Tied Down
(MF, bd)
By Phoebe

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Lauren lay there tense and frightened. It was a new sensation to her, fear. What had she gotten herself into she wondered for the hundredth time that hour.

It had all started with a bet. A bet with that bastard Jon Branch, her girlfriend Barbara's roommate at ASU. She never liked that guy and only put up with him because she had the hots for Barbara. And when they bet on the ASU vs. Eagle's game the night before, she thought she was going to teach the egotistical bastard a lesson.

Only, she was the one who was learning a lesson now.

A particularly loud noise in the hall just outside the dorm room made Lauren jump. She tugged at the ropes binding her wrists and her heart jumped into her throat. What the fuck was she doing here, why the hell had she gone along with that bastard's game?

Yes, she had lost a bet, but to agree to being tied spread-eagled on his bed, naked, blindfolded and gagged for the entire night, was just plain stupid. She kept hoping that no one would find her, or if someone did they'd untie her and let her go. But she was more afraid that if someone did find her they'd do things to her that she didn't even want to think about.

Another bang against the wall outside her imprisoning room, she jumped again, body tense. Someone was grabassing out there in the hall; she could hear shouts and running feet, back and forth.

How long had it been since Jon had made her strip and tied her to the bed? It seemed like hours but probably wasn't more than a half hour or so. She'd made the bastard promise that he wouldn't fuck her once she'd been tied up and he hadn't, at least not yet.

The thought flashed through Lauren's mind in that instant that there would be no way to know who it was if he came into the room and did it now. After all, she was tied down on the bed and blindfolded. She moaned against her gag in despair. There was an eternity of hours in front of her still to go, and anyone at any moment could bump the door to the dorm room that had not been completely closed.


Loud yells of glee as some college student moved loudly down the hall. Lauren could hear the guy almost at her dorm room door. He was just outside talking in a drunken slur to someone else further down the hall. It sounded like they were throwing something back and forth now, playing some stupid game.


Fuck! Would he never move away from the door? If he bumped against it and looked in he would she her naked and tied, lying there on rumpled sheets spread-eagled, helpless. What would he think? God, this was torture!

BOOM! Scrape, "Hey, fuckhead, watch it, that isn't fair! I'm not counting that cause you cheated." A voice so close to the door called out loudly. Lauren knew that her luck would run out soon if that turd bumped the door. She tried to imagine what it would be like to be discovered. What would happen?

Would that drunk student come in and set her free? Or, as she so feared, would he try something, something like raping her. After all she was tied and naked on the bed and blindfolded too. What could she do about it? And he'd know that too. He'd wonder why a woman was tied naked to a bed in the dorm and think that maybe she wanted it, that she'd like him to fuck her, maybe thinking she had some kind of bondage fetish.

Lauren pulled harder at the ropes encircling her wrists and ankles. The thought of some strange man using her body for his pleasure and not even knowing who she was, made her heart race. At that moment Lauren felt herself getting wet, she was shocked at herself. It had to be the stress of the situation, it couldn't be anything sexual, this was a disgusting situation she'd gotten herself into and she wasn't at all turned on by it. Was she?

BOOM! BANG! Creeeeak...

Was that the door?! Oh my god, was that the door?! Oh fuck! Lauren was beside herself, were they looking in on her right now, wide-eyed ogling her naked body? Oh god this was killing her, this couldn't go on like this all night, could it? She was already exhausted from the fear and strain, and it couldn't have been even an hour since Jon had tied her down to the bed.

"Hey!" a voice at the door, or was it in the room? Oh god, oh god! Oh my god!

"Hey, what the..."

It was the same slightly drunk voice that Lauren had been listing to for the past hour. Was he coming into the room? Oh god no, it was happening. She struggled against her ropes, desperate to free a hand; her heart was thudding in her chest now like a time bomb, pulsing blood through her veins at a furious rate.

She could imagine what was going to happen next. The guy would rape her, he would come in and strip down and climb on top of her and fuck her against her will. It was crazy, this whole thing was crazy, she couldn't let it happen. She had to figure out some way to make this stop, but there was nothing she could do, he was moving toward her now, she could hear him and it was only a matter of moments before he was between her legs fucking her brains out.

The thought of a young man thrusting and grunting on top of her and in her, made Lauren shiver. She had just turned 30 last month and hadn't had sex with a man in years. Her thing had been other girls ever since high school, but this feeling of being powerless was so strange, so... intense. Lauren was always in control, always prepared, this helplessness was something complete new to her.

She could hear someone breathing close by. There was a rustling sound, was he stripping now? Was his stiff prick standing out from his thin muscular body as he looked her nakedness? What could she do when the boy climbed on top of her? She could almost image the feel of his stiff hot prick pushing against her pussy lips, parting them and the grunt of pleasure from the boy as he sank deeply into her.

It was too much for Lauren, this was all just too much for her, she was thinking crazy thoughts now, thoughts of young men using her body, more than one man, the whole dorm, all the guys in the dorm. She could imagine this thin yet muscular young man using her again and again, thrusting and grunting and sweating all over her... and then when he'd had enough, going out in the hall and whispering to his friends that there was a tied, naked woman in this room and she couldn't stop them if they wanted to fuck her.

The image of a whole line of horny young men with their pricks at attention standing around her, watching the guy before them humping her helpless spread-eagled naked body flashed through her mind. The smell of bucket loads of cum and sweaty bodies sliding on top of her as they grunted with their efforts, were almost real to Lauren.

Then he body jerked and her heart was in her mouth. The little shit had touched her, he was going to do it now, it was going to happen now! Real fear flashed though her entire body like a lightning bolt and then something even stranger happened, she felt a spasm deep down inside. She was having little tiny orgasms, that's what they were, and it was happening over and over again. How strange! They weren't big ones, but her body was hot and her breath was coming in gasps around the tightly clinched gag.

Then there were fingers at her face, then the blindfold came off and Lauren could see the young man standing before her. He was thin, just like she'd imagined and he was muscular like teenage boys can be, maybe 5'7" tall and kind of good looking in an almost adolescent sort of way. But instead of naked and sporting a stiff boner, he was dressed in a jersey and baggy basket ball trunks.

The boy's eyes were as wide as Lauren had imagined they would be, but more in fright than in lust. Then he spoke, "Ma'am, do you need some help? C-can I help you?"

Lauren looked into the boy's eyes; he couldn't have been more that 18 or 19, and he was going to help her, not rape her. She nodded her head and pointing her chin at him and then nodding her head indicating that he should loosen the gag. The teenager moved up to the head of the bed and leaned over Lauren's naked body and fought with the tightly clinched gag. Finally he discovered the secret to the knot and pulled the cloth loose. "Ma'am, are you okay? Who did this to you?"

Lauren gasped for air and looked up at the boy as he turned to untie her hands. She was surprised at the anticlimax of it all. The anticipation, the helplessness and the... yes... sexual arousal had been most stimulating.

Climbing off the bed, rubbing her chafed wrists, Lauren felt relief, total and complete relief, she could have kissed the boy, it was nice to know that there were some good boys in the world after all.

As Lauren pulled her jeans and blouse on she snuck a peek or two at the boy, almost wishing that things had been different, what would it have been like to have that young tense body humping away at her helpless bound spread-eagled body? The she caught herself, that was a crazy thought!

Lauren mumbled grateful thanks to the boy for his help and hurried out of the room. As she passed several other boys horsing around in the hall, still throwing a ball around, Lauren speculated on what she might have missed out on.

As the exit door swung open, she was thinking about how she might try betting that bastard Jon again and maybe she would even try losing on purpose...


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