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Hershey's Thursdays
May 15th 1999
Written by Kristen



Maya felt a little queasy as she watched the women wrestlers tugging at each other's hair, each desperately attempting to overpower her opponent. Everyone was cheering them on, as usual.

She often wondered how much Hershey's syrup the club used every Thursday during this event. Both women were covered from head to toe in chocolate; it was hard to tell where their bikinis ended and their skin started.

She was startled when the man next to her shouted encouragement to his favorite. She looked sideways at him, idly speculating on what he might be like in bed. As he enthusiastically jumped up, shouting at the top of his voice, she noticed that he was hard; obviously aroused.

She looked back at the action, at the women tussling in an oversized wading pool full of Hershey's syrup. They were going at each other in earnest now.

One of the women suddenly pulled away as the other tore her bikini top free and held it up in triumph. That brought roars of approval from the spectators, but you couldn't really make out any details; chocolate was smeared all over their bodies and had seeped under the material of the swim suits, making both women brown all over.

Maya was glad that Murphy's had the Hershey's wrestling each Thursday night. They really brought the guys in, and that's what it was all about, wasn't it! She rarely went home alone on Thursday nights.

The feeling of nausea shot through her gut again, making her bend at the waist. Pregnant at 38, and she didn't even know who the father was. Maya knew she'd have to change her lifestyle soon, but partying had become almost necessary to her. Life had been one big party after she moved out of her parents' house at 28.

It had almost become a routine - get off work at 5:30 each afternoon, home for a quick shower and change, and then hit the clubs.

Her favorites were Murphy's and Charlie's Forever, because both clubs gave a girl the best chance of being picked up.

She mentally cataloged the men she'd had over the past 10 years. How many was it? It was important to keep track. If a girl didn't know whom she'd slept with, well -- then she was no better than a slut. It was just that, with so many years of parties and men behind her, it was getting harder to keep track. It must be 266, she calculated. Yes, 266 was the exact number of men she'd had sex with.

She was jostled by the man sitting next to her. In his exuberance he'd accidentally nudged her elbow, spilling beer in her lap.

She screamed at him: "Dammit, you fucker! Look, what you've gone and done!"

Standing up, she swung at him, hitting him squarely in the right eye with her small fist. He fell back into his seat, holding his head, and looked up at her in amazement.

Maya jumped when beefy black hands gripped her biceps from behind and Seymour's raspy voice spoke quietly in her ear. He was saying that she'd broken the house rules about violence, and she struggled to get loose from the bouncer's hands.

"Okay Maya! You know the rules. Either you take it to the ring or you leave the club now and don't come back for a month," he said, a wide smile on his shiny black face.

She knew she was in the wrong for striking a fellow patron, but she objected anyway. "That bozo knocked my beer out of my hand and all over my lap. How'd you take something like that, Seymour?" She looked up at the big bouncer, struck by the sight of his bloodshot eyes and white teeth in the darkened audience area.

"Rules is rules, Maya. Whasit gonna be?"

"Fuck, he's too big... it's not fair, " she whined.

The two women in the ring had finished their match when the topless one finally gave up. Many of the crowd had begun to leave since it was almost 2 a.m., and a weekday too.

Looking at the few customers still hanging around, Maya thought to herself: 'What the fuck. This could be fun. I've wanted to jump in there more than once, and Hershey wrestling with a guy might be interest- ing,' On closer inspection he wasn't all that bad looking either.

"All right Seymour, if he wants to get messy, I'm game." The man stood up and said: "You owe me. I ought to knock your block off for what you did."

Seymour turned to him. "Take it into the ring or shut up. I don't like men who threaten women. Now, whasit gonna be? You in or out?"

The man looked at Maya. "I don't have a swim suit, and I don't think she does either."

"Not to worry, we got those in the back. Go and get changed. I think the late crowd's interested in this grudge match." Seymour looked at the growing crowd with pleasure. This sort of thing didn't normally happen; besides, it was almost a year since the last male-female match, and that had definitely been fun to watch.


Maya sat on a chair in the dressing room, wondering what she'd gotten herself into. 'This must be the stupidest thing I've ever done,' she thought, feeling another shooting pain in her midriff. But no way would she back down now; besides, this might be her last chance to show off for a long time. Once she got big with the baby she'd probably have to stay home all the time.

"God I need a drink," she muttered as she stripped. Within a few minutes she was entering the main room, to appreciative shouts from the audience. One thing she could be sure of was that the men would like her body. Even at 38 it looked great.

She strutted barefoot down the narrow aisle to the chocolate-filled wading pool in the middle of the room. Hamming it up, she posed for the crowd, which was larger than she'd expected. She didn't really care, though. Maybe it was because she'd had a little too much to drink, but in any case it was a real turn-on for her to be standing in a tiny bikini in front of a crowd, and one so close up.

There was catcalling when the man trotted down the aisle toward Maya. She was pleasantly surprised; he was well-muscled and, though there was a little pouch at each side of his waist, he looked good. His name was Mel and, according to the announcer, was an accountant from New Jersey.

Maya was now introduced to the crowd, and she and the man stepped together into the wading pool. It was a strange feeling to step barefooted into 6 inches of lukewarm chocolate syrup. It closed over her toes and surrounded her ankles. She playfully kicked some of the heavy syrup at Mel, splashing his swimsuit. She noticed that he was hard again, bulging out his swimsuit, and she just had to say: "Is that a gun you've got in there," pointing to his crotch, "or are ya just happy to see me?"

It was an old cliché, but the crowd roared with laughter, and even Mel smiled back at her. Then he stepped up to Maya and grabbed a bunch of her hair in his fist. She was shocked by the move, which was totally unexpected, and found her completely unprepared.

He gripped her hair even tighter, almost painfully, pushing Maya to her knees in the pool of chocolate. She reached up, desperately trying to loosen his hold, but wasn't strong enough. The crowd was laughing, and cheering encouragement for the man now.

Maya was forced on to her hands and knees, with Mel standing over her. Suddenly he straddled her back and pushed her face down into the syrup.

Things happened quickly after that. Maya dragged her face out of the chocolate pool, spluttering and cursing, but she had just long enough to spit and cough syrup from her mouth before Mel was on top of her again, this time hugging her close.

They wrestled around like this for a while, slopping gallons of chocolate syrup over the pool's edge. Maya kept trying for a handhold because she wanted to teach this beast a lesson, but she got nowhere. She ended up just holding on to Mel's thrashing body as he rolled both of them over and over in the sweet tasting brown syrup.

Maya could tell that Mel was putting on a show for the crowd; he was in control, and she could only react to his moves while doing her best to keep her head above chocolate level.

Then it happened. Mel's large body pressed hard down on Maya's much smaller frame. At first she panicked, her only thought being to keep her head above syrup level, but then his arm cradled her head, and his hips began to push down on her. This relieved her of the fear of drowning in chocolate, but her relief didn't last long.

She and Mel were now covered in chocolate syrup from head to foot, and all the audience could see was two syrupy people thrashing around in the pool. It was hard to tell who was who, never mind what they were doing.

But Maya could tell what he was doing! Mel was holding her down and humping her in front of the crowd, gripping her chocolatey hair so tight that she couldn't move. She felt his erection pressing against her crotch as he moved above her.

What happened next is a perfect argument against excessive drinking. Nothing like it would have happened if the people in the room hadn't been drinking all night, and if they hadn't also been enjoying the sight of semi-nude women covered in chocolate.

It was eventually obvious to anyone watching that Mel was humping Maya, and for a while the audience became strangely silent. Maya was pushing at Mel, trying to dislodge him, when someone in the crowd shouted: "Fuck her, man! Fuck her!"

She now really started to struggle under her opponent, desperately kicking out and pushing at him. Someone else yelled: "C'mon, fuck her, Mel! Do it!" and suddenly almost everyone around the struggling couple was chanting: "Fuck her, fuck her, fuck her..."

Maya was aghast at what was happening. She even heard women's voices in the crowd, demanding that her opponent screw her. She was fighting with all her strength now, but Mel was too slippery for her to grip him tightly, and he was much stronger than her.

He had been fumbling with one of his large hands between their bodies, and she suddenly felt his fingers at her chocolatey pussy opening. Panic!

'What the hell did he think he was doing?' She wanted to scream, but could only pant as Mel's heavy body pressed her further down into the syrup.

The chanting grew louder, and Maya felt a sudden hope that the club management might feel they had to do something to stop it. It was at that moment that she felt Mel penetrate her unprotected sex.

He must have managed to take out his chocolate- covered cock, and was trying to fuck her with it! She felt a momentary pain as her opening stretched to accommodate him. 'God! How could this happen to me? How could these people let him do this?!' she thought desperately.

Maya didn't know what to do; she'd experienced nothing like this before. She stopped struggling, and seeing this the crowd went quiet again. The only sounds in the room came from Mel, thrusting into his victim, squirting chocolate with each downward thrust, and grunting his satisfaction as he ground into her helpless body.

It seemed to go on forever - Maya's public fucking in a pool of chocolate syrup - but it was probably only a minute or two. She lay docile under Mel's thrusting body, numbly accepting his assault. When he felt her stop struggling, he was so worked up that he saw it only as an opportunity to make his thrusts deeper still.

Soon the combination of the bizarre circumstances and the physical sensations he was getting from fucking Maya brought Mel to an intense orgasm.

Grunting loudly as he came inside her body, he continued thrusting away, savoring each spasm as he jetted his come deep into his vanquished opponent.

When he was through coming, he sensed the presence of the watching crowd. A little self-consciously, he pulled out of the female body splayed under him, and as his shrinking dick emerged from the well- fucked, chocolate-covered pussy he noticed white come smeared between Maya's thighs and around her sex.

Without thinking, he called out: "Gee, we could make smores!"



Special Acknowledgments: All my thanks... to Stephen for his encouragement and proofing and to Ian for editing my story.


This story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone the described behavior in real life in anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any of the scenarios in this story; should seriously consider seeking professional help.

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