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(MF, FF, reluc, mast, oral)

by Kristen

This story describes sexual acts and should be considered adult entertainment. If you are not a consenting adult, please read no further. This story is available in down loadable TEXT format at this location:America.txt

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This is a story about a young woman's odyssey: Discovered in a small village in rural Russia, Nikki finds herself in the fast lane in New York City as an up-and-coming fashion super-model, literally over-night.



The Flight
(MF, reluc, mast, intercourse)

Tatiana Nikolaevna Primikov stood in sub-zero weather outside the terminal building of Zukov regional airport, waiting. Wrapped in furs, the young woman was stamping her feet in an effort to keep them warm when a silver Lear Jet screamed into view, high over the Keroz forest. She watched it circle the field once, then swoop down for a smooth landing.

She looked composed and elegant standing there, but anyone who could see below the surface would have found a nervous little girl, shivering in mingled fear and excitement.

Watching the man alight from the plane, the events of the past two weeks raced through her mind in a confused jumble. Nikki (her family had always called her that) still couldn't believe she was on her way to America. Who could have ever thought such a thing could happen? She certainly could not have done.

It had all started when her father suggested that she apply for the job of modeling the new Krackoff Group uniform for the company magazine. She had done so, and defeated many other young women to win the assignment.

Somehow a rich American from a big New York modeling agency had seen her pictures in the magazine, and he wanted her. Things moved fast after that.

Her father came and told her that she had been offered a job in America, and that she would make a lot of money.

The family had always been poor, especially now that the Krackoff Group was owned by some shady investment company based in faraway Moscow (or so her father thought). Her family encouraged her to take this wonderful opportunity, and Nikki couldn't refuse, could she?

The man who had emerged from the Learjet looked round him. What he saw was a rustic village in a white landscape, and a ramshackle building that must be the airport control building.

He'd been in the air almost continuously for more than forty hours and was tired as hell. When he'd received a call from the company president to go to Russia and pick up the company's new asset, he hadn't been too happy about it. He'd had plans to take his latest conquest to a nice little hideaway in a small New England hamlet, and this trip was a huge inconvenience.

He couldn't see what all the fuss was about, anyway. Pretty girls were a dime a dozen in the fashion world. However, he hadn't been given a choice; it was do it or get his ass canned.

Stepping into the biting cold of the Russian winter, he noticed the woman standing alone outside the building and walked briskly in her direction. As he came nearer, virtually all he could see was a big fur coat, and steam from the woman's breath emerging into the frozen air from under a large furry hat.

He looked around and saw no one else, so he asked, "Are you Ms. Primikov?"

Nikki was too nervous to do more than nod her head. He looked around the field again, thinking that there must surely be more than just the one woman to meet him, then asked: "Where is everybody? Aren't your folks going to see you off?"

Nikki had studied English in school from a very early age, hoping to become an interpreter some day (it was one of the best ways to get to a big city) and she understood the man, in spite of his funny accent.

"It is a work day, sir, and both my mother and father have to work at the foundry. They wished to see me off, but the director would not give them leave."

"So you're here all on your own?" The man still looked as if he expected someone else to pop out from behind a snowdrift.

"Yes sir." Nikki wasn't sure what to do next, and just waited for the man to tell her.

"Okay, well let's get going then. Where's your luggage?"

"Here, sir." Nikki reached behind her to a rack bolted to the rustic building and lifted a duffel bag to her shoulder.

"Let me take that. C'mon, let's get going. I'm freezing out here." Without another word the man turned and started to walk briskly toward the plane. Nikki followed, looking around the field as she walked.

Zukov was the only home she'd ever known, and even though it was every young woman's dream to leave for the big city, she was sad to go. Nevertheless, she followed the man obediently to the plane.

As they climbed the three steps to the doorway, she turned around to look one last time. She took a deep breath, taking in all the smells of home. Then, with a sigh, she turned and stepped into the shiny airplane.

The man showed her where to sit, and the pilot closed the door and went into the small instrument cabin, leaving the two of them alone as the only passengers.

It wasn't more than a few moments before they were airborne, and Nikki was looking down in wonder at her small village, and at the big foundry that supplied her family and the whole town with a livelihood. She had never flown before and found it very exciting.

"Well, sweetheart, you can take all those dead animals off now; you won't be needing them where we're heading. I don't suppose you know how politically incorrect wearing furs is in this day and age," he added drily.

"Politically? Fur is political in America? In Russia, the winters are severe, and fur warms the body so we can live outside. Fur is necessary for survival. I don't understand what you mean, sir."

"Never mind, honey. Just take them off and get comfortable. We got a long ride ahead of us." He held his hand out, ready to take her coat.

He watched as the young woman unbuttoned the animal bone clips holding the coat in place and shrugged the thing off her shoulders. He took her coat and hat - and stared...

NOW he could understand what the big deal was. She was gorgeous! No, not gorgeous - she was spectacular! He hadn't really seen her face under the big fur cap, but with all the animal skins removed she had grace and beauty like he'd never seen before - and he'd seen a lot.

As the young woman settled into her seat, he kept staring at her, noticing for the first time that she was as tall as himself, almost six feet, with sandy blonde hair and the bluest eyes he'd ever seen. She also had a perfect complexion. He was impressed, and he suddenly wanted her.

He tried to push the thought from his mind; he always got into trouble when he let the brain between his legs do his thinking for him. He only had to screw up one more time and he was out of a job.

He pulled himself together sufficiently to introduce himself. "My name is Mike, and we'll be flying partners for the next 40 hours or so. You got any questions you wanna ask?"

"Michael? That is an angel's name, is it not?" Nikki giggled as she thought about the village priest and his Easter sermon about the Archangel Michael, and how he had saved humanity by flying in the face of the devil. "Are you an angel?"

"Far from it, baby." Mike sat down next to the beauty and patted her knee as he leaned close and added: "Though you could take me to heaven with you if you wanted..."

"Pardon, Michael. I do not understand you," Nikki said.

"Yeah, right, and next you'll be telling me you're a virgin." He smiled suggestively.

"Please, Michael, what you said is so rude. Do not be mean to me, please!" She was embarrassed by the man's reference to sex. They did not talk like that in her village. They might do it, but they never talked about it. She didn't understand this strange man.

"Listen, sweetheart, you'll have to get over that prudish attitude in America, 'cause it won't wash in the fashion industry. You'll be modeling with little or no clothes on, and you'll have guys hitting on you all the time. You have to make the men happy if you want to get ahead in fashion."

He patted Nikki's knee again and mimed a kiss at her.

Nikki was disturbed by his words. She was beginning to wonder if she had made a mistake in coming. But, no matter what, she couldn't turn back now. Her family needed the money she could earn in America. She wanted to make lots of money for herself too, and become rich.

Mike was beginning to think about the long flight in front of them. He was thinking that this whole trip had messed up his weekend with Sharon - his very sexy girlfriend - and here he was, alone with a knockout babe, with no one to bother them.

He knew he shouldn't, but the thought of having sex with this fabulous Russian babe made him say: "Nikki baby, you need to think about your future, and how you're gonna get ahead once you get to New York."

"Yes, Michael, I know. I want to make a lot of money, and help my family too. Are you important in the agency?" she asked.

To her it was not a strange question, and was usually asked in Russia when people discussed business. All it meant was 'How much do you know about the business you are in?'

Mike took it to indicate that Nikki was judging how much he could do for her. "Yeah baby, I'm one of the guys who can make or break you in the industry," he lied. "If you aren't nice to me you'll have trouble, and be sent back to Russia."

As he said this he leaned close and squeezed Nikki's thigh through her skirt. "You're expected to do things for important men in the agency; all the models do it."

Nikki was shocked to hear this, and pulled her leg away. She said: "I don't understand, Michael. What will be expected of me?"

"Nothing that's a big deal, sweetheart; just to be nice to your superiors at the agency, that's all." His mind raced ahead of the conversation. What might he get this drop-dead-beautiful babe to do for him? he wondered.

This was his big opportunity; once she got to New York he'd be out of the picture. "In America the woman has to satisfy the man's sexual appetite when asked."

Nikki's eyes grew wide, and she spoke with determination. "I am not that kind of person, and I will not have sex with you, Michael. I don't believe that women must satisfy men's sexual demands upon request. They would be pregnant all the time."

"No, no, baby! I'm not talking about fucking - are you kidding? We don't do that with professional colleagues. I'm talking about touching. You know, masturbation."

"Masturbation!? I don't think so! I can't believe you are talking to me like this, Michael!" She had become very uncomfortable sitting next to this man. "You expect me to masturbate you?"

Mike had a hard-on just from discussing such a subject with this luscious woman sitting beside him. He had to have some action or he'd explode.

He wondered if threatening her would work, and decided to take the bull by the horns. "As a matter of fact, now that you mention it, YES I DO! Moreover, I expect you to do it now! If you don't, I'll drop you off at the next fueling spot and let you find your own way home."

Mike looked into frightened blue eyes that stared back at him. If she called his bluff now, his plan would be in ruins. He just stared back at her, a frown planted firmly on his face.

Nikki considered what her new life in America could mean to her. She just couldn't let her dislike of this man stand in her way. She had a chance to make lots of money, and was determined not to let it slip through her fingers.

Slowly she swung around in her seat and, reaching over to Michael's belt, she began to unbuckle it. She wasn't a virgin; she'd had sex with Vladamir Korenski less than six months ago. It was only once, and he'd talked her into it, but she remembered enjoying it after the initial discomfort of his intrusive organ. She knew what a man's penis looked like fully erect, and was resigned to seeing Michael's.

If she had to pleasure him manually, then so be it. After all, she was only a peasant girl, while he was an important businessman. Moreover, as he'd said, he wouldn't have actual sex with her.

She pulled Michael's fly open and reached into his pants, pulling his erect penis into the open. He leaned back in his seat and watched with satisfaction as her hand closed around his shaft.

This was the life! 'Some day', he thought, 'this babe will be a supermodel and I'll have quite a story to tell about the hand job I got from her.' He was thoroughly aroused; visions of Nikki's naked body filled his head as she began pumping his cock.

There was a look of intense concentration on her beautiful face as she jacked him off, and it all became just too much for him.

She started when a long string of sperm spurted onto the sleeve of her blouse, but she kept pumping away as another gob, then another, shot from Michael's straining penis. She continued to pump his erect column while sperm lubricated her palm and oozed out between her fingers.

She watched with a certain satisfaction as Michael's body jerked and spasmed ecstatically, his moans becoming gasps as he tried to catch his breath. At last she stopped and sat back in her seat, staring at Michael's slowly-deflating member.

She was surprised to feel somewhat aroused herself. She didn't even like this man, but making him come had been an incredible turn on for her; so much so that now she desperately needed her own release.

"Michael, I hope you enjoyed that. Now I must go to the bathroom, please. Perhaps you will clean yourself up while I'm away." Nikki left her seat and walked to the rear of the jet.

The Lear Jet was certainly well-appointed. Besides the seating area, there was a bedroom beyond the restroom, and even the restroom was twice the size that you would get in a standard commercial airline jet.

Nikki opened the restroom door and hurried in. Without hesitation, she pulled her underwear down and leaned back against the sink, at the same time reaching up under her skirt. She felt how wet she was, and began massaging herself.

Oh, glorious! How very, very horny masturbating Michael had made her feel!

She began rubbed herself with increasing abandon, closing her eyes when she felt the delicious surges that indicated a wonderful orgasm on the way. She rubbed faster and faster, arching her back and pressing her head against the back wall, intent on reaching a new high.

Suddenly her hand bumped into something and lost its rhythm. She opened her eyes, and was shocked to see Michael standing in front of her, pushing his erect penis against her hand.

When he had opened the restroom door he had been startled, then entranced, to see the beautiful young Russian woman, her skirt pulled up to her waist, her panties on the floor, her gorgeous legs splayed apart and humping herself with her hand.

He knew very well that he was going too far and could get into real trouble over this, but he stepped up to the aroused young woman and aimed his ridged tool at what was under her flashing hand.

Nikki yelled: "NO, MICHAEL! NO!" but she didn't try to fight him off as he pulled her hand away and thrust his organ inside her.

When he had penetrated her deeply, pushing her slightly up onto the sink, he paused for a moment, looking over her shoulder at their reflection in the mirror. Then he looked directly at Nikki, seeing shock and disbelief written on her beautiful face. Mike could tell that she was aroused as his prick filled her cunt. She was completely lubricated and as he thrust deeply into her he was surrounded by her hot moist tightness.

Michael began to humping Nikki as if his life depended on it, and after a moment or two she began to complement his rhythm with her own.

As they reached for their separate, but independent, orgasms, Nikki lifted her shapely, long legs and wrapped them around Michael's waist, clamping her finely shaped ankles at his behind and thrusting her hips eagerly against his pelvis. She screamed as she came.

She'd never had an orgasm with a man before, and was overwhelmed by it. As her body convulsed around and against Michael, he drove himself in as deeply as possible and pulsed his seed into her body.

Panting, out of breath, she pushed him away and swore at him in Russian. "@*&#@! How dare you do that to me! If you make me pregnant, we will both get into trouble. You stupid man! You better not tell anyone what happened here! If you do, I will tell them that you raped me and you will go to jail."

Mike gave her a wicked smile. "Baby, I won't tell a soul! I promise." He congratulated himself that things couldn't have worked out better if he'd planned them.

She pushed him out of the rest room and cleaned herself up as best she could, then returned to the main cabin.

For the rest of the flight she sat on the other side of the aisle and ignored Michael.

They landed in Frankfurt, Germany, to refuel, and picked up a couple of agency people at Heathrow. After Heathrow, Nikki no longer had to worry about Michael's attentions, and tried to sleep for the next seven hours.



Nikki gets an introduction to New York
(FF, intr, mast, oral)

The flashing silver Lear Jet flew high above the giant city. Nikki couldn't believe her eyes; she had never imagined a city so large. All she could do was look down at it and wonder. Truly America was the land of opportunity, and this strange city called New York only proved beyond doubt that this was so.

Growing up in a tiny village in the middle of the huge Zukov forests was no preparation for a sight like this.

Ten minutes after spotting the east coast of Manhattan, the agency jet was coasting to a smooth stop in front of the executive terminal of LaGuardia International Airport; the plane didn't have to wait for normal landing clearance. Their taxiway was on the north end of the field, reserved for VIP's, far above the petty concerns of the day-to-day traveler. It was one of the perks of being rich and influential, as Michael pointed out to no one in particular.

As the plane taxied to a stop, Nikki could see two cars parked close by. One was a big black limousine, like the ones Moscow party officials usually used. A big man in a black suit and cap stood by that car, waiting. The other was a black van with mirrored windows.

The door of the jet swooshed open and a man jumped through the opening, a radiant smile on his face. He bounced into the cabin almost before the passengers started gathering together their carry-on luggage, going straight to Nikki and standing in the aisle in front of her.

"Ms. Primikov, my name is Scott Williams. I'm the CEO of the Buccannon Agency, and I wanted to greet you personally." He thrust out his hand in a firm but friendly fashion, and Nikki took it in the ritual welcoming motion expected of her. She smiled, but said nothing.

Scott Williams, one of the most powerful men in American business and a sophisticated man of the world, felt for a moment as if the wind had been knocked out of him. He could only stare into the mysterious, brilliant blue eyes of this exquisite woman.

After a moment's pause he realized that the other passengers were expecting him to say something, and that he was beginning to look foolish just holding Nikki's hand and staring at her. "Ahhh, Ms. Primikov, may I have the pleasure of escorting you to the home office, and to make arrangements for your stay with us?"

Nikki looked at the handsome older man and smiled again. She guessed he was in his late 30's, but she was never sure about men's ages. At that moment he looked just like her younger brother Alexi, a little awkward, a little unsure of himself. She was struck by his friendly manner, especially after her experience with Michael.

As if reading her mind, he turned to Michael and asked: "Mike, did Ms. Primikov have a good flight?"

"Absolutely, boss. I gave her the deluxe treatment."

Nikki looked at Michael with loathing, and said: "Please, Mr. Williams, can we leave now?"

Scott hadn't gotten to where he was by failing to pick up on body language. He realized that something must have happened on the flight, but he didn't want to make an issue of it in front of their new asset. He made a mental note to have Mike Borden called in to his office on Monday so he could get to the bottom of things.

At that moment, though, all he said was: "Absolutely. We just have a short trip to the heli-pad, and then off to work." He escorted the young woman down the few steps to the ground, and they were on their way.

Nikki was overwhelmed. First the short ride in the luxury limousine to the helicopter, and then the vertiginous flight to the top of a huge building in the center of the city. She felt quite breathless.

And so did Scott Williams, though not from the travel. His fight for breath was due to the vision sitting beside him. Her face was flushed with excitement, her eyes shone. From time to time this enchanting creature would turn to him, pointing at, and chattering in gleeful excitement about, something he'd never noticed before, clapping her hands and giggling like a happy child. Somehow he was extremely glad to see her enjoying herself so; it satisfied some deep need of his own.

Scott Williams was undeniably one of the most successful fashion executives in the world. He was still single at 38, and listed in People magazine as one of the top ten most eligible bachelors in the U.S.. He dated famous and important women; he just couldn't see any reason to get involved in a long-term relationship with any of them.

As number two man and heir apparent to the chairman of the board, Mr. Buccannon, he had his days filled. He just couldn't get excited about settling down.

Though all these things were true, however, he wondered what it would be like to be with this exotic creature. He'd have to be careful, he thought. He didn't want to get caught up in the moment and find himself in court or something even worse.

But still... Sitting by this woman made him think.

They landed at Buccannon headquarters, on top of the 100-story MACK Building in which the agency controlled the top six floors, and Nikki was whisked into Benjamin Buccannon's office.

By this time, Scott had made Nikki feel comfortable enough to be on first name terms with her. As they traveled down the elevator to the Chairman's suite of offices, Nikki asked in a hushed tone: "How can there be so much money in clothes? This building must cost millions and millions of dollars."

Scott replied: "Our firm is worldwide. We cover Asia, Europe and Russia as well as South America and, of course, the U.S. markets. That's a lot of clothes, Nikki, and that equates to a lot of money. Here we are. Are you ready to meet 'His Supreme Heinous'?"

"Pardon me?"

"Just a little joke of mine. Never mind, here we are," Scott chuckled as he pushed open the tinted glass doors leading to the reception room of the chairman's office.

After being announced, they made their way into the huge plush office of "His Heinous." Benjamin Buccannon stood facing the floor-to-ceiling windows, viewing the city at dusk; lights could be seen coming on all over the horizon.

When he heard them enter, he turned with a dancer's grace and strode across the room to hug Nikki to his chest.

Then to her surprise, he gave her the traditional Russian greeting of a soft kiss on each cheek, saying in Russian: "This is truly a wonderful day! A daughter of Russia is a daughter to me."

Nikki was amazed that someone living thousands of miles away would know her home region's rural greeting. It was as old as time, but not widely used outside of her forest region.

She stumbled over her reply. "H-How would you know those words, sir? H-How could you?"

Scott chuckled and said in a playful voice: "The old reprobate knows every trick in the book. He probably had one of his researchers pull all the plugs to get any information about you so he could impress you."

Mr. Buccannon shot Scott a look of mock pain and led the young woman to the lounge area.

While they sat there he outlined Nikki's future for her; in short, he was going to make her a supermodel. He asked if she knew what a supermodel was. Nikki shook her head, so he described it in terms she couldn't fail to understand. "You will be loved by millions of people all over the world. You will be idolized. Your looks, your hairstyle, even your walk, will be imitated by hundreds of thousands of women, from here to Russia and beyond. You'll make millions of dollars, and you'll have fun doing it. Now, does that sound good to you?"

All Nikki said was, "Yes sir, it does." Both men laughed at the simple answer, and the look of awe on her beautiful face which accompanied it.

They had a late dinner in the office suite, and afterward Scott took her by agency limousine to an apartment block, a twenty-minute ride away.

In the elevator, on their way up to the penthouse suites, Scott said: "Nikki, I'm going to have you share an apartment with one of our other girls. Rachel is a great person, and she has offered to help you find your way around; sort of help you acclimatize."

Nikki expected to see a small apartment, but when an attractive black woman opened the door, what she saw was a very large room, large enough to put her family's whole house into - the hen house too!

As they walked in, Nikki could do nothing but stare in wonderment.

Rachel took Nikki's duffel bag from the doorman and ushered them into the sunken living room. "Scott," she said, "it was nice of you to bring our new Russian friend home personally, but go home now. Nikki has been on a plane for, what, 30 or 40 hours? And she probably got the works at the office too, if I'm guessing right. She needs a couple of days off now. You don't want to harm those angelic looks of hers, do yah?"

Promising to show Nikki New York once she was settled in, Scott was playfully pushed out the door. Once the CEO had gone, Rachel turned toward the new girl.

She had understood what all the fuss had been about the moment the door opened. This girl had a unique quality about her. Rachel couldn't think of anyone that looked remotely like this girl - and what a beauty!

The two women had some herb tea, and Nikki mostly listened while Rachel told her what her life was going to be like. Everything she heard from her new friend sounded similar to what Mr. Buccannon had said, only with funny things thrown in to make her laugh.

After about half an hour, though, Nikki was having trouble concentrating and began to nod off. Rachel smiled. "Ah, I see my sleeping potion is beginning to work. Bedtime tea always sends me off. You needed to wind down."

She showed Nikki to her suite of rooms. In her tired state, it seemed to go on forever. Later on she found, to her amusement, that one of the walls consisted of a mirror, extending from floor to ceiling. The bathroom also had floor-to-ceiling mirrors on one wall. Eventually, when she finally laid her tired young body into a heavenly nest to sleep, she noticed, groggily, that the four-poster bed canopy had mirrors above her. She wondered why...

The next day, Nikki awoke at 2 p.m. In a panic, she jumped up, threw on a robe and hurried out to the living room; knowing that she must be in trouble for sleeping so late.

Rachel was out on the terrace, lying in a chaise longue. Nikki hurried out the sliding glass doors to apologize, but stopped cold when she realized that she must have made another terrible mistake. Her friend Rachel was lying naked in the sun, obviously used to the privacy that she had before Nikki had moved in.

"Oh no! I'm very sorry, Rachel," Nikki blurted out, quickly turning to leave.

"NIKKI! Don't run away. Please come back. I'm not at all upset with you."

Nikki, who was flushed with embarrassment, said: "Rachel, I really didn't mean to invade your privacy, and I'll be more careful in future, I promise you."

"Don't worry about it. We're models. Our bodies are our principal assets, and we have to take constant care of them. They've got to be pampered and exercised, or we're outa business. Nakedness means nothing to a professional model. Among us girls, we walk around the house nude all the time. As a matter of fact, we should do it as much as possible," Rachel added softly.

Nikki looked uncertain. "I don't know, Rachel. I'm not used to exposing myself to others. It is not acceptable behavior where I come from."

"Sweetpea, what do you think we do for a living? We show off our bodies. Why do you think there are so many mirrors in this apartment?"

Nikki had wondered about that, and now waited for her new friend to tell her.

"Because the agency wants us to be aware of the condition of our bodies all of the time. Walking around nude in our safe little nest, we can see each other and maybe make suggestions. If I slump, you can remind me. If your tan line is obvious I can point it out. You see, we are professionals, members of an exclusive club, and we have to take care of each other."

Nikki started to explain why she had come out on the terrace, but Rachel cut in. "Don't worry about work just now. You look a little tired from your travelling; consider yourself on rest and recuperation at company expense. So come out here and grab a chair, and I'll order us a low-cal lunch from the kitchen."

Watching as Rachel picked up the telephone beside her chair and began to order food, Nikki wondered if she would ever get used to this lifestyle. She looked at her companion's perfect body and thought: 'She has no tan lines, and looks much more exotic with her dark skin than I do.' Then Nikki noticed her pubic hair; it was neatly trimmed, and looked so...sophisticated; the word popped into her mind.

She was a little embarrassed at the thought of undressing in front of the other woman. For the first time in her life, she felt ashamed of her body. She thought: 'Will I measure up in this world of perfect women?' She was, after all, just a Russian peasant girl. Would they laugh at her?

"Nikki, lunch is on the way. Now take those clothes off, and let me give you a professional critique." Rachel removed her sunglasses and looked expectantly at her Russian friend.

Knowing there was nothing for it but to do as she was told, Nikki took a deep breath to try and slow her pounding heart, and dropped her robe onto the chaise longue. Then, without thinking further about it, she drew her nightgown over her head and stood, trying to strike as dignified a pose as possible.

"WOW! Major League!" Rachel breathed.

Just then the doorbell rang, startling Nikki, who fearfully reached for her robe.

"NO! You don't need to worry about an intrusion. All our servants are bonded, and have special security clearances. Our food man - or woman, as the case may be - will leave our food just inside the front door on a rolling cart. Now let's see what we have here. Turn around slowly and let me look at you properly."

Nikki reluctantly dropped her robe back onto the chaise longue and began a slow model's turn, except that, this time, she had no clothes on.

She knew she'd just die if Rachel called her an old cow or something. She'd never been put in this position before and was as jittery as a muskrat on a shed roof on a hot Russian summer's day. She had an urge to cover her hardening nipples, but resisted it, knowing that it would only draw attention to them.

What Rachel saw made her instantly jealous. She was a top model at the agency, and had made a ton of money in her six years of employment. Even on her best day, though, she had never looked as good as the woman standing in front of her. The Russian girl was perfect, not a flaw or blemish anywhere.

After traveling for almost two days, straight, and wearing no make up, she still looked better than 98% of fully-made-up models.

Rachel noticed, though, that Nikki's body was tense. Her stomach muscles were quivering, and there was some knotting between her shoulder blades.

"Girl," she said, "you've got a fabulous body. You're going to make millions, but you got to relax a little!"

"I'm nervous, that's all. I'm not used to showing myself off like this. I'm sorry."

"Okay, come with me. No, leave the clothes. I'm gonna teach you about your body. A friend did this for me when I was starting out, and I'm gonna pass on the favor. C'mon, Sweetpea. Follow momma."

Nikki obediently followed her glamorous friend, watching her as she walked ahead, admiring her body in motion. Rachel's walk was - sexy. That was it - sexy. Her hips swayed just enough to suggest something indefinable, but Nikki was sure that the rhythm had something to do with sex. She followed Rachel into her own bedroom.

"Now, Sweetpea, go in the shower and get the water to your liking. Go ahead."

Nikki did what she was told. The jet spray felt so good, so relaxing, that she almost forgot that Rachel was standing outside the shower stall; that is, until the other woman stepped in behind her.

Nikki tensed when she felt Rachel's hands on her shoulders. "What?!"

"Just relax; I won't hurt you. If you want to walk the walk and talk the talk, honey, you gotta get comfy with yourself. Just think of me as your teacher. This won't hurt a bit, I promise."

Rachel took a bar of soap and, holding it in the palm of her hand, began running it up and down the young Russian girl's back.

Rachel loved the texture of the skin under her hand, and very soon became aroused. She could tell Nikki was enjoying the sensations too, because she leaned her wet forehead against the shower wall and sighed contentedly.

Rachel, though, had a plan, and to implement it she had to take a chance. Without warning, she ran the hand holding the soap under Nikki's right arm and over her breast.

Nikki tensed again, but neither pulled away nor made any vocal objection. Encouraged by this response, Rachel wrapped her other arm around Nikki's body and began to massage both breasts with soapy hands, occasionally running them down the Russian girl's firm stomach.

What a heavenly sensation it was to massage perfect skin, covering a perfect body, Rachel thought. She had become utterly captivated by this innocent girl. It occurred to her, as she ran her hands over Nikki's body with increasing abandon, that not only was she not protesting, she was actually responding.

Rachel now turned Nikki around to face her, and saw that she had her eyes closed. She murmured in one ear: "Now sit down on the jacuzzi seat and I'll shampoo your hair."

Nikki sighed her acquiescence and nodded, her eyes still closed and a contented smile on her lovely face.

Stepping behind her, Rachel sat down first, pulling Nikki down by an arm to sit between her spread legs. She began to shampoo the girl's long, blonde hair, gradually working up a lather.

Unable to resist Nikki's erect nipples any longer, she ran shampoo-covered hands down Nikki's shoulders and over her breasts and nipples. All the while Rachel fantasized that she was nursing at those opulent tits. She longed to nip at them with her teeth, and to swirl her tongue around the goose-bump flesh that surrounded them.

Rachel was already aroused, but such thoughts made her hornier still. Unconsciously, the African beauty began to move her hips, rubbing herself gently against her friend's firm buttocks. As she continued to massage Nikki's neck, shoulders, breasts and stomach, the movement of her hands began to increase in intensity, and so did her hip thrusts.

Soon she was humping against her young friend, pulling her body back against her crotch, crushing her sticky clitoris against the soft firm skin of the girl's behind, all the while letting her quick hands dance uninhibitedly over Nikki's front parts.

Rachel knew what was going to happen moments before it did. As she started to convulse against the Nikki's body, she dropped her hands down between her friend's legs and began massaging there, sensually rubbing her sex, deliberately moving her fingers in and out of Nikki's vagina. It was as though she was douching her friend with shampoo (which was, of course, exactly what she was doing).

Nikki realized that Rachel was having an orgasm against her, but she didn't mind. Her heart rate tripled, though, when Rachel's hands had dropped between her legs and moved to her vagina. Her eyes flew open momentarily as the sensation of the other girl's hands against her private parts gave way to the even more intense feeling of being invaded by Rachel's fingers.

The sensations resulting from this sudden change made it hard for Nikki to breathe. She felt wonderful! It was lovely! She didn't want it ever to stop! But at last it did...

"Oh god, Nikki, that was almost too much. I just had maybe the best orgasm of my life." Rachel could barely gasp the words out, she was so overcome by emotion and her recent physical exertion.

Nikki reached behind her to brush the back of her hand against her friend's cheek and said: "I'm glad that you had an orgasm, and that it was a good one. I too feel much better, and liked your idea very much." Nikki had enjoyed her friend's attentions, and she would have liked even more of them.

"Nikki, we aren't done yet. Let's rinse and dry off, then finish this in bed!"

Nikki was shocked. What did Rachel mean by 'finish this in bed'? Her heartbeat jumped into triple time again as Rachel began rinsing her body. Was this woman going to do lesbian things to her? Up until that moment, Nikki hadn't really thought about what they had been doing. She hadn't known how to react; hadn't known what to say that wouldn't offend her new friend. But to go to bed with her...!

Rachel turned the water off and pulled a towel from the hanger. Standing close against Nikki's back, she reached around her and began to dry her front. Nikki just stood there, at first feeling very nervous. Then, as she felt Rachel's wet skin at her back, the rough terrycloth towel being briskly rubbed over her breasts, down her stomach and then... down between her legs, she stopped worrying about what people might think and started to wonder just what Rachel intended to do to her.

She had absolutely no idea what two women could do for sex. After all, she was no expert in sex, having had just two experiences, one with a fumbling boy and the other with a lecher who had taken unfair advantage of her.

When they were both dry, Rachel smiled up at the taller woman, and said: "Nikki, I'm gonna give you back what I got from you; and, believe me, it will be a pleasure! C'mon Sweetpea, I'm gonna show you something new."

She flopped onto Nikki's bed and held her arms out to the Russian girl. Nikki knelt on the bed, and flowed into the other woman's arms, pushing herself over the rumpled sheets. Both women giggled at the feeling of freedom as they rolled around together on the bed.

Rachel, momentarily on top, reached for Nikki's face. Holding it in both of her hands, she stared deeply into the bright pools of blue and said: "Nikki, you're wonderful. Let's be friends forever."

Then she smiled a smile that Nikki thought might be the most beautiful she'd ever seen. As if in a dream, Rachel lowered her mouth - slightly open - onto Nikki's parted lips, and the two voluptuous beauties spent a minute or two exploring each other's smiles.

Rachel was the first to break the embrace, to Nikki's evident disappointment. Rachel said: "Now, now, little grasshopper, you're here to learn something new. We can kiss anytime you want, but I'm not done yet, and just now I'm think'n payback time.

Nikki had no idea what her friend was talking about, and nearly jumped out of her skin when Rachel leaned forward and stuck her tongue in Nikki's belly button. She held Nikki tightly so that she could only squirm a little, after a while lifting her head to say: "Sweetpea, you gotta stop wriggling for this part to work. The belly button thing is for desensitizing. Once you can take the tongue in the belly button, then you're ready for the real fun. Now try to control yourself. I'm gonna tongue you again, and I want you to hold still."

Nikki was mystified, but a willing student. Rachel swooped back over Nikki's splayed body and drove her tongue once more into the young woman's navel. Nikki jerked again; she'd never before realized how sensitive it was in there! Of course, she'd never before had anyone stick their tongue into her belly button!

After a minute or so of concentration she managed to overcome the ticklish feeling, and was able just to lie there and enjoy the sensations created by her friend's tongue.

She almost sat up, however, when Rachel suddenly moved her mouth from her stomach to her vagina. What was she doing!? In Russian, Nikki exclaimed "OH MY!"

Her whole body went tense when she felt the electric invasion of Rachel's lips and tongue and ("Oh!") teeth... Nikki remembered what she'd been told and tried to lie still, but her mind was racing. That someone would want to put their mouth on her sexual organs had never occurred to her before. Now that it was happening, though, she loved it!

Rachel's mouth and tongue played over Nikki's pudenda, and each time they touched her clitoris she found it impossible to remain still, no matter how hard she tried. All the while she sucked at her friend, Rachel was making little whimpering noises, and these became too much for Nikki; she couldn't have held back even if she'd wanted to.

She felt the familiar pulling sensation deep within her stomach and thighs as her orgasm raged to the surface. She weakly called out to warn Rachel, but her friend only redoubled her efforts. Then it was upon her!

Nikki's sweat-covered body convulsed almost into a sitting position, and stayed that way as wave after wave of orgasmic currents raged through her. In Nikki's tense, almost sitting, position, with her perfectly muscled legs thrust out on either side of Rachel's head, and balancing almost exclusively on her shapely derriere, she was struck by the contrast of skin colors between herself and her friend. The crazy thought flashed into her mind that they would make the most exquisite modeling partners!

The thought was suddenly replaced by pain, exquisite pain, as Rachel nibbled on her clitoris. Nikki screamed in lust and ecstasy, and came again, even more intensely this time.


They didn't get around to 'lunch' until almost eight o'clock that night, and by then Nikki had most assuredly lost her shyness about walking around the apartment, and sunning, in the nude...



Nikki - Truly Happy at Last
(MF, mast, alcohol, nc?)

Scott was drunk. He'd had a terrible day, and he just wanted to lose himself in a haze of alcohol. He was sick at heart, and felt he just couldn't take any more.

He knew he was one of the most successful businessmen in the world, but sometimes feelings of pessimism seemed to overwhelm him and he just had to go away and steep himself in alcohol for a day or two. It never made him feel better, but he had to do it. He supposed it was his most serious character flaw.

Meanwhile, Nikki had been trying to get Scott Williams on the phone for almost a day and a half. She felt terrible about having put him off the other day. He'd wanted to take her on a picnic and she'd been pretty cavalier with him - telling him that she had shoots to do, and that he knew this, and wasn't he supposed to be doing something in San Francisco?

She'd even mocked what she called his childish behavior. She regretted it now, but he'd taken off and no one seemed to know where he'd gone.

Finally she called Ben Buccannon, who was like a grandfather to the young woman. He said that Scott sometimes needed to get way from the pressures of work, and that he had a rustic cabin, in upstate New York, to which he'd probably gone for the weekend.

Nikki could tell that Ben wanted her to look up his friend and colleague and make him feel better. Her guilt was such that she wanted to see him too; and if possible to make amends.

Scott was 39 years old to Nikki's 19, and there had so far been no romantic element in their relationship, at least on Nikki's side. She was happy with her new life, and her lover, Rachel, kept her well oiled as far as sex was concerned.

The thought had never entered her pretty head that this successful older man, her "boss," might have romantic feelings for her, though if she'd given it any thought she might have seen the signs.

She knew that she was sexy-looking; someone in her position heard that constantly. However, after doing a number of photo shoots, with people telling her all the time that she was beautiful, the compliment rather lost its meaning.

She didn't think she was that exceptional; she thought her roommate was more exotic-looking than she was, and she'd said it again and again. Her African heritage, combined with great genes, had made Rachel's one of the most pleasing bodies Nikki had ever seen.

The Russian stopped thinking about her voluptuous roommate and returned to the problem at hand. She couldn't understand why a man like Scott would go off the 'deep end' like that. However, she did know that she liked him, and that she owed him her present happiness, and she determined to get to the bottom of things.

Nikki had gotten her driver's license only two months before. There was a time in her life that she hadn't even considered driving a car, much less the sleek silver Jaguar coupe that purred under her as she drove out of Manhattan, heading for the mountains (or what passed for mountains in New York State), occasionally glancing at her map to keep orientated.

Mr. Buccannon had tried to insist that a company limousine drive her, but she felt the need to get away from the city and its trappings. She was, after all, a country girl herself. She'd grown up in a village in a remote part of Russia, isolated and insulated from the outside world, and even though she'd never regretted her move to America, she still missed the majesty and silence of the mountains and forests of her homeland.

She had started her trip with the top down, and the city temperature hovering around 88 degrees. She had been told that this was unusually hot for September, and she agreed. However, as she reached the foothills the temperature dropped noticeably.

She continued up the mountain road, and dusk began to fall, so she stopped and turned on the automatic mechanism for bringing the canvas roof up over her head, then latched it down.

Driving for another hour brought her to the little hamlet Benjamin Buccannon had mentioned. Nikki pulled into the parking lot of a 7-11 and walked inside. The girl at the counter looked up, then did a double-take.

Nikki asked: "Can you please tell me if Ravens Lake is on the road going right from here? I think it is, but I want to make sure I don't get lost in the dark."

The girl behind the counter stared, mouth agape, and mumbled: "Huh-huh, it's that way. Are you who I think you are?" She pointed down the road to the right, but she seemed to have something else on her mind.

Nikki was used to hero worship, and knew how to handle it. "If you mean, am I Nikki, then yes I am, but if you thought I might be your cousin, well... that's possible too, because my family also lives in the country." She smiled at the girl's awed expression.

After autographing her picture on the cover of the current Vogue, and verifying that the lake was where she thought it was, she hopped back into the Jaguar (the sales clerk following her every move through the window) and sped down the road.

It was dark when she arrived. The cabin was small, but well-positioned on the side of a hill overlooking the lake. Nikki couldn't make out much in the way of features in the dark, so she parked the car at the roadside and walked up the track.

It took about ten minutes to reach the cabin. During the climb she kept her eyes on the place, searching for some sign of life. When she finally reached the cabin door, and knocked several times without getting any reply, she walked around the structure, wondering where Scott might have gone.

Maybe he hadn't been there after all; perhaps Ben had been mistaken. She tried knocking at the door again, then decided that her friend and boss couldn't be there. Nikki decided to see if she could get into the cabin. She could stay the night, then head back to town the next day.

Trying the door, she found it unlocked. 'Strange to leave your home unlocked when you don't live there the year around,' she thought.

She walked in and tried the light switch. It worked. The cabin lit up with a cheery soft light that instantly made her feel safe and, somehow, at home. She explored the four rooms and bath, made herself a sandwich, took a hot, relaxing bath and went to bed. She decided to use the master bedroom.

She was surprised to find that the bed had been slept in, and smelt Scott's after-shave on the sheets. She liked the idea of sleeping on his rumpled sheets; besides, she liked his smell.

It had been a long day and she drifted off to sleep in less time than it takes to say it, dreaming dreams of clear air, and pine-scented woods...

She was jolted into wakefulness when the bed she was sleeping on began to bounce. Someone had just thrown himself onto it. It was obviously a man, a very drunk man.

Nikki realized that it was Scott, and her fear fell away, to be replaced immediately by guilt and shame that she had hurt him, maybe even made him come here to lick his wounds. Tears welled as she reached for her friend. "Scott?"

She touched him and felt naked flesh. She ran her hand down his arm until she touched his stomach. He was naked! Oops! How embarrassing!

She was here uninvited, an intruder, and he was naked, expecting to crash out on his own bed and sleep off his drunk. What was she to do?

The answer wasn't left up to her. When Scott felt the hand on his stomach, his drunken state made him react without rational thought.

He reached down and caught the delicate hand resting on his stomach, and pushed it onto his crotch. He gave no thought to why someone was in his bed, or even whether that someone was male or female. In the state he was in he reacted instinctively to the touch of another human being's hand on his hot, naked flesh.

Nikki was taken aback as she felt her hand maneuvered onto Scott's sexual organ. He insistently rubbed her open hand up and down his penis, obviously demanding stimulation.

At first she tried to pull her hand free. She had never thought to be in this position with her boss, and knew that it wouldn't be good to be caught in his bed. But he was raging drunk and wouldn't let her go.

Nikki wondered: if she masturbated him to orgasm, would he fall asleep? Then she could sneak out and he wouldn't remember. She recalled a similar experience she'd had on a Lear Jet when she first came to America, not more than a year ago. The thought that all men were pigs went fleetingly through her mind, but the difference between now and the previous time was that she liked this man. She respected him, and owed him her happiness.

So why not make him feel better? His current state was probably her fault anyway. So Nikki gently wrapped her long delicate fingers around Scott's thickening erection and she began slowly pumping up and down on his shaft. She held firmly to the skin, moving it up and down over the nerve-rich helmet of his engorged prick.

Scott obviously enjoyed this, and turned on his side to face her. He brought his mouth down to hers and began a very sloppy French kiss.

Nikki could smell his favorite liquor on his breath as he forced his tongue between her lips. It almost tasted like pure whisky. She thought: 'Well, I've always liked his Kentucky mash whisky. I wonder if I could get high on his saliva?'

She became a little frightened by the urgency of Scott's kissing, and increased her hand movements between his legs, hoping to get him off before something happened that both of them might regret in the morning.

What Nikki couldn't know, with her limited experience, is that alcohol and orgasms don't mix. Scott wasn't about to have an orgasm, no matter how long she pumped his cock. He could last as long as he wanted. If he'd been sober, he'd probably have come at the touch of the Russian girl's velvety skin on his, but Scott wasn't thinking.

For much of the time he hadn't realized whom he was with. But he did know that he wanted to fuck. He'd wanted to fuck for a long time, and with that thought running through his alcohol-soaked brain, he rolled on top of Nikki's smaller body, pushing his cock between her naked legs.

The aggressive move took her breath away. She knew, as Scott brushed her hand away from his massive hard-on and mounted her, that he intended to fuck her. Short of knocking him out with a lamp, she would have to take it lying down, so to speak.

This would only be the third time for Nikki to be with a man. The first was with a boy her own age, the second a lecher who had effectively raped her, and now, with a handsome millionaire, so drunk he didn't even recognize her.

But she was wrong about his state of mind. Scott had had a lot to drink, but he had known for some time who she was. When he first realized it he'd tried to pull away, and had intended to get up and leave the room, but when Nikki grasped his cock he'd almost jumped through the roof. And when she started to masturbate him, he couldn't help himself.

He'd been attracted to this girl ever since he laid eyes on her. Like every other heterosexual male in the world, he'd wanted to have sex with her, but had always forced the feeling way down inside. Now that she had her hand on him, though, his inhibitions were gone, and his hormones were raging, demanding to be satisfied.

Nikki, of course, couldn't know that what she'd done had made all this happen; all she knew was that she was about to get fucked by her boss, and that everything would be different from then on. She was frightened. Her heart pounded in her lovely chest as Scott raised his buttocks into the air and positioned his swollen cock at her unprotected opening.

Then he thrust himself into her little piece of heaven. It felt to him exactly as he'd imagined it would - tight and moist and hot. He could feel her vaginal walls expand around his shaft as he penetrated her, grasping him tightly as he bottomed out deep inside her.

He had known she would be marvellous, and as his stomach came to rest against hers he opened his eyes and said: "Nikki, I love you."

Nikki was shocked into stillness as she realized that the man on top of her - who was now so deep inside her - wasn't so drunk that he hadn't realized what he was doing. She didn't immediately know how to react, though her instinct told her to stop him. She wasn't on the pill - with Rachel, she hadn't needed to be - and she expected to be ruined if she became pregnant.

However, she suddenly realized that she loved this man, and was not prepared to stop what was happening between them, no matter what the consequences might be. So, like countless women before her, and after, Nikki threw caution to the wind and lay back to enjoy the sensations of the moment.

She would always remember the feeling of making love for the first time with the man she loved. It was so different from any other sexual experience. She wanted his body. She wanted him to fill her, to spread her wide. His muscles rippled as he humped her, while she roamed her hands over his back and buttocks. It felt so wonderful when he moved inside her body.

Scott, meanwhile, could hardly believe what he was doing! Sure, he'd wanted it for a long time, but actually to be doing it with her magnificent body, and with her loving acceptance!

They had become as one; each of his thrusts was met by a counter-thrust from her hips, pushing forward to meet him. As their movements increased in speed, Nikki wrapped her long legs around Scott's heaving hips and lost herself in the joys of rhythmical sexual friction.

They reached the peak of ecstasy in perfect unison. From somewhere far away Nikki heard her familiar cry of joy, the one that only Rachel had heard before, whenever an exceptional orgasm racked Nikki's young body.

This time, her orgasm was enhanced by Scott's throbbing tool squirting jets of cream deep inside her. She thought she could actually feel his come splashing deep inside her, though she may have imagined it.

"Oh, how marvelous!" she breathed shakily, continuing to cling to Scott's sweat-soaked body as they both drifted off to sleep.

His last conscious thought was: 'Hmmm, what a great way to go to sleep. Think I'll stay snuggled inside my honey all night..."

Both were smiling contentedly.


Nikki was home at last. Now she was completely happy in America. Her family was doing well; she had been able to send enough money for them to live anywhere they wanted, and to live like kings too.

They wanted her to come back to Russia, so she was going to have to talk Scott into taking a vacation there with her...

Yes, she was truly happy. She had many friends, a wonderful job, and Scott and Rachel were wonderful lovers... life was good indeed!



Acknowledgments: All my thanks... to Stephen for his encouragement and proofing and to Ian for doing such a good job editing my little story.

August 1997 Kristen Kathleen Becker

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