A Brewster Thanksgiving - by J.O. Dickingson - This is a story involving four brothers, two preteens and two thirteen-year-olds, two of their long-forgotten kin, and an assortment of their classmates putting on a community Thanksgiving pageant. (gay, teen/pre, family, inc)

A Special Thanksgiving at our Uncle and Aunt's Farm - by rmike68 - A special Thanksgiving at our Uncle and Aunt's farm. A story about a VERY strange family. (M/f-teen, F/m-teen, inc, sn, can)

A Thanksgiving to Remember - by Geminiguy - The attic was one large room with two dangling light bulbs and a small window above at the back. It was very neat and clean, also carpeted but the walls were bare, undone. There was an old-fashioned bed at the end of the attic along with neatly stacked boxes and old chests. It was the perfect place to get away from the family on Thanksgiving day and be alone with my cousin Tara. (mf, youths, inc, 1st)

A Thanksgiving to Remember - by J Taylor - As the yams came out of the oven, burned as usual, Joshua Chasez cursed at himself. "Why am I doing this again?" he asked the empty air. "Because you put your proverbial foot in your proverbial mouth and said that you would do Thanksgiving this year." His boyfriend of one year, and fellow bandmate, Lance Bass said as he came into the kitchen with a bag of last minute groceries for some of the Thanksgiving fixings. (family, mm, inc)

A Thanksgiving with the Leary Men - by Joe Jones - Mike Leary was genuinely excited about Thanksgiving that year, though it had never much mattered to him before. Maybe it was part of getting older - he had just turned sixteen that past summer. Or it might have been the company. (M+/b, inc)

A Very Happy Thanksgiving - by Dogboy - A last minute call from work meant that Bob wouldn't be spending Thanksgiving at home with his wife and kids. But what started out as a hassle ended up as a treat. (MFF, husband, cheat)

Beth's Family Thanksgiving - by TJ3131 - I couldn't believe the transformation in Wanda. Over the past six months my sweet mother-in-law had gone from prudish, conservative grandmother to a completely depraved fuck whore, and here she was visiting us for Thanksgiving. (MFmf, ped, family, inc orgy)

Billy's Thanksgiving Day Treat - by Josh - A virgin college student with secret homosexual urges decides to try something new and treats himself to a 'massage' over thanksgiving holiday. (MM, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal)

Born Bi - by Linda K - My first sexual experience with another girl took place the night before Thanksgiving in 1970 when I was 19, with my 20 year old cousin Megan Luce. (MF, 1st-lesbian-expr)

Coming Out on Thanksgiving - by Doned - A gay man is "pushed" toward a "curious" teenage boy who isn't sure of his sexuality. She's sure, and she wants her friend to teach the boy what's what. (M/m-teen, 1st gay experience)

Gasping Gobbler - by Drummer - Memories of a nice Thanksgiving. (Mm, ped, 1st-gay-expr, oral, anal)

Helping The Homeless On Thanksgiving - by Phoebe - A world weary woman finds something she didn't expect on Thanksgiving Day. (MF, rom)

Kristie's Thanksgiving Day - by Gina Marie Wylie - Geeky cousin Glennis has a transformation that takes Kristie's breath away, literally. (ff, teens, 1st-lesbian-expr)

Last Stop - by Blackzilla - A black UPS driver delivers and receives the package of a lifetime from a very sexy older white woman. (MF, intr, rom)

Lead Shack - by Frederick T. - Al could hardly wait for Thanksgiving - four days with no school. He was going to spend as much time as he could at his dad's. His mom was totally in the dark about the goings on at Gary's. She just figured that father and son were getting to know each other. She often asked her son what he and his father did on the weekends that he spent at Gary's place. Gary always gave Al a good briefing on what he should be telling his mother; a hockey game, a movie, a rock concert. Al always had a good excuse for why he was so beat when he got home. (family, orgy, inc)

Merci Donnee - by Saffy8 - A woman goes back to school after her children grow up and move away. She finds a new kind of love with students she meets. (MF, FF, MM)

Pilgrim Thanksgiving - by Birdman - A historical piece: A young woman is daydreaming for a few moments when a couple of Indian Braves happen across her. The first thanksgiving ends up having a very special meaning for three young people. (MMF, intr, rp)

Stacey's Thanksgiving - by Al Steiner - Stacey visits her roommate's family over Thanksgiving break. They're more than just roommates, and once Stacey stays over, Sarah's father becomes more than just her roommate's dad. (FF, MF, bi, mast, oral)

Stuffed On Thanksgiving - by lastone - It was Thanksgiving and the family was at my house. My cousin and his friend stayed over for the night. The turkey wasn't the only thing that got stuffed. (m+/f-teens, youths, 1st, inc)

Stuffing The Old Gobbler - by MrSpraycan - Home for Thanksgiving; how could it not resonate in your heart? Well, if you come from a dysfunctional family like mine, you'd try damned hard to make sure it doesn't. But I'd skipped three consecutive holidays, and the family was beginning to nag. Oh, I'd stayed in touch by phone. Heard all the exciting news in great detail. The July 4 party seemed particularly fine. Desert Storm veterans would have felt right at home. Maybe the shit fits my parents' barbecue cooking always causes could become a whole new Syndrome... (FF, spank)

Thanksgiving - by Dudester - During a truly horrible Thanksgiving, a young teenage girl wishes for a knight in shining armor to save her. One comes to her rescue, but what happens after catches both of them by surprise. BTW, although there is sex in this story, it's much more of a romance story intended for the lonely hearts out there. (M/f-teen, ped, 1st, rom)

Thanksgiving - by PD Michael - I felt like a child when Gisele began to remove my things but the ache in my back made me welcome her attentiveness. Yet, it felt so strange. We had frequently seen each other naked whenever we changed or showered at the club. But now, to have her hovering so close and undressing me was making me tremble. (MF, FF, affair)

Thanksgiving - by Todd Sayre - It was a tradition that lingered in our family for nearly a hundred years. Living in such a tiny town where there were less than a hundred people, we could get away with tradition without anyone, other than my family, knowing what we do... what we love doing even on a daily basis. (MF/bg, toddler, family, inc, ped)

Thanksgiving - by Tom - They say that a man has a sexual thought every 15 or 20 seconds, and I was certainly having one about Sue. (couples, cons, affair)

Thanksgiving 1894 - by Jenny McClain - I know it is not lady like to think about sex and especially to enjoy making love to your husband. The ladies down at the hospital will sometimes talk about the Matrimonial burden@ and ways of dissuading their husbands from being amorous. If only they knew what you and I have? If only they could share with their husbands the joy I share with you. (MF, wife, rom)

Thanksgiving, A Family Holiday - by Suki - If you've ever experienced a Thanksgiving, or any holiday with my family, you have experienced a unique family. Are you familiar with the cartoons of a family gathering where everyone is talking in different directions and the scene is one of mass confusion? Well, there you have it. A regular Smith gathering. (MF, cons)

Thanksgiving At The Robinsons - by Michael - Brad is invited to his girlfriend's home for Thanksgiving during college break. (oral, public)

Thanksgiving: Barely Sexy - by Doned - Alternative family lifestyle with the younger generation at home on thanksgiving. (boys, gay, inc)

Thanksgiving Cuddle - by Amy K. - Two female teenage cousins (one is sixteen and the other is seventeen) get together for thanksgiving. They find out that they have more in common than most relatives do. (FF, teens, cousin-inc, 1st-lesbian experience, rom)

Thanksgiving Dinner With Dungeonmaster - by Anon - Dungeonmaster and I had spent most of the afternoon cooking our Thanksgiving Dinner. Most people have turkey but we decided to have rabbit this year. (Mdom/Fslave)

Thanksgiving Feast - by Scarlett Minx - Thanksgiving. I had been busy in the kitchen all morning, getting everything ready. Lisa had been in a foul temper all week, and I hoped that a good dinner would help to improve her mood. Since last Friday, I have been on her bad side when I made the mistake of laughing at her when she got splashed by a passing bus on our walk home from classes. (Fdom/F, beast)

Thanksgiving Surprise - by Bob R - After a bad divorce I never, my family ended up being my supporter and my next sexual relationship. (MMF, inc, bi, orgy)

Thanksgiving Tears - by Bianca - The holidays always made her sad. It started with Thanksgiving and it was not until New Years had passed that she would feel this extraordinary sadness finally pass. (MF, rom)

Thanksgiving That Changed My Life - by rmike68 - A Thanksgiving intrusion story (Fb, Mf, pre-teen, nc, inc, preg)

Thanksgiving Vacation - by OgieogleThorpe - On the way to relatives to celebrate Thanksgiving, brother and sister have some illicit pleasure in the back seat of their parent's car, under the blanket. (MF-teens, youths, inc, oral)

Thanksgiving Visit With My Father - by Dunthat - Sammie was seventeen and having to share her room with her half-sister. After one big argument it was decided she would go spend the week of Thanksgiving vacation with her father. She wants to stay with him. What will she do? (M/F-teen, inc, preg)

Thanksgiving Weekend Get Together - by Northcox - The holidays were rolling around and Sue invited me to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with her. I had no plans myself and thought it would be great to have a few days of hot sex with her. (family, inc, orgy, ped)

Thanksgiving With Madonna - by Geminiguy - Visiting Madonna on Thanksgiving. (MF, oral, celeb- parody)

Thanksgiving With Mom - by Geminiguy - A mother and teenage son reunited for Thanksgiving after three years. Based on a character from an episode of Murder, She Wrote. (M-teen/F-adult, underage, reluc, inc, mast)

Turkey Shoot - by JOCA - Every Thanksgiving a Turkey shoot was held outside of town in a wooded area far away from people and traffic. (M+/F, reluc, exh)

Uncle Ted's Thanksgiving Visit - by Jennifer - Hi I'm Jennifer I'm 13 years old, 5'2" tall short brown hair, small tits and what I'm told is a nice round butt. I've been having sex since this past summer, with my best girlfriend, my brother and recently some guys from school. This story is about my uncle Ted's visit. (M/f-teen, inc, oral)

What I'm Thankful For - by Geminiguy - A single guy is invited to share Thanksgiving with his neighbors and in a very short time becomes very thankful indeed. (M/ff, MF, ped, mast, oral, anal)

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