Gilmore Girls:
Trick or Treat

(fdom/f, mf-teens, orgy,
drugs, reluc, preg, parody)

By Michael

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Rory trembled on the end of the boy's cock filling her cunt, her hands and knees bruised by the hardwood floor. Her small, lithe body dripped sweat onto the floor while she grunted to the boy's thrusts from behind, her small round breasts pulled from her body by gravity, swung back and forth in time with his fucking motions.

She felt her body flutter as the boy began filling her with his hot cum. She clamped down on him with her pussy, a flush of pleasure filling her body.

Her mind rebelled: "Oh, god," she thought, "how could she be enjoying this? What kind of whore am I?"


Rory felt a vague dissatisfaction. She knew there had to be more to life than just getting good grades and prepping for Harvard entrance exams.

Sometimes the pressure to succeed seemed too much for her. She kept her emotions under tight control but she was always afraid that someday she would lose it big time. Everyone thought she had it so together, but it was all a sham. Now that she was almost 17, she was terrified of failing, just like her mother had before her.

Her mother had been given all the advantages, having grown up in a well-to-do family atmosphere, going to the best schools, with a great future before her. Her parents had high hopes for her, expecting her to become a bright star with a good solid career, a daughter they could be proud of.

But it hadn't worked out that way. Their daughter Lorelai, had met a boy and had become infatuated with him. Finally, her dalliance with the boy had ended in a pregnancy. She gave birth to their grand daughter Rory at the tender age of 17.

Rory's grandparents had been devastated and humiliated by their daughter's irresponsible actions. They had talked about disowning her, but when Rory was born and they saw their grand daughter for the first time they instantly came to terms with the situation. They knew that if they disowned their daughter they would lose their grand daughter.

Over the years, the young girl knew nothing but love and acceptance, but the pressure of being the apple of both her mother and grandparent's eye. She continually strove to keep everyone happy and proud of her, but that desperate fear of failing grew like a tumor deep down in her gut all the while.

Then one October evening during her 16th year of life her fear became a reality. It had all begun innocently enough:

She had been spending less and less time with her boyfriend Dean. Maintaining a 4.0 average at a top-flight preparatory school like Chilton was taking its toll on their relationship. That's why Rory had invited Paris Gellar, one of her classmates to be her study partner 2 nights a week.

Rory wanted to spend more time with Dean and by splitting up the research and essay requirements with Paris; Rory would have more free time for him.

Paris was an over achiever, but unlike Rory, Paris was also domineering and not well liked by her classmates. Although both girls were driven to succeed, Paris could be scary in her single-minded pursuit of excellence.

Rory soon realized that Paris would be her best study partner simply because she was so driven. The girls weren't friends and could even be called rivals but they both knew instinctively that they were each other's best hope to out shine everyone else scholastically at Chilton.


Rory lived in a small New England hamlet called Stars Hollow, some distance outside Hartford Connecticut and Paris had to be dropped off my her mother for their study sessions.

It was a crisp autumn evening with a chilly tinge in the air. A quintessential Stars Hollow evening; clear starry night, a blaze of turning leaves rustling in the breeze, people bundled against the night air.

Lorelai was out with friends that evening, she didn't want to cramp her daughter's study session. And besides, if the truth be known, she always felt a little creeped- out by Rory's intense friend with the domineering personality. She could not put her finger on it, but she always felt like she wanted to either punch the girl in the mouth, or push her up against a wall and french-kiss her until she blacked out.

Lorelai would of course never do either, but that strange urge every time she met the uptight teenager induced her NOT to be around when she came over.

Rory was used to Paris and was willing to let her lead their sessions. Rory did not actually give ground to Paris, but she knew that they had to get along to complete their school projects, so she was willing to be "laid-back" about Paris' little bossy quirks.


The girls completed their task for the evening with precision. All the I's were dotted and the T's crossed to the point that they were done early. It would be almost an hour before Paris' mother would be by to collect her daughter.

Paris had seemed pensive that evening; she had been a little quieter than normal and had not tried to dominate the study session as she usually did. 'Maybe that was why they were done early,' Rory thought with a silent chuckle.

While waiting for Paris' mom, they talked about school for a bit, and then to Rory's surprise Paris mentioned Dean. She said, "Your boyfriend is really handsome Rory. Does he ever, you know, try to uh, you know, get you to do stuff with him?"

Rory was surprised that Paris would bring up such a personal subject and it seemed that Paris realized that she'd said something inappropriate because she rushed on without waiting for Rory's rebuke, "I mean, well I just wondered how you handled in. I've wanted to have a boyfriend, but I just don't seem to have the time. And besides, guys only want one thing from a girl and I don't want to have my plans messed up by some "accident" if you know what I mean."

Rory knew what she meant. But being sensitive about what had happened to her mother she wondered if Paris was referring to her mother's mess-up almost 17 years ago? Her old anxiety flared up suddenly, almost like a tearing animal deep in her guts. She felt light headed and a little sick to her stomach.

Then Paris, receiving no response, went on almost compulsively, "Um, don't you get urges when you're with a guy as cute as Dean? I don't think I'd trust myself with a boy that looked that nice."

Rory still didn't say a word but her face was bright red and Paris wasn't sure if she was angry or embarrassed. She couldn't help herself, her own insecurities made her blunder on, "I can't afford to get pregnant, but I won't deny myself the pleasures of human contact. You know I've figured out the perfect answer... girls are safe, you know, you can't get pregnant being with another girl."

Confusion reigned at first. Rory hadn't understood what Paris meant. Then in a flash she knew what Paris meant, her flesh began to crawl as she looked at her classmate. Paris had implied that she had sex with girls!

Rory stared at Paris, noting her tense expression, and for the first time she noticed Paris' soft blonde hair and her intense blue eyes. Paris was attractive in a rough and ready sort of way. Rory had never thought about her classmate's looks before. But suddenly she noticed that Paris had a well formed athletic body.

Suddenly Rory could picture Paris "with" another girl. She was shocked.

"Paris, I don't think you should tell me anymore, I don't think that I want to hear any more about your sex life," Rory said getting up from the couch and moving away from Paris.

"No Rory, I'm not queer, I like boys, really I do. It's just that I don't trust myself around them. I have these urges to be dominated by men and if I ever gave into those urges I'd lose everything I've working so hard for."

Rory looked wide-eyed at her classmate; it was strange to think of Paris, the indomitable bossy girl of Chilton Prep fantasizing about being dominated by a boy. Rory couldn't quite imagine that scene, no matter how hard she tried.

Then Paris continued in a small voice, "I have needs you know. I'm not dead, I see what that slut Louise does with boys. I know she's no longer a virgin."

"You shouldn't accuse other students of sleeping around Paris. That could be damaging, and unless you know for certain that's libel."

"Oh, I know for certain alright. Louise told Madeline and I all about her first time, and the many times since that first time. Rory, I hope I can trust you... I probably shouldn't have said anything to you."

Rory unceremoniously sat down on the couch-arm at the far end. She was in real shock now. First Paris had admitted that she'd committed lesbian acts, then she'd accused Louise of being little more than a slut. This was enormous, this was really huge!

Paris looked a little worried now, "Rory you have to keep your mouth shut about this, otherwise I'm ruined. You know how much I want to accomplish and this would destroy my chances forever."

Rory sat silently, mind in turmoil. Finally she stammered, "I--I would never tell anyone Paris. I--I don't think anyone would believe me if I did tell."

Paris rose from the couch, coming over to Rory and took her hand in hers. She had always been attracted to Rory's "sleeping beauty" good-looks. She could almost imagine Rory being dressed by little singing birds in a forest glade. Rory's dark brown hair and brilliant blue eyes had always fascinated Paris.

Rory tried to pull her hand free of her classmate's grip but Paris only tightened her hold and said, "You have to do something to prove that you'll keep quiet. I don't want you to have this kind of power over me. I shouldn't have said anything, but I did, and now I need you to prove to me that you'll keep quiet."

"Paris I told you I would keep quiet and I meant it," Rory responded a little indignantly. She was becoming nervous now.

Paris looked into Rory's eyes. Rory quickly became even more uncomfortable under her classmate's intense gaze. Then she was being pulled to her feet and against Paris' body. Rory stood only inches from Paris now, and then she felt arms encircle her, but she didn't move. She watched as Paris' face came closer to hers, but she still didn't move.

Then she closed her eyes as Paris kissed her, still holding her tightly. Rory felt Paris' lips press against hers, then felt Paris' tongue part her lips and force its way against her clinched teeth. Rory still didn't move, she didn't kiss back, but she didn't fight the girl either.

What Paris couldn't know and would never have suspected was that Rory was secretly enjoying their kiss. Rory had wanted to kiss her boyfriend Dean like this so many times, that she could hardly keep count. They had started to do it once but the feelings that had welled up inside her had frightened her.

The sexual arousal that Rory had experienced in the brief encounter with Dean had only confirmed that her fear of losing control was real. She'd pulled away from Dean then, and never let it happen again.

But now she stood stock still and let Paris do whatever she wanted to her. Rory was trembling with excitement as Paris pushed her tongue further in, forcing Rory to take her tongue against her own.

Rory felt the fire inside her grow as they passionately frenched each other. It was obvious now that Rory was kissing Paris back with eager fervor.

The only sounds of their sensual encounter that could be heard were moist kissing sounds, little moans of pleasure, heavy breathing, the soft rustling of clothing that roving hands make when they travel with abandon.

Then Rory felt the pressure of Paris' hands on her shoulders and she was forced down on to the couch. "No Paris, please! We should stop this," she mumbled as Paris sat down next to her and gently lifted the hem of her skirt.

As the blue and gray plaid material of Rory's Chilton uniform skirt rose higher and higher up her thighs she moaned in despair, she knew that this was SO wrong, that what they were doing was taboo. Deep down inside Rory knew that she was letting Paris gain a hold over her. For some reason she felt that she needed to give Paris this power, to make them even again. Now they would both have a story to tell if need be.

Rory's heart began to pound in her chest as she felt her classmate pulling at her panties. This couldn't be happening she thought. But at the same time she was fantasizing that it was Dean pulling at her underwear. She could feel hot breath on her thigh as her moist sex was revealed. Then she jumped as Paris ran her hands with uninhibited abandon around and across her exposed pussy.

Rory stopped breathing all together when she felt a hot moist tongue at her entrance, 'God it's happening, it's really happening, Paris is going to eat me!' she thought to herself. It was so weird, but the fantasy of Dean made it all seen okay for some reason, and it felt so wonderful to have someone other than herself playing with her pussy.

Incredible sensations began to rush through her exposed body, then Paris began bobbing her face over Rory's sensitive crotch. Rory gazed dreamily at Paris who was diligently working away on her, her blonde hair streaming gently over Rory's exposed thighs.

The sight of this ambitious, domineering personality, face pressed between her legs in such a submissive pose, giving her these wonderful sensations was too much for Rory to take.

She gasped and her body began to jerk wildly around each time Paris' tongue played across her sensitive pleasure nub. Soon she was experiencing the most intense orgasm of her life leaving her breathless and trembling, her body rigid.

Rory came until there was nothing left but a pleasant satisfied fatigue like no other feeling on earth. The pleasure she had received was beyond anything ever imagined, the freedom to experience such pleasure without the worry of becoming pregnant was wildly liberating.

After Rory had nothing left to give, Paris stopped and looked up at her new lover and smiled. Rory thought that her friend looked beautiful in that moment. Her perfect teeth shown in a wide grin, and Rory's juices were smeared all over Paris' chin and mouth.

Suddenly for some strange reason Rory had an overpowering urge to kiss Paris again. She reached down and pulled Paris up her body and the two teenagers began to french- kiss each other long and most passionately. Neither one of the girls wanted to end their kiss, but finally Paris pulled away and rolled over into a sitting position beside Rory.

Rory watched Paris as she began to pull her school uniform skirt up her tanned thighs until Rory could see her panties. Uncertain now, Rory reached out and took them lightly and as Paris raised her bottom from the couch Rory tugged her friend's panties down.

Rory wasn't sure what to do next, but she knew what Paris "wanted" her to do. It was strange because for some crazy reason Rory really wanted to reciprocate, to make Paris moan and shiver in ecstasy, as she had done to her. The thought made her blood surge through her veins with a heart pounding excitement.

Only an hour before she would never have even imagined being in this situation, but now for some reason she wanted it more than anything.

The sight of Paris' exposed pussy was undeniably inviting. Rory leaned over bringing her face to within inches of her lover's naked cunt. The little tangles of golden hair did nothing to hide Paris' slippery slit. Rory could smell her friend's arousal. At first she thought she'd be grossed out but as she buried her tongue between the folds of Paris' soft pussy-lips she experienced an animal lust the likes of which she'd never experienced before, not even in her dreams.

Then suddenly both girl's heard Lorelai call out as the front door opened and closed, "Girls, I met Mrs. Gellar outside, time to break things up it's almost 9:30." And the women walked into the living room to greet their daughters...


Rory hurriedly tugged her skirt back into place, as did Paris just as the two adults walked into the living room. Luckily, both parents were so preoccupied with being polite to each other that neither noticed the physical flush on their daughter's faces or the nervous looks they shot at each other.

Rory quickly got up and said, "Thanks Paris, I'll see you tomorrow," and hurried out of the room. Paris equally worried that her mom would notice something untoward rushed to the door urging her mother to hurry up. Within seconds the house was quiet again and Lorelai was standing at the door waving at mother and daughter as the Gellars walked down the front path to their car.

Rory headed straight for the bathroom. She wanted to take a shower, she knew that her mother would know what she'd just done with her classmate if she saw her right now.

Stepping into the shower stall, and letting the jet of hot water plaster her long dark hair to her head Rory trembled in self-loathing. She had just committed a lesbian act with Paris. She'd let Paris do the nasty with her mouth. And even worse, she had begun to do the same to Paris, and would have made her cum if their parents hadn't interrupted.

But what made the whole thing even more perverted was that she'd enjoyed every moment of it. From the first contact of Paris' hands on her skin to the moment that she shoved her tongue forcefully into Paris' pussy. That though made her shiver with secret delight.

Then in the next moment Rory felt like vomiting. Her self-disgust was overpowering and she quickly soaped up her hair and then her body and scrubbed all the evidence away as quickly as possible.


Later, as Rory lay in bed trying to find sleep; she couldn't help the feelings that kept sprouting deep within her. In her mind's eye she kept replaying the vision of Paris' blonde hair cascading over her body and legs as she sucked her clit. The sight of Paris' head bobbing up and down over her and the feelings that her efforts had cause her.

She didn't want to, it disgusted her even more, but Rory couldn't help herself. She slipped a finger into her sopping cunt and rubbed back and forth, in and out, imagining that it was Paris' tongue.

It was funny, but when it had first happened Rory had fantasized that Paris was really her boyfriend Dean. But as she came closer to her orgasm the vision of Dean had evaporated and all she could envision was Paris' blonde head bobbing up and down, up and down...

Now a couple of hours later as she fingered herself, her imagination would only focus on Paris. Her bobbing head, her tanned athletic legs spread wide, her fine blonde pubic hairs bristling against her tongue.

"Umm," Rory moaned as she quietly came on her fingers. She bucked against her hand several times and then lay quite.

The door opened and her mother walked in. "Hi honey, you've been quiet this evening, what's up baby?" She smiled down at her perfect child.

"I'm just tired mom, it's been a long day." As Rory spoke she could still feel tiny little quakes deep between her legs as her orgasm dissipated completely to be replaced by a melancholy that she had never known before. She felt lost.

"Okay sweets, see you in the morning. We'll stop by Luke's Diner for breakfast and catch up on each other's day, okay?"

"Sure okay. Goodnight mom." and Rory rolled over and pulled the quilt up, ending their conversation.


The next day was particularly uncomfortable for Rory. She had to go to school and face Paris. Between the time of their lovemaking and the next morning Rory had sorted out her feelings and her intent was to never do anything like that again.

But as she walked up the steps of the front entrance to Chilton Prep, who was there but Paris. She was looking at Rory with a strange expression in her eyes, almost like Dean's expression when he looked at her.

Rory tried to hurry by Paris but she reached out and held her by her sweater-vest. "Hey, aren't you going to say hi?" Paris asked. "After what we did last night, aren't we friends now?"

Rory looked at her classmate with a sick feeling in her gut, "No Paris. I don't want to talk about last night, and I don't ever want you to either. What we did last night never happened and our study sessions are over. You do your thing and I'll do mine, okay?"

Paris' eyes hardened and she hissed under her breath, "No it isn't okay, you little slut. You can't play with my emotions like that and get away with it." She knotted Rory's sweater in her fist and shook Rory violently, then she abruptly let go and turning, marched away.

Rory stood there watching Paris' back as she stomped off. She thought to herself that their encounter could have been worse. She wondered how she would have felt if it had been Paris rejecting her. She had an instance of guilty conscious, then dismissed it and heading into the building.


The school day was over and Rory was walking to the bus stop. The twenty minute ride to Stars Hollow always cleared her mind of the trails of the day. It was kind of a ritual for her. But when she turned the corner and saw Paris with her two cronies Madeline and Louise, Rory faltered.

Paris walked up to Rory and said, "Look, we can't stop our study sessions. I know I freaked you out last night, but frankly, I need you as a study partner. We both want to get into Harvard and we need each other. I'll tell you what, we can study with Madeline and Louise so nothing like that will ever happen again, okay?"

"Wh--what?" Rory looked at Paris in shock. Had she told the other girls about their sexual encounter? She looked past Paris to Madeline and Louise but neither girl seemed particularly interested in their conversation.

Paris noticed Rory's look and said quickly, "No I haven't told them anything, now answer me. Will you be my study partner if we include them in the group?"

Rory hadn't expected to give in to working with Paris again, but she thought, "What could happen? Why not? As long as the other girls were there Paris would have to behave herself. And besides, she needed Paris' critical mind to offset her views on their essay assignments, it always made them just a little better than they would have been otherwise.

"Okay, we'll continue studying together as long as either Madeline or Louise are always there."

"Great, you won't regret it. We'll meet tomorrow night at Louise's house okay?"

"Sure," Rory said.

What could happen with Madeline and Louise around? She felt confident that she could handle the situation with Paris now, and boarded the bus that afternoon with a renewed sense of confidence.


The next day, after school, the girls took a cab to Louise's house. Rory wondered why Louise's mother hadn't picked them up, but she was assured that everyone would get a ride home.

When they arrived it was about 4:30 and they entered a silent empty house. Rory turned to Louise and said, "Is it okay to be here without your folks around?"

"Yeah, sure, why not?" Then she said, "Lets go into the living room to study." Rory caught Louise giving Paris a funny look. Rory didn't know what that look meant, but for some reason her heart beat a little faster all of a sudden.

They sat down in the living room to study, spreading out their books. Louise and Paris went into the kitchen to get drinks and Madeline and Rory began laying out the work space.

As Rory was leaning over inspecting the outline for the evening's work she felt a movement behind her. Then hands gripped her and she was being pushed to the carpeted floor.

"Wh--what are you doing?!" she yelled in surprise.

As she thrashed in the grip of Paris and Louise she looked at them with rising panic. What was happening, this was insane!

Then Paris said, "Don't worry little one, we're just going to have some fun. Then afterwards we'll get our studying done and all go home."

"Let me go!" Rory yelled again.

But instead of letting her go, Paris and Louise pulled her down to the floor and dark haired Madeline came to stand over her, hands on hips, elbows askew. "Paris tells us that you think you're better than we are. Is that true? Do you think you're better than us?"

Rory didn't know what to say, she tried to struggle free from Paris and Louise but to no avail. Then Madeline continued, "We're going to find out if you're better than us Rory, and then we'll see." She stooped over and began to unbutton Rory's sweater, then her blouse.

All the time this was happening Paris had her hand clamped over Rory's mouth to stifle her cries of protest. Rory was smaller and more delicate than the other girls and they found it no hard task to hold her secure.

When Madeline pulled her blouse open and reached around under the struggling girl to undo her plain cotton bra, Rory's muffled yells turned to frustrated tears. Why were they doing this to her, what had she ever done to them?

Then Madeline stood up again and looked down at Rory's naked chest. "She'd got cute little tits. Not as big and yours Louise, but then none of us are as big as you," she smiled at her own joke.

Then to Rory's horror Madeline sat down on her, squatting over her thighs and leaned down and started sucking on her exposed nipples. First one then the other. Rory fought the girl's firm grip as Madeline worked over her breasts and nipples, sighing with contentment from time to time.

Then Rory felt Paris release her arm but with Madeline on top of her she couldn't get away. When she tried to beat at Madeline with her freed arm the girl easily held it down.

Rory yelled again when someone pulled at her uniform skirt, it was being removed and then her panties were being pulled down her legs. Her protests were muffled again by Madeline's free hand, as her mouth fed hungrily at Rory's nipples. There was nothing Rory could do to stop them.

Her body jerked involuntarily as she felt someone push a finger into her cunt. Rory had a fleeting realization that the finger had slipped into her without effort. That meant that she was wet. Then she realized with shock that she was aroused. She didn't want to be, but she was.

Then Louise let go of her other arm and stood up. Rory watched as she stripped off her school uniform. She knew that she should try to fight with her freed hand but she also knew that the effort was pointless now. The sensations that Paris' fingers were giving her calmed her and the thrilling feeling of being dominated by these girls made her shiver in secret delight.

Finally Madeline stood up and began to peel her clothes off too. Rory lay on the floor naked and panting, Paris kneeling between her spread legs still fingering her while the others watched.

Rory looked on helplessly as her body began to squirm in the beginnings of an orgasm. Just as she was about to go over the edge Paris pulled her hand away, making Rory groaned in disappointment. She reached down between her legs and began fingering herself, trying to finish the job Paris had started.

Paris smirked, "See what I mean, she's as big a slut as you Louise." Louise frowned at that, but Paris and Madeline thought it was funny and laughed.

Just as Rory was beginning to feel her orgasm building again Paris reached down and pulled Rory's hand away from her throbbing pussy. "Uh, uh, girl. You're not getting off till I say you can." Then Paris turned to Louise, "Go get it, you know what I'm talking about."

Louise's eyes lit up and she scampered naked from the room. Rory could her the teenager climbing the stairs and then she looked at Paris. Her classmate stood above her naked in a dominant stance, legs spread, hands on hips, she looked beautiful and strong, like a Viking Queen with her long blonde hair flying loose over her tanned shoulders. Rory suddenly wished that she were a stronger person, she wished that she could stand naked in front of other girls confident and strong like Paris.

Then Louise was back and in her hand was what Rory knew to be a life-like penis dildo. She'd never seen one, but she had taken anatomy and had seen the male member erect in books. It looked impossibly large, but somehow it also looked appealing. The swollen member with its huge balls and veiny shaft, and the black nylon straps? 'Oh my god,' she thought to herself, 'what where they going to do with that?'

It didn't take long for Rory to receive an answer to her question. As she lay on the carpet prostrate, Paris fumbled with the straps. The thing also had another shaft on it that was meant to fit into the wearer. It wasn't nearly as big as the penis part but it was ribbed and about 5 inches long.

Rory watched with horrified fascination as Paris slipped the small end into her cunt and Louise helped her close the straps around her waist and legs. Rory still couldn't believe it, all four of them were now naked and it looked like Paris was going to fuck her with her strap-on while the others watched.

Rory felt paralyzed as Paris stood over her with the big penis shaped dildo sticking out from between her legs. "Now little one you're gonna really get it. Now you'll know what you've been missing from that boyfriend of yours." She smiled down at Rory with a strange glint in her eyes.

Before Rory could protest Madeline grabbed her legs and Louise grabbed a fist full of hair and they twisted her over onto her stomach with a minimum of effort.

Rory was numb with fear now as she felt Paris slide one arm up under her stomach and pull her up onto all-fours. Then Madeline got down on her hands and knees at Rory's head and held her chin, forcing her to look up at her. She gave Rory a sardonic smile and moved in close and gently kissed her on the lips.

Just as Madeline's lips pressed against Rory's she also felt Paris' penis dildo push into her. It couldn't have been very deep but even just a little bit of it made Rory feel like she was being split in two. She pulled her mouth away from Madeline's kiss and yelled, "Stop it Paris, it hurts, please don't," Rory began to cry in pain and fear.

Paris only grinned and looked at Louise who was on her back beside Rory helping to guide the dildo to its target from underneath. Paris shoved a little harder making Rory cry out again. Then she gripped Rory's hips with both hands and shoved again.

Rory screamed in pain and anguish as Paris sank to the hilt into her. All four girls stopped moving then and waited. Rory waited for Paris to pull out, she had even stopped breathing, she didn't want anything at that moment other than Paris to take it out of her.

The other girls had stopped to watch the fake dick take their classmate's virginity. All three of them remembered the first time they'd experienced that big dick and they knew what Rory was feeling.

Then ignoring Rory's protests Paris began to fuck her from behind, just like she imagined that a man would. Madeline and Louise watched Paris humping Rory for a minute or so, then they joined in and began kissing and touching their captive classmate. It was so much fun to bring Rory down to their level, the superior little princess now knew what it was like to be fucked. All three girls were enjoying this very much.

Rory tried to get away from Paris' thrusts, she was in pain and she was frightened by the behavior of these girls. But she couldn't fight her way loose, all she could do was take the abuse and hope it would stop soon.

In the back of Rory's mind there was one little spark, a spark of perverse pleasure. The feeling of not being in control, of being forced to do nasty things with other girls was somehow exciting. Rory tried to ignore the feelings that Paris' screwing was causing her, but as Paris' belly and thighs slapped against her ass over and over again; with each thrust Rory began to push back at her forced lover.

Louise picked up immediately on Rory's change and she crawled underneath her and began to finger her clit each time Paris pulled out in preparation for another thrust. When Madeline pulled her face to hers again and started kissing her, Rory thought she might faint.

Rory was being fucked from behind by Paris, Louise was massaging her clit and Madeline was sticking her tongue down her throat. Rory didn't have a chance; she started cumming even though she didn't want to.

Paris picked up on Rory's orgasm when her slender body tensed and began to jerk wildly under her. She shoved the dildo deep into Rory and the action rubbed the other end against her clit once more, bring her over the edge too and both girls groaned and shivered in ecstasy as they came almost simultaneously.

Sweat poured off both girls as Paris hugged Rory's back. She still knelt behind her lover with the dildo planted firmly. Louise had stopped massaging Rory's clit and had climbed out from under the two.

When Paris pulled out of Rory she thought they would let her go. But no such luck, Madeline shoved Rory over and climbed on top of the panting girl. Then to Rory's amazement Madeline began to shove her cunt against Rory's juicy, slickened crotch. Faster and faster she humped.

Rory was too exhausted to stop the other girl from humping her mound so she just lay there and let Madeline pinch her nipples and hump-fuck her pussy. Rory had never even thought of such a thing before but as Madeline continued to hump her she began to grunt each time she thrust against her unwilling lover.

Rory looked over at Paris and Louise and watched them, watching her as Madeline continued to hump her pussy. Rory began to feel excited again; maybe it was the fact that she had an audience, an obviously appreciative audience. Whatever it was she finally moaned and wrapped her arms around Madeline's back and began a luxurious humping motion back at her lover.

Paris and Louise watched as Rory and Madeline got into their rhythm. It was an amazing sight to see Madeline and Rory lost in their own sensations and in each other's. Paris doubted that either girl even remembered that they had an audience. It was so erotic watching them rubbing bodies like that and kissing like lovers.

Then Madeline groaned and pressed her crotch tightly against Rory's. Paris and Louise could see that Rory's pussy lips were spread open and were flame red as Madeline ground her clit roughly against Rory's.

Then Madeline was cumming, her body jerking and shivering like a wild beast rutting in a field. Rory just hugged her tightly and let her lover cum.

When it was over and Madeline rolled off Rory breathing heavily. She whispered, "Oh god, oh god that was good." And then rolled over on her belly, placing her head on her arm and lay quietly recovering her wits.

Rory stirred. What was happening now? She raised her head to see who was touching her. It was Louise. All Rory could see was Louise's bright blonde hair, actually just the back of her head because she had climbed over the spread-eagle girl and had moved her mouth to Rory's pussy.

Paris commented sarcastically, "Shit, I still don't understand why Louise likes a sloppy cunt so much, stuff like that would really gross me out."

But Louise paid her no attention she just continued to lick and suck at Rory's exposed pussy while Rory lay on the carpet totally spent and submissive.

Being a healthy teenager though, it didn't take long before Louise's enthusiastic mouth-work revived Rory and soon the girls were in another embrace very similar to the one Rory and Madeline had been in only minutes before.

This time both girls came almost simultaneously. Rory had always been secretly attracted to slutty Louise, the blonde bimbo of the group. She of course would have never acted upon her attraction, but under the circumstances it was easy to respond to the feel of Louise's smooth tanned body against hers and her wonderfully full-lips first pressed against her pussy then her mouth.

When Louise finally rose up from Rory's spread-eagled body and stumbled to the bathroom, Rory crawled on her hands and knees to the couch. After a while she found the strength and grabbed her rumpled clothes and dressed.

Rory didn't stay to study, she didn't think that any studying would take place that evening. She used her cell phone to call a cab and within 20-minutes she was in the back seat of a Yellow Cab on her way home.

Her mind was ablaze. What had just happened to her? Had she been raped? Technically that's exactly what they'd done to her, but before it was all over she had been a willing participant. What should she do now, how could she face them at school tomorrow?

Rory pondered these thoughts during the ride home...


Rory had a hard time sleeping that night. Thoughts of the orgy she'd just experienced with the 3 other girls kept running through her mind. She had never seen other girls completely naked before, and it had been a wonderful feeling to be naked in front of them.

The sex they'd had was almost too good to believe. Up till Paris forced her, Rory had only known masturbation, and although that was good, it was nothing like the wild abandon that she had experienced, first with Paris and then with Paris, Madeline and Louise.

The thought of their sexual escapades made Rory blush hotly, not from embarrassment but from remembered pleasure. The feel of sweaty slick female skin against her own and the dildo, oh god, that dildo was really something. It made her think guiltily about Dean. Rory put that thought out of her mind.


It was the weekend and it was totally unfair that Dean had to work both Saturday and Sunday at the store. But he needed the cash and jobs for teenagers didn't grow of trees in Stars Hollow Connecticut. But Rory was still disappointed that she would only be able to see Dean in the evenings. She had nothing to do all day but wait for Dean to come over after six.

Then the sound of something lightly tapping at her bedroom window made Rory look up from her thoughts. She got off the bed and went to the window. It was Jess! She hadn't thought about Jess for at least a week.

Rory hurried to the front door. She knew that her mother was working that weekend at the Inn, and Dean was at work, so no one would see them together. She liked Jess, he was exciting. She loved Dean, but she was attracted to Jess.

"Hi," Jess said as Rory opened the door.

"Hi yourself," Rory returned, with a smile. "So what brings you out here?" she asked.

"I missed you," Jess said, looking longingly at her.

With all that had happened to Rory over the past few days, she was looking at life differently than before. For one thing she knew what it felt like to fuck, and that experience with Paris made her wonder if the real thing might feel even better. Rory blushed as she thought of Jess' naked body and his stiff penis. She had an overpowering urge to see him naked and hard.

Rory said, "Yeah, I missed you too. But Jess if Dean finds out that you've come to visit it could get difficult."

Jess looked into Rory's eyes and placed a finger under her chin tilting her face up toward his. Without saying a word he leaned in and kissed her.

Rory was amazed at the intensity of her feelings as their lips met. Her body shivered and she felt a tiny thrill run through her from the tip of her head to the end of her toes. It was almost like a mini orgasm.

Then Jess kissed her again and Rory drew him into the house and shut the door. Without saying a word she knelt down in front Jess like a supplicant, right there on the hardwood floor of the entrance hall and reached for his belt buckle.

Jess stood stock still, he couldn't believe what was happening. Rory was acting totally out of character, but he wasn't going to say or do anything to break the spell.

And it was like he was under a spell. He watched in a fevered haze as Rory's delicate fingers undid his belt, and then popped his jeans open. He almost fainted when he felt her tugging at his pants.

The feel of being exposed to her, knowing that he must be the first boy she'd ever seen was almost too much for him. His dick sprang to life before their mutual gaze. One moment it was a shivered dangly thing and the next it was a heroic male shaft straining, full of lust and manly pride.

Rory reached up and grasped it in her cool fingers and watched the skin move under her touch. She pulled the sensitive flesh of Jess' cock back and forth amazed at the feel of it, the texture and hardness. It looked even better than Paris' fake penis dildo, although it wasn't as big. But what it lacked in size was enhanced by what it was attached to.

Rory looked up at Jess' face and saw that he'd shut his eyes and was leaning back against the door. She could tell that he was enjoying her touch, and that only made her want to do more.

Rory moved closer to his erect penis; she could smell his arousal, it was a tangy smell, a pleasant smell, she sank down on him feeling him with her lips, feeling him even more with her tongue.

Jess jerked at the feel of her moist warm mouth engulfing him. He stopped breathing, it was a dream, he knew that it had to be, he wanted to pinch himself. This wasn't the Rory he knew, but it was a Rory that was making him crazy. She was wonderful, absolutely beautiful.

Then Rory began bobbing her head up and down. She knew that she was doing a pretty good job of it when she felt her lips finally come in contact with Jess' pubic bone. She could feel him at the back of her throat, he was even pushing into it slightly. Rory knew that she should be gagging, she'd heard stories about oral sex, but she wasn't gagging. It all seemed to come naturally to her.

Kneeling in front of pantless Jess on the hardwood floor just inside the front door, Rory gave of herself, enjoying her gift to Jess. Then suddenly she did gag, Jess was cumming.

Rory didn't pull away, but kept sucking and swallowing. She looked up at Jess' face and saw that he had thrown his head back and was gritting his teeth. He looked like he was in pain, but Rory knew he wasn't, she'd seen that look on Paris' face when she'd cum on the other end of her dildo while fucking her.

Then it was over. Jess gently reached down and pulled Rory to a standing position in front of him. They kissed, deeply and for the longest time. Rory was grateful that Jess hadn't pulled away from her, she wondered if he would, because she had just given him a blowjob.

But he hadn't, in fact it didn't seem to bother him at all. Rory reasoned that it shouldn't have, since it was his own cum, after all it had come from inside him so it was his.

Rory's train of thought was interrupted by Jess' next move. His hand slipped into her blouse. He'd unbuttoned a button and had slipped his hand into her blouse without her realizing what he was happening.

Rory began to protest, but Jess kissed her to silence, and whispered against her lips, "I promise to do nothing you don't want me to."

Rory looked up into his dark eyes and shivered. She wanted him to do something to her, but she didn't know what exactly. She knew that she shouldn't let him do what Paris had done to her, not if she didn't want to end up pregnant like her mother had.

Rory just stood there waiting for Jess to do whatever he was going to do. She was powerless to deny him anything.

Jess took Rory by the hand and led her to her bedroom. He gently pushed her to the bed. Rory obeyed is implied commands without protest. She kept looking at his semi- erect penis still waving in front of him. Jess had kicked off his jeans and walked down the hall with her to her room half naked.

He looked so nice, so strong, Rory felt weak next to his athletic sinewy body. His maleness only served to make her feel faint, and willing at the same time.

Then Jess was kneeling down on the carpeted floor and began removing Rory's Levis. She wanted to tell him about her fear, about how her mother had messed up her life when she'd become pregnant with her 16 years ago. She wanted to tell him that she wanted to be a good girl and how much she didn't want to disappoint her family and friends.

But she didn't say any of those things. She just gasped, "Ohhhh," as Jess began to rhythmically eat her out with his mouth. When he began to fuck her with his tongue she writhed on the bed. And when he started to suck her clit, nibbling it on occasion for variety, Rory moaned and let her self go. Her body jerked once, then twice and then over and again as a long succession of agonizing orgasmic surges rushed over her.

Jess drew it out impossibly long with his mouth firmly planted between her legs. Finally Rory could take no more and begged him to stop.

She looked at him through dazed eyes as he rose from his lying position between her legs. She could see her cunt juice smeared all over his mouth, he smiled and she loved him then, maybe more that Dean...


After they had dressed and gone into the kitchen for some tea, Jess asked Rory to the Halloween Dance. She told him that she'd already committed herself to go with Dean. He didn't seem hurt by this, he only made her promise that she'd dance with him once in a while at the party.

Then Jess kissed her, and making an excuse he left. She'd expected him to say something about the incredible oral sex they'd just had together, but he hadn't said a word.

Maybe that was for the best, Rory wasn't sure how she felt about things. After all she was going with Dean. He was a great guy and she loved him. But then why had she just given Jess a blowjob?

Rory knew why. Jess was dangerous and unpredictable. Jess made her excited, she never knew what was going to happen. But she loved Dean.


When Dean came over at 6:15 that afternoon, Rory had taken a shower and changed the sheets on her bed. She tried to forget what she'd done with Jess, but every time Dean kissed her or touched her Rory remembered what she'd done only hours before...


The Halloween Party was only a couple of days away now and Rory was more confused than ever. She couldn't stop thinking about the fantastic oral sex she'd had with Jess, and the guilt that was eating her up over Dean.

Finally Rory came to a decision. She decided to have sex with Dean. She'd bought birth control pills the week before and planned on seducing Dean as soon as her two weeks were up. She loved him and he deserved to be her first real lover.

Dean had come over that evening and they'd gone to the movies. They liked the movie theater because it was a teenage hangout. For $5 you could spend hours making out and watching other teenagers make out, it was a social event.

Only this evening things turned out a little different than usual. They'd arrived at the theater like normal at 7PM and they took their seats at the back of the theater like they always did. And they kissed and snuggled just like always.

The difference this time though, was Rory. Dean's closeness had lit a fire in Rory that evening. Her guilt and her new found sexual capacity combined to make her do something she would never have done before.

She reached down and placed her hand over the fly of Dean's pants. She squeezed gently, again and again and felt the material of his pants fill up to tent under her touch.

Dean hadn't said a word after Rory had touched him like that. He'd just sat back and watched her hand moving rhythmically squeezing and letting go, and then squeezing and letting go.

Then Rory heard a gasp and knew that he'd cum in his pants. She was shocked that he'd cum so fast, and embarrassed for him because she'd made him cum too soon.

Dean looked at her, then got up and walked out of the theater. Rory knew that he was upset with her but couldn't understand why. If she'd only known how insecure Dean was about his sexuality she'd have understood what she'd done.

Rory had bruised Dean's ego by making him cum in his pants. Any other boy might have been grateful, but not Dean. He marched home and took a shower, threw his clothes in the washer and sat in his room thinking about what had happened and wondering how he'd ever face his girlfriend again.

Rory sat in the dark theater wondering what to do about Dean. She hadn't meant anything, she'd only wanted to give him pleasure. Now she had alienated him, she was miserable.

Then the next moment Jess was sitting next to her with his hand on one breast. "So what did you do to make old Dean march out of here like his ass was on fire?" Jess said sarcastically.

"Don't make fun of Dean, he's just upset with me a little," Rory said defensively.

Jess didn't say anything more, he just took Rory's head in his hands and turned her face to him and planted a long passionate kiss on her mouth.

Rory struggled for a moment then found that her hand had, almost of its own accord, found Jess' fly and had opened it. Soon she was bent over in her seat bobbing up and down over his wonderful exposed tool.

As Jess exploded in her mouth and while she was swallowing him up she wondered how it would feel to have him on top of her, fucking her like a man does a woman. She was so aroused by the thought that she didn't make a protest when Jess pulled up the seat arm next to her and pushed her down on her back.

She thought that he was going to return her oral favor but when he climbed up on top of her she whimpered, "No Jess, this is crazy, someone will see us."

Jess just covered her mouth with his and she felt the head of his dick slip into her, and then he pushed a little further, then pulled out and shoved in deeper. It took no more than a few moments before the two teenagers had forgotten where they were and were hugging each other, thrusting back at each other in total abandon.

Rory was totally into what Jess was doing to her. His beautiful dick was sunk in her as deep as it would go and the feeling made her feel strangely complete. As he thrust she wrapped her legs around his butt and thrust in perfect rhythm until his body stiffened and she knew from experience that he was cumming.

The feeling of Jess' body over hers, and with him shoved into her was too much for her to stand. Before Jess was done cum Rory came too. Her body jerked wildly impaled on his stiff dick, he could feel her tight pussy spasming around his shaft, it was the most wonderful feeling the boy had ever experienced.

Then they heard clapping. Jess who was on top looked up and saw that there were dozens of teens sitting around them, and all of them knew what he and Rory had just done.

Rory pushed Jess off her and with a cry of disappear she pulled her pants back on and fled the theater. But it was too late, they'd been seen, and by other townsfolk. The word would be all over Stars Hollow before the sun set tomorrow.

Rory was miserable as she walked home. She could feel Jess' sperm oozing out of her, ice-cold against her flesh. The sudden thought invaded her mind as she hurried home, that she hadn't been on the pill long enough, she had been totally stupid to let Jess fuck her. What an idiot I've been, she thought despairingly...


Word had spread and Rory was totally mortified. Her mother had been supportive, how could she be otherwise, she'd done the same thing herself. Rory told her that she was on the pill, although she couldn't bring herself to tell her mother that she'd only been on it for a week.

Rory had promised her mother that she'd never do anything so foolish again. Just the fact that all their friends knew what had happened was bad enough, but the silence from Dean was deafening.

That was the worst part, what she had done to Dean. She'd cheated on him and in such a public way. Rory knew that no self-respecting man would ever forgive her.

That's why she was so surprised when Dean had come by the house the very next evening after not returning her many calls, he'd come over to tell her that he'd thought about things and he forgave her.

At first Rory couldn't believe her luck, but within an hour of his forgiveness she knew that things weren't the same between them. But she was willing to make it right with him, and if that meant a strained relationship for a while, then she'd bear it.


Halloween night finally came and Dean and Rory left the Gilmore residence with Rory's mom warning them to be careful. (That was another change in her life. Her mom had never felt it necessary to warn her daughter about commonsense things before.)

They arrived at the party at about 8 o'clock. Rory and Dean danced and mixed with the townsfolk, but it didn't take long before Rory was creeped-out by all the stairs. She would have put up with it for Dean, but he hated being the object of their pity and their gossip.

That's when Dean made a decision that would change both of their lives forever. "Lets blow this place. I can't stand all the looks we're getting. I know a guy who's having a private party in Hartford and no one there will know what happened."

Rory didn't really want to go all the way into Hartford, but she was determined to please Dean so she agreed and they slipped out unseen and drove the 20 minutes to the burbs of Hartford.

Rory was a little worried when they came to a big old rundown looking turn or the century house. It turned out that Dean's friend was no more than an acquaintance, and that the party was being held at a sort of college student's crash pad. Apparently there were 7 or 8 guys that lived there and shared the rent. But even then Rory wasn't bothered, not until she saw Paris dancing with Louise in the living room.

"I don't know about this," Rory said tugging at Dean's sleeve. "I don't like the looks of this place."

"Don't be a wimp Rory, it's perfectly safe."

They stepped into the light of the open door and Dean had a beer shoved into his hand and his acquaintance slapped him on his back and steered him away to meet his roommates.

Rory stood just inside the door feeling out of place. She jumped in nervous fright at the feel of someone's hand on her shoulder. It was Paris, she'd seen her and Dean come in.

Paris pulled Rory to her and kissed her deeply. Rory struggled at first but when Paris held her firmly in her grip Rory finally accepted the kiss and even returned it. Then she was passed to Louise and suddenly Rory had another tongue thrust in her mouth.

Rory was a little breathless by the time Louise was done with her. She swiped a fallen strand of hair out of her eyes and then reached up and did the same for Louise. The girl's beautiful bright blonde hair was disheveled, so much so that Rory realized that she must have been up to something.

"What have you been doing?" she asked.

"I met a couple of nice guys and showed then a good old- fashioned Chilton welcome," she smiled.

"How can you do that? You know that sex with strange men is dangerous." Rory said.

"We'll if my information is correct, you're the pot calling the kettle black. I heard about you and your lover at the movie theater. I didn't know you were that adventurous," Louise said with a laugh.

Then Dean was by her side with a beer, "Here have a beer, it's a micro-brew that these guys get from a friend. They say it's got a real kick."

"I don't know Dean, you know I don't drink."

"Yeah, well, have one tonight, okay? Lets try to fit in, alright?"

"Okay, if that's what you want," Rory took a gulp of the bitter carbonated liquid and made a face. She'd never liked beer and couldn't see why people drank it, but tonight she was determined to do whatever Dean wanted. She had a lot of making up to do.

For some reason Rory kept taking little swigs from her beer, she hadn't intended to, but as she drank more it tasted better. What the teenager didn't know was that someone had slipped a ground up tab of Ecstasy into her beer. She was getting high for the first time in her life.

As a matter of fact many of the people at the party were getting high, someone had slipped the drug into most of the beers being handed out. It was someone's idea of hosting a successful party.

In short order Rory was flying high. She looked around for Dean, she was worried that she was too drunk and wanted him to take her home. But Dean was nowhere to be found.

Soon Rory was being led into a dimly lit room. It must have been the formal dining room when the old house had been new, she could see the faint outline of an overgrown garden through the big dirty windows in the far wall. Rory wasn't sure why she was being led into the room, but she didn't have the willpower to protest.

Then a sudden vague unease filled her as she saw a couple in a dark corner of the room having sex. No one seemed to mind and when she sat down on an old mattress and joined the disjointed conversation with a group of people she soon forgot about them too.

Soon Rory was buzzing so high that she could no longer keep track of the conversation. And when someone sat down next to her she didn't move away which she would normally have done to maintain her space.

That someone was Paris. Rory felt relief, at least she knew Paris. Then Rory was lying down and Paris was on top of her kissing her and pulling at her clothing. Rory was too dazed to stop her and she was too out of it to realize that there were at least a dozen strangers in the room watching the two school girls going at it.

Rory wasn't too high to become aroused though. What Paris was doing to her seemed familiar and she liked the feelings her classmate was giving her. Soon she drunkenly began to kiss Paris back letting her hands roam over her friend's body.

Then someone was pulling at her clothes again and before she knew it, she was on the mattress, naked with Paris on her again. That didn't last very long though because Paris was just as high as Rory and some guy pulled her away and took her to a corner of the room.

Rory felt a little sick to her stomach, it might have been the beer she thought, but at that moment she was brought back as a naked boy climbed on top of her. She knew what was happening but didn't know how to stop it.

Rory lay spread-eagle under the boy as he wildly fucked her. She felt him pound her into the mattress with each thrust, she knew she had to stop him, but all she did was reach up and hug him to her chest and then wrapped her legs around him and urge him on.

After he grunted and came in her he was replaced by another boy. This one pulled her up on her hands and knees and shoved into her from behind, now she was on the hardwood floor. He began thrusting fast and furiously, until he shoved really deep in her and let go, groaning in pleasure.

Rory wanted them to stop, but she could hardly think. Another boy mounted her like a stud horse and began to thrust in and out of her. Rory trembled on the end of the boy's cock as it filled her cunt, her hands and knees bruised by the hardwood floor. Her small, lithe body dripped sweat onto the floor while she grunted to the boy's thrusts from behind, her small, round breasts pulled from her body by gravity swung back and forth in time with his fucking motions.

She felt her body flutter as the boy began filling her with his hot cum. She clamped down on him with her pussy, a flush of pleasure filling her body.

Her mind rebelled: "Oh, god," she thought, "how could she be enjoying this? What kind of whore was she?"

Then she looked over her shoulder and her mind went numb. Even at the moment of her own mind rending orgasm, she realized what she was seeing.

Dean was on his knees behind Paris, thrusting in and out of her, they were both grunting in lewd pleasure as Dean stiffened and filled Paris with his seed. Paris pushed back on his dick trying to milk him for all he had.

Rory knew in that instant that she had lost Dean. But what she didn't know was that Jess' baby boy was already growing in her womb...


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