This is a collection of unusual web pages that are sexually orientated in keeping with the overall theme of The Kristen Archives.

(We will only be adding things here if we run across something interesting. If you find something that you think would be of interest let us know by e-mail. Also if a link on this page has become obsolete, please let us know.)

1Kama Sutra Animated

101 Sex Postions

Build Your Own Sexdoll

Airplane Sex Guide

Badgirl's Hotbox Naughty Toons

How to Bang Just About
Any Object In Your House

Sexy Latex

Porn Comic Books

Porno Of The Holy See

A word about beauty

Pure Gloryholes
All about gloryholes

Summer Pool Sexual Positions
If you have a pool, this could be fun

Shoe Fetish
Sexy Women Abuse Their Sexy Shoes And Each Other

Everything to do with gloryholes

Aardvark Archie's Rude Humor
An extensive guide to rude humor

Urban Legends Reference Pages
Want to check out that story you heard and find out if it was true or not?

The Hun's Overflow
Want free dirty pictures. Hun's Overflow has them.

Check out how websites looked way back when


"Helping you hit the right spot." This site focuses on both of the important female sex organs: The Clitoris and the Mind. Men can learn how to use these two important organs to pleasure a women. Whilst women can learn how to explore themselves sexually, how to masturbate and reach better orgasms.

The Penis Chart
Here's one for the guys

INMATE Classified - A Pen Pal In Prison

The Outhouse
A bunch of funny raunchy stuff

Furniture Porn

ONION, America's Finest News Source

The Voyeur Web Site

A Foreign Affair
Is it a dating service?

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