacerX - A hot mom with a sexy 14-year-old daughter meets a man who changes everything. I read this story 3 years after the author wrote it. I searched through ASSTR.ORG looking for a part two, but didn't find it. If any story begs to be continued, this is certainly one of them. I did my best to write with the same style as the original author since it is quite well done. The original story can be found in directory 29. (M/Ff-teen, ped, inc, voy, bi)

Unlikely Redhead, The - by Paco Andante - A guy goes out to dinner and gets sexually harassed... in a good way. (exh, voy, nosex)

Unwitting Porn Star - by Anon - A guy lets his buddy secretly videotape him having sex with his wife. (MF, nc?, exh, voy)

Unwitting Slut - by Kewtieboy - This story is about a young couple where the husband discovers his sexy wife has complete blackouts when she drinks. Since he has an urge to see her being fucked by another man, he uses the times when she is drunk and passed out to his own advantage. (MM/F-teen, nc, bi, intr, voy, wife, alcohol, anal)

U.S. Navy - by Poink - A serious case of "peeping-tomisim" An enlisted man finds a hole into the female officers showers, and take full advantage of it. (ff, voy, oral, mast)

Used - by Ed Rider - Lexi and I had been dating for more than a year, but neither of us called it dating, but we soon found we had nothing to talk about and nothing in common except one thing. Almost at the same moment, we wondered if we could stay friends because the sex was so good. That's when we started joking about using each other. Both of us loved to experiment, and that's how our relationship played out. (MFF, reluc, role-paly, oral, anal, voy)

Utah Fun - by D-Man - A guy's encounter with a couple of women at a roadside restaurant. (MFF, voy, mast)

Vacation Doesn't Count - by Anonymous Author - A couple on vacation find lots of fun in the sun when the wife decides that whatever they do while on vacation, doesn't count. (M+/F, wife, voy, intr)

Vacation Fun - by Sanjo A wife has an affair with another man at her husband's insistence, while they're on vacation. (MF, husband-voy, cream-pie, cuck)

Vacation To Remember - by The Dirty Doc - Sam is a 13 year old boy on a boring road trip with his parents. His boring vacation gets a little more interesting when, at his aunt and uncles house, his gorgeous 16 year old cousin catches him masturbating. (mf-teens, voy, inc, 1st, oral, mast, size)

Valerie's Awakening - by Anon - The absolutely true story of the night I saw my wife Valerie in absolute ecstasy. (MMF, voy, wife, alcohol)

Vera's Children - by Sue43mom - This story is one in where Vera's children are growing up in a household where sex was never mentioned. It's about a family where the father would not allow the children to have friends visiting or parties and his wishes were always obeyed. Leaving two inquisitive children who guide themselves through puberty. (m/f+-teens, youths, inc, 1st, voy)

Videotape, The - by Dim - A picture is worth a thousand words. So what's a video worth? (MF, nc, v, voy, bd, tor)

Vietnem 1968 - by Jack Milton - None of us ever talked about it after the war, but I think it should be written down while I still remember so vividly the details of what happened on July 11, 1968 in a small village close to the Cambodian border in Vietnam. (M/F, asian, rp, snuff, voy)

View From The Rear Window - by Anon - At our ranch my wife's pet miniature donkey is the head of the household. (MF, wife/beast, oral, husb-voy)

Viewing Lisa's Heavenly Body - by Tim Jake - I continued my voyeurism in the Air Force, picking up a telescope while I was in the barracks and looking at any gal who forgot to close the curtains. Then Lisa came into view... (MF, voy) See "Window With A View" for the previous story.

Virgin Holiday - by Bossman - My Mum and Dad divorced when I was three years old. Dad moved aboard. I went to visit him and ended up losing my virginity with his new wife. (F/M-teen, inc, wife-cheat, voy)

Visit To A Glory Hole With Sister In-Law - by Lonelyhusbandtom - A visit to an adult bookstore with my sister in-law gets a little wilder than I expected. (MMF, voy, oral, glory)

Visual - by Lord Malinov - A hip young couple attends a party and find out that everyone there is watching pornography films on a TV set. Only it turns out that the films are being shot live from the next room. Then they are invited to play… (MF, voy, exh)

Voyeur, The - by Author Obscure - A woman out for her evening walk stumbles across a couple fucking, without a care in the world. (MF, voy)

Voyeur And The Exhibionist - by Parkstranger - Work or business often leads you in what eventually seems like strange directions. However, sometimes these directions result in some pretty incredible events. (MM, exh, voy)

Voyeur Dad - by Voyeur - The light snapped on. Bryan jumped back from the window, startled, his striped bathrobe flying open as he spun around his heart pounding. (mf, inc, voy)

Voyeur Hits Paydirt - by Unzipped - A voyeur's search for the Holy Grail ends with a business trip. It's all about, location, location, location. (M-voy, mf-teens-exh)

Voyeur Husband - by Black Demon - Jill wondered, 'Why was it so thrilling to have another man make love to me?' (MF, wife, cheat, intr)

Voyeur husband - by Wife Watcher - Hubby secretly follows and watches his slut wife interracially gangbanged. (MMF, voy, wife, gb, intr, cuck)

Voyeur Son - by Ed Dippus - Even as an adolescent I was a pervert. I spent half my life trying to peek into neighborhood windows and the other half jacking off. The summer I turned 15, I snuck out my window almost every night. I was drawn to other lighted windows like a moth to a flame. (MF, mother/son, inc, voy)

Voyeurs - by Anon - Roommates romp. (MF, affair, voy)

Voyeur's Wife - by Author Obscure - Barbara and Tom were childhood sweethearts, got married in grad school 7 years ago, no kids, two fast track careers, his in technology, hers in academia. Tom really liked to watch other men drool over Barbara, so much so that he convinced her to do a little flirting so he could watch. (MF, wife-sharing, husband-voy)

Wager - by BigStudlyDude - Tammy drinks to much at a party and Ron, my 55 year old 'ugly' friend bets he can "DO" this hot woman, who is married to a young stud, to the heights of pleasure. Jim thinks Ron is nuts and they enter into a wager. (M=55/F=20, voy, nc, alcohol)

Wakeup Call - by Dim - A request from one of my "fans" apparently. (MMF, nc, v, tor, voy, bi, bd)

Walking In On My Wife - by Morse - Returning home one evening, I find my wife Lucy in bed with another man. (MMF, wife-cheat, husb-voy, cuck, preg)

Wanna Bet - by MillerTime - Husband's well endowed friend bets him that he can fuck his innocent wife. (MF, voy, wife, size, cuck)

Wanted to Watch - by TemporalWind - An undersexed guy explores his fantasy with a willing couple who take him all the way. (MMF, voy, oral, anal, bi)

Warehouse 8 - by Anonymous - A couple attends a rather unusual party. (MF, couples, bi, exh, voy, swingers)

Was the Promotion Worth It? - by Makeitso - Husband wants a promotion so that he can spend more time at home to start a family. In order to secure the promotion the husband suggests that his wife should flirt with his boss. This she does but the situation gets out of hand and the wife is seduced and then impregnated by the boss as the husband looks on. (MF, wife-cheat, husb-voy, cuck, preg)

Watch, The - by The Watcher - A man buys a cheap watch and discovers it has the power to make him invisable to others. (M+/F, nc, rp, intr, voy)

Watcher, The - by Elliemae - A lonely spinster exercises by moonlight, until she discovers she has a peeper. (FF, 1st-lesbian expr, voy)

Watching Is Not Enough - by Naughty Prof. - Accidental voyeurism leads to much more. (MF, nc, rp, voy)

Watching The Movie 'Taboo' - by UR Null - I recently got hold of a book titled 'Taboo: Sacred, Don't Touch', written by Kay Taylor Parker. For many people Kay Taylor Parker is the name of a metaphysical counselor but those who know her well know that she was once the 'first lady' of fuck films. She was famous for her role of the incestuous mother Barbara Scott; in the 1980 porno film 'Taboo'. I watched this movie in 1991. (Fm, ped, reluc, inc, voy)

Watching The Watcher - by Marc - A business man staying at a hotel gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he notices a couple in the hotel bar, playing at wife sharing. (MF, wife-sharing, voy, cuck)

Watching Belinda - by Max - Husband and friends wife watch their spouses cheating. (couples, voy, cheating)

Watching Cheryl - by KarenKay - Cheryl shared her secret fantasy about having sex with another man. The couple soon agree to explore their fantasy together and arrange for a meeting with a black man Cheryl picked on an online dating site. (MF, voy, intr, rom, swinger) Part 2

Watching Cloey - by Lake Zuric - Cloey is so horny during social studies class that she starts squeezing her thighs together to discreetly get herself off. But someone sees that she is doing. (F-teen, solo, voy, mast, public)

Watching Him - by Kim D. - She stared in through the bedroom window at his naked body and the huge erection between his legs. It was long and hard as his hand stroked up and down in a slow rhythmic motion. He held a magazine in his other hand and was gazing at it intently. (female peeping)

Watching Janet - by Anonymous - Stepsister fucks her boyfriend in front of her stepbrother, only to go much further before all is done. (MMF-teens, inc, bi, voy)

Watching Melissa - by Melissa Rider's Husband - Husband watches wife have sex with another man that she previously had sex with. Then husband watches wife have sex with a stranger who is uncomfortable being watched. (MMF, wife-sharing, voy)

Watching Mom - by Mr. Natural 1996 - A boy enjoys "watching" his mom. (Fm, ped, inc, voy)

Watching My Son Cum - by Bruneau - Mom stumbles upon her son jacking off. (F-voy, m-mast)

Watching My Wife - by Anon Author - My wife and I have been married for 15 years now. Over the years our sex life has been uneventful, but I've encouraged her to try new things. One of those things involved going out to bars at night and flirting with men while I watch. (MMF, wife-sharing, voy)

Watching My Wife - by Anon - A husband watches his wife fuck a co-worker. (MF, wife-sharing, voy)

Watching My Wife - by Bloke - He catches his wife giving head to a young man in the parking lot of a local pub. (F/m-teen, wife, voy, oral)

Watching My Wife - by Karen Kay - A husband finds out his wife his screwing his black business partner. (MF, voy, intr, rom) Part 2

Watching My Wife - by LikeTowatch - She picks up a guy and I watch her fuck him. (MF, husb-voy)

Watching My Wife's Dates - by Ving - Husband corners himself, then finds out he likes watching his wife in action after all. (M+F, wife, voy, gb)

Watching My Wife For The First Time - by Rob0956 - Husband's fantasy is to watch, wife's fantasy is to be watched. (MMF, wife-sharing, husband-voy)

Watching Out For The Family - by Kewtieboy - A pre-teen young boy stumbles on his older brother having sex with his girlfriend and is seduced by her to his brother's disgust. Years later, he finds himself in another situation with one girl and his brother. Soon watching people close to him becomes an obsession which he uses to keep tabs on his own children as they grow up. (MMm+f+, inc, family, group, orgy, ped, nc, bi, voy)

Watching The Wife Get Gangbanged - by Lonelyhusbandtom - On a trip my wife gets it from five young studs as I watched. (M+/F, wife-exh, reluc, husb-voy, intr, orgy, gb)

Watching Valerie - by Anon - A slut wife performs in pool hall. (M+/F, wife, husb-voy, anal, orgy, bd)

Watching Wendy - by Pskao - On their first wedding anniversary, a jealous man watches his wife kiss her brother, who was away when they were married. (MMF, wife, inc, voy, preg)

Wearing The Tube - by Karen Kay - A white married couple practice a cuckold-lifestyle. The hubby wears a chastity tube while his wife dates a black man. (MF, voy, cuck, intr, swingers)

Webcam Allie - by Negative Creep - Allie's webcam play turns real... with her daddy. (M/f-teen, ped, reluc, inc, voy, oral, 1st)

Web Encounter - by PeteinWales - A man flirts online with a younger girl only to find that she is a friend of his daughter. (M/ff-teens, ped, exh, voy, inc)

Wedding Reception - by Bhandwalke - A straight-laced wife lets her hair down at her friend's wedding and surprises the hell out of her husband. (M+/F, wife-exh, husband-voy, cheat, bi)

Weekend At The Beach - by Robin's Lover - My first love and I were drifting apart when I met Robin. A weekend on Cape Cod ended up very differently than I'd expected when Beth brought Mark along. (MF-couples, voy, rom, swing)

Weekend In Bali - by Lonelyhusbandtom - A weekend in Bali turns into sex with a mom and her two daughters. (M/F+, voy, 1st, rom)

Weekend Overtime - by Anonymous - With today's new competitiveness in business more and more hard work is going into our work weeks. Often I find myself working weekends in order to satisfy the need for addition work efforts. Recently however I was delighted by a turn of events which made this weekend requirement easier to take. (MFF, bi, voy, orgy, work)

We Have Your Daughter - by Hyulhyulhyul Molly receives a package with a note that begins with the words "We have your daughter". Inside the package are five envelopes that contain instructions that she must follow to get her daughter back safely. The instructions involve her in one sexual situation after another and require her to drag others into her efforts to get her daughter back. (MF+, reluc, exh, voy, inc, 1st, bi, beast)

Wendy's Photo Shoot - by Bedo - Nineteen-year-old Wendy wants to give her husband a sexy photo shoot for his Birthday. But things aren't as they appear. (MMF, wife, voy, rp, gb, intr)

Wendy's Visit - by pokeyrider2000 - Wife's childhood friend visits. We get to know each other better. (FFM, wife, voy, lac)

What A Deal - by Elliemae - A woman faced with her "soon to be" husband's expectations, explores her sexuality. (MMF, voy, wife, reluc)

What I Saw In The Barn - By Anon - A newlywed husband stumbles across a farmyard sexual encounter. (MF/beast, voy, mast)

What Joanne Saw - by Gouryella - Joanne spies her grandparents getting it on with an older boy. This begins her journey into voyeurism. (MFmf, bi, inc, underage, mast, oral, anal, orgy, voy)

What The Cab Driver Saw - by Abdulbenthere - Lingerie-clad wives get their drunken husbands from the taxi to the house. (MF, exh, voy, alcohol, humor)

When I Was Ten, It Was A Very Good Year - by DeeDee18 - I and my little friend watch a couple in the park and then she wants to try it with me. (Ff-teen, ped, ff, voy, inc, mast)

Whipped - by Ed Rider - A woman who has always liked to dominate her boyfriends to the point of humiliating them finds that she likes a bit of the reverse. (MF, d/s, oral, analplay, huml, voy)

Whisper - by Drummer - Man discovers a couple having sex. (MMF, voy, bi, oral, anal)

Wife Catches Me - by Navakantam - How my wife caught me eating my own cum after jerking off. (MF, mast, voy)

Wife Gives Into Husband's Wishes - by Marsha - A young sexy wife, gives into her husband's special wishes. Then decides that she really likes it. (F/m-teen, wife, 1st, voy, mast)

Wife Of My Wet Dreams - by BigStudlyDude - A wife suspects her husband is unfaithful so she comes to his employees to ask for information. Knowing they are loyal to the boss the wife has to give a little incentive to the men to get information. (MMF, wife, voy, oral, cuck)

Wife Orders Pizza - by Cuckolded1946 - What happens after the ex-wife and I order pizza and I get called out to work before delivery. (MF, voy)

Wife's Awakening - by Hardy - A couples vacation to the big city turns into an amazing erotic experience. The activity in the next suite and subsequent events lead to a wife's awakening to a whole new sexual life, assisted by their next door neighbors. (MMF, wife, voy, reluc, orgy)

Wife's Bar Stool Fuck - by ronz56 - A guy learns to like sharing his hot wife. (MF, wife, voy)

Wife's Cheating Dilemma - by Studmuffin - A story based in part about finding out my ex-wife had been cheating on me and my devious way of getting back at her with the help of our very best friend, her girlfriend. (FFM, nc, bi, voy) Part 2

Wife's Cooperation - by Rupanita - Husband accidentally shows his friend his wife's nude pictures. Then one day he blindfolds his wife while having sex; the friend is invited to watch and things take such a turn that the friend ends enjoying while the husband watches. (MMF, nc, wife, voy, bi, preg)

Wife's Evening With Stu And Me - by Prier B Natter - A trip to the home of someone we met dogging. Follows on from "Wife's First Dogging Experience" but each can be read on their own. (MMF, wife, voy, oral, dogging, true)

Wife's First Dogging Experience - by Anon - The story of my wife's first real dogging experience. (MMF, wife, husb-voy, dogging, oral, swingers)

Wife's First Orgasm - by Cowboy - Wife's first real taste of man-meat. Husband talks wife into doing it with another man while he watches, then that turns into two men and then she ends up pulling a train in the back of a Caravan. (M+/F, wife, voy, reluc, bi, orgy, cuck)

Wife Shows Off - by Cuckolded1946 - This story is about the three different times the ex-wife showed off her body. (MF, exh, voy, mast, wife)

Wife Shows Off for Husband - by Marcia - Husband likes to watch wife show off her body and give hand jobs to teen boys. (F/mm-teens, voy, wife, oral, mast)

Wife's Meeting With Jay - by Prier B Natter - A trip home with a man we met dogging. (MMF, wife, voy, oral, swinger, dogging, creampie, true)

Wifey Sandwich - by Madnme - A few too many drinks one evening leads to Maddy sharing herself with her husband and an old friend of his. (MMF, wife, voy, swingers, alcohol)

Wild Once Again - by Mr. Robinson - A white lie leads to a red hot night. (MMF, wife, voy)

Wife And I Help An Injured Old Sri Lankan Worker - by Bhuralund - The old Sri Lankan worker painting the house fell down and got cut all over his midriff. My wife and I HAD to help the poor man out, but as my wife sat on her knees, removing the glass shards, a big black uncut shaft poked out... crying impatiently to be plucked. My wife had no choice but to help. (MF, wife, husb-voy, bi, size, cream-pie, cuck, india)

Wife And I Watch Elephants - by Bhuralund - My wife and I went to see a big elephant festival in south India. We were late, but luckily the driver - a half-naked black man - drove us straight to the festival grounds crammed with sweaty, stinking jet-black farmers of south India. Read on to find out what the horny men did to my wife. (MMF, wife-exh, husb-voy, bi, size, intr, cream-pie, india)

Wife Date - by Anonymous - A husband talks his pretty young wife into experimenting with other guys. She finally agrees and makes a date. (MMF, wife, voy, size)

Wife Enjoys A Gloryhole - by Lonelyhusband My wife and I visit a gloryhole just for fun. (MMF, wife, voy, oral)

Wife Has To Please, Or Ex-Wife Will - by Anon - A husband talks his wife into "showing off" for him and a friend. (MMF, voy, reluc-exh)

Wife In Town - by Peter19652 - Hubby and wife go into town and hubby setup a surprise. (M+/F, nc, rp, tor, gb, drugs, voy)

Wife Gets It From Two Black Studs - by LonelyHusbandTom On a weekend away, my wife picks up two guys and things gets pretty carried away. (MMF, wife, voy, bi, intr, creampie)

Wife Helps Out Black Buddy - by Xyzman - My wife helps out our black friend. His wife is pregnant and he needs sex badly. (MF, intr, wife-sharing, voy)

Wife's Black Stud - by Bob - It all started when my black friend Russ came over to watch the game. (MMF, wife, cheat, intr, voy, cuck)

Wife's High School Reunion - by Mannydcamp - This story is about my wife and what happened at her high school reunion a few years ago in her words. (MF, wife-cheat, voy)

Wife's Lunch Date - by Jeb Stuart - A husband persuades his wife toward an extramarital affair and she finds out that it is rather exciting to "cheat" on her man. (MF, wife-sharing, voy)

Wife On Video - by Anonymous Author - A trucker suspects his wife of cheating on him while he's on the road. He decides to find out and sets her up for a fall. (F/dog, voy)

Wife's Photo Shoot - by Hardy - I wanted glamorous and sexy pictures of my wife while she was still beautiful. We connected with Kim, a professional photographer, and a picture session was arranged. (MMF, wife, voy, bd, reluc, cuck)

Wife Sharing First Time - by Super Dave - A guy fantasizes about wife sharing then finally gets the chance to live the fantasy. (MMMM/F, wife-sharing, gb, voy)

Wife Watches Me Suck - by Thirsty69 - I finally got what I wanted and shared the moment with my wife. Oral sex with another man was my ultimate desire and it was incredible. (MM, voy, 1st-bi-expr)

Wife Watching Vacation - by Hiker1234 - A husband plans a very special vacation as an anniversary present for his wife. She's totally unprepared for what comes her way. But she soon joins in to the festivities and finds that this new lifestyle is just what they needed to keep the spice in their relationship. (MMF, wife-sharing, voy)

William And Ann - by Jack831 - A brother's desires begin to blossom. (mf-teens, youths, inc, voy) Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8

Willie and the Grand Dragon - by Anna - There was something dark in southern Georgia in the 1930's. (MMF, voy, orgy, intr)

Wilson's Real Stories - by Wilson - True stories of my 'open' marriage. These episodes it our lives made for a lot of spicy memories. Don't do this at home unless you'll entirely sure of your spouse and you're own ability to put jealousy at bay. (M+/F+, wife, bi, toys, gb, voy, exh, swing, creampie)

Window Watching - by Marcia Hooper - Kellie is in a terrible pickle. She bound and gagged in front of an open window, naked and with various toys stimulating her privates, but she has put herself there. With the help of her boyfriend, of course. Only where is her boyfriend now? Join Kellie as she desperately fights to keep from having her lifestyle exposed. (MF, exh, voy, reluc, bdsm)

Wishes Do Come True - by Netsfan_44 - Diane and her Dad attend a conference together. Her Dad discovers a lot about his daughter he did not know. (M/mf, inc, bi, reluc, voy)

Wishful Thinking - by Alex Hawk - Probably the stupidest plot I've ever come up with. Just dumb. I can't believe I actually wrote it. Please forgive me. (no-sex, voy, mast, tranny) Part 2 - Part 3

Wives On The Prowl - by Karen Kay - Mark is the first black guy in the neighborhood. He has plans for all the white wives in the neighborhood. Redheads, blondes and brunettes. None are safe if Mark has his way. (FFM, voy, reluc, intr)

Wolf Meets Grandma - by Jack Rabbit - Part 1 - Widow Grandma Sara, lives alone on the nineteenth century western frontier. She gets involved with Wolf, a sixty year old traveler from nowhere, when he stops to rest his horses. Wolf, a hard working handyman, offers to do some repairs on her place in return for a few days lodging. Despite evidence that he is attracted to very young girls, she finds that Wolf is a gentleman, and invites him to her bed. (MF, rom, voy, mast, oral, fan, ped)

Wolf With Hansel And Gretel - by Jack Rabbit - Part 2 - Runaway teens Hansel and Gretel raid Grandma Sara's pies, getting in trouble. Grandma Sara and Wolf get to know the kids intimately as they work off payment for the raid. (Mf/Fm, rom, voy, mast, 1st, ped, oral, fan)

Wolf Reveals Jack - by Jack Rabbit - Part 3 - Delivery boy Jack McCain, who gained frame for taking big breasted Jill Adams up the hill for a pale of waters, discovers the intimate relationships that Hansel and Gretel are having with Sara and Wolf. Jack offers his silence if Sara will be intimate with him. (Fm, ped, reluc, rom, voy, mast, oral, fan)

Wolf With The Ten Little Indians - by Jack Rabbit - Part 4 - Visiting Raven Indian Maiden Bluebird tells Sara in detail how years earlier she and nine other young captives of the Ohapi tribe were given to Wolf as sex slaves as a reward for saving the life of the Ohapi chief’s son. (M/f, reluct, slave, voy, mast, 1st, ped, oral, fan)

Wolf With The Three Little Pigs - by Jack Rabbit - Part 5 - Wolf is hired by a local rancher to demolish the pig farm squatters have established on his land. Three young Chinese girls living on the farm try to bargain with Wolf to have more time. They gain the time in exchange for their sexual honor. (M/f, ped, reluc, voy, mast, 1st, oral, asian, fan)

Wolf Meets Little Red - by Jack Rabbit - Part 6 - Little Red, Sara's granddaughter Cherry, makes a special trip to bring a basket of cookies to her grandma. Sara is out on a picnic with Jack, but Little Red finds injured Wolf in bed in her grandma's house. Little Red wants to play with grandma's big toy standing at attention. (Mf/Fm, reluc, slave, voy, mast, 1st, ped, oral, fan)

Working With Gordon - by Kewtieboy - A straight guy wants to make a porn movie with his girlfriend. He picks a gay workmate to record it, feeling safe in the knowledge that his friend wouldn't be attracted his girlfriend. It didn't cross his mind that it wasn't the girlfriend the gay guy wanted to see naked. (MMF, 1st-bi, voy, oral, anal)

Workin' The Shocks - by Anonymous - A woman has a dinner party that turns into something different when she finds one of her guests and a neighbor doing it in the driveway. (MF, voy, affair)

Work Stress Relief - by ShafterParker - John starts a new job and receives a sexy starting bonus. (MF, voy, rough, work)

Work Surprise - by Hubby - Thought I'd buy my wife an after work cocktail. (MF, wife, voy, intr, alcohol)

Wraparound Skirt - by Wife Watcher - Drunken wife gets felt up whilst standing at the bar. And is then gang banged. (M+/F, wife, alcohol, husband-voy, intr, gb, cuck)

Young Blood - by black4renee - Mom and I moved to a new neighborhood. Most of my new friends were black. One afternoon, the guys were at my house, they came on to mom and she let them fuck her. Then she let me fuck her. (F/m+, inc, voy, intr, orgy)

Young Cuckold - by Rolio - Cuckolded by my wife when we were married as teenagers. (M+/F-teen, wife, voy, cuck, orgy)

Young Enough To Know Better - by Anonymous - A depraved man rapes a drugged teenage girl and lets two teenage boys watch and then join in. (M/mmf-teens, ped, drugs, rp, exh, voy)

Young First Fuck - by Drue Craig - A junior high couple almost get busted having sex by the girl's mother. They take advantage of her parent's absence the next day to reignite their trist, picking up where they left off and taking it to the next level and beyond. (mm-teens, youths, voy, 1st, mast, oral)

Young Models - by Bedo - I own a small photography studio and several mothers have brought me their daughters to make into supermodels. Watch as these impressionable young girls expose themselves for the camera, and I use their bodies for my pleasure. (Mf, voy, nc, ped, 1st)

Young School Girl - by Tinman - Young Becca, on a camping trip, wanders into the woods and finds sex, romance and more sex with two gorgeous young studs. (MMF-teens, voy, orgy)

Young Stallion - by Silver Cunt - A teenage boy with a big dick, satisfies his teacher, the neighborhood lusty wives and even his own mother. This story was inspired by a visit to a nudist camp (a onetime thing). After seeing several guys with, shall I say rather large man meat. It doesn't take place at a nudist camp, and I added my own personal naughty twist! Enjoy! But don't forget the lube! (FF/m-teen, ped, mast, oral, orgy, voy)

Your Boyfriend - by Mr. Silk - You enjoyed the threesome last night. Finally, you fulfilled your fantasy of taking two cocks at once. But you would have never guessed that yet another fantasy would be fulfilled the next day. (MM, voy, reluc, oral, mast)

Your name will be Pamela - by Anon - Tanya was a friend's 16 year old step daughter who one day fucked me and her step dad, beginning an interesting sexual relationship. (MM/f-teen, ped, oral, anal, threesome, voy)

Young Love - by Hot Mike - A young couple need a place to express their love. (M/mf, ped, bi, voy)

Young Melissa - by Tina - A story about coming of age, of a young, beautiful, white girl who is turned out by a much older black man... most of this story is true. (Mf, ped, reluc, intr, voy)

Zane's Audience - by Alex Hawk - Zane and his boyfriend enjoy an active sex life which is thrown for a loop when Zane's sister comes to the boys with an interesting question. (mmf, youths, bi, voy, inc, 1st, oral, mast, orgy)

Zelda's Reward - by Hornybunny - Zelda sends her loftwing to deliver a letter and wake link up. after waking him in an unusual way Zelda gives him a reward and gets caught by link. (MF, voy, 1st, mast, oral, beast, creampie, fantasy)

Zoey101 People Auction - by Horny Lisa - Zoey and the gang have some fun. (mmff-teens, bi, inc, intr, voy)

Zoo Club - by Rose Eastmann - An ordenary woman meets a rather special friend and her pets. (FFF/beasts, voy, bd, rom)

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