Riding Bareback
(M/F+, preg)
By Michael

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No this story isn't about riding horses bareback. Actually it can also be a term for unprotected sex.


I was much more sexually mature than the children around me. I can remember jacking off a lot back in the 5th grade when everyone else in my class was just awakening to what sexual feelings were all about.

My first sexual experience was in the 5th grade, actually the summer before. Both my older brothers were away at summer camp and my single-parent mother decided to enroll me in a summer program for kids sponsored by the city.

The program was held on the school grounds close to our house and had all kinds of activities to keep us entertained. We weren't all that well supervised, they just didn't have enough volunteers to keep track of all the kids all of the time.

What happened was that I had begun to develop an attraction to this girl in my group. I can't remember her name anymore but I do remember that she was blonde and kind of cute.

I learned a very important lesson with her that summer. I found out that I had the power of persuasion because I talked her into letting me fuck her. (Yes, I know that is a strange thing for kids to do who are so young, but if you'll try to remember back to that age, you probably thought that you were pretty grown up at that age.)

Our first sexual contact was one boring summer day just before the weekend. This girl and I were at the back of the classroom when I began to feel horny and asked her to put her hand in my pants. We'd been flirting for days and the question wasn't totally unexpected, but I have to admit I really didn't expect her to do it.

But after a little begging she did as I asked. I can vividly remember standing there at the back of the room sort of behind the big dusty floor-to-ceiling drapes as I loosened my pants. The feeling of her warm hand dipping into my underwear was like heaven, and when her fingers wrapped around my dick I just exploded.

She didn't realize at first what had happened. She kept feeling me until it was obvious that something hot and sticky was squishing around between her fingers. In some surprise she pulled her hand out of my pants and looked at it in disgust.

I remember her getting mad at me and I remember telling her that she was so sexy that she'd made me cum in my shorts. She seemed to like that.

Anyway, the next day I fucked her.

We were at the back of the room like the day before. I think she wanted to give me another hand job. I know she was just as excited as I was, but I needed something more than we had done before. I asked her if we could make love.

She knew exactly what I was asking and to my incredulous excitement she didn't say no. She just kept hemming and hawing and trying to stall me. But I was having none of that and I pushed her behind the big drapes and undid my pants. I reached out for her hand and wrapped her fingers around my ridged dick and moved her hand up and down in a slow jacking motion.

At the same time I pulled her dress up and hooked my fingers in her panties and with some effort pulled them down until they fell to the floor around her feet. It didn't take long before I was pushing my body up against hers.

I didn't really know what I was doing but I knew the basics and fumbled around holding my hard dick up against her and positioned myself where I thought I should be.

Apparently my little blonde girlfriend was just as excited as I was because I can remember the incredible feeling of her slick little slit as I found her pussy. It was a sensation that I've tried to recapture many times since then. The feeling of sliding into that hot slick tightness practically blew my mind.

I couldn't speak, I could hardly breathe as I began to pump in and out of her as we stood wrapped up in the dusty drapes. It didn't take very long before I blew my load in her. I remember looking into her eyes as my body pressed against hers and I shivered as my orgasm gushed into her. I don't think she knew what had happened at first but when I finally sighed and slumped against her she became pretty agitated and pulled away from me.

That was my first time and I was able to persuade her to do it with me twice more. Each time she tried to refuse saying that I didn't have any protection and that she didn't want to get pregnant. But each time I talked her into it.

It turned out that she did get pregnant but to my great relief she never told her parents who had done it to her and they ended up moving away before she had the baby.

That experience gave me such a rush that I was almost insatiable after that. I looked for willing girls and found them in droves. I looked for the ones with little experience and maybe a self-image problem and I was nice to them. I have always been good-looking and most of the girls could be talked into whatever I wanted.

It still amazes me that I have been able to get bareback sex all of my life. I think I must be the father of at least 25 to 30 kids around the country. I always tried to stay long enough to make them pregnant, then I'd leave.


The only time that I really regretted having to leave a woman was when I met Kristi during my freshman year at college. She was a beautiful young woman who had a complete sense of her self worth and always seemed to know what she wanted and where she was headed. Until she met me that is.

She insisted that I wear protection at first. She was on the pill but didn't want to take any chance of catching a disease from a new lover. But after time she began to trust me and the rubbers were discarded. And finally unknown to her the pills she was taking were replaced by pep pills that were the same size and color as her birth control.

After the switch to the fake pills I noticed that my sex drive was twice what it had been before. Every time we had sex it was great. I was like an animal and Kristi responded to my efforts with equal fervor.

She commented on my renewed lust not knowing that I was completely aroused because I knew we were fucking without any protection.

She got pregnant, but even she would have to admit if she wanted to be perfectly honest that our sex was something special. That our time together would always be a shining moment, and the lust that we shared together would never be forgotten. (All though I'm sure she would also say that the price she paid was too high.)

I was tempted to stay and make an honest woman of her. She was so beautiful and I did love her. But it was semesters end and I realized that my departure could be accomplished with very little effort. So I skipped town.


The only other time that I had any real problem was the year before I left home. It was two years before Kristi and I'd been out of high school for almost 18-months. I was hanging around in my backyard when I heard a splash coming from our neighbor's swimming pool next door. Being a curious teenager I looked through a crack in the fence to see the neighbor's wife, Gloria Newsome swimming in the nude.

What an opportunity that was. She must have thought that everyone would be at work or school at that hour of the day and she was satisfying some nudist urge by being naked in the great out of doors.

I crouched there looking at her for almost an hour. It turned out that Gloria had a great body, and after that day of peeping (Even though she was thirty something) I became greatly attracted to her.

I made my move several weeks later. Gloria's husband was away on a business trip for a week and I found out through the teenage grapevine that her ten-year-old son Trevor would be away at his grand parents for the weekend.

Things just seemed to fall into place. My folks and two older brothers were going to the outlet center north of town. A trip like that would take at least 5 hours. So when I heard the splash coming from the pool next door I stripped down to the buff, grabbed a towel and headed downstairs.

I wrapped the towel around my waist long enough to walk out the front door and into the side yard gate of our neighbor's house. Looking down the narrow strip of yard I could see Gloria was totally naked again so I dropped my towel on the ground and walked nonchalantly into her backyard and sat on the decking with me legs dangling in the water.

When Gloria came up for air she gasped as she realized that I was sitting there watching her antics in the pool. I noticed the moment when she realized that I was naked. Her eyes went to my flesh flagpole and then up to my face. I just smiled and slipped into the water.

Even I was surprised that it was so easy to fuck her. All I did was swim over to her and push her up against the pool edge with me body. At first her eyes were wide with fear, but when I started fingering her slit under the water she untensed and soon I was sticking it to her.

I've always wanted to have sex in a swimming pool again ever since that time. It was incredible; the cool water surrounding our naked bodies and my dick shoved into her hot moist cunt. As I fucked her the feeling of the cool water as I pulled out and her hot interior and than as I shoved back in her made it so I that didn't last very long.

She hugged me tightly as I groaned and emptied myself into her. I had such a terrific orgasm that it was almost painful.

We ended up fucking a few more times that weekend and each time the same old refrain, "Please use protection," but I always talked her out of it. I even snuck over late that night and took her in her bed, right where her husband usually fucked her. It was such a turn on, I'll never forget it.

A month or so later she took me aside and told me that I'd made her pregnant. That was when I thought it was time to go away to college. My Mother had been at me for some time to get my schooling back on track so I thought that would probably be the best time to do it.


I've often thought what it would be like to have a reunion. What a blast to have all the mothers and their children in one big room. To see what my kids turned out to look like and to find out how each woman that I'd made pregnant had faired. It would be kind of cool to know what my kids were like.

But I probably won't ever know...


This was a pure fantasy. In reality I'm a responsible citizen and would never do anything like described in my story. To have unprotected sex with strangers has to be one of the most dangerous things you could do now a days. But I guy can fantasize, and the fantasy turns me on. How about you?

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