At The Robinsons

(oral, public)
By Michael

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I could feel my prick spasm and my balls tense as my jism began to rise. I sat there at the table looking around at the faces surrounding me like a deer in the headlights of a truck.

I knew that I was about to cum any second but there was nothing I could do to stop myself. I was beginning to pant and I knew that everyone in the room must know what I was about to do.

When I'd first accepted Cheryl's invitation to Thanksgiving dinner at her folk's house during school break I'd never even thought about something like this. When we first arrived I was fascinated by Cheryl's large family gathering. Being an only child of older parents I'd never attended an event like this before.

'Event' was all you could call it. There were at least 30 people ranging from toddlers to grand parents, siblings and nephews, cousins, the works. At first I didn't notice Cheryl's younger sister. She must have been introduced to me when we first arrived, but with so many people to remember I guess I forgot I'd met her.

That was soon to change.

Cheryl's little sister was 18 and in between high school and college. Apparently she was planning on attending her freshman year in the new year. For some reason she seemed attracted to me from the first. Maybe it was the fact that I ignored her in the beginning and she wanted to get my attention, whatever the reason she soon reintroduced herself in no uncertain terms.

I was standing on the porch sneaking a joint when I heard someone come up behind me and almost jumped out of my skin. Holding the joint behind my back I turned guiltily to see who the intruder was, only to find this young woman looking into my eyes with her smiling face.

She said that she wouldn't mind a hit if I wanted to share. I handed over the joint and in the process of smoking it to the nub I found out that she was Cheryl's younger sister Stephy.

To my complete surprise she took no time in offering to reciprocate. She said she had some Quaaludes in her room and left me standing there. But only for as long as it took her to get to her room and snag a couple of beers from the kitchen and her pills.

So there we were, sipping on our beers and flying pretty high on 'Ludes' with the entire Robinson family milling around the property. I didn't mind though because I was feeling no pain.

The fact that Stephy had her hand down the front of my pants as we looked out at the scenery from one end of the porch didn't hurt my mood either. She kept teasing me about Cheryl not being as good as her in bed, that I ought to try a really hot lover for a change.

I just joked with her about Cheryl being all I could handle, but I didn't ask her to remove her hand. I also knew - vaguely - that if Cheryl caught us like this I was dead meat. But how do you turn down a nice hand job from a pretty stranger in - pretty much - public?

My mind was getting even hazier, and I was beginning to drift pleasantly and all I really wanted to do was go to bed and fuck Stephy until I blew my load and then sleep. But suddenly we were heading in to the house. Apparently everyone was being called to sit down to Thanksgiving dinner.

I was amazed at the spread of food on the table. It looked like one of those Rockwell paintings. There were two huge Turkeys a big ham and so many side dishes my confused mind couldn't even take it all in.

I was sitting by Cheryl. I looked guiltily around for Stephy but couldn't see her. But even though only a few moments ago I had been thinking about fuck her brains out I was so distracted by my a sudden hunger that I almost forgot about her.

Cheryl poured me a glass of wine and I gulped it down. I began to pig-out on Turkey and fixins' vaguely aware that this was the most food I'd ever seen in one place before. Although the conversation was getting past me I was enjoying myself and I was on my second glass of wine when I felt something bump into my leg under the table.

Then my eyes widened as I felt a hand at the fly of my jeans, tugging away at my zipper. I stopped eating as I felt fingers slip into the opened fly and felt my prick being fished out into the open.

I didn't know what to do. Should I jump up indignantly and shout at my attacker? Should I tell Cheryl that somebody was playing with my stiffening prick? Then it was too late. I felt hot moist lips and a tongue that quickly transported me into a hazy heaven of earthly delights.

How could this be happening to me? I knew in the back of my mind that Stephy was the one doing this to me. I looked around the room and still couldn't see her. I didn't dare to look down under the table and bring attention to what was happening to me. How could I ever explain it to Cheryl?

So there I was, in the middle of this huge family gathering, who were all gobbling food and having lively conversation, enjoying themselves immensely. And I was about to cum in the mouth of my girlfriend's little sister.

I felt those fingers cup my balls as hot most lips began to ride my cock in an ever faster and more energetic rhythm until there was nothing but that mouth and those fingers making me quietly groan in extreme pleasure.

I quickly looking down to see that the tablecloth was still covering my lap. I briefly noticed that there was movement under the cloth as if a head was bobbing against it.

Then as I blew my load I looked over at Cheryl beside me.

She looked at me and smiled. I couldn't believe that she couldn't tell what was happening. Then my body jerked as cum flew and I jerked again and gasped - I couldn't help it - my orgasm was so intense, what with grass, alcohol and ludes fueling it.

That's when I saw Stephy come into the room. At the exact moment I was emptying myself into SOMEONE'S mouth! What the hell?! I was about to faint from my condition when 'whoever' it was under the table finally decided they'd had enough.

I felt one final sucking motion then a tongue licked the head of my prick, cleaning it up, then fingers pushed my hot wet boner back into my pants and it was over.

I sat there is confusion. What should I do?

Finally I decided to do nothing. SOMEONE had given me a fucking fantastic blowjob, maybe the best one of my life, so what did I have to complain about.

After another hour or so the family moved away from the table and Cheryl took me by the hand and led me up to her bedroom and we fucked for the longest time. She was surprised at how long I lasted. Actually I was so drained from that fantastic BJ that I could have gone for ever that afternoon, but just thinking about being blown by some strange woman under the table while I was sitting next to my girlfriend in a roomful of her family was enough to finally make me fill her cunt with me cum.


We packed up early the next morning to head back to school. We had a three hour drive ahead of us and Cheryl was raring to go. As we headed out of the house she said goodbye to everyone we met and I was shaking hands. I could hardly remember anyone's name but I had enjoyed myself immensely and was feeling pretty mellow.

Just as he were heading to my car, a teenage cousin of Cheryl's came running over to us to hugged Cheryl, then he did something really strange. As I held my hand out to shake his he gripped it and leaned in and kissed me on the lips, pulling back he said, "You were great Brad, you really were. Thanks!" And he walked back to the house with a big smile on his face.

Normally I would have pulled back to fend off such an attack on my manhood, but I guess I was just so shocked that I hadn't reacted. Cheryl giggled at me and as we pulled out onto the highway she explained that her cousin was gay.

Thinking about the kiss he'd given me, she said, "You're lucky he didn't attack you for real. Bobby loves to give head and he's hard to fight off when he really wants some guy. I've known him to even use my sister Stephy to set up a guy for just that. They're quite a team those two. You're lucky you were with me."

Luck had nothing to do with it I thought to myself...


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