Winter Solstice Orgy
The New Millennium

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Once upon a time...
Once upon a time there was a Winter Solstice Orgy hosted by our Lord Malinov on his personal website. Many a merry author contributed to it and there was feasting all around. But then his website went down and the Winter Solstice Orgy was no more.
Now in the New millennium there is a new Winter Solstice Festival. This time it will last through the ages, (Or for as long as ASSTR remains with us) and the festival can be visited throughout the year, and will grow each year at the whim of the authors.
Adult Content: Stories of a racy nature will be found within these manuscripts. So be ye an adult of agreeable nature afore ye enter this place.



For help in contributing a story to the festival, click HERE.

Be sure to designate that your story is for the Festival. The story poster service is also for the Kristen collection archive. Your Winter Solstice stories will only be posted to the orgy site. But we'd be honored to publish it in Kristen's collection also, but only if you make your wishes known.

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