Tommy's First Time
A Parody of the TV series "Third Rock from the Sun"
(F/m-teen, inc?, 1st)

by Kristen Kathleen Becker

This story describes sexual acts and should be considered adult entertainment. If you are not a consenting adult, please read no further. This story is available in downloadable TEXT format at this location: Tommy.txt

Tommy just knew that tonight was going to be THE night. August had called him around six that evening and apologized about the other day, saying she thought they should never fight again, and that she wanted to make it up to him.

Tommy's 15-year-old body suffered from hormone overload; he knew that was why he and August argued so much. He wanted to fuck her, and she just wouldn't let him. It was that simple.

He'd tried making her jealous. He'd even tried intimidation. Nothing could budge her. Tommy didn't know if he could stand it much longer.

Pedaling up to August's front door, he could feel his boner chafing against the bike seat. If only he'd jacked off before leaving his house. If August let him go all the way tonight, he'd last about a second in his present state.

Well, he'd cross that bridge when he came to it. He could always get off in her bathroom first if he looked like getting to third. DING-DONG...

Tommy's palms were sweating by the time August opened her front door. "Hi, Tommy," she said.

"Hi August. I'm really sorry too about yesterday, and I want to show you how much I love you." His heart pounded and his breathing quickened...

"How about we go to the movies, then grab a bite to eat?"

"I'd love to, but my brother's coming home tonight from college. Dad said I have to stick around the house and make it a family night."

Tommy let a note of exasperation creep into his voice. "Then why did you call me over?"

August smiled. "I wanted to tell you that I love you, and that I hope we can start being more understanding with each other." She brushed her almost-white blonde hair back over her shoulder.

Tommy loved her hair, and her smile. For some reason that smile always seemed to promise something sexual, though he was still waiting.

He said: "August, I need you so much I can't stand it. I was hoping you'd do it with me tonight."

August smiled understandingly. "Baby, you know I want to! I'd already made up my mind to fiddle with your thingy tonight when I got the news. Tell you what, why don't you come up to my room for a while? Dad won't be home for a good hour. We can do a lot in an hour."

Tommy didn't need asking twice, and he bounded up the stairs, holding on to August's delicate wrist and pulling her behind him. They rushed into August's bedroom and Tommy closed the door behind them. He turned round and clamped his mouth onto hers, then started pushing his pelvis rhythmically against hers in the primal dance his body instinctively knew.

"Tommy! Hold on a minute!" August pushed him away, giggling. "Boy! You sure are horny! I only said I'd touch your weenie tonight, and maybe play with it a little. I've certainly no intention of going any further."

Tommy wasn't listening. He just wanted August to 'touch' him, and soon... He sat down on the bed while his pretty blonde girlfriend stood over him, gazing at the bulge he'd just grown in his pants.

"Wow! It looks like you need some relief there, now don't you?" She leant over Tommy, bending at the waist, and began unfastening his fly. Pop! One button. Pop! Another button. As successive fly buttons were released, his erection came gradually into August's horrified view. "TOMMY! You're not wearing underwear!"

He mumbled something under his breath about the better to taste him, something - something. August couldn't quite hear what he said, and in any case most of her attention was taken up by her first up-close sight of a boy's hard-on.

Mmmm, it looked good so far. As the last button popped open, she noticed that Tommy's penis was kind of knurled, and had a purple mushroom-shaped head that seemed to expand, then become smaller, then bigger again, somehow pulsing with his heart-beat. She inserted her hand into Tommy's fly and lightly held, then rubbed, his cock-shaft, stroking the smooth skin and the pulsing vein that stood out to one side.

She was surprised to find fluid oozing from the end of the swollen cock. She smoothed it over the cock-head, and Tommy began to squirm and moan, both from the massage and from the knowledge that it was his girlfriend's hand that was applying it to his rampant hard-on.

August was surprised at how turned-on she, herself, was feeling. She knew she was drenched - she could smell the pussy juice - and that her panties must be very wet.

She knelt between Tommy's legs and began massaging his prong, holding it up close to her face. She put the tip of her tongue on the end of his knob and flicked it over the crystal-clear drop of pre-cum standing out from the end of his ejaculation passage.

Tommy felt that any second his pretty girlfriend was going to put her mouth over his raging hard-on. He knew that, If she did, about a second later he'd be pumping his load between her lips.


August nearly jumped through the roof. "Omygod! It's Daddy!!"

By now Tommy had reached a point at which he didn't really care about interruptions, but August was rushing around frantically, making him pull his pants up and otherwise make himself presentable. Tommy soon lost his erection, and his deflated penis dribbled several teaspoons of pre-cum down one leg inside his jeans, adding to his misery.

August's father strode into the bedroom. "Hi honey! Your brother should be here any minute! Oh, hi Tommy, how are you?", he asked cheerily.

Tommy thought it must be pretty obvious what they'd been doing, and wondered why August's father didn't get mad, and was not even aware of how nervous the young couple were.

However, he didn't, and Tommy soon exited the house, feeling acutely frustrated. With a kiss on his cheek from August, and slimy wetness on his leg, he began the ride home...


"Hot-Damn...! Sally, you're insatiable!", Harry wheezed... She'd just finished fucking him for the fourth time in succession.

Ever since she'd found out how good having sex felt, she'd been fucking both Dick and Harry every day, each at least twice, morning and evening. Tonight, with Dick at Dr. Albright's and Tommy with his little girlfriend, Sally had hoped to get a bellyfull from Harry.

She just couldn't get enough, though; obviously Harry wasn't up to it. Reluctantly she went into the bathroom to take a shower.


Tommy trudged up the stairs to the family's apartment in a black mood. He was so depressed that all he wanted to do was take a cold shower and go to bed - and, of course, beat his meat.

Entering the livingroom, he saw Harry slumped on the couch in his robe, snoring fit to burst. 'What a dweeb,' Tommy thought. 'He can't even sleep in his bed; just falls asleep on the couch night after night. Oh well.. who cares!'

Collecting his towel and a clean set of underwear, he went into the bathroom for his shower. "Oops! Sorry, Sally. I didn't know you were in here." He turned to go.

"Hey, shrimp, what's the problem? Why the depressed looking face?" She was drying her hair, and a large bath towel was wrapped around her lithe body.

"Nothing you can do anything about," Tommy mumbled. He did, however, take a sidelong glance at Sally's long shapely legs... he always did when he could. He was walking back to his room, leaving her to finish with the bathroom, when he felt a hand clutch his underpants, holding him back.

"What!?", he complained. Sally obviously hadn't finished with him.

"Did you and August do it tonight?"

Tommy was irritated by the question. "What are you talking about?"

"One of the things I've learned from the High Commander lately is the smell of sex, and I smell it on you!" Sally stared at him, a speculative look in her beautiful eyes. She repeated: "I can smell sex, and I smell it on you."

"Hate to burst your bubble, but the closest I got to sex was getting worked up. August's dad walked in on us early and stopped things cold." He felt more depressed than ever, thinking how close he'd been to getting his first blow-job.

Sally surveyed Tommy with new interest. Perhaps she should have considered him earlier. Earthlings, especially young ones, were said to have good stamina. Maybe his body would prove to have the staying power she needed.

"Hey Tommy, don't be depressed. Why don't you use my body for relief?!"

Tommy was speechless. He was unaware of Dick's and Harry's sexual encounters with Sally, and had never seriously considered that she might be prepared to have sex with him. After all, she was the weapons officer of the unit, and usually insisted on being in control of things.

He looked at her with new eyes, and she dropped her towel to allow him to examine her sumptuous body.

Sally was 5'11" tall, about a foot taller than Tommy, but that didn't matter a jot to him. He was totally absorbed by the thought that he might be allowed to screw this beauty.

"Sally, would you really let me fuck you?", he asked hesitantly, circling her nude body, openmouthed.

"Hell, yeah! Don't know why I didn't think of it before! Ever since Dick first fucked me, I haven't been able to get as much as I need. Maybe your 15-year-old body will contain enough of a sex drive to satisfy me. What d'ya say?"

Tommy dropped to his knees in front of her and pushed his face between her legs, sucking on her pussy lips and licking her clit. He couldn't believe that Sally was letting him do this to her... In fact, he could hardly believe she'd let Dick do this to her either. He'd long wanted to eat and fuck a girl, and had fantasized about doing it with Sally from the very beginning of their assignment.

Now here he was, actually about to do it with this marvellous specimen of womanhood... It was almost too much for him to take in. He was in a high state of excitement, and couldn't wait much longer.

Sally noticed this, and slowly sank down onto her back on the bathroom rug, parting her knees invitingly. Tommy knelt down between her legs, carefully positioned his stiff prick against her portal of pleasure, and began to plunge in and out it. 'Gotta fuck her before she changes her mind,' he thought. 'Fuck her while she'll let me!'

He still couldn't believe she was going to let him do whatever he wanted. As he pistoned into Sally's yielding pussy, and she began to feel her orgasm coming on, she mused: 'Dick was right. First times ARE the best!'

After only 30 seconds or so, Tommy cried out, and his body went rigid as he pumped his vital juices deep into Sally's womb. Her cunt began a series of convulsions as hot come started filling up her insides. They reached the top together, and came down slowly, breathing heavily, their hearts pounding and their sweat mingling.

Tommy lay on top of Sally, apparently quite spent, in a dream world of repletion and contentment. After a few minutes she began slowly rotating her hips under him, and his cock gradually revived, soon attaining its earlier erection. Sally intended to get hers tonight... as often as Tommy could manage it. And Tommy had no other plans...


Acknowledgments: All my thanks... to Stephen for his encouragement and proofing and to Ian for doing such a good job editing my little story.

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