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(mf-teens, blkmail, rp, v)

by Kristen

This story describes sexual acts and should be considered adult entertainment. If you are not a consenting adult, please read no further. This story is available in downloadable TEXT format.

(last edited 11/05)

This is a story about teenagers and high school, and the things that happen when "freaks" mess with "jocks" and the new girl who gets into the middle of it all.

-= Chapter 1 =-

It was Robyn Berry's first day at Mountain View High School. Her father's company had transferred her family to Denver, Colorado, during the summer and Robyn hadn't yet had a chance to meet any of the other juniors in her class.

She felt a little nervous walking around campus, not knowing anyone; being a stranger was an unpleasant change from her old school where she'd be the popular one.

That first day dragged on until the final bell rang, when all the kids hit the doors in a torrent of noise, running and yelling as they left the school day behind them. Robyn had been a little surprised at the casual attitudes and unruly behavior that she'd come across during that first day at her new school.

Having spent the first two years of high school at St. Mary's Catholic School in Freeport, New York, she was used to much closer supervision during school hours. She'd seen boys kissing girls in the halls, and several couples had been embarrassingly intimate with each other right there in front of everybody.

Robyn wasn't sure if she was going to fit in; so many things here made her feel uncomfortable and out of place.

As she walked toward the parking lot, thinking these thoughts, she was startled by a loud noise behind her. She spun around, her heart pounding, and saw two boys running toward her as if wild dogs were after them.

One boy grabbed her arm and, breathing heavily, whispered urgently, "Pretend we've been walking together!"

He pulled off his jacket and shoved it under her arm. Then, without another word, and firmly holding on to her arm, he started to leave the campus grounds.

Meanwhile the boy with him had done the same thing with another girl, just a few feet away from her.

Suddenly a school security guard came running around the corner of the building, yelling, "Anyone see two boys running past here?" He looked directly at Robyn and the boy with her, then at the other boy and girl.

Robyn's companion said, "Yeah, two guys jumped the fence over there just before you came round the corner; they were really going fast." He pointed to the wrought iron fence about 100 feet away. Then he hugged Robyn to him making it appear that they were a couple and asked, "What did you want them for?" But the only guard mumbled something about vandalism, and stalked off.

Robyn had been in a mild state of shock the whole time, standing there with her knees trembling, not knowing what to do or say. She knew that if the man had asked her any questions, she wouldn't have been able to utter a word. When he had gone back into the school, however, she started to get mad.

How dare this boy use her like that! How dare he! She shook herself free from his grip and turned to face him. "You're one of those vandals he was talking about, aren't you?"

As she spoke, she noticed for the first time what he looked like; she had been too frightened before. He was several inches taller than she was - probably 5'7" or 8" - and really quite handsome. He had black hair, in a kind of Elvis-Presley-unkempt style, and very dark brown eyes. She also noticed his lips, liking the way they curled at the edges.

But his looks didn't change a thing, as far as involving her in his little prank were concerned. "Do you always go around grabbing strange girls, and involving them in your problems?" she said sternly. She shot him a withering stare. "Not very manly to hide behind a woman, is it?"

He just stood there, quietly looking at her. All at once his eyes lit up and his face broke into an attractive smile. He held his hand out as if to shake hands and said, "Pardon me, beautiful. If I'd realized it was you, I'd have done anything to keep you out of it, honest.

"I'm Max, and that scruffy-looking dude over there is Jerry. We got into a little trouble back there, but it wasn't our fault, honest. I get in trouble all the time because I say it like it is, and the football team doesn't like me for it."

Feeling somewhat less miffed now, Robyn asked, "What do you mean, 'telling it like it is'?"

The other boy and girl had come over to them by now and stood waiting for Max to answer. He said, "You can call me a smart-ass, I guess. I'm always pointing out the obvious, like what a bunch of losers the football players at this school are. For some reason they seem to take offense at that." He flashed that smile again.

Now he introduced Jerry's girlfriend, whose name was Kelly, and invited Robyn to the Phoenix, a cafe where, apparently, all the kids hung out after school.

Robyn, though, had had as many new experiences as she could take for one day, and excused herself. But Max refused to let her walk home alone, so eventually she let him walk by her side all the way to her house.


That evening at dinner Robyn got the third degree. Her parents were conscientious about their only child and wanted to make sure she was both safe and happy. In short, they wanted to know everything that went on in her young life.

"Robyn, how were things at school today?" her father asked, serving himself a portion of casserole.

Robyn didn't want to complain about the school and couldn't tell her parents about how she really felt, because she really didn't want to be sent to another Catholic School. She'd insisted on being allowed to attend a public school and if now she made the smallest complaint, or admitted how confused she was feeling, they'd probably transfer her to a private school so fast she wouldn't know what had happened.

So she smiled at her father. "Things were fine today, dad. I figured out how things work and I feel pretty good about the place."

Her mother just looked at her searchingly without saying a word.

Her father replied, "Well, you know, if things don't work out, you can always enroll at St. Bartholomew's. I hear their academic record is unparalleled in both mathematics and English literature, and you know how much you like those subjects."

"Yes, daddy, but things are working out just fine at Mountain View." She hoped she sounded confident.

After dinner, Robyn helped her mother clear the table.

As they were loading the dishwasher her mother said, "Robyn, you know that we love you and that we're proud of you. You've always been such a good girl and you're so smart. We trust you to make the right decisions." Having spoken her mind, she wiped her hands on the kitchen towel and turned to leave.

Robyn wasn't sure what her mother was trying to tell her, so she asked what she had meant by 'trusting her to make the right decisions'.

Her mother looked a little embarrassed and said, with a slight nervous stutter, "Baby, it's just that you've always lived in a protected environment and now that you're in a public school, in a strange city... well, I guess I worry about you." She sighed, and then concluded by saying, "I just hope you don't get hurt by anyone and that you meet nice people, that's all."

Robyn looked at the worry-lines etched on her mother's pretty face, and hugged her, reassuring her that she could take care of herself.


That night she couldn't sleep. She was nervous about school, and about Max, and Jerry, and Kelly, and the events of the day. Deep down inside she felt scared; so many things were different here. But she also felt excited.

She had really liked Max; he was so smooth (a term she and her girlfriends had always used for boys that looked dreamy). Fantasies involving a silver-clad knight on a white horse began their familiar swirl through her thoughts.

As she thought about Max, and what he'd be like as a boyfriend, Robyn began to brush her nipples with her fingers, soon making them erect. That fantasy was her favorite and Max fit the bill perfectly.

Although she would never consider sleeping with him, Robyn did have a healthy teenager's sex drive. A mental image of the handsome boy making love to her was all it took to make her lower one hand to work between her silken thighs.

A slow massage of her breasts and down-covered nest soon brought her a sweet comfortable orgasm. It was always the same; a 'dreamy boy' could always make her cum, at least they could in her imagination. Of course, she'd never do anything like that in real life; at any rate not until she was married and then, she knew, she'd want to do it every night.

She concentrated on that thought, which made her excited again and soon afterwards she experienced another, longer, more intense orgasm.

Eventually Robyn drifted off to sleep. Her last conscious thought was, 'let tomorrow take care of itself', and she had a fleeting image of her fantasy Max, naked and standing before her.


Her mother called out, "Robyn! You'd better get the lead out. You'll be late if you don't leave right now!"

Robyn wasn't quite ready to leave. She'd gotten up on time and eaten a fast breakfast, but she wasn't satisfied with her clothes. She had changed for the third time and she was still unhappy about how she looked. But time was running out and she had to leave for another stressful day at Mountain View High.

Going through the front door, she was stopped in her tracks by the sight of Max, standing almost exactly where she'd left him the night before.

It briefly occurred to her that he'd been standing there all night, but of course that was absurd.

"Hi beautiful! Sleep well?" Max smiled hugely.

Robyn looked into his eyes, trying to tell if he meant anything by that statement. Why would he mention her sleeping unless he'd "seen" her? No way! she thought uncomfortably.

She covered up her slight confusion by giving him her most brilliant smile. "Yes, Max, as always. Thanks for asking."

They walked to school together, Robyn trying to get information about the town and school, and Max trying to find out more about her. It was just a ten-minute walk, so neither got much of what they were after.

Robyn found out that the school revolved around football, and that the players were regarded as some kind of god-like beings who could do no wrong. She was told she'd probably like Mr. Stephens, their homeroom teacher, but probably not the principal, Mrs. Lucas.

Max found out very little, but he looked at her a lot. Robyn was 5'5", maybe 105 lbs - and beautiful. Max thought that the nickname he'd given her - "Beautiful" - really suited her. He knew that her hair was really blonde (no way could she fake those highlights); she had a supple body and a graceful way about her. She was different from the other girls he'd known in town.

"Max! Are you listening to me?"

He started. He'd been walking beside this girl, drinking in her looks, but not listening to a word she was saying.

"Sorry. I guess I've got a lot on my mind. What were you saying?"

"Typical man! Why don't guys ever listen?" But she was smiling and not at all put out.

Max silently answered her question with the thought, 'Hard to hear you through those good looks, baby.'


School was going great. Robyn soon found that she would have no trouble with her studies. She was enjoying the challenge and even thought she might come out at the top of the junior class if she applied herself.

Things had developed with Max and his friends too, and Robyn was now part of the tapestry of daily life at Mountain View High.

After school she invariably ended up at the Phoenix and hung out for a couple of hours, but she always excused herself in plenty of time to get her homework done. Her social life and academic life were going great and her parents were happy for her.

The only cloud on her horizon was the rivalry between Max's faction, on the one hand, and Taylor Carry, the captain of the football team, and the football groupies', as Max called them, on the other.

There was constant conflict and real animosity, between these two groups of students. Robyn tried to stay friends with everyone, but one day some of the boys on the football team cornered Max and Jerry by themselves and beat them up.

Robyn was mad that they could get away with something like that and went to the principal, Mrs. Lucas, to complain. She was told in no uncertain terms that it was all Max's fault, and to mind her own business.

After that there was no love lost between Robyn and the football team captain. She knew that it was Taylor who had personally beaten up Max. Max made things worse by saying it didn't matter; that things like that happened in life.

This was the event that made Robyn change her direction in life.


Max looked like he was in a lot of pain as Robyn helped him home that afternoon, leaning on her shoulder as he limped up to his front door.

They entered the quiet house together and he yelled for his mother but got no reply.

"Damn! I forgot. She's at Aunt Lori's today. Thanks, beautiful. I'll take it from here," he said.

"There's no way I'm leaving you until you're tucked up in bed. I know you, Max. You'll sit around watching TV and eating potato chips all afternoon." She wouldn't listen to any arguments and led the way up the carpeted stairway. "You get out of those dirty clothes and into a robe and I'll get a hot bath going for you."

Max gave a long look at his very determined, very attractive girlfriend. Then he shrugged and limped into his bedroom to do what he'd been told.

Robyn didn't quite know how to look after Max, but her heart went out to him. She thought it might be her maternal instinct taking over, but she also felt kind of aroused by his obvious vulnerability. Seeing a Max who wasn't in complete control of the situation made her feel loving, and close to him.

She was testing the water running into the big bathtub when Max stepped up behind her. "Hey, beautiful, I really appreciate this."

Robyn turned round and was rewarded with a kiss and a brief hug.

In a rather husky voice she said, "You'd better get in while the water's hot."

Max was about to step into the tub, when Robyn pulled his robe down and away from his body, letting it drop to the floor. She couldn't stop herself. She knew that what she was doing was wrong, but it seemed so right at that moment. She had to see for herself what damage had been done to his body. She also wanted to see if he measured up to her fantasy of him.

Max was startled as he felt his robe being pulled away. He'd expected Robyn to go and wait in the bedroom for him, or maybe in the hall outside, so they could talk. Her behavior seemed totally out of character.

Robyn looked into his eyes, then at the bruises on his neck and shoulders. Max felt something like an electric current run through his body when her gaze fell on his penis and he felt it stirring into life.

He quickly stepped into the big Jacuzzi-style tub and sat down in the hot, muscle-relaxing water. He stretched out full length, expelling an "Ahhhh," as he settled in. All his muscles soon relaxed - bar one.

Robyn still couldn't seem to help herself. Her eyes, as if by their own will, began to roam up and down Max's naked 'water magnified' body. She was amazed to find that he looked even better than she'd imagined. A boy's body could be beautiful to look at - muscley and brown, and so... different from a girl's.

The bruises were awkward intrusions into Robyn's fantasy, but they weren't that bad. She felt her face glowing hot with embarrassment when she realized that she'd been mostly staring at Max's erection and that he had been watching her as she looked at it. Her blood rushed through her veins at the sight of his swollen penis, magnified by the water.

She hadn't known quite what to expect, but to see him with an erection in front of her like that was beyond anything in her fantasies. He was beautiful. IT was beautiful!

Unable to speak, she knelt down beside the tub and continued to look at him, mesmerized by the sight of his naked body in the hot clear water.

Max, not knowing what else to do, began washing his shoulders in an awkward, self-conscious way.

Robyn realized that her staring made Max feel uncomfortable. Without a word she took the washcloth from his bruised hand and said, "I might as well be of some use. Lean forward, handsome and I'll wash your back."

Max painfully leaned forward and Robyn began gently washing his back. She dipped the cloth into the tub and ran the hot water over him, then swirled the cloth all over his shoulders and back.

Soon the cloth was dropped into the water and it was just her hands rubbing his back. 'Bare skin soapy skin on bare soapy skin,' she thought to herself as she rubbed away.

When she'd finished with his back, Max lay back in the tub and relaxed. They talked now about small things they'd both experienced, the kind of things couples share. Robyn knelt at the side of the tub washing his shoulders and chest, and Max luxuriated in the sensation of her hands on his skin and her eyes on his body. He'd never experienced anything quite like this before. He was surprised that it was such an intense feeling just to know that his beautiful girlfriend was looking at him.

He kept his eyes closed because he didn't think he could take the sight of her staring at him for too long. Then suddenly...

Max jumped when Robyn slid her hand down his chest, to his crotch.

"Wow! How about warning a guy!" Then, "Hmmmmm, that's nice, Robyn. Oh..."

She had run her hand down to Max's hard-on on an impulse. She'd been looking at it through the water, but the soap had begun to obscure it from view and the thought of what it would feel like to hold had become overpowering.

To her surprise it felt soft and silky. Robyn had never thought about what a boy's penis would feel like, but soft and silky wasn't what she would have expected. She cupped his testicles and gave them a light squeeze; she knew that boys were terribly sensitive there, so she was careful.

Then she ran her fingers up the shaft and closed them around the swollen head. "Mmmmm, Max, you feel heavenly," she said as she grasped his shaft again, this time a little harder and began to jack him. She knew about male masturbation, but only from books and she hoped she was doing it right.

Max lay like a live wire in the water. He didn't know where this would lead - he'd been totally surprised by Robyn's actions so far - but when she started to masturbate him, he was happy to just lie there with his eyes closed and let the electric sensations flow through his body.

As Robyn brought him closer to orgasm, Max considered the possibility that they might have sex. He had considered their relationship to be a platonic one, because of the modest way she always behaved, but new possibilities now crowded into his mind. He felt so good; he was cumming...

"Unggh... Ahhhhhhhhh, Robyn! Oh god Robyn... OH GOD! YES!"

She watched her fantasy sweetheart squirming in the water as she masturbated him. She couldn't believe how hot it made her to pleasure him with her hand like this. Her gaze became riveted even more firmly to his swollen penis as white jets of sperm began to shoot from its pinkish-purple cock-helmet (she giggled to herself at the description that had popped into her head).

The sight of him cumming was tremendously erotic. His body had been so tense that he'd raised him hips out of the water so that the first big spurt shot up and hit his chest; then smaller ones splattered onto his stomach. Then he relaxed his body and sank back into the water, making strings of his sperm at first float in the water and then begin to sink down around him.

Robyn noticed that a glob of Max's sperm had coated her fingers and without thinking about what she was doing, she brought her fingers to her lips (all the while looking into her boyfriend's eyes) and tentatively licked them.

Robyn thought it might taste funny, but was determined, in any case, not to make a face in front of Max. But in fact, it tasted okay; in her aroused state, it actually tasted quite sexy.

There was a moment of silence as they stared into each other's eyes, realizing what had just taken place between them. Then Max reached out for Robyn. "Why don't you come in the tub with me? There's plenty of room."

"I've got all my clothes on, silly. Besides, you're covered with bruises and need to rest."

Max smiled. "I feel like a million dollars, and anyhow, I want to return the favor."

Robyn was sorely tempted to undress then and there, but remembered she wasn't on the pill (she made a mental note to correct that situation). She knew that one thing would inevitably lead to another and then another and it all came back to pregnancy. "Max, I'd like to, but not now. Maybe another time, but..."

Max held her hand and was gently pulling her toward him. She had either to move forward or resist and she told herself she was afraid of hurting him.

The result was that she was slowly pulled into the tub of water to join Max. The sensation of being fully clothed in a bathtub of warm water was a new one for Robyn. Her clothes clung to her skin. She hadn't even taken off her shoes, and they were filling with water.

Max scooted over to one side of the big tub and she sank to her neck in the warm water beside him. Robyn absently noticed a little floating string of Max's sperm settle against her jeans-clad thigh.

Max was all action now; no longer just the passive recipient. He wanted to return the feelings that Robyn had given him, but realized he couldn't fuck her; he loved her too much to force that. It was going to be hard for him; because he was sure he could get her to do it if he really tried.

Robyn already felt warm and aroused by her recent experience and now her boyfriend's hand was massaging her breast through her blouse; tracing the shape of her nipple with his finger.

She felt she was in her personal fantasy, but now it was a boy doing it to her instead of herself. It felt... fantastic.

Her eyes flew open when Max's hand slipped into her blouse, and caressed her soapy breasts. 'God, that feels good!' she thought.

Max had become hard again but he tried to fight his urges. For the moment he just wanted to give Robyn an orgasm so he tried to keep that in mind as he began unbuttoning her blouse. Then it was her bra; and his lips fastened on her nipples - first one, then the other. Then his hand was pushing at her pants. Then it was inside her panties.

Robyn felt dimly that things were going too far and too fast, but she decided to do whatever Max wanted, because she loved him.

He pushed Robyn's wet panties down her smooth tanned thighs and started stroking her, and her fantasy was in full swing again. She began to wonder what it would be like to have Max between her legs; to have his big, swollen organ buried deep inside her.

As he began fingering Robyn's slit, he thought, 'I don't think I can stand this much longer.' Robyn was actually pushing herself onto his fingers, rubbing herself against him and encouraging him to move faster.

Her breathing came in ragged gasps as Max brought her ever closer and closer to orgasm. He reached out with his foot and flicked the drain on the tub. The water level began to drop and at the same time Max eased himself on top of Robyn's body.

Robyn gasped in momentary pain as Max's stiff penis penetrated her. The pressure of his body on top of hers pushed her down into the water that was draining from the bath. Her ears went under the water, while her face was still above it.

In that position she could no longer hear any sound. Her world became one of almost total silence as Max began to move inside her. The only thing she could hear was her own heartbeat pounding in her chest; the sound was internal, deafening. Every nerve in her body was taut as they thrashed about in the disappearing water, making love to each other in earnest.

It flashed through Robyn's brain like a rocket, 'We're doing it! We're really doing it!' She wasn't sure what to think; her thoughts just wouldn't become focused.

Max was thrusting in and out of her, and she pushed back against each thrust in an almost reflex action. She was fast approaching orgasm. Her mental image of Max on top of her and inside her was helping to push her toward a gigantic cum.

Max had tried, but just hadn't been able to stop himself. Robyn was just too beautiful, just too sexy looking and too willing, to allow him the control he wanted to show. And now that he felt her... Now that he was 'in' her, it was just too much.

With one final thrust, Max held himself firmly inside Robyn and emptied himself into his lovely bath-mate, making a low groaning sound as he came, his body jerking in time with each spurt from his dick.

The tub was nearly empty now and Max's groan was the first thing Robyn heard as her ears cleared the water. Her eyes were wide and she could feel him pulsing inside her. She realized what had occurred and made a whimpering sound as her lover's fulfillment triggered her own orgasm. Her beautiful body bucked uncontrollably under his as she reached the zenith of her own excitement.

Robyn tried to tell him how she felt, that she loved him and was glad that he had cum, but all she could say was, "Max, oh Max..."

Afterward, when they had regained their senses, both saw the funny side of lying bedraggled, in a bathtub tangled in each other's limbs and the remnants of Robyn's clothing. Robyn was the first to start giggling, then Max joined in and soon they were both laughing and hugging each other.

After a while, though, it was time to think about the possible consequences of what they had done and Max began to worry that he'd put Robyn in jeopardy. "Baby, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me. I didn't mean this to happen; honest I didn't."

Robyn was worried too, but she said, "I wanted it just as much as you did Max. If I didn't it wouldn't have happened." She tweaked Max's now flaccid penis. "But I have to get on the pill, because I want some more of this!"

She looked at it again and said, "Oh my! See how it grows! I guess I'd better dry off and put something on before we have a repeat performance."

They padded barefoot into Max's bedroom, wrapped in towels. Robyn put on Max's robe and went downstairs to dry her clothes in the laundry dryer and Max slowly dressed, thinking the whole time about Robyn's amazing body and the pleasure he'd had from it.

-= Chapter 2 =-

Things at school got seriously out of hand during the next week, when a big game was due to take place. The team had their strategy meeting the night before the game. And in accordance with tradition, the whole team had dinner together.

They kicked around strategies, discussed their opponents' weaknesses and at ten o'clock everyone went home for a good night's sleep - at least, that was the plan.

However, someone must have added a laxative to some of the food or drink - no one was quite sure which. Almost the whole team came down with the runs that night and the game was lost to forfeiture the next day.

Max, Jerry, and several other boys from their group were pulled into the principal's office in the morning. Mrs. Lucas gave them an intensive interrogation, but couldn't break their alibi.

Robyn turned out to be Max and Jerry's alibi! She told Mrs. Lucas that both of them had been at her house the entire time the food for the meeting was being prepared. She was lying of course, the first serious lie she'd ever told, but she couldn't just stand by and see her friends get into trouble.


The next afternoon they were all at the Phoenix when Taylor came in with several of his friends. He walked directly over to Max and Robyn, and leaned on the table between the couple. "You little shit," he said to Max, "I'm gonna get even with you for that little prank."

Then he looked at Robyn. "And you! I thought you were all right, but you're on the 'get even' list too. Any slut hanging out with these assholes deserves all she gets."

It all happened so fast that Robyn couldn't be sure what had actually did happen. Max didn't appear to have moved, but Taylor was suddenly lying on the floor, blood spurting from his nose.

Then Max had jumped up and was standing over the football team captain, a grim look in his eyes. "Say what you like about me, Butt-head, but leave Robyn out of this. You got that? She's been nothing but nice to you, and you know it!" Having made his point, Max grabbed his white-faced girlfriend and they left the cafe.

As he walked her home, Robyn told Max that he shouldn't provoke the other boys so much; that it just bred hate and violence.

Max had heard this kind of thing from her before and didn't really pay much attention. Jerry, who was right behind them, his arm around Kelly, then started in on how they could "really get the bozos going."

"How about we do Taylor's car! I mean, we could get some paint and rollers... Pink would be a nice color for him; kinda match his little rat eyes, doncha think?"

Max laughed; he agreed that would be a perfect color for Taylor.

Robyn was silent as Kelly and Jerry headed off to his home and Max dropped her off in front of her house. She had grave misgivings about her friends' new plan.

She was deep in thought as she walked into the house. "Robyn! Oh, Robyn dear!" she heard her mother call from the kitchen. Reluctantly, she put on her happy face and went in to her mother.

"Hi mom. What's up?"

Her mother turned away from the dinner preparations and asked her daughter, in a quiet voice, "We saw your space and science test grade. Your father was surprised that you didn't get an A; you always get A's in that. Is anything the matter, dear?"

Robyn was irritated by her mother's question. "Look, mom, it's only one test. Maybe I didn't study enough for it, but it won't affect my overall grade and I'll see that it doesn't happen again."

Her mother still seemed unhappy. "Dear, you know I worry about you. I hope, with those friends of yours, you aren't getting mixed up with a bad crowd. You'd tell me if there was a problem, wouldn't you?"

Robyn turned and headed up the stairs to her room, tossing a careless reply over her shoulder, "Sure, mom. Don't worry." She was already thinking about her immediate problem, not about what her mother had said.


The next day, as Robyn walked to school with Max, she could tell something was wrong. He seemed nervous, not his usual happy, smiley self. She was determined to find out what was wrong and stopped, standing in front of him, her hands on her hips. "Max, you've got to tell me. What have you done?"

Max looked down at the ground and answered reluctantly, "Well, beautiful, I guess I messed up a little. We went over to Taylor's house last night intending to paint his car, and, well... there was an accident... I mean, we made a mistake."

He stood looking at his feet. Robyn's heart went out to him. She knew he was really sweet and gentle inside, and he looked so unhappy. She wanted to take him in her arms and hug him, but she knew where that would lead. She still needed to be on the pill for another week to be sure that it would be safe.

The thought of having uninhibited sex with Max, though, made her face hot and caused that lovely feeling to stir deep inside her. She consciously turned her thoughts back to the subject at hand. "Max, tell me about it."

"Baby, I really didn't mean it to happen, but we'd just started rolling that pink paint onto Taylor's car. His dad must have heard us and he came running out in his bathrobe. He must have slipped or something, 'cause he fell and hit his head."

Robyn was scared now. "Is he all right? ... Max, answer me! Is Mr. Carry all right?"

Max slowly brought his dark brown eyes to gaze into his girlfriend's bright blue ones. When he spoke he sounded sad and tired. "No baby, he isn't. I heard he had some kind of seizure - a heart attack or something. I don't know what exactly, but he's in the hospital now."

"Oh Max, I was praying nothing like this would happen. I've been scared stiff that someone would get hurt." She took hold of her dejected boyfriend and hugged him tightly to her chest. "I'd better go over there and try to explain," she said.

Max became highly agitated at this. "NO WAY! I don't want you going anywhere near to Taylor's house. He knows who was responsible for what happened and he'll take it out on anyone he thinks was connected with it."

Robyn said, "Max, we have to face up to this and Taylor is basically a decent guy. I've got to be the one to talk to him; he'll listen to me. And you're right about one thing. YOU definitely shouldn't go over there, or Jerry either. He'd go ballistic if he saw you."

They were late for class that morning. It had taken Robyn all of her considerable powers of persuasion to convince Max that she should be the emissary of peace in this situation.

The plan was for her to go over to Taylor's that evening and try to explain what had happened. Max was willing to take full responsibility and suffer any consequences that might be coming.

Robyn had hoped to run into Taylor at school, but he didn't come in that day. The day passed slowly for her. She couldn't stop thinking about Taylor's father, and of the trouble that Max and Jerry had caused.


Max watched Robyn walk down the street, confusion and uncertainty written on his face. He was certain she had no chance of succeeding in her mission, but didn't know what to do about it.

Robyn walked up to the Carry's front door, took a deep breath and pressed the doorbell. After a minute Taylor opened the door.

He just stared at her, saying nothing.

Robyn screwed up her courage and said, "Taylor, I heard what happened and I've come to try and make things right between you and Max."

He smiled wanly and opened the door wide, gesturing for her to enter.

Closing the door behind her, Taylor watched the pretty blonde walk ahead of him into the living room. 'Boy', he thought, with a touch of envy, 'that asshole Max has too much luck with women. She really is a knockout.'

Robyn sat down on the couch, straight-backed and prim, and looked gravely at Taylor with her big blue eyes while he thought, 'Man, I'd sure like a piece of that!'

"Taylor, we both know that Max and Jerry are responsible for what happened last night and I've come to see if they can make amends in some way. I don't think you've gone to the police yet, but I'm here to say that Max is ready to take whatever's coming to him. I just don't want this revenge thing to keep going."

When she finished speaking she saw that Taylor was smiling at her.

"Robyn, you're absolutely right," he said. "I think we should all agree to end this vendetta thing. That's one of the reasons I haven't yet called the police."

Surveying his pretty visitor, he thought, 'The other reason is that I hate my old man, and good old Max has done me a fucking favor.'

He continued, "But you know, Robyn, I've been hurt here, and I'm owed. I'm owed big time. I've got to have some compensation. If I get it I'll drop the whole thing, and that's a promise."

Robyn smiled gratefully. "Taylor, that's really big of you. I told Max you were a decent guy. I hope he learns something from the way you're behaving."

Taylor held up his hand abruptly. "Whoa there, sweetheart! I said I wanted compensation. I'm not going to drop the whole thing out of the kindness of my heart."

"What do you want then, Taylor?" she asked, a flash of doubt in her eyes.

"I think a quick fuck with Max's girlfriend would do it."

Robyn had been sitting primly on the couch, but now she jumped up and rushed to the front door, where she turned abruptly, tears trailing down her lovely cheeks. "Taylor, you're being such a jerk now. How can you be so mean? I was just trying to stop you guys from fighting. It'd be good for all of us."

She was reaching for the doorknob when Taylor said in a firm voice, "Robyn! If you leave now, I'm calling the police and Max, together with his asshole buddy, will be arrested within the hour!"

Robyn stood with her hand on the doorknob, wondering how to answer this deeply unpleasant boy. A number of cutting phrases went through her mind, though all remained unsaid.

Taylor put on the pressure. "If you stay just for an hour, I'll make sure nothing is reported, and I'll leave Max and Jerry alone." He walked over to stand beside her. "I'm not saying we'll be friends, but if you have sex with me, I promise I'll do my best to stay away from them. If they do the same, then things should be okay. Whatdya say?"

She wanted to slap him. She wanted to kick him in the balls. She was so mad, she could hardly see straight.

Then, to her amazement, Taylor reached out and cupped her right breast and started kneading it with his fingers.

"Robyn, I find you really attractive. All I'm asking is for you to be nice to me, just once." He was massaging her breast through her blouse while he spoke. "Well, honey, what's it going to be?"

For the first time Robyn actually gave Taylor's offer some thought. What he was doing was obviously very wrong, and she didn't really want to have sex with him. But Max and Jerry would probably go to jail if Taylor called the police and it might ruin their lives.

She made a flash decision. "You're talking about having sex with me just once? And you'll promise not to tell on Max and Jerry if I agree?"

Taylor could hardly believe his luck. Was she really agreeing to his offer? He nodded. "Yes, Robyn. That's exactly what I'm saying. And, yah know, the sex part won't be all that bad for you, 'cause I know my way around a female's body pretty good." He leered at her.

Taylor Carry was telling no more than the truth. He did know his way around the female form. As a matter of fact, he'd fucked over forty women, and had the last seventeen on videotape to prove it.

That's what he did; he fucked them and then shared the tapes with his close buddies on the football team.

Robyn, of course, knew nothing about Taylor's sexual history and was by no means repulsed by his appearance. In fact, she thought he was pretty handsome, in a jock sort of way.

"Well, Robyn, it's decision time. If you decide against, I have to make some calls."

She hesitated a moment longer, brushing his hand away from her breast, then came to a decision "Okay, Taylor. I'll make love to you, but you have to wear a condom. I'm not risking getting pregnant."

"Don't act the virgin with me. You trying to tell me you don't screw Max? C'mon, I don't believe that for a minute." Taylor laughed and started to pull Robyn toward the stairs.

"Wait! We can't do it here. Your mother might come home."

He chuckled. "Baby, wouldn't that surprise her! Don't worry. She's at the hospital with the old man and certainly won't be home tonight. Now c'mon, baby, put out for me!"

Robyn insisted, "I really mean it. You've got to wear a condom!"

The big high school football hero growled, "Listen up. I don't use those; I don't like 'em. So you either do it my way, or you go on outa here and I phone the police. It's your choice." He smiled grimly at the petite beauty standing uncertainly before him.

In her eyes he first saw fear, then anger, and then, finally, resignation. His spirits lifted when he understood he was to get his way; he was going to plow another female, bareback, and what a female! And the fact that it was Max's girlfriend just made the whole thing that much sweeter.

Robyn was having second thoughts as she was pulled by the hand up the stairs behind Taylor. If the truth be known, she was scared stiff. If Max hadn't been in such trouble, she'd probably have kicked Taylor in the crotch and made a run for it right then.

They entered his bedroom, and Robyn saw a strange sight. Taylor's bed was covered with a plastic sheet and the lights in his room were a funny orange color.

Pulling her into the middle of the room, he said, "This is my special little nest, baby. You'll like it once you get used to it."

Robyn answered curtly, "Taylor, I've no intention of getting used to it. You better keep in mind that this is a one-time thing. I'm only doing it to keep my friends out of jail."

Taylor looked his beautiful victim up and down, a little smile on his face. "Sure, baby; anything you say. Now how about stripping for some action?"

Her face went pink with embarrassment. How could he talk like that? She wondered how she was going to get through this. "Listen, Taylor. Undressing in front of you isn't part of the deal, and I'm not doing it."

She started for the bathroom, but was stopped in her tracks by the sound of Taylor's harsh voice.

"Hey, I want to undress you and I'm making it part of the deal!"

She turned, a protest on her lips, but she didn't resist when Taylor walked up and started unbuttoning her blouse.

He was enjoying himself and he soon had the buttons undone and he opened Robyn's shirt to reveal a white lacy bra. He noticed that it was the front-fastening kind and quickly popped the clip. It flew open, revealing firm, round breasts with a white bikini line contrasting with her tan boobs, just the kind of boobs that he liked so much.

Robyn stood up straight, her head thrown back, staring defiantly into Taylor's eyes. He smiled, enjoying her defiance as he reached for her jeans, unbuttoning, then unzipping them and pushed them and her underwear down to her knees.

He stepped back half a pace to admire her naked body. "Oh baby, that's so fine. I haven't seen better, and you know I've seen a lot." He stepped up to Robyn and leaned down to kiss her breasts, holding one in each hand and bringing them in turn to his lips.

Robyn almost jumped at the touch of his hands on her breasts and his lips on her sensitive nipples. She stood as passively as she could, hoping that he would get on with whatever it was he intended doing so this would end as soon as possible.

Taylor pulled himself reluctantly away from Robyn's breasts. He finished pushing her jeans down her legs and made her step out of them. He propelled her toward the bed, and then pulled her down roughly by her arms onto her hands and knees. "Stay right there, baby; I have to turn on the alarm system. If someone comes home, I wanna know about it."

He smiled to himself as he went over to his closet and flicked on the switch to the video equipment he always had ready for this kind of event. He chuckled to himself, mumbling under his breath as he walked back to his trembling captive, "A boy scout is always prepared."

Robyn was frightened now; her body shivered in the air-conditioned room. On her hands and knees, she thought about Max, and what he might think of what she was about to do.

This whole thing terrified her. She'd had only one male in her life and that had been just a week ago. She had little idea of what to expect and longed to have it over with.

She was startled when Taylor kneeling down behind her and it made it no easier when she heard him say, "Baby, we're gonna do it doggy style."

She was shocked! What could he mean by 'doggy style'?! She reared up onto her knees and yelled at him, "Taylor, you're not going to do me in the behind! I won't let you. I don't care what you say. The deal's off, you nasty little..."

Taylor cut her off by covering her mouth with his hand. Putting his mouth close to her ear, he growled, "Now listen up you little bitch. I can do anything I wanted to you. You're at my mercy, in case you hadn't figured that out!" He reached around to Robyn's breast and pinched her right nipple, hard.

"OW! Stop that!"

"Listen, cunt. I had no intention of fucking your tight little asshole; though now I think about it, it might be kinda fun. I was just gonna fuck you doggy style; you know, fuck your cunt from behind. Don't you know anything about sex?"

Tears of humiliation were flowing down Robyn's cheeks; fear of the unknown and the unwanted were surging through her tense body.

Taylor pushed her back down onto all fours. Then he climbed up behind her and began to position his big, stiff erection against Robyn's entrance. She could tell what he was doing, but couldn't think what to do herself. She decided to hold her position on her hands and knees and she closed her eyes, hoping it would all be over soon.

She felt him push into her, thrusting all the way, in one violent movement. It really hurt and Robyn screwed up her pretty face from the pain. Then he was pulling out and thrusting in again and again...

Taylor was enjoying the fact that he was fucking his rival's girl. She was dry at first, but he didn't mind the discomfort because he knew it hurt her more than it did him. He thrust into her, feeling the tense muscles of her back against his chest and her hot moistening tightness wrapped exquisitely around his tense manhood.

Robyn's body adjusted to the new situation, after all, she was a normal, healthy teenager and her body reacted as it normally would to sexual intercourse. So in no time at all, she was fully lubricated and Taylor was happily and smoothly banging away at her from behind.

Thoughts of Max flitted through Robyn's mind. As Taylor continued to fuck her, she closed her mind to what he was doing and began to imagine that it was really Max who was making love to her. The thought of his handsome body against hers made her wet.

She rested her head on her arms and looked back between her breasts to see better what was going on.

There were hairy male thighs behind her smooth female ones and a large pair of testicles swung behind and below Taylor's point of entry. He was thrusting himself really deep and to her surprise Robyn found that she was enjoying it.

He kept thrusting away, wanting to make his little victim sore, to pay her back for all the hassle Max had given him over the years. He was triumphant now that his cock was firmly embedded in Max's prize possession.

Yes, he was truly enjoying himself; and would he have fun tomorrow!? Oh yes, he sure would! He reached over to the side of the bed, not missing a beat. Grabbing the ready bottle of Wesson oil, he opened it and upended it on Robyn's smooth back.

"What was that?!" she yelled. "What the hell are you playing at now, Taylor?" Robyn stopped her hip movements and tried to get up, but Taylor, without saying a word, leaned forward and his weight prevented Robyn from moving from her all-fours position.

Taylor began smoothing the oil over Robyn's back and down her sides; then up under her, to her breasts and stomach. Pretty soon they were both well oil.

After her initial shock, Robyn secretly enjoyed feeling Taylor's big hands, smooth with oil, massaging her body. Everything was slick now, on the inside as well as the outside. It was a different feeling from anything she'd ever imagined, let alone experienced.

Then Taylor abruptly pulled out of Robyn and rolled her over onto the plastic sheet before entering her again, now lying face down on top of her. He began thrusting in and out of her once more, this time with only one object in mind - his own pleasure. He wanted to get off inside her; to leave his seed between this little beauty's legs.

Robyn's body was jiggling in time with the big athlete's thrusts, as he fucked her faster and faster. She was suddenly overcome with disgust at the realization that her body was just being used; Taylor had no consideration for her feelings, he was just 'fucking' her like some kind of cheap whore.

Nevertheless, as he continued thrusting into her with metronomic regularity, she instinctively began to respond. 'After all,' she thought, 'I'm not dead'. She couldn't help it that Taylor was building up sensations deep inside her that were a kind of betrayal of Max.

This mean nasty guy - a guy she didn't like at all - was bringing her off and there was nothing she could do about it. She began to cry quietly as he continued fucking her with gusto.

When Robyn felt the rush of Taylor's sperm pulsing into her vaginal tunnel, that was all it took to bring on her own orgasm. The enormity of the situation, the unwanted intimacy that had been thrust upon her was a crushing burden for the young woman. However, it was overlaid by an intense feeling of release rushing through her tense body and she bucked against Taylor, mindlessly craving satisfaction, her oily body straining against his as she clutched him tightly to her.

Then it was over, and both of them lay there, with their chests heaving, drawing deep shaky breaths, as if they'd just run a marathon.

Gradually catching his breath, Taylor slowly pulled himself out of Robyn. He stood up, smiling hugely. "Hey baby, you're one fantastic fuck! And you say you haven't had it before? That's real hard to believe after that performance."

He walked to the door, turning round when his hand was on the doorknob. "You'll need a bath; feel free to use my bathroom. I'll use the one in the hall." Then he was gone.

Robyn jumped up and rushed into the bathroom. She took a quick shower, dressed and fled the house before Taylor was done with his own shower. She didn't want to see him again. What could she say to him? What, indeed, was there to say?

-= Chapter 3 =-

Robby Benson hated his name; all of his fellow freshmen made fun of it. Apparently there had been some child actor back in the dark ages with that name. It seemed that no one would ever let him forget it.

He looked at his watch and quickened his pace. Only ten minutes until school starts, he thought. He was glad to be going to school that day; it was a really big day for him.

'Yeah, man, he was going to get some tutoring from the 'Angel' of the junior class.' For once he almost liked his name. Robyn, Robby - they sounded a lot alike.

He, and just about all the other boys in his class, had a crush on Robyn Berry. She was such a fox. His reputation had gained serious credit when it became known that Robyn was going to tutor him.

Just lucky, he guessed; luck of the draw, because she'd volunteered to be a student tutor and he'd drawn her name. 'Yes, sir, what a deal!' he thought.

Robby heard the first bell ring while he was jogging onto school grounds and he quickly headed for his homeroom. Just as he arrived he heard an announcement over the loudspeaker that they were going to watch the Mars landing that morning.

It seemed that the school was on some kind of closed network and that they'd all get to goof off for an hour or so, watching Mars. Well, that was just fine with him. He'd just dream a little more about his angel.

The final bell rang and the teacher announced that the Mars landing would be on the screen in about five minutes and that they were all to be quiet and remain in their seats.

A few minutes later the TV in Robby's room came on. Everyone sat expectantly, figuring that the Mars thing ought to be worth at least a few minutes of attention.

Robby almost jumped out of his seat when an image of a beautiful naked girl and a handsome naked guy flashed on the screen. She was on her hands and knees and he was fucking her, doggy style.

Robby couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Wow..." he croaked. He'd never imagined anything like this, even in his wildest masturbatory dreams. All the kids in his freshman homeroom also gasped and silently watched the erotic sex show on the screen.

When Robby's numb mind began to work again, he realized that he recognized the girl. It was Robyn Berry, and the guy was that football guy. "OH MY GOD!" he screeched.

The teacher, busy at her desk, had noticed nothing amiss until Robby's outburst. She looked up and saw rows upon rows of shocked, open-mouthed faces staring at the television screen and she became alarmed. What could possibly be going on? She wondered.

She got up from her desk and walked around to the front of the screen, where she stood, stock-still and white-faced, as her eyes brought the picture, with all its implications, to her brain.

She quickly turned the set off, to a tumultuous "AAAHHHH!" of disappointment from all of the students.

***Two Weeks Later***

The alarm blared in Robyn's ear, slowly bringing her to consciousness. Groaning, and rolling over on her stomach, she reluctantly opened her eyes. 'Oh god, it's today,' she thought. Life had been hell ever since the day that the video had been shown to the whole school.

As she dragged herself from her bed, the incident played in her head for the thousandth time. She remembered looking up expectantly, excited at the prospect of seeing the Mars landing on television, but as it dawned on her that, instead, she was watching a video of two people having sex, her brain had gone blank and her face white as a sheet.

'It was her! Her and Taylor! But how could that be?' She groaned when she thought about the fact that she hadn't even told Max what she'd done, after all how could she tell him. This was a fine way for him to find out.

In shock she slowly turned in her seat towards Max, who was sitting beside her in class. Their eyes locked for a moment and she could see the anguish in his eyes. She opened her mouth to tell him... what? What could she say?

Max took another long look at the screen before standing up, his body trembling. He knocked his chair over, then turned and ran from the classroom.

It wasn't till then that Mr. Stephens noticed anything was amiss. He strode to the TV set, where he quickly took in what was being displayed. He at once recognized the couple performing on screen. "My god!" he cried, and reached for the off switch.

As the screen went black, he swung round to look at Robyn. She was frozen in her chair, like a young deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming Mack truck.

He said gravely, "Robyn, I think you had better come with me." He took her arm and helped her rise from her seat, then walked her out of the room.

Just outside the classroom he stopped and faced her. "What the hell was that I just saw, young lady?" His face was red, and he looked thoroughly upset.

Tears streamed down Robyn's cheeks, but all she could say was, "I'm sorry, Mr. Stephens. I'm so sorry. I had no idea..."

Robyn spent the rest of the morning in the principal's office in a state of extreme nervousness, waiting for one of her parents to pick her up from school.

Taylor sat across from her; both had been suspended from school for two weeks.

At last her father showed up, having been called at work and told the story. He looked at his daughter as if she were a stranger. Robyn began to cry despairingly. There was nothing she could say, nothing at all. She couldn't explain what she'd been thinking, or why she'd had sex with Taylor. Her life seemed to be at an end. At any rate, it could never be the same again.


Now, two weeks later, after a huge fight with her parents, Robyn was going back to school. Her father had been all set to take her out of public school and place her in the local Catholic School, St. Bartholomew's, but she'd fought him long and hard to stay at Mountain View High.

Her parents couldn't understand why she would want to stay after such humiliation. Her father had said, "Young lady, I don't understand you any more. First you humiliate yourself and shame your family and then you want to brazen it out and go back to a school where you've made yourself a laughing stock." He felt so frustrated that he seemed close in tears.

Robyn persisted, however, and the day at last arrived when she was due to go back. She left the house quietly, dressed in a long skirt and heavy sweater. She was determined to be an exemplary student from now on. Dress conservatively, think conservatively and act conservatively, she thought.

Walking with her head down, her eyes looking at the ground, she hurried to school. She was worried to death about what her classmates would say. She couldn't even let herself think about Max. He hadn't come over even once while she had been grounded. The last sight she'd had of him was on the day the video had been shown and the look on his face was etched in her memory.

As she entered her homeroom class, the other kids became quiet. Pretty soon there wasn't a sound to be heard as she crept to her old seat. She couldn't bring herself to look anyone in the face, but just slumped down in her seat and faced stiffly forward, focusing on nothing.

Suddenly she heard hushed whispers, and looked up to see Max at the door. They looked into each other's eyes for a moment. Then he swung into the room and sat down a few chairs away from her. He didn't look her way again for the rest of the period.


Robyn thought that the day she'd just spent at school had almost been as bad as the day of the video showing.

At last school was over for the day, and she was going home. At least Jerry and Kelly had talked to her - they'd even eaten their lunch with her - but there'd been no sight of Max since homeroom.

Jerry had invited her to go with them to the Phoenix, but Robyn had declined; all she wanted to do was go home, climb into bed and cry.

She was walking through the sports field, her eyes fixed on the ground, thinking about how she had screwed up both her own and Max's life by her stupidity, when she felt herself pushed violently from the back. She fell to the ground, hands first, scraping both palms, and cried out in fright and pain as she hit the dirt.

Shocked and confused, Robyn looked up at her assailant. Her jaw dropped when she recognized Taylor and a couple of his football buddies.

She saw red. "Taylor, you have a nerve! I thought you'd be in hiding, not pushing girls around." She was furious with him.

He'd forced sex on her and then shown it on video to the whole school. Right then she felt she'd like nothing better than to strangle him. Of course she knew she couldn't have done it even if she'd been strong enough to overpower him, which of course she wasn't.

Taylor just laughed. He pointed at her, saying, "The little whore really liked riding my dick; you guys saw it. You think she'd like to suck it now?" He stood threateningly over Robyn, and scuffed a little dirt onto her skirt.

Her eyes started to water, not in fear, but in anger. How dare this bastard keep trying to humiliate her! What harm had she ever done him? All she'd wanted to do was keep the peace. She'd always treated everyone with respect, but here he was, hurting her again. She couldn't believe it.

Taylor grabbed her shirtsleeve and dragged her to her feet. "Maybe the guys would like a piece of the action this time. Whatdya think, Robyn? You up for a little gangbang with a buncha horny jocks?" He pulled her up to him and pressed his mouth on her lips, in a careless, sloppy kiss.

"C'mon guys, let's take the little slut behind the bleachers and show her a good time." He clamped his big hand over the girl's mouth and bodily dragged her the thirty feet or so to the bleacher area.

His two friends followed him, though they looked a little unsure of themselves. As soon as they reached the secluded space behind the bleachers, Taylor threw Robyn to the ground again.

She was breathing hard now. The hand over her mouth and nose had made her light-headed with lack of oxygen. There was real fear in her eyes as Taylor hovered menacingly above her.

Without warning he dropped down on her and started to wrestle her blouse open. Robyn began to scream. It was all she could do, and she screamed with all the power in her lungs.

Taylor flat handed her, hard. The shock of the slap to her face stunned her. It also silenced her for a moment.

"Scream like that again, bitch, and I'll smash your cute little face in. Got that? You just lie there and take it like the good little whore we all know you are. Okay, baby?"

Again he started pulling at Robyn's blouse, not caring about the damage he was causing. Buttons went flying and cloth was ripped as he roughly undressed her. Robyn's blouse and bra were thrown a few feet away and her skirt was ripped open, baring her beautiful, silky legs.

Taylor stopped for a moment, breathing raggedly from his efforts and from his rising lust. He had to admit to himself that this girl really was beautiful and he stared at her nakedness for a few moments before calling to his friends, "Hey, was I lying when I said she was a gorgeous piece of ass?"

The two other jocks looked eager and ready for their turns when Taylor had finished with her.

Robyn begged him to stop. "Please, Taylor, don't do this. Don't you think I've suffered enough? You've already ruined my life; are you trying to kill me?"

He guffawed and said, "Baby, I just want to fuck you. I don't give a shit if you wanna die or not; just don't do it till I'm done with you, okay?"

He forced Robyn's smooth tanned legs apart with his knee and began to position his exposed cockhead at her opening.

She was determined this time to fight and to die if necessary; she wouldn't let Taylor rape her. They wrestled for a while in the dirt until Taylor became frustrated with his squirming victim. He hit Robyn another glancing blow to the face, which knocked the remaining fight out of her.

She lay there stunned, tears pouring down her dusty face. Taylor quickly mounted her and forced his fat prick into her, shoving violently all the way in making the girl cry out in pain.

Robyn looked dazed as she stared into the blue sky. She saw birds flying overhead in pairs and fluffy white clouds floating high up. She could feel the boy on top of her as he brutally humping her body.

Strangely she couldn't feel anything anymore, her mind was numb, her beautiful blue eyes were no longer as clear and brilliant as before. That special spark of liveliness had gone from her lovely face as well. The liveliness that usually played across her features was fading with each brutal thrust of her teenage rapist. Robyn felt as if her life was over. Taylor had won.

One of the other boys was now dropping his pants in anticipation of his turn. He looked at his buddy fucking the hot girl. 'It's so fucking perverted,' he thought to himself. He'd never been this hard before and he was looking forward to banging this chick in the worst way.

Taylor, meanwhile, was really enjoying himself. 'God she's tight!' he thought. "Yeah, baby, I'm gonna cum in you again," he crowed. "Maybe this time we can make a baby. With our looks we'd make a knock-out kid." He increased the violence of his thrusts at the thought of making this 'hot bitch' pregnant.

Robyn closed her eyes and thought of... death...

Suddenly there was a loud noise, a yell, and all hell broke loose. After the yell, the next thing that registered in Robyn's mind was that Taylor had stopped fucking her. Then she saw the blood.

Was she dying? Had they killed her? Slowly the scene came into focus.

MAX! OH MAX! Max had found them and he was smashing heads. He'd already downed the guy with his pants down and apparently he'd banged Taylor on the side of the head with a board.

Taylor was standing in a crouch, naked from the waist down, still with a partial erection. Blood dripped down the side of his head and he was circling Max in a wrestler's stance. Max didn't waste any time. He took the two by four and slammed it into Taylor's crotch.

The big football player doubled over and crashed to the ground, face first. Max now rushed over to Robyn, cursing over his shoulder at the remaining jock, who turned and ran away as fast as he could.

"Hi beautiful. How ya doin'?"

Robyn, who was lying in the dirt, stripped naked, dirty and disheveled, leaned against Max and gave him a bright smile. Her big blue eyes were shining, even as her tears ran down her cheeks.


In a perfect world Robyn and Max would live happily ever after and Taylor would go to jail for a long time, but it's not a perfect world. However, if these events actually happened - and let's say they did - then Robyn and Max would have as much chance of living happily ever after as anyone else.

Even though there was some violence and pain in my story, all the same, I hope you enjoyed it.


Acknowledgments, All my thanks to Stephen for his encouragement and proofing and to Ian for doing such a good job editing my stories.


1997 Kristen Kathleen Becker

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