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Kristen started reading erotica in mid 1997 at the age of 18. At the time she lived in central Oregon with not a lot to do. She worked as an Internet researcher for a marketing company and was on-line most of every day.

After being "turned-on" to erotic stories while visiting a "text" chat room one evening she began to collect stories she especially liked. That early collection turned into an archive, and once ASSTR opened its doors, her archive went public.

It was only natural that Kristen begin to write erotica and in time she became a well known author and collector.

Things changed in her life and she moved back to Seattle, where she'd grown up, and at that time the archive was turned over to friends to continue on.

Kristen's last story was posted to this site in January 2000. Kristen followed her boyfriend Jeff to the Republic of Taiwan because of a great job opportunity that he couldn't turn down. Because of her move to a foreign land and the fact that she decided to return to school Kristen has fallen silent.

December 2001 Update: Kristen and Jeff married in August 2001 and moved further into Asia. They now reside in Shanghai China and Jeff is making obscene amounts of money as a structural engineer.

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