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Daughter comes home from college for Christmas vacation to stay with her widowed father, while both of her sisters were away for the holidays. She was the youngest daughter in the family, always her father's favorite. (MF, inc, rom)

Hi, my name is Sandra and this is a story about last Christmas break. I was home from college for the week between Christmas and New Years. It was just dad and me that year because both of my sisters were away, Kari was in Europe with her husband and two year old daughter and Charmie was in Colorado on a skiing trip with her boyfriend and his parents.

It was kind of cool having dad all to myself. Since mom died, dad has been sort of withdrawn and being just the two of us my mission was to draw him out a bit. So far we'd only had superficial talks but I planned to have some quality time with him before I returned to school.

What I hadn't planed on was what happened on Christmas Eve Night.

The weather was cold and snowy and we were home sitting in front of the log fire after I had made a traditional holiday dinner, you know, the turkey thing and all the fixings. We were both a bit lethargic from all that L-Tryptophan and just sat companionably gazing into the fire.

For some reason my mind wandered back to my high school days, maybe it was just being home, but thoughts popped into my head of growing up and of our family. Being the youngest daughter I had always been the "daddy's girl" in the family.

I loved my dad, maybe more than most daughters did, because (I know this will sound strange) I had reoccurring thoughts about what it would be like to make love to him. I think most daughters have those kind of thoughts growing up, at least once or twice. But for me it was a reoccurring image in my mind, I would imagine how it would be and how he would look, coming to me and how he would gently take me in his arms, and you know, all the things that happen in a situation like that.

It's not that I ever seriously thought about acting on those fantasies, it was just that my dad is a sexy man. Even at 57 he's still trim and good looking. And I guess I've always been in love with him more than most daughters.

I'd had sex enough time to know what it was all about. And many of those times while the guy was making love to me I'd imagine it was my dad. I turned 20 last year and most of the guys I knew around my age were so self-centered and in my experience that usually equated into "selfish" in bed too. So that made me think about my hero dad even more, and made me wonder how dad was with mom and whether they had had a good sex life. I had to hope that there was something better out there than I'd had to date.

I know that dad hadn't dated much since mom died and that he seemed lonely in a private sort of way. And while sitting there on Christmas Eve, looking into the fire, it occurred to me that my father had probably been celibate for more than 5 years by then. I couldn't imagine being celibate for five weeks, much less five years.

I glanced at dad sideways, wondering if he masturbated and how often he did it. Surely he must do it, everyone did, even when having regular sex. The thought of dad lying on his bed masturbating, his hand gripping his dick and groaning and cumming made me squirm in my chair. That was a weird feeling being turned on by the thought of your parent jacking off.

With those strange thoughts running through my head, we finally went to bed.

I tossed and turned late into the night with images of my father making love to my mother, and then with Kari and Charmie and finally my perverted little mind had me being plowed against the bed sheets as my dad thrust into me grunting softly with the effort to find his pleasure.

I finally drifted off still dreaming that dad was doing me and moaning my name softly as he came in me, "Sandra honey. Oh Sandra my love..." over and over again as we clutched each other desperately seeking... something.


Then it was morning. My eyes opened and I felt slightly beat up. I hadn't slept well and all that dreaming about sex had added to my discomfort. I tried to shake myself out of my mood and got up to take a shower. I was going to make dad a good hearty breakfast.

As I sleepily trudged down the hall to the bathroom I heard Christmas music playing on the radio in the kitchen. So dad was already up. I could smell the coffee, and I realized that I better hurry up or dad would be starving by the time I got into the kitchen.

As I turned the knob and swung the bathroom door open I realized in that instant that Dad wasn't in the kitchen, but in the bathroom, standing in front of me, totally naked! He had been standing in front of the mirror masturbating to his image.

Oh my god! How embarrassing. Blood drained from my face and I momentarily felt like I was going to faint. I don't think there's anything worse than actually stumbling on to a parent jacking off. Who would have ever thought it possible?

Dad realized at the same moment that I did what had just happened. His face turned bright pink and he ducked and covered himself helplessly with his hands. I did an about face and hurried back to my room and sat down on my bed in total shock

What had I done? My big plan to make dad feel good again was in ruins I'd embarrassed him irretrievably. I couldn't believe I'd done it. I wanted to cry. But image of my father leaning over the sink looking at himself while masturbating himself was firmly and permanently fixed in my mind. The vision of his hand stroking his long stiff rod and his muscles flexing as he tensed his body in obvious pleasure, these were all things I would never forget.

Then I remembered the expression on his face when he realized his daughter had caught him at it, that brought me back to earth with a crash. What should I do now? Should I pretend that it didn't happen, try to act normally? Even as I considered this, I knew that it wouldn't work, it would only force a wedge between us.

Then I looked up at a hesitant knock on my door. Dad's face came into view. "Honey, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have been doing that, it's just... I feel so foolish, I'm too old to be…" his voice trailed off into silence.

I looked into his blue eyes and saw the worry and embarrassment in them and I felt miserable. I needed to remove that expression from my lovely father's face, and for some reason I couldn't quite fathom, I wanted to prove to him that he wasn't too old or foolish.

My only excuse for what I did next might be because of all the fantasizing about dad I'd been doing the night before, and then to see the real thing. I stood up and went to the door and took dad's hand in mine and brought him into the room with me. He was in his terry bathrobe.

Dad started to mumble his apologies again, but I would have none of it. I stopped him by placing a finger on his lips and saying, "Daddy, I love you. You don't need to apologize for something so natural. I do it all the time, so why do you think I wouldn't understand that you need to do it too?"

Dad looked into my eyes, the worry still etched on his face and said, "Sweetie, it's just having you home, and, well... you're a beautiful young woman now and... It's been so long since.... I should have controlled my urges better than that... I'm so sorry honey."

I stood there, still holding dad's hands, only now I was totally numb. What had he said? Had he said that he was turned on by me, his own daughter? Then I thought back to the night before and realized that it was the same thing for me, I had fantasized all night long about dad doing me, so how could I be upset if he did the same thing about me.

This was all so strange, so very strange. But without really thinking about it I pulled dad's lips to mine and kissed him. "It's okay dad," I said after a long moment. "I love you and I've fantasized about you too."

I didn't want him to protest his innocents, to be forced into lying to me, so I pulled him down to sit beside me on the bed and kissed him again, this time slipping a hand into his robe. He jumped and made to get up, but I held his lips to mine with my other hand behind his head and continued to kiss him like I would a lover, opened mouthed.

Dad tried to pull away again, but then my hand in his robe found his manhood and I began to gently massage it, pulling and pushing gently as I gave him more tongue. Then he wasn't fighting me any longer and I was getting tongue back.

Then before he regrouped, I was pushing him back onto the rumpled sheets of my bed and pulling his robe open. I didn't stop to think about it, I just took him in my mouth and began to blow him, bobbing my head over his stiff member, pushing my lips up and down his shaft and tonguing him like I'd done for my boyfriends loads of times.

Then when he was throbbing and hard, I was climbing out of my pajamas and up dad's body, kneeling on either side of his hips. He was looking up at me and I was looking down at his stiff prick wondering vaguely how this had all come about, but he looked like a man to me, so I moved up and positioned him at my entrance and sank down on him.

"Ohhhh god! Sandra!" was all he said. Then there was a hip jerk and then another and soon he was fucking up at me with a passion. Then we were rolling on the bed sheets and he was on top of me humping away with abandon, like a prisoner just freed after years of being locked away.

I remember my dad's body on top of mine and his stiff throbbing tool thrusting in and out of me. His breath was whispering against my neck and his maleness was all around me and I thrilled at the sensation. I was living my fantasy from the night before, my dad was making love to me.

I gasped as his body tensed above me and he shoved in deep and held himself there, then he bucked once and held himself against me again, then his hips jerked again, and then again and I knew he was filling me with his cum. It was really happening. Stars went off in my head and my own powerful orgasm smashed through my body.

I think I screamed out my joy to the heavens, I know that we ended up on the floor, lying side by side giggling like idiots and panting for breath. I felt so truly fucked, my body glowed with contentment and I felt like purring with happiness.

"Oh dad, you were so wonderful! No one has ever made me feel like that before."

Dad just hugged me fiercely to his body and whispered in my ear, "You're my "daddy's girl" Sandra, you always will be. I love you best."

I knew that, I always had.


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