(MF-teens, high school, cheat)
By Phoebe

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Mark is a fucking hunk! And I can't stand it that Sharon is squeezing him on an exclusive basis. Sharon is the drum major for the school band and I'll admit that she looks great in her little uniform, but I know that Mark could be mine if I went after him. After all I'm the most popular girl in the whole fucking school. Sharon looks like a mouse compared to me.

The reason I'm pissed is that Mark was going with me prior to Sharon, and he wouldn't even be with her now if I hadn't dumped him for Charlie. If I'd known that Charlie was going to be moving away to New York State with his folks before the senior prom I'd have thought twice about dumping Mark. (I mean, who knew?)

Mark's best feature, other than his hunky bod is his penis. I've always been fascinated by it. He can do more things with that boner of his than any of the other guys I've been with before or since. He's so talented in the penis department that I can't think of going to the prom with anyone else. The after the prom parties would be lack-luster without Mark's handsome prick to play with. The only problem was that he'd already invited Sharon.

No real problem there, all I had to do was change Mark's pea-brained mind. (Did I mention that Mark isn't heavy on brain power, although with a body like his, brains don't really matter all that much.)

Anyway I had a plan and I put it into action three days before the prom. My shiny white Hummer conveniently wouldn't start late that afternoon while I was out in the countryside. Just about everything here is country, being that we live in Madera California about 30 miles north of Fresno. (In the middle of fucking nowhere!)

So following my carefully laid plan I called Mark from my cell phone and asked him to come fix my car. He's done it for me before -- since he's the one that originally helped me pick out my sweet Hummer. He's always lusted after it and would drive it whenever I let him. (My family's rich, his is poor.)

So Mark pulled up in his battered old pickup and there I am sitting in my "broken car" waiting. As he starts to get out of his truck I motion for him to wait. Standing up on the seat of my car he gets this great view of my naked body. Yeah I planned it that way. We were way out in hell-and-begone and the chances of anyone driving by were remote, not that I really cared all that much if someone did. The thought kind of excited me actually.

Mark's face registered surprise, then as I walked across the road barefoot and buck-naked he just sat back and unzipped his Levi's, he knew what I was going to do and he wanted it.

So much for that bitch Sharon, I thought to myself with satisfaction.

I opened the driver-side door and climbed in between Mark's jeans-clad legs. It didn't take long to get his pants down around his ankles and to get his nice smooth prick to attention.

Yes, Mark does look good when his nice big pole is at attention for me. I looked up into his eyes and sank my lips down over his quivering manhood. He tasted fantastic and I started to eagerly work his fabulous rod with my mouth. But after a very short time my knees and back started to hurt from the restricted angle that I was forced into. I finally pulled my mouth off Marks meat-pole and stepped out of his truck.

Mark groaned in frustration; he really had expected to cum in my mouth. Actually that was my plan too, so I beckoned him to come outside, which he did without hesitation. (Typical guy, you can just about lead them anywhere by their boner.)

Once out in the open I squatted down and started to suck him again for all he was worth. Mark really got into my blowjob and before he could stop himself he was gushing his hot cum as fast as I could swallow.

Triumphantly I sucked his seed from his body knowing that he was going to be mine for the prom. Even if he tried to back out on me when I asked -- all I had to do was tell Sharon what we'd done and she'd go ballistic. (Sharon's a goody-two-shoes churchgoer and she wouldn't take the insult of her man fucking around with another girl well. I was sure of that.)

Apparently Mark hadn't been getting any lately from Sharon -- if the amount of cum he was shooting was any indication. I couldn't swallow fast enough and globs of his gooey cum dripped down my chin as I desperately tried to keep up with his orgasm.

It got pretty messy before he was done, but I didn't mind, I was so turned on by his grunts and groans that all I wanted after he was done cumming in my mouth was to make him cum again, but this time 'in' me, banging away at my clit. I really needed his big dick more that I'd thought.

Rising up I kissed Mark on the mouth. I always like my guys to taste themselves. They never seem to mind, and if they did mind, I'd fucking dump their asses so fast they wouldn't know what hit them. (I figure that if I'm sucking them off the least they can do is taste it a little.)

God what a hunk Mark is. Just looking at him naked in the sun made me cream myself. I was fucking crazy for him and at that moment I couldn't understand how I could have dumped him before. I mean all you have to do is look at his manly body to know that he'd give a girl lots of pleasure.

As Mark stood in front of me leaning against his truck I watched his dick begin to grow again. It was amazing to see it go from this semi-hard tired looking weenie to this huge man-shaft ready to fuck my brains out. God I loved Mark's body.

I bent over the driver's seat om my Hummer with my ass facing out and spread my legs for him. I closed my eyes and waited in anticipation. I didn't say anything, but I knew Mark would take me up on my offer to pussy-fuck me. (The girls in our school only allow their guys to pussy-fuck them every once in a while. The normal sex around our school is oral. It's a lot safer usually. But I wanted to make Mark completely mine and I also knew that if Sharon knew he'd pussy-fucked me then it'd be over for sure between them, no talking his way out of it.)

I smiled to myself when I felt Mark's big cock slip up into my slit from behind. I wiggled my ass in anticipation. Now that I knew I was in for a good pussy-fucking I was wet as hell and ready and willing to take the whole thing, his cum and all.

My eyes shot open when Mark thrust deeply into me to the hilt. It was a wonderful, violently rough moment. I was so wet that it didn't even hurt. I could hear the squishing noise as he buried himself to his balls in me. My body trembled as he held his throbbing cock deep inside me. It had been months since anyone had actually pussy-fucked me and I loved the feel of Mark's swollen cock jammed so deep in me. For a moment, just before he pulled back out in preparation for another thrust I thought that I could feel his heartbeat throbbing through his dick as it expanded between my legs.

I was surprised when after only a minute or so he came again, grunting in exquisite sounding pain as he emptied himself deep inside my streaming hole. I just hung on to the car and let him fuck-thrust me as much as he wanted to. I'd been experiencing little multiple orgasms since the first thrust and was so fucking hot. Those little orgasms weren't earthshaking, but there were so many of them that I was just about dead by the time Mark ran out of cum.


And the funny thing was that I didn't even have to tell Sharon that I'd fucked her man. Apparently Sharon and about half the school band had driven by us sometime during our lovemaking. I didn't even notice that the big yellow school bus had traveled down the dirt road parallel to us only about 200 yards away. Boy! I was even more popular at school after that!

Needless to say I went to the senior prom with Mark, and Sharon wouldn't talk to either of us for the remainder of the school year.


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