Louis the Gangbanger
(MF, college, intr, 1st)
By Phoebe

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It all started when I attended an off campus party of a friend of mine. She had one of those huge house parties where people from all over the spectrum were invited.

Coming from a small town in Iowa I'd never really met anybody from outside my social circle before. When I was growing up I lived a rather privileged life. My dad was a very successful real-estate agent and my mom was a Mrs. Cleaver type so I was pampered and protected from the seamier side of life.

But when I went away to college my protected privileged past only served to spur me on to experience things I'd never known before.

I'm sure my mom would have a stroke if she knew what I was up to these days. The freedom of attending Arizona State College and being thousands of miles away from my folks is a heady experience indeed.

So anyway, I attended this party with my roommate and was having a great time when these black gang-looking types showed up. At first I felt really intimidated and started looking around for my roommate so we could leave. But when I finally found her she was talking to one of these gangbanger dudes.

I didn't know what to say, I just stood a little away from them and watched nervously. But after a bit my roommate Jane noticed me and called me over. Nervously I walked up to them and was introduced to the tough looking black guy.

"Nina, this is Louis. Louis this is Nina, she's my roommate." Jane looked on as I shook the guy's hand.

That was the beginning of a major change in my life. Before I met Louis I'd only dated a few times, you know, those important events like junior and senior proms, and summer cotillions, those sorts of things.

I'd never actually sex with a guy before, the closest thing I'd ever come to sex with a boy was messing around in a field with my next-door neighbor's son the summer vacation between 7th and 8th grade.

We'd been hanging around with each other all summer. I think I had a bit of a crush on him, maybe because he was a senior in high school and I thought he was so sophisticated. One day we were out messing around in a field about 5 miles away from home and for some reason Robby, (That was his name) started tickling me.

It was fun, but there was no reason why he should have started doing that all of a sudden. But he had and I was trying to tickle him back to get even. Then we were rolling around on the grass wrestling, each trying to get the better of the other.

Then Robby was on top of me, pinning my arms to the ground and panting from his resent effort to control me. We looked into each other's eyes and before I knew what was happening he had sunk down and was kissing me, still pinning my arms at either side of my head.

I remember the feeling of being kissed while being held captive. It was a wild electric feeling that shot through my entire body like lightning. The feeling of "having to submit" to him was such an amazing turn on, and one that I'd never even though off before that moment.

All we really did that day was feel each other up and do a lot of kissing. But I'll never forget that afternoon because it was the first time I ever felt a boy's hard penis. After that day I always thought of Robby as the sexiest guy I'd ever known. I guess he was at that point in my life.

That is until I met Louis. That first night at the party he came on to me strong. It was like he was zooming in on me to the exclusion of everyone else at the party. I don't even remember what happened to Jane, she just disappeared and it was just Louis and I for the rest of the evening.

He took me back to the dorms that night and he kisses me good night. I can remember that first kiss between us like it happened only a minute ago. I wasn't sure that I wanted him to kiss me. I mean I'd been brought up to think of black people as dangerous city dwellers, not like "us" and not to be socialized with.

Louis had thick lips and the whites of his eyes had a yellowish tent to them, but I didn't flinch when kissed me, or even when he pushed his tongue into my mouth. I just stood there and let him do what he wanted.

When he finally pulled away from me I was breathing hard, and felt light headed. I noticed at that moment how smooth and prefect his skin was, and how handsome he looked. He looked kind of like what I'd imagined an Africa warrior might look like, only with clothes on.


It didn't take long for me to find out what Louis looked like "without" clothes on. In fact I was no longer a virgin by the end of our next date.

He made me commit to seeing him that very next Friday, and when he came by to pick me up he had this cool looking green Chevy that was real low to the ground and had almost black-tented windows.

We went to a park at about dusk and Louis parked at turn-out that over looked a pretty valley. The car was tilted down forward a little so you could see the panorama unencumbered. When Louis suggested that we get in the back seat I didn't protest.

When Louis put his arm around me it felt nice. And when Louis began to massage my breasts I was in heaven. I still don't know what I was thinking. I do know that I hadn't thought anything through. I didn't really think that we'd have sex there in his car.

But that's exactly what we did. The memory of Louis' erection, the first erection I'd ever seen in its nake glory will stay with me for the rest of my life. At first it was a surprise, it was so much bigger than I thought it would be. I knew what it was used for, and wondered how it could possibly fit into a woman.

But within the hour I found out how it would fit, and by the end of our date I was looking forward to trying it out again.

Before Louis I'd never really thought about a man's sexual organ before. I'd seen drawings of one in sex education, you know those cut-aways. They weren't real to me, but Louis' blue-black manhood was something beautiful to see. It shimmered and pulsed in my hand. The contrast between the fair skin of my fingers and his almost midnight-black shaft was a huge turn on for me.

Soon he was coming by the dorm on a regular basis and we'd have rip-roaring sex for an hour or so and then go someplace for a movie or food. I was becoming addicted to Louis and his ways when one evening he suggested that we try oral sex.

I'd thought about kissing his dick before, but sucking on it was something that seemed entirely too perverted for an Iowa lass to do. I should have known better.

Louis went first and he "eat" me out like I'd never even imagined before. I had at least 10 orgasms while he was tonguing my clit. I know that my next-door neighbors in the dorm must have heard me screaming in passion. I'd never had multiple orgasms before and it was mind rending. I was so exhausted by the time he was done with me that Louis suggested we go get some dinner and come back to my room for desert.

All through dinner I imagined sucking his dick. I wondered what he'd taste like, and what I'd do if he came in my mouth. It was exciting to have people see us together. Walking around with a black guy in Arizona isn't as big a deal as if we were doing it in my hometown, but you still get a lot of looks.

What would these people think if they knew what we had planned for desert. It made me horny to think about what I was about to do. When we turned down the waitress' offer for desert, I think she might have know what was going on in my mind because she gave me a double take when I said, "No thank you, we're going to have desert later," and smiled meaningful.

When we got back to my drom room I did experience sucking Louis' dick. And it was everything I though it would be and more. His penis was too long to fit all the way into my mouth, but he showed me how to do it with a combonation of hand action and mouth stimulation. I've always been a quick learner, hence my 4.0 grade point average.

The feel of his stiff jet-black cock sinking in to my mouth, and the feel of his shaft skin pulling at my lips as I withdrew was indescribable. I loved the feel of his dark purple spongy head as I sucked on it like a lollipop.

Louis liked what I did too because he didn't last very long that first time. He told me later that watching my pink lips engulfing his bark meat made him crazy to come.

And that's just what he did. I remember the feeling of that first jet of hot come. I could feel it on my tongue, I knew from the moan of pleasure and his spasming body that he was coming and then the hot jet of come on my tongue confirmed it.

His come was very salty, and tasted something like raw clams that I'd had once at an expensive restaurant. I closed my eyes and swallowed, and then kept swallowing as Louis continued to groan and spurt. But finally he was done and he had to pull himself away from my mouth because there was no way I was going to stop on my own. It was all just too good, I loved the way sucking Louis' cock made me feel.

He told me a little later, after he could talk again that he'd become too sensitive down there and had to stop me or he might have blacked out.

I just smiled like a cheshire cat and snuggled up to his handsome black body and waited for him to recover so we could get one more rip-roaring fuck in before curfew.


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