(M+/FF, orgy, MM, 1st gay experience, voy)
By Michael

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The whores were ushered into the room where there was an air of expectation as the twenty shaggy looking guardsmen stood gawking. They were arrayed around the edge of the rough-hewn room watching the two women with a hungry look in their eyes.

It was cold in the room and you could see steaming breath as the two women exhaled panting breaths from the exertion of being rushed up the short flight of stairs and into the guardroom.

Usually this large room was bustling with soldiers going to and fro, making reports to their superiors, or checking in with the sergeant at arms to begin their individual duties. But tonight things were different; their commander had bought a couple of winsome whores for their use as part of their compensation for having to remain on duty during the winter solstice celebrations that would commence the next day.

Their celebration would be short and sweet. Drink, eat and be merry for the next 12 hours. Then pull themselves together and remain of guard duty for three long wintry days while the whole world around them enjoyed the celebrations in every conceivable way.

Black Jon, the biggest and probably the meanest among them was the first to move. He was never one to observe the niceties of life. The two women looked apprehensively as the big dark man lumbered toward them.

They were attractive in a whorish sort of way. One was taller than the other, with raven black hair. She was the type that seemed hairy because her arm hair stood out against her alabaster flesh in stark contrast. She was tall, almost 6 feet, with a well- proportioned curvy body. The other woman was obviously much younger and had that type of complexion that usually was referred to as peaches and cream. She had honey blonde hair and full red lips, and she looked quite intimidated by the big evil looking man.

When Black Jon took the raven haired wench by the arm; his great bear paw of a hand looked like it would crush her, but instead he carefully pulled her to one of the two straw mattresses in the middle of the floor. They were temporary affairs, made of winter straw and old gunnysacks. But Jon could have cared less whether or not there was anything on the dirty floor. He'd taken whores in the dirt of an alley many times, being part of the castle guard detail had its advantages.

As Jon pulled the jerkin off over the raven-haired wench's head, and then allowed her to unwrap her tartan skirt, the other men stood and shuffled, watching in rising excitement. It didn't take long for things to heat up in the guardroom.

Once Jon had stripped his intended victim he shoved her down onto the mattress and mounted her. One moment they were stripping off in front of a crowd of men and one woman, and the next he was fucking her wildly. Legs spread, knees slightly raised, the wench, knowing her business allowed the big man full penetration, urging him on with hip thrusts that met his in an ever quickening rhythm.

Meanwhile two soldiers accosted the young blonde woman. A brief struggle ensued, and then she to was on her back with her clothing stripped away and a man between her legs and another taking pleasure from her mouth.

Soon Black Jon had done his deed. And for a big man who had the pick of the street sluts anytime he wanted, it was surprising that he had only lasted for a minute. It was probably the fact that so many were watching him perform that made him come so fast. Either way his deposit was more than enough lubrication for the night's pleasures ahead.

When Black Jon grunted and thrust one final time, pushing the raven-haired women hard into the mattress of straw, grunting again as he relieved himself in jerky thrusts, she just raised her legs into the air and let him release himself unencumbered.

The other men watching this were greatly aroused by it. It wasn't more than a minute before two men were sharing raven hair, one kneeling in front of her with the other kneeling behind her. Both men were thrusting eagerly, one into her mouth and the other into her cunt from behind. It was a sight that only excited the remaining guardsmen more, and made them fast off the mark when the first man grunted and emptied him self into the young blonde.

Soon the men were busy using and abusing both women over and over again. And soon the atmosphere was merry with drink and food, and fucking.


One of those guardsmen held back though. His name was Jason and he was the son of Bradley the Candlemaker. He'd only come to service of the King's guard in the past month and unbenownced to the other men Jason was still a virgin. He'd never known a woman physically and had only attended this gathering so that he wouldn't be laughed at.

If the truth be known, Jason wasn't all that keen on girls, or at least not in the way they were being used that night. He'd always thought of sex as a romantic thing, and besides he was going through somewhat of a crush at the moment.

His companion, a young man he'd come into service with, and from the same village too, had all of his attention. Ralph the Younger was his name and during the months of training that it took to become a King's guardsman he'd seen Ralph's naked body from time to time. And he was well and truly infatuated with his lovely friend. So smooth and strong, so perfectly proportioned, and his friend had a wonderful disposition, always cheerful, and kind.

When Jason saw his friend Ralph move to the young blonde woman and begin to strip off his britches, Jason couldn't stop himself, he joined his friend. He wanted to be up close to that stiff penis, to see his friend fucking the girl from only a few inches away.

When Jason was within the circle of men standing next to his stripping friend and the naked girl who was perched on hands and knees leering up at Ralph's newly revealed boner, he realized what he'd done. Now he would have to strip and fuck the girl or everyone would know his secret. What had he done?

Jason's original lust for his friend's naked body was replaced with the sick feeling of fear. If he stripped and couldn't get hard for the girl, then the other men would ridicule him. Jason began to strip anyway, he had no choice and must hope for the best.

But as it turned out, everything came to pass without trouble. Watching his friend's naked butt raising and lowering as he thrust into the whore's cunt from behind made Jason as hard as a rock. What he wanted more than anything in the world at that moment was to fuck his friends ass, or mouth, it didn't really matter which.

But with a sigh Jason climbed underneath the blonde girl who was still moaning from Ralph's enthusiastic thrusts and he reached up between her legs and grasped his friend's thrusting slim- covered cock. Ralph's eyes bulged in surprise at this and he was about to protest when Jason repositioned him at the whore's asshole and almost without losing a beat Ralph the Younger sank into her already cream-filled backdoor.

Knowing that this would be his best chance to perform as a normal man, Jason pulled the blonde girl down onto his still hard cock and he groaned in pleasure as her come filled cunt engulfed his hard virgin shaft for the every first time.

The feeling of her slimy insides and his friends frantic fucking motions rubbing against his own rigid tool was enough to set off Jason's virgin nervous system. He tensed and bucked once and then blasted his pent up come into the whore's cunt. He bucked again and then again emptying himself into the wench, all the while looking into the eyes of his friend Ralph.

Ralph in turn saw that his friend was coming, he could tell by Jason's ridged body and the expression on his face, and he could even feel his friend's cock spasming in its release. The thin tissue of flesh that separated their thrusting cocks was thin as a silken barrier, and Jason's orgasm was so intense, that Ralph's come began to rise up and rush from his balls and gush out through his spasming cock and into the girl with a wonderful feeling of excitement and relief. Before he knew what was happening he was coming and groaning in ecstasy.

In the next moment the girl was sandwiched between two sweating, panting and spent young men. Ralph chuckled and that made Jason Laugh, and that got them both going into hysterics, with a bewildered blonde girl still pinned between them.


The merriment continued all night long. The ale flowed copiously and the guards dropped off one by one to slumber, to the point that all were so inebriated that none of them noticed when the raven-haired woman and the blonde-haired girl cleaned themselves up as best they could under the circumstances and quietly left the guardhouse.

Jason certainly didn't notice the women leave, because he was fully occupied in the act of sucking his friend's rigid manhood. The fact that Ralph the Younger was drunk out of his mind didn't stop him from growing hard under Jason's attentions. The young men spent the night in a cozy dark corner, Jason loving Ralph, and Ralph not protesting.

In the early morning hours, Jason was still awake, still lying naked beside his naked friend, gently stroking his friend's chest. He knew that he would probably have some explaining to do... that is if Ralph remembered anything.

And if he didn't, Well... Jason would just have to wait until next winter solstice, if he had to do.


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