Fertility Clinic

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By Phoebe

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I never thought I'd get pregnant. I'd been trying with my husband for almost three years when new neighbors moved in across the street and we invited them over that fateful evening.

John and Kristine were your average looking couple, he was nice enough looking that -- in my mind's eye -- I had him undressed and in bed with me. I know my husband Andy was imagining guy things about Kristine.

But what really changed things for Andy and me that evening was that Kristine knew a guy who said he could guarantee a pregnancy for any woman who still had her ovaries and that he was really reasonable priced. Kristine said that her friend wouldn't tell her the particulars but that she was pregnant after only one session at the fertility clinic.

I had just turned 35 and Andy was three months away from 40 and our bio-clocks were spinning pretty fast. Up until three years ago when we started trying for a baby we'd always been too busy and now that we hadn't had any success things between us were becoming strained.

We'd gone to the doctor and apparently my husband's sperm count wasn't all that great and to make matters worse, my immune system was a killer when it came to his sperm. What few little squiggelys that made it as far as my womb; my immune system cannibalized.

So you might understand why I was interested in what Kristine had to say about her friend. Andy and I don't make tons on money, he's an auto mechanic at Pep Boys and I work as a secretary at a three man accounting firm, so when she said that this clinic had "reasonable" prices my ears perked up.

Kristine promised to ask her friend to call me and sure enough I got a call the very next evening. The lady on the other end of the phone said that she indeed had conceived a child after only one session at the clinic and that it had only cost $1000.00. She wasn't sure that the procedure was for everyone but that it had been very effective for her.

I asked her what she meant but she refused to tell me any details but she did give me the phone number for the clinic. I called them the very next morning.

Looking back I should have been a bit more skeptical about the whole thing, but I was a bit desperate to have a child and I think at that time I was prepared to do just about anything to get pregnant. If I had only known, I might not have been so eager.

The voice on the other end of the phone was pleasant and she sounded like a professional. She told me that I would have to pay up front and sign a disclaimer that relinquished any right to sue for malpractice, or pain and suffering because of the procedure. She said this was a precaution required to keep the price down. If they had to worry about dissatisfied clients, then the price would have to go up substantially.

I still don't know why I did it. Maybe it was the attractive guy in the smartly cut business suit who came to the house that evening to help us with the paperwork. Or maybe it was the confidence of the woman who I'd talked to on the phone that morning. She seemed so positive that I'd get a baby from this procedure. She had said that almost 90% of all women who they served got pregnant from just one procedure.

Whatever the reason I signed those papers, I did so with the expectation that I would be taken the very next afternoon. It was amazing, to be scheduled so fast, I'd heard that most clinics made appointments for months down the road. I should have wondered at that too, I guess.


Andy took me to the clinic at 3 o'clock the next afternoon. I was met by a good looking guy who told my husband that he could come back after 7 that evening to pick me up. When he said that he would like to stay the man told him that it was impossible for a spouse to be present when the procedure was in process. It was usually too trying for the spouse since there was some minor pain and discomfort involved.

Andy started to argue with the man but I held up my hand and insisted that he leave and come back to pick me up as instructed. I made it plain to him that if this was the rule then we'd abide by it, after all, we were getting a cut-rate price for something we'd been trying to accomplish on our own with no success. It would all be over within 4 hours I told him.

Andy finally agreed and left.

I was nervous as the young man led me down the hall to a large waiting room. There was only one other woman in the room and I said hi to her and sat down.

It didn't take long; very shortly a woman in scrubs came into the room and called my name. I nervously looked at the other woman sitting there and gave her an apologetic glance as I followed the lady out of the room.

I found myself in another room that was dimly lit with a table in the middle of the room. It didn't look like an operating room, and it sort of smelled, but I didn't say anything when I was instructed to undress and to put on a lose hospital gown. Before lady the left she handed me a paper cup with a pink liquid in it and told me to drink it all.

I took it in one gulp and grimaced. It had to have a high alcohol content because I could also taste something like codeine for something medicinal like that as an after taste.

I sat on the padded table and waited. It wasn't long before my head was spinning and I felt woozy.


The next thing I remember was noise. It sounded like I was at a party, there were voices, lots of voices. My mind was foggy and I felt so funny, like I was out of my own body. But I wasn't and the thing that suddenly became clear to me was that someone was on top of me.

I opened my eyes and looked about me with bleary vision. I could sort of make out people standing around, it looked like the place was packed. I was having a hard time seeing anything clearly, but I knew deep down that the room was packed with men and it smelled of sweat and something else…

Then I felt the person on top of me settle down and to my amazement I felt something slippery enter me. What? What was happening to me? Then a grunt and I vaguely realized that a man was humping me, I was being screwed right then and there -- in a room full of men!

As the man on top of me grunted and thrust it became clear to me what was going on. Fear and adrenalin cleared my vision and suddenly I realized that I was the center of attention, surrounded by men. I tried to get up, to push the man off me but I quickly realized that my arms and legs were strapped down.

I tried to scream at the man to get off me, but my mouth had something tied over it so all I could do was moan through the material and weekly struggle against my restraints. Then my eyes flew wide as I felt this strange man's body stiffen and heard him gasp as he emptied himself into me. All I could do was lie there and take it.

I was in shock as he pulled out of me and another man climbed onto me. The man who had just unceremoniously emptied himself in me was maybe 35-40, white, Middle American. The new guy looked slightly middle-eastern and he had intense dark eyes and lots and lots of hair. There was rich black hair on his head but his chest and arms were so thick with hair that he almost looked apeish.

I struggled trying to move my unprotected opening away from this man's stiff hard-on. I didn't want him to fuck me. I struggled for a moment until someone beside us reached over and held my hips allowing the man to penetrate me. I looked over and it was the woman in the scrubs. She smiled down at me.

It didn't take the hairy guy long before he grunted like an animal and he emptied himself in me. I couldn't believe this. Apparently they had given me something that knocked me out long enough so that they could strap me down and then they invited what looked like hundreds of men into to the place to fuck me.

This couldn't be happening to me! It was so outrageous that I had a hard time believing that I wasn't just dreaming. But when this oriental looking man, maybe in his early to late twenties climbed up onto the table and began to position himself against my vulnerable opening, I knew it wasn't a dream.

I began to struggle again, trying to hold off this Asian guy from penetrating me, but again I felt hands on my hips and the man struggling to enter me finally thrust in deep and groaned in pleasure as he sank all the way into my used sticky slit.

I just lay there as he pumped into me, I could hear his breath coming faster and faster as he built his momentum. Then hi body tensed and he thrust one last time and ground himself against me and I knew he was emptying himself in me like the men before him.

It went on like this for what seemed like forever. I was forced to accommodate all kinds of men. My body was strapped down and I soon began to feel sticky cum running out of my abused slit and onto the table. But that didn't stop them from coming. The men were eager to fuck me and there was nothing I could do to stop them. My mind soon became numb as man after man mounted me and shot his seed deep into my body, mixing his essence along with all those others.

When they finally stopped coming, I was an exhausted quivering mass lying there on that table totally wasted. My body throbbed and every muscle in my body ached. I now knew what the odor was that I'd smelled when I had first entered the room. It was sperm, lots and lots of sperm. God, I still couldn't quite believe this had happened to me. How could they have done this to me?

As the last of the men filed out of the room, the handsome man and the woman in the scrubs untied my wrists and ankles and removed the gag from my mouth. I was too exhausted to fight them or to yell my outrage. I just let them help me up from the table and lead me into another room. There I had a long hot shower and the woman helped me dress and I was then led back into the waiting room.

The handsome young man sat down beside me and took my hands in his and looked into my eyes and said, "You will most probably become pregnant Mrs. Davis. You have just had unprotected sex with 100 men, including myself," he smiled sweetly at that. "We find that with a huge verity of different men's sperm the likelihood of pregnancy is greatly increased.

"We do however, offer a guarantee, that if you don't become pregnant from the first procedure we will offer you a second one at half price and continue the procedure on that basis until you do become pregnant."

He then smiled and again looked searchingly into my eyes and continued, "We suggest that you keep the actual procedure details to yourself. You should probably not even tell your husband the specifics. We find that spouses might become upset, and there have even been cases were divorce was the outcome."

Just then the door to the waiting room opened and Andy walked in. He looked at me and smiled, "I hope this was all worth it sweat heart. How do you feel? He asked.

I just looked up at him and said, "Tired, very, very tired."


That was 14 months ago. It turned out that I was one of those rare cases that took three goes to get pregnant. By the third time I almost began to enjoy the procedure. After all it was for a good cause, we did want a baby after all.

My only real concern is - what will my baby look like? I still remember the last time, there was this huge black guy who was so powerful and such a studley looking man, when he let loose I could almost feel his cum rising up my throat, he left me so full. What would Andy say if our baby turned out to be black?


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