Theater Jeremy's
Summer Job

(ffm, teens, voy, 1st)

by Kristen

This story describes sexual acts and should be considered adult entertainment. If you are not a consenting adult, please read no further. This story is available in downloadable TEXT format at this location: Jeremy's Summer Job.txt

Note from the author: This story was inspired by a similar one I read. It's funny how the most innocuous story can get me started. Well, I hope you will enjoy this little short story... As always, if you're not a consenting adult, please read no further. Kristen

At 15 years old, everything Jeremy experienced was intense. The recent move from New York City to this small town in central Washington State was intense. Moving into the new house and exploring his new surroundings was also intense. But after the newness of the situation began to wear off, and Jeremy got a job at the local Denny's; he quickly became bored. His summer vacation began to drag on and on...

Jeremy was a handsome boy. All the waitresses at Denny's liked him. His job was to clean the tables, and wash the dishes. The women who worked there where nice to him, and were always kidding around with him, telling him that he'd break lots of hearts someday. He hated the work though, even if he did like the waitresses.

This lifestyle continued on - get up, kick around the house until noon. Go to work until 7PM. Come home watch some TV. Go to bed. What a way to spend the summer.

Then one morning Jeremy's dad got a call from a family friend who lived in the same town. There was an opening at the local Movie Theater, would Jeremy like to
work there?

Jeremy jumped at the chance, and in almost no time, had quit Denny's and presented himself for his new job. Jeremy knew that there were a lot of nice girls that went to the movies, and he knew that the place was always kept cool, and he thought this new job was a real step-up for a kid of 15.

The job at the theater turned out to be the janitor, projectionist, and general all-about handyman. He also had to close the theater after everyone left. His new job went well for about a week, just like clockwork, then on the second Sunday something unexpected happened.

A boring movie was playing, which meant not too many people were there. But there were three young girls that looked like they were around 16 or 17 years old. They were sitting in the back rows, giggling and making noise.

Jeremy had already run into those types - girls out for fun at everyone else's expense. So he ignored them and concentrated on picking up garbage which was
starting to pile up between the seats. Working away near the pretty trouble makers, Jeremy leaned down to pick up some discarded wrappers when one of them said, "Nice butt!!"

Jeremy looked up at the movie screen, to see if the actors were doing anything to make the girl say that. But he saw nothing unusual on the screen, so went back to picking up the trash.

Then he heard one of the girls' say, "Damn I dropped my Coke all over the floor here!" Jeremy rushed over to the girl who yelled in apparent distress and stared at the floor trying to see where the spill was. All he could see were feet and legs, no where a spill. Then in front of Jeremy's eyes, the blonde girl, the obvious leader of the group, began to pour her Coke on the floor between her feet.

Jeremy was angry at the stupid hassle this girl was causing him. But when the girl asked him again to clean up the spill, he knew they were teasing him, trying to make him mad. He didn't really care, because they were very pretty, and he liked looking at them, and who knew, maybe he'd hit it off with one of them if he stayed cool.

Jeremy grabbed a mop and went over to the laughing girls and started to clean up the spill. He jumped when all of the girls squeezed his butt. This embarrassed the 15-year-old boy, but it also turned him on. No girl had ever done that to him before, and he could feel a boner coming on. Jeremy asked the blonde girl why she had pinched him.

With a sly smile on her lovely face, the big breasted girl said, "Maybe because you have a nice firm ass, little boy." And all three of the girls started to giggle at her sarcastic wit. Jeremy stared at them shame-faced, but didn't say anything, he just went back to mopping the floor. Then as he was finishing up - the girl with the big breasts said, "Why don't you take a break, and enjoy the movie with us?"

Jeremy looked at her beautiful lips as she talked to him, and suddenly wished that he could stay with these girls. They were making him so horny with their looks, and suggestive talk, he wanted to stay, but replied, "I can't because I'm still on duty, and don't have a break coming for another hour." At this, the third girl with the dark hair took hold of his arm and pulled him down into the seat beside her. The blonde girl quickly moved over and sat on the other side of the boy.

Jeremy was really nervous now, and was also just about ready to mess up his underwear. These girls were handling him, and vying for his attention, like nothing he'd ever experienced before! He was so goddamn hot he couldn't stand it!

With two girls on the left, and one on the right, Jeremy sat there pretending to watch the movie, with a very big hard-on-pressing against the crotch of his jeans! From time-to-time, he'd glance at one set of boobs or another. They kept laughing, and were saying how cute his ass was, and how cute he looked in general. They kept whispering to each other, but never loud enough for him to hear them.

Then without warning, the blonde girl reached over and grasped Jeremy's crotch! The boy jumped up, making an unintelligible sound. The blonde girl scolded him by saying, "Have a seat little boy, and don't say another word or we're gonna leave." She leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

Jeremy was blushing with fear, and excitement, and didn't know what to expect, but one thing he did know, he didn't want them to leave, so he kept very quiet.

The dark-haired girl next to Jeremy was giggling as she slowly unzipping his pants, and then put her hand inside and rubbed him through the material of his jockey shorts. Jeremy was almost in shock, his lustful feelings out of control. He started to ejaculate, and the girl just kept rubbing him, making a sticky, spermy mess that seeped through the material of his underwear.

Jeremy was mortified as the girl pulled her hand out of his pants, saying, "Eeeeww, lookie here, the little boy messed himself." And to Jeremy's humiliation he, and all the girls could see, that her fingers where covered with his sperm.

He didn't know what to do, he was crimson, and just about felt like killing himself. But to Jeremy's shocked surprise the blonde-haired girl took her friend's hand and brought it to her lips.

Jeremy couldn't believe what he was seeing. She had the boy's full attention as he realized she was licking his sperm off the girl's fingers. She was looking at him as she did it. This made the boy instantly hard again. He sat there mesmerized by the vision of this lovely young woman licking his sperm from the dark-haired girl's delicate fingers. Then she said, "Mmmm this tastes great! I think I want some more!"

The girls on either side of Jeremy started to giggle as they worked at the teenage boy's pants, tugging them down and off his legs. Jeremy started to sweat in fear, he was beyond nervous, he knew he'd probably get caught, and fired, and his parents would be called, but he couldn't bring himself to stop what was happening. He had no idea what was going to happen next, but he'd kill to find out.

The blonde girl jumped out of her seat and kneeled between Jeremy's open legs, while the dark-haired girl who had given him the hand job leaned over the boy and began to French-kiss him, rubbing her soft breasts against his chest as she stuck her tongue into Jeremy's mouth.

Here was Jeremy, pants off, gorgeous girl kneeling between his legs - another knock-out-drop-dead teenaged girl sucking his brains out through his lips. He knew that this was a special moment in his life, he thought that he'd never have anything to match this again!

Then he felt the most incredible sensation! A wet, warm, wonderful feeling engulfed his straining erection. The blonde girl had taken him into her mouth. Jeremy began to struggle under the dark-haired girl's kissing, he instinctively wanted to watch what was happening to his body. But the kissing girl only knew that she liked kissing this boy, and wouldn't let him up.

Jeremy was at the threshold of orgasm again. The blonde girls tongue and lips where driving him mad. Another second, and he was spewing his seed, first into
the girl's mouth, then into the dark cool air of the theater. He could hear the blonde girl gagging, and he derived some secret pleasure at the knowledge that he'd paid her back just a little for all the teasing he'd received.

The dark-haired girl stopped Frenching Jeremy, and looked at her friend, asking how Jeremy tasted, with a mischievous giggle. Then she reached down and started to rub the boy's cock again. This time it was naked to her touch, all slick with his sperm, and the blonde girl's saliva as she smoothed it around the boy's shaft and cockhead. She seemed to like the feel of all the fluids, and the boy's soft skin, because she took hold of his penis and started to stroke it.

Jeremy sat there, heart pounding, on sensory overload, as this girl brought his cock back to another erection. She was leaning over him looking into his eyes as she pumped him slowly. She had this speculative faraway look in her eyes, like she was trying to decide something.

She looked down at Jeremy's cock, which popped out between her fingers every time she pushed her hand to the base of his shaft. Jeremy watched too, he watched the girl's delicate hand wrapped around his cock, all slick with his juices.

Then the girl moved her face very close to Jeremy's and whispered in his ear, "Don't say anything, just lay down in the aisle, just do it now, okay?" Without a word, Jeremy scooted off his seat, and scrunched down onto the floor. The other girls made an audible gasp as they realized what their friend was going to do.

Jeremy felt the sticky floor against his butt, and the cool air rushing over his exposed lower body. The dark-haired girl came along with him to the floor, only she was on top of him. Jeremy still couldn't believe that she might want to fuck him. Girls, in his experience, wouldn't even let a guy past the kissing stage. But here he was, with a gorgeous dark-haired girl hovering over him, fumbling with her skirt, ready to fuck him.

God, it was really going to happen! He felt the girl position herself over his erection, Jeremy reached up under the girl's skirt, and felt his cock and her pussy lips. Wow, he was right there, no panties to protect her from his thrust!

With that, Jeremy's chemistry kicked in, and he reached up, grasping the girl's shoulders, and began to pull her down onto his sticky, hot, waiting shaft. At first, the girl resisted his pull.

She was looking into his eyes all the time, looking for something - something that probably wasn't there, because all Jeremy wanted to do was fuck her. He'd think about other things, like what her name was and if they liked the same things afterward. Right now, he just needed to get off one more time, and this time inside a female body. He had to do this, he had no choice, because his body told him so.

As the dark-haired girl came to rest for the first time, with Jeremy's cock fully imbedded inside her, he could she her shudder… just like someone who'd just jumped into a very cold swimming pool. He went crazy when she started to whimper her need to him. She just kept whimpering and making small animal noises as she started to raise and lower herself on Jeremy's engorged cock.

Flashes of light began to zing through his head as the girl began to reach her own orgasm, he couldn't quite catch his breath. The sight of this wonderfully beautiful female on top of him, gritting her teeth and riding him like a horse at gallop was so incredibly powerful, that the boy just exploded his seed into her body, in pulsing gushes.

The dark-haired girl didn't know that Jeremy had come in her, she was too into her own sensations. She wouldn't have stopped what she was doing even if she had

Finally the exhausted couple slumped together, breathing hard, as the sounds of the theater came back to them. Jeremy looked up at the other two girls, who had been trying to hide the fact that there were two teenagers fucking their brains out on the floor between them.

But the game was up, the movie was ending. Jeremy started to struggle under his soft warm sex mate. He gasped, "I'm supposed to get the lights and turn off the projector." He frantically wiggled himself out from under the dark-haired girl, and grabbed at his pants.

The people in the theater were beginning to get up, and Jeremy knew that he only had a few moments before he'd be missed, and get in trouble. He reached down to help the girl up into her seat, she was still looking into his eyes, he noticed every time he looked at her, she was looking into his eyes.

He said breathlessly, "Please wait for me, I'll be right back, I just have to shut down the projector, and turn on the lights." He looked at the girl one more time, and hesitated, he thought he saw tears in her eyes. Then he ran to the door and turned on the lights. Then he rushed up to the projector room and shut the damned thing off.

Still panting from his efforts, and not wanting the girls to leave before he found out where they lived, he jumped down the stairs two at a time, and burst into the auditorium. NO GIRLS! - He looked around very carefully, then ran to the lobby, NO GIRLS! -- Jeremy was having a hard time swallowing now, heart in mouth, he ran outside, and looked down the street, NO GIRLS!


Jeremy remembered the tears in the dark-haired girl's eyes, and wondered...

(One month later.)

Jeremy was starting his first day of school. He had worked at the theater for the rest of the summer, and kept hoping that those girls would come back. But they hadn't. He figured that you couldn't have everything, and at least he had a wonderful memory, probably a better memory than most 15-year-old boys.

As Jeremy walked into his new homeroom class, he staggered back against the door entrance, there they were, all three of them. Sitting there like perfect angels talking to each other.

Heart pounding, Jeremy walked over to the dark-haired girl and said, "Hi, do you remember me?" She turned to face him, and all three girls smiled at him.


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