A Year

(MF, wife, cuck, intr)
By Michael

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I first met Shelby three years ago at a nightclub. She was with a girlfriend that I knew from high school and they had been club hopping.

I got an introduction courtesy of my high school acquaintance and fell head over heals for her the moment she opened her mouth to speak. I don't know if you have ever experienced this, but I knew that I loved her the moment we met.

I also knew that she was way out of my league. She was like a goddess walking the earth. Shelby has a body that is perfect in every way. Her shape is the ideal and her skin is so perfect that she looks like one of those Greek sculptures. And she has beautiful blonde hair and vivid blue eyes and a smile to die for.

In that first moment I was hooked. I realized then and there that I had to have her. I had to marry her and have her as mine in every why there is to have another person. She was my life, suddenly everything changed for me. Now everything was either "before Shelby" or "after Shelby" that was how I defined my life from that day forward.

I was amazed that she would even consider talking to me, but she did. She was bright and witty and I was a slave at her feet. When she agreed to go out with me I was in heaven and could hardly get through the workweek until the next Saturday and our date.

We enjoyed ourselves immensely on our first date. Anything Shelby wanted Shelby got. I was so proud to be seen with this perfect goddess that I was walking on clouds the whole time. All I can really remember about that first date was her taking my arm and walking beside me into the restaurant and the theater. And how everyone's eyes went wide when they saw my date.

I wasn't thinking too far ahead on that first date because I didn't really expect our relationship to last. I didn't really hope that Shelby would like me enough to go out with me again. I felt nervous, and I was awkward and a stumblebum, but by the end of the night I felt much better much more confident and hopeful. Shelby had actually seemed to enjoy herself with me.

I was able to muster up the courage to ask her out for the next Saturday, not really thinking she'd accept. But to my surprise she invited me over to her apartment for dinner the very next night.

That night, after I'd dropped Shelby off at her place, I drove home in a complete daze. Her perfume still lingered in my car and the soft moistness of her lipstick still clung to my lips. I couldn't believe that she'd actually leaned into me at her front door and kissed me. It wasn't just a peck on the cheek either; it had been a long slow full kiss right on the lips. I was still in pleasant shock when I unlocked my front door and stumbled into my lonely apartment.

I'd had every intention of stripping down and taking the napkin from the restaurant that Shelby had wiped her mouth on and masturbate wildly pretending that she was giving me a blowjob. But for some reason I didn't do it, I couldn't bring myself to mess up the cloth that had been so close to the lips that I'd just kissed. I put the napkin away in my Shelby "keepsake" box, and I added to the box extensively over the next few months.

After dating Shelby for several months I felt confident enough to bring up the subject of sex. I'd dated enough to have some experience with women, not that I was an expert, but I'd had intercourse with 6 women before Shelby, one of which I'd dated for several months and had been intimate with over and over again until she finally moved to another city for her job.

I hadn't mentioned sex to Shelby, hoping that she would bring it up, but after 20 dates with her I thought it was time. You might not believe this but I had stopped masturbating completely when I met Shelby, and it had been months since I'd had an orgasm.

As you can imagine, my dreams were becoming wetter and wetter as time went on, and I was finally driven to bring the subject up.

Well, you could have driven a truck through my mouth when Shelby told me that she didn't like sex, never had, and although she "loved" me she didn't want to have sex with me.

After I was able to shut my mouth and swallow, I realized what she had said. Then I began to fear that I'd crossed some kind of line that I might lose her. I started to proclaim to her how unimportant sex was to me, that if we never did it, I'd be just as happy, that I hoped that I hadn't embarrassed her and asked for her forgiveness.

I was rewarded with a brilliant smile and she apologized to me for her failing. She said that she wished she could enjoy sex and that if she ever could it would be with someone as sensitive and understanding as me.

Well, to make a long story short we got married 3 months latter. Shelby was the picture of a perfect bride. Her beautiful flawless skin freshly tanned, was a perfect foil for her lacy white bride's dress. I can safely say that Shelby was the most beautiful bride anyone could hope to see. I watched the men attending our wedding and saw their eyes linger on her and I could see their speculative expressions. I knew that every one of them were fantasizing about making it with my bride. So was I.

Our wedding night was memorable in the fact that Shelby insisted that we make love. I was surprised and delighted. I asked her if she was sure, that I'd pretty much accepted the fact that she didn't like it and I didn't want to force myself on her.

In the end we made love. I did everything I could to make it good for her. I made sure that we had a lot of foreplay, I made sure to get her soaking wet before trying intercourse with her.

When I mounted my beautiful sexy bride I did so gingerly and sank into her slowly and carefully. When I thrust in and out of her I did it gently, always looking into her eyes to make sure she wasn't in pain or anything.

As I fucked my beautiful perfect wife I knew that she wasn't enjoying it like I was. The feeling of slipping my dick in and out of her slick cunt was inducing such pleasure as I'd never experienced before. Knowing that I was trusting into her perfect body was making me absolutely crazy.

It didn't take more that 10 thrusts before my body jerked in reaction to the most intense orgasm of my life. I hadn't cum for almost six months, ever since I'd met Shelby and this release was extraordinary.

I could feel myself pulsing my seed into her. It kept up for the longest time until I knew I was spent, but I still slowly thrust in and out of my bride's cunt, not wanting the moment to end.

But as all things do, it did end. Shelby ended it for me. She finally shifted her weight just enough so that I slipped out of her sperm-slickened cunt and a big glob of my cum oozed out onto the sheets making her gasp in surprise and quickly get up before the sheets were totally messed.


That lovemaking session was the last time I had sex with Shelby for exactly a year. Every time I mentioned sex to her she reminded me that I'd promised that I'd accept her the way she was and not pester her.

It was excruciating to lie next to her at night with my need so obvious and undeniable. After several months of this Shelby decided that we should sleep apart. She felt that it would make it easier for me. I begged her not to make me sleep alone. Even if I couldn't make love to her, just the closeness was better than nothing.

But she wouldn't relent. She told me that she felt guilty and it was eating away at her, and if we were to make a go of our marriage that it would be best to sleep in separate bedrooms. What could I say? If I pressed it further I was risking our relationship.


I don't mean to imply that we didn't have good times together. I was still very proud to be seen with her in public. The looks that she received from every man that saw her and their envy at my closeness to her was a real ego boost for me.

Shelby always dressed to kill, and having her on my arm made me something special. She would even snuggle up to me in public like she couldn't get enough of me. I even heard once during our first year together that she'd told a friend of hers that I was like a god in bed. That was nice of her, and it increased everyone's opinion of me, but I would have given that respect up in a New York minute for intercourse with Shelby.

Then came our Wedding anniversary. Shelby couldn't bring herself to have sex with me a second time, but she did give me an excellent hand job. I remember it like it was yesterday. She made me strip and sat me on the couch and beat me off, looking at my swollen dick and commenting on how nice it looked.

I hadn't masturbated for several weeks prior to this because I'd hoped that we might have sex again on our anniversary. Shelby had mentioned that we might, several months earlier.

Sitting there naked with my beautiful wife oowing and ahhing my stiff dick and watching her perfect little fingers wrapped around my member made it so I hadn't a chance of holding out very long. I wanted to hold out, I wanted to sit there with my perfect wife, and her perfect fingers pumping me forever.

But alas, I only held out for a couple of minutes and groaned in distress and intense pleasure as I pumped a gusher of hot cum out all over her hand and my lap.

That was the only sex I received that second year. That one jerk off. I still got glimpses of her beautiful body from time to time, after all we did live in the same apartment, and I could see her walking down the hall to the bathroom. But we hardly ever touched and we only kissed in public so people could see that we loved each other.

Then the dark day in our marriage came. At first I couldn't believe it.

I was supposed to attend a meeting in Baltimore and planned to be away over night. This type of thing happened with my work several times a month and was nothing more than a routine trip for me. But as it happened the buyer I was supposed to meet with had a serious cold and had canceled the week's meetings. I didn't know about this until I was at the airport ready to catch my plane.

I decided to go by the house to change out of my suit and into my regular everyday clothes before heading back to work. But when I pulled up in the driveway of our house I saw a strange BMW parked in there. At first I didn't understand why someone would park their car on our property. But I soon realized that this stranger wasn't a stranger to Shelby.

Still unable to comprehend what was going on I entered the house and stood in the entryway listening. I don't know why I did that, why I didn't call out for Shelby, I just had a feeling.

Then I heard it, a soft moan of pleasure. Then another. I was bounding up the stairs and lopping down the hall and crashed through the bedroom door and stopped dead in my tracks.

There was my angel, spread-eagled on her bed with a big black man firming planted between her legs. His lighter colored butt rose and fell as he continued to fuck her even after the noise I had just made.

Shelby cried out and struggled to pull herself from under her black lover. At first he wouldn't let her up, but finally she yelled at him to stop, calling him by name, and he looked over his shoulder at me and grinned, then he pulled out of my wife and rolled over on his back and propped his head behind his hands and watched me.

I looked down at the man who had just been plowing my beautiful wife. His big slimy dick had to have been more that 10 inches long and impossibly thick. For a moment I couldn't pull my eyes away from it, it was fantastic, bigger than I could have imagined, and it had been inside my wife's cunt.

Finally I tore my eyes away from the shiny black monster and looked at my wife. Shelby had grabbed the bed covers and pulled them up to cover herself. I didn't know what to say, I just stood there and let the enormity what whet I'd seen wash over me.

My honey was cheating on me. She was fucking another man, and withholding herself from me, her rightful husband. How could she do it? How could she have denied me the pleasure of her body for so long and give herself to this big black man? How could she?

I grew angry, more angry that I'd ever been in my life. I began to accuse Shelby of all kinds of things. I ranted and raved, and called her all kinds of names until suddenly I felt a blow to the back of my head and my knees buckled.

I was lying on the floor looking up at the big black man and he was looking down at me. He laughed and told me that he'd been fucking my wife for the past several months, and that all she'd needed was a real man to take care of her needs.

I felt like vomiting. Wasn't I a real man? Didn't I have all the equipment that my wife needed to be happy? I vocalized my thoughts, looking at Shelby, but the black man yelled at me, telling me that apparently I didn't have the right equipment and that I looked like a sissy boy lying on the floor and that if I wanted to impress my wife I'd get up and fight for her.

To make a long story short Jamul (that's his name) now lives with us. I still don't get to make love to my wife, but I do get to watch Jamul doing her and that is quite a sight. I'm less happy about having to suck him clean afterwards when he's in the mood to make me. But what the hey, at least I get to be close to Shelby.

Jamul doesn't go out in public with us because he's wanted by the authorities. So I still get the rush of all the men's envy when Shelby bites my earlobe and tells me how sexy I am while everyone looks on.


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