The Mexican Hooker
(mf-teens, v, mutilation)
By Michael

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He lay there in heaven as Marta sucked his cock. He couldn't take it much longer the intensity of her mouth work was driving him on and he was about to lose control. Her luscious mouth was working him over like no girl had ever done before.

'God! It felt so good,' he thought.

Jason was glad that he'd come along with his friends to Tijuana. He'd never been over the Mexican border before and had been apprehensive at first. The stories about people getting in trouble with the Mexican police had made him hesitant.

But now with this hot little Mexican chick sucking him off like a pro he was glad he had taken the chance. Jason was a virgin and this was the first time someone other than himself had given him pleasure. And what pleasure it was.

Robin, Tom and he had cut school on Friday and Robin had driven them down in his mini-van. They'd stayed over night at the El Paso Motel, one of those border town places that cost $15.99 a night with all the hookers you could want. In Tijuana you could get a blowjob for $20 or for $30 you could get the real thing.

Jason was satisfied with a little face. He had to be because after his share of the room and gas he only had $20 left. This girl Marta had knocked on their door along with two other girls and had offered themselves to the "handsome gringos" for a price of course.

Tom and Robin had gone with the other two to do some more drinking and partying. They'd been to Tijuana before and wanted to get the whole experience. But this was Jason's first time and he wanted to get whatever he could from Marta right away. He'd lied to her, telling her that he'd give her $20 up front for a blowjob and that "after" if she let him fuck her, he'd "then" give her another $20.

She had looked at him with suspicion at first, but then told him in broken English that she would do it, but if he tried to cheat her, he would regret it.

Jason being a little bit of a smart ass, someone who was always just a little bit in trouble -- figured that, hey, what could she do about it after the fact? She couldn't make him take his cum back now could she? And besides he was bigger than her and could throw her out of the room and lock the door if she put up too much of a fuss.


So there he was, getting his very first blowjob and loving it. Marta was an expert; she'd given hundreds of gringos' oral sex before. She couldn't even remember anymore how many times she'd sucked a man off, or been fucked for that matter. She didn't really care either. Fucking was still fun for the teenage girl and she still liked a good stiff cock, especially the young Americans. At least they were usually clean, and besides they had the money and paid more than her own countrymen could.

She gently grasped Jason's nuts and started to squeeze them in time to the rhythm of her bobbing head. Occasionally she would run her teeth against the underside of his cock-head, then sink down, tight-lipped onto his shaft, sucking as she pulled back off him. Marta knew that it would only be a matter seconds now, she could tell by the boy's tense body and this ragged breathing that he was ready.

Jason groaned and his body bucked. Marta's efforts were rewarded with a hot sticky blast of boy cum shooting between her sucking lips. She knew how to swallow, how to take a man's cum and look good doing it. Marta looked up at the boy she was blowing and saw that he was lost in his pleasure a look of ecstasy on his handsome face -- head thrown back and eyes closed.

Marta kept the friction up continuing to bob her head, taking all of the cum he had to offer. After a few intense moments Jason's body slumped back onto the bed and he rolled away from Marta, pulling his sensitive manhood out of her mouth.

She swallowed the remainder of the gringo's cum making a show of it as he watched her with interest. It was only a minute or so before he had recovered and rolled back to her and began to fondle her naked tits.

Marta knew what he wanted and laid back to let him get his rocks off in her. She wasn't going to insist that this boy wear a condom. Marta knew that he was a virgin and since her pimp had had her tubes tied when she first started out at 12, she didn't have to worry about getting pregnant.

Jason on his part didn't know any better and without a worry in the world climbed between the young whore's legs. He awkwardly fumbled with his dick trying to find her pussy hole until Marta took over for him and guided him into her.

Once Jason felt the slick hot moistness against the head of his dick instinct took over and he sank into the little prostitute with a moan of pleasure. As he felt her cunt-walls adjusting to his thrust, he monetarily held himself deep in her, thinking to himself that this was the best feeling he'd ever experienced in his life.

Even though the teenage boy had just cum in Marta's mouth only a few minutes before, the wonderful sensations that her hot little cunt hole was giving him as he thrust again and a again deeper and deeper into her, were brining him quickly to the point of no return again.

Marta lay underneath the humping boy, listening to him breathe raggedly as he increased his pace. She'd been in this position so many times before but it always made her feel sexy when a man started to pound her like this, so out of control, so much like a rutting beast. Knowing that this gringo boy was losing his virginity with her made the experience just that much better.

When he thrust one last time and ground himself against her pussy and his body went ridged on top of her she knew that he was cumming. Marta started to rub her pubic bone against his and as the boy drained himself into the little prostitute she found gratification in an impromptu orgasm of her own. 'That was a bonus,' she thought to herself with satisfaction.

Finally Jason was done spurting and lay on top of the naked girl gasping for breath. He felt wonderfully numb; the blood was rushing through his head making that "ocean wave" sound that only good sex creates. (His first experience with this wonderful feeling.) But soon as all good things do, it was over -- and he started to worry how this girl would take the fact that she'd just put out for him for free.

He'd known that the time would come when he would have to face her and admit that he didn't have any more cash. Jason rolled off the girl and said, "Damn woman, that was one good fuck!"

Marta looked quietly back at the American and just smiled. She knew that he'd enjoyed himself and hoped that he would be grateful enough to give her a tip. Then as the boy spoke again her face turned red and she jumped up screaming at him in Spanish.

"Hey baby, I really appreciated that, it was just great of you. I only wish I had the $20 that I promised you, but I'm broke, really. Besides you enjoyed it as much as I did so what's the harm?"

Marta yelled at the gringo boy for another minute in Spanish then realized that he hadn't understood a word she'd said. She changed into broken English, "You fucking Puta, you asshole, you gonna get fucked for real if you don't pay me. Fuck you asshole, you get beat up you don't pay me for your fucking. You bastard!"

All the while Jason was dressing and once she had switched to English and he understood what she was saying he got mad and after putting on his pants and throwing on his shirt he walked over to the small hooker and grasped her by the arm and said, "Listen you little bitch, don't fucking swear at me. Get the fuck out of here before I decide to fuck you again."

He pulled the still naked young woman to the door, opened it and thrust her out onto the pavement of the parking lot. Marta screamed at him the whole time, standing there beating on his door. She kept yelling as he threw her clothing outside onto the ground at her feet and slammed the door in her face.


Later that evening Tom and Robin stooped by the motel to pick up Jason. They had plans to get some late night partying done before they had to head back to the states the next morning.

"I'm fresh outta cash guys," Jason said.

Robin said, "No problem man, I'll cover it. There's a party down on Sequa Street that's been going on for days and there's lots of senioritis there just waiting for three handsome American men to show them a good time."

Jason, now that he'd "proven" his manhood wanted to try it again and this sounded like a great opportunity. They all headed down the street to the bar on Sequa Street.

The bar was full of Mexicans; they were the only Americans there. Robin thought that was a plus, and that it would cut down the competition. Tom and Jason were a little uncomfortable being the only whites in the crowd, and most of the men there were adults in their 20's and 30's and were giving them unfriendly looks as they sauntered in, which also made them nervous.

Jason wanted another pussy to fuck though, so he talked Tom into staying and the three of them merged with the crowd.

Around 4 o'clock in the morning Jason found himself holding the hand of a young Mexican woman as they climbed the stairs to the upper floor. He'd had way too much Tequila and was staggering after her in a drunken haze. The only thought on his mind was that he'd got lucky and was going to cream in another hot cunt.

As the couple entered the room he felt hands on his shoulders and to his surprise there was another woman there. She led him over to the bed and started to pull his pants off. It seemed like a dream to Jason. Fuck, two women at once! He had dreamed about something like this in his masturbatory fantasies, but to actually roll around on a bed with two women was fucking great.

The girl that he'd come up with quickly removed his shirt and the other one tugged his pants and underwear off. Jason felt the second woman pushing him onto his back -- he lay back without resisting. He moaned in pleasure as he felt her soft hand massaging his soft dick.

It didn't take long before he had a respectable boner throbbing between the girl's fingers. He was so aroused and into her hand job that he didn't resist when the other girl tied one of his wrists to the bedpost, then walked around and did the same with the other.

The first girl bent forward and sank her mouth down over his cock and began to deep throat the boy. He writhed in pleasure and for the first time realized that his wrists and ankles where bound to the bedposts. The girl started "throating" him faster and deeper and Jason struggled in more intense pleasure.

He couldn't believe his luck; here he was getting sucked off with two girls all to himself. Both girls were down there fondling him and sharing his erect cock, first one, then the other would take him into their mouths. They did things to the boy that he'd never even dreamed of before.

Even though Jason was drunk his teenage body quickly responded to this erotic situation, and he was soon squirming on the bed, moaning, "Fuck, oh fuck I'm gonna come, yes!"

He felt the mouths disengage from his cock. He felt a hand begin to jerk him off, then he felt the first wonderful gush of cum.

Then he felt an incredible feeling, one of the girls grasped his nuts and was squeezing them, then the teenage American boy screamed out as he felt the combination of his orgasm and an incredibly intense pain all at once.

Jason cried out and violently jerked around on the bed. "Oh MY GOD! Oh fuck," he cried just before he passed out.


The first sound Jason heard was the beep of some kind of monitor. The first sight Jason saw was the white wall at the end of his bed with a TV set on a bracket bolted to the wall. As his mind slowly focused on his surroundings Jason realized that he felt good -- really good. It was a feeling of floating on clouds, he felt confident and content almost satisfied.

His reverie was interrupted when Robin came into the room. "Hey man, how you doing?" he said.

Jason turned his head toward his buddy and responded, "Man they musta' drugged me I'm feelin' really fine."

Robin watched his friend with a strange look in his eyes but didn't say anything. They visited for a while and then Jason's parents showed up. Robin quickly excused himself and left the room and walked down to the elevator. When the doors opened Tom was standing there.

"C'mon Tom, lets get outa' here, his folks just showed up so you better put off your visit." Robin pushed the button to the lobby and the boys stood in silence for a while. Finally Tom asked, "So how'd he look?"

"The poor bastard was drugged up. The really sad part is that he doesn't even know yet and I couldn't bring myself to say anything to him. I guess his parent's will tell him?"

"Yeah," Tom said, "It makes you wonder don't it? I guess he shoulda' paid that hooker after all. I mean it wasn't worth it, was it?"

"Fuck no, the poor bastard didn't deserve to be castrated no matter what he did. But I'll tell you what. I'll never stiff one of those Mexican hookers after what happened to Jason. Man I wouldn't want to be him when he finds out he's lost his balls forever."


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