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(MF, rom, exh, y2k)

by Kristen

December 1999

This story describes sexual acts and should be considered adult entertainment. If you are not a consenting adult, please read no further. You may download this story in TEXT format by clicking here.

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University of Wisconsin vs. Stanford --
The 86th Rose Bowl Game January 1, 2000

Sheri knew what they were doing was wrong, but she loved Michael so much; she really wanted to please him. Pirouetting before the camera, she could hear Michael's appreciative sighs. She had stripped naked, and was posing for him in the sportscaster's booth high above the playing field at the Rose Bowl.

What they were doing was wrong, but it was also terribly exciting! What if someone came in on them while they were both naked? Sheri liked to exhibit herself; it was a secret fantasy she'd had all her life but never acted upon - until now.

When Michael had invited her to come and watch him test the equipment the week before the big game, she never guessed things might get out of hand. However, after several hours of watching her handsome boyfriend lying under equipment and twisting his body to fit behind bulky camera controllers, she'd become both a little bored and quite aroused.

It was his body that had attracted her to Michael in the first place, and watching him spread-eagled on the floor, his bulge at her mercy, or bent over a piece of audio equipment with his firm butt pointing at her, brought rude thoughts to mind.

When Michael had suggested that Sheri be his model so that he could test the hand-held interior camera, she'd flashed him playfully. Being small-breasted, and not always needing to wear a bra, had its advantages. A quick tug on her sweatshirt up and over her bare breasts and she had his total attention.

One thing led to another, and she soon found she'd been talked into posing nude.

Michael was shooting his girlfriend's luscious body from every angle, one eye glued to the viewfinder. Sheri looked devastatingly sexy sitting on the counter, her lovely legs drawn up and dusky-pink pussy lips peeping out from between her shapely ankles. She smiled coyly at Michael, giggling as he hurriedly discarded his clothing while simultaneously trying to capture her on film.

Her heart rate quickened when his swollen manhood bounced into view. Sheri knew what would happen next, and the anticipation instantly made her wet. She swallowed, realizing how much she loved Michael. At that moment she wanted nothing more in the world than to make love to him. Sex in the newsroom would be a titillating bonus.

She slipped off the counter and moved toward him. Reaching him, she grasped his wonderfully erect pleasure shaft, and he groaned in response, panting: "Wait a second, baby. I've got an idea."

He reluctantly disengaged her cool slim fingers from his boner and ran naked to the camera, quickly setting it on its tripod.

Sheri waited impatiently while he set the auto-record; then he returned, pushing her to the floor on top of their clothes pile. She had a sudden fear of being caught, and asked nervously: "Michael, what if someone came in?" but he didn't reply immediately.

She hadn't figured on being filmed while having sex. She trusted Michael, but felt vaguely uncomfortable about having their most intimate acts on film or (should she say?) digital disk.

When he settled his body on top of hers, however, she shivered, and a thrill like nothing she'd experienced before ran from her head to her toes. Everything was so bright, so intense - even his smell was sexual - that her mind reeled with lustful thoughts.

Already, before he moved, Sheri was wriggling under him, positioning his swollen tool for her pleasure. "Don't worry, sweetheart," he replied at last. "The chances of anyone coming all the way up here today are just about nil; anyway, I've got to have you! You've been naughty with your teasing, and now you're gonna get what's coming to you."

He positioned himself (with enthusiastic help from Sheri) at her opening and plunged deep into her wet, warm receptacle.

"Oh, yes... that feels so good, baby," she moaned, spreading her legs wide and raising them a little to allow Michael full penetration.

They made passionate love as they always did. Only, this time the fear of being caught, and the fact that Michael was filming their love act, sharpened her sensations. She performed for the camera, moaning and bucking against Michael, her worries quite forgotten as she humped back at each thrust of her lover's hips. She was seizing the moment, and to hell with the consequences!

After a few minutes she heard Michael groan, and felt his body tense. Then she felt his throbbing release as he came deep within her. The knowledge that the fruit of his pleasure was filling her made Sheri buck even harder to milk her lover of all he had.

The extra friction took her body to its own lustful peak, and she screamed: "God! YES!" as she held on for dear life even as Michael's body slackened, waves and waves of delicious orgasm overwhelming her mind and body.

Eventually they slumped together, panting as if they'd just run a five mile race. Sheri whispered into her lover's ear: "I love you, Michael. That was the most wonderful orgasm I ever had." He could only manage: "Hmmm..." as he lay there, trying to recover from the wild ride.

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Game day came, with Michael responsible for all feeds and hookups to the national networks. He was running around with his head in the clouds. It was his first really big job and things were going according to plan.

The 86th Tournament of Roses game was in progress and everything was working perfectly. He'd been a little nervous about the rollover to January First, but all those worrywarts talking about possible Y2K equipment failure had been proved wrong.

Of course, he'd taken nothing for granted, checking and double-checking all of the equipment. He chuckled to himself, thinking about Sheri and himself in the broadcast booth earlier in the week. Yes, sir. He sure had double-checked THAT equipment!

Contemplating that episode made him hard again. He was having the time of his life today, but it would still be nice to get home to his sexy little honey and jump into bed with her.

His mind was dragged back to the present by one of his co-workers yelling: "Okay. Two minutes till half-time. Hey Michael, could you check camera 16? It's been acting up and we'll need it for half-time field events."

It was something he had to take care of, but the scoreboard graphics were about to come on-line. He quickly calculated how long it would take to get down to the field and reboot the camera, deciding that if he didn't go right away it would be too late. "Okay, Marty," he said. "You take charge of the half-time graphics while I head down to the field. If you have a problem call me on my cell phone."

Marty said nervously: "I don't know the controls; all I can do is turn the thing on. What if it's out of focus?"

"It won't be. I checked the settings last night. I gotta go or it'll be too late." Michael turned and sprinted to the elevator.

Less than a minute later the announcer signaled Marty to turn on the scoreboard half-time graphics. He pressed the 'engage' button and looked out at the huge score boards, standing five stories tall at each end of the stadium. As they lit up, bringing to life the previously dead-white surface of each screen, his jaw dropped and his brain went blank.

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This year New Year's Day was different. This year Sheri had a boyfriend who worked at the Rose Bowl, and because of that she was watching the event on TV with a group of Michael's friends and some of her own. Normally she didn't watch football at all, but this year she was interested in technical aspects of the event, if not the game itself.

She was hosting the Bowl party at their apartment, where the focus of attention was their 45" color projector TV set.

Halftime was signaled, and she and her best friend, Carol, were heading for the kitchen to refill the snack bowls when she whirled around, almost tripping, at the sound of male howls.

"Goddamn! Will you look at THAT!", Jerry, Carol's boyfriend, yelled. All the guys were whistling, shouting and laughing hysterically. Sheri and Carol hurried back into the living room to see what the fuss was about, and in the ten seconds before the screen went dark, during which the large glass bowl slipped from her nerveless fingers to shatter, unnoticed, on the floor, Sheri saw herself in naked splendor on the Rose Bowl scoreboard, Michael wildly thrusting away between her outstretched legs.

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Much later that night, after Sheri had ushered all their mutual friends out of the apartment, in the process fending off one of Michael's drunker buddies, who kept leering at her after the display he'd seen on TV, Michael came home.

He explained to Sheri how a Y2K time/date glitch had resulted in their sex play being stored in the digital system, and how it had been retrieved for display at just the wrong moment.

"Goddamn it! Who'd have thought something like that could happen," he groaned.

Sheri had been hugely embarrassed at the time but, she thought, there was nothing they could do about it now.

Later that night she had another wonderful orgasm from Michael making love to her. That the world had seen them doing "it" might not be so terrible after all; it certainly hadn't harmed their sex life.

Drifting off into a sated sleep, Sheri mused dreamily about doing something similar in the future--

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Acknowledgments: All my thanks... to Stephen for his encour- agement and proofing and to Ian for doing such a good job editing my little story.

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