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Written by Phoebe

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Pepper Anderson was a pretty girl. She'd always been that way, back when she was just a baby. Her mother told everyone that her darling daughter would grow up to be a movie star; she was that attractive. (Living in Southern California made dreams like that come-true, or so her mother said.)

Pepper was also very promiscuous, and from a young age too. At age 6 she talked two neighbor boys into pulling their pants down to let her play with their weenies. At age 10 she had her first full-fledged fingering by the McPherson brothers. It was hard to believe that no one caught them at it, 3 children standing by the big curtains at the back of the classroom. Pepper was the one with her pants down this time, with 2 very curious boys getting an eye full, and a handful too.

By the time Pepper turned 12 she was no longer a virgin. It had happened on the 10-acre utility lawn that skirted the middle school that she attended. Pepper and her boyfriend Johnny Martinez were messing around in the grass, way out in the middle of that field. Dusk was approaching and apparently Pepper was giving off invisible signals because before they left the lawn area that evening Johnny got lucky and Pepper was no longer a virgin.

Pepper had enjoyed that experience but had worried until her next period came. She'd didn't want to get pregnant, not even by Johnny.

She went to her mother and confessed what she had done and was immediately taken to the family doctor to get fitted out for the proper pills to protect her from future youthful indiscretions. (She was also grounded for 3 weeks and Johnny was no longer welcome around the Anderson's home.)

That didn't stop Pepper though. Once she was "safe" after the 2 week period of being on the pill, Pepper waylaid Johnny one day as they were leaving school and took him to a vacant lot behind a stand of old Ironwood trees and let him have his way with her again.

Pepper decided that she loved sex. Everything about sex fascinated her. After the first few times with Johnny she took time to inspect his "equipment" and his body in general. She'd never actually seen a boy naked before Johnny Martinez. Being an only child had its drawbacks sometimes, Pepper thought as she played with Johnny's stiff dick and squeezed his tight nuts between her fingers.

Pepper especially liked to run her hands over Johnny's smooth brown body; it felt like he was on fire when she did that to him. He would squirm around and respond to her every touch. And when she would finally dip her hands down between his legs he would moan in excitement and sometimes, even shoot off for her.

That was another thing that fascinated Pepper; the fact that Johnny could shoot his stuff so far. She measured it once when he'd been very excited; he'd shot his first spurt almost 3 feet up into the air. That had been quite a sight.

Pepper and Johnny became a regular thing until summer came along and she was sent away to summer camp. But that turned out to be interesting when it became apparent that there was a boy's area on the other side of the creek.

Pepper had her second experience with full-blown sex at the camp. She met a nice boy during the first night at the big group campfire. The boy was from San Francisco and he'd had a girl before. Actually he'd had a few and wasn't shy about it.

It didn't take more than an hour that first night before the 2 of them here in the woods; Pepper on her back, and her new lover was pumping away between her legs. And it wasn't too many more days before Pepper was introduced to the boy's "good" friend and there was a threesome going on in those woods at night.

That was when Pepper realized that sex could be with more than one boy at a time. It was more exciting than with just Johnny. To actually be lying there getting it from one boy while the other watched and masturbated. And when they both joined in at the same time Pepper knew that this was the way she liked it best.

Pepper was very popular in high school and learned a lot about boys, sex and many other important things. When she graduated from high school the first job she took was at a topless club. Why not? She thought. After all she had a good body and tits to die for. One of those other important things that she'd learned was that men liked her. Liked her, and her body. So why not use her natural assets to make a little money.

She made more than a little money. If an 18-year-old topless dancer was willing to be "very" pleasing to the right men she could make an obscene amount of money. Pepper was always busy, either at the club or at someone or another's apartment or condo, or sometimes at some guy's house when his family was away.

Pepper liked it with married men the best. They had the experience and they paid the most too. Nothing like getting the best sex around, and getting paid well to boot.

The only problem was that by the time Pepper was close to turning 20 she'd pretty much alienated her parents and her old school buddies. After all you could only steel so many guys away from your girlfriends before they wouldn't talk to you. And her parents got tired of irate wives calling up and screaming in the phone at them.

So, Pepper finally decided to move out of town. For no particular reason she picked Albuquerque New Mexico to make as her new home. Besides, she'd amassed enough money to live on for quite a while and thought that she might start college that next fall and New Mexico University sounded like a nice place to go. Anyway, she drove the 750 miles in her 99 Toyota 4X4 pickup in two days, leaving Southern California behind with very little regret.

Talent finds its way easily enough. Pepper's talent was showing off her body and she'd already lined up a gig at the Rhino Club, a men's club down on Mennal Blvd., right in the heart of down town Albuquerque.

She soon got into the rhythm of life in the Southwest cowboy town. That is until one afternoon not long after starting her new job a bunch of tough looking guys came trooping into the club. It was obvious that these guys were different than the regular run of customers. As they came waltzing in they pushed men to one side and roughed up a couple that didn't move fast enough.

Pepper was just about ready to come on stage to do her act as these grubby looking men moved up to the front and sat down at the vacated tables. They ordered beers and began to pound the tables with their fists when the waitress didn't move fast enough for them.

This crowd of troublemakers were getting noisier when the owner finally came out of his office to confront them. Raja was a nice little guy from India or Pakistan and wasn't much of a threat to these big burly men. They shouted him down and demanded a show, or else. He scurried away with sweat darkening the back of his white dress shirt.

At that point Pepper knew that it was pretty much up to her. Either entertain these guys and make them happy or get the hell out and save herself. She decided to stay. The challenge was just too much to pass up, and besides it was an exciting experience, not knowing what would happen.

Pepper signaled to the dry little man who served as the DJ and show accompaniment for the girls, to bring up the music. She did a quick once over of her costume and then pranced out onto the stage as the spot lights flared into life.

That night Pepper was doing her "Cindy Schoolgirl" act. Since she could still pass for 16 why not take advantage of it, and besides the customers usually liked it a lot. (More tips.) But as she skipped up to the edge of the stage she was stopped cold by catcalls and hooting. Apparently this audience didn't like schoolgirls.

Pepper looked out over the crowd and realized that they wanted to break the place up, and unless she could catch their attention they would most certainly do it. She stood right up at the edge of the stage and looked down at several of the big dirty men who sat right up next to the stage. They seemed to be the ones that everyone else looked to.

Without a thought for the consequences Pepper began to disrobe. First off with the white blouse then a step and she had the plaid catholic schoolgirl skirt in one hand. No stopping now, she knew what she was going to do. The only course of action was to shock, to take them by surprise. Her heart started to pound in her chest as she began to peel down her nylons and she found it hard to breathe as she pulled her g-string and bikini bra off and flung them to the back of the stage.

Then the moment of truth, "Any of you big fucking men "BIG" enough to come up her and be part of the act?" She stood totally naked, arms akimbo, legs firmly planted with her feet about 18" apart, right at the edge of the stage and looked down at the table of evil looking men who were obviously in charge of this gang.

Somebody from the back of the room yelled, "Yeah, where's Navaho Joe? Fuck he'll do it, he'll do anything!" There was a cheer of approval at that statement.

Pepper kept looking at the men in front of her, then one of them stood up. He was obviously the one called "Navaho Joe" because he was obviously an American Indian. He had to be at least 6'6" and at least 300 pounds. And grubby, Pepper noticed, but what the fuck, she thought, in for a penny, in for a pound.

"C'mon up her "Chief" I want to get a closer look at you." Pepper was playing to the crowd of men now and she pranced stylishly back and forth showing off her assets to them. She knew that she had to look damn impressive to these scruffy group of "Bikers" - that's what they were, bikers!

Why hadn't she noticed that before? As the big man moved toward the stage with a leer on his face Pepper noticed for the first time the "colors" patch on his front pocket. "New Mexico Hells Angels" Oh fuck. Oh damn, what have I got myself into now? She thought.

"So honey you wanna be Navaho Joe's little squaw do you?" He laughed as he lumbered up onto the stage.

Pepper knew that things could turn ugly if she couldn't pull this off so she instantly decided to be the aggressor and try to keep the upper hand with this big man. Feeling the blood surging through her veins Pepper skipped up to the big Indian and jumped up on his back and started to slap him on the butt, "Giddy up horsy, giddy up!" She wrapped her long slender legs around the dark giant and tried to ride him like a horse.

Navaho Joe was momentarily thrown off by this little girl's aggressive action. Then to Pepper's relief he played along with her and began to slowly lumber around on the stage with her planted firmly on his back.

Pepper started to pretend that she was a bareback rodeo rider and pulled back just holding of to the man's cut off Levis vest with one hand and waving the other wildly in the air. She started to scrunch her pussy against his back like a cowboy rocking in his saddle. Only Pepper didn't have a saddle and the big man knew it.

They clowned around for a while to the approval of the rough crowd. What man, even a mean man, wouldn't like to see a pretty naked woman clowning around in front of them? The sight of this small hard-bodied woman riding the big behemoth was entertaining even to this jaded crowd.

But it didn't last long; Navaho Joe grew tired of the horseplay and finally stopped. Pepper dismounted and took a deep breath. She knew what was going to come next and even felt a little thrill run through her body at the thought. Gotta keep em entertained, she thought. Then she turned to the big man and said, "Well mister horsy, that was fun, now lets see if anything else about you resembles a horse."

Pepper knelt down in front of the dark giant and began to fight with his fly. It was an effort because as soon as the Indian realized what this little female was doing he sprang a lump down there that slowed progress considerably. Pepper looked on in disbelief as the lump got bigger and bigger. She kept tugging away at the offending zipper and watching his erection snacking down one pant leg. It looked like it was heading for one knee. Impossible. Frightening. Exciting!

For the first time in her life Pepper was afraid. What was she getting herself into? Too late, the big fellow began to unfasten his belt and ripped open his pants. Pepper leaned back on her hunches and watched as the biggest gnarled cock that she'd ever seen in her life poked out into view.

The crowd went wild. They obviously knew about Navaho Joe's "Tool" - the joke was on her, she shivered in fear -- and excitement.

Still howling with mirth the crowd looked on as Pepper made an exaggerated vaudevillian mannerism in the best silent film style with hands splayed out at either side of her face, pretending shock. The fact that she was shocked only made her act more convincing.

The Indian's boner was so big that it couldn't stand up on its own. Even though the big man was fully hard his big dick was skewed to one side and just barely stuck out straight from his hairy crotch. It was darker than his face, almost black. The head was a midnight purple and Pepper could see it expand and retract in rhythm to his heartbeat.

Now the catcalls started again. They had seen this before. Once a woman had seen what Navaho Joe had to offer they always backed out, some probably ran away screaming. Not Pepper, she'd never seen anything like this, and besides where would she run?

Reaching both hands out and lightly running her fingers 1 up and down his thick shaft, Pepper looked up at the big Indian. He was standing there with his head thrown back and his eyes closed, enjoying her touch. This action of Pepper's shut the crowd up. They expected her to protest, to get up and leave, but when she reached out with a look of curiosity on her lovely face everyone knew that this time things were going to be different.

The next logical thing should have been to taste him. It wasn't like she hadn't had public sex with men at private parties before. (That's were a girl could make real money.) But even Pepper knew that there was no way this thing was going to fit into her mouth. No fucking way on earth! And besides the guy smelled a little.

The Indian wasn't going to let Pepper back away now. He grabbed her hair in both fists and brought her face in contact with his flesh. He rubbed Pepper's chin against his cock-head and then pushed himself against her lips. She looked up at him and saw that he was watching her. What the hell, she thought, and went into her usual act with slight modifications due to his size.

The small golden girl began to lick and slurp up and down the long dark shaft of his super sized cock. Pepper gave him everything she had and the crowd grew quiet again. The sight of this beautiful young white woman going to town on the dark Indian's cock was a truly strange experience, even for this crowd.

Pepper began to enjoy herself, she knew that all the men in the place were wishing that it was them she was doing this to, she could hear several of them groan in sympathy with the big Indian's obvious pleasure.

It didn't take long before Pepper received her second surprise. The big Indian grunted loudly and Pepper felt a hot blast of lava on her cheek. It felt almost like a hot sticky blow. Then another hit her between the eyes, temporarily blinding her, and a third hot sticky glob shot up her nose almost choking her when she breathed it in.

Then she was kneeling back on her haunches again, wiping his come from her face as best she could. This guy must have been holding it in for an awful long time, she though, because he sure had a lot of come.

Finally Pepper found part of her schoolgirl costume and managed to clean some of the larger globs of the Indian's sperm away.

Not done yet Pepper took his gnarled shaft back in both hands and began to frantically lick away the hot sticky residue. She didn't actually do this because she wanted to, but her stage savvy told her that the crowd would like it. The Indian had a full "normal" load just waiting to be sucked up even after he was done shooting. And the crowd liked it.

Thinking that the show was over Pepper stood up in front of the Indian and kissed him on his thick lips. But to her shock he grabbed her and hugged her body to his. In a split second he'd pulled her off the floor so that her feet were hanging in air. She could feel his baseball bat sized cock-head pushing up between her legs.

Pepper struggled in the big man's arms. She knew that he would never fit in her, that he'd kill her if he tried. But there wasn't much Pepper could do about it, she was in a bear hug and helpless. He stood there like an indestructible tree, thrusting his branch at her and there was nothing she could do to stop him.

Finally Pepper pulled herself together and decided to make the best of a bad situation, "Hey, Chief, hold it a moment. You could kill a girl with a baseball bat like that. If I've gotta fuck you, then let me get on top so we can do it at my pace."

The big dark man instantly let go of her and Pepper found herself released and straddling his big log of a dick. It was like sitting on a tree branch with a leg on either side. How strange.

Then to the hoots and howls of the crowd Pepper made the big man lie down and quickly climbed on top of him. She knelt between his thick legs-- but soon realized that she would have to stand to get in the right position. There was no way that this would work, but she was determined to try anyway.

Standing, Pepper placed a foot at either side of the giant's hips and reached down to take his monster in both hands. She gingerly positioned it at her female opening and slipped the head up and down her slippery slit. It felt good, but there was just no way to make this really happen, she thought.

His cock was at least 14" long, maybe longer and a good 6" around. Just the length was almost a third of her body height. What a monster! She shivered as she pictured the black snake slithering into her, to finally come right out her mouth. This little fantasy only served to make Pepper wetter and allowed a little more of the head to slip between her golden pink pussy-lips.

It was already uncomfortable, but Pepper figured that she should be able to get at least half of him in her, even though he was too big around to fit comfortably. She started to make a game out of it. She stood over the Indian and began to rock back and forth, letting him slip in and out of her a couple of inches at a time. At least it would look really perverted to those perverts in the crowd, she thought, always the showgirl.

Then something happened. The big Indian took hold of Pepper's hands and looked into her eyes. "I know you can do it girly. You'll be the one, c'mon baby fuck my good --- please. I've never been able to do it right before, always to big, but I have a feeling about you, c'mon please baby."

He tugged at Pepper's wrists, pulling her down to him and off balance. She couldn't stop the slow decent and began to impale herself on his huge stiff cock. It hurt, but Pepper was determined to see how far she could take this. A little farther down, more pain.

Then Pepper lost her balance all together and came to rest against the big man. She was pushed up so that her tits were in the man's face. He was still only a few inches in her and his huge dick had pushed her small body up his.

With an inward look of concentration Pepper began to wriggle on the big man's erection. The room became so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop. No one there believed what they were seeing. This small golden female mounted on a dark Indian's huge baseball sized cock rocking back and forth, trying to take him in.

Pepper rocked slowly, feeling the man's big cock snaking farther and farther in. It was getting hard to breath now. He must be half way in by now, she thought. She reached down to feel him and sighed. He was half way in. But could she take any more, she didn't think so, but she kept rocking on his poll, back and forth, back and forth.

It was the most amazing fuck Pepper had ever had. This big dark Indian with the baseball-sized dick was making her crazy with lust. Something about being stretched so wide and being penetrated so deep was bringing her off.

Just as she realized that she was becoming aroused her first orgasmic spasm hit. She wriggled further on to him and another rush ran through her trim little body. Orgasm after orgasm washed over her as she sank further down on to his mast. Pepper could feel him sinking into her like no man had ever done before. She felt full, fuller than after a big Thanksgiving meal. Then he began to thrust up at her.

With the first thrust the Indian slid all the way home and Pepper stopped breathing, waiting for her small body to split in two. Then he pulled back and thrust again and Pepper screamed. Not in pain, but in response to something she'd never felt before. It was a continuous orgasm. Spasm after spasm of pure blinding pleasure washed over her as she began to ride him like a wild woman galloping, on the back of a stallion.

The sight of the small white woman riding the big dark Indian like a rodeo star, taking the big man in all the way caught everyone by surprise. They soon began to urge her on with real admiration and cheered her as the big Indian began to convulse in agonizing shivers of ecstasy and shot fountains of his seed into Peppers willing body.

She kept riding the big man's cock until he begged her to stop. Finally the couple was spent, lying of the floor of the stage gasping for air. Pepper knew that she had accomplished something that she had though impossible only moments before.


As things turned out Pepper ended up taking a road trip with Navaho Joe and the Hells Angels shortly after that day. She ended up staying with Navaho Joe for almost 6- months until the fall when it was time to start college. She was sad to leave the big man, but a girl has to seek new horizons after all, and being a Hells Angel's girlfriend was rather limiting...


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