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Significant Others
(MMF, cheat, friends)

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This story describes sexual acts and should be considered to be adult entertainment. If you are not a consenting adult, please read no further. This story is available in downloadable standard TEXT format at this location: Click here

Kimball Jason had a throbbing headache. He'd spent the past several hours trying to sort out all the problems with the band. The lead singer was in the slammer on drug charges, the bass player was in Detox, and eery- thing looked like falling apart. Kim had been trying to hold things together, but both his job and the band were fast heading south.

As he climbed the stairs to his apartment he thought about Henry and Nell, his two best friends. The three had known one another ever since the third grade, and Kim sometimes wondered how they'd managed to stay friends all that time.

Henry was the loud, outgoing one in the group, and Nell... well, she'd turned Kim down when he'd proposed to her, back in the 8th grade. It still hurt to think about it. Yeah, sure, they'd been too young - he knew that now! - but she hadn't needed to laugh quite so hard at the time...

Anyway, they were still the best of friends, and that was pleasant to think about after the crummy day he'd just had.

Putting the key into the lock, Kimball thought once more how nice it was to have Henry staying at his place. Henry had been evicted from his own building and was staying with him until he found another apartment. His crazy landlady had thrown him out on his ear when she'd discovered that he wrote smut for an Internet company which sold erotic stories.

He still wondered how anyone could actually make a living by doing that.

The lights were out when he stepped into his apartment. 'Wonder where Henry is,' he thought - his friend had said he'd probably stick around the house that evening.

Kim figured that Henry must have changed his mind and gone out after Kim had called to say he had to work late. 'Damn!' he thought. 'I should have called him back to say I'd be home on time after all. Now I'll have to sit around this dump and mope by myself.'

He frowned at the prospect of another lousy night of watching television.

Just then he heard a noise coming from his bedroom. It was a faint banging sound, as if someone was kicking the wall or something. 'What's Henry doing in my bedroom?' he thought, walking down the hall and opening the door to his room.

It was, indeed, Henry, and he was banging away at some girl in Kim's bed. Henry's tan body, topped with a mane of blond hair, lay sprawled over an olive-complexioned, auburn-haired girl. He was fucking her with all his might, and she was moaning as she hugged his muscled body.

Kim was aroused by the scene, but something didn't seem right. Those long, shapely legs, wrapped around Henry's heaving butt, looked familiar. Then it hit him full force! "Hey goddammit, what the hell?!" he yelled at the top of his voice.

Henry jumped up as if he'd had an electric shock. He looked startled, and something else too... guilty? The blood rushed from Kim's face when his suspicion was confirmed. "Jeezus!", he shouted, "how could you do this to me, Nell?! How could you guys fuck around like this behind my back, and in my bed too?"

He turned in a fury and stomped out of the room. The pair who had so recently been joyfully coupling on the bed heard their friend banging around in another room.

Nell lay naked, panting from her recent exertions, temporarily in shock as she took in the effect that her surrender to Henry would have on all their relationships. At last she gathered her wits sufficiently to spring up and pull her skirt and blouse back on, though she left her underwear on the floor. She was anxious to go to Kim and apologize.

She hadn't meant to hurt him. In fact, she hadn't intended allowing Henry to screw her either; it had just happened.

Henry, meanwhile, had also been throwing on some clothes, and the pair, who only a moment ago had been enjoying great sex together, ran down the hall, tugging their clothing into place, trying desperately to think of something to say to their friend.

They entered the room together, looking rather shame- faced. "Kim, oh Kim, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean this to happen. Henry and I were only... well, we just... I'm so sorry." Tears were forming at the lower edges of Nell's big brown eyes as she fumbled for the right words to say to her friend.

Kim looked accusingly at her. "Shit, Nell! I can't believe you just fucked my best friend, and in my bed! And you, you son of a bitch, I can't believe you fucked my best friend either," he said accusingly to Henry, almost crying now. "You guys have really screwed me... Henry, you better move out, and you, you... Nell, I don't think I want to see you for a while either. You guys go somewhere else to do your screwing, not in my face. Dammit, I can't believe this happened!"

Nell was crying now. She loved both of these guys like brothers, and had done so since before she could even remember. They were opposites, and she liked that about them. What had she done? How could she fix things?

Henry now spoke, soothingly: "Look, Kimball, we really didn't want to make you mad. I know it looks kind of bad, but it just sort of happened. You have to forgive us. Look what it's doing to Nell. You want her to cry like this?"

Kim looked at his long-time friends, and a vision of Henry humping a nude Nell flashed into his mind. He shook his head slightly; his headache was horribly painful, and he didn't know what to do. "Hell, you guys, I just need to be alone. How about you just leave, OK?"

Nell stood up as if to go, but then broke down and began sobbing, falling on Kimball and putting her arms around his neck. Her body was wracked with sobs as she clung to him, wetting the collar of his shirt with her tears.

Kim didn't know what else to do, so he held her gently to his chest and patted her on the back, as one would comfort a child, saying, soothingly, that it was all right... though he knew it wasn't.

Henry, meanwhile, stood at the side, watching his friends hugging. He was thinking that only a few moments ago he'd been thrusting in and out of Nell's tight pussy. He felt majorly frustrated, and really wanted to complete that grade-A fuck. He felt himself getting hard again just at the thought of taking Nell again...

He caught himself, realizing that he'd been day-dreaming, as he saw his friends rocking back and forth in their embrace, as if in a slow dance. It was obvious what was happening. His friends were feeling over-wrought, their emotions singed, and something sexual was growing between them as a result.

Henry didn't want to share Nell - what was happening wasn't fair to him - but he didn't know how to stop them. His pulse began to pound as the couple began to kiss. First it was just kissing on the lips; then they were trying to climb down one another's throats.

"Hey!" he shouted, to get their attention. Nell pulled her mouth away from Kim's, gasping for air. She looked at Henry, then back to Kim, her eyes red, her cheeks still wet with tears. Each man realized that she faced an impossible choice, and that the other would want to die if he wasn't the one chosen.

Nell reached out and took both of them by the hand, saying: "I can't choose between you guys; I love you both too much. It's the three of us against the world, and always has been." She sighed, looking sad for a moment, continuing with a growing smile on her lovely face: "I guess we'll just have to be a menage a trois."

Without saying another word she led both men back to Kim's bedroom. Henry was about to protest when Nell hugged him tightly, giving him a deep kiss to silence him. Kimball was still aroused from her previous kisses, and he stepped up to Nell's back and hugged her from behind.

Nell felt his stiff cock pushing against her butt. She kept on kissing Henry while Kim raised her skirt, placing his hands on her behind and massaging it gently.

He'd often fantasized about doing this kind of thing to her while they were growing up. In fact, she'd been his lover in innumerable masturbation sessions.

Lifting her skirt even higher, he looked down, amazed at the perfection of her body. He'd always admired her will power - how she'd run every morning and eaten only healthy foods. Now he appreciated the benefits, admiring the sheen on her muscled ass-cheeks and the backs of her silken thighs.

He opened his pants, almost by instinct, not really thinking why he'd done it. He just knew he had to fuck Nell to make things right between them again.

Nell was very conscious of Kim's hands on her bottom, and she shivered as he moved them down the inside of her thighs, at the same time fumbling with his zipper. She frenched Henry more desperately that ever, hoping that things wouldn't explode when he eventually realized what was going on behind her. It didn't take very long for that to happen. As Kim dropped his pants on the floor he gently urged Nell over onto the bed, face first, and in doing so caused her to break right away from Henry.

She felt a hardened cock-head prodding at her opening, and climbed up onto the bed, immediately crouching on all fours. Kim quickly followed her, his swollen manhood meeting almost no resistance as he slipped it into her warm, wet hole and started pumping away.

Nell gasped, feeling an extra thrill from being fucked doggy-style with someone else watching. She'd never imagined that sex could feel like this. She was sweating with excitement, mixed with nervousness because Henry was also on her mind. She looked round for him, hoping he wouldn't take this too badly.

To her surprise, she saw that he had dropped his pants too. He wasn't wearing underwear, and his stiff brown cock was in his hand. He was looking at her and jacking himself off, the head of his knob appearing and disappearing between his fingers as he pumped, in time with Kim's plunging hips.

Kim began to thrust harder, now completely lost in his own pleasurable sensations, grunting each time he buried his organ in Nell's welcoming pussy. He could feel her cunt-lips grasping at his cock each time he pulled out to make another thrust. She was so tight, and he was so close to coming, he knew it would only be a few moments before he lost it.

Nell was really enjoying what Kim was giving her, and had begun to thrust her hips back at him to meet his incoming thrusts. But she was also worrying about Henry being left out of things; she didn't want him to feel rejected. She felt she ought to pay him some attention, and that it would have to take the form of a blow-job, because her principal orifice was otherwise engaged.

When she looked up again, however, Henry was no longer to be seen. She'd just assumed that he'd want her to suck him. After all, she'd seen his swollen pecker jerking in her face only a moment ago... Where had he gone?

She was crouching on her hands and knees, with Kim behind her, and suddenly she felt a weight on her back as Kim leaned farther forward on her while continuing to thrust away. She looked down between her breasts and saw his thighs moving behind hers, and his slick cock thrusting in and out of her. But now there was something else as well.

Oh my god! she murmured in shock. She could see someone's hand on Kim's balls! She realized that it was Henry who was leaning, naked, over Kim's back, fondling his nuts while Kim continued to fuck her! She could hardly believe it. She'd never seen men touch each other like that before; it was too much to take in at that moment. She placed her forehead on the sheets so that she could watch herself being fucked by Kim, and at the same time watch Henry's hand massaging and pulling at Kim's balls.

She thought: 'What's going to happen now? All our lives are surely going to change because of this.'

She returned to the present when she felt Kim give an especially hard shove, straining as he released his hot come deep inside her. His body quivered as he pressed his tool deep into her, down to the hilt.

In a daze, Nell noticed that Henry's hand was still wrapped around Kim's testicles, massaging away. Kim seemed to orgasm for ages. He held himself tight against her behind, and she actually felt his dick swell with each ejaculation. His come squirted out from around his buried cock with each thrust, and began to drip slowly down her inner thighs.

Nell watched, astonished, as Henry ran his hand down to the place where Kim and she were joined and began to smear sticky come over her pussy fur and Kim's thighs. It was the sexiest thing she'd ever seen - or felt. She could still feel Kim spurting inside her... and Henry's hand rubbing her in places that made her shiver.

All these sensations were too much for Nell and she felt the first wracking spasm of her own orgasm. As her body entered its electric world of orgasmic sensations, she lost her ability to support the men's weight, and slumped onto the bed. She moaned in disappointment when she felt Kim's manly cock slip out of her, but a moment later she felt strong hands grasping her hips and pulling her up from the mattress.

Drifting in a satisfied haze, she understood that Henry was at last getting what he'd wanted all along as he penetrated her for the second time that night. She hung in his grip, experiencing the delightful sensations of being used by an aggressive, horny man, not having to do anything but let it all happen.

Henry buried himself with violent force with each thrust, soon bringing Nell to another orgasm. At each thrust Nell felt a rush of excitement, almost like a current flowing from between her legs to her brain. She felt she might faint if Henry kept it up much longer.

Henry was happy to use Nell's luscious body while Kim lay beside them, watching and wondering why they had waited so long to become so intimate. As he watched, Nell slowly turned her head, pressing the side of her face into the sheets, her whole body moving, pressing, thrusting to the rhythm of Henry's movements.

She reminded Kim of a pretty rag doll as Henry roughly man-handled her in his urgent need for release. Now that he no longer felt left out, Kim was fascinated to see his friends fucking. He admired Nell's perfect body as Henry lustfully used it for his pleasure. She was so beautiful - and so was Henry, when Kim took a moment to watch him.

Henry groaned and jerked one last time as he emptied his seed into their mutual girlfriend. He held the pose, his eyes closed, as he pumped deep inside Nell, still hanging on to her hips, pulling her on to him with a firm grip.

Kim was awed. It was the most intense experience of his life - the sexiest thing he'd ever seen - to watch Henry filling his - their! - woman with his sperm; to know exactly what Henry was feeling as he came, and to know that it would be his turn next!

He watched Nell slowly open her lovely brown eyes and smile languorously at him. She was obviously happy, and he was glad to know that they were all friends again.


Acknowledgments: All my thanks... to Stephen for his encouragement and proofing and to Ian for doing such a good job editing my story.

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