The Server
(FF, nc?, si-fi, sn)
By Phoebe

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Shery174717 was shocked! She knew that she shouldn't have been. All of her training even her very life had lead to this moment but even with the extensive training, (and she had graduated at the top of her class) she hadn't expected this.

As Shery174717 waited for her summons she thought back over her short life. It was strange that after all the effort and money that had been put into her genetics and education that they had paired her for life with someone so unorthodox. Something like this couldn't have happened even a couple of years ago. But, she guessed if you were rich enough you could do just about anything these days.

Shery174717 was from a long line of Shery's. 174717 to be exact. Her line had begun way back in 2015 after the founders had decided that genetic engineering was better than the chaos and horror of rising sexually transmitted disease and the huge increase in birth defects that were beginning to destabilize society.

By the year 2535 it was the law that only sexual unions between genetically designed persons and organic persons could take place. This type of union quickly eradicated all disease and birth defects. But it had a side effect too.

Even to this day and age 'servers' didn't have any significant rights. The server race had originally been developed to supply extra body parts, and it was only after 2015 that any sentient beings were allowed to develop. But even then their rights were very limited.

As an example the 'server' breeding stock had no say in who they would be mated with. It was true that back then servers didn't really care who they ended up with. They had been designed not to care. But as time went on and it became obvious that eventually the human race would take on some of the mental attributes of the server race... Well, the founders changed their tune. They had to design more personality into - at least the breeder servers.

And there lay the dilemma.

When this design change was made in the submissive breeder servers they were no longer content to take what was thrust upon them. Shery174717 surely wasn't. Not after thirteen years of intensive training that started at age two. And she didn't quite know how to react to what was happening to her now. All of her life had been designed to please a human male, all of her life lead to this one moment.


At two years old Shery174717 had been taken from her nursery care unit and enrolled in the server breeding school. She had excelled at her studies - like a superb athlete Shery174717 spent every waking hour working toward her goal. Physically and mentally - everything was honed to do one thing - 'to please a human male.' And she had amazed her teachers; even the doctors had praised her.

There had even been an incident when one of the scientists threw a tantrum because he wanted Shery174717 for himself. That was scary, but also it had made Shery174717 proud that a human male and a scientist to boot had gone off the deep end to try and mate with her.

Of course the scientist males had their own breeders and since they were the one's that designed them, they could pretty much make whatever image and personality they wished. That fact made it even more puzzling to Shery174717 that she'd been so sought after by the human male.


Now here she was waiting in the huge anteroom of a famously wealthy human. Only this human was not a male. She was a she, and Shery174717 couldn't understand why the institute for genetics had mated her with a missus instead of a mister. What was the world coming too?


Lydia Max had turned forty only the week before. She'd never taken the time to truly enjoy herself before; work and making money were her life; her hobby and recreation. But lately she'd begun to wonder if she had missed something.

Lydia had never liked men, the only experience she'd ever had with them was in her business. She came from a long line of females and had never had a human male in the line. Her mother's male server had died young and since then her mother had taken only male sex partners who where bred for recreation not procreation. The recreational servers never interested Lydia. She'd tried out a few of her mother's and even used them from time to time before she finally decided to give them up all together.

It had been some years since Lydia had performed any sex act with another person. But that didn't mean that she wasn't interested. It had gotten to the point that she couldn't concentrate on her business because she was always thinking about having sex. The trouble was her thoughts always strayed to the females in her group. She desperately wondered what it would be like to hold another female in her arms and to enjoy each other's bodies.

Even in the year 2050, or maybe especially in the year 2050 homosexual lesions were not acceptable. The few scandals that arose where the quick end of careers and the people involved were ostracized from society permanently.

But in Lydia Max's case things were a little different. She was a major contributor to the Western Hemisphere Party and if she wanted to do it she could easily make or break any politician in the World Government. So Lydia had requested the very best female breeding server and received it without comment.

The screen that glowed against the wall of her lounge, showed that the girl was stunning. She had startlingly red hair and her skin glowed an unearthly pinkish white. Lydia knew that the this girl had been bred to please a man in bed and to bear his children. She also knew that this beautiful woman-girl had graduated at the top of her class. Excitement welled up inside of Lydia Max as she continued to take in the lovely vision of this virginal amazon girl-child.

Finally, she could stall no longer. With a brief moment of fear passing through her, she wished that the institute hadn't given this child a will of her own, rejection was something that she felt she couln't take at the moment. Lydia walked down the hall and into the anteroom to the waiting girl.


Shery174717 looked up startled at the sound of feet on plush carpet. It was her new mistress. The young girl's eyes clouded in momentary disappointment when she realized that indeed it was a woman, and that she was old! Shery174717 swallowed hard trying to cover up her feeling as the older lady waltzed into the room.

"Hi hon, did my servants take appropriate care of you? What do you think of my house, have you been made to feel at home?" Shery174717's mistress looked down at the girl and was stunned all over again by her extreme beautify. Lydia had seen pictures of her and had even seen her from afar but standing so closed to the lightly clad female server child, one could tell the superior quality of her body as well as the sharp intellect radiating from her emerald green eyes.

Shery174717 looked back at the woman and noticed a 'light' in her eyes. She knew what that 'light' was. She'd been trained to recognize lust in human males and there was no mistaking it in her new mistress.

Lydia couldn't wait another moment. She'd bathed and perfumed herself and wanted nothing more than to ease her tension with this delightful new acquisition. She grasped the girl's perfect hand and gently pulled her to her feet. "What lovely legs," she mused out loud. Then she commanded, "Come with me child." And Shery174717 followed in her wake.

Leading Shery174717 to her bedroom Lydia wasted no time. After shutting the door behind her she turned to the beautiful young girl and pulled the light gossamer material up and over her head and arms, leaving the young woman naked to her sight.

Lydia stood and stared at Shery174717. She'd known that this child was perfect; she had paid a high price to get her. But the reality was still breathtaking.

Shery174717 didn't respond, nor did she resist as the older woman gently pushed her into a sitting position onto the bed. Then her mistress pulled her own gown up and over her head in one continuous movement. Shery174717 looked at her mistress and noticed that even though she was old she did have a nice body. Shery174717 just wasn't quite sure where this was leading. 'After all her mistress didn't have a penis and how could two females do anything with each other?' she wondered to herself.

Lydia couldn't wait an instant longer. She was determined to 'win' this woman-child over as soon as possible. She'd been a force to reckon with in business, and she was confident that she could be the same with this little sex kitten. Lydia knew what went into the gene pool that made up the breeding servers. One ingredient in their design, whether they were male or female was a super active sex drive and the training and instincts to perform wonderful things in bed.

Lydia knelt down between Shery174717's smooth perfect spread legs and pushed her face against the lightly dappled blonde bush that framed the girl's soft velvety pussy lips. Pussy lips that had been designed to give maximum pleasure to a man's thrusting cock.

But now, after 13 years of exhaustive physical training it didn't really matter whether an erect male cock was pushing into for the first time or her mistress' hot tongue, Shery174717's body shivered with joy just the same.

Her server genes kicked in and Shery174717's physical and emotional training took over. Her will, no her 'need' to please her master, er, her mistress was paramount. She pulled Lydia's face to hers and exchanged a deep lingering kiss, one that went on and on as they explored each other's lips and then one another's hot moist interiors. The young woman's hand roamed uninhibited over her mistress' body, making her mistress shiver with a rising lust she'd all but forgotten existed.

Shery174717 couldn't have stopped even if she'd been able to think about what she was doing. Her instincts had taken full control of her body and mind as she sank to the deep pile carpet and rolled over on top of her mistress. Shery174717 knew what to do for a man, and she knew about a woman's physiology so it wasn't long before she was sliding down her mistress' thighs to her soaking female slit.

First her tongue was flicking then the girl's pearly teeth were nipping away at Lydia's clit, forcing an intense orgasm to rack the older woman's body.

Shery174717's tongue had been genetically designed like that of a cat, with tiny little barbs covering the whole surface. It was designed to heighten a male's pleasure during oral sex. Lydia found this to be a true revelation, something she'd never known about before.

The older woman writhed around on her deep pile carpet in ecstasy while her beautiful little server breeder continued to eat her. (Just as she had dreamed about so many times before while masturbating to this image in her mind all alone in her room.)

What Lydia's research hadn't shown was that Shery174717 was truly different than regular human women. Shery174717 had been trained to give sex to men, not woman. Her training said that when she gave oral sex to a male that she should continue her manipulations until the man emptied himself in her mouth. And since she was designed to always be a little aroused, Shery174717 didn't understand that human women didn't usually ejaculate and so the naive girl continued to work on her mistress with her 'cat' tongue even when Lydia could no longer catch her breath.

The older woman was experiencing multiple orgasms, or a better description might have been continuous orgasms. Shery174717 kept up her tongue action like an expert - waiting for her mistress to shoot her load. But she never did.


The obituary stated that: "Miss Lydia Max, world class business woman, succumbed to a heart attack early Saturday morning. Miss Max was a leading industrialist with immense influence with the World Government and her death is expected to cause a slight recession in the western hemisphere while other major players fight for position. The sole beneficiary of the Max fortune is the MAX OF CAT's foundation. All 100 trillion dollars of the MAX estate is said to be ear-marked for cats, millions and millions of cats from around the world."


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